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Are you okay if people try to eyeball it from the video if it's for like their personal project / not to sell or make a lot of or if they're trying to learn how to make their own patterns?

Generally, no. That might seem harsh, but again, this is my job. If every person who is making a personal project decides not to buy my patterns and just rip them off by looking at the tutorial video, it represents a huge loss of business for me. So I’d really, REALLY prefer if people just spend the $5-$9 and buy the pattern. They’ll get a 100% correct version of the pattern along with high quality photos and written instructions as well as knowing they are supporting an independent artist.

(( To go on a tangent, though you didn’t mention this, I have had someone tell me “Well you make money when I watch your video so I don’t have to pay you again”. In the entire YEAR of 2016 I made an estimated $16.60 from video ads. Google adsense doesn’t even send you a check until you reach $100. At this rate I might get a payout in a few years. ))

As for watching my videos to learn pattern making, I do think there is some benefit to watching them if you are watching them and thinking critically about not only HOW the pattern contributes to the final shape, but also WHY I am choosing those shapes. In general, though, copying my how to videos isn’t going to teach you how to make a plush pattern because my videos aren’t meant to explain my patterning choices. It’s only teaching you how to copy my plush pattern. 

For example here’s a generic 4 piece sphere pattern that I prefer to use:

Great! If you see me holding these shapes up in a video, you can pause, eyeball it, and you know how to make a sphere! Now you have a pattern to use every single time you need a spherical shape. This is where the person who is just copying my pattern from a video stops. This is the extent of what they’ve learned.

I like to say that pattern making is coming up with 2D solutions to a 3D problem. This person has copied my solution, but they haven’t learned how to solve the problem. Jumping to an analogy, the person who copied my pattern is exactly like someone who copies your answer in math class. They learned that 2+2=4. If the next problem is 1+3=? they wont be able to solve it.They might have the correct answer to this one problem, but they didn’t learn anything.

Now a person thinking critically and not just copying might stop and think about what these shapes are doing and why I am using them. They might realize that any combination of these football shapes will give you a sphere. Which is true! By varying the width, you can use anywhere from 3 to (theoretically) 100 little football shapes to get a sphere. Though I’d probably stop at 9 pieces.

Here’s an example of a 6 piece sphere pattern:

And if you are really thinking about it and you draw them out like this, you might start to see that the little football shapes don’t even have to be separate. You can combine them with darts on the bottom and top and make a sphere pattern with just 1 piece:

So by thinking critically about how and why I’ve selected my shapes, the person watching my videos to learn and not to copy has more options to work with. Using the math analogy, they now know that not only does 2+2=4, but also 1+3=4, and maybe even 1+1+1+1=4. Now give this person the problem 2^2=? and they wont know the answer because all they’ve learned is addition.

In other words, all they’ve learned is this one specific method of finding a solution to this one specific set of problems. They can make spheres from pointy football shapes.

But we don’t need to keep that football shape, here’s a sphere pattern that I like to call the telophase pattern (hello science nerds). You can use this to get seams like a baseball:

Even a pattern like this with just darts can make a sphere if you have enough darts and your fabric is stretchy enough. You can use this when you need a large area without seams. A good time to use this pattern is when you want an embroidered face:

Every single one of these will make a sphere and there’s even more combinations out there. You can use hexagons, you can use squares, you can use a big circle and gather it around the edges, you could use a spiral, and so on. There are literally hundreds of possibilities. And that’s just for spheres.

When people ask how to get started patterning, I always tell them to start by making things from other people’s patterns. Then I recommend making minor alterations to those patterns and seeing how that effects the final product. Then I recommend drafting your own patterns, starting from simple 2D shapes and moving on to more complex 3D shapes.

Back to how I said patterning was finding 2D solutions to 3D problems. By working with an existing pattern, you are memorizing a single solution to a single problem. By altering patterns, you are learning how to come up with your own unique solutions to a problem. When you learn how to make your own pattern, you’re learning how to find your own solutions while creating your own problems!

To wrap up my own super long explanation, copying is a really, really poor way to learn how to do anything. If you want to learn how to make patterns, by all means, you can start looking at my solutions to help you come up with your own. But do us both a favor and just buy the pattern. Like I said before, they’re $5-$9. That’s less than most people make in an hour for something that took me a week or more to create and years to learn HOW to create. If you can’t afford it, there are many free patterns available online, but please don’t rip off an independent artist just because it’s for personal or educational reasons.

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I need a fluffy elf drabble please ;__;

i need some fluff rn too so here you go, (i’m sorry this took me 100000 years)

Ezarel stretched his arms high in the air and let himself fall back into the soft blanket below him. Closing his eyes, he focused on the rustling leaves swaying delicately in the trees and the gentle sound of a sleeping Gardienne breathing softly beside him. The weather was nice and warm and he could smell the faint aroma of wildflowers almost in bloom that surrounded them. It finally felt like spring. He inhaled deeply and sighed, a blissful smile on his face as the gentle breeze whipped against him, and for the first time in days, he felt at peace.

They were alone, sprawled together on a picnic blanket at the edge of the woods having planned to share lunch and relax after an ectic and exhausting week. Gardienne had baked him blueberry muffins especially for their date, and had dozed off in a post-sugar coma after dessert. He knew he should wake her up becase it was getting kind of late but the thought vanished as soon as it came, his attention entirely taken by the sight of her.

She was so pretty. He had noticed that about her immediately, as reluctant as he’d been to acknowledge it at the time. Now, asleep and illuminated by dappled rays of sunlight, she reminded him of some kind of woodland creature, a nymph sleeping peacefully in harmony with the forest around her. Except she was snoring, which made him want to laugh.

Grinning like an idiot over his snoring girlfriend…I really am a lovesick loser, aren’t I? He never thought things would end up this way, though. He always thought that if he ever fell in love- truly fell in love with someone- it would have been with some witty, refined elf that shared his interests. He never would have imagined, not even in his wildest dreams, that a human girl that appeared out of nowhere was going to become someone so dear to him. And so, falling in love with Gardienne had been no dignified affair, but rather a mad headlong tumble that had toppled all his preconceptions. Loving her was intoxicating and sweet and occasionally, terrifying.

And yet

He let out a little sigh and suddenly felt the urge to touch her. Just a little, he said to himself. He gently brushed some hair out of her face and caressed her cheek lightly. With one hesitant finger he brushed her forearm, and he froze as he saw her skin twitch at the contact. When she showed no signs of waking, he traced the curve of her shoulder, and the swelling form of her collarbones.

He continued to stroke her skin, maintaining gentle, steady contact down her arms and back up to her shoulders. Feeling more brave, he carefully bent down to brush his lips against hers, stealing a kiss. At the contact, her mouth twitched as if to kiss him back and he felt his heart swell with overwhelming tenderness.

He loved her. He wanted to lie down with her, press himself behind her and hold her until they both fell asleep. He wanted that every day of his life.

Ezarel shivered, frightened by his own certainty.


He jolted upward and leapt back with surprise. Gardienne sat up slowly, rubbing her sleepy eyes.

“Did you just kiss me?”

“I just…well…” his voice faltered slightly and his cheeks were turning pink with guilt and embarrassment.

“Hey, It’s not like I’m complaining,” she smiled at him gently before continuing, “It was a nice way to wake up.”

There was a smile in his eyes as he leaned over to press the next of many, many kisses to her lips that day.

Royalty AU - Princess Alya of the Césaire Kingdom

(Marinette, Adrien) (other classmates coming soon)

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could you explain more about the 2-person rule and why it's so important, please?

Given the Amami meta I just wrote, I want to go ahead and clear up this particular rule! Thank you for asking me about it!

The 2-person rule is mentioned pretty regularly throughout the course of the game, rather casually at first, and then with increasing interest the longer the game continues. Ouma in particular hones in on it somewhere along the way in Chapters 4 and 5, trying to figure out its rules and limitations and what the meaning of it implies.

Normally if you were running a killing game to its greatest extent, you’d expect the game to end with only one survivor, right? It would be a Hunger Games situation where the character who embraces the greatest level of brutality gets “rewarded” for it. So even if it would be impossible to hold a trial for the last person standing, you would still assume that they would only get to graduate by killing, because it’s a killing game.

However, the 2-person rule blows all of these assumptions right out of the water. It doesn’t line up with what either the players or the characters themselves would initially expect from a brutal killing game meant to make them all suffer—and that’s because this rule is the culmination of Tsumugi and Team Danganronpa’s desire to see hope battle despair endlessly, and keep the killing game show going for “eternity.”

Spoilers for Chapter 6 will be under the read more, so proceed from this point on with caution!

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[1] drink: water
[2] phone call: mom
[3] text message: sister
[4] song you listened to: xo-nightly
[5] time you cried: not long ago
[6] dated someone twice: nah
[7] been cheated on: nah
[8] kissed someone and regretted it: nah
[9] lost someone special: nah
[10] been depressed: hell yeah
[11] gotten drunk and thrown up: nah
[12] magenta lol
[13] light blue
[14] yellow (josh dun)
[15] made new friends: hell yeah!!
[16] fallen out of love: noo
[17] laughed until you cried: yes lmao
[18] found out someone was talking about you: ??? maybe idk
[19] met someone who changed you: yeah
[20] found out who your true friends are: ?? noo?? lmao
[21] kissed someone on your facebook list: nah
[22] how many of your facebook friends do you know in real life: most?
[23] do you have any pets: goldendoodle named lola and bearded dragon named draco (my sister has a betta named fawkes and a bearded dragon named mike wizowski HAHAHAA)
[24] do you want to change your name: last name definitely
[25] what did you do for your last birthday: probably went out to eat ?? lol
[26] what time did you wake up: 5:50 a.m. 
[27] what were you doing at midnight last night: sleeping
[28] name something you cannot wait for: panic concert
[29] when was the last time you saw your mother: 20 minutes ago
[30] what is one thing you wish you could change about your life: i wish i was motivated
[31] what are you listening to right now: starving- hailee steinfeld (no shame this song is a total) 
[32] have you ever talked to a person named tom: i don’t think soo 
[33] something that is getting on your nerves: my sisterr 
[34] most visited website: tumblr tf
[35] elementary: lol
[36] high school: lol
[37] college: who knows 
[38] hair color: bRIGHT ASS MAGENTA
[39] long or short hair: short
[40] do you have a crush on someone: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 
[41] what do you like about yourself? music taste i guess haha
[42] piercings: ears
[43] blood type: ??
[44] nickname: kk, kale, cupcake, pinky, kyle
[45] relationship status: single
[46] zodiac sign: taurus 
[47] pronouns: she/her
[48] fav tv show: the office
[49] tattoos: i want some
[50] right or left handed: right
[51] surgery: never had one 
[52] piercing: ears
[53] best friend: aubrey lol
[54] sport: soccer
[55] vacation: beach in south florida 
[56] pair of trainers: don’t remember
[57] eating: nothing
[58] drinking: nothing 
[59] i’m about to: draw/sleep
[60] listening to: talk to me- nightly (listen to them pls they’re super sweet)
[61] waiting for: panic concert
[62] want: tøp tickets :( they’re coming here tomorrow and i’m not going so i’m going to be very sad (send me cute pictures of dogs or something lol)
[63] get married: yeah
[64] career: who knows
[65] hugs or kisses: hugs
[66] lips or eyes: lips
[67] shorter or taller: taller
[68] older or younger: older
[69] romantic or spontaneous: spontaneous 
[70] nice arms or nice stomach: okay i don’t really care so i thought of tyler and josh and yknow those vines where tyler is recording josh and josh is recording tyler where tyler says “making breakfast and vining” in a super cute way?? lol but their stomachs look so freaking cute there i love it let’s go with nice stomach (even though i honestly don’t give a shit about looks in a relationship- i’m demisexual so attraction grows over time- like with tyler and josh holy shit that was long sorry lmao) 
[71] sensitive or loud: sensitive- i’ve been called a sensitive snowflake before (in a sweet way) 
[72] hook up or relationship: relation 
[73] troublemaker or hesitant: hesitant
[74] kissed a stranger? nah
[75] drank hard liquor? nah
[76] lost glasses/contact lenses? nah
[77] turned someone down: yeah
[78] sex on first date? nooo
[79] broken someone’s heart? noo
[80] had your own heart broken? nope
[81] been arrested? no lol
[82] cried when someone died? definitely 
[83] fallen for a friend: kinda
[84] yourself? sure! 😂
[85] miracles? not really ??
[86] love at first sight? sort of- depends
[87] santa claus? no
[88] kiss on the first date? maybe
[89] angels? no
[90] current best friend’s name: haley 💘
[91] eye colour: blue/green- i thought they were just blue but my friends say that they change color i have no clue
[92] favourite movie: stepbrothers

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“redemtion arcs for abusive fathers is bad” more like “i can’t fathom the idea that a man father who does bad things can change for the better and i just want to hate them forever”

Listen. My dad, when i was younger, was flat-out awful to me and my mother. I’m not getting into every detail out of respect for my family but i will tell you this. Quite a few of the things he did then have actually impacted how i react in the real world today.

But he changed. He really, truly changed. Something provoked this come-to-Jesus moment in him and he changed. It’s taken me a very, very long time to accept it (and sometimes i have trouble still), but he became a better person after that day and I am proud of him for that. I love him for that. That doesn’t excuse the things he did, but all of that was in the past and even he feels bad about it.

It’s because of his change that I’m able to have a pretty good relationship with him now.

So if you think that a redemption arc for an abusive father in fiction is a bad thing, kindly shut up and realize that that is a thing that happens in actual REAL LIFE and is so, so important.

Besides, mothers can be abusive too and change (or not) too, so if you really think that only fathers shouldn’t get them that’s… a little bit sexist don’t ya think? I’m really tired of Tumblr spouting things like this and you all need to stop.


Some time ago I said I wanted to make some patches. I finally got the materials to do so, and of course my first one would be something fandom related… and that would also explain why I’m still awake at 5am. I’m going to bed, I’ll finish it tomorrow hopefully

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I am stunned that Rogue One didn’t win, it is one of the most visually gorgeous movies I’ve seen and by far the most beautiful Star Wars movie to date.

I was so surprised too!!!! for me, a movie with good visual effects is when you can’t even make the difference between effects and reality. For Rogue One, it was truly like that, it blends naturally, I was so amazed by the quality of it *v*
Jungle book……………… lol

and girls were so pretty. there was the effortless girls who had the wide eyes, the freckles, the hair pulled back. who didn’t wear makeup and always wore a smile, who knew you needed help before you asked it; the sunshine and picnic girls, who you felt carried spring with them. and the mountaintop girls, strong bodies and fierce in their bones, drinking green tea and teaching you yoga, who watched you and made sure you ate well, who knew what it was to fight for a body that listened. and the soft heather girls who knew nature and spoke gently and would show you how to hear the light hitting a lake, who would listen no matter how long the story was and somehow know what to say. and the girls who were red moons, a dangerous flash of teeth and darkness, an excited wildness that came in black leather and spoke of nights you ache when you remember, who would look at you and pin you to a board for a moment, so that for once you felt important. and the summertime girls, wide smiles and makeup that never smudged, who could make you feel as if you lived inside a photograph, who brought the feeling of the fourth of july to every party, who convinced you to come to the party. and of course the rain girls, who didn’t need an explanation, but simply were, in a way that when you made eye contact with them you knew somehow about sorrow and also about the safety of staying home. 

and girls. girls in their sweatpants in the aisle of a supermarket looking lost. girls staring down their teacher, demanding the grade they deserve. girls with their hands on the wheel, with their hands passing lotion to another, with their hands in their hair. girls upside down on the couch and spine straight in business meetings and body curled around a book. girls who were upended libraries, who were railroads, who were a choir’s last note, who were carols, who were snow, who were a racing track, who glowed or who gave warmth or else sewed cold, who bit hard, who laughed loud, who fell asleep on trains, who rode bikes in rain.

and then there was you.