it was raining and i thought it was my cats peeing

GOT7 In Paris Experience  !

First of all and before I start fangirling, let me tell you one thing : GOT7 LIVE IS DAMN LIT IT WILL BLOW YOUR MIND.

Let me start with the beginning.

It all began when our plane landed. I was with my sister and we were supposed to meet @jaebeomsmullet at the airport, which was a day before the concert.

It was kind of crazy that our plane landed 2 hours before GOT7’s flight. We were on GATE 2D and GOT7 were supposed to arrive at GATE 2F which is like, super close. We initially had to go to our Airbnb but you know, people were waiting for them and I thought it would be cool to have just a tiny look. Never thought we’d actually see them this CLOSE later!

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(1/?) Because I saw Angel!Bucky earlier, I feel like it's only fair that someone (me) submit something Demon! Bucky related. You didn't know Bucky was a demon when you first started dating, as it's kind of hard to work into a regular conversation. He was your next-door neighbor in this admittedly decrepit apartment complex. You didn't mind living there because the rent was cheap, even if the place was a bit dated and gave you the creeps when you came home late at night. Nevertheless, it was

This ask is amazing and 33 parts, so buckle up for one hell of a ride!! Thank you for sending this anon- Gen

Daddy Wednesday™

(2/?) expected that you would eventually meet your neighbors at some point. Or neighbor. You lived on the top floor, the corner apartment, which you thought was a fuckin’ steal like the view was *incredible* late at night. Even if a little eerie. One night, after staying out too late at the library, you stumble home, completely drenched from the cold November rain (sue you, it’s pretty darn cozy at the library, and all the unread books were simply begging to be picked up). You go up all seven

(3/?) flights of stairs, leaving small puddles as you go. Your body is curled protectively over your bag of books, despite the fact the rain can’t get to you indoors. You finally arrive at your door, and lean against the frame in defeat. You’re home, thank fuck. You set your books down, and fumble for your keys in your coat pocket. “Fuck fuck fuck FUCK!” This cannot be happening. Nope. No way. Your keys are nowhere to be found. You could cry. You *might* cry given the circumstances. You push

(4/?) sodden strands of hair out of your face, and will yourself to stand up so you can figure something out.“Hey,” a voice rasps from behind you. Being the dork you are,you scream, and turn around so fast you slip in the puddle of rainwater you’ve created. A gentle yet firm hand on your bicep keeps you from going heads over heels. You stare at the gloved hand, then at the stranger it’s attached to. Oof. He’s a cutie. His dark brows furrow, and you realize you probably totally said that out loud

(5/?) You laugh nervously. “Hi neighbor! I mean … if you’re actually my neighbor and not some stranger on the seventh floor…” His brows furrow even more. You want to kick yourself. He gently eases you into a standing position. The awkward tension is palpable. “Lost your keys?” He offers. “I can uh, I can help with that.” He pulls out a tiny switchblade. “Hey!” You point at it, all the while yelling at him in the same tone of voice as you do when your cat pees on the carpet. He immediately

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Of cats and muses

This is my a little fic made as a gift for @anoverwhelmingquestion for the ”Shadowhunters Summertime Fest” exchange.

I’ve decided to post it here (instead of reblogging from the exchange site) because I want all of my fics to originate from this blog. And I came up with a small graphic that I didn’t submit there, so here’s hoping my giftee will like it.

I am… disappointed by the way the exchange worked. There was a lot of misinformation, miscommunication and overall confusion. I think someone more experienced should take over if there are plans for 2017 edition. I know I won’t take part in it, at least - I’ve been successfully discouraged by the whole ‘you didn’t submit your entry’ affair when I’ve done it before deadline.

PS: This is my 100th post on this blog. Yay?

Beta-read by @brizzbee



Chairman Meow liked his life.

It was good. He had his routines and rituals, which dictated the pace of his existence. He usually started his day not long after dawn, stretched out in his bed in the corner of the living room, hidden partially - for privacy reasons - behind a statue of a naked lady with cut-off arms. Then a quick visit to the bathroom to do his business. By that time his water bowl was already refreshed and his food dish was filled; Magnus liked to get up early and make sure to take care of the priorities first. After breakfast Chairman was ready to start his day and pursue the activities worthy of a great feline.

Sleeping. Bird watching. Sleeping. Playing with Magnus’ ingredient collection. More sleeping.

Preferably in that order.

And maybe a little bit of interdimensional time traveling too, if that tiny portal underneath Magnus’ dresser was still open. He missed his friends on the other side, especially good old Erwin Schrödinger, always so lost in thought but always prepared with snacks on hand for his “muse.”

This day, however, his morning routine was ruined by the most unimaginable, atrocious and breath-taking scandal that Chairman could think of.

His food bowl was empty.

And that was not okay.

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Wanna One as Construction Workers

* Idek I was thinking about Sungwoon and this came up. I thought about everything in my head while my mother and I were going to Rite-Aid. Idk I hope you like it? 

Disclaimer: Might be horrible

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Door 9- We’re always sleeping in and sleeping for the wrong team

Originally posted by daddy-roman

A/N: okie dokie kids, i hope you like this. You said you wanted smut but yeah this is as close as we’re gonna get but i guess it’s okay anyway.
Maybe someone is in the mood to tell me your thoughts on the advent calendar so far

Lou rolled over in bed and laid her head down on Roman’s lower chest. It was a rainy, grey and dark Sunday in December. It seemed like the sun didn’t want light up the world at all today but it still wasn’t cold enough for snow in Dortmund. So there were just clouds all over the sky and Lou guessed it could rain at any given time.

“I don’t want to get up at all.” Lou stated.

She breathed in for a long time and slowly let the breath out while closing her eyes. The grey sky didn’t need to be watched by her through a window.

Roman laughed at it. She could not only hear it but feel it the vibrations going through his body.

“The good thing is we don’t need to.”

She felt Roman carefully reach for her head and then he started caressing her hair.

“That’s bullshit. Cliff and Lenny need to get out. Plus I promised my aunt to come and take care of the kids today. They all wanna go Christmas shopping without the kids.” Lou explained sighing.

“Want me to come along? I haven’t seen Leo and Julius in ages.”
“Sure. Although I guess it’s too cold for you to play football Julius will still be happy to see you and  Leo as well.”

“Sounds like a plan.” Roman said and Lou felt his hand trying to carefully push her head off his chest.

“What are you doing? I thought we don’t need to get up at all?” Lou asked confused.

She heard Roman laugh again.

“I know I know. We can still cuddle a bit but I need to pee at first.” Roman explained once he had pushed Lou’s head away.

“I’m a pussy because I need to pee?” Roman wanted to know laughing.


Lou rolled over onto her stomach so she could watch Roman’s reaction. She loved to see him like this. His hair was still messed up and whenever it was messed up Lou was allowed to run her fingers through it and Roman slept naked in summer (not that Lou minded this at all) but in winter he was still wasn’t wearing a shirt but just a pair of pants. Therefore each and every muscle was visible from his chest downwards to his lower belly and honestly Lou just wanted to lick his whole upper body.

“Said the girl who who goes to the toilet twice a night.” Roman replied while Lou was busy admiring him which didn’t go by unnoticed by him.

“Touché.” Lou admitted but it didn’t really bother her.

She was busy thinking about what would happen if she pulled down his pants. It wasn’t like she seriously was needy right now because they didn’t have sex in a long time. Heck, they had sex last night after the Roman’s match but Roman’s upper body could get her into the mood within seconds.

“I know that look on your face. Should I bring a condom with me from the bathroom?” Roman wanted to know a half sexy half sleepily smile on his face.

“Depends on if I fall asleep before you return.”

“Imma need to rush then.”
And with those words Roman had left the room. Lou asked herself if she wanted to start the fun alone or rather waited for Roman but Lou knew he loved to undress her so she decided to wait. So she rolled back onto her back to be able to stretch and maybe get herself awake because being too tired for sex was no option. Roman deserved better than this. Although Louisa honestly doubted anyone on planet earth would ever deny Roman sex because they were too tired. However stretching might be a good idea anyway, it made her feel better.

Just when Lou sat up in bed, Roman returned.

“Nah, princess you’re gonna stay in bed until I allow you to get up.” Roman ordered winking at her.

She didn’t actually plan on getting up but right now she wanted to find out what would happen if she did it. That’s why Louisa didn’t break the eye contact with Roman but slowly put one feet on the ground at first and then the second one as well. It made her look like a cat knowing exactly she was doing what was against the rules but she wanted to make him mad.

Roman had knocked her off her feet within a second. He didn’t even need to do much. His strong arms wrapped around her legs and pulled them up. Fortunately Lou had already closed her hands around his neck so she could keep her balance.

“Someone needs to be taught who’s in charge.” Roman stated before he put Lou down on the bed.

Instantly he leaned over her and turned her head to the side so he could kiss her neck. It only took him a few seconds to get Lou whimpering and arching her back upwards on the bed. She needed more and he damn well knew this. Just when he took a break to admire his already messed up girlfriend for a second with a huge, triumphant smile on his face his phone started ringing.

Lou expected him to just ignore it but Roman jumped off of the bed and went to pick it up. This made Lou sat up in bed and look at in completely shocked.

How the fuck could Roman dare to leave her needy on the bed just to pick up a phone call?
“It’s my dad. I didn’t call him last night. Mom is worried.” Roman explained whispering to her.

Lou shook her head still not believing what just happened. However Roman didn’t seem to care, so she got up as angrily as she could and went out of the room. The talk could take ages and then she might as well take a walk with the dogs while Roman could think about what he just did.

Louisa hoped for him he would make it up to her later.


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GHOST live in Stroudsburg, PA 4/14/16

A long, rambling review!  Oh boy!

– So the Manfriend, tolerant little cinnamon roll that he is, agreed to come with me to this show. This doesn’t sound like a bit deal until you consider that the show is 300 miles away, on the other side of Pennsylvania. And he has to work the next day.

– 11:30 PM, the night before sees me struggling to construct a nun’s whimple out of the weirdest goddamn fabric ever. It looks amazing, like matte ‘pleather’ but it’s soft and thick and drapey and perfect. Because if you’re going to do something like wear a nun hat you’d better do it well, otherwise you will look like a giant toolbag. In any case, it’s too thick to stitch and no glue will stick it together. I make do with hot glue and prayer (hear our Satan praaaaay-yerrrrr).

– 12 PM, day of the show. We tearfully bid goodbye to our children (cats) and start off. I’m driving. I play Infestissumam/Con Clavi Con Dio as we leave the city. Manfriend’s face: 🙄

– 12pm-6pm, we drive and contemplate just how fucking empty the middle of PA is. Like, not even cows and soybean fields, but like actually NOTHING. Forests full of sad, naked trees and power lines and mountains and clouds, occasionally punctuated by tiny towns with names like Ohr and Graniteville. Yes, really.

We stop to pee in a little town which seems to consist only of houses and a Kohl’s. Being a Tattooed Weirdo with a Non-White Guy is a little worrying at moments like this. In the past, when asked by residents what in the fuck I’m doing in their town, my answer has been that I’m in a touring band. I don’t know why, but it diffuses weird situations. I suggest that we, in this case, claim to actually be IN Ghost if anybody asks. (Chatter from central PA: “One of the dudes from Ghost is a chick! My friend met them in Kohl’s.”) Manfriend: 🙄

– 6pm, I’m driving again and we have located Stroudsburg. It is WEENSIE. What is Ghost doing here? I comment that if The Guys are out walking around we will almost certainly see them, because the town seems to have one main drag and they would NOT blend in. He says they’re probably on the bus. He is not good at playing along with my dumb fantasy scenarios.

–6pm-7pm, We check into the Budget Inn where the front desk girl is very confused by what we’re doing in Stroudsburg. The hotel’s nearest cross-street is Forge Rd. I find this hilarious. Poor Manfriend is still confused. We get prettied up and start out for the venue.

–8pm, it’s taken us 45 minutes to find a goddamn parking space, because the town has been invaded by weirdos like ourselves. The line at the venue is so big it can probably be seen from space. We finally park quite a ways away. My nun hat is popular, especially with one dudebro who declares loudly, “We HAVE a nun”, in much the same way as NASA types say “We HAVE a problem” or “The Eagle HAS landed.”

–9pm, opener (The Shrine) is ok, but I’m sad they’re not Dead Soul. Not that they can help that. Sorry, The Shrine. Manfriend is usually a complete wizard at unobtrusively getting right up to the barrier, but no luck today. We’re at stage left, maybe 12 feet out. Still not so bad.

–9:15ish, when Ghost’s Eyes Wide Shut music starts the crowd does this crazy surge toward the stage that, by the time it reaches us, is totally not intentional anymore. I end up climbing the dude in front of me like a tree. In a skirt and a nun’s whimple. It’s ok, though, because he is large and teddybear-ish and soft and cozy. He comments, “It’s ok, I’ve got your back. Uh, or your front, I guess.” Thank you teddybear man. Metal audiences are seriously the best. Adorable.

The band comes out, sans Papa, launching into Spirit. Somehow Papa manages to emerge from the center of the stage rather than the wings. I can’t see well enough to decipher how he’s done this. So I’m going with magic Satan stuff. Also, I discover that the internet has ruined me because my first thought is, “A wild Papa appears!”.

We are on the Alpha side and dude is seriously impressive. Especially when you consider that he probably can’t see in that fucking mask. I don’t understand how guitarists can play without seeing their hands, because I’m primarily a violinist and we’re allowed to see our hands.

The audience is seriously SHOUTING every lyric, which is a nice display of enthusiasm but I can barely hear the band. This becomes funny when the Latin parts happen and everybody just starts mumble-screaming lines like, “Saaah con clavi, con dio, Saaah uhh mah mah EEEEH-uh scurooooo”.

Eventually the sound guy/girl compensates. Thanks to my time in the music business 900 years ago I was aware that they had their work cut out for them the minute I saw the place. Those historic old theatres are AMAZING but they were not designed for this sorta thing. Minimal sound baffling on the walls, concrete floor. Ouch. The band seems to be struggling with their in-ear monitors a little at first as well. They’re killing it, regardless.

Papa starts out in the Pope Suit and I love it. A minute later he brings out the incense censer. For a weird moment I’m transported back to fucking four hour long Good Friday masses watching bored Catholics pretend to care about the stations of the cross. I’m happy, because I’m a big girl now and nobody can strongarm me into church. I think this sensation is about 50% of why I love Ghost so much.

The band is delightfully hammy. They know how fabulous they look and how AMAZING their lighting director is, and maximize the photo ops. The four mobile members even do some fun synchronized stuff a lá Purple Rain. I love that shit.

Papa MAYBE looks at me a few times but it’s hard to say because I’m on his left, aka the raptor eyeball side. I’m going to say we made eye-contact and he thought I was a babe. Because.

Poor Air’s keys are always either lost in the wash of sound or alternately, cutting through me like a fucking knife. Again, this is understandable. I’m not picking on you, sound engineer! They’re probably tough to mix in general, what with the backing tracks and whatnot.

Papa comments that he isn’t grabbing (scratching?) his own ass, he is adjusting his pants.

He also gets rambly about American food, mostly potatoes. Because I’m a dork, I know that this is because he loves carbs and can’t have any. I love this strange man. Just eat the carbs, Papa, we’ll love you anyway.

He also blows multiple kisses to a kid in the balcony who has Papa face-paint on. This is also adorable. Curse you and your squishy maternal instincts, Papa. You’re making half the audience ovulate in unison.

He also gives kudos to the band. A LOT. I like that. When a stage tech takes his mic stand away he directs the audience to applaud him. Nobody ever applauded me when I took mic stands off the stage. Can I work for you, Ghost?

Sadly, I don’t see much of Omega, as he’s mostly stage-right. Water bops around quite a bit, though. That guy is my hero. He does the little floaty thing where he puts his arms out and sways around. I squee. I’m easily amused.

Papa gives a speech extolling the joys of the female orgasm. For like five minutes. Somewhere, Dr Ruth is crying tears of joy.

-11pm, the show lets out. I buy a stupid quantity of merch from the two very busy merch people. Everyone else is also buying merch, which is good to see. The band makes real, actual money from merch sales! Unlike album sales, for the most part.

All in all, a lovely night. I’m thrilled I got to see these guys, even if it meant traversing the state. I’m also glad I got to experience Papa III before the new album drops and he shuffles off to the Retired Papas’ Home.

Tell You Mine

‘We are sharing a hospital room, and somehow you find out how I injured myself and I am so embarrassed because the way I hurt myself is pretty humiliating, but then you start telling me how you ended up in hospital and I am crying with laughter please stop telling me this story, it hurts when I laugh, wait did you just say I look pretty when I laugh?’ au

“So, what are you in for?” The pink haired man in the bed parallel to hers asked, eyeing her body up and down. If she had not been confined to this hospital bed, her leg up in a sling and her adjacent arm in the same state, Lucy may have had the nerve to be offended by how his dark eyes lingered for far too long.

But, after an hour of listening to his snores as the nurses moved her bed next to his, unable to retrieve the remote from under his messy blankets without disturbing him, Lucy vowed to be nice and respectful to set a decent example for him to follow.

So far, little progress has been made.

“Oi, Luigi-” The man began, his own leg in a sling and most of his body in bandages. Lucy assumed he was a burn victim; a tragic victim of some horrible accident that made hers seem small in comparison.

“It’s Lucy.” She corrected patiently with a sigh, watching the black and white re-runs of I Love Lucy play on the television.

The irony was missed by her oblivious roommate.

“Whatever.” He snorted with a grin as she shot a very unamused glare in his direction, “Why are you in here?” He demanded with curious eyes on her bandages, some mild concern laced in his features as she shifted and winced.

“Uh…cause this bed was assigned to me?” She replied dumbly, squinting at him with serious worry about his mental capacity at the moment. Did he get a concussion as well? Poor soul.

Natsu was his name, as the sticker on the intravenous fluid bag told her of his birth date and many other facts about him. He had said so himself as well, but Lucy had been far more concerned with the settings on her bed and the fluffing of her pillows with her spine. Not so polite on her own end, but she digressed.

He gave her deadpan look, rolling his eyes as he seemed to shift gears with her more sarcastic side. “No, you weirdo. What are you doing in the hospital? Are those breaks or-?” He trailed off, dark eyes flicking to hers in question.

Strange how he was far more concerned with why she was here than how. Lucy wasn’t going to ask anyway. Her reason for her injuries was far too embarrassing.

“Uh, just some sprains. I’m in here for two days, tops, while my slings come in.”

When the pink haired man just stared for a moment, raising his brows in question when she said no more, Lucy realized he wanted more information. Like how.

After a moment more of silence, he smirked and whispered, “Tell you mine if you tell me yours~.” Sealing the deal with a devilish wink, Lucy decided she might as well. Natsu seemed like the type to bother and bug until he gets his answers. Two days of him knowing couldn’t be worse than two days of pestering, right?

“Promise you won’t laugh?” Her voice was small and frail, hesitating on the story that may or may not be the absolute dumbest way to get put in a hospital. Really, she had been so embarrassed that she had not even called her friends yet. That was something in itself!

Natsu pursed his lips but nodded all the same. With a deep and heavy sigh, Lucy regarded him a second longer before she wove the events from hours before.

“So I take my dog, Plue, for a walk every day to the dog park. He likes to lay in the clovers there and stuff. Today, I couldn’t find my running shoes anywhere and he was whining pathetically because he was going to explode from pee in my house if I didn’t hurry.” Lucy paused, knowing the small pup had done nothing wrong, but still felt like he had plotted mutiny against her.

“So…I…uhm…used my roller-blades instead.”

Instantly, the man’s cheeks puffed out as he nearly went cross-eyed in a hard struggle not to laugh. His face blotched many shades of red as he quivered in his bed, wincing from the wraps that pulled at his chest.

He could already see the end result.

Heavily embarrassed by her terrible choice that led to her demise, Lucy looked to her lap with burning eyes as her golden hair shielded her face. “H-He saw a squirrel a-and…”

Loud, booming laughter echoed around the room and down the silent halls. It was over. He was going to mock her relentlessly. Biting her lip to stifle a sob, Lucy’s shoulders quivered as she felt the first few tears begin to trail down her cheeks.

The blonde was only mildly aware of the dying laughter and the uncomfortable silence that pursued. Then, Natsu cleared his throat, drawing her watery eyes towards him.

At her tears, he frowned before a small smile came to his features.

“My flat needed renovations and I’m too stubborn to have my cousins help me.” He started lightly, chuckling and shrugging with a grimace. “They can be dicks and make my toilets explode or some low crap like that.” A reason that he seemed wholeheartedly set in, judging by the tense grit of his jaw.

Intrigued, Lucy watched as her sobs stilled while the strange man began to attempt to relay his tale without being able to use hand gestures.

“I have this cat named Happy and he’s still a damn kitten at heart so I still find cat toys all around the apartment. Anyway, he has this ball of yarn that he carries up the stairs to bed each night but he leaves it around the place during the day.” Pausing to check if he still had her attention, he gave her a completely childish grin before continuing.

“Well, I had to carry boxes of things from upstairs to the living room to renovate my bed room…and I have a collection of dragon figurines. Like, metal ones, steam punk ones, crystal carved ones, ones crafted out of old saw blades-”

Oh, Lucy thought with horror, brown eyes wide at the list of things. Then, she smiled slightly, already getting a picture in her mind.

But Natsu didn’t stop like she had.

“Anyways, the little twerp managed to tangle the yarn at the top of the stairs and-”

Lucy started laughing. She burst out into giggles and hard chortles that hurt her stomach and made her wish she didn’t have to call a nurse for help to a bedpan.

He grinned at her laughter, adding lightly, “To make matters worse, the little shit tripped me, watched me stumble with the box, and sat there when my feet tangled on the yarn, knocking me down the stairs with dragon figurines raining down upon me like doomsday.”

Her bladder revolted and she desperately tried to calm her giggles so she did not wet the bed. Tears of joy fell down her face as she pictured the event, Natsu squawking as he rolled down stairs with his legs bound by yarn and dragons falling down everywhere.

He only watched her with a smile, speaking softly with warm eyes, “You look pretty when you laugh.”

The blonde woman paused her laughter to blink at him in shock, and finally he seemed to realize what just came from his mouth.

“Uh…geez, what kinda person uses roller blades to walk a dog?!” He croaked, flushing and looking away towards the window, stubbornly ignoring her teasing about the ‘cat-astrophe’ he endured and how it must be hard for him to get tangled in the yarn of fate.

Likewise, Lucy understood that she would be here for a couple of days and though she was certain their pets were trying to kill them, she had never been more thankful to have met someone like her strange roommate.

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heya can you update the domestic sterek tag plzz, i love going through it <3

me too 

DIY by mountain_ash (1/1 | 738 | NR)

Their new apartment needs a little color.

everything you do [sends me higher than the moon] by crossroadswrite (1/1 | 4,522 | G)

Based off the prompt: “I understand the whole sleep talking thing but what I don’t understand is the princess dragon dream and why I’m in it.”
When Derek opens his door to see Stiles standing there with four full suitcases, his massagers’ bag thrown over his shoulder, two big cardboard boxes that barely close and his demon cat cradled on the crook of his elbow all he can say is, “Why?”

Not “what” not “what happened stiles” not “get out” not “please let me kiss you this pinning thing is really getting old for me” not “why are you bringing satan into my home”.

Just a simple “why”.

He thinks that is the key question in his life. Just why, in general.

“I’m moving in!” Stiles announces cheerily, dragging a suitcase and little homewrecker inside with him.

Love Is Good Soup by totallyrandom (3/3 | 3,047 | PG13)

Pack dinner of a big homemade stew and everyone is full and happy and all of a sudden Derek is metaphorically smacked up side the head with ***family***

In This Town We Call Home by paintedrecs (bon) (1/1 | 9,594 | R)

Stiles has always loved Halloween; in the Stilinski-Hale household, it’s officially, no question, his holiday. (Derek can have Christmas, with its lights and cheerful decorations and prickly-needled trees.) This year, though, their daughter’s decided to dress up as Little Red Riding Hood - and there’s really only one choice to play the wolf. The question is: will Derek agree to wear horn-rimmed glasses and a poor excuse for a robe all night? And what’s Stiles’s role in this family outing?

Also known as: a seasonal burst of domestic holiday fluff.

Sleep Like A Baby by Hypocorismm (1/1 | 1,515 | G)

Whoever came up with the phrase “sleep like a baby” has clearly never had one.
The one where it’s Derek’s turn to get up with their daughter and it doesn’t go as planned.

This Is Your Sunday Morning, Derek Hale! by PolarisTheYoungWolf (1/1 | 3,064 | G)

“Who’s this?” Derek asked as he held up Scott’s picture.
“Afa.” Arya chirped happily.
“Good. Now, who is this?” Derek asked holding up Peter’s picture.
“Pee Rrr gggrrrr.” Arya said as she scrunched up her face to growl and raised her lil hand to make scratching motions and then giggled.
“Right. And…who am I?” Derek asked.
“Der ba.” Arya said plainly.
Derek slumped his head against the table. “No, baby. I’m daddy. Come on, you can say it. Daaaaaa-dddddy.”
“Deeeeeeeeeeeer….” she then reached out and poked him happily. “Ba!”
Derek sighed miserably and then turned to Laura, “Come on princess. Can YOU say daddy?”
“…” Laura blinked at him a few times. Then when she opened her mouth, Derek held his breath in anticipation. “Sa-ooph.”

“Stiles! Your daughters don’t recognize me as their father! Come fix it!”

Bathtub time by Propella (1/1 | 1,330 | PG13)

Stiles and Derek take a bath together.

Bricks by paintedrecs (bon) (1/1 | 8,336 | PG13)

“Mornin’, love,“ Derek says, and Stiles freezes in his arms. They haven’t exchanged official I love you’s yet, and Derek seems determined to derail Stiles’s plans to say it first. With fireworks. Or bubble baths. Something epic.

The point is, Derek barely even seems to realize he’s doing it, and it’s driving Stiles crazy.

Or: My first time writing a 5 + 1 fic.

Run Away With Me by brokenpromisesandhope (1/1 | 1,843 | NR)

Derek is having an awful day, maybe Stiles shouldn’t propose.

Sleepy Idiots in Love by lallybyrne (1/1 | 1,007 | G)

Not every couple has the same sleeping style…

Sunday Morning (Rain is Falling) by emissarystilinski (1/1 | 3,286 | NC17)

Rainy days, especially on the weekends, were always his favorite but they reached a whole new level of favoritism since he started waking up to mole dotted skin and messy brown hair.

muffin bottom boy by kellifer_fic (1/1 | 3,054 | G)

When Derek isn’t lurking or growling or being weirdly adorable which, who knew that was a thing, he’s elsewhere and Stiles didn’t notice at first that the times he’s elsewhere align with the full moon.

Terms of Endearment by MaddieStilinski (1/1 | 1,983 | G)

His head’s still spinning when Stiles pulls away, breathing hard, and says, ‘Looks like I’ll be getting a happy ending after all.’

the rush before we touch. by doctorkaitlyn (1/1 | 1,226 | R)

When Derek wakes one night to the sound of Stiles pacing, he assumes that Stiles is trying to brainstorm some ideas for work.

He’s not wrong about the brainstorming, but what Stiles is thinking about has less to do work and way more to do with vows.

written for the prompt "things you said that I wasn’t meant to hear.”

morning and daddyhood by Siriusstuff (1/1 | 1,055 | NR)

Stiles makes sure their kid learns a new word.

A Loving Touch by La_Maria_Rose (1/1 | 1,474 | PG13)

Stiles and Derek enjoy a morning of sweet words and gentle touches.

Dear Future Husband by smokesforsterek (1/1 | 1,226 | R)

Stiles and Derek find a letter that is addressed ‘Dear Future Husband’ in a box of Stiles things from his youth. They read it and they have memories of each thing on the list.

Cookie Dough Love by BridgetMcKennitt (1/1 | 1,189 | PG13)

There was nothing better than cookies, sex, and Derek.

Something as Simple as This by MidnightMinx90 (1/1 | 6,144 | PG13)

Stiles finds a kitten and falls in love.
Derek gets jealous. So does Stiles.

And Stiles might be in for a bit more than he thought at first.


Set to post-s4, so spoilers for that season

Derek Hale and “The Manly Art of Knitting” by pinetreekate (Pinetreekate) (1/1 | 1,759 | G)

Derek has a secret knitting habit.

Figure it Out by Fatebegins (1/1 | 2,065 | PG13)

propmt: sterek, omega stiles was mated young(18 or w/e) and already has a child with Derek. It’s hard enough balancing school and raising a child and now he’s unexpectedly pregnant again!