it was really hard to pick just ten

death note highschool au where light and L are the two weird kids in school on different sides of the spectrum, Light being the cool weird loner kid and L being the weird loner who talks to himself and muses over things out loud and they’re notorious for hating each other (really its more them being annoyed that the other is as smart/smarter than them)

and the entire school ships it, to the point where they’re in the same history class and theres a project where everyone needs a partner and the entire class methodically pairs up with someone other than light and l so they’re forced to work together

and they fight so much, making faces and disagreeing on what really happened and pulling up sources and just being general little shits together and they’re at light’s home, working on it downstairs and being bitchy when Sayu comes in and is like “Light can you and your boyfriend please stop being so annoying I have homework too and it’s hard to focus with all this sexual tension in here” 

and they both just jump apart and look away and have just the faintest faintest of blush that of COURSE the other picks up on

and ten minutes later finds them making out in light’s room

Happy birthday, Jean Kirstein!

Chapter 90.

I’m a fangirl, yay! xD In honor of my favorite SnK character/blog-namesake’s birthday, here are 10 of my favorite Jean Kirstein moments, in no particular order. It was hard to pick just ten!

Really, all I do on this blog is talk about Jean. I should just rename it Jean-Meta.

Under a cut because the the pictures make the post a bit long!

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anonymous asked:

Headcanon for the RFA seeing MC walking down the aisle toward them at their wedding?

HELLO! Thank you for your request = w = All these precious boys would be so happy ahhaaa! hope you enjoy

♥ On his wedding day, he’s so nervous, so excited, and very emotional. He starts crying at the randomest times cause he just remembers how blessed he is to marry you and it chokes him up. you find him sobbing near the punch bowl one time
♥ When the ceremony starts and he sees you walk down the aisle in your absolutely gorgeous dress, he’s speechless. OH GOD HERE COMES THE WATER WORKS.
♥ He’s so fucking overwhelmed, how did he, out of all the RFA members, end up with the most beautiful human being on the planet???
♥ Once you get to the pedestal, he hugs you so tight and whispers in your ear about how much he absolutely loves you.
♥ “I have no clue how I went from forever alone to this. I’m just so in love with you. I promise to stay by you for the rest of my life.”

♥ He’s more collected on his wedding day, he’s acting suave and flirty to hide that he’s super nervous. You see him actually trying to flirt with a potted plant.
♥ Once he sees you walk down that aisle, that calm exterior crumbles. His mouth is gaping wide open, YOU LOOK BETTER THAN HE DOES AND HE LOVES IT
♥ He can’t help it, as soon as you walk up to him, he just kisses you on the spot. NOT ONLY THAT, BUT THIS SMOOTH BASTARD DIPS YOU AND KISSES YOU. the minister is not impressed.
♥ He brushes your hair behind your ear to see your face, he comments on how beautiful you are.
“How did I get so lucky? I love you so much.”

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Bonnie & Clyde - pt 5

Originally posted by sugaglos

“I asked you last week to come over and hangout at my house but you said no. Plus, I’m busy these days. I’ll see you around kay?” You said walking away.

That night, Nari called to explain how pissed off Jay was.

“Y/N, he’s totally pissed, do you know what he said? Jesus. He said you’re a bitch for only using him as your boy toy and then ignoring him. Did you fuck him and not tell me!?” She gasped.

“Oh my god no! I almost did though…at your party.”

She yelped. “Almost!?”

“He didn’t want to…Nari, he outright rejected me, and when I invited him over last week, it was clear that he would never step into my house.”

“He’s the bitch! You gave him two shots and he’s that stupid?” Nari growled.

“It was only one shot and I was drunk so it’s no big deal, it’s better this way anyhow.” You concluded.

“I always knew you had a huge crush on him.” She stated.

“Okay first, no I didn’t. He was just a really hot friend that I started to like a little too much. Second, I think it’s better if I stay away from him.” You explained.

“That’s your choice I guess, but he’s really pissed. He’s even talking about you in school.” Nari said.

“If I hear him myself, I’ll tell Yoongi to kill him.”

“Speaking of Yoongi, I saw the way he was dragging you out the club the other day. It was a bit inappropriate for an employee…Is he your new boy toy?” She squealed annoyingly.

“He was just pretending to be my date, some old creep was trying to hit on me.” You explained.

She sighed. “I was hoping for something more juicy.”

“Keep dreaming.”


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A short Ford and Mabel bonding fic for @stariousfalls just because. You’re wonderful Syd!

It was a bright sunny day somewhere in the north Atlantic Ocean. A brisk salty breeze moved their boat along at a steady clip and Ford relished the warmth of the sun and the wind as it ruffled his hair as he jotted down some last minute observations in his journal. He was startled from his thoughts when his phone began to buzz. Setting aside his writing, he picked it up and looked at the caller ID. It was Mabel.

Now that was odd. Not that he wasn’t happy to receive a surprise call from his favorite niece, but, according to his calculations, she should still be in school. He answered it.

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Ryuji's Type of Dates

A request by Anon. Enjoy!

  • Ryuji is the kind of lover who loves going out and date. He sometimes has a random urge to go outside, he doesn’t know why though.

  • The Arcade is one of his favorite places to go in any occasion. During your date at this place, he’ll probably challenge you to some sports games like basketball. Or car games. Or DDR. Imagine winning a basketball game with Ryuji as your opponent, lol. He’ll stay shut and awkward because you hurt his pride ww. He takes pride in everything, so yeah. It’s p cute when he goes mad :3c

  • Akibahara. Ryuji likes to go there to buy some video games. Tbh he has tons of figures all sorted out on the shelves of his room. He likes to collect ‘em figurines. He absolutely adores them so much that after ten days after being Ryuji’s mate, you will basically remember the names of the characters and the series they’re from.

  • Food shops and restaurants. We all know Ryuji has a passion for eating, so this is pretty much impending if you were dating him lol. Since you’re his S/O, Ryuji always offers to pay up the whole food. But he sometimes hopes for you to give him a peck on the cheeks or the lips because of that :^))

  • Movie theaters. Ryuji often asks you to go to the movies with him. He likes watching some action, comedy, and very occasionally: horror. He watches ‘em just to be clung by you lol. He’ll be like, “ten minutes in and you’re already afraid? What a scaredy cat. Here, hold my arm.” And no he doesn’t say that just because he wants to show off his muscles lol why would you think of that hahaha /sweats

  • But there are certain times when both of you just stay at Ryuji’s place and hang out inside. But it usually happens during rainy season. When the weather really is that terrible, then he’ll just pick you up and go to his house again (he’s trying hard to be a gentleman. Akira told him to do that).

  • Cuddling in bed, watching movies while being hassled up by a blanket with him, silly fights with him on the bed, or anything basically. It always feels warm when you’re together. And there are times when both of you go 18+. Lmao.

  • And that’s it. Thanks for requesting, Anon! I hope I get some more ;3;

anonymous asked:

I love your writing. Could you do one for “ did you really just kiss him/her? ” and 
“ want to make out? ”

first off, thank you anon! you are so so sweet. I love you for reading! I hope you enjoy what I come up with for these little prompts, I’ve found they’re very good for countering writers block, which as @camelotskingz​ knows, I always struggle with.

“did you really just kiss him/her?”
as I’ve been getting vibes from @peacelovebughead​‘s The Reunion fic, this one’s set during a high school reunion as well (although it’ll be nowhere near as good, just saying ¯\_(ツ)_/¯)

Jughead Jones never fell for anyone else. For ten long years, he never fell for anyone else.

Try as he might, he still couldn’t close his eyes without seeing the flecks of gold and green that lingered in her own. She haunted his every waking moment, he saw bits of her in the flowers that grew outside, in the clouds of the sky, everywhere he went, there she was.
Betty Cooper was just one of her own kind.

He could fill pages upon pages describing every bit of her appearance and personality, the kindness (and equally placed darkness) that permeated to her very soul and essence of life. Maybe that’s why he never fell for anyone else. Because her own heart had stolen his away, locked it up, and he had no idea where in hell the key was.

So, when he read about a 10 year reunion for Riverdale High School, he figured it was probably time to go get that key back. He had to go get his heart back. Or maybe, just fall for her all over again.

Betty Cooper still thought of him every night.
For ten long years, not another person had ever made her feel so complete and alive. Since they parted ways, she’d dated other people, sure. But half of her still belonged to him, so she could never really be a part of a relationship, because those took two whole people. One half couldn’t make a whole, even if her and Jughead had split on amicable terms.

All she knew of Jughead now was that his hard work had paid off, and his manuscript had been picked up by a huge publishing house in New York. What she didn’t know was he had tried moving there, briefly, and had a series of one-night-stands where he tried to pretend every girl he met was Betty, missing every inch of her soft skin.

She saw the sign walking home from work one day, affixed to a stoplight post. Riverdale High, 10 Year Reunion! All Class of 2017 students welcome!

She had choked up at seeing it, trying to swallow a lump that just wouldn’t budge. Would he be there? She knew Jughead was never one for busy social events, but she had to go. She had to try, see if he was going to show up. And even if not, she’d still get to see her other high school acquaintances and friends forgotten, win win, right?

But a little part of her still knew she was going to see him. That was her only reason for going, truly.

“CLASS OF 2017, HOW YOU GUYS DOIN’ TONIGHT?” Archie’s voice rang out through the microphone, the redheaded boy hadn’t changed a bit. Except that him and Cheryl Blossom had married. Who’d have guessed, right? Turns out the fiery redhead had softened up over the years, even with a thriving modelling career.

Everyone cheered, but Betty couldn’t help but feel disappointed. The beanie-wearing-boy of her teen years was nowhere to be found. She was the reason he came, after all. He genuinely thought he’d be able to pick out her beacon-of-blonde ponytail from anywhere in the crowd, but faces and bodies crammed into the gym blurred into one another and Jughead couldn’t find Betty amidst nameless faces.

He was leaning against the wall, smiling faintly at Archie, performing on stage, having the time of his life. He couldn’t help but feel a bit bitter, if only he could be happy like that. He didn’t have the exuberant joie-de-vie that was within Archie, who, even as a married man hadn’t lost an ounce of his youth. If only he could say the same. New York had been exhausting, not just physically but emotionally. Jughead, although he was celebrating the success he’d been dreaming of, felt empty and numb. So eventually, leaving his book’s critical acclaim in the big city, he returned to Riverdale, renting out an apartment in the Pembrooke complex.

Maybe if Betty had stayed with him, he would have loved New York. But a little part of him was still back in Riverdale, teaching young children how to multiply 3 and 5 in a pretty little classroom. He couldn’t stay alone like that.

“Okay everyone, here’s to the couples of way back when. The slow dance you’ve all been waiting for….” He said, the ambient atmosphere of dimmed lights and smooth slow music rang out. Betty couldn’t help but think, she knew the song from somewhere.

And then it happened.
Their eyes locked on each others, as time froze around them. The closest thing to an out-of-body experience she’d ever known, her very spirit floated forward and met with him, his touch now the most electrifying thing Betty had ever felt.

“Hey there, Juliet,” He whispered, biting back tears of nostalgia as his hands settling on her waist as hers were over his shoulders. They swayed gently to the song, until a lyric just sang ran through Jughead’s mind.

“Come on, come on, come on, before the moment’s gone…..”

He couldn’t take it anymore. The space between them was so small, he just had to lean forward a little to bridge the gap in his heart. He had to do it. Taking a deep breath for courage, he choked out as many words as he could manage.
“I missed you, Betty.”
“I missed you too, Juggie,” She whispered, practically against his lips. “Did you know I never fell in love with anyone else?”
“Wait, what?”

And then it happened. Before he could even register what was going on, it happened. Her soft pink lips pressed against his, and 10 years turned back on as though on a film reel, though high school and countless nights of pining, and wishing to see each other again. Image after image fluttered under his eyelids, and he could barely breathe. The reminiscence was almost suffocating, tightening his throat.

Their lips pulled off each other at the boom of Cheryl’s voice on the microphone, as they stood shocked at the applause swirling around them from all sides.
“Elizabeth Cooper, did you really just kiss him? Jughead Jones?” She said, incredulously.
She wiped at the pools of water in her eyes. It had been too long.
“Yeah, yeah, I did.” She could hardly believe it. She must have been delirious, or drunk or on some crazy drug trip making her live through this experience, almost as though it hadn’t happened at all. How had it been, that after ten years filled with pining and regrets, a night like tonight would come around, and it’d all be for nothing?

“Thank you…it’s been too long, Betts.” She heard Jughead whisper in her ear, making her blush like a teenager again.
“It has.” She sighed, hugging him as though he was her lifeline, the one thing keeping her from drowning, and suddenly nothing else mattered anymore, but that their bodies were pressed together and practically on fire, and she’d never felt so alive. She laughed, almost incredulously, face still tucked into his shoulder.

“Well there you have it, everyone! Betty and Jughead have reunited, who else here still has a high school sweetheart to find? Go get ‘em!” Archie chorused though the mic.

“want to make out?”

“Want to make out?” Jughead said lazily, yawning. He had been tucked into a particularly sunken-in corner of a couch in the Cooper household.

Betty on the other hand, was mid-typing up an article for the Register, and as much as she’d love to make out with Jughead, she had to finish this article within the next hour if she wanted to have enough time to finish the countless pages of questions in her textbooks, practically bearing the weight of guilt.

“Well, yeah, of course I do.” She said, sitting up and stretching. “But I’m still working,”
“Take a break then,” Jughead offered, getting off the couch and walking over to Betty, sitting up on the headrest of the couch.

“You know I’d love to but this particular moment isn’t such a good-ohhh….” she sighed. Jughead had began kissing her neck softly, it was almost teasing. His lips were soft and expert at finding the one spot that elicited the dirtiest of sounds from the sweet girl. Kissing and nibbling the skin, she heard his voice amidst her own, mewling in pleasure.

“How about now?” He offered. Betty’s mind said You have work to do, but her body betrayed her as she leaned her head to the opposite side and he continued kissing her neck, getting more and more aggressive, leaving bruises in his wake. She wasn’t about to stop him though.
“Oh, fine.” Betty said, giving into his lazy pleas for some alone time. To be fair, she invited him over to spend time together, but it’d just been her and him sitting on different couches in the living room, him reading while she worked.

He got down from the headrest, and their lips pressed together reverently, moving in perfect sync. They’d made out before plenty of times, even gone further than that. Betty loved that the normally innocent, albeit snarky beanie wearing boy had something more primal and animalistic in him, as he bit down on her lower lip, and deepened the kiss when she let out a small gasp of air.

They were now lying on the couch, him between her legs as his fingers curled tightly around her waist almost possessively. His fingertips brushed under her shirt, smirking a bit as her muscles twitched involuntarily under his touch.

She could feel him pressed against her inner thigh with need, as his hand ran along the curve of her hip, closer to where she was hot and achy with need, her eyes practically rolling back into her head. And then the moment was ruined, the electric current in her veins zapped out.

“Elizabeth, are you home?” Alice’s voice called out from the front door.
Jughead cursed as softly as he could, and got off of Betty, crossing his legs to hide his err-situation.
“Oh, and mom? Jughead’s here,” She said, as though he hadn’t been kissing her like her lips were air and he couldn’t breathe, just moments ago.
“Hi, Mrs. C, how’s it going?”

The moment would resume, for sure, but back at the trailer. Alice Cooper had split up the couple one-too-many times and Jughead was frustrated by it.

if you want to send me more requests from this list, here’s my ask!

star-pines20  asked:

OKAY! WOW! That fic was so cute! Can you write one where Johnny and Jack playing with Ashi as a kid! ❤❤❤

I tried really hard to write a full fic for this but I just couldn’t get it to flow, possibly because I haven’t seen Ashi as a normal little kid “^ ^ so here’s some headcanons instead! Sorry I couldn’t give you a full fic for this one T_T

-Jack teaches starts teaching Ashi how to fight when she’s around ten-twelve. 

-Johnny insisted on doing her hair and picking out her clothes

-Ashi liked to collect bugs when she was little, and had jars and jars full of them in her bedroom

-Jack tried to convince her that bugs belonged outside with their family but eventually gave up 

-Johnny hates it cause he’s terrified of spiders and doesn’t want anyone to know about it

-Ashi got into a fight with a neighborhood kid who was bullying her. When the parents demanded an apology Jack and Johnny agreed an apology was in order. However, they wanted the parents of the bully to apologize for raising a rotten kid. 

akise  asked:

top ten anime characters go!

This is pretty tough, that’s a lot of characters to pick from 

1. Holo

Originally posted by nyanpasuminasan

2. Kraft Lawrence

Originally posted by jiggypepper

3. Spike Speigel

Originally posted by twotheleft

4. Kujo Jotaro

Originally posted by explared

5. Oshino Shinobu / Kiss-shot Acerola Orion Heart Underblade

Originally posted by komm-susser-tod

6. Gon Freecss

Originally posted by demigodxtonio

7. Akemi Homura

Originally posted by anime-pictures-and-other-stuff

8. Kaiki Deshu

Originally posted by gurrenlagging

9. Hiiragi Kagami

Originally posted by gifsdaweb

10. Ayaname Rei

Originally posted by animebadass

anonymous asked:

Not sure if you've been asked this before but do you have any blog recs? Looking for more people to follow

Well Anon, this here hodge-podge-o’-something combines several aspects so I’m gonna guess at a few possible reasons you might be following me and suggest one or two.

(NB these asks often paralyze me because I’m like OMG! someone will see that they are not listed and feel BAD and I am a BAD PERSON so I’ll just say up front that I don’t have the time to be exhaustive, so if you want the full @fineillsignup experience just go to my “following” page and follow them all, you can’t go wrong)

SNARK AND SALT ABOUT NARUTO ESP THE ENDING @thatshinobilife might actually be me, I am not fully convinced we are separate people, I have never seen photographic evidence of us both together so you never know

REBLOGGING COOL ARTS @kokoro4kakashi and @shiroiraiha both have awesome, wide-ranging, quality reblogs, as well as their own cool content

TRANSLATIONS In terms of active translators of Naruto fanwork from other languages, I actually don’t know of too many who are currently active on Tumblr. @thisisutl posts translations for 48 hours (important: don’t like or reblog, comments are ok).

FANFIC WRITERS Ahhhh okay this category is haaaarrdddd to not just list everybody also it really depends on your tastes but I’m gonna pick three, @beyondthemoor for all she does organizing fanwriters, @mouseymightymarvellous for being on my wavelength when it comes to “ninja dorks flailing at interpersonal relations” and @actuallydeglace because she is the queen of both rare pairs and never giving up on a fic because it might just come back to life ten years later. #goals

ARTISTS Okay I don’t art…… at all…… but this category is fully as hard as writers to just pick a few, blurgh. I’m gonna name @yomi-gaeru of course because she is just lovely and so patient with my questions when I’m translating her stuff, you need to see all the art she posts. @meliss-cake is just wonderful and delightful and she has drawn me things so I’d take a bullet for her ngl. And @thetoxicstrawberry has great Naruto content, very underrated IMO! Ugh that’s three isn’t it. All artists are great ok.

Okay I hope that is helpful!


Rant time. The longer I keep bettas, the angrier I get when I see things like this.

These are not homes.

Bettas are not decorations, they are living animals. At the very, very least they should have a gallon of water, and even that isn’t really suitable unless you have minimal decor to give them maximum swimming room. 

I don’t really understand why people buy small glasses like this, because it’s not like it’s any more difficult to care for if you put it in a larger bowl. You can easily make larger containers just as visually beautiful, if not more so! 

“But I’ve kept my betta in this vase for a long time now and he’s survived." 

Yes, but what if I stuck you in a closet for years and brought you food and water everyday? You’d survive. Not comfortably or happily, but you’d survive. You wouldn’t keep your dog pent up in a kennel his whole life would you? No, that’s something that we call animal police on.

That’s exactly how it is for these fish. They can "survive” in these conditions but it’s a very cruel and sad form of life. Nitrates and ammonia build up in the water from their own waste, which can make it hard for them to breath and can even poison them if not changed constantly. 

“But my fish doesn’t even do anything, he lays around on the top/bottom all day.”

That’s called depression. Any adequate betta owner can tell you that most of these fish are actually quite active if they actually have the swimming room to be so. In a small glass like one of these, what else is there to do but sit around and do nothing? There isn’t space to do anything else. And his poor fins! Wouldn’t you like to see how beautiful they truly are? Too bad he has no room to spread them out in that little cup of his, he can only keep them cramped together.

I can guarantee that there is a remarkable difference when you transfer one of these creatures from a small glass to an actual bowl (Ideally 2.5 gal and up). Make sure the water is either tap water if you have a well, or treated tap water if you live off a town water system. It should also be between 70-80 degrees (all fish’s preferences will vary); if your house is already pretty toasty, that’s fine, but if not they have tiny little betta heaters you can purchase for very little cost. Put in some decorations or toys, and feed him more than just pellets. Dried brine shrimp can easily be found in the fish food section. Now give him a week or so, and watch his personality change. Given adequate living space/temp, good food, and even some interaction from you, he will become much happier and healthier - and prettier!

“But those small containers are just so lovely.”

Trust me, I know, I love interior design. As a suggestion, I’d say you could get one of these and put him in it for a night if you were having a dinner party and used it as a center piece. But only a night! In the morning he should go back to his real home. And what’s so hard about having a decorative large environment anyway? There are a million different colors of plants, statues, and gravel for you to choose from! Why not pick some out that have a theme or compliment his colors? It really wouldn’t be any more trouble for you to clean every week or two, it only takes about ten minutes. Put him in a holding cup, take out his decor and rinse them off with your hands (no soap!) and then shift his stones around in the water to loosen the waste so you can just strain it out. Fill it back up, put decor back, and put him in (remember, you need to acclimate your fish back into the water, don’t dump him back in right away or the temperature change will send him into shock). Those things are all really simple to attend to, no more effort than keeping him in a tiny little bowl. Except now, both you and him will benefit from it.

DO YOUR RESEARCH like you would for ANY new pet.

These fish can be extremely personable if you let them. Stop betta abuse. 

They are not decorations, they are living creatures.

anonymous asked:

Once you get this you have to say five things you like about yourself, publicly. Then, you have to send this to ten of your favorite followers. (Non-negotiable, positivity is cool~) ❤❤

1) I’m smart. Lol, that sounds so conceited. What I mean to say is that I pick up things quickly. I remember reading a tutorial on WikiHow and at the end, it said, “Be patient with yourself and practice. It might take a few days to learn to do this.” And I learned to do it in less than half an hour and I was just so happy because I expected it to be really hard. ^__^

2) I don’t run away if I have a problem with someone. I need closure and I need to properly discuss things with said person. Sometimes this gets annoying because I constantly ask how they feel about the situation, etc. but I like this about me.

3) I’m funny. :D

4) I’m nice. Like really nice. I wish other people were as nice as I am, really.

5) I’m a nerd. If someone starts talking about something I haven’t heard before I take a note and do a ton of research.

Thank you for this ask. <3

I am way too lazy to send ten asks so I will just tag people? Is that okay?











anonymous asked:

i have a headcanon that Leo is so used to meaninglessly hitting on people that he even does it automatically sometimes, and doesnt even think about it enough to see the reactions. could you write how the seven+nico would react (if you do asks yhat is) (pretty pleeease) (valdangelo is 236% accepted)

Omg I love this!! yes yes yes Leo is such a flirt and always winks at people and says flirty things and !!!!

Piper- She just flirts right back?? And it’s hilarious because they call each other really cheesy pet names. Basically they mock every annoying couple ever, hold hands, kiss each other on the cheek and feed each other food.

Jason- Okay so Jason finds it really endearing?? Leo will like flirt with him by whistling at him jokingly while he’s training with Percy or something and Jason will just laugh and smile. Leo is constantly being like “oh my gods, do you work out?” And then proceeds to touch his arms and gawk at his muscles lmao. Also cause I’m now in valgrace hell: Leo calling him “my superman” and kissing him on the cheek. Is that canon??? It’s sounds canon.

Hazel- She also finds it really endearing too? Leo will put his arm around her and kiss her cheek sometimes. And he will go on and on about how “all da ladies luv Leo” and she just giggles cause her best friend is a huge nerd.

Frank- IS HONESTLY SO EMBARRASSED BY LEO. But it only makes Leo do it even more. There will be times where Leo will just run up and hug him from behind or grab his hand wiggle his eyebrows at him while giving him this shit eating grin. Leo is always telling Frank how hot he got and Frank is like omg pls stop…. Over time Frank just accepts it and rolls his eyes at Leo but secretly loves the attention and loves how Leo makes an idiot of himself.

Annabeth- I feel like Leo knows better then to flirt with Annabeth cause it’s actually canon that Leo is scared of her. I feel like there will be times where Leo will just winks at her jokingly and she smiles just a tiny bit and laughs under her breath cause she’s loves how goofy Leo can be.

Percy- Tbh I don’t know how Percy would react. He would probably flirt right back times ten making Leo just blush like crazy and everyone burst out laughing.

Nico- He is literally the only one Leo is trying really hard to get the attention of but totally sucks at it. Like at first he would flirt a little bit just as a joke and Nico would roll his eyes. But when he realized he liked the guy he is super awkward and always stumbling over his words around him. Nico picks up on this and asks Jason if he thinks Leo doesn’t like him, only for Jason to just grins and say “the opposite actually…..”

for @pretendtobepunkrock, @cliffwoes, and @tadpolehemmings‘s college!5sos blurb night!

“Hi,” a cute blonde said shyly as he approached you, plopping down onto the couch next to you. You shifted away from him slightly, cocking an eyebrow at him.

“You’re not drunk, are you?” you asked cautiously.

“No…” he trailed off, “Do you need me to be? Because I’ll go down a bottle of Jack right now if you want.” You relaxed, giggling softly as you returned to your previous position.

“As impressive as that would be, I would rather you didn’t,” you told him. He smiled at you, leaning back against the cushion.

“What’s your name?” he asked.


“I’m Luke,” he smiled again, “What brings you here? I don’t remember ever seeing you before.”

“I was invited,” you murmured, leaning back as well.

“By who?” You nodded toward the staircase where the boy who had originally asked you to come to the party with him was making out with another girl. Luke furrowed his eyebrows and turned back to you. “Jared invited you? And he just ditched you?” You shrugged and he went on, “Why’d he do that?”

You laughed bitterly, “Apparently, refusing to suck his dick was a real deal breaker for him.” Luke sighed and rubbed his temple as if this has happened before – although it wouldn’t surprise you if it had.

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Trainee Memories (G-Dragon Scenario)

Archived | Posted September 17, 2015

Requested by anonymous

I hope you’ll like it, you adorable anon, because I had a lot of fun while writing this scenario ^^


Summary:  The two of you have been dating since he was a trainee and, during those days, he gave you a few of his worn out shoes he used for practice - as a reminder of what you’d had to go through as a couple. As time goes by, you start to drift apart and realize that the end has come for your relationship. What will happen when he sees the shoes you’ve kept all those years?

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sugar daddy pool pt.8 (M) JUNGKOOK fic

bts member: jungkook x reader you

                  jungkook ft.jimin

genre: angst / smut read for your own risk

thanks for every one who tried to encourage me to continue writing this fic yes i’m gonna try hard to improve my writings skills and i apologize for grammar  mistake i’m not english pro BUT having friends around solve it so thank you @nastjaprijatelj for your help <3 <3 

[ note] i know many of you guys will found it weird if a man is a sugar daddy on his thirteen i even received msg about it  but just read the story to know that every thing was a game ^____^

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part 1 / part 2 /part 3/ part 4 / part 5 / part 6 /part 7

part 8 :

Jimin’s eye smile didn’t leave his face, when he was looking at you. You felt nervous and guilty. He must think that you are a bad girl now or whatever. If you didn’t react the first time he kissed you, he needs to really know that the second time you did, it was just a kiss. Damn it!  You were so fucking nervous and sad, when he told you about jungkook’s purpose to marry you, so you need to make it clear now and forever with him. In your coming life there is no jimin !
He was standing with Taehyung and other boys. You didn’t know them although they are jungkook’s friends too. But you did notice that everyone in the big room was gazing at something. You turned around to see  the man standing in the middle of the dance floor swaying his body while junghee was holding her daddy’s hand. Her feet  on top of his shoes. She was stunning in her little dress with a long lag behind. They were dancing smoothly making everyone cheer for them. Jungkook  looked so classy and charismatic too. You felt a pain in the heart, looking at him with that big love you were hiding  in your heart, just wishing he really meant his words and that he loves you too. Your eyes were gazing at the floor, but when you looked up again Jungkook and Junghee weren’t in your sight anymore, where could they go?
“come here baby" Jungkook’s hands rolled on your waist out of blue, making you jump lightly. Fortunately he was holding you “oh”
“ i think i deserve to have a dance with you too”
you grinned “sure “
The lights were so dim many other couples joined you. Everybody here seems cool expect you. Your heart was shaking hard. You tried your best not to touch Jungkook’s chest or he will feel it, but he didn’t let you try to be far. He grabbed you closer  "can you tell me why you changed your decision?“
“ i’m sorry if Junghee appeared suddenly that night. I know you were on the edge of saying no and I can respect your decision y/N. I’m not wrong to choose you, because I can see that you really love her, so I think you accepting the marriage was for her. Tell me please, if I wouldn’t have a daughter would you refuse to marry me then?” Jungkook  was talking bitterly. You wanted to reply, but it will never heal the wound. It would make it worse especially now.
“Jungkook, everyone here is watching us. Let’s discuss this later. Just act normal.“ you grinned and he pecked your lips. Your body shivered. It was a gentle kiss, but  anything jugkook does can easily turn you crazy.
“Junghee  will spend the next week at my parent’s home. We are still newlyweds in other people’s eyes aren’t we!” he said helping you get in the car.
“where are you going?”
“we” he said focusing with the road. Jungkook refused a ride from Taehyung, saying he has his own plan. This were the last words you heard, before he closed the car’s doors “ok, where are we going Jungkook?“
“to the nearest hotel" he said
The familiar emotions came again. You missed them, you missed those butterflies in your tummy. Oh gosh you can’t do this, you need answers before. Jungkook’s jawline was relaxed. You couldn’t ruin his night, actually your tongue was rigid inside. –
 “baby just change your dress in some more comfortable clothes, emm where did i put them!?“ Jungkook appeared from the other part of the hotel suit. He gave you light skinny jeans and a comfy shirt “put this on, quickly “
“ i saw for million times what women wear on the wedding night and I’m sure this usually isn’t what they wear” you whispered but then your brows furrowed “shall I help you baby?“ he said, coming behind you and started unzipping the long dress zipper "wait, wait. I can do it myself”
“hh what! are you shy? hh I already saw you naked and I know every curve on your body. It’s ok. I want to do this, you are my bride tonight”
“so why do I need to wear this, if you really still realize that i’m a bride here" 
Jungkook laughed hard "you are beautiful and I’m happy i got you, but we have a flight in just one hour. We can’t skip it” he said taking off the white dress so your torso was now exposed to his eyes He kissed your shoulder and neck “gosh I need to stop now" he said and picked the shirt up “can you just put this on?”
You were ready ten minutes later, wearing your new clothes and comfortable sandals. You even removed the makeup and released your hair, the new color on the bottom wasn’t clear to the view, because of the bun style, but Jungkook  said he really liked it  “this is your suitcase and that’s  mine. It’s full of everything we need, I guess. Hurry up we don’t have so much time”
“Jungkook I left my phone in the hotel I need to take it”
“no need, I already told your mother and sister about this, so you don’t need it. The hotel room is reserved for us till we come back. Stop complaining, just relax “
“you did a lot of things without telling me”
“emmm yeah sorry, but I wanted to prove you many things” he said running his car engine.
“things like?”
“you will know everything, when we arrive to our destination”
The flight was cool. You knew that it was Japanese airline, but you still didn’t know where exactly were you going. The first class wasn’t full, there were only you, Jungkook and 4 others people. Everyone  was sleeping, except  you and jungkook. He was starring at you the whole night “you are eating me if you didn’t notice”
“i’m hungry i didn’t get my dinner yet” he said caressing your cheeks .
“Jungkook stop this" he didn’t even listen to what you said, just started kissing your neck and jawline softly till he got to your lips, kissing them perfectly “we need to stop. We are on the plane”
“people do many things on the plane. So what, if people are newlyweds. No one is focusing on us just kiss me babe. I missed you so damn much”
“kiss only” you warned him. He grinned “that’s ok” he said kissing your lips again. You felt happy trying to forget your worries. You can see Jungkook’s  way to treat you doesn’t change “I’m sorry baby I wanted to take you on a long trip to visit many beautiful places, but right now we don’t have time for that. We will do that next time” Jungkook said releasing your lips “Japan is beautiful too”
“so you get it emm our destination is Okinawa"

You would be a terrible liar if you pretend you aren’t taking in the refreshing looks of this new land “Jungkook it’s fabulous” you said while he was driving to the hotel. He seems pleased by your reaction “let’s have fun y/N ok?”
“emm it’s really beautiful, thank you for bring me here”
“ you can thank me later when we arrive to our hotel babe “
His words made a big fuss in your entire body. Being worried in this place is the last thing you need right now. 

This is what you get when you sleep in Jungkook’s arms for at least 8 hours  you opened your eyes feeling tired. That’s totally normal after the last crazy night. Jungkook still dreaming, his arms wrapped around your waist tightly you were barely able to sneak out without bothering him and slip into the shower. You need a flood of water to wash jungkook’s scent from your body. You  grinned to yourself, but then your eyes popped up when you saw your reflexion in the wet shower’s mirror. The hickeys on your collarbone and neck, even on your shoulder “oh gosh I will never find a way to hide this!!! Jeon Jungkook you are really crazy!! oh gosh!… this one is fucking clear!! what should I do now?? Your voice was heard by the man who was near the shower tub "Are you ok? Do you need my help there!!”
You jumped and closed the water “I’m ok but you’re dead” you said, coming out. Jungkook was only wearing his boxer, his eyes were half opened “what? why do you wanna kill me?”
You stood in front of his view and he examined your body from head to toe, but when his eyes dropped in your top body he smirked “oh gosh it’s beautiful”
“what beau…fuck! are you ok how can i fix this now?!”
“why would you need to hide it?You’re mine, these love bites mean you’re mine. I see I did a great job with them on your body, that’s love yeah, why are you looking this way do you know any better way i can show my love through” he said stroking your wet hair “why didn’t you wait for me? I wanted to get in the shower with you.”
“no way jungkook you won’t  touch me until this hickeys go away “
“oh really?” he said lifting your body up.
“oh no put me down!!”
“Not until you take back your words” he said pushing you into the shower again.
“No i’m not taking them back”
“Then you will get your punishment”
“oh gosh stop. What are you doing Jungkook?” he started sucking your breast area and looked up smirking  “breakfast “
The Japanese island was stunning. You didn’t try to open any dangerous conversations with Jungkook. He seemed so satisfied, even his eyes were shining. He said he always travels, but only for work’s sake. As you already got it before, his previous relation with his wife wasn’t successful, so it seems he didn’t go to honeymoon before, so you guess he was doing this for the first time. He also said he never tried married couples stuff. Both of you bought many beautiful things. His way to treat you was gentle, kind and romantic, everything about him ached your heart. Is it true that he wasn’t the man who invited you to his condo?Is it true he isn’t in love with you? How can you push this questions away? You need peace, he is really doing well, so why are Jimin’s words still alive in your ears. Fuck him, that Park fucking Jimin. Oh gosh, what if he just said this to ruin your love with Jungkook !?!?!
“it’s  cold at night” Jungkook said putting a warm cardigan on your shoulders.
“I like it so much here. I can’t believe we are leaving tomorrow “
"I wish I can tell you that we can stay, but you know our state.” Jungkook said kissing your head “Thank you for everything y/N, thanks baby.”

“I didn’t change my mind only for Junghee. I felt scared to have a responsibility you want to deliver to me. I felt nervous and I thought you will marry me only because of the taught of being Junghee’s mom, but first when I saw you I couldn’t say no and I also couldn’t say no when she appeared. I did it because i love you both. You have to believe me that I loved you from the beginning” you said gripping his shirt. You didn’t notice what this spontaneous act could actually do. It was like you wanna feel safe, it was like you were asking him to hold you tightly. He took your hands and kissed them softly “Thank you for being in my life. You wash my sadness away. y/N promise me to not leave me, please I need you in my life even more than my daughter does, everything went over like magic. Let’s be happy forever.”
You held his body tightly. Jungkook lifted you up closing the glass window with his foot and put your body on the bed. You wanted him as much as he wanted you, he felt that in the way you kissed his lips back “baby you’re horny already” he said playing with the hem of you shirt until he pulled  it over your head. His hand sneaked to your inner thigh. He unzipped your shorts and threw them on the floor. He came to you to kiss you again on your lips. You tried to climb over him, sitting in his lap. He let you do what you wanted. You started putting butterfly  kisses on his body, his torso. Hearing him moaning was the sexiest thing you can ever hear. You felt his hardness  when you came closer. Jungkook’s hand touched your waist and went up to undo your bra he can see your perky boobs. He sat while you were still on him making your forehead touch his “Baby girl wanna ride me, do you really wanna try this?”
“I want you so bad” you whispered near his ears, while your hand was stroking his jawline. He picked your lips sucking them you felt that your bottom lip is gonna swell soon, but you can’t stop licking jungkook’s lips. It was the sweetest taste you can dream of. He went directly to lick your collarbone, his tongue tried to reach anywhere where your skin is exposed until he got to your nipple. You moaned into him “ohhh”. His action made you wet even more then before you felt the need to be full of him “babe just fuck me please”
Jungkook dropped your body on the bed sheets and placed his head between your legs. You know what he is really thinking about, but you swore you already feel the need to be fucked right now. Shit, his tongue fucked you well. You couldn’t stop moaning. His name was repeated like a record disc, pleasing him so fucking much he came up again and picked your lips. “Just taste how good you are sweetheart” he kissed you and you could feel his wet tongue “babe” you whispered. “Just do it”
Jungkook finally spread his bulge out and came closer to you. You know he was fixing himself to meet your wet entrance. It can’t hurt you that much, you were already familiar with this. He thrusted in and out of you, holding your hands whispering lovely sweet words in your ears then it turned to be that He was fucking you madly. You started groaning and whimpering, never forgetting to say his name.” jungkook”You were close, so damn close. 

Jungkook didn’t pull himself out, but he suddenly grabbed your waist and changed your position, making you sitting on top of him “ride me”
It was something new for you to do with him, but it was exciting. Both of you moaning and sweating in pleasure extremely. You felt he was close you know that from the way his eyes gazed yours, Your walls gripped him tightly, helping him to reach his climax, with your eyes still connected he was coming closer, when you felt the mix of juice. He kissed your lips softly, rubbing your back you felt a weakness after reaching orgasm. You wanted to throw yourself back on the bed jungkook felt that so he helped you lay down “how was this?”
“it’s beautiful your thumb was touching his lips it was crazy to say it, but you swear you can’t get enough of them. They were just so kissable. The warmness of his body encouraged you to sleep tightly. It’s going to be a long day tomorrow, getting back to your new married life.
The sweet thing about this situation wasn’t just you being Junghee’s mom, it was that she started calling you mom too. Firstly her words made your heart shook even Jungkook noticed that, but you were scared as much as you were happy, because you didn’t want to take her mother’s place. Junghee needs to know that she already  has a mother even if she wasn’t the best mom but she still is her mother. Telling Jungkook about this while hugging him tightly tonight in your sharing bed didn’t  bug him. He told you to do whatever you want with her, because he knew you will raise her right .
"baby Junghee is a smart girl. She wanted a family and she got what she wanted and as we can both see, sge is in a really good state. She even stopped asking for ice cream. Did  you notice that?”
“Yeah, finally. I didn’t know that you knew about her obsession with ice cream. I thought you found it as a normal thing”
“I read a book about raising a child, so I got some information and steps. You know me, I’m not the perfect father”
“shhhh” you kissed him quickly “yes you are” he grinned and held  you tighter.
“I’m gonna visit your mom tomorrow while you will be practicing in the center. Do you want me to come pick you up?”
“ok, I will be happy if we can go on a date”
“you really want to date me? We’ve already done more beautiful things than dating.”
“hhhhh” you giggled “but I still want that”
“ok, you will get what you want”
After the holiday and the quick honeymoon you your life seemed better. You really started to forget the idea of asking Jungkook about what Jimin said and why he has this information. You liked and felt how much Jungkook loves you. It was really sweet to live with him and Junghee in the same home. The apartment looks extraordinary. You didn’t expect in your life to get all the stuff he bought for the home. You always grinned remembering Junghee and you  preparing dinner or a cake while waiting for Jungkook to arrive and join you. Everything sounds peaceful and beautiful …….

“oh Mr. jeon” Mrs. Oh said
“oh hi Mrs. Oh, how are you?”
“great, coming to pick y/N and Junghee?”
“the lucky girls” she giggled.
Jungkook was a shy man, he grinned “how is Junghee doing here??”
“she is great. After the last show many of choreographers put an eye on her. She will be great like y/N, maybe better, because she has a better condition. I hope that if she gets a good offer to continue her career, she won’t refuse it like y/N.”
“what about y/N? what offer she refused?? she didn’t tell me anything.” Jungkook said shaking
“oh it’s before your engagement. It was the days after the show, when she got an extra offer to continue her career in New York, but she refused. She said she can’t let her sister in here, even though she was feeling  better that time and she also said she has important work she has to do” the words hit the young man like a truck. He got it immediately. That work was his offer to be his daughter’s nanny, because he said she can pay him so for that she couldn’t continue her career is it why she always had that sad gaze in her eyes. He didn’t listen to Mrs. Oh’s other words. He just grinned palely at her and ended the conversation.

“How was your day?” you asked the moonstruck man gazing the road. His arms seemed like they were clinched and he was gripping the wheel hard.
“it was bad actually i have lots of work”
“I’m sorry if we bothered you. If you really want to go back you c…”
“my family first” he said cutting you and added “Junghee, do you want to have dinner with us or go to visit your granny?”
“no, I want to stay with both of you”
you giggled “of course you will. I’m gonna date two Jeons today.”
“finally” he smiled and took a quick look at your face. He knew you were staring at him from the beginning.
All of you went to a new restaurant. It was full of new dishes. Jungkook didn’t stop encouraging you to try it “you’re still the same”
“huh you still remember how i was stressed about eating french dishes?” you said pecking his lips. Both of you grinned seeing Junghee as she was attacking her hamburger. She was eating it with all her face, it was really the same size.
At home Jungkook didn’t talk so much. He worked on the sofa, while you were busy preparing hot chocolate for him while the girl was sleeping in her room.
“baby i think you are aching your eyes” you said giving him the cup.
“sorry i didn’t sit with you. I had to finish this.”
“is there anything you want to say, you are hiding something right”
“no I’m tired that’s all. Let’s go to our bed”
“sounds good” you said going upstairs —

“y/N are you awake”
“yeah baby, what’s going on?” you said clearing the nightstand lamp. Jungkook opened his arm, his invitation was clear. You grinned sneaking into his warm lap “can you just tell me something about you?”
“what about me!”
“family, school days, your dance career, and your first”
You grinned burying your face in his neck “you already know many things baby. Why do you need to ache your head about my shitty life?”
“just tell me”
“My father just run away, my mom is a really strong woman. She could raise me and Yoonchee well, after her chronic sickness our life became a mess and you know the rest”
“and before i mean did you have a boyfriend?”
“hh he was the biggest thing i regret in my life. I was a virgin when I met him. I still don’t know the reason i trusted him that time. Girls are really crazy somehow”  "yeah I know you were a good girl at least you didn’t seem experienced when we met" you opened your mouth to tell him about the web site profile and that you want to know who did this and why, but you couldn’t. You felt scared. It was love, you loved this man and you didn’t want to do any stupid thing that can ruin both of you.
“I want you to go back to the university, you still have one year to graduate”
“but I’m married now and I’m ok with teaching in the center”
“Don’t argue baby. You will go back tomorrow. If I remember correctly the new university year will begin next week and you will start the next week too, is this ok? Me and Junghee are ok. We can have a housemaid for the whole day, so you are not going to do anything. Just focus with your practice. You promised me to make me see a show so I need you to remember that”
“It’s ok i’m gonna go back this year, but you will regret it, because you will miss me for sure.”
Jungkook who was giggling after your childish behavior just attacked your neck and collarbone “I don’t care. You are mine, no one there can touch a girl full of love bites”
“oh babe stop”
“no, I need to start my work here from now on I guess” he said sucking your collarbone.
“no no please it’s ok baby” but you know that he always does what he wants to do.
“I can’t believe my eyes! Holly hell!” Mira yelled.
“hi sunbae”
The girl who was wearing a ballet suit jumped in front of you to see you. You told her that you are finally back.
“you came from heaven girl”
“why hhhh”
“just come with me girl we need to see the tutor”
She took your hand and run in the corridor to the familiar part. It was where your dance professors and tutors gathered for a meeting or something.
You bowed to greet them.
“sir I was thinking about our show and wondering what to do after Hye Sol’s injury and I think y/n is the best to be the main leader. She is professional. I’m her friend and I know her just trust me”
“I can remember her face”
Your lips were stuck together, when you wanted to refuse or stop her. What the hell was your friend doing now.
“I don’t know what she’s speaking about. I decided to continue my dance classes, but I skipped a lot, so I can’t be the one you’re  searching for.”
“no you can sir she is lying” Mira fought. “I know her so much. She is great. With practise you can do it. I’m your sunbae now, you need to do what i tell you”
The teacher stood up “alright girls” he started explaining about leader’s injury. She was supposed to be her, because she was the best and the concept was about mixing temporary dance with classic one. “I trust Mira a lot and if she wanted you, them there must be a reason. You are a student here so you have the right to participate. It’s  the biggest show for our university. We didn’t do this for years. So many guys here are eyeing us. Let’s go to the practice room. I need to see what you got”
You found yourself in front of the familiar mirror. Everyone who was your classmate knew how you weren’t beautiful and good only in ballet, but you can also dance and manipulate some contemporary dances even like hip hop. You always like to mix them, so you find it kinda exciting that the concept was apparently something you are brilliant in.
"waaaah where have you been all this time?” the professor said, clapping “after what I sae I can’t just let you go y/N. You will join us. Let’s show them what our group has.”
“how was your day sweetheart?”
“you will never believe me”
“what” Jungkook’s  mouth dropped. He thought you are in pain or something.
“Baby I’m kinda lucky today, I didn’t go to my university for a year and now when I came back i get the leader role for the coming university show imagine”
“waaah so my dream is gonna be real”
“Seeing you, the most beautiful swan, on the stage”
You grinned accepting his wide hug burying your face in his neck “I love you Jungkook, I love you so much I’m lucky I got a man like you.”
Next morning you went to the practice the professor said all the dancers will be there so they can meet you.
You changed your outfits and head directly to the practice room your soul immediately got snatched from your body and your eyes popped up seeing the hot man standing in the middle with his sleeveless shirt showing his arms. His biceps were a piece of art. He wasn’t surprised when he saw you. He just grinned showing you that sweet eye smile.
“What are you doing here Park Jimin!!!”
“What can the male leader do here expect practicing ??!!” he said with a high eye brow.

Rant of the day

When Stressed Out started to get played on the radio, it annoyed me. At first, I thought it was because of the fact that Twenty Øne Piløts were my smol children and nobody else should listen to them etc etc. Typical words of a fangirl when what they love isn’t mainstream. Normal.

As the days and weeks went by, I then thought the song was getting overplayed and didn’t like that either. Basically I didn’t want my hatred for the Pharrell song Happy two years ago (also overplayed) to be how I felt about this song.
Eventually, hearing the first few seconds of the song made me roll my eyes and it worried me since I love TØP so much. I was just sick of all the basic bitches posting lyrics to a song that was so deep and meaningful to so many people on their dog filter selfies on Instagram or whatever. I was becoming sick of the song and it was terrifying to me.

Now, I have come to the realisation that I was being stupid. Tyler and Josh are two insanely talented humans and they deserve to be so much more famous than they are. The world should be kissing the ground they walk on in my eyes. The lyrics are so meaningful and perfect, as well as thought provoking. You hear rappers nowadays only talking about sex and violence etc etc and it’s refreshing to here songs of this sort that don’t particularly fit the mould which they have been given, and that it beautiful. It describes the people that listen to their type of music religiously so perfectly.
After some thought, I realised something else. It’s not to do with the infiltration of the bandom, the constant playing of the song or even the basic bitches calling the band 21 Pilots or something revolting to that effect …. Okay maybe they do ruin it slightly.. But it is more that people are mainly just sticking to playing Stressed Out and nobody is digging deep enough into their less popular songs and realising just how incredible this band is. Let’s just be real here for a second “my taste in music is your face.” That one line is basically what made me fall in love with the band. It’s genius ffs.

Now that I’ve said this, I’m going to make a list of my top ten favourite Twenty Øne Piløts songs that need to much more recognition.
Disclaimer: this list literally changed daily, so by the time I write it or you read it (if anyone does), it’ll probably have changed. Also it was hard to just pick 10

1. Doubt
2. Goner
3. Tear In My Heart
4. HeavyDirtySoul
5. Addict With A Pen
6. Fairly Local
7. The Judge
8. Guns For Hands
9. House Of Gold
10. Holding Onto You

Ps. I also really love Kitchen Sink but couldn’t fit it in soz mate

a little more okay

Summary: Post-series: Korra had had her fair share of relationships, and she knew Mako had too, but nothing had felt quite right, and for a while she’d thought maybe she was broken from everything she had endured. But another part of her wondered…

A/N: This was for Makorra week 2k15 prompt “Healing” but then decided to take on a mind of its own and evolve from a small drabble into this mess. Also on ao3 and

Rating: T

Word Count: 3521

Korra loved sparring with Mako. Particularly when he landed on the mat, just like he had right now, for the fifth time that day.

“This is getting tiring,” he grumbled, making a show of rubbing his back while Korra laughed. She knew he didn’t really mind, from the way his amber eyes sparkled with a playfulness that she knew very few people saw.

“I’m hardly breaking a sweat,” she said, bouncing up and down on the balls of her feet, throwing a few experimental jabs into the air. “Ready to go again?”

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