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Noya and Suga (ship or not, that's your choice) for the symbols: ☾ ★♡ ♥ and ♒ please and thank you!

Sure! I decided to go with individual headcanons here, hope you don’t mind ^^

☾- Sleep headcanon 

Nishinoya is a violent sleeper. He kicks, he moves, he sleep talks(more like sleep argues), the whole works. The problem, however, is that he never once realized how violent of a sleeper he was and everyone on his team is too scared to tell him. 

Sugawara sleeps very heavily. He’s a snorer too, though only during the REM phase, and other than during that(like when he first fell asleep and when he’s about to wake up), his sleeping face is that of the angel he is not

★- Sad headcanon 

Nishinoya gets frequent nightmares about his loved ones dying or getting hurt(which is why he tosses and turns so much). They’re often incredibly vivid as well, and it’s not uncommon for him to wake up with tear-stained cheeks. 

Suga’s father is completely absent from his life. He left just after he was born, so he has no memories of him. The worst part is that he very strongly takes after him in terms of looks, and can see the sadness in his mother’s eyes every time he smiles a certain way, or makes a certain gesture. 

♡- Romantic headcanon

Nishinoya is a closet romantic. His dream date would be to take someone on a hella romantic date and watch the stars with them, not that he would admit it out loud, for fear of being mocked. 

As, ahem, violent as Suga can be, he can also be a perfect gentlemen when he wants to be. It’s like he took ‘Chivalry Is Dead’ by Trevor Wesley as a personal handbook, he’s so smooth and gentlemanly. He can make practically anyone swoon. 

♥- Family headcanon

Nishinoya has a fairly average family in terms of size, with a younger brother(Riku, 7), a younger sister(Ami, 9) plus his mother and father, but not in terms of personality. They’re all just as hyper and excitable as Yuu himself, if not more. Ami would put Hinata to shame. The only vaguely calm one in their family is his father. 

Like stated above, Suga lives with his single mother, and has an adopted younger brother named Daisuke(5) who he spends most of his time out of practice taking care of, since his mother has to work. He does have a job himself, though, so he can help take care of the bills and stuff. 

♒- Cooking/food headcanon 

Nishinoya is a surprisingly good cook, able to make pretty amazing dishes with just a simple recipe, though his specialty is desserts. Seriously, meringues, cookies, you name it, Nishinoya can make it. He actually cooks pretty often, since he enjoys it and it takes some weight off of his dad, who’s the main cook of the family. 

Sugawara learned to cook partially out of necessity. Before they adopted Daisuke, his mother was out of the house quite often while at her job(kinda like Yachi’s mother), so he learned to cook for himself since he usually ended up coming home starving after practice. He’s quite good at it, if he does say so himself, with his specialty being onigiri and other rice-based dishes. 

Thanks for the request! <3

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How about Zig x MC and Drake x MC for the Shipping Break Down? Lol! I'm just curious how MC will tame these bad boys' wild hearts! 😆❤️🙌🏼💋

Heyoo darling @peepeetah since you and the lovely Hannah @losrchester requested my ship breakdown for Zig x MC, I’ll do them right here! Also link here for the Drake x MC . Hope it’s okay that I use my MC’s.

·        How did they they meet? In the coffee shop Dia and her friends often went to whenever they wanted to hang out before or after classes. Zig’s eyes had caught hers over the crowded shop and she had sunk right into them. Claire was the reason for them actually meeting, if it hadn’t been for her needlessly flirting with Zig Dia wouldn’t have marched up there and pretended to be his girlfriend. The only thing they thanked Claire for lmao.

·        Who developed romantic feelings first? They both fell for each other rather quickly. Their relationship has always been passionate and fast, but Zig is usually more open with his feelings than Dia even if he couldn’t always express in words how much she means to him. When he realized he cared more about her more than some kind of casual fling; he mentioned it in the little things he did like remembering her favourite coffee order or picking her up for a late night out. It scared her for awhile when she realized that their feelings could be more than just a casual thing and eventually she admitted to herself that she cared deeply for him too.

·        Who is their biggest “shipper?” Zack is. While everyone else had been busy with having second thoughts about them,; (they thought they were a flame that would burn out too quickly), Zack had always thought Zig was a good for her; like she’d met her match.

·        When did they have their first kiss and under what circumstances? They had their first kiss in Zig’s favourite dive bar in Hartfeld. They were playing pool and Dia was showing off her superb skills when he helped her with an incredible tough shot. His hands had been soft when they touched her, warm and familiar. She knew before turning around that they weren’t going to be playing pool for much longer after that. Things had gotten really steamy pretty quickly, and their first kiss had ended as their first hook-up together.

·        Who confessed their feelings first? Zig confessed his feelings when he asked Dia to become his girlfriend at the end of the spring quarter dance. Before then, they had danced around the topic, never really admitting their feelings. Dia hadn’t expected to care so much for him, but she’d fallen so fast and so deep that she hadn’t hesitated when he asked her.

·        What was their first official date? Their first official date was babysitting Gabriel’s son Rico together. Dia has never been really good with kids; apart from the brothers she knew growing up (and they seem to smell her fear). She asked him to help out and he joked about it being a date. She strictly told him it wasn’t but on the inside; she had been smiling because she’d considered it just that without thinking.  She was pleasantly surprised to find out he was really great with kids; that’s when he began opening up about his sisters and how much he had to pitch in in taking care of them. She admired how effortlessly Rico and him had bonded; until he gave Rico back to her and all she did was panic when he tried to teach her how to change a diaper.

·        How do they feel about double dates/group dates? Dia prefers being alone over double dates/group dates. She’s still getting accustomed to the whole trusting people thing and group dates provide her with the opportunity to do si. Zig likes spending time with her and although he also prefers to do so alone, he doesn’t mind group dates either. They feed off each other’s energy and turn any night into something fun.

·        What do they do in their down time? Dia spends a lot of time sketching, mostly about tattoo ideas and when they’re alone, she secretly sketches Zig. Especially in those rare moments when he falls asleep first. Then she takes the time to really appreciate and study every detail of him. She hides her sketches though, she’s embarrassed by the idea of him finding them (little does she know, he’s actually seen them all and knows all her hiding spots). She’s also pretty fond of dancing and in their down time teaches Zig to be more comfortable with dancing. When Zig isn’t at practice or working; he’s busy trying to find new hobbies. When they’re both enjoying down time, they ride his motorcycle.

·        What was the first meeting of parents as an official couple like?  Dia’s mom thought Zig was the sweetest gentleman she’d ever met. Especially since she has never brought anyone home before; her mom took a liking to him nearly immediately. Zig charmed her with stories of his sisters and mom, and didn’t hesitate in offering help the minute he saw she needed any. It also helps that he got along with Dia’s brothers pretty well. Her father had some reservations about him on the other hand, but grew to respect him once they found common interests that were safe talk about. Zig’s mother and sisters adored her after the small period of being very possessive about Zig. They quickly treated her like one of their own (especially after hearing so much about Dia from him). His mother even embarrassed him by sharing old family photos and stories with of a younger Zig. Even though Dia had felt slightly out of place and uncomfortable by how familiar they were with her, she grew to love them back really quickly.

·        What was their first fight over and how did they get past it? Their first fight had been over something silly. It was right after the more honeymoon stage of their relationship; a guy had said something to Dia after making a move on her and Zig had been pretty quick to shoot him down. Dia argued that she hadn’t needed him to step in and then they spent the next half an hour arguing about their relationship while driving back to Hartfeld.

·        Which one is more easily made jealous? They both are pretty possessive because of how fond they are of each other. More so in Dia’s case; people seem to gravitate towards Zig whether it’s giving him a simple once over or approaching him and the way people approach him makes her really possessive. It’s not his fault, he’s naturally charming and fun to get to know, but she’s mostly affectionate in public when she’s jealous..

·        What is their favourite thing to get to eat? They enjoy take out food, since they’re both usually too busy to really spend time cooking. Their favourites ranges from seafood to the best burger joint in Hartfeld.

·        Who’s the cuddly one? What their favourite cuddling position? Zig’s the cuddly one. It doesn’t take much for him to put an arm around her or hook his arm around her waist; or even brush a kiss by her temple or lips, and sometimes the affection leaves Dia flustered. She isn’t touchy-feely but she has no problem expressing how much he means to her in private; then she’s nearly as bad as he is. Their favourite cuddling position is probably after they’ve long been exhausted and Zig tucks one arm around her. It’s her favourite postion; makes her feel safe enough for her to snuggle close and rest her chin on his chest.

·        Are they hand holders? Holding hands is pretty natural to them. It helps them to keep their hands off each other and sneak off when they’re in public. Plus it’s the most PDA Dia allows unless he sneaks in a quick kiss every now and then to the point where it’senough to make her forget they’re in public).

·        How long do they wait before sleeping together for the first time? What’s the circumstances? There’s no waiting. The moment they’ve had the chance to during that night at Zig’s favour dive bar, they leapt at the opportunity; eager to resolve the tension that oozed between them.

·        Who tops? Circumstantial since they both have pretty dominant personalities. It really just depends on their mood. When they fight; they try to get the upper hand on each other and then sometimes it turns into playful wrestling. Other times, Dia loves being on the bottom just so she can rake her fingers across his back.

·        What’s the worst first they’ve ever gotten into? When both of their temper flares up, there’s usually a lot of shouting and no playful banter. The worst fight they have can lead into something more. The first time it ended in a short break up with doors slamming and tears.

·        Who does the shopping and the cooking? They indulge in junk food every now and then but on the weekends they invest in learning to cook something together. Zig prefers to be in charge since he’s had to do quite a bit of cooking before moving out. His sisters never complained about his cooking and he likes having his hands busy. Dia begrudgingly shops for the stuff he’ll need and sometimes even helps out after watching him cook for awhile.

·        Which one is more organized and prone to tidiness? Dia is pretty self-conscious about having everything tidy and neat. Zig isn’t messy by any means but if Dia’s ever over his dorm and anything is carelessly discarded, it gives her anxiety.

·        Who proposes? Zig proposes, but after having Dia’s parents blessing. He knows she isn’t one for any show of extravagance and does it simply on a night when they’re out alone on his motorcycle. She pretty much bursts into tears as soon as he gets on his knees.  Dia rarely ever cries. But she’s never been so happy at seeing someone on their knees before and knowing it’s because Zig loves and cherishes her made her very emotional.

·        Do they have joined Bachelor/Bacheloette parties or separate? Joined. Dia likes to party and party hard and Zig doesn’t mind as long as he’s in the mood. Their joint party was spent knocking a lot of hard liquor, lots of dancing from all of their practiced sessions being put to work and then sneaking off to be alone. Dia still doesn’t remember the whole of that night, Zig remembers holding her hair hours later as she threw up.

·        Who is the best man/maid of honour? Any other groomsmen or bridesmaids? Zack’s Dia’s man of honour because he’s been her best friend since her Hartfeld days.; through thick and thin. Chris’ is Zig’s best man, followed by Abbie, Tyler and James – and two or three other friends from their respective and separate circles as apart of the bridal party.

·        Big Ceremony or Small? Dia preferred a small ceremony except Zig’s and her family are big on weddings. They don’t allow them to have one and more than once Dia threatened to elope with him. Zig calmed her without fail, calling it ‘pre-wedding jitters’ and reminded her their honeymoon night would be more than worth it, a night she’d never forget. He was of course right.

·        Do they have a honeymoon? If so, where?  They spend three weeks away from their friends and family, touring the top 5 places on their bucket list. They flood social media with cute selfies and pictures of them posing near pyramids, museums and long trails across Greece, Italy and a couple of other places on their list.

·        Do they have children? How many? Not right away, Dia and Zig want to be pretty far in their careers before making that kind of commitment. Eventually, they’ll have a baby girl and a baby boy. 

Whew, I thought about this one for so long because they’re really dear to me. Thanks so much for asking! @peepeetah @losrchester  💕

Edit: And thanks to the anon whom also requested Zig x MC!  💕

Burned to Ashes

Day 6: Incinerate

My last entry for angst week, then I’ll readily update Beyond the Field ~

“Congratulations Mr. Dragneel and Miss Heartfilia, you are now the proud renters of one of my apartments!” The landlord announce, obviously being proud of renting out yet another apartment.

“You make it sounds like we bought a mansion or something…” Lucy muttered under her breath, taking the key from the enthusiastic man.

“I always get excited when another apartment of mine is rented, I am a businessman after all.” He straightened up his tie, looking at the young couple. “A major rule of mine though is no pets, and I repeat. No pets.”

“We don’t like animals anyway.” Natsu lied, wanting to leave this guy so he could have Lucy all to himself in their new apartment.

“Very well, another thing. Remember that you have neighbors. So when you two are having some ‘fun time’ remember to be considerate-”

“We don’t do that!” It was Lucy who spoke this time. The man in front of her looked indifferent while her boyfriend rolled his eyes, knowing she was lying.

They totally did that sort of stuff.

“Right.” The landlord spoke, not believing the blonde for a second. “If believe thats all. So, I shall be going. Enjoy your apartment!” He walked away not sparing another glance to the teens. Natsu looked to his petite girlfriend, giving her an amused look.

“You don’t like people to knowing about our nightly adventures-”

“S-Shut up!” Lucy’s face was now the color of Natsu’s hair. “I-Its not t-that…” He chuckled at her shyness, wrapping an arm around her slender shoulders.

“I know, I’m just messing around Luce.” He kissed her temple trying to ease her nerves. “Lets get our stuff inside and enjoy the night together.” He slipped his hand down her arm and intertwined their fingers together. Lucy smiled his suggestion.

“That sounds wonderful, Natsu.”


Lucy couldn’t sleep, not being use to the change of scenery just yet. She had been in her old apartment for five years. But after three years of dating Natsu, Lucy deemed her small apartment to small for them since Natsu insisted on staying with her rather than his own home. Since she had to pay her own way for her apartment, the only one she could afford was only spacious enough for one person to live.

“Luce?” Lucy was brought out of her thoughts when she heard her boyfriend’s concerned voice and his muscular arm tightening around her tiny waist. “You okay?”

Lucy smiled and turned in his arms to see his voice matched his expression. “Yeah I’m fine, just not use to sleeping somewhere else.” He pulled her closer until their naked chests touched.

“Well you better get use to it. We’re gonna be here for a long time.” He gave her a suggestive smile, making the blonde laugh a little. “Mostly in this bed though.” He snuggled his face in the crook of her neck, giving it a light nibble.

“With your raging hormones, you’re going to end up getting me pregnant in this place.”

“We’re gonna have kids together someday anyway, why not start now?”

“Natsu!” She gripped his pick locks tightly as he began to suck on her pulse point. “Y-You know what I-”

“Yeah I know you wanna be married before we have kids.” He pulled back, male pride filling him as he seen the darkened skin on her neck. “And thats gonna happen whenever I can afford the perfect ring for you.”

“Nothing to exquisite Natsu, just a simple ring will make me happy.” She leaned forward, connecting their lips together. She pulled apart, just enough to where she could speak. “As long as you’re the one who gives it to me.”

He smirked, turning her over so she lied on her back. He straddled her hips, lips centimeters from hers. “I can assure you that I will be the one to marry you, Lucy.” He smashed his lips back on hers, ready to continue their frenzied activity.


“Natsu!” Lucy shouted through their apartment, when she heard her boyfriends grunt from the next room she walked over seeing him sitting on the couch playing the latest video game he purchased. “Why is their blue fur all over your clothes?” She seen him stiffen, making her raise an eyebrow.

“No reason.”

“There is a reason Natsu.”

“Uh…” She stood in front of him, arms crossing at her chest waiting for an explanation. After seeing his girlfriends searing stare, he knew he couldn’t keep it from her. He sighed in defeat. “Fine. Theres been this cat hanging around the firehouse lately, hes really cool! He has blue fur Luce!” Seeing how his girlfriend still wasn’t pleased, he decided to keep on going with his story. “He was really skinny, so I doubt hes been eating. So I, uh kind of brought him back here a few times and fed him leftovers…”

“Natsu you idiot!” She scolded. “Once you feed a cat, they won’t leave you alone!”

“I know that now!” He said trying to reason with the angered blonde. “He follows me home everyday now.”

“Wheres it at right now?”

“…The kitchen most likely.”

“MY KITCHEN?!” She shouted angrily. She stormed to the kitchen, her boyfriend hot in pursuit. She stopped dead in her tracks when she saw a cat with blue fur sleeping on the counter next to the coffee pot. Her eye twitched out of anger turning over to Natsu. He felt her gaze and nervously turned to look back, being met with a switch slap to the back of the head.

“You idiot!”

“You already called me that!”

“Do you know we could get kicked out for that thing?!”

“Well duh.” He remarked, walking over to the now yawning animal. “But look at him Lucy! He has blue fur! How many animals do you know with blue fur?”

Lucy sighed. “Natsu I know what you’re trying to do. And the answer is no.”

“But Lucy!”

“No.” She firmly stated. Her serious face started to falter though when her boyfriend’s eyes grew big, lips forming into a pout. It didn’t help the now awake feline rubbing its face against Natsu’s, looking at the blonde with wide eyes. “Natsu…”

“I’ll take of him Luce, promise! The landlord won’t find out ‘bout him either!” Lucy’s mind went a thousand directions. She didn’t really want a pet, she had a hard time cleaning up after Natsu in the first place. “It’s either that or he sleeps out in the streets where he could very well get hit by a car and-”

“Alright fine you can keep it!” She said in defeat, not feeling like arguing with him about the matter. “But you better make sure it doesn’t make a mess.”

“You’re the best Lucy!” He ran over to her, picking her up and swinging her around in a circle to show his excitement. “It’s a boy by the way, not an it.”

“I don’t care what he is.” Natsu unwrapped his arms around her waist. “I’m going to do laundry now that I figured out the blue hair crisis.” Natsu flinched at the vicious stomping his girlfriend did.

He figured out that Lucy wasn’t a cat person.


“So, if you didn’t want Happy… why did you get a dog too?” Natsu questioned, very amused by Lucy’s actions. She huffed a breath, scratching the top of the dogs head.

“Well, we’ve had Happy in secret for about four months now and with us working so much I thought the little guy could use some company.”

“Since when did you care about Happy?”

Lucy rolled her eyes. “It shouldn’t be ‘when did I start caring about Happy’ it should be ‘Lucy I’m so glad you warmed up to Happy.’” As if to emphasize her point, she started to rub the now chucky feline’s stomach. “Plus, Plue and Happy get along quite well. Isn’t that a good thing?”

“I guess.” Natsu’s eyes narrowed at his blue cat whose head was sleeping on the blonde’s large chest. “I think you got comfortable because he lays on your boobs all the time.” Natsu said, somewhat jealous. “Whenever I want to lay on your chest you get pissed but when the animals do its okay? Not fair Luce, not fair.”

“You’re such a baby sometimes.”

“Yeah, your baby.”

Lucy couldn’t help but agree with him.


“I can’t believe you!” Lucy shouted, tears of frustration running down her cheeks. “How could you miss it?!”

“It’s not like I wanted to miss it!” He screamed back, just as angry as she was. “I had a double shift at the firehouse, I don’t know what else you want to hear from me Lucy!”

“Don’t give me that bullshit! Your dads the chief, he knew how important tonight was to me! He would’ve let you off for it if you just asked.”

“Do you not know how close my pops is to retiring and me becoming chief?! I need all the experience I can get!”

“You have everyday of the rest of your life to work Natsu, I wanted you there whenever I gave my speech to keep the public library open! I really wanted you there…” Her tears were now rushing from her eyes to the point she couldn’t see straight. Natsu sighed.

“Look Lucy, I know you wanted me there. It just didn’t work out and I’m sorry.” He pulled out his phone and checked the time. “I have to go back to the station now.” She looked up, an incredulous look on her face.

“You’re going back there right now? After a fight?”

Natsu blinked. “Well yeah?”


“Why wouldn’t I? We’ve been fighting a lot lately, maybe because of all the time we’re spending together.”

“…We live in the same house Natsu.”

“Lucy you know thats not what I meant. We all need our space, and right now you need some alone time. I’ll be back in the morning.”

“So, you’re just going to leave me when I’m like this…?” Natsu ran a hand through his hair at her stubborness.

“Lucy, get some sleep. I’ll see you tomorrow.”

“Natsu, don’t leave me alone tonight…” He heard what she said, but chose to ignore it and walked out the door. Thinking giving her some space would be the best medicine for her.


The sound of the fire alarms rang throughout the building. Dozens of men jumped up and put on their protective suits. Natsu was no exception. Once his gear was on, he jumped in the fire truck that was ready to take off.

Speeding down the street, he thought about his fight with Lucy. Was it a mistake to leave her when she asked him not too? When they usually got into a fight, Lucy told him just to give her space and he thought this time was no exception. She told him not to leave this time though, and he did anyway. He put his hand in his pocket, fiddling with the box that contained a ring.
The perfect ring to propose to Lucy with.
That was the real reason he worked that double shift and missed her speech. He felt bad about missing it, he truly did but Lucy wanted to marry him as soon as possible. So for the past few weeks he pulled double shifts until he was able to afford the ring of Lucy’s dreams.

And he was going to propose to her tomorrow night.

He had it all planned out. They would go out to Lucy’s favorite restaurant and take a walk in the park. Natsu would have a little area set up with a perfect view of the stars in the sky. He would say some cheesy thing like how she was more beautiful than any star in the sky and go with the flow from there.

He just couldn’t wait to have Lucy’s last name change to Dragneel.

He was so lost in his thoughts of his future wife, he failed to notice the destination they arrived at. When he looked at the familiar apartment complex his heart dropped.

It was his and Lucy’s apartment complex.

He jumped out of the vehicle, about to run to the burning building when a strong hand stopped him in his tracks.

“What the hell Igneel?! Lucy’s in there!” The older male looked down to his adoptive son.

“I am very aware of that Natsu. I have a rescue team in there, you are to stay out here and help water down the fire. You can’t let your feelings for Lucy get in the way of others safety.”

“Others safety?! What the hell are you talking about-” The crackling of the fire got louder, as well as a sound of creaking boards. Natsu felt numb as he watched the building crumble to the ground instantly.

“LUCY!” Natsu pushed past his grief struck superior and made his way to the rubble. He noticed most parts were on fire, he gritted his teeth at the thought that he would have to wait until it was out to look for his girlfriend. Half an hour of waiting anxiously and running around the burning rubble to sign of Lucy, the fire was out.

Natsu acted immediately. Climbing on the soot filled pile and pushing away the debris, but still no sign of his blonde haired lover. He seen as his allies rescued others from the rubble, but not his Lucy.

“Hey, we found a body over here!” Natsu’s heart sank. Out of curiosity he ran over to where his friend had shouted.

His heart almost stopped.

It was Lucy. Her skin was covered in ash, as well as her hair. He noticed that she was on top of their animals.

Their now dead animals.

He didn’t see them struggling to get free of her grip like animals usually did during this situation. He couldn’t breathe. He didn’t know what to do. He barely felt the hand on his shoulder and the “I’m so sorry” his comrade offered him. Natsu couldn’t look at his now dead girlfriend, or the now dead animals they’ve been raising in secret for the past year they’ve lived at the complex. He stepped off the pile and started walking away from the scene. He glanced when they carried the girl on a stretcher, the two animals still in her clutch. He seen something else clasped in her hand. He didn’t waste any time in going over and seeing what it was.

When he looked at it, Natsu wished he could’ve died right there and now.

It was a pregnancy test. On the screen was a little plus, indicating that she was pregnant.

Lucy was pregnant.

Is that why she was so upset tonight? Or why she’s been so hormonal for the past few weeks? He just stared at the little test in his hands. Still not believing it. He started to shake, tears starting to run from his eyes. His mind repeating her last words.

“Natsu, don’t leave me alone tonight…”

He finally dropped down to his knees, his cries heard by everyone. He didn’t care though. He had lost everything he held dear to him all in one night.

His home.

His pets.

His other half.

…And his child.

Dangerous Love

Thanks for tsuntsunstrawberry for the awesome ideas!

MC x Leon

Prompt: MC is pregnant and their journey to confronting the King about it.

Maria couldn’t believe it as she stared down at the plastic in her shaking hands. The red plus staring back at her as she felt her heart sink down into her stomach. How would she tell Leon this? Pregnant? Her? They haven’t even been together for a year yet and she already had his child inside her.

She wasn’t upset about being pregnant, but more so concerned about his reaction. Seeing his interactions with Vega proved how much of a father figure he wasn’t and quite frankly, Maria was afraid of rejection. Plus, how would the baby be? A god and a human, bearing a child? It was the most ridiculous idea she could think of. Even sex was taboo and now a child? 

“Oh so what does that mean?” 

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My theory on The Heir's ending...
  • This is the first time in my fiction-reading life that I cannot choose or predict with confidence who I think would ultimately end up with the protagonist.
  • ((Curse you Kiera for creating such adorable guy contestants!!!))
  • But my bet is that Eadlyn would ultimately choose between Kile and Erik, two of the guys I believe she has the most chemistry with, but at the same time both have to overcome respective conflicts to be together.
  • To be honest, when we were first introduced to Kile, a guy Eadlyn wouldn't want to be with who happened to be Marlee's son and was conveniently placed into the Selection, my first reaction was "Oh no, this love story is gonna be sooooo predictable."
  • But as the story went by, I felt myself rooting for Kidlyn. Unlike Aspen in the first trilogy, Kile was interestingly different and quite out of the norm from the regular predictable love interests. His chemistry with Eadlyn during the Selection was surprisingly exciting, although for now it's mostly physical.
  • Kile might fall for Eadlyn for real. But we all know he's not the type who would want to be roped down by the Royal Family, and he's made that very clear. People may think that since Kile's the "childhood friend", he'd automatically belong to the trope where he'd never in a million years be chosen in the end by the protagonist.
  • What they don't understand is that Kile doesn't exactly fit that trope. Sure they grew up together, but up until the Selection, they didn't like being with each other. In fact, both abhorred the thought of them getting paired together (I really think either Josie or Marlee put his name in the Selection).
  • But unlike the "Childhood Friend" trope, Kile isn't a bland character who you would immediately toss away as soon as you find out he's in love with the protagonist.
  • And unlike the "Hate-At-First-Sight-Which-Turns-To-Love" trope AKA the Tsundere type, Kile DOES know the real Eadlyn, mostly her negative side, and honestly it's more or less justified. And he's DEFINITELY not pissing her off because that's how he shows his affection.
  • He said it himself, he let his frustration for being trapped into the castle walls into his actions towards Eadlyn.
  • His actions are quite understandable, and it's great how even though he's known as someone Eadlyn grew up with, we're still getting to know this love interest, and only during the Selection did both Eadlyn and Kile realize that there really is more to a person when you get stuck in some bad situation.
  • Plus, they'd make a really good Designer couple <3 they could collaborate and make beautiful creations together!
  • Erik, while a part of me hoped that he didn't start developing romantic feelings for Eadlyn in this book (I wanted a slow, gradual pace. But I still ship them too), I knew that something was going to happen between the two the moment they first met.
  • As their relationship developed, especially when Erik led Eadlyn to safety during the Kitchen wars, I began thinking "Oh, maybe there really is hope between these two!".
  • Erik has somewhat became Eadlyn's safety blanket during the Selection, a genuine friend who has no ulterior or romantic motives to become close to her, which is what exactly Eadlyn needs at this time. I don't know if Eadlyn realized that her feelings for Erik have turned romantic, but it's obvious that Erik has fallen for her.
  • Except (gasp!) He's not part of the Selection. The only reason he's there was to be Henri's translator (whom I absolutely love in this book! Henri's just an adorable sweetie pie!). It's clear that this guy's struggling between the rules and his feelings, also since he adores Henri as well.
  • Which brings him into the same category as Kile in which either one of the two contenders or Eadlyn would have to sacrifice something huge in order to be with Eadlyn.
  • The easiest route for Eadlyn would definitely be choosing either Hale or Ean. But we know these two would never really have a chance, although I guess we can't say for sure about Ean but we'd definitely know that it wouldn't be because of love.
  • Henri... as much as I love him, he's never gonna be it (although a little part of me wants him to be The One).
  • It all boils down to Kile and Erik, two people whom Eadlyn would have to sacrifice for if she decides to choose either of them.
  • So my theory about the conclusion is... *drumroll please*
  • That Eadlyn would NOT become Illea's future Queen.
  • I believe that the crown would be passed down to Kaden.
  • There MUST be a reason why Eadlyn keeps complaining about having this responsibility, and why Kaden seems to be so wise and knowledgeable about the kingdom's problems WITHOUT being forced to, even moreso than Eadlyn.
  • Simple as that, if Eadlyn abdicates the throne, then there wouldn't be a problem with her choosing either Kile or Erik.
  • Now I know this would not sit well with some readers especially feminists or plain ol' readers who're sick of seeing female protagonists throw their rationality out for love.
  • I mean, why would she give up the throne (not to mention becoming the first female ruler of Illea) for a bunch of losers whom she's fallen in love with???
  • Well, I would've been the first to complain if it weren't for the fact that Eadlyn keeps complaining and complaining about becoming Queen to the point of irritating me.
  • If anything, the fact that she's the future Queen isn't something positive for her even though it's supposed to be. Rather, it destroyed something inside her that could've made her happier as a human being even without romance to think about.
  • Not every person is fit to rule a kingdom or rather feels forced to do the job but is somewhat failing. It just so happens that Eady's one of them, and coincidentally she's female.
  • I'm not trying to put down women since I'm a girl myself. What I'm trying to say is that man or woman, this could happen to anyone. It's just a cause of bad timing.
  • So in conclusion, I think Eady's not going to be The Heir. She may choose a guy during the end of the Selection, but that doesn't guarantee that everything will sail as smoothly as Maxon and America's love story.
  • Now returning back to Kile and Erik, although it's really difficult to decide whom Eadlyn might end up with, I'd have to say that I'm leaning a tad bit more to Kile.
  • It can't be a coincidence that America and Marlee's offsprings are given a chance to develop feelings, or the fact that both are interested in designing (granted, in different courses) and freedom beyond the castle walls.
  • Erik may be a really nice guy whose understanding, comforting personality compliments Eadlyn's rather outwardly harsh but surprisingly fragile personality.
  • But Eadlyn might not really need that anymore when she's free of her reign.
  • Kile already understands Eadlyn, not to mention they have been technically living together since they were babies. They'd definitely relate to each other more than Erik would, and seeing their progress in The Heir, it wouldn't be so far-fetched to see them grow together until they just couldn't bear to leave the other.
  • So there. That's my take on how The Heir series would end, or rather who Eadlyn would end up with. Note that this is only a theory and does not have to be taken seriously.
  • All this aside... HOW CAN I WAIT ANOTHER WHOLE YEAR FOR THE NEXT BOOK?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

{Requested by the awesome sarahcat52 :3}

You were walking out of your last class of the day. You were very happy that school was pretty much over, but you had one more class to go to, one that you were going to ever since you were a little girl. Ballet class. You have been a ballerina ever since you were about eight years old, and of course over the years you have improved more and more. Ballet has been your passion ever since you could remember,and it is something that you would love to keep on doing for the rest of your life. As you were grabbing your bag with your tights and everything else you needed inside. You couldnt help but glance at a guy named Andy. He was the most popular guy in school, also the biggest bad boy in school.

In fact, if you asked everyone to describe him in one word, you could bet your life that everyone would use the word badass. There wasnt a day where he wouldnt get in trouble and be in the principal’s office. Even though he had the meanest reputation in school, you couldnt help but be attracted to him. As always, you witnessed him and his girlfriend arguing. It was a pain in the ass to see how much of a bitch she was to him. You always wondered why he was even with her in the first place.
“Why the hell are you always bitching at me?!! Im not fucking cheating on you!! So stop being so fucking paranoid!!” He shouted at her.
“I’ll stop being paranoid when I stop hearing all these dumbass rumors about you!!” She looked around and saw that everyone was staring at the two of them. “The fuck are you assholes looking at?!” She screamed and stormed off.

She stopped walking and glanced back at Andy, “You and I are not finished!!” She said sternly and continued walking. Andy sighed of irritation running his fingers through his jet black hair. You flinched a little as you saw how his fist crushed onto his locker, he did it with all his strength even denting the locker a little. He happend to glance at you noticing that you were staring at him. When your eyes met you quickly looked away and grabbed your bag, slamming your locker shut as you made your way out. Andy kept his eye on you though, you didnt know it but he noticed you quite some time ago, and secretly, he found you adorable.

Later on in your ballet class you were stretching, preparing yourself. “Alright Im pretty sure by now you all know the routine, I am going to put each of you to the test, if you make even one mistake, you are out of my class understood?” Asked your very strict teacher. The class agreed and a couple of people went up first. Your heart was racing a little since you were next after this one girl. “(Y/N) (L/N)! Step up!” Your teacher called. You quickly stepped up and took a deep breath, “Whenever youre ready missy.” She said. You nodded and began to dance your heart out, each move you made, each step you took was pure perfection. Even your teacher was very impressed with how flexible you were. When you did the final turn and gracefully lifted your arms up and stood on your toes, your teacher stood up and applauded you. Causing a huge smile to spread across your lovely face.
Soon the rest of the class applauded for you as well. It was the most happiest moment of your life.

Moments later you stepped outside of your studio and become surprised to see Andy and his girlfriend once more. They were arguing yet again, but Andy was looking like he had enough. “You know what?! Screw you and your fucking bitchiness!! Do me a favor and fuck off we’re done!!” He shouted. “Fuck you!!” His now ex girlfriend shouted and stormed off like she did before. Before he could glance at you again, you just walked away without looking back. “Hey!” He called out to you. You didnt want to assume that he was talking to you so you just kept walking. “Ballerina girl!” He yelled. This time you did stop walking and looked at him. “You talking to me?” You asked. He nodded, “Yeah of course. Can I ask you a question?”
“If you want to know my name, its (Y/N).”
“Thats not what I was gonna ask, but cute name though.” He compliments as he lights up a cigarette in his mouth.
“You smoke?”
He looked at you and puffed out some smoke. “No I knit.” He sarcastically replied. You become a little irritated and cross your arms, “Listen man are you gonna ask me your question or be a smartass?”

He raised up his hands up, “Right, my bad.” He muttered with the smoking stick between his lips as he walked closer to you. You raised your hand and stopped him, “Put the cigarette out before you approach me.”
“Excuse you?”
“You heard me, if you wanna come closer to me, then put that thing out.” He rolled his eyes, “Goody two shoes.” He mumbled, throwing the cigarette on the floor and stepping on it. “You happy?”
“Very, now you can come closer.”
Andy came closer to you, you were such a shorty beside him. “Here’s my question, why are you females such insecure bitches? You girls honestly always think the worst about guys! What is wrong with your gender?”
You laughed a little, “Whats so funny?” He questioned. “Just the fact that you actually have the audasity to ask that particular question.”
“Oh really?”

“Yeah, okay first of all, the only reason why she thought wrong about you in the first place, is because you cheated on her…twice. and second, YOU are the one who acts all in control.” Andy nodded and chuckled, “Youre one of those girls arent you?” You became a little confused, “The hell do you mean by that?”
“Please I have met your type before, the goody goody, I dont let just any guy touch me, old fashioned, feminists, self respect, blah blah blah bore a guy to death chick…who apparently also spends her time prancing around in a puffy skirt.” He says. You roll your eyes and cross your arms, “I have met your type before too, the bad boy, gotta act all tough, dont fuck with me, I can have any girl I want, dont give a shit, I have the biggest sack in between my legs asshole…who apparently spends his time wasting other people’s time, like mine.” You said and walk away. Andy smirked and laughed, “Hey (Y/N)!! You may be a goody girl but you sure are hot and bitchy!!” He yelled out to you.

You couldnt help but laugh at that and shake your head flipping him off. For days and weeks Andy had talked and talked to you more non stop. Little by little he was changing, he was becomming a little more sweeter and loving in your eyes. It was like the more time he spent with you, the more he changed he became for the better. You were now at his house helping him out with his math homework, he was gazing at you as you were solving a problem for him. “Alright, done with mine, lets see how you did on yours.” You tell him. “Okay, I think I for sure got this one correct.” He assures you as he slides his paper over. You were shocked at what you read, “(Y/N) plus Andy equals love…” you looked at him and smiled a little, “That was actually pretty sweet I gotta admit…” you softly muttered.
“Hey..I have another question for you.”
“What is it this time?”
He smerked as his eyes locked onto yours. “Have you ever kissed a bad boy?” He whispered. You blushed and looked down, “Thats not a math question…” you replied. “I know…its a straight from the heart question, and its a simple yes or no, so please answer me.” He softly said making his voice a little deeper. You slowly shook your head…”No…” you whispered. He smiled and gently made you face him, “Do you want to know how it feels like?” He asked. “You wanna kiss me Andy?” You whispered. He nodded, “Since the day I met you…” he leaned in and met his lips with yours. The kiss was so real and passionate, your hearts beating in sync at a fast pace. You guys knew right there that you loved each other. He leaned away, “I got one more question… do you wanna be with bad boy like me?” You nodded and smiled…
“Now I have a question…can you please kiss me again?”

(I loved this request Cx)

As promised, here’s a breakdown of how a self-prompt turns into a full story for 30 straight days of one-shots. Spoiler, the farther in you get the more things change :)

Let’s start with the numbered prompts. The numbers represent my original plan for when I’d post each story:

1- Broken Pocketwatch - Unsurprisingly, this is the story A Broken Pocketwatch. I wrote this story prior to starting 30DaysofCreampuff and actually have an altered version of this as a generic short story that I ultimately decided not to submit to professional journals. I’m a sucker for soulmate au.

2- Dear Creampuff New - Prior to 30days I’d already written 9 chapters of Dear Creampuff, this was the 10th chapter. Still loved writing in Carmilla’s sassy voice. Looking forward, you can see that I’d planned to publish 1 new chapter of Dear Creampuff each week as a story. This got squashed as I realized just how many fic ideas I had. 

3 - Cookies & Strangers - turned into Just Buy the Cookies. I knew I wanted to write a Carmilla and Laura meet for the first time fic and have it confrontational. Originally I’d thought it would be something to do with Carmilla stealing Laura’s cookies until I was accosted with Thin Mints and changed my mind. Tiny Laf was a bonus.

4 - Sadish LaFerry - before I realized the fandom’s bias to Hollstein, I wanted to try a few other pairings. This story was 100% percent based on kbearluna’s video with Annie where Kaitlyn talks about a headcannon where Laf is a ghost. I ran with it. Define Death ended up doing double duty and looking at identity and what it’s worth. I still like it but it’s definitely one of my lowered loved fics. 

5 - The Sticking Incident - is literally still called The Sticking Incident. I cheated slightly, i knew I’d be busy that week and so this is strongly strongly based on something I wrote as part of a huge story for the Justice League fandom. But come on, literally sticking two confrontationally in love people together is always fun :)

6-  Heart AU - you can tell from the pen colour change that this wasn’t in the original plan. Love is Orange was inspired by coming across one of my favourite comics for the Once fandom by delintthedarkone where literal hearts keep popping up between characters. She graciously gave me permission to take the basic idea and run with it. Currently, I’m working on the third and final chapter. 

8 - Angsty Take 2 Coffin - my one and only true foray into the deepest angst that is a Coffin of Starlight. I was originally intrigued with what being in the coffin for that long would have been like for Carmilla which lead to wondering what could possibly make her go back. Which lead to angst and turned into a writing lesson on descriptive prose (thus the penciled in blood roo?). 

You may note that chronologically I posted 2 stories before I got around to coffin of starlight. 

10 - Superhero AU (retired villiany, villainy roommates) - This actually turned into Beneath the Boots and Leather which we wouldn’t see until the near end of 30days. I wanted to write a fic where Carm and Laura were roommates and arch nemesis who kept having to make excuses for why they were rushing out of the apartment all the time. I like the final result better when it finally worked. I also just posted a chapter 2 for this story.

However, I did post Powerless at this time which was an offshoot of this prompt for a generic superhero mixed with half of prompt 18 for ‘high school au’ which somehow became University. Also, I’d just watched Sky High. 

11- When Carmilla Met Laura - Originally I’d planned on doing a ‘When Harry Met Sally’ spoof but I never ended up writing it. Maybe I still will. Maybe if we get a season 3 and i do this madness all over again…

I’ve added the break because I just realized this is going to get super long and I don’t want to spam. But I really hope you’ll still keep reading <3

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ovicati  asked:

Hello. Just wanted to let you know that I love your recs. Thank you! I have a weird favor to ask though. Can you make a Cherik rec list that's Charles-centric or only Charles-POV ? A single POV is actually quite rare but I find it more enjoyable personally. I prefer angst, pining and heartbreaks to color me blue. Samples include No Longer in Silence by Black-Betty's, Sub Rosa by Tahariel, and Tuesday by Sperare. Predominantly 1-POV and full of angst. Please and thank you very much!

First, I just want to say I am so, so sorry for how long this took! Thank you to ovicati for being so lovely and being so patient with me. This was a hard list to make because it’s honestly difficult to remember which fics are which POV, and I’m afraid I had to stick with ones I’ve read multiple times and therefore could remember more readily. I hope there’s something you haven’t read on here yet, but I’d also like to open this post for suggestions!

Time to Grow by zarah5 (M, 21k) 
In which you’ll find chess dates which aren’t dates (or maybe Charles is wrong about that). – Based on First Class, this turns (slightly) AU during the beach scene.
Ending’s Comment: Pretty much canon compliant. Erik and Charles start tentatively meeting up. Angsty but not melodramatic, and extremely lovely.

Divergence Day by manic_intent (M, 28k)
The room that Charles is held in is simple, and underground, a concrete bunker of a place hewn into a cube, with a simple white cot for a bed. There’s a small black and white television set, plugged to the wall within hand’s reach of the bed, and an ensuite bathroom attached to the chamber. They’re somewhere in the Nevada desert, as far as Charles dimly remembers, one of Erik’s many boltholes. There’s no one else in the entire facility, and Erik’s mind is closed to Charles from the helmet. The silence is both blissful and excruciating.
Ending’s Comment: A what-if fic set post-DOFP. Erik kills everyone at the White House (including Raven). This obviously changes everything. (The epilogue is in Erik’s POV but everything else is Charles’)

Made To Be Broken by Yahtzee (E, 18k) 
Charles makes a New Year’s Resolution: “No more straight men,” Charles repeated as he began scrolling through the apartment directory for Emma’s name. “No more futility. No more pointless hoping and heartbreak. In 2013, I never want to hear the words ‘exception,’ ‘experimenting’ or ‘phase.’ If, God forbid, I hear ‘bicurious’ even once, I may take a hostage.” Then he goes into the party, and Erik is there.
Ending’s Comment: Charles is hesitant to hope for a relationship with Erik who is straight…. or is he? Not as angsty as you may like, but it pulled my heartstrings, anyway.

The stars incline us, they do not bind us by ikeracity, Pangea (E, 162k)
Intergalactic Federation pilot Lieutenant Charles Xavier is assigned last-minute to a high profile mission: transporting over two thousand prison inmates from an old and overfilled prison complex to a newer, higher-capacity prison stronghold located on the outer reaches of the galaxy. Just as he’s settling down for a long and uneventful ride, things take a turn for the worse after the inmates riot and stage a hostile takeover of the ship, leaving Charles to find himself at the complete mercy of cold-blooded killers and facing the chilling prospect that he might not ever make it back home alive.
Ending’s Comment: This fic ruined me. Tight Charles-only POV of course, but still manages to develop Erik very well. Make sure to check warnings and tags!

A Logical Progression by cloudyjenn (M, 17k) 
Erik and Charles were only together once before doubt and fear ground their romance to a halt. But once was apparently all it took. Now Charles is dealing with a pretty crappy secondary mutation, a brand new career teaching mini-mutants and a stubbornly overprotective Erik. This is the story of how Charles and Erik got from Point A to Point B and what they collected along the way.
Ending’s Comment: I get a kick out of the Charles has a secondary mpreg mutation trope, and this one is done well with tons of pining. 

All the King’s Man by Pookaseraph (E, 64k)
In an effort to get out from under the thumb of his step-father, Charles chooses to become a courtesan for several minor nobles in King Erik’s court. It is not long before he attracts the eye of the young king, and the Cardinal who holds the young king’s ear. Charles spends months working to secure his place as King Erik’s favorite and to regain his father’s title of Merchant Prince. Charles hopes to disprove the old adage that once you enter the king’s bed, you have nowhere to go but down.
Ending’s Comment: A/O universe. Though Erik is the king, this is very much Charles’ story. I love his political machinations and his relationship with Emma. Due to the intense focus on Charles, Erik seemed a bit flat, but I enjoyed this nonetheless! Angst for days!

To Rattle the Stars by GQD, Pangea (E, 71k)
All his life Charles has chafed at the bonds of gravity that hold him bound to tiny and backwater Montressor, more at home in the sky on his solar surfer than on the ground, where he’s stuck working at his stepfather’s inn. His heart and soul yearn for the stars, and it’s his dream to one day be a spacer and sail across the cosmos on adventure.The opportunity comes sooner than he ever imagined one night when a ship crash-lands on the inn’s front doorstep, carrying a dying pirate with a mysterious map and a dire warning: beware the cyborg.
Ending’s Comment: Perhaps not as overall angsty as you might like, but definitely has some heart-twisting moments. Plus great humor and lovely space metaphors (hell yeah)

it’s like one of us woke up by kaydeefalls (T, 25k) 
“You came here for me,” Charles said, meeting Shaw’s gaze levelly. “So let’s not waste any more time.” Canon!AU in which Charles and Erik do find Shaw in Russia.
Ending’s Comment: Ripped my heart out. Better than XMFC to be honest, haha.

lay down beside me (so still and so soft) by C_Gracewood (E, 53k)
A different take on the events of the film.
Ending’s Comment: Heavily focused on the sexual relationship between Charles and Erik, but definitely extremely angsty. Set in canon.


I really want to open this post up for suggestions. Any Charles-only POV fics full of angst that anyone recommends? I know we tend to frown upon writers reccing their own fics, but I think they remember which POV they wrote in better than a reader might, so please feel free to offer your own too!

kaley-chips-deactivated20151024  asked:

Everlark 22 plz and thx :) love you boo

It wasn’t that Katniss wasn’t happy for Thom and Delly – they seemed like the perfect couple, even if Gale thought Delly was easily more attractive than Thom. The ceremony was beautiful, if more than extravagant thanks to the bride’s family, and made Katniss want to vomit at all the ooey-gooey romance. The only thing that made the day even remotely bearable was that Thom promised the reception would be more up her alley.

Apparently Thom thought ‘up Katniss’ alley’ meant a cocktail hour at the swankiest hotel in town, complete with complementary glasses of champagne and food she had never even heard of, let alone tasted. She sat at one of the small tables in the ‘waiting area’ with table placements for her, Gale, and Madge. The small victory was that at least Thom had his fellow graduate students sitting together so Katniss wouldn’t be alone at the single’s table.

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A Number On His Arm

Prompt: Phil’s a bar-tender, and Dan hoes out one night and ends up getting wasted, and then decides to go walk around the city at night. Phil is nervous, so he writes “if lost please call [phone number]”. And when Dan wakes up, he’s confused why there’s a phone number on his arm so he calls it, and finds out its Phil and they end up going on a date or something. It’s based off a How I Met Your Mother episode.

Genre: Fluff (ˊᵕˋ)

TW: Alcohol

Word Count: 1775

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