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Okay... so... I know this is a strange question but.. WCIF Aspens underwear in your most recent post? Thanks!! Ps Ily so so so much and i love your sims!! You and peon are my absolute favorite. I have really bad anxiety and depression and reading your guys blogs gives me life. You both make my day 100x better. Thank you guys for being awesome!!

omfg that’s not a strange question at all!!! they’re my absolute fave pair of panties ever, and you can get them here

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Hi! Omfg I'm so excited! I've been DYING to see this scenario! I would like to request GoM (except mukkun, sorry mukkun ;-;) + Takao+ Haizaki scenario where they notice their s/o who previously was a fiery & innocent female to gradually a detached one. (Just like a fem. ver. of Aomine, but a bit more further) this is supposed to be depression but it's upto you! S/o isnt really crying or anything, she just suddenly feels as if doing anything is pointless & lazily stays at home like a cocoon.

Sorry about the short response. I wanted to make it straight to the point this time. I really like this ask and I hope this brings you some happiness! Remember that if you ever feel down or sad, talk to someone and let them know! Be blessed everyone~


Kuroko: You were lying on the couch with your head propped in your hands, watching television and snacking on some candy. You didn’t go out anymore and you rarely every spoke to anyone, even your boyfriend.

“_____-chan, would you like to go to the movies tonight?” Kuroko asked.

“No, thanks. Too tired.” You replied popping some more candy in your mouth.

“We have not been out in a while, ____-chan. You used to always want to go out.”

“Eh, I’m not interested, Kuro-chin. I mean, why watch a movies when we can stay here and sleep. Nothing good is out anyway.”

Kuroko stood there and stared at you in disbelief. Kuroko didn’t recognize the woman you had become. Before you used to be so fiery and outgoing, ready to take any moment by the wheel. You complimented his quiet demeanor in more ways than one, and this depressed attitude you had made him worry.

“_____-chan, I’m worried about you.” He walked around to stand in front of you and block your face from watching the Television.

“Tetsuya, you’re blocking the TV.” You were trying to avoid the path the conversation was taking.

“_____-chan, what happened to you?” Kuroko bent down face to face with you and grabbed your free hand.

“You used to drag me out of the house and now it’s the other way around. What happened to the ___-chan I used to know?”

“W-What?” You stammered. Had you really treated him that way?

“You used to be so outgoing, so feisty. Please, I want the old ____-chan back.”

Well, maybe the movies we not so bad this once.

Akashi: Akashi knew that you were a woman that needed to be kept and he knew that.  He knew that he was unfairly busy, but when you suddenly began distancing yourself from the world even when he was spending time with you, he started to worry something was wrong.

“Flower?” Akashi asked you from the back seat of his limo.

“Hm.” You were looking out the window, your chin resting on your palm.

“I arranged for us to go to dinner tonight. It should be a nice break for the both of us.”

He was very excited to treat you and show you how much he loved you but your response was less than excited.

“Oh, Seijuro, not tonight. I don’t feel like it, I’m so very tired.” You dismissively waved your hand as if to erase his request.

“Do not lie to me, flower.” He grabbed your hand and squeezed so you would look at him.

“Why would you think I’m lying?” You said looking at his emperor eyes.

“You think I would not notice my flower wilting? I see right through you, and you’re hurting. Why is that?” He tone was sad and concerned which was uncommon for the stoic King.

“I…. I am just… a bit depressed lately, is all.” You shrugged. Had you been that obvious?

“I will have him taken care of. Anyone else?”

“Seijuro, no, it’s an emotion, not a guy!” You said giggling at his detached reply.

“I do not care. Anyone or thing that hurts my flower will be eliminated.”

Seijuro knew what depression was, he just wanted to see you smile. And that you did. Bit by bit he would fix you.

Aomine knew he was not the best boyfriend. He took way too long to find cues and said the total opposite of what he really was thinking. But he sure as hell noticed when you stopped running your fingers through his blue hair and didn’t text him goodnight anymore, he had to say something, and the correct way the first time.

“Oi, ____-chin. Come here and touch my head.” He was craving some attention, and you surely were not giving it, sitting at the opposite end of his bed looking at a magazine.

“You can rub your head, Aomine.” You never looked up from the magazine.

“Hey. I want you to do it.” He sat up a bit. He could never get you to stop rubbing his head before so what really was going on with you?

“No, I’m fine here.” You flipped another page.

“____-chin, I want you to do it.” He was fully sitting up now and frowning.

“No, Aomine. Let it go.” You finally looked up at him.

Let it go?” He repeated as if you had just slapped him.

“____-chan, I just want you to—“

“Stop, Aomine! Just leave it alone! I don’t know why you want me to be affectionate with you know when all you seem to want to do is fuck me!”

What? That’s why you have been distant?

“____-chan, I didn’t know you felt that way.” He crawled on the bed to you and hugged you which effectively shut you up so he could speak.

“If you wanted more of me, you shoulda just asked.” He said smirking at you.

“No Aomine. I need more love. More cuddling, caressing, stroking. It takes me away from the voice in my head and calms me down.” Had he been so blind as to not see that you were hurting inside? Is that why his feisty and quirky ____ was suddenly so distant.

“I…. I didn’t know I made you feel that way. I love you, ____. I’ll do anything to quiet your demons, _____. He said while hugging you tightly.

Maybe cuddling with clothes on was more important than them being off.

Midorima thought that doing affectionate things in public was dishonorable. So when you would try to hold his hand or wrap your arm around his, he would jump away and act as if he didn’t like you at all. So when he went three days without feeling you try to hold his hand or walk closely to him, he was nervous.

He kept brushing his hand up against yours, silently asking your body to respond to him. You thought he was just walking carelessly and put your hands in your pockets, eyes roaming the scenery.

“_-____-chan.” You tilted your head his way, looking at him lazily.


“Do-DO you want to hold HANDS?” He questions loudly, words coming out forced and sharp.

“Huh? What’s gotten into you lately?”

“Me? Y-You usually, you know, try to hold my hand o-or grab me, so I thought—“

“Key word was try, Midorima.” His head shot back in surprise at your short tone of voice.

“I would still like to t-try.”

“Why the sudden change of heart?” He was now frowning at your rude tone.

“_____. I did not read ‘rude’ in your horoscope today.”

“That seems to be all you care about, Midorima.”

“What is going on with you, ____-chan?”

“I just feel like you don’t care about anything but your silly horoscopes.”

“They are not silly, _____.”

“Yeah, well, maybe your horoscope can tell you ‘I love you’ and hold your hand for once.”

“Nothing can replace you, _____.” He said stopping at a corner of your house.

“The horoscope did not lead me to love you, you did. It’s not like your feisty remarks kept me interested, Nanodayo.” He tried his best to open his heart up to you in that moment so you would go back to the _____-chan who would grab his mind.

Maybe checking the horoscope wasn’t so bad after all.

Kise loved you just as much as he loved basketball, modeling, and selfies. He never meant to neglect you or let you get into your depression. You trusted him enough to let him know that under all that outgoing and feisty exterior, you really were very cautious in all you did. Kise believed that because you told him about this, you were already dealing with it by yourself but maybe that’s why you were arguing for the third time this weel.

“Kise, in me telling you about my depression, I thought it was clear that I needed you by my side! Not coming home at all hours of the night with reasoning why…” You trailed off quietly, beginning to not care anymore as you did with most things in your life now.

“____-cchi, I’m sorry! I didn’t know that that is what you wanted from me!” Kise was dumbfounded that you felt this way and went to grab your hands.

“I love you _____-cchi, and whatever you need from me, let me know and I will give it to you.” He was quiet and his voice quivered when he was speaking to you, letting you know he was feeling these emotions with you.

He leaned his forehead on yours with closed eyes and said,  

“My life means nothing without you as my ray of sunshine.”

Takao was a pun master. He loved making jokes and seeing others laugh, but most of all he liked to see your smile. But recently, you had been quiet when he would make a pun and would just ignore him, the outgoing and laughable ____ gone.

“And I said, ‘Would you like to meet on tsun-day, then??” He laughed out loud, arms holding his stomach from the joke yet he was the only one laughing.

You looked away and continued to make your lunch for the next day.

“Yeah, funny.”

“Yeah, it is _____, but you don’t seem to think so?” All jokes were aside now and he needed to figure out what was going on with you.

Your shoulders slumped and you looked down into your bento saying,

“Takao, I’m sorry, I just don’t feel like myself lately.” Already knowing that he was asking you why you were not laughing.

“I noticed. Are you depressed, _____?” You forgot how quick he was with those eyes of his. When you didn’t respond and just stood stationary, he walked over to you, wrapping his arms around your waist and rested his head on your shoulder.

“Depression is no laughing matter, _____. I would never joke about that. So please, from this moment on, be honest with me and tell me if you are feeling sad. I want to help you through it.”

You shut your eyes tightly, sad and relieved that he accepted you and all your demons.

“Stay close to me, _____. I’ll make sure I make you feel safe.”

Haizaki had a new toy and it’s name was _____. It was a shiny and sweet toy, one that all the kids wanted to play with, but he was the owner. He was possessive of his toy but with that possessiveness came neglect and abandonment and you were one who had dealt with this all your life and needed someone who would be there for you. You were quickly packing up your things, the fastest you had moved in months. Haizaki could not understand how you could suddenly make the effort to do things to leave him and not to be with him. Was he really that bad?

“Hey you. Where the fuck do you think your goin’?” He asked with his head resting on his balled up hand.

“I’m leaving.” You walked slowly to your bag and folded a shirt.

“Where the hell did this come from?”

“I don’t know and I don’t care.”

What the fuck? Is that what he sounded like? Suddenly he found himself hoping he never sounded that way towards you. You were his favorite toy.

He stood up and grabbed your arm, whipping you to his chest for a hug.

“Listen,” he mumbled into your neck.

“I don’t know what the hell is going on with you, actin’ all depressed and distant an’ shit, which is fine. We aren’t perfect. I sure as hell ain’t. But just know you are the best thing I have ever owned and…. And you should stay.”

He quickly let you go and walked over to your bag, beginning to fold some more of your clothes.

Well, this wasn’t a perfect relationship, but it was what you needed.

Don't Bet On Me.

Request: Sooo i was watching She’s All That with Freddie Prinz Jr. and i was wondering if you could do an alex gaskarth one based off of it?? like the guys make a bet for him to get with you and then you find out?? please! thank you<3

OMFG. Wow I actually really love this request considering I LOVE THAT MOVIE. & I love you for requesting this!! I’m changing it up just a bit though! Hope you like it :)

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obesity rates were really high during the Great Depression as a result of the low cost of cheap, highly processed food that poor Americans could afford. are those people privileged?? like christ, the same can be said today,, a lot of fat and obese people are that way bc they can't afford good clean ingredients to make healthy, filling meals and don't have time to exercise or cool regularly like omfg being fat is not a privilege

Yeah. And like, don’t even get me started on food deserts and the correlation between poverty, race, and obesity.