it was rushed ugh

Ok even though there were some downsides to the recent episode, we got this amazing kiss. The rushing in kisses have to be one of my favorites besides over the shoulder ones *cough cough* shadowhunters editors. But this was so cute because Alec just rushes in and is so hungry (i guess you could say) for Magnus. It’s really great and one of my favorites for malec so far.

Morning Warmups - The Decraniated

“Just you wait! After the doctor fixes me up I’ll be able to get a real job and be able to buy nice clothes.”


ML FANDOM WEEK 8/14-8/20

SPN Reverse Graphics Challenge | maandarinee vs. blissfulcastiel vs. envydean
↳ prompt: Sins + Virtues | Sloth + Diligence


Come on, Rebecca, let’s go.

  • Person: Oh so you know that Harry Styles gu-
  • Me: Harry Styles? Like my son Harry Styles? The Harry Styles that grew up in Holmes Chapel and worked in a bakery? The Harry Styles who at just 16 auditioned for the X Factor and joined one of the most successful boy bands of all time? The Harry Styles who's in Christopher Nolan's wartime movie "Dunkirk"? The Harry Styles who, despite all his successes and accomplishments has continued to have a heart of gold, while pushing what it means to be a male through his fashion, personality and style, in the most artistic way that one has ever seen????
  • Person: ...
  • Me: Nope. Never heard of him why?