it was pretty hot as well

Vacation, part 2

I know you guys have been waiting to hear what else happened on vacation, and I want you to know that I rushed through all my chores and errands this morning so I could get on here and share with you.  A girl has to keep her priorities straight, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy!

So, not much happened in the days after the drunken elevator ride, as there really wasn’t any time with my son that didn’t also involve my husband.

On Friday night, though, my husband and I got dressed after dinner and went out to one of the nighttime hot spots in town.  Not much to tell about it, but my husband got me drink after drink, knowing well that drunk = horny for me.  Not that he needs alcohol for me to have sex with him; I think he just likes that I get a little wilder about it.

It was pretty late when we returned to the room, and I was plenty drunk.  And the way my husband was feeling me up in the elevator and hallway made it clear that we were definitely going to fuck.  He said it was too bad our son was there, or he’d fuck me out on the balcony.  I pointed out how late it was, and said that if he was sleeping already, we could probably still get away with it.

The lights were off when we opened the door, but there was enough light coming in from the windows to see our way around.  I went over to the sofa bed our son was sleeping on for the week.  I leaned over him, and while he stared right into my eyes, I loudly whispered to my husband that he was definitely asleep, and we should be fine out on the balcony.  My son looked very confused, but took the hint and closed his eyes and pretended to be asleep as my husband tried to sneak by and quietly open the sliding door to the balcony.  I followed him out and closed the door behind us.  As I suspected, the lighting outside made it impossible to see back into the room, unless you did that thing where you cup your hands around your eyes.  Anyway, the point is that from the balcony, we couldn’t see our son, but I was sure he could see us.

We started kissing by the railing, but almost immediately I dropped to my knees and pulled my husband’s cock out of his pants and started sucking it eagerly.  That didn’t last very long until he stood me up and bent me over the railing, lifting my dress and pulling my panties down my legs.  I was dripping wet, so he easily slid into me as he stepped up behind me.  While he fucked me, he unzipped my dress and pulled it down, then took off my bra so that my tits were hanging out over the railing.  After a couple minutes, he let me stand up and shimmy out of my dress and step out of my panties.  I had already cum twice thinking about my son watching me getting fucked, but when my husband pushed me against the living room window, it seemed like I couldn’t stop cumming over and over imagining my son jerking off to the sight of his mother’s tits smashed on the glass while getting fucked fast and hard.  I finally had to beg my husband to stop because my legs were shaking and I thought they were going to collapse.  He pulled out of me, and told me to grab my clothes and meet him in the bedroom.  After I closed the sliding door behind me, I stopped for a moment at my son’s bed; I bent down and kissed him briefly, but deeply.  I was tempted to find and grab his cock, but my husband was telling me to hurry up.  I told him he couldn’t make my legs all wobbly and then expect me to move fast in stripper heels.  Then I gave my son another quick kiss before stumbling into the bedroom.  My husband shut the door before he tossed me onto the bed and made me yelp and moan my way through three more orgasms before he finished inside me.

I don’t know if it was real or my imagination, but I definitely felt like my son was looking at me very differently the next day.  Nothing happened on Saturday, but yesterday (Sunday) I had my seat reclined in the car when we stopped for gas.  After my husband had filled the tank, he went in to use the restroom and pick us up some snacks and drinks.  As he was walking away from the car, my son (who was sitting behind me) started rubbing my shoulders.  I sighed a little and told him how good that felt. He asked if I was sure I didn’t mind his hands on me, and I told him I didn’t mind at all, and that I would love to feel his hands on me anytime he wanted.  I was well aware of the unspoken subtext of the brief exchange, and even knew what the conversation was leading to, but I was far less prepared than I thought when during a similar stop that afternoon I felt his hands slip under the straps of my sundress and then down into the dress itself to cup my breasts.  My nipples instantly hardened, and his fingers easily found them and started playing with them.  Any resistance I had was gone in a moment, and I pulled up the hem of my dress and started rubbing my clit while I gave my son instructions on how to better tease and pleasure my nipples.  I was really deep into it when my son said my husband was coming.  I opened my eyes and could see him through the window at the checkout counter.  As my son started to pull his hands back, I grabbed one of them with my free hand and begged him not to stop yet because I was so close.   I could tell he was nervous, but he grabbed my nipples again and started squeezing them and rolling them between his fingers.  “Harder,” I gasped right on the edge, and as I watched my husband start walking toward the door, my fingers on my clit and my son’s fingers on my nipples pushed me over that edge, and I moaned and shook my way through a surprisingly powerful orgasm.  My son pulled his hands out of my dress as the gas station door opened, and I pulled my dress back down over my legs, set my seat upright, and tried to settle myself as my husband walked back to the car.

A little ways down the road, I sent my son a text that said, “Thank you! That was… intense! Felt wonderful! I love you!“  And while I berating myself for being a silly little schoolgirl for sending a text like that, I got back a text that said, “Luv u 2″ which turned me into a huge pile of mush for the next 50 miles or so.

So now I’m really nervous and flustered to think about what might happen this afternoon when he gets home from school.  Speaking of which, is going to be pretty soon.  Guess this took longer to write out than I thought it would!  Maybe if I was typing with two hands more often than with one hand. Hee hee!  OK, time to change into my exercise outfit!  I’ll try to get some asks answered and respond to some messages while I do it.

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45 for evan/Jared 😂

45. “You look pretty hot in plaid.”


~ It had been a long time since Jared had seen Evan. They rarely hung out aside from school, so they hadn’t seen each other all summer. And once they were at school, it’s not like they went looking for each other. 

But sometimes they just ran into each other.

And it was usually unexpected.

And some other things were unexpected too, like when they came across each other in the hallways before the first-period bell, and Jared was stopped in his tracks.

“Wow,” he murmured as Evan turned to see him. “You look pretty hot in plaid.”

Evan’s eyes got wide and he blushed, turning away from Jared and bolting down the other hall as fast as he could. Jared was taken aback, frozen in the crowd.

“Did I actually say that out loud?”

He turned in his place a couple times. “Well, shit.” ~

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Character ask: Claudia Wolf from Silent Hill.

Hey there, is this in response to this meme?

I’m just gonna assume it is!

general opinion: fall in a hole and die | don’t like them | eh | they’re fine I guess | like them! | love them | actual love of my life

hotness level: get away from me | meh | neutral | theoretically hot but not my type | pretty hot | gorgeous! (but in a purely aesthetic way) | 10/10 would bang

hogwarts house: gryffindor | slytherin | ravenclaw | hufflepuff

best quality: If we’re talking GENUINE “best qualities” here and not just like, character strengths, it’s her genuine empathy for the human race and motivation to do good. 


ship them with: Well, standard disclaimer that I can’t honestly see Claudia truly working in a ship, and I don’t think she’d really seek out or enjoy being in a traditional romantic relationship. She’s kind of got too many issues and also you know MAKE ROOM FOR JESUS ALESSA. But that said, I ship her with Alessa/Heather in the sense that their relationship is so complicated and tragic and there’s so much love and hatred on both sides all mixed up together and it breaks my fuckening heart. Problematic OTP: The Wolf and the Wren.

brotp them with: Kind of Vincent? Like their relationship is ALSO really complicated and they clearly don’t get along, but I headcanon that they were very close growing up before having an extreme falling out/split in beliefs sometime in their late teenage years.

needs to stay away from: Heather. :( SORRY CLAUDIA BUT REALLY, LEAVE HER ALONE.

misc. thoughts: Claudia is my favorite Silent Hill villain. So many people hate her but I love her and I love AUs where she didn’t wind up murdering two dudes, stalking and torturing her former best friend, trying to “save” the world by destroying it and eventually eating a baby. Claudia doesn’t make good life choices.


Hot dang…

An incredible orchestrated medley of Undertale songs that resurrected this blog from the dead.  Exquisite arrangement with beautiful playing.  Toby Fox himself tweeted about it on Twitter.  

0:04 - Determination (speech intro)
1:07 - Spear of Justice
2:47 - sans.
3:32 - Papyrus (Bonetrousle)
4:32 - Bergentrückung / Asgore
5:45 - Toriel (Heartache)
6:39 - Asgore (reprise)

I have no words to say except that I love pretty much everything about this, and I highly recommend you give this a try if you like good things.  It’s a little on the longer side.  It is well worth the length.

Also the second half of the song is quite possibly my favorite Undertale performance of all time.  It’s at least top five.

  • Lena: There’s a reporter sniffing around. She’s smart... and sweet, and funny, and like really really beautiful, like somehow smoking hot while still being like the cutest woman ever. Oh and she has this smile that lights up the whole room as soon as she walking in. Not to mention she has such pretty hair and her lips look so kissable I just want to throw her on to my desk and... Well like I said she's smart and she's on to you
fantastic beasts asks
  • Newt Scamander : do you put product in ur hair ? do u like freckles ? would you be the type of person to pick up stray cats on the streets ?
  • Tina Goldstein : do you feel badass in general ? do u like hot dogs ? what are ur pyjamas like ?
  • Queenie Goldstein : do you blush often? if yes, in what kinds of situations? do u feel pretty ? oh so pretty? and witty? and smart?
  • Jacob Kowalski : do you like cooking? If so, what do you cook? would you be the type of person to drop everything and go on an adventure? are u a dreamer ? are u good at flirting?
  • Credence Barebone : how often do u get a haircut? what do dark alleyways and strangers mean to you ? on a scale of one to ten how well do u handle being betrayed ?
  • Percival Graves : how dramatic are u in your everyday life ? do u take care of your appearance? do you question your government? are you gay or european?
  • Theseus Scamander : how does it feel to be a war hero?
  • Gellert Grindelwald : what are ur goals in life like literally what are u doing here
  • Seraphina Picquery : are you ambitious ? on a scale of one to ten, how done are you with everyone's shit?
  • Pickett : bonus question ! anything you want to ask !
Natsu’s Heart Theory


Let’s talk about Natsu’s illusions of his fellow dragon slayers in his heart. They look pretty ordinary, right? WRONG.

Natsu has seen all of his fellow dragon slayers during this war and is well aware of what they look like, and more specifically, what they are wearing.

Let’s start with Sting and Rogue. This is what they look like during the war:

Now that you’ve finished marveling at how hot they are, let’s continue. Here is how Natsu sees them in his heart.


Now Gajeel and Wendy. Wendy is coincidentally in the same outfit she was in when Natsu met her, but Gajeel isn’t. 

Here is Gajeel at that start of the war.

And here is Gajeel in his heart.

You know where I am going with this. 

Gajeel’s first outfit. 

To be honest, this theory is only half-finished. I have the clues, but I cannot solve the riddle, if there is one, which I believe there is. Mashima doesn’t do things arbitrarily. 

What I can guess at this point though, is that anyone else who shows up in Natsu heart will also be donned in whatever he remembers first seeing them in. So, if for example he sees Lucy, she will be in her first outfit as well.

Maybe Natsu’s heart is nostalgic and wants to remember the way things used to be. I don’t know. If anyone wants to reblog with an add-on, feel free~

It’s time for another collab Sweetie! This time with my dude of whom tumblr won’t let me @ mention for some reason, ah well.

I think most folk that follow art around this fandom know NC, so I suppose I don’t have much introduction to do! Though in case you’re out of the loop, NC runs a classic art blog linked above as well as @ask-majesty-incarnate, and hot damn can he draw a hoodie. Go check him out if you’ve never been by his way!

I met NC only recently at bronycon this year, the vendor fam got together for some drawalongs and well, we art folk are like peas in a pod. While I haven’t known him long, every line I’ve ever seen that dude send is so full of positive vibes, he’s just refreshing to have around. I’m stoked we got to make this Sweetie happen and I think she’s pretty darn cute to boot!

Anyways, enjoy some sweater belle courtesy of NCmares

I love Killian because he is hot

“CSers only love Hook because he is hot”. Well obviously I like him because he is hot. Have you looked at him? We are not blind

But for me the best thing about his “pretty face”, is it expressivenes, the emotions he always show; love, care, worry, furious, sassy… this make his features really beautiful

And have you looked his beautiful, tender, disarming smiles?

But Killian is much more than a pretty face, and this is really what make him a really attractive character: he is tender, caring, loving, love cuddles, loves his Swan, and Henry and his whole new family

I refuse to be shamed because I like a physically atractive character. It is nothing bad, and it doesn’t make me stupid and unable to think clearly. 

Dating Derek would include:

• Constantly grabbing your ass
• Babe, are you coming home soon? I wanna fuck
• Sexual jokes
• Messing with his hair
• Call me daddy or you’ll be punished
• A lot of sex
• Riding his face
• And dick too
• A lot of pda
• Him spanking your ass
• Well, look at daddy’s hand mark on your pretty little ass
• Being dominant as fuck
• Him getting jealous
• He said you were hot and I punched him
• I thought a black eye made me hot
• Shower sex
• Morning sex
• Sex in the kitchen
• Sex in the car
• Sex on the table
• Basically a lot of sex
• Watching him in the studio
• Guys piss off, I wanna fuck Y/N
• Sending nudes each other 24/7
• A lot of cuddling
• Let me massage you
• Oh, was that your ass? Sorry
• Wearing his hoodies
• Sucking his dick all the time
• Swallowing
• Fuck baby
• Strip tease
• Catching him jack off
• Shit sorry, didn’t see you there
• Helping him cum
• Getting high all the fucking time
• Yes baby, gonna hit my dick in you like you hit that blunt
• Him trying to make sense while he’s high
• Saying his name the wrong way to annoy him
• I swear if you do it one more time, you won’t be able to walk for days
• Fuck I told you not to
• You not being able to walk for days
• Loud sex
• Romantic sex
• Monday sex
• Tuesday sex
• Wednesday sex
• Thursday sex
• Friday sex
• Saturday sex
• Sunday sex
• Rough sex
• 69
• You are cute
• No, I’m not cute. I’m gangsta. You are the cute one
• Derek, we’ve literally got 5 dogs that you cuddle with, that’s definitely not ‘gangsta’
• Oh fuck off
• No, come back. I wanna fuck you
• Sending him teasing photos when he’s on tour
• Him hugging you from behind
• Kissing your neck
• Leaving a lot of love bites
• Making out a lot
• I’m so horny right now
• Him biting his lip
• Please, let’s fuck
• Randomly giving him a head
• Surprise dates
• Staying home and watching Netflix all day
• Making each other feel better when you’ve had a shit day
• Being there for each other
• Helping him out with whatever is troubling him
• Fuck, I love you

All I want from life is a Derek Luh.

More Teacher!Kent AU

NHL Fine



At the stove, Kent’s refilling the guac when a warm hand touches his hip, and a big nose presses into the side of his neck.  “Best thing in kitchen, cute guy making food.”

“Excuse me,” Kent says, huffing, “but I have a boyfriend.”

Alexei laughs.  “Oh yes?  Is he good boyfriend?  If not, I’m steal you.”  His warm lips press against Kent’s pulse.

Kent smiles, continuing on his task.  “Eh.  He’s not bad.”

“Not bad?” Alexei asks.

Kent’s grin widens.  “I mean, he’s pretty hot.  At least, that’s what they tell me.  He’s got amazing abs, and his hockey-butt is one for the ages.  I mean, not as good as Zimmermann’s…”

“What?” Alexei squawks.

“Or well…so I’ve heard,” Kent says with a giggle.

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SINCE YOU ASKED: Can you do Semi-Established Relationship Sterek and "You smell like a wet dog" were Derek reveals he's a werewolf?

I tried… I’m not sure where this went. *Throws some fluff and feels at you and runs away*

Stiles had no idea why he had thought getting caught in the rain would be romantic. In movies if always looked so sweet and it almost always lead to hot sex, but in reality it was cold and by the time he and Derek made it to the beach house they were renting Stiles was pretty miserable.

Derek hadn’t even tried to kiss him. This was their first trip as a, well not as boyfriends, but as whatever they were now, and Derek had been weird the entire time.

Not that it was surprising, Derek always acted a little weird around the full moon. Stiles had is own theories on why, but he wasn’t going to ask him, he knew that Derek would tell him when he was ready. 

They both stripped off their wet clothes in the entryway of the house. Stiles grabbed their clothes and made his way to the small laundry room to toss the clothes into the dryer. 

“You smell like wet dog,” Stiles said with a smirk in his voice. He turned around to see Derek standing in his still wet boxer briefs in the doorway. 

Derek’s eyes went a little wide at the comment and then he shook his head softly, his voice easy as he said, “If you have something to say, just say it.”

“Oh nothing,” Stiles said with a little smile, leaning against the dryer, the sound of their clothes tumbling filled the quiet. 

“Stiles,” Derek said, stepping forward, caging him against the dryer, “Ask.”

“Say it,” Stiles said, leaning forward and kissing Derek’s neck, his hands on Derek’s hips, “If I already figured it out and I’m still here, you can just say it.”

“This feels like a scene from Twilight,” Derek said, laughing against Stiles’ temple. 

“Wrong powers,” Stiles said, kissing Derek’s jaw, “Wrong genetic makeup. So say it. I’m not running away.”

“Stiles,” Derek said with a sigh, “I’m a werewolf.”

“I know,” Stiles said, leaning back so he could kiss Derek’s lips, “I’ve known since English 101 freshman year.”

“Why didn’t you say anything,” Derek said, resting his forehead against Stiles’.

“Why didn’t you,” Stiles countered with a smile. He saw it reflected on Derek’s face, “I mean Scott’s a werewolf, you know he’s my best friend. You should have figured I knew about werewolves.”

“Scott never mentioned that you knew,” Derek said, “I don’t assume anything.”

“I’m the one who figured out that Scott was a werewolf,” Stiles said with a laugh, “But I’m glad you told me, I wouldn’t be able to date a guy who wasn’t honest with me about who he is.”

“So we’re dating now huh?” Derek asked with a smile.

“It looks like it, yeah,” Stiles said kissing Derek again and again.

“I can live with that,” Derek said after a moment, kissing Stiles back.

“No take backs,” Stiles singsonged, ducking under Derek’s arm and running toward the stairs, “Now come on wolfman, show me what you’re made of.”

Derek’s eyes flashed blue and he chases after Stiles, tackling him onto the bed with a dull thump. 

Maybe the rain wasn’t as romantic as the movies made it seem, but Stiles didn’t really mind anymore. 


Why in the world did it have to be me? you irritably thought with a frown, going towards Loki’s glass cage, as you called it. You weren’t only annoyed by what he had done, controlling Clint and all, but what annoyed you the most was his manipulative nature, not to mention his well.. Good looks. What? You couldn’t blame yourself, he was pretty hot.

With determination coursing through your veins, you made up your mind not to listen to anything he said you made your way inside, completely ignoring him. “Not even a greeting, mortal?” you heard his soft voice call out as you stood in front of the glass cage with your side towards him. Acting as if you didn’t hear him, you turned your head sideways.

“Not even a name?” you could hear the smirk in his tone. “Shut up or I’ll shoot you” you sighed in annoyance, crossing your arms over your chest. “Ooo, I’m scared” he mocked making a flash of anger appear in your eyes for a second. Get a grip (L/N) you told yourself, still turned away from him.  

“Too scared to look me in the eyes, isn’t that right midguardian?” Okay, enough. You snapped your head in his direction and locked him under your heated glare. “I’m not here to talk to you or for your entertainment, so make it easy for the both of us and shut. The. Hell. Up” you gave him a narrow eyed glance warningly, and turned your head.

“Oh, but you are very entertaining” you heard nothing but mischief and playfulness behind that tone as you spun your head in his direction yet again. “Oh, really? How so?” you quirked an eyebrow. You knew you were playing with fire right now but he is practically your prisoner. He can’t do anything. Right?

“The things I could do to you. Your body gives quite the inspiration, enough to keep my mind busy for all day” he licked his bottom lip, devouring you with his eyes, making you shudder. You felt warmth around your neck, solely travelling upwards towards your cheek.

Definitely not, expecting that, you stared at him dumbstruck, and glared at him after coming back to your senses, unable to keep that blush under control, at the reference as you had a hard time standing still, feeling uncomfortable under his gaze.

“Bastard” you muttered under your breath, moving backwards a little. “(Y/N), hey” you heard your best friend Clint call you. “Yeah?” you looked in his direction. “I got it from here, you can go” he gave your shoulder a reassuring squeeze making you sigh in relief. Thank God, this torture is going to be over.

You were happily making your way out of his prying gaze when “(Y/N)” his velvety sound came, as if testing how your name fell from his lips, making you stop dead in your tracks and look at him. “Get ready darling, after getting out of here, the first person I’ll be coming for is you” he grinned, making your eyes widen in surprise and a shiver run down your spine.

Gulping, you ignored him and the way he looked at you and scurried out of the place, sighing when you got out. No matter how much you tried, his words kept ringing in your head the whole day.

In which I am the intermediary of someone else's revenge and get a free cookie

I work right next to a little bakery that makes awesome pastries and hot drinks.  I go there pretty consistently– I know all the employees’ names and they know mine, and they all like me since I’m nice and always leave a tip in the jar.

Last night I walked in after my shift ended to get my usual drink, as well as to get a cookie for my mother.  I say hi to everyone, give them my order, and they start making my drink while the owner– who I’ll call Katie– gets the cookie.

I have my cookie, and while I’m waiting for my drink, another woman comes in.  I wasn’t paying attention, so I don’t know how exactly it happened, but suddenly this woman starts screaming at one of the employees.  All that I can really gather is that they were out of what she wanted, or didn’t have what she wanted, and that this is rather offensive to her.

I think that I should probably try to intervene, but this woman is in the middle of a tirade and I’m not sure what to say.  Before I can summon some courage, Katie jumps in.

“Ma'am,” she says calmly “I’m denying you service, please leave.”

The woman stops for about two seconds, blinks, her face turns red, and she goes “WHAT!?”

Katie does not reply.  Instead, she turns to me and hands me my drink along with a little bag.  "Have another cookie on the house,“ she tells me with a smile.  "Thanks for being such a great customer.”

Katie turns back to the screaming woman, who is now gaping at me.  "Have a wonderful evening, ma'am.“

My mother greatly enjoyed the second cookie.