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Is Levi canonically gay?

I would say yes. Yams has been at pains to point out repeatedly that the one person Levi has chosen to devote his life to is Erwin.  There’s a ton of receipts, which I won’t rehash here, but one of my favourites is the “does he like women, though?” interview.

And tbh you’ve got to squint really, really, really hard to see Levi as even vaguely straight. 

“I have been in the Hetalia fandom for years and I still cannot understand how people ship Germany and Italy. Their personalities don’t work well together. Don’t get me wrong, I like them as friends but just not romantically together.

I feel like Germany needs someone who is easy-going, gets straight to the point, and when he is overworking himself, help him relax. He needs someone who can fend for themselves but can also rely on him at times, and someone who can pitch ideas to him. Someone like Italy, in my opinion, wouldn’t help him and just stress him out further. It would also be a bonus if they can keep up with his workouts.

Italy needs someone who is just as adventurous as him but can bring him back to reality when he spaces out. With Germany, he has a set routine and likes to follow it but Italy just goes along with whatever is thrown at him. He needs someone who also shares a passion for art and can sit through his ramblings. Italy’s s/o also needs to be okay with him talking to others and wouldn’t get jealous easily as he sometimes might accidentally flirt with people (as someone who is half Italian, I can confirm that even if you are in a relationship, flirting with others is most of the time harmless and more teasing than anything).

I honestly think that Germany x Italy  wouldn’t work as a romantic relationship and I can’t see them getting together.“


Maddie Holiday 2017 #holladayshine

{{ @maitrion likes to occasionally remind me that we absolutely had an entire series of conversations about this and i die every time. can you imagine }}

I’m sorry, you guys, but remixed pop songs absolutely count as Latin and it’s not a cop out.

As Tim Koleto said, “SD is almost always modeled intentionally after ballroom trends, and actually, the current trend for Latin is mostly remixed pop songs”

This is absolutely true.

I’ve competed samba to Sorry by Justin Bieber. We’re using Shape of You by Ed Sheeran in our formation number- this was chosen by a professional Latin dancer. I’ve competed rumba to remixed versions of All Of Me by John Legend and Gravity by Sara Bareilles, and at my last competition, there was a rumba to a remix of THE JURASSIC PARK THEME. My ballroom club likes Cake by the Ocean, Billie Jean, and the Ghostbusters theme as cha chas. Just the Way You Are by Bruno Mars, Thinking Out Loud, and I Want It That Way by the Backstreet Boys are club favorite rumbas. Sorry, Shape of You, and Cheap Thrills are great sambas.

I’m always surprised at the number of people who are VEHEMENTLY OPPOSED to remixed pop songs as SDs, because that’s literally just how Latin works right now.

Personally, I’m happy about the diversity. Would you rather have 5000 Historia de un Amors and Batucadas in a row? No? I didn’t think so.

This is a rumba playlist by DJ Ice. It’s a bunch of remixed pop songs, for the most part, and these songs have been used at the majority of my competitions. They’re completely acceptable and often-used rumbas and I’ve never heard anyone complain about it.


My cousin and I drew Alice and Bendy Halloweenish for our Group Chat Profile and I handed mine over so she could put them together and do a cool Filter and put em together- and I REALLY Like this one- I drew Alice and she drew Bendy.

@batattack11 (<—- my Cousin’s Account, she’s awesome, Y’all)

Okay let me just say something about Salem

She’s an incredibly refreshing antagonist because unlike all the boring angsty cryptic villains of other anime (or media in general) she understands the usefulness of other people. That’s something we can see when she tells Cinder not to underestimate how important other people can be in plans. 

Cinder wants to kill Ruby and not work with anyone but Salem isn’t that impulsive or stupid. She’s a really, really cool neutral evil antagonist who’s starting to grow on me a lot.  

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so how disappointing was seeing how they handled Sien/na Kh/an? her design is awesome, she seems really nuanced and interesting, and then just...Adam being Adam, ruins everything

he has a tendency to do that

and yeah, she’s been some like

greater scope villain ever since we found out more about the White Fang in volume 1; the one who corrupted the organisation into the terrorist organisation it is now, and then last volume we finally got her name and some idea of what was going on, she’s based outright on a fantastically terrifying villain, and now she’s gone in such a let down way

we didn’t even get to see her fight, or really be a character beyond that build up and single scene

goddammit Adam

I feel gross all the time, I feel bad because I’m never dressed girly, or have my hair done or my makeup, or wear pretty things, I hardly ever want to go out anymore. I stay at home with my face bare and listen to records while I play playstation, or read or whatever shit it is I’m doing. Then I feel bad about myself and how I look especially when I see girls always looking their best and done up in a nice outfit and their hair done and everything looks nice and pretty n I feel like a potato

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Hi! So I started following you bc of the bartender posts (congrats on that btw) and I loved the Stucky ficlets you wrote! I was wondering what your AO3 was so I could read more of your work?

hahaha I can’t believe how much attention that post has gotten, tbh!! But yay, welcome! ^^

And oh gosh thank you so much??? I’m so happy to hear you’ve enjoyed my silly writing!! I’m on Ao3 as ViperSeven, though tbh you won’t find much there yet. I keep meaning to post stuff over there but I keep putting it back because Ao3 coding/formatting gives me an ulcer every single time *tired sigh*.

But I did intend to force myself to post some things there, so I might actually use this ask as a push :P thank you! hahaha <3