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Request: Hi! I love your work soooo much! Can I ask a Kihyun’s request? Maybe the girl could be a friend off Monsta X guys. A Fluff/light smutt one? Thaaank you so much!!!!! 

Member: Monsta X Kihyun x Y/N x (ft. Monsta X)

Type: fluff

You heard a screech from one of the bedrooms deep within the labyrinth that was the Monsta X dorm. You lifted your brows, looking over to Hyungwon who had been sleeping soundly on the couch beside you. The noises didn’t seem to stir him, so you turned your head to Shownu instead. He sat in his trademark pose, one hand behind his head and the other lazily scrolling on his ipod touch. He looked over the edge of his phone, scrunching his face as he made eye contact. 

“Not it.”

“What do you mean not it?” you grumbled, crossing your arms. “They literally call you father.” 

“I still don’t see why that means I have to investigate,” Shownu mumbled, looking back down to his ipod. “I called ‘not it.’ They make strange noises all the time.”

“I feel like you should have more invested in these men than me,” you hissed, pulling yourself up from the leather cushions and beginning to stomp down the hall way. 

Shownu’s light chuckle echoed down the hall after you, causing you to roll your eyes. You stuck your head into the first bedroom, tilting your head to assess who was in it. 

“Did you hear that?” you asked, looking to Wonho, sitting at his desk with a computer. 

“I tried not to,” he muttered, his eyes never leaving the screen. 

“What is up with the older members of this house,” you sighed, shaking your head as you moved along. 

“What is the-” you began, sticking your head in the opposite bedroom, just as a pillow hit heavy on the side of your face. You coughed out an “umph” as you plopped onto the floor and looked up around you. 

Minhyuk, Changkyun, and Jooheon all came to a halt, their eyes wide as dinner plates as they looked down at you. You examined closely, noticing they each held a pillow tight in their fists. You leaned over, past Changkyun to see Kihyun lying on a bottom bunk, biting his lip to hide his laughter. His eyes had completely disappeared into crescents and his shoulders shook silently. 

“You’re condoning this? Are you not one of the elders here?” you hissed, cutting Kihyun with a glare. 

He continued to giggle, holding his chest as he spoke. “You know Minhyuk is older than me.”

“I would expect this from Minhyuk!” you gasped, immediately looking up at the sensitive boy. “No offense.”

You leaned back over, focusing on Kihyun again. “You’re supposed to be the rational thought here!”

“It’s not like I told them to battle to the death,” he continued breathily. “I just encouraged it.” 

“It’s only a pillow noona,” Jooheon whined, noting the tension in the room. 

“Only pillows? My ears haven’t stopped ringing since I landed here,” you grumbled, rubbing the side of your face. “What are in those pillow cases? Rocks?”

“What do you expect Starship to buy us? Goose feather pillows?” Kihyun scoffed, shaking his head. 

“We’re sorry,” Minhyuk nodded, extending his hand out to you. You gratefully accepted it as he tugged you up. You began to dust off your clothes as you looked at each boy in turn. 

“I wouldn’t be surprised if you all had black eyes in the morning,” you clucked, touching Changkyun’s cheek. “Look how red your faces are.”

“We already have two mothers, do we need a third?” Jooheon moaned with a pout. 

“I’m going to assume you’re referring to Kihyun as your second mother,” you sighed. “And if that’s the case, you need better role models.”

“I resent that!” Kihyun scoffed. 

“Oh, what do you not resent!” you gasped, spinning and cutting your eyes at the pink-haired man. 

“Uh, we’ll see ourselves out,” Changkyun muttered, dropping his pillow at the foot of Kihyun’s bed and attempting to gather his members. Jooheon and Minhyuk nodded in agreement as they shuffled behind their younger member. 

“What is your problem?” you hissed, your gaze not leaving Kihyun’s stupid, smug face. 

“No problem here,” he smiled sweetly. “At least not until you arrived.”

“You. Are. So. Impossible,” you spat, saying the words slowly. You tried to calm yourself down as you spoke them, but you felt the anger bubbling up. “You want a problem?”

“Wh-what?” Kihyun stuttered, his confident expression faltering for the first time. 

“I said, do you want a problem?” you said, a bit more surely. 

Kihyun remained silent as he watched you with wide eyes. You reached toward his feet, picked up the pillow Changkyun had dropped, and grabbed it tightly in your fingers. 

“Y/N-” Kihyun stuttered, trying desperately to backtrack. You shook your head, taking the few steps separating the two of you and leaned back. You put complete force into the swing, landing the pillow squarely on Kihyun’s face. You pulled it away, revealing him once again. His expression had scrunched up, his skin a bright red. He blinked slowly, trying to reconcile with what had just happened. 

“Did you just really-”


You pulled back from the second swing, feeling a weight you never realized you had lift from your shoulders. You shimmied a bit, loosening your arms before looking at him with a grin. You leaned back one last time, certain if you got one more good pillow thumping in, you’d feel immensely better. 

But of course, Kihyun wouldn’t let you have that. 

As he saw you lift the pillow into the air again, he launched himself from the mattress and tackled you into the bunk bed opposite of the one he was laying on. It took you a moment to realize what was happening as you landed on the blankets, Kihyun’s body on top of yours. The pillow had been lost somewhere in the middle of the squabble, leaving you relatively defenseless. Kihyun straddled your hips, his narrow fingers clenched tightly around your wrists. You both breathed heavily as you stared at each other. 

“You want a problem?” he growled. “I’ll give you a problem.”

The air in the small area of the bunk had changed. With Kihyun’s simple words it seemed to fill with a stiflingly hot energy, charged with electricity. You became overly aware of your body against his. He took a deep breath, steadying himself against your wrists. You didn’t dare whisper a word, curious of what he meant.

You felt a tightening in your gut as you stared into his eyes. They were normally intense, but this was something different. It made the butterflies in your stomach go wild. 

Kihyun leaned in, closing the short distance between your lips. You subconsciously let your eyes shut, allowing him to finally kiss you. All of the angst, all of the anger, all of the irritation that had infiltrated Kihyun and your relationship had culminated in this moment. 

You felt Kihyun’s lips curve up at the corners into a smug grin as his mouth pressed against yours, full of fire and passion. You cursed yourself silently for allowing him to do this, but not stopping it. You wanted it just as much as he did. Any annoyance that had lingered in the corners of your mind dissipated as his lips moved roughly against yours. The kiss quickly became heated and hungry, years of friendship falling to the wayside as you focused on the small things. The tip toeing around sexual tension, the school boy picking on the girl he liked, type of relationship you had fostered for so long. 

Kihyun’s hands readjusted, one palm leaning against the mattress while the other tangled deep in your hair, tilting your head to command the kiss. You struggled for breath, not wanting to break contact, but near breathless from the emotions pumping through you. 

“So this is why you made the boys leave the room?” a bored voice muttered. Kihyun leaned up slowly, allowing you to both look at the door where Hyungwon leaned. “They’ve been loudly complaining in the living room for ten minutes now.”

“Hyungwon oppa,” you hissed, centering your annoyance before you spoke. “Weren’t you asleep?”

“I was until the three stooges got sent my way,” he nodded, his expression blank. “So are you all done here? I’d like to send them back to their room now.”

You blinked, at a loss with Hyungwon’s clueless response. Just as you began to craft some sort of comeback, Kihyun took the words from your mouth. 

“No, we aren’t done,” he said, a cocky smirk returning to his now plump lips. “Actually, if you could close the door on your way out, that would be great. Thanks.”

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Ladybug and Cat Noir(e) x 1st Year NozoEli

Cat Noire → ♡ → Ladybug
Eli → ♡ → Nozomi

Bonus: Nico runs the LadyBlog and ships LadyNoire

If he could, he would stare at her all day. He thinks that this—scrunched face, untidy curls, and bitten lips—could not get any better, any more beautiful, but then she turns her head, eyes gleaming and locked with his, and she chuckles at his empty parchment spattered with lazy blotches of forgotten ink, she sighs: “I doubt Snape counts that as an essay,” and he feels himself falling, right before he flies.

For an art trade with talented @littlechmura! Go check out the Dramione piece she did for me and do it now!


Red Dwarf + AO3 Tags


Cherry Red (Jasper Hale)

Pairing: Jasper Hale/Shy!Reader
Words: 1260
Warning(s): None
A/N: Im sorry i didn’t pay attention to your request, I know you asked for an imagine but i didn’t see that part and started writing out a one-shot,,, I also went waaay off of the request i a m soooo sorry
Request:  Could you do an imagine where the reader is the very shy human mate of Jasper Hale? Please and thank you. :)

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I’m awake at 3 am sketching and crying because I finally found a computer drawing program that I am comfortable with. I’m just so happy :’)


Everyone gets to be young. Especially when you are. […] Here’s a thought: Maybe you aren’t the people you fell in love with, because neither of you are trying to be the people you fell in love with. 

—Nathan and Haley in Echoes, Silence, Patience, & Grace [5.13]

Bite Me (Oneshot)

AN: Soooo guess who’s not dead? Yeah, sorry guys. I started my Senior year and everything just went to hell from there. Fortunately, I’m graduating next month and I won’t be starting college until the Fall, so guess who has more free time soon!? Anyways, I started a new request, but then remembered I had this one already started and almost done. So I finished it real quick and I’m posting it as a sort of apology for being so inactive. I hope this one is to your liking, anon!

Prompt:  Hi! Can you do a Bucky x reader where they kinda have a love/hate relationship and one day they are arguing and the reader is like “bite me” to Bucky and he’s like okay and leaves a bunch of hickeys on her. And then like the next day while them and the avengers are chilling Steve see’s the marks and is like the hell? And Bucky appears and is like she said bite me so I did. Sorry if this is confusing and thank you so much!!

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Warnings: Swearing, teasing, angry/horny Bucky, heavy kissing, hickeys, no smut tho.

Gif not mine

The relationship between you and Bucky was friendly but at the same time… strained. At times the both of you would get along and sometimes actually hang out. Other times you would be at each other’s throats. This obviously was driving the team crazy since they never knew what mood the two of you would be in. However, everything finally came to a head one evening after a particularly stressful mission.

“Hey, Y/N, have you seen my-” Bucky was cut off as soon as he walked into the bathroom connected to your room and saw you. He narrowed his eyes and crossed his arms over his broad chest.

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Meeting/Dating Jerome

By: @weeniehut-jerome

Requested by: @pettiest-one-of-all

Headcannons for meeting Jerome for the first time and then dating him? Thanks :)

A/N: I was legit writing this during church in my notepad soooo…. It got kinda long. Enjoy! If anyone has requests send them this way dolls.

Meeting that ginger bastard

  • Jerome had escaped Arkham Asylum, once again, after getting caught trying to bomb the Gotham Gazette
  • While walking back from work, Jerome tried to jump you in an alley, to get a little cash, but it’s Gotham! So of course you had protection
  • “OW! WHAT THE FU-”
  • “Doesn’t feel good when someone tries to hurt you, does it?”
  • You wouldn’t admit it but he looked kind of cute, despite being in obvious pain
  • And Jerome would never admit that he found getting hit by you kind of hot, cause he has his kinks
  • You left the alley while he was distracted, and walked home rather quickly, locking the door shut tight so no other bad guy could attack you
  • So it was no surprise you almost had a heart attack when you saw the ginger laying on your couch the next morning, soft snores filling your apartment, along with his drool on your pillow
  • You still aim your bat to his face as he tries to reason with you
  • After some bargaining, you agreed to let him stay in your home and he promised to protect you from other bad guys and any sign of trouble, since one can never be too safe in Gotham
  • Although it takes you time to get used to him, he warms up to you from the moment you almost whacked him with the bat
  • “You’re a psycho in your own way, doll.”
  • “……weirdo.”

Psycho roommate

  • Jerome will always take up the kitchen table plotting evil schemes
  • You always provide him some moral support and hot chocolate as he works, with exactly 6 marshmallows, just how he likes it
  • Always worried for his dumb ass
  • “Hey, so I might be late for dinner…..being chased by the GCPD again :) “
  • You always have to tend to his injuries, but you really don’t mind it since Jerome excitedly tells you what happened
  • He can go days, and DAYS without showering so you always got to force him into a nice bubble bath
  • He hates it
  • But it’s okay cause he has his mf’ rubber ducky that has its own knife
  • And when you leave to get him a towel, he’ll hide in the bubbles and give you a heart attack
  • “BOO!”
  • “Don’t even get me started doll face”
  • Nicknames galore
  • To him, you’re his doll, baby, sweet cheeks, toots, angel, his queen, his darlin’, and all that cute jazz
  • To you, he’s your carrot top, ass face, ginger, psycho, stupid weenie, dweeb, moron, etc.
  • However, you have soft spot for calling him puddin’ when he’s not around cause you think he’ll find it weird
  • But, he knows
  • And he loves it

Dating him

  • He comes home super bloody one day, not even his though, with the biggest grin on his face
  • “(Y/N)!!!! COME QUICK!!!”
  • You find him and panic cause GOOD LORD THAT’S A LOT OF BLOOD!
  • He assures you it’s fine and tells you to close your eyes and turn around
  • You low key hoped he wasn’t going to kill you, though you knew he wouldn’t, but one could never be to sure
  • A feeling of a cool metal chain hit’s your neck and you immediately look down to see a beautiful, and probably expensive, silver necklace with the letter J on it
  • You feel his warm breath hit you as he leans into you and leaves a soft kiss on your neck
  • “Be my girlfriend (Y/N)? My partner in crime? My puddin’?”
  • Ever since you said yes, he’s been way more protective than ever
  • You can’t even go out with your friends without him having a steak out wherever you go
  • He literally will bring his custom made binoculars and guns
  • But you find it cute nonetheless
  • Not to mention he spoils the crap out of you
  • “You can’t just steal a 24 karat diamond ring Jerome!”
  • “But it looks sooooo good on you babe!”
  • “…………. oh my gosh you’re right!”
  • Eating so much junk food like gummy worms, ice-cream, tortilla chips, and Jerome’s favorite, Nutella
  • “Wanna lick it off my naked body?”
  • “What?! No Jerome!”
  • “COME ON!”
  • He totally respects you wanting to have a normal life
  • Cause he doesn’t want to put you in harm’s way
  • All in all, he’s still a dweeb
  • But he’s your dweeb, and you wouldn’t want it any other way
.pumpkin. (Joker x Reader SMUT!)

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Requested by anons <3
Prompts:  hellooo , you could make a imagine where the Joker kidnaps you however he realizes that you are so insane as him and he falls madly in love ? ( Can end in smut if u can please ) thank you <3

I need some joker smut ///-: anythin ur down for

A/N: tbh there are soooo many joker smut requests that i cant fit them all in one fic. so i’ll make a bunch. i really tried on this one, still aint feeling it, but eh, i cant keep you guys waiting forever. i plan on majorly improving in the future. sorry for the rough start. stay tuned for more… ALSO! if you guys like it, lemme know!
Warnings: smut

Inspired by: sortha sequel to my previous imagine [x]


The tights leather straps burned your skin, the cotton bandage around your lips ticklish. The room – wet and cold - didn’t stop you from giggling silently, your (color) irises roaming the darkness in search of even a glimmer of light yet you found nothing. You budged against the restraints – the chair underneath you groaned. You sighed, a slick smile spreading on your itchy face. The screeching of a metal door opening caught your attention. The lights in the warehouse lazily flickered on. You noted a man strolling to you, your heart leaping in your chest as you recognized the familiar batch of green hair.

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