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Seriously, my dreams, especially when they’re B99-related, are becoming weirder and weirder. This time I was watching a new episode, where the whole squad + the families of Jake and Amy were having a huge “before-the-wedding” party, with games and all. It was fun and cute. Until at some point a criminal made his way into the party, and threatened to kill everyone. So Jake made a deal with him, saying that he could kill him if he let all the other ones go. Of course they all complained, especially Amy, who didn’t want to become a widow without even getting married yet. But it was too late, the criminal was there, with his gun on Jake’s head, and the TENSION there was omg it was horrible. There was no music, nothing, just silence as we were waiting for something to happen, because it’s B99, a comedy show – no one can die like this. But then everything turned to black, and we heard a gunshot, and I was so afraid this was the end of the episode, that we would have to wait another week to know what happened. But then there was a flashforward of a few minutes (hours?) to Amy, alone, cleaning the room, devastated. And then we were shown blood, so much blood. Still no music, a super heavy atmosphere. And even though I knew it wasn’t possible they killed Jake, I started to wonder because EVERYTHING was screaming he’s dead, all clues were telling that story. But finally we saw someone washing themselves in a tub that had curtains so that we couldn’t see who was inside, and then Amy opened the curtains and… Jake was there, trying to take the blood off his hair. So Amy took the shampoo and started to wash his hair herself (thank you Charles for this image, I suppose haha). And then it was the end – I suppose someone managed to kill the guy and free Jake?

So yeah, that was super weird, and I’m still shocked xD

rannadylin  asked:

Tavi/Aloth for the relationship meme (of course!)?

Also asked for by @grumpy-jedi, so I’m gonna do them first :DDD

  • Who was the one to propose:

Tbh, in canon I’m not 100% sure they’re going to get married. I wanna wait and see what, if anything, Happens™ in Deadfire. But in the Modern AU, Aloth proposes(he only beats Tavi to it by, like, a week or two)

  • Who stressed more over wedding planning:

Tavi, actually. Which surprised everyone, especially her. xD Of course, the only give away she was stressing like crazy is she couldn’t go more than five words without dropping the f-bomb. So people who didn’t know her were all “Gee you’re handling this well :D” while Aloth/Khellin/Kana were more “Quick, calm her down before she explodes!!1!”. Khellin wound up taking her to the gym and having her beat the shit out of a poor, poor punching bag so she didn’t literally snap someone’s head off.

  • Who decorated the house:

Both of them. Tavi doesn’t have a lot of stuff, but she’ll occasionally see something she likes or thinks looks cool and buys it. Aloth, of course, has books E V E R Y W H E R E.

  • Who does the cooking:

Tavi, 90% of the time. Aloth will occasionally to surprise her, but he’s nowhere near as good as she is, so that’s not often.

  • Who is more organized:

Aloth. Hands down. Tavi is a drop-it-where-she-takes-it-off slob, a fan of organized chaos, and just not comfortable if everything is too neat. She’s learned to relax what she considers too neat, and Aloth’s learned to live with a little clutter.

  • Who’s the cuddler:

Both of them. Tavi teases Aloth for it, but she’s just as bad if not worse.

  • Who’s the big spoon/little spoon:.

They switch off, but usually Tavi’s big spoon.

  • What’s their favorite non-sexual activity:

Just sitting together. Aloth reads, Tavi whittles or something, but they just like being together.

  • Who comes home drunk at 3am:

 Tavi. But not often. Only the big, bad anniversaries(when her parents and brothers died, the day she left Silversteel)

  • Who kills the spiders:

Tavi, but only because Aloth doesn’t even notice them for ages.

  • Who falls asleep first:

Usually Aloth. Content and safe as she is with him, Tavi still has this edge of watchfulness that makes it really really hard for her to fall asleep when other people are awake.

  • A headcanon:

Just one? lol Um, this is partially dependent on his personality changes in Deadfire, BUT I have a new-ish headcanon that after they’re reunited, Tavi develops a habit of playing with Aloth’s hair during quiet moments. She doesn’t realize she’s doing it the first time, but once she does, she makes sure he’s okay with it before she keeps doing it.

  • Who has the most patience?

Aloth. Tavi’s working on it, but she’s never been a very patient person, and that’s not likely to change anytime soon.

  • Their relationship summed up in a gif:

hnnnn went looking and can’t do just one :D

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(and psa Tavi is 100% Rick)

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1. I’m currently freezing, - 3 degrees WINTER IS HERE PEOPLE 

2. There’s constant debate about my height amongs my friends. 159 cm! Short or average??? (please leave answer below)

3. I have tons of OTPs and believe me THEY ALL MEAN THE SAME FOR ME 

4. I’m overusing “xd”. I know it’s lame but I can’t stop it. Send help.

5. I’ve read the whole harry potter saga about 10 times, I’m not planning on stopping xd

6. My english is pretty basic cause I do a lot of gesticulation. If you read my comments and they’re consisting of caps lock words… it means that most of the things I wanted to say I already showed. With my hands. In front of the screen. 

7. I’m really protective of Ron. Everyone probably knows it already but I wanted to write it.

8. When I’m sad I’m listening to sad songs so they fit The Mood.

9. I don’t think I’ve ever used a comma when writing in english. Sorry but I honestly have no idea where to put them.

10. I really don’t like talking about myself but here I’m listing 10 things (y)

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Bonus (’cause I was lazy again):

Li©king Someone Pt. 2

In which Lance is jealous - no matter how much he tries to convince himself otherwise, and Kuro effectively shuts him up. By licking him. (and claiming him as his by the way ♥)

So… this one came out a bit different than I had originally planned. xD But I still like it though. The story is kind of a sequel to “He Wears Death Like Prada” written by the wonderful @bymidnightflame . Originally, that fic was supposed to be the story for my new Kuro comic. But somehow I ended up with this instead…? I don’t really know what happened.

Anyway, here are some headcanons for Kuro’s newest adventure :)

  • Back on earth Lance as well as his siblings established the “licking-rule”, which means that if you lick something like a chocolate bar, it’s yours.
  • Kuro used that rule on Keith right after he woke up from his last run-in with the Red Paladin in his private quarters. He did it to tease Shiro and well… because he wanted to lick Keith. (based on @bymidnightflame ‘s fic)
  • Lance gets pretty upset and jealous about this - he tries to tell himself it’s because everybody wants Keith, but in reality it’s only because one special person acts like he wants to get into Keith’s pants.
  • Hunk had his suspicions concerning Kuro’s behaviour towards Keith. There was something off in his opinion and bearing witness to whatever brain short circuit caused Kuro to lick Lance’s lips, only fueled those suspicions.
  • Shortly after the licking-incident Hunk joined the secret Luro-fanclub (which at that point consisted of Shiro, Keith and Coran)… He may have shedded one or two tears of joy over the fact that they had already given Kuro and Lance a ship name.

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