it was really hard to pick just ten


 everyone did this yesterday & i’m trying to remind myself that despite the ending fiasco i had a really good time in this fandom and it doesn’t have to end here. so! here’s some of my favourite pics i ever did! (altho let’s be real out of embarrassing dozens it’s kind of hard to pick just ten)   including some classic hits like bigender rose + rose’s birthday plus an older illustration from the dog days are over aka that one fic people remember me for (which im thinking of rewriting?) anyway thank you everyone!! it’s definitely been a Ride

To anyone nervous about Pitch only having a ten episode order or who is worried that we won’t get renewed, please just remember that Grey’s Anatomy only had NINE EPISODES it’s first season and was initially on the cancellation list. Fans backlashed so hard that they got renewed.

Grey’s Anatomy is now in it’s thirteenth season.

RULES:  tell us one favorite character from ten fictional works ( shows, films, novels, etc. ) & tag some people.

(Oh goodness guys, I have so many fandoms…who is ready for some randomness?)

The Raven Cycle:  Richard Campbell Gansey III (I love Gansey and his wonderful ridiculousness.)

DC Comics:  Richard ‘Dick’ Grayson (He has always been and will always be my favorite.  His quips while fighting, his butt…It’s hard to pick out one reason why I enjoy him, I just do.)

Smallville:  Oliver Queen  (What can I say?  I enjoy the gorgeous, rich playboy that hides deep scars.  I really enjoyed this representation of the character, and he added another aspect to a show I really enjoy.)

Ronin Warriors (Yorodai Samurai Troopers)::  Sage Date/ Seiji Date (I said this would be random didn’t I?  A poorly dubbed and worse subbed anime with so much to enjoy.  A blond samurai with a giant sword that channels light and is a master of sarcasm?  Yes please.)

Sons of Destiny:  Evanor (Even though my cat is named after another of the brothers, Evanor is my favorite.  He is kind, strong, and takes care of his brothers.)

Shadowhunters:  Magnus Bane  (This is for all the books written by Cassandra Clare as well as the television show.  There’s something to be said for a centuries old warlock that lies about his age, wears a lot of glitter, and cares so much for the people around him even if he pretends not to sometimes.)

Percy Jackson: Nico Di Angelo (My poor child, I just want to hug him constantly.  All the time.)

Inheritance Cycle:  Murtagh  (I loved him in the beginning when he and Eragon were friends, and then he was bad, but he was bad at being bad…I liked it)

Supernatural:  Castiel (So powerful…So clueless about most things…)

Ice Fantasy:  Ka Suo (I have been binge watching this lately.  Ka Suo just wants to take care of everyone and the chance to be happy.  And the universe just doesn’t want it to happen…But it is hard to choose a favorite in a show so well written.)

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get to know me meme: [ one / five ] favourite artists | tori kelly
I always kind of knew that I wanted to be a singer, even from the age of three. My parents say that I was singing all the time. That’s all I knew as a kid; I just knew music was second nature to me. I think when it really clicked though, was when I was about 15, and I picked up the guitar for the first time. Then I started producing my own stuff and writing my own stuff, kind of making my own little catalog in my bedroom. That’s when it really clicked like, ‘Okay, there’s no other option for me. I have to do this.


Favourite Episodes by Season
For anon who asked: “Favorite episode from each season and why if you have time?”

Hello dear anon!

I figured I’d narrow it down to S1 to S10 given that we haven’t seen all the episodes of S11 yet for me to judge, which one of the episodes I like best. In general it is really hard for me to narrow down to just one episode per season, because there are many more episodes  I quite love. These ten here are among my all time favourite episodes. That out of the way, here comes my reasoning for picking these episodes. Btw, in general, you will see most of these episodes are rather Dean heavy. :)

1x12 “Faith”: This episode was probably the one that sealed the deal with Supernatural for me when I started watching the show. I already felt pretty strongly for Dean as latest as 1x03 “Dead in the Water”, but 1x12 “Faith” to me set up one of the storylines and aspects of Dean that until this day keeps getting explored and emphasized and it is the specialness of Dean’s heart, which after this episode has been point of interest more than once. Be it the framing of him as the tin man or his heart as a symbol for what makes Dean so Dean: His immeasuraly ability to love, that’s his biggest strength. Furthermore the episode shone a light on Dean’s lack of faith as well as lack of self worth with him being more than okay to die. In my opinion this episode alluded as a first one to Dean’s role and and importance in the grand scheme of things, the Righteous Man and Michael’s vessel as Roy Le Grange told him “it was the the Lord, who guided him” and made him look into Dean’s heart where he saw “a young man with an important purpose and it isn’t finished yet”.

The rest of the explanation for my choice behind the cut. :)

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Hard truth

Here is the fifth addition to the short-Shots that I’ve been doing. I hope that you are are enjoying these. They really are helping me get back into the swing of things and I know that you guys are really wanting me to just start writing for my series again! Just hold on and we’ll get there!! Note if you guys want to join in just tag me in a story that is no longer than 700 words. I’ll be picking my top ten favorites and making them into a post on Thursday! So send them in!!! Alright. 

No trigger warnings. 

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You walked into the motel room and all eyes were on you. Sam and Dean had stayed in the room while you went out for some ‘air’. What you really did was go to a bar and drink till you couldn’t feel anything anymore. 

That night you and Dean had gotten into an argument about who was going to the nest of vampires in the town. Both him and Sam had stated that there was no way in hell that you were going and that was final. When you made your case Sam backed off. 

He knew that you were going either way, no matter what he said. You would always find a way. Whether it was swooping in and saying the day or just forcing your way into the car by force. 

Dean didn’t give into this truth. 

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