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13. Imagine spending Christmas in Hogwarts with your best friend Newt

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“It’s for you” your shy friend Newt gave you a small package wrapped in yellow paper

“Did you make it?” you tried on clumsily made scarf with embroidered nifflers

“Yeah. This year we decided to made gifts by ourselves. Remember?” he smiled while his eyes wandered beyond you

“I know. I really like this creatures. Nifflers, right?. And I’m sorry, but my gift isn’t hand maded. I just couldn’t help myself.” your eyes shined as you took out little box from your pocket. It was full of little holes.

Newt slowly opened box. Inside it were little tree and a sleeping young Bowtruckles

“You know that it’s illegal. How did you get them?”

“Oh Newt. You know that I have my ways” you blinked and your friend hugged you tight

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If you had the power to, would you change the senshi's uniforms so the front and back bows are the same color? A lot of them already are, but the ones that aren't always annoyed me!

No, actually! I think I remember as a kid being confused why certain Sailor Soldiers had different front/back bows, but for the most part I think they look really good like that. It adds some interest and it’s particularly helpful when two colours have a lot of contrast. For example, I think Mars would look imbalanced if she had a purple back bow. I can’t really put my finger on why, though. But Naoko probably played around with different bow colour combos and then picked whatever looked best in the end.

This is only slightly related, but here’s also a PSA that in the manga and both anime, Venus’s back bow is yellow, not orange. That kinda blew my mind when I first figured it out because I’d always assumed it was orange! They did make it orange in PGSM, though, which I think was meant to visually tie her together with Mars.

every sorting hat quiz ever
  • where would be your ideal home?: somewhere wild and exciting, with a roaring fire; a damp, dark dungeon; a library; with my best friends
  • what is your favorite color?: red, yellow, green, blue
  • what do you value most?: courage, friendship, intelligence, ruthlessness
  • how do you spend your free time?: going on adventures; reading books; baking cookies; plotting murder
  • did you just choose the most obvious answers for the house you want regardless of how you really feel?: only because i know it's true; i just want to be with my friends; i'll do whatever it takes to get what i want; i just used my superior knowledge to outsmart your quiz

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crush anon is back to ask another question: do you have a favorite song?

that is a hard question, since my taste in music is all over the place. i decided when i was very little, though, that my favorite song in the history of songs will always be yellow submarine by the beatles. whats yours? do you have a favorite music genre too?