it was really cool looking

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I thought i was the only one who like Louis' outfit that night! Despite the shoes, i do love his outfit & layering strategy!

I think majority of ppl liked it? tbqh I don’t really follow what people think anymore because there is so much resentment towards him wearing “streetwear” (lmao) and him getting gifted which is one of the most ridiculous and laughable concepts to be mad about this fandom established lately. anyway, I did like it except for the sneakers! however I did appreciate the fact those were a big step away from his regular footwear choices which makes me think he is open to experimenting and going into more futuristic or adventurous styles in footwear and that’s amazing. also, his layering strategy, hell yeah! i loved the big sweater with that hoodie that brought in a pop of white and then an oversized jacket with some really cool detailing (I knew he’d look so good in off—white, I freaking told ya) I definitely think lately louis has done a lot to move forward with his style and my favorite thing is it’s really distinguishable and he stays true to himself even when he steps up his game. I’m really excited for what comes next

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heyya can I ask you something? (<- I already did lmao) I love the blending effect your watercolors give, especially on blacks! it looks really cool, like kinda leather-ish✨ do you have any handy tutorials on how to do that effect and not die trying? or any advice bc i totally suck at watercoloring 💔 thanks in advance!!!

haha thank you! i made a rly quick demo thing, and i apologize for the reallllly bad quality video, it’s all pixel and just poop :[ but i hope it’s enough to get the idea across? if not i could do a better one if needed.

please like this for a starter! i’m trying to get back active on the dash ;n; they’ll be a mix of in person interactions and phone/social media interactions, and that’s because my muse is in the middle of the comeback, and it wouldn’t be plausible for her to be able to meet up with everyone. 

ALSO if you’re interested in plotting, please hmu on IM here, or twitter (slemgemi). I really am looking for some really cool & interesting plots. 

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As somebody who likes the style of gore (mostly pastel or candy, though normal gore is pretty cool looking too), Yaoilover really shouldn't draw it. It doesn't look good, especially since her style already doesn't.


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Hii!! I can't wait for that top you've been working on. It looks so cute :3 also wcif the pants you've been using? That grey one with the ribbles? It looks like pants I have in real and I really want it for my sims too! Thank you <3

Hiya ~ * 3* why thank you very much! I’m really happy to hear that T^T♥

This pair of pants is by @jordutch​. Awesome ;O these pants look really cool. Awesome that you have them in real O_O Enjoy them with your simmies! Now you match, ha XD

Build a Better Program (#8)

Today’s move is one that I have been seeing in a lot of fics recently. And I’ve decided to write about it to clear some misconceptions about this move. It’s the CANTILEVER.

It’s similar (read: not as healthy version of) to a spread eagle, where the skater travels along a deep edge and bends his or her upper body backwards along the ice, sometimes trailing his or her hands along it. 

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Hi! Your Stan o One art looks really cool, and I love the idea, but it's making me feel really sad to look at. So just wanted to say it's an awesome idea and it's so cool that you're developing art for it! I'll probably read it in a few weeks when I can swallow the sadness of the au. Love your work, thanks for being awesome!!

Thank you!
Sorry for all the sadness ._.

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They are scarves with a constellations pattern and with bright strings of leds inside. I find them really cool because it looks like you’re wearing a little piece of the night sky and with the dark one, this effect is so wonderful~ Unfortunately they’re also pretty expensive cvc

aaa that sounds amazing!!! *.* 💕

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maybe i just want more people to talk about this but you seem like you might enjoy aku no hana... it's like this surreal, slow-building, eerie, rotoscope anime and the main girl nakamura vaguely reminds me of minori (both have lame dads and trouble interacting "normally" with their peers) and you are a bonafide minori fan so maybe?? it might be a stretch but the anime is def interesting

Oh shit, I just checked out some trailers and this looks… really cool. I’m going to check it out. Thank you!!!

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I can’t decide if Dogtooth looks badass and menacing as all hell or if he’s a little over-the-top when it comes to edgyness.

Sorry, I wanted to get my review out before I replied to this. ^^

He does look really cool, but I have to wonder how he can wear the spurs and all the spikes without poking himself. XD  He looks like something out of Mad Max.  I still think he’s a badass though. ^^

Star Wars is so reflective of our real world. You got creepy evil nazis, fascism, science, and Jyn plagiarizing Cassian like she’s Melania and it’s debate season