it was raining and awful



Oregon and the west in general is literally burning to ash and there is almost no news coverage of it. The Columbia River Gorge is all but in ruins because of a wildfire started by two idiotic teenage boys throwing fireworks. I woke up to ash covering everything and skies so thick with smoke it looks overcast and foggy.

My heart is so broken.

If Ravus Was a Party Member... (Banter)

Ignis: “We must restock on our supply of curatives.”
Ravus: “Curatives would not be a necessity of someone would cease falling in combat.”
Prompto: “Hey! It’s not my fault the monsters keep chasing me!”
Ravus: “Because they must be after that irresistible charm of yours.”
Prompto: “And what if they are?!”


Noctis: “Man, it’s hot… I don’t know how you aren’t cooking alive in your coat, Ravus.”
Ravus: “My burning hatred for people allows me to become resistant to the heat.”
Noctis: “Uh…”
Ravus: “…That was supposed to be a joke.”


Gladiolus: “Pretty useful with that blade there, Ravus.”
Ravus: “More useful than you, I fear.”


Prompto: “Wow, the lighting here would make for a perfect photo! Let’s get a shot of all of us here!”
Noctis: “Sure. I’m game.”
Ravus: *disgusted noise* “I would much rather not.”
Prompto: “Come on, Ray. Lighten up and smile a bit more, buddy!”
Noctis: “That’d be a scary sight.”
Ravus: “Then I shall make it my point to smile more. Just for you.”


Ravus: “Raining once more? Such awful weather…”
Gladiolus: “What? Afraid of a little water?”
Ravus: “Water plus dirt results in mud, Amicitia. Removing stains from my attire is far from something I wish to do.”
Ignis: “Just as I refuse to do as well.”
Prompto: “Shoulda made black your color, buddy.”


Ravus: “Amicitia! You are the King’s Shield! Act like it!”
Gladiolus: “Kinda hard when there’s a bean-pole in my way!”


Ravus: “A decent fight, Caelum. Well done.”
Noctis: “Was that a compliment…?”
Ignis: “I do believe that was.”
Prompto: “Look at that! Making progress!”
Ravus: “…On second thought, I take back what I said.”
Noctis: “No take-backs. I’ll take what I can get from you.”

The signs and weather:
  • Aries: No it can't rainnnnn, we have to go beat the other team.
  • Taurus: But like, if it's sunny I can eat more ice cream right?
  • Gemini: The sound of the rain but the warmth of the sun ugh I can't pick. Also thunder and lightning fuck me up but like... the beach in summer ahhhhh.
  • Cancer: what is this wet stuff falling from the sky... I don't like it.
  • Leo: Rain? Time to snuggle up indoors fuck yeah.
  • Virgo: Ew too much sun I'm sweatyyyy
  • Libra: I got a pocket got a pocket full of sunshine
  • Scorpio: Barbie movies indoors while it's raining... I think yes. Beach when it's sunny and I get my tan on... woo
  • Sagittarius: I'm singinggggggg in the rain, just singing in the rain.
  • Capricorn: I need to be outside, what is this weather come onnnnnnnn.
  • Aquarius: I'm gonna read no matter the weather so I mean... you do you hun.
  • Pisces: How am I supposed to survive indoors for so long... It's been like an hour of rain now come on.

I had too much banana milk and I saw this amazing picture of this 80s guy wearing a shirt with this text and holding a cockatoo and all I could think of was maglor… in whatever universe, to me, maglor would be this… the luxury chemise guy

spring fell for autumn, 
with the beauty in monochromatic 
oranges, reds, browns,
and how autumn found something beautiful in 
death and dormant, rather than blooming and being reborn 
because it’s easy to find life striking 
but harder to find the sun in all the rain
and spring awed at the warmth that autumn made grow from damp leaves and heavy clouds 
because what is autumn but the coziness of a huge scarf or the sleepiness of dimly lit fairy lights 
and spring adored autumn, 
the way she woke up all the dreamers, the writers, and the artists with her early nights and dark mornings 
and made them feel at home 
yet again
  • *raining outside Hufflepuff's house*
  • Hufflepuff: Awe man, its raining outside.
  • Gryffindor: I guess we can't have that picnic.
  • Hufflepuff: What are we going to do?
  • *Slytherin and Ravenclaw run out into rain and start swinging on the lamp post*
  • Hufflepuff and Gryffindor: ...
  • Gryffindor: What,... what was that?
  • Hufflepuff: Maybe we shouldn't have given them coffee this morning,...
  • Hufflepuff: ...
  • Gryffindor: ...
  • Hufflepuff: Wanna join them?
  • Gryffindor: ... Hell yes
  • *Gryffindor and Hufflepuff runs out and joins Slytherin and Ravenclaw*

Found a bunch of new posters with Soviet republics emblems and patterns. And a bonus double-sided poster with the Russian alphabet. I don’t think I can find second copies of these, so first come first serve! Published in 1988.
(Sorry for the bad photos, we get aweful daylight these days with all the rains)

See all posters on Etsy:

GoT S07E06 Thoughts

So I don’t know if this is late or early considering technically the episode doesn’t air till Sunday, but whatever, here we go: 

There was only one awesome thing about this episode, which was anything to do with the Night King and the Wight Dragon. Everything else was a complete departure from all we’ve come to learn about these characters, but that aside, let me try to understand it as best as I can.

We start the episode on Jon and the rest of the A Team trudging along and making fun of Gendry. I actually really liked all these scenes because the male bonding was done well, the dialogue was funny and the chemistry between these characters was believable. I mean I didn’t know I needed a Tormund x Sandor best friendship till that episode, especially when they begin talking about Brienne. Mr Tormund “I want to make babies with her” Giantsbane. It was brilliant, needless to say. 

What’s not so brilliant but a great moment of foreshadowing was Tormund’s conversation with Jon. He essentially tells Jon that although Mance Rayder was a great man, his pride got a lot of people killed, echoing Jon’s own words to the man: 

“"Isn’t their survival more important than your pride?”

And of course Dani’s words to Jon in the Cave of Invisible Chemistry. 

The problem I have with this is that it comes from Tormund, a wildling man whose pride is as much as a defining factor as his ginger beard. But whatever, I see what they’re trying to do here. They’re trying to justify what happens later because if Tormund can understand the dire need for Dani’s help over his own pride then Jon should too, and he does, of course, as we later find out. 

Here’s the thing though. I am still firmly of the camp that it’s all a ruse, and this is the moment Jon realises he might have to bend to Dani’s will for her alliance. He doesn’t want to and he knows fully well that the Northern houses will not accept her as their queen in any capacity, but all he cares about is his people’s survival through the Long Night. He’s willing to lose his kingdom for their safety. And this thought becomes even more concrete in Jon’s mind the moment Dani arrives to save his dumb ass with her three dragons. The look of awe on his face as those dragons rain hellfire on the wights is indicative of this because up until that point, he’s had a very abstract understanding of what these dragons are capable of and how they can help him. Seeing it in person, seeing them turn a hopeless situation into a victory, Jon fully understands now that the only way to survive is for Dani to fight with them with her dragons. 

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