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Greenway, Agatha Christie’s house in Devon, England

Featured in Agatha Christie’s Poirot 13x03: “Dead Man’s Folly”

“So, in some strange twist of fate for Poirot and for me, we were to shoot the final sequences of ‘Dead Man’s Folly’ [the last episode they filmed] at Greenway itself in the last days of June 2013, sending Hercule Poirot to Dame Agatha’s own home. It would be the first time that the fictional character of Poirot arrived at the home of his creator.”
- David Suchet, Poirot and Me

[ Day: 10 ]

I’m still trying to finish up homework for the term, so I’m a bit on the stressy side lately. So until school’s over, I’ll mainly be posting little sock doodles like this!

Here’s bashful playboy Sock on a hot date with an alolan Vuplix!
(He thinks Vulpix are one of the world’s most beautiful pokemon ohoho)

stress relief klance doodle ₍՞◌′ᵕ‵ू◌₎♡

Imagine Negan and Rick fighting for your affection

(Hope I got this request right and you all like it :3 I tried my best to make them seem like they were trying to get you attention :D So hope it’s okay! Yay for Rick and Negan wanting us XD PS. It’s quite a long one :D Gifs not mine/Found them on google/Credit to the original owners.)

After you had managed to save the lives of your friend at the line up, especially Abraham’s, you had been able to pass a treaty with Negan and his Saviors.

You had promise to personally keep Negan company on his visits to Alexandria as well as provide for them with whatever they needed as long as they didn’t hurt any one of you.

To your surprise, Negan had accepted. He had spent the evening listening to your suggestions and even asked you to repeat it for his own amusement.

Even more, he had taken you on a drive and you both just talked. You thought you’d get an idea of what kind of person he was but still couldn’t pinpoint it.


You did just as he asked and now here you were, at the gate of Alexandria waiting for his arrival.

Beside you, the others stood near and Rick stayed the closest. So close, You could feel his arm brushing against yours and slowly you felt him reaching for your hand.

You looked up to him and asked, “Rick? Is something wrong…”

He was nervous and scared, you could tell just from the look in his eyes.

He shook his head and not letting go of your arm, said, “No…It’s just…I remembered that night…and the way he couldn’t stop looking at you…The fact he took you inside the car…What if he…”

You held his hand and gave him a reassuring look.

“He’s not going to do anything…I spent hours talking with him…I’m sure he’ll keep his word…”

You patted his hand and smiled at him.

As you did, you heard a whistle and three solid knock on the gate.

You turned to look and heard Negan calling for you in a disturbingly sweet tone.

“Y/N! I am here! Open the gate! I’m desperately cold out here outside your great big walls! So hurry up and open for your dear friend!”

Instantly, you felt Rick jump and tense up. You understood his feeling and squeezed his hand tightly to reassure him.

You heard your name again and said to your friends to open for him.

As they opened, Negan’s smile instantly disappear and his tone turned into irritation.

“Y/N! I wanted you to open the gate for me…”

He yanked the gate to open it wider and moved in closer to see you. As his eyes landed on you, he got even angrier to see Rick holding your hand.

“What the hell…You didn’t say shit! About Rick being your boyfriend!”

You understood his meaning and quickly got your hand out of Rick’s to go welcome him and decided to come up with an excuse.

“Well he isn’t…It’s just I got nervous and he was right next to me…”

His expression seem to soften as you got closer and looking at you from head to toe, said, “Nervous?! I make you nervous…Damn…Shit, my bad…Sorry…I thought you were okay with me after that drive we had…”

He put a hand to your shoulder and slowly slid to the small of your back, to rub you as comfortingly he could while Rick out of reflex stepped in closer.

Negan noticed him in the corner of the eye, and shot his gaze towards him. It made him stop and Negan couldn’t help but chuckle.

“That’s right Rick! Step back! I made the deal with Y/N. I don’t need you around like this…”

He had put his arm around you and whispered in your ear to ask you, “Alright, show me around the place…I’ll keep you company till night falls…Then my men will take what we need…and now you’re gonna smile like I said something funny…I want to piss Rick off…”

You slowly nodded and reluctantly went along with his idea and soon he started to walk along with you. Passing by Rick, he threw a smug look and proudly showed himself holding to you.

Rick stayed in place and from the looks of him, you could tell his nervousness turned into anger and rage.

He was red and his fist had curled tightly and his jaw clenched tight. Negan chuckled and ordered his men to follow along.


As they walked in, you showed them what you were going to give them and he couldn’t be any happier.

Afterwards, you spent the entire day in his company and to your surprise, on more than one occasion, he was genuinely still trying to reassure you about earlier.

“Hey…If you got nervous about me when I got here, i’m really sorry…I didn’t mean it…I was just trying to be playful with you…”

You nodded and from his tone and demeanor you couldn’t help but chuckle.

“It’s fine…there’s nothing to worry about…”

He looked at you closely with concern and squeezed you closer to him.

“Are you sure? I don’t want you all scared because of me…that wouldn’t be fucking cool…”

You nodded and said, “Yeah i’m fine…I swear! It’s not like you asked me a thousand time…”

He chuckled and nodded.

You then furrowed your brows at him and continued saying “Can I ask you one thing?”

Smirking, he stopped and replied, “Sure…”

Taking a step back from him, you crossed your arms and looked at him suspiciously.

“What’s the deal with you acting nice and sweet all of a sudden…”

He stared at you confused for a moment but suddenly started to chuckle and had his big bright smile back.

“Nothing! I just love being a real nice man to pretty hot women like you that’s all! I mean I wouldn’t want to scare you away…and miss that damn hot fucking face and body of yours!”

You weren’t convince by his comment and decided to not take him too seriously. You nodded and said, “Alright…I get it…You’re a man with real concerns and priorities…that’s cool…”

Although, your tone and expression was serious, Negan just had to laugh and genuinely thought you were being funny.

He couldn’t stop and was acting all touchy with you and hanging onto you, as if you were friends since you were kids.

“Damn! Y/N! You’re hilarious! Really the only person here who knows how to make me laugh!”

You tried to back away but he caught you by your shirt collar and still kept laughing.

You smiled and chuckled with him, just for safe sake and in the corner of your eye, you noticed Rick looking your way.

He had spent the day following you and Negan from behind quite closely and you had obviously noticed him.

As you looked his way, he stared at you intently with the same anger he had earlier that morning and slowly shook his head.

You didn’t knew what to say or do and simply shrugged.

He turned back frustrated and made his way back to his house.

You wanted to go after him but felt a light tug from Negan.

“And where are you going? I’m not done fucking laughing…”

You gave him a warning look but maintained yourself in place. He smiled and pulled you closely to him to keep his arm around your shoulder.

“Alright, walk me to my car and keep me entertained…You’re a funny one…”

He leaned in closer and whispered, “Just another thing I like about you…”

You slowly nodded and did just as he asked and somehow even managed to still make him laugh.


As he got out of the gate, he grabbed your hand and kissed it, saying “Thank you for your hospitality and cooperation, Y/N…It was a fucking pleasure to see you…Until next week…”

And just like that, he grabbed your hand and kissed it slowly while maintaining his gaze.

Rick instinctively got closer and got your hand away from his. In a firm and tight tone, he said to him, “Stop touching her…”

It surprised Negan and he widen his eyes in shock and raised his bat in the air.

“Oh! My fucking bad! Rick, I didn’t know I couldn’t kiss Y/N’s fucking hand!”

Scared of what could happen, you pulled Rick back and put a hand to Negan’s chest.

“It’s alright! It’s alright! You weren’t in the wrong…Rick’s just used to being protective…”

Negan stare at Rick in disgust for a while and as he looked back at you, his smile came back.

“Of course, he’s just too used to being in control that’s why…You know what i’ll let him off with a warning…”

He walked towards Rick and looking down, continued, “The next time you step up to me when I tell her goodbye…You’ll end up talking to Lucille…”

He showed his bat with a smirk and it obviously terrified Rick enough for him to look away.

Negan chuckled and waving goodbye to you made his way out of the gate and to his car.


He then left you all only to come back a week later, just as he said.

Slowly his visits became more and more frequent but luckily, you didn’t always had to provide them.

He would always keep requesting for you to keep him company, just as promise, and soon he started to ask you about your personal life or just how you were feeling.

Your interactions with him started to feel natural and you didn’t mind him being around but still kept wondering what his true intentions were.

However, you noticed some changes in Rick’s behavior since Negan’s visits became a daily thing.

He wasn’t simply angry and keeping it to himself anymore, he was now purposely trying to get your attention as much as he could.

All of that, he did it with a purpose in mind, to keep you distracted from whatever Negan was saying or doing.

He would follow you around, call your name faintly and sometimes have the courage to subtly intrude into your discussions.

At first, you feared Negan would do something about it but any time it happened, he just seemed amused and would let it go on while he himself played the same game.

He enjoyed your company and how real and honest you were, it made him want to try and get on your good side as much as he could before saying anything.

He liked knowing how caring you were and the lengths you went to save the people you cared about and knew that’s what he wanted in his life as well.


One evening, he came to get his supplies along with his men.

As usual, you went to the gate to greet him but feeling quite content lately from the way things are, you smiled and waved at him.

It shocked him to see you that way, from your smile and body language, he could tell you were being genuine.

“Damn, Y/N! You’re happy to see me?”

You simply shrugged and said, “Well you haven’t harmed any of us, since we first met and…you’re not always taking half the supplies we give you…so I think I can start relaxing a little.”

His eyes soften and in a slightly surprised tone, said. “You feel relaxed around me?! That’s amazing…”

He then smiled and just as you felt at ease knowing how you felt about him.

As you opened the gate, he put his arm around your shoulder as usually and walked around with you.


Although he grew accustom to your company, this time he felt his heart beat faster and himself sweating from nervousness.

It was a new feeling for him and he just didn’t knew what to do about it.

You noticed him looking away and being quieter than usually and couldn’t help but wonder.

“Negan? Is everything all right?”

He had so many thoughts on how he should approach you that he hadn’t heard you, until he saw your hand waving in front of his eyes.

He jumped slightly and it made you chuckle.

“Wow! I can’t believe i’m the one making sure you’re alright!”

As he realized your meaning, he started to laugh and you both made your way to your house to continue your banter on your porch.

From inside the other house, Rick sat by the window and kept a close eye on both of you.

As you went on, he noticed you and him laughing and felt his heart dropped. He knew that if he didn’t do anything soon, things weren’t going to end the way he would’ve liked.


Once night fell, you both got up and walked together towards the gate.

As you walked, the night was chilly and mostly quiet, apart from the sound of your laughter and Negan making you laugh.

As you smiled and laughed, Negan felt his heart pump even more and in that instant knew what he should be doing.

He approached you closely and suddenly you felt his hand wrapping around your arm.

In a fraction of a second, He lead you towards the wall and you felt your back being backed against it.

He pressed his body to yours and grabbing your waist with one arm and the back of your neck with the other, he crashed his lips to yours.

You felt his tongue licking and parting your lips and entering your mouth.

You didn’t understand the meaning of it but as he licked and sucked on your lips, you kissed him back.

Confused, you then pushed him back away and said, “What are you doing?!”

He chuckled and slowly got closer to you.

“I’m making out with you…and you were making out with me! You didn’t seem to hate it for a good while…”

You didn’t know how to really feel about it, you really didn’t hate feeling his arms wrapped around you and the way kissed you but just couldn’t give him a clear idea of what you felt.

He noticed you in deep thought and exhaled. Shaking his head, he got closer to your ear and whispered , “I’ll tell you exactly what’s happening…I like you…not just normal like but…I mean I have fucking feelings for you since I met you…and I thought you felt the same when I got here today…so I fucking felt the need to finally kiss you…”

As you listened, you blushed understanding his meaning and had no words for him. You weren’t sure if you felt the same for him but as you looked back up to him, he felt the urge to push you up, holding you once more and claimed your lips again.

You closed your eyes and instinctively you clung onto him and enjoyed the feelings of his lips and kissed him back.

You felt yourself being sure of your feelings and wanted to tell him you felt the same.


As you thought of it, you felt Negan being violently pushed away from you.

You opened your eyes out of shock and saw Rick standing in front of you facing Negan.

He made a quick move away from you and went on to punch Negan.

You got nervous and went to hold Rick back.

“Rick?! Stop! Please!”

He was fueling with anger and yanked his arm away from you to get closer to Negan.

“No! Why the hell is he touching you like that?! He doesn’t have that right!”


Negan had managed to get up and chuckled hearing Rick. He wiped the blood from his mouth away and smirked looking at Rick walking quickly towards him.

“Rick, calm your ass down! I ain’t feeling her up without her consent…She enjoyed kissing me…”

Rick wanted to punch him again but Negan dodged it and made his way closer to you. He kept backing away towards you and keeping his arm to you, he said “Are you deaf Rick?! I said Y/N liked making out with me! Which means she likes me…”

“Please, Rick stop it…Calm down…”

Rick stopped and stood still breathing hard and trying to process what had been said.

He shook his head and his eyes searched for a focus point. He didn’t want to believe what was happening and what had happened.

As Negan noticed, he found it amusing and chuckled.

Rick then looked towards you and into your eyes and said, “Y/N…please tell me it isn’t true…you don’t love him…you can’t love him…”

He slowly walked towards you and continued, “You should be with me…I love you…I always have…”

As you looked at him, you felt your heart skip a beat and wondered why did feel the same as to when Negan kissed you.

Jacob Frye Head canons!

This is for @superwholockstringpuller ! Happiest Birthday dearie x3 <3 <3! Hope you have a wonderful one! Also, this is the first time I write head canons for anyone! Hahahaha, so yeah if they aren’t as good then…I do apologize in advance! >.< I tried my best to think of new stuff, mainly because there’s just a lot of Jacob head canons out there! However, if these are good then I might practice it more and actually make it a thing xD

Take care dear! <3

Ø Smooth guy, he would definitely know how to bounce back from almost any any situation. Would sweet-talk his way through anything, and his charms would help tons.

Ø Isn’t too proud, though he knows he’s hot af…tends to admire himself sometimes though would not show it ;)

Ø Always up for a challenge! Especially when he is around you, he could use an adventures lady who’s up for any trouble! Just like him.

Ø Though he might be secretive as hell about his own life, and would love to know more things about you first! Which makes him a very curious guy, yet mysterious as hell…indeed…sexy af.

Ø Doesn’t tend to show off too much emotion, and plays it cool when he gets let down.

Ø Even though he may seem like a man child, the gentleman inside of him becomes evident when he’s with you. Would be the type to kiss your hands, take his beloved top hate off when he greets you, and stuff like that!

Ø Doesn’t give a damn about what other’s think, he likes and does whatever he damn pleases…always up for either a good fight or debate ;D

Ø Bash and all, though he is a real softy when around pretty women—smooth af again… dis man kills me I swear…

Ø Does know how to joke around, and that’s one way in which he manages to catch other ladies’ attention

Ø Sex is like, a thing. No sex, no Jacob. Done.

Ø He likes it both ways, though despite being a tease—he does enjoy teasing you more than being teased… ;D

Ø Cuz gurl when we mad…know that shit is gonna be rough as hell…

Ø Dominant definitely, would like to be kinky and tied up sometimes, though he would prefer doing that stuff to you more

Ø Even though he may seem full of lust, he does love deeply, and when does. Oh boy, he won’t let you go. Unless he kills you—and dies with you.

Ø Highly protective, like mate don’t even bother to look at his girl…or you’ll find yourself separated from your head… ;)

Ø Play with his heart, and his blade will be on your throat…

Ø Once you cheat/play with his emotions/lie, all trust would vanish, so definitely do not take his love for granted.

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I love how the Brazilian lyrics to “The Mob Song” in Disney’s Beauty and the Beast throw shade at toxic masculinity.

In Portuguese Gaston’s lines

So it’s time to take some action, boys!
It’s time to follow me!

were translated as 

Quem for homem vai ter que lutar!
Terá que me seguir!

which pretty much translates as 

Anyone who’s a “real” man will have to fight and follow me!

In other words, the villager’s toxic need to prove they’re macho men makes them easily exploitable and leads them to get hurt (or killed). 

Because they care so much about being seen as masculine, all it takes to control them is to put their masculinity into question and give them an ultimatum: if you don’t do this thing then you’re not a real man.

And that’s all it takes. 

Gaston really didn’t need to say anything else, because according to toxic masculinity, being seen as even remotely feminine is unacceptable.

P.S. Literally translated the lines are

Anyone who’s a man will have to fight!
Will have to follow me!


Right. So 4 seconds of footage can be turned into 6 gifs. True, the last two are the first 5 at fewer frames, but that strand of hair is just mesmerising to watch. But I’m fine. I’m great. I don’t have a problem. (x)

Kyungsoo being gay cute -because that anon asked for it!-

we all have seen this

how he rest his head in jongin’s shoulder

how he seems to be


a little puppy

the maknae like kyungoo hyung so much

So gay… errr… CUTE, even with the couple rings *3*


helping pretty Luge

hugged by Luge


xingxing the real namja strikes again





man!! they are not girls! just in case you didn’t know! you are so gay!! i mean… cute!!

he knows they aren’t girls…

he knows

nobody can resist Do Kyungsoo


well Donghae did it!! he resisted!

but… the squishy is too much

it’s an overdose♪ -of squishyness(?)-

favorite hyung forevahh


Kyungsoo is THE CUTEST OF CUTEST!! SOrry u_U everybody loves him! <3



Baron is a stripper. Unlikely, but in this story, true.

Pairing: Baron X reader
Rating: M, smut
Words: 1.4k+
Warnings: dirty talk, sex work

All of your girls were in the same place tonight. Your best friend was getting married and you were the maid of honor, so you arranged the party to be at your place. Only at the last second Sasha, another bridesmaid told you a secret.

“You didn’t! Oh God, tell me you didn’t hire a male stripper!” You cried, putting appetizers out to combat the champagne that was already flowing.

“What?! It’s gonna be fun. You’ll like it!” She called over the music. “Plus, Carmella’s gonna love it.”

“Jesus, don’t tell me it’s Enzo, Colin, or God FORBID James!”

“Nah, girl! I hired a professional.” She winked. “He’s gonna be here at ten to close the party.”

“Well, I’ll be hiding in my room for the last hour of the party.” You smirked and continued to serve your friends.
You hadn’t even noticed when ten rolled around. You were just hanging, enjoying yourself when he arrived. Grabbing a bottle of champagne from the kitchen, you missed his entrance. Coming back out to the living room, you nearly dropped the bottle.

He wasn’t some cut pretty boy. He was a /real/ man. Long hair, beard, rugged, lean, tons of tats, and hot as hell. He had an intensity to him that drew you in like a magnet. You watched him dance for a while just enjoying the show. You didn’t even notice how much attention he was paying to /you/.

Then he beckoned you with a dark smile on his face and a dangerous look in his eyes. You shook your head bashfully. You were in front of all your friends! You were shy! No! No! No!

“Go! Go! Go!” The chant began quickly. Charlotte was even shoving you toward him.

Eventually you were looking up at him just inches away. “Hi,” you whispered, smiling in embarrassment.

“You the maid of honor?” He asked in a voice that made you melt.

“Uh-huh,” you nodded.

“Got something for you,” he smirked and winked. Then you watched as he took a bottle of chocolate sauce out and he poured it over the tops of your breast. You had plenty of cleavage to work with. The girls all cheered.

“Wha?” Was all you said before he began to lap it up. “Oh!” The girls screamed and you grabbed the back of his head; fingers weaving in his hair. It felt so good, and he was barely doing anything. His hot mouth on your skin just felt right.

When the chocolate was gone he leveled his face with yours, and flicked his pointed tongue over the tip of your nose. You nearly fainted. The girls all “ooo!”’d, and you laughed, face burning with arousal and shame. He had you soaking through your panties.

Next he did a special dance for Carmella. It was sexy, yeah, but it wasn’t anything like what he’d done to you. Plus, his eyes kept flicking to you. He finished up after that.

Sasha paid him and he was about to leave when he looked to you. He approached you and your heart started pounding.

“Hey, I’m not much of a smoker, but can a bum a cigarette if you have one? Just feel like that was pretty intense in here.” He smiled and rubbed the back of his neck.

“I know who has some. Hang on.” You left and came back with them. “Want me to keep you company outside?”

“Yes, please,” he nodded empathically. You led the way and he followed. It was drizzling outside so you took him to the garage.

He lit up and you were quiet at first, simply assessing each other. Then he went to put up his hair and you couldn’t help the “don’t” that slipped between your lips.

“Sorry?” He replied.

“Nothing,” you blushed and looked at your feet. Then his feet appeared on either side of yours. He was right in front of you. “I said don’t put it up. Your hair is great.” You continued to bashfully stare at the ground.

His fingers tilted your face up gently. The cigarette was gone. You looked up further and the dark look in his eyes made you shiver. You locked gazes for a long moment. Then he looked at your lips and swallowed hard.

“I never do this. I never hit on the girls. … but there’s something about you…” He was waiting for your name.

“Y/n,” was your timid reply.

“Nice to make your acquaintance. I’m Baron.” His eyes kept drifting to your lips and then back up.

“Baron,” you repeated. Then, unable to help yourself, put your hands on his shoulders. He closed his eyes and sighed. Then your hands moved down his incredible arms. Back up them to his chest. Down his chest to his abdomen.

That was the last straw for him. He attacked your lips with his, ferociously nipping them to get you to open up. When you did, he drove his tongue inside your mouth. He tasted like smoke, but he was such a good kisser it didn’t matter. Then he started moving his tongue in and out of your mouth, mimicking sex; you fucking melted.

“I- want- you-” You panted between kisses. It was almost an animal need you were feeling. It was becoming unmanageable, even painful.

“Oh yes,” he groaned, picking you up and bending you over the hood of your car. “Is this okay?”

“Uh huh,” was all you could do. He pushed your leggings and panties down just enough to expose your ass and pussy. He gave it a slap and chuckled at your moan. When he covered your body with his, you felt tiny. It made this all that much more heady. He was so masculine and massive. It was a huge turn on.

He mirrored your outfit by pulling down his own pants, and slid his cock inside your /very/ wet cunt. He groaned as you gasped. He gave a test stroke and you squealed in delight. He groaned again, but deeper this time.

“Goddam, it’s like you were made for me,” he growled in your ear.

“Same,” you moaned as you saw stars behind your eye lids. It felt so good, you were almost drooling. “Holy shit!”

He began fucking you at an impossible pace, holding your hips like his life depended on it. You just held on to the car as best as you could as wave after wave of pleasure took you closer to orgasm.

He took one hand off your hips to grab your hair and turn you to his mouth. He left bruising kisses on your lips, neck, back.

“You fuck like an animal,” you moaned. “Just mount me, bite me, mark me.” You complimented. “It’s perfect.” At that point, he slid his hands under you to grab both your tits and started a pace you didn’t think was possible.

“Yeah? You like this?” He grunted in your ear. His breath hot on your neck.

“Ugh! Yes!” He changed the roll of his hips and you were certain you were done. Ruined for all other men but him.

“You like being treated like an animal, y/n?” His voice was harsh and you knew he was getting off on the idea.

“Hell yes, Baron,” you huffed. Unable to hold on much longer.

“Animals cum in their mates,” he groaned. “You want my cum?”

“Ohhh yes,” the idea made you burn. “Baron, I’m- I think- Oh God yes! So good!” You screamed as you came. So lost in pleasure you forgot you were outside.

A few more wild thrusts and Baron was a groaning mess, sending his cum deep inside you. His hands moving from your breasts to embrace you from behind, laying his cheek against your shoulder.

“Holy shit,” he breathed. “That was incredible. Thank you.”

“Thank /you/,” you smiled and turned to kiss him. This time his kiss was soft and slow and languid. He held your face gently, and when the kiss was through he placed a peck on your nose.

“So, everyone probably knows what just happened out here.” He chuckled. “Sorry about that.”

“Oh, like I care. That was amazing,” you told him. He smiled and kissed you again. “Lets go join the party, huh?”

He pulled back from you and you turned over. You felt exhausted, but seeing him undressed in such a filthy way brought you to life again.

He must have seen that in your eyes, because he was on you again in a flash.

“Or,” he said, right against your ear. “We can keep our party going out here.”

“Good idea.” You nodded.

He smirked darkly. “Thought so.”

No Scrubs

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Request: Imagine your Koziks old lady and you get kidnapped and beaten and almost raped but the boys come to the rescue

“So what do ya say, doll?” Tig said.
You rolled your eyes and lifted your beer to your lips.
“Tiggy, do you find it hard? Never being able to find your way to a decent pick up line?” You said with a smirk.
Bobby laughed loudly next to you and you jumped to your feet as you saw Kozik enter the club house.
He grinned once he saw you and you smiled back widely.
“Hey babe.” He said happily as he walked towards you.
“Hey.” You said and threw your arms around his neck, pulling him in for a passionate kiss.
He didn’t hold back, he never did, but especially not if Tig was in the room.
He kissed you deeply, his hands exploring your lower back and you blushed slightly as you pushed him away, your eyes sparkling with love.
“Ready to go?” You asked, your arms still wrapped around your old mans neck.
He nodded.
“I just gotta finish up some club stuff. I’ll meet you at home?” He asked.
“Yeah,” you smiled and pressed your lips to his.
“Bye boys!” You called over your shoulder and Kozik slapped your ass as you walked towards the door, making you squeal.
A smile was still on your face as you walked towards your car, the Californian sun shining down on you.
The drive home didn’t take long, you sing along to the music the whole way and you were still singing when you pulled into the drive.
“No, I don’t want no scrub, a scrub is a guy that can’t get no love from me!” You sung as you stepped out of the car and locked it.
You were still singing when you walked up your front steps and unlocked the door.
And you were still singing when you opened the door and walked inside.
The singing only stopped once the door was closed and three armed men stepped into the hallway, their guns pointed directly at you.

Kozik swung his leg over his bike, and stood next to it as he pulled his helmet off his head.
He saw your car in the driveway and couldn’t help the smile that spread across his face.
He was madly in love with you, and he would be eternally grateful to Jax and Opie for bringing you into his life.
You had gone to school with the two, grown up with them, and stayed good friends.
They were your brothers and you were their little sister, and when they had bought you to the clubhouse that night Kozik knew he was in trouble.
It was love at first sight, for the both of you, and after getting caught sneaking around behind the clubs back you had finally convinced Jax and Opie that this was real.
They had given you their blessing, and the rest was history.
For two years now, you had been his old lady. And he was falling harder for you everyday.
He ran up the front steps, a goofy grin on his face as he opened the door.
“Honey, I’m hoooome.” He called out, his grin growing wider.
He kicked off his boots and walked into the kitchen, his eyes scanning the room.
“Babe?” Kozik called out, his grim beginning to fall.
When you didn’t answer panic set in.
He ran into each room, his eyes wide as he searched for any sign of you.
“Babe? Babe!”
His breathing became more frantic as each room showed up as you had left it this morning, nothing out of place.
“Fuck! (Y/n)?!” He yelled now, his back pressed against the wall.
His heart sank as he reached into his pocket and pulled out his burner.
He hit two on his speed dial and cautiously lifted the phone to his ear.
“Yeah?” Jax answers after two rings.
“It’s (y/n). I think she’s been taken.”

You woke to the sound of your own screams, as youre body squirmed against the restraints.
Your face felt tight with dried tears and crusted with dried blood and your head throbbed all over.
You weren’t sure how long it had been, you only knew you wouldn’t be able to fight them off for much longer.
Every so often they would come in, sometimes all of them, sometimes just one or two. And they would try to rape you.
You fought them off every time, screamed til your throat was raw and your body was battered.
But you were weaker than before. You had been beaten repeatedly, your body was bruised and aching and you could barely lift your arms.
Your heart was heavy with guilt, knowing that Kozik would be going crazy with worry.
Tears began to fill your eyes as you thought about the love of your life, and you knew you wouldn’t see him again.
You heard the door open and you closed your eyes, praying silently for strength and for this to be over soon.
Heavy footsteps echoed in your ears and you shuddered against the ropes binding you to the chair.
Your heart began to pound loudly in your chest as you felt movement around you.
A hand ran through your hair and you winced at the touch, clenching your eyes shut tighter.
“You gotta stop fighting us, bitch.” The cold voice said and your eyes flickered open, glaring at the man in front of you.
His body was covered in nazi tattooes, clearly proud of his white power beliefs.
“Fuck you!” You muttered.
His hand collided with your cheek almost instantly and your mouth filled with blood.
The man knelt before you, his dark eyes studied you intently.
“It’s a real shame your so pretty, (y/n). I bet your old mans really gonna miss you once we kill you.”
You glared at him, rage burning inside you at the mention of Kozik.
Poison was on your tongue and you were ready to yell at him, scream your disgust but your words fell silent as the distant roar of motorcycles filled the room.
A smirk spread across your bloody lips, as you watched the man in front of you freeze in his place.
The bikes became louder before they stopped and the sound was replaced with gunshots.
“Shit!” The man yelled and he stood, pacing around the room frantically.
You began to laugh loudly and the man turned to you slowly, anger on his face and suddenly he leapt forward.

Koziks ears rung slight as the gunshots echoed around him, his finger pulling desperately on the trigger.
You had to be here.
He thought, anxious to find you and worried about the state you had been in.
The last man dropped to the ground as the bullet from Kozik’s gun ripped through his chest.
The area fell silent and he exchanged a look with Jax and Opie before they began to edge forwards.
Their eyes scanned the old farmhouse, searching for movement when the front door slowly opened.
Kozik froze as you walked out, your body beaten and bloody as a man pressed a gun to your head, pushing you onto the porch.
“Drop the guns!” The man yelled, pressing his gun harder against your skull.
The club looked at each other and nodded before lowering their guns.
Kozik shook with rage as he looked at you.
They had really done you over.
Both your eyes were black and swollen, your lips looked like you had Botox and you had cuts and bruises over your face and arms.
The man pushed you forward roughly and you stumbled.
Your eyes scanned the faces of the club until they fell on Kozik.
Your heart stopped when your eyes met and you gulped, swallowing deeply before gathering a breath.
“Let me go and I give you your bitch!” The man yelled behind you.
Your eyes never left Kozik’s and you nodded slightly before moving.
Your elbow swung back and hit him in his gut and you ducked your body as he pulled the trigger.
The bullet missed you but he wasn’t so lucky, as several bullets shot into his chest.
His body fell to the ground and you trembled.
Kozik ran forward, his arms wrapping around you and you began to sob into his chest.
“Shh, baby it’s okay, I’ve got you now.” He cooed into your ear as he held you.
Relief flooded over the both of you as you clung to each other, thankful to be in each other’s arms once more.
“It’s okay baby, I’ve got you, I’ll never let you go.”