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newscarlettshana  asked:

Hey there amazing artist)) I love your AU and I wonder: what about Shimada angst?

Hello there amazing person! We are glad that you like our Au ;w; <3
Shimada angst you ask? Ooooh there will be plenty of it!
The story of Genji and Hanzo in our Au is pretty similar to the one that they have in game, with some adaptation to fit the shapeshifter world.
Sorry if it took us so much time to get to your ask, I actually wrote down for you a really long answer with all the details of the Shimada angst, but then we realized that they were the same info that we were planning to share along with Vany’s drawings xD
She’s working on them at the moment so they’ll be uploaded soon ahah

Anyway, consider that if Hanzo still have trust issues and difficulties to accept help/affection from others is because of his past. He still can’t see the perks of being an omega and would never confess it directly, unless someone point it out. Let’s just say that he went trough:

Fleur Delacour

Shush! I loved both the book trilogy and the movie so I ended up sorta mashing up the cast and the original novel/graphic novel descriptions together to make this mess of a scribble.

Still figuring out the style. Anyhoo, have a nice day folks.


A request from a Anon~ ❤❤

Sorry if i dun draw some of you guys 🙇

(I look like CC!palette in the first pic O -o! ) ╮(╯▽╰)╭


Little D.Va: why does this level suddenly gets so difficult?! 내가 미쳤어!

Little Sombra: *grinning*

I wanna draw overwatch kids! Sombra is such a cool character and lots of fans had this sombra and kind of rivalry relationship when it comes to tech stuffs xD
So here’s my take and i plan to draw overwatch dads too :3

Made For Each Other

Marinette’s signature pattern borrowed from @lady-buginette