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Common Interests

You had been married to James for almost a year now. Everything was going well but you wanted to really know him. Find something you two could do together. This was hard to do as James was always working.
“James” you asked one night at dinner. “Can we do something together tonight? Like maybe a movie” you gave him a suggestion but he waved it off “we don’t need to be wasting our money on silly things like that” he replied. This made you sigh as you wanted to spend time with your husband. “I have a better idea” he spoke softly as you looked at him. His eyes twinkling.

“And what would that be dear” you asked him curiously. Watching his movements as he stood and walked over to you. “I have a hobby dear. A dark hobby that I know you won’t like but maybe you would care to join me with it tonight” he said as he helped you up and led you out of your room and down the halls.

It frightened you a little. Not knowing what was going to happen. But what scared you more was when he showed you what his dark hobby was. In one of the rooms in the hotel was this women. She was tied up and gagged. Making her sobs less noticeable. “I was going to bash her head in” James’s voice said softly and quitely. “But then I thought it would be more fun to put her in the walls alive and let her slowly die that way”

The way he talked. How calm he was. You knew this was what he did almost every night now. “No James” you whispered “I can’t be apart of this” you shook your head and turned away. This was the man you love dearly. You loved a murderer. Oh how he covered up his tracks so well. Of all the years you had known him. “Don’t then” he said, sadness in his voice. “I just only hope you’ll still love me after knowing what my hobby is”.

You left the room. Standing outside it as you heard him beginning to layer up the bricks. You opened the door slightly as watched him. Something about this. Seeing him working so hard. So passionately about it. Made your insides quiver. Like they did when he would take off his shirt at night. Leaving his pants on as he would walk over to you. Knowing you were his.

You wanted to share something with him. And as much as you disliked this, maybe sharing this one night would be a starting point. However you knew it wouldn’t be just one night. It would happen every week or so after. Killing the poor soul and then the messy sex that would follow. This night was the beginning to it.

Creeping in slowly you watched as he worked. Once behind him you placed your hand on his shoulder. Reaching over with the other and taking the gag out. “It’s better to hear their pain” she whispered softly into her husbands ear. Making him smile.

Married life was good when you shared something in common. Even if it wasn’t something other couples shared. This was yours. And you both loved it


Chapter 1

Author Notes: This is my very first Fanfic so I would love to hear feedback (good and/or bad). I’m going to make this a series but dont expect the chapters to come out quickly, I have a lot on with school, personal health and I have a terrible memory so i will most likely forget about this on more than one ocassion, I also sometimes find it hard to find writing inspiration.

Warnings: Suggestion of under aged drinking

Ship: Josh Washington X Reader

Words: 1,467

key:                                                                                                                          (Y/N) – Your name                                                                                                  (Y/N/N) – Your nickname

Ever since you met Josh he always flirted with every single girl, except from you.

You didn’t really mind that he didn’t flirt with you; in fact you felt it meant he had a little more respect for you than other girls but you often found yourself wondering why he didn’t flirt with you. What made you different from the others? Did he not think you were pretty? Did he not like your personality? Was your friendship completely fake or where you just simply not his type? Then that lead in to what even was Josh’s type?

You weren’t quite sure why it bothered you so much, it just did.

“Josh is excited to see you again” Your best friend Beth said through the silence of your thoughts. Trying not to seem too eager you continued to gaze out the window and just nod your head and hum in reply.

You were on your way to the Washington’s Lodge on Black Wood Mountain for a summer week away with the ‘gang’ and currently you were sitting in a cable car with Beth and a couple of bags filled with numerous things, some with clothes, some with food and some with alcohol.

After a couple more minutes of comfortable silence the cable cart came to a rickety stop and you and Beth emerged carrying your bags.

Walking up the path to the lodge you and Beth started discussing what you would all get up to during this week. All the stuff that would normally happen; truth or dare, spin the bottle, taking a little hike and of course, getting drunk.
“How’s Hannah’s crush on Mike going?” You say through giggles. Hannah had a pathetic crush on mike for a year or so now and you just couldn’t get what was so special about him. The only thing decent about mike was his looks. You always found Mike to be manipulative, you saw the way he played Hannah and you hated it but you also found humour in how head over heels she was with him.

Beth rolled her eyes and sniggered at the thought “Same as always.” She paused for a moment and sighed “She thinks she’s starting to get somewhere”
“She needs to be careful, Emily will do something soon if she doesn’t calm it” Beth nodded. You stopped for a moment and readjusted your grip on your bags, taking a moment to take in the scenery.

The trees seemed to breathe in the gentle wind causing the vibrant green leafs to rustle against one another. The sound of various animals carried through the wind and you let yourself be immersed in your surroundings.

“You coming?!” You snapped your head towards the voice to see Beth a few metres ahead of you, smiling at your reaction to the mountain.
“Yep!” you shouted over before trotting over to Beth. “Do you ever get used to everything here?”
“Not really. I’m not quite as amazed by it now as I was but it still surprises me every now and then. Little things that I haven’t noticed before that then seem to make all the difference”

Walking at a steady pace the lodge soon came into view. Yours and Beth’s stroll soon turned into a heavy run as you came to a non-verbal agreement that it was now a race. Almost there, you dropped your bags and sprinted the rest of the way, leaving Beth behind and you victorious. You came to a stop and clung onto the lodges decking railing to catch your breath.

“I w- I win” you spoke through heavy breaths. Beginning to stroll over to Beth you raised your hands in triumph before putting them to your knees to catch your breath again.

“You cheated” She wined between shallow breaths
“No one said anything about rules” you defended with furrowed eyebrows
“Don’t worry, she’s just a sore loser” You heard from behind you making you swivel on the spot to face the voice. Now facing the voice you are greeted with a smiley Josh standing on the steps of the decking.“No I’m not!” protests Beth “you weren’t even here to see it!” she points an accusing finger at Josh while he just raises his eyebrows in response.
“See. What did I tell ya, sore loser” he said while sauntering past you to your bags that had been abandoned half way though the race, picking them up.

You walked inside into the living room trailing behind Josh as Beth was still outside struggling with her bags and muttering words of not being a sore loser.
You suddenly felt arms tangle around your waist from behind, causing you to let out a little yelp. Swivelling your head around you faced the culprit. “Chris! What are you doing?” you spoke through giggles. Chris lifted you up slightly making a little grunting sound before placing you back on your feet again “Just wanted to say hi to my friend”

Still giggling you pried Chris’s arms away from your waist and looked over to Josh. Josh was stood on the stairs waiting for you, still holding your bags, one bag in his hand and the other slung over his shoulder. A smile was spread across his face but it seemed to fail to reach his eyes. You started walking over to him backwards, still facing Chris “I just need to sort out my bags and stuff with Josh but I will be right back, I promise”
“You better be, maybe then we can finally get this atmosphere going” Chris headed to the kitchen, presumably to start on the alcohol.

Still backing up you span back around to face Josh, stumbling slightly when you realized how close the two of you were. Josh quickly used his free hand to help steady you, placing it on your hip. His touch sent a warm sensation through your skeleton making you feel a light buzz run through you. “Careful there girly” Josh scoffed playfully. Once you were finally stable Josh seemed to realize where his hand lay on you and recoiled it immediately leaving a flushed look on his face.
“Uh, just follow me” Josh lead the way upstairs and to Beth’s room, opening the door for you to go in first “I’m guessing you’re staying in here right?”
“Yeah, yeah I think so” you nodded, taking the bags from josh placing them on Beth’s queen sized bed “Is anybody else here yet?” you question while your eyes take a scan of Beth’s room, smiling when you notice a few pictures of the two of you.

Leaning up against the doorway josh shook his head “Not yet but Hannah and Sam should be here soon and then the others are coming a bit later on” Josh started to stroll over to you. Sitting on Beth’s bed he watched you start to unpack your bags putting your clothes in a draw Beth had freed up for you. You could feel his eyes burning into your skin as you went back and forth between your bags and the draw.

You often felt that something was stopping Josh from being himself around you; stopping him from being how he was around the others, Joking, playfully flirting and being out spoken. Sometimes when he forgot you where there for a second or didn’t notice you coming to join the group you would see the real Josh for a moment and you liked that.

Slowly you went and sat down next to Josh at the end of the bed. Your leg brushed with his and at the contact Josh shifted a bit, seeming to be settling into his seat. The silence that currently occupied the air of the Beth’s bedroom wasn’t an uncommon thing between you and Josh, more often than not the silence was comfortable but it was still something you disliked about your relationship. Words seemed to come to you easily when you’re with the others and it seemed like it was the same case for Josh.

A stuttering sound croaked from Josh’s throat as if he wanted to say something, as if trying to figure out how to form the words that where stuck in his throat. He slowly turned his head to look at you and began to open his mouth. His mouth stayed open for a couple more seconds, then closed and then opened again. This cycle continued a while longer as you sat with a raised eyebrow and watched his failed attempt to talk.

Finally he manages to come out with “so…” he takes a long breath “you and Ch-“ suddenly yours and Josh’s head snap towards the door at the sound of Josh being interrupted by a shout from a voice you knew all too well, Hannah. Her shout was repeated “(Y/N/N)!?”

A few days ago, I hit 500 followers, and I had you guys vote on what you’d like to see me make! It was a close tie between this manip tutorial and a FC directory, and while that’s still in the works for the future, this is something I’ve been wanting to post for a while. I’m excited to show you guys the deep dark secrets of gif manip making.

These are the gifs I’m starting with:

And here’s what I’m ending with:

note: for the sake of this tutorial, I am using two gifs that I made myself, but I often just find ones to use from gif hunts.

Instructions under the cut!

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I keep finding these wonderful fall gifs that are really hard to source. (Update: This one I’ve managed to trace to someone named Maryla/Edytka1754). I love these things but I’m uncomfortable sharing people’s work without credit. So since I make gifs in my spare time and there’s a long weekend coming up, I’m going to try to crank out a few of my own that I won’t have to worry about sourcing =) 

You guys know the blog, you know what kinds of stuff I post… Anyone have suggestions for scenes/moments in movies or YT videos that would make a good gif? 


Expectation vs Reality || Suzuya Juuzou 
↳ Fear is like fire. If you can control it, it can cook for you; it can heat your house. If you can’t control it, it will burn everything around you and destroy you. Fear is your best friend or your worst enemy.

Happy Birthday to Tokyo Ghoul’s most precious son, Associate Special Class Investigator, Suzuya Juuzou. >☆*: .。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆ 


IMAGINE: being Thor’s favorite 

Thor: here Lady Y/N you may have my last poptart.

Y/N: what? really? thanks and all, but why?

Thor: because I favor you the most.

Daily Brallie Post: It Will Always, Only Be You

Now that it seems that a possible pregnancy is out of the question, and for good reason, one can only wonder what happens next. It really looks like the family is going to go through some very hard times and although I know they will pull through it, their will be scars. I imagine that Brandon will be devastated when he finds out about his mom being sick and it will most likely make him want to give up on everything he has worked so hard for. Callie will be the only one who can bring him back from the brink of despair. These two always seem to find each other when their worlds are in turmoil and I expect no less this time around. My only hope is that everything that happens makes them realize that their will never be anyone else they want in their corner and that what they have is worth all the risk.


Melinda Week: Day 3 Favourite Quote