it was relatable

Time brought our hearts together where mountains witness—
how—the sun rises,
and how oceans feel when it sets.
Series of paths—
where—our feet crossed,
to the place our minds seemed
peaceful and lost.
Your hands tightly holding mine,
as I keep to look forward
of what was beyond.
Darling, I beg you not to lose hope,
for this climb is much wonderful
to be taken as an adventure.
Breathe the air that I breathe
and wait for the moon to watch—
how—our souls bloom.
The night sky will show us its stars,
as we lay down in silence
with love in our eyes.
—  ma.c.a // Sunrise and Sunset, Remind Me of You

I want to feel you.
Your words in my breast,
your thoughts in my head,
your breath on my skin,
your laugh in my eyes.
I want to feel you,
your heart,
your soul.
Your body.
Every part of you.
I want to feel you,
your hands.
Every inch of us should blend
like the night sky blends in with the sunrise.
I want to feel your strenght,
when you’re holding me.

I want to feel you.
Every part of you.

—  zx-a