it was part of an apology to someone

Dad AU: Sneaking Off

Girl in the movie: “I’m so sorry. I-“

Boy in the movie: “No, I’m the one who’s sorry… I missed you so much.”

Girl: “I missed you too.”

Boy and Girl: *kiss passionately*

Jack and Gabe: *awkwardly look at each other*

Jack: “… I.. told you this was cheesy..”

Gabe: “Yeah… not to mention it’s a little unrealistic.”

Jack: “Yeah, I mean.. who could forgive someone that easily?”

Gabe: “…Well, it didn’t look that difficult.. I think the harder part would be apologizing at all.”

Jack: “Yeah… wish I could get a stunt double for stuff like that in real life.”

Gabe: “No kidding…” *looks into Jack’s eyes*

Jack: *stares back*


Jesse: *looking back at the Dads* “Well look at that. Seems like the movies bringing up some emotions for the two of them.” *smirks and turns to Hanzo* “Hey Shimada, since they’re makin’ eyes at each other and probably will be for a while, whatdya say we get out of here and have some real fun?”

Hanzo: *gives Jesse a look* “And just what are you suggesting?”

Jesse: “Relax, it’s nothing weird like that. I just happen to know there’s a bar at this here theater that has a less then mindful barkeep.”

Hanzo: *slowly smirks* “Really?” *glances back at the Dads before turning back to Jesse* “Alright, cowboy. You’ve convinced me. Anything to get out of this movie.”

Jesse: “I knew liked you for a reason. Come on, let’s mosey on outta here.” *ducks his head low and takes Hanzo’s hand, sneaking out slowly*

Hanzo: *blushes a little and ducks head down as he follows*


Gabe: “…Listen. Maybe I’ve been a little short with you.”

Jack: “Yeah… I haven’t been the best toward you either. I mean, we used to be so close and now…“

Gabe: “Yeah…”

Jack: “Maybe we could… start over?”

Gabe: “….I’d like that.” *smiles slightly at Jack*

Jack: *smiles back*

Gabe: “…Morrison.”

Jack: “Yeah?”

Gabe: “I… wanted to tell you that I-AW HELL NO!” *stands up*

Jack: “What?! What is it?”

Gabe: *points down where the kids were sitting* “LOOK!”

Jack: *looks down at the empty seats* “Oh.. well I’m sure they just went to the bathroom or something.”

Gabe: “You know what two teenagers can do alone in a bathroom?!”

Jack: “Come on, Hanzo would never-“

Gabe: “You can live in your fantasy world! I, on the other hand, am going hunting! If that boy thinks he can sneak around under my nose he’s got another thing coming!” *charges out of the theater*

Jack: “… At least he hasn’t lost his passion over the years..” *follows Gabe*

Keep On Sleeping

Kara Danvers x Lena Luthor

Did You Just Call Be Baby - Part 1 | 2 | 3 | 4

Words: ~ 782 

Summary: They were way past denying what they felt for each other. Kara was so sure she’d never been so in love with someone before. | Kara and Lena have a grand old time on a hammock. One of them falls asleep, and the other has an epiphany.

Warnings: fluff, sleepy cuddles

A/N: Part four! This took me way longer than expected to write (-_-). My apologies! I managed to write the next part too so expect it tomorrow! Thanks for reading you beautiful human beings! For some reason I just love a sleepy Supercorp fic. Send me some scenarios that you guys would like to see to keep this series going! 



Walking out onto her balcony, she’s greeted by the glorious sight of Kara - who was wearing that heaven-sent black and white flannel, with the sleeves rolled up to her elbows - standing there with her hands on her hips. Face lighting up at the sight of Lena, the blonde grins and holds out her arms. 

"Lena! Would you like to join me?”

Furrowing her eyebrows, she follows Kara’s gaze and realizes that there was something standing between the both of them. 

“What is this?” 

Looking at the structure she had set up between them, the Kryptonian tips her head to the side like a confused puppy. As if it wasn’t the most obvious thing in the world, she answers, "A hammock.”

Letting out a breathy laugh at the response, the brunette shakes her head. “I see that, darling.” She smiles, “What is it doing here?”

“Oh! Well, I thought the two of us could relax out here, you know… get some vitamin D will we’re at it.” Kara explains bashfully, wringing her hands as she meets Lena’s amused gaze. “So, what do you say?

Walking closer to the hammock, Lena smiles. “That actually sounds quite nice.”

Smiling at the brunette’s response, Kara climbs onto the hammock carelessly, arms immediately spreading out to balance herself when the fabric swings quickly. Looking at Lena after the swaying ceases, she motions for her follow. 

Saying that getting both of them on the hammock was as easy task would be an understatement. From the moment Lena hooks a leg over the fabric, the whole structure starts to sway again. It definitely didn’t help that Kara moved to help Lena (she was only trying to help but the poor thing was swaying more than a boat out on the ocean during a storm) get on. 

It takes them a few attempts before both of them manage to lay down comfortably (even then, Kara almost makes the whole thing flip over while Lena was sitting there and trying not to laugh at the blonde’s struggles to make the hammock steady). 

With Kara’s arm around Lena’s waist and Lena’s head resting on Kara’s shoulders, the latter of the two speaks up, “Well, that definitely went much smoother in my head.“ 

Quickly letting out a laugh, Lena nods in agreement. "Agreed.”

Breaking the silence that had fallen over them, Kara speaks abruptly. “Did you know that otters hold hands when they sleep so they don’t drift away from each other?” 

As soon as the words slip from her mouth, Lena’s thoughts immediately goes back to the night on Kara’s couch, where the taller woman held her just like she was holding Lena now, without an inch of space between them. Letting out a breathy laugh, Lena pulls her head back to look up at Kara, "What was that fact for?" 

"I just wanted to make you laugh.” The blonde responds, voice soft and gentle as she looks down at Lena. 

Stifling a yawn, Lena rests her head on Kara’s shoulder, forehead pressed against her neck. “You definitely succeeded, darling." 

Bringing a hand up to the brunette’s tresses, she slowly easing her fingers along the long strands. If Lena was surprised by the sudden action, she doesn’t show it, instead she only leans closer towards the blonde’s touch. Closing her eyes, she let’s herself succumb to sleep, with the steady swaying of the hammock and lulling movement of Kara’s fingers making it easy for her to give in to sleep. 

Keeping her foot just barely touching the floor, Kara pushed them every now and then, keeping the hammock swinging. She kept her eyes on Lena’s sleeping features. Knowing that the woman beside her usually underestimated how tired she truly was, seeing Lena relaxed and asleep made Kara feel proud of herself.

She knew that they were way past denying what they felt for each other. Kara was so sure she’d never been so in love with someone before. If she was being honest with herself, she’d fallen for Lena all those months ago when they had lunch together; the contagious grin that she had flashed Kara from across the table while they talked about NYSYNC and Britney Spears and OTP’s, she should’ve known that it was jealousy she felt while she listened to Lena talk about her mentor

That’s when she knew. She just didn’t want to acknowledge what she felt. But they were here now, and frankly, Kara would do it all over again if it meant that at the end of the day, Lena would be there in her arms.

Pressing her lips to Lena’s forehead, she smiles when the sleeping woman nuzzles impossibly closer.

"Sleep well, baby.”

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someone asked me to arrange a part for clarinet and it worked out fine but took much longer than I expected and between checking/re-checking the part and listening to other recorded examples, I have a clarinet hangover and a slight headache and a moderate desire to fling every reed instrument into the sun and I would like to publicly (albeit anon) apologize for that because clarinets never did anything to me and I know this is mostly my stale ears talking. **Mostly**.

okay to be fair the clarinet doesn’t have much flexibility in the way of tone quality so it gets old really fast no offense to clarinetists 

SHORT STORIES, my favorite kind of poetry ( meme ).


❝ i heard you were doing good. ❞
❝ you don’t grow your horns overnight. ❞
❝ i promise, it gets better eventually. ❞
❝ & we never talked after that. ❞
❝ am i really, truly, that unlovable? ❞
❝ don’t talk like you’re coming back. ❞
❝ my most dangerous habit is trusting. ❞
❝ we’re made of stars & stories. ❞
❝ you didn’t have to do that. ❞
❝ everything is poetry when you’re drunk. ❞
❝ did i mean anything to you? ❞
❝ real feelings don’t just go away. ❞
❝ you came & changed the weather. ❞
❝ when can you just be mine? ❞
❝ there was no love, only lust. ❞
❝ darling, stop wishing on dead stars. ❞
❝ art is another form of screaming. ❞
❝ silence is the most painful goodbye. ❞
❝ what the fuck did you do? ❞
❝ i’m drunk, dizzy & missing you. ❞
❝ kiss me like you’re losing me. ❞
❝ i don’t feel like smiling today. ❞
❝ not all good people are innocent. ❞
❝ we’re a disaster in the making. ❞
❝ some things are better left unsaid. ❞
❝ we really should’ve talked about it. ❞
❝ i’m so glad i met you. ❞
❝ i wish i knew you earlier. ❞
❝ i fucked (pronoun/name) to our song. ❞
❝ i dreamed of you this night. ❞


❝ you saw the messed up parts of me, & stayed. ❞
❝ all i’ve ever wanted was for someone to save me. ❞
❝ since you left, i have no one to talk to. ❞
❝ i apologize for the nights in which i cannot breathe. ❞
❝ everytime i look at you, i want to kiss you. ❞
❝ we said no strings attached but now we’re in knots. ❞
❝ there’s a difference between missing someone & missing having someone. ❞
❝ for which f are you drinking? fuck, forget, or fun? ❞
❝ my biggest mistake was thinking i could live without (pronoun/name). ❞
❝ whenever (name/pronoun) rose to kiss me, i fell even more. ❞
❝ i wish that ‘goodnight’ was followed by ‘i love you’. ❞
❝ let’s smoke a pack of mentholds & talk about love. ❞
❝ your deep, sleepy voice makes me feel like i’m okay. ❞
❝ i read both of our horoscopes looking for an answer ❞
❝ reality is the absolute last place i want to be. ❞
❝ i didn’t expect that drunk kiss could mean this much. ❞
❝ all i need is a late night drive with you. ❞
❝ feeling pain is nowhere near as terrifying as feeling nothing. ❞
❝ your eyes are the color of summer fading into autumn. ❞
❝ you are the warmest home i will ever, ever find. ❞
❝ the world is less scary when i am with you. ❞
❝ i still can’t tell which of us was the victim. ❞
❝ i just need an excuse to hang out with you. ❞
❝ your expectations for me have been set way too high. ❞
❝ i don’t want to feel this way about anyone else. ❞

Wheelchairs aren’t furniture.

• Don’t move them unless the wheelchair user in question says you can. Even if we’re not in them at the time! Shout-out to the nurse who, during my last hospital trip, tried to put my wheelchair in the nurse’s station, thus effectively stopping me from going TO THE TOILET without asking someone. And, of course, various shout-outs to people who thought *I* was furniture and moved my chair while I was in it.

• Don’t lean on them unless you have permission from the wheelchair user in question. Again, they aren’t FURNITURE. They’re part of us. Lean on stuff that’s stuff, not stuff that’s people.

• If you walk into someone’s wheelchair, while someone is in that wheelchair, you’re walking into a person. You’re jolting us, shaking us, and potentially causing us pain (I have chronic conditions, and YOU ARE HURTING ME). Do what you do anytime you walk into someone, and apologise. It doesn’t need to be any more than, “Oop, sorry,” it doesn’t have to be a big thing (please don’t make it a big thing) but ACKNOWLEDGE US jesus christ this is so alienating. I get walked into all the time and excepting my loved ones I can’t even remember the last time I got an apology.

Wheelchairs are not furniture. They’re assistive devices. They are, for all intents and purposes, part of us and it is frankly incredibly rude not to treat them as such.


Someone asked for more info on the Crobat biker and I thought on it a bit more and decided he’s probably part of a sportbike gang/club. He’s their newest member, but he’s fitting in just fine. (Honestly, I just wanted to draw more motorcycles…)

Here he is with his pals, Ninjask and Beedrill~

((If you have an in depth understanding of Motorcycle anatomy, I apologize))


When someone says that what you said/did etc was racist they arent always calling YOU a racist they are just pointing out that you took part in an activity which has racist implications.Weather it was your intention or not is irrelevant.So Instead of getting defensive about it and bringing up all the times you “werent racist” or talking about your friends of color you can just learn,apologize and not do it again in the future.

Accepting apologies without saying "it's ok"

Sometimes apologies fix the problem. Sometimes all that’s needed to make things ok is to acknowledge that you did something wrong. For instance, if you accidentally bump into someone, saying “sorry” clarifies that you didn’t do it on purpose and don’t intend to hurt them. That’s usually enough in that kind of situation.

When someone apologizes in a way that fixes the problem, it’s usually good to say something like “it’s ok”. Because now that they’ve apologized, it *is* ok.

Sincere apologies aren’t always enough to make everything ok. Sometimes mistakes hurt people in ways that persist even after an apology. They can still matter. Fixing part of a problem is better than doing nothing.

If someone apologizes to you in a way that’s real but doesn’t erase the problem, you may not want to say “it’s ok” (because it still isn’t). One thing you can say instead is “Thank you for apologizing”. Thanking someone for apologizing acknowledges and accepts the apology without pretending that everything is fixed. This can create space for the problem to actually get solved.

Tl;dr: When sincere apologies don’t fix everything, ‘thank you for apologizing’ can be a better thing to say than ‘it’s ok’.

You know, I keep seeing posts talking about what a horrible liar Kara is. But the fact of the matter is Kara is probably one of the best liars I’ve ever seen on TV.

But wait. The entirety of National City knows Kara’s Supergirl, you may be thinking. How can she be a good liar? But that’s the thing—her secret isn’t that Kara Danvers is Supergirl.

Kara’s only been Supergirl for the past year or so. But still, she’s been lying for well over a decade about who she is—and successfully. The thing about Clark—and they’ve addressed this in season 1—is he may as well be human. They’ve talked about this with Astra, and then they’ve shown this Myriad. Because in Clark’s head, he’s not Kryptonian. His powers make him stand apart, but when he solar flares, his most likely thought process is I’m human now. To Kara, it would be I’m now powerless. And there is a difference. Krypton is much more technologically advanced, yes, but that is not the only difference between Earth and Krypton.

I cannot emphasize enough Kara is not human. Kara’s alienness isn’t contingent upon her abilities—superpowers or no superpowers, she’s always Kryptonian.

And sure, plenty of people probably have figured out that Kara is Supergirl—but that’s pretty much it. What people know about Kara’s past is that she’s Superman’s cousin, and that’s it. And clearly, Kara is younger than Superman—most people aren’t going to think “yup. She was probably put in suspended animation in some way.” I mean the conspiracy theorists might, but not really the overwhelming people on Earth. (listen. You gotta draw a line somewhere)

Most people are going to think ‘Occam’s Razor’—that Kara’s mom, or dad, or both, got off Krypton at the same time as Superman, and a decade later had Kara, and that there’s a very good chance that Supergirl is half human, or at the very least born on Earth and raised as a human. It’s what’s logical, isn’t it? The simplest answer is usually the correct one.

But she’s not. English isn’t her first language, and she grew up with a very different culture, undergone a host of different experiences that most humans couldn’t even imagine. Hell, she wasn’t even born the same way—Clark was the first natural Kryptonian birth in years. That means Kara was not. Kara was born via the Codex—really, if James was surprised at the depths of Kara’s anger over losing Krypton (back in season 1—you know, where Kara got to have more than 3 emotions), or how surprised he was to find out what Kara’s family crest really meant, how surprised would they be at everything she’d decide to just stop hiding?

Because Kara is so very good at hiding. Kara Danvers is real, yeah, but it’s someone she had to build. One of the very subtle, but telling moments happened in the first episode of season two, when Kara and Clark were getting off the elevator, and Clark had a clumsy moment where he ran into someone and knocked all their things to the ground. After he apologized and helped the person pick up their things, Kara asked him “wow, you really have the whole clumsy thing down, don’t you?” “Oh no, that was real.” Key word here is thing. As in, I have a routine I go through to distract people and to seem harmless. And this is just the tip of the iceberg, of routines and acts Kara must go through to make herself seem human. Kara Danvers is real, but part of that identity is a persona she constantly embodies–clumsy, absentminded, horrible at math and science, cute but not drop dead gorgeous, a bit quirky always happy, harmless, invisible, human.

And so it’s not surprising that all of these people are figuring out her identity, but that’s not really what Kara’s held close to her chest, not like Clark. Kara’s anger and loss and just general alienness–that is her secret. This is what she’d confide, this is what she’d have to truly trust someone to reveal. This is what the culmination of trust would look like, trust in Cat or Lena or Maggie (or hell even Barry, who sure knows Kara is an alien but. He doesn’t really seem to grasp the implications of that–oh i didn’t realize Kara got mad).

For 10 years, Kara kept herself hidden, keep herself secret. But Kara’s secret isn’t that she’s Supergirl, a human with powers. Kara’s secret is that she is angry and mad and hurting. But most of all, Kara’s secret is that she is not human.

i swear to fuck if i see (1) more post in the dream daddy tag about the game grumps being “generally shitty people” because they’re “transmisogynistic” and “racist” i’m gonna pitch myself off the nearest cliff and take my computer with me to make sure that if by some chance i end up not dying from the fall, my access to tumblr will. 

i am so sick of this website and its bullshit. this just in everyone, people aren’t allowed to make mistakes and it’s impossible for people to ever change or grow!!

yes, it’s true they’ve both said their fair share of ignorant things in the past. some have hurt and offended people. but i can guarantee you that it was never their intention to do so and in the years since they’ve started the show they’ve both grown a hell of a lot. 

the game grumps are so clearly some of the most genuine and sweet people in existence and it’s fucking laughable to say otherwise. if any of y’all actually took the time to do your research and use your critical thinking skills you would see that. any time people let them know that something they’ve said was ignorant, offensive, or hurtful, they acknowledge what they’ve done wrong, and/or ask to learn more on the subject so that they don’t make the same mistake again, and/or apologize. 

on the subject of their “transmisogyny”: 

and THIS was after an episode came out where they made rape jokes: 

as for “racism” i really have no fucking idea where any of you could be coming from with that bs. i acknowledge they’ve said some iffy stuff in the past, but to say they’re racists? come on. 

i won’t deny that the game grumps have said some ignorant things over the years. but all that has SIGNIFICANTLY decreased and they really have grown and learned a lot. to say that they’re horrible people for some of the things they’ve said in the past that for the most part have been owned up to and apologized for is awful and wrong. you don’t have to like them or watch their show or anything, but if you’re gonna call someone out for being terrible people then you should at least be sure of what you’re talking about.


So I made some pride art based on me and my friends and had HEAPS of fun with watercolours!

Edit: I have been informed that I spelt “androgyny” wrong, so apologies to androgynous folks!

Part Two

Jeremy Heere

IS NOT: •A blushy twink

•A dick

•Only The Guy Who Made Michael Cry That One Time

IS: •A teenager who has anxiety

•Someone who’s desires and self-image was taken advantage of

•A kid who made bad decisions because he was scared/pressured to

Michael Mell

IS NOT: •A sad, depressed baby

•Pure and never made a mistake

•Only a panic attack in a bathroom

IS: •Someone who’s comfortable as himself (It’s in the casting call guys)

•The guy who actually gave up on Jeremy knowing full well what the squip was going to do for him and chose a highly inopportune time to demand an apology

•Usually an overall positive person

Jenna Rolan

IS NOT: •Just a gossip mill

•In love with her phone

IS: •A girl who DESPERATELY wanted to be part of the cool kids or just some fucking friends

•Someone who broke down crying because people only kept her around for gossip

•More than a twig, surprisingly.

Brooke Lohst

IS NOT: •A character whose only trait is an obsession with Pinkberry

•A background character

IS: •Actually a very sweet girl

•A teenager who had her heartbroken because her best friend tried to sleep with her then boyfriend and then was misled about it


Christine Canigula

IS NOT: •”Getting in the way of boyf riends”

•A minor character

•A flat piece of paper “mom friend” trope

IS: •A girl who explicitly states she has ADD!

•A kid who wished everything could be easy and simple

•Someone who was kind of afraid of growing up

Chloe Valentine

IS NOT: •A mega bitch

•Someone who Brooke should IMMEDIATELY forgive so they can get in a relationship

IS: •A highly redeemable character, albeit one who made bad decisions

•someone who should face the consequences of her actions, but not MORE than she deserves

Rich Goranski

IS NOT: •a walking sex joke

•a comedic relief character

•unaffected by the events of the Squip

IS: •Someone who was desperate and suicidal enough to gamble on a quantum computer pill in Sophomore year

•A kid with an abusive OR AT THE VERY LEAST negligent and alcoholic father

•Either so desperate to get the squip out he started a fire OR his squip forced him to start a fire at one point

Jake Dillinger

IS NOT: •A dumb jock

•Completely unaffected by his house burning down

IS: •the dork who joined drama so he could get to know a girl he liked

•In other extracurriculars besides sports

•Allowed to be understandably upset at Rich for burning his house down and not IMMEDIATELY forgive him

This isn’t to say that you can’t have things like mom friend Christine, or Jeremy being pretty blushy, but when that’s what you dilute their characters down to and accept it as canon it’s a different story.

Kissing, Interrupted.

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Peter Parker x Reader

Request: Yes

Summary: Peter and the reader are getting pretty steamy and someone decides it’s the perfect time to interrupt. Talk about cockblock, amiright?

Warnings: language, kissing, fluff, Star Wars, makeout sesh (holla). (Let me know if I missed any).

Word Count: 1,479

A/N: For the amazing @literallyrozie812, thanks for the request! I hope this fic gives you guys all the Peter feels. Also, I apologize if it sucks ass lol. I’m not experienced in this part of writing, so bear with me as I slowly dig my way into it! Let’s hope I did at least a 4/10. Thanks for all the never ending support, guys! As always, feedback and constructive criticism is appreciated.

Being raised as a Stark definitely has its perks, but let’s not forget about the downsides.

For instance, not being able to try out the Iron Man suit because of one accidental mistake of you blowing one up. 

Hey, it happens… right?

Or not being able to join the team on missions because it’s “too intense” or “not safe.”

Like, hello? I’m an Avenger? I deserve to participate, Dad.

And don’t even get started on boys.

Oh, lord. If he knew about Peter and you, well, let’s just say Tony’s suit isn’t the only thing that would be blown up.

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Here’s the thing. I want Tony to apologize in IW. Not because he’s the only one in the wrong (far from it), but because that’s his character. Taking on the blame for what happens around him, for what he wishes he had done something to prevent, is what Tony does. And as satisfying as it would be to see Tony sipping his tea or blowing Steve off until he gets an apology, it’s just not the Tony we know. Tony who blames himself for Obadiah selling weapons, for Ultron, for AIM making human bombs because he was rude to a stranger at a party once. Taking responsibility for things that are not entirely his fault is such an integral part of his character I wouldn’t WANT to see it stripped away. (Not to mention if there’s an intergalactic threat, no way is Tony’s pride going to get in the way of going what has to be done,)

So here’s what I want instead. I want Tony to apologize and I want someone else, Steve or Sam or Clint or Wanda, to contradict him. I want Tony to hear that it wasn’t all his fault, that he made the best decisions he could under terrible circumstances. I want the NARRATIVE to contradict him for once and show us that, no matter how much Tony himself might believe it, he’s not to blame for every bad thing that happens around him. So don’t give me sassy unapologetic Tony. Give me a Tony who finally gets to hear that it’s not all his fault, and a movie that challenges the idea that Tony is to blame for everything he blames himself for.

The King (2) (NSFW)

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T’Challa x Reader

Warning: Smut

A/N: Finally after trying to write all day, I finally got part 2 done. Enjoy more art collector, sugar daddy T’Challa since I know you guys got all these feels going on from the trailer drop yesterday. I know I do. Also, I’m pretty sure I want to do a part 3. Who would be down for that?


You were sitting in your office having a meeting with your assistant when an intern popped her head to tell you that you had a call from someone. You apologized to your assistant as you picked up the phone.

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Not to seem cold or like an anti-technology elder but I really really resent the way technology has created this idea that everyone is entitled to my time 24/7 and that I’m a bad friend/I don’t care about someone if I’m not available to respond to them at any point in the day every day.

I hate that we all make and repost apologies for being “bad texters” or “hard to get a hold of” when to be good texters and easy to get a hold of apparently means we need to be accessible At All Times to Anyone who wants to chat for whatever reason.

Sorry, but this has reached a level of absurdity that I am beginning to refuse to take part in.

We as a society have created an unrealistic and honestly unhealthy obsession with being accessible to each other at all times.

I’m not going to make excuses anymore like “sorry, I just saw your text” or “I was busy oops!”

The truth is that sometimes I just don’t feel like having a conversation! When I’m at home or on a walk or sitting in a cafe enjoying some quiet and alone time there is absolutely no reason I should have to respond to everyone who tries to contact me! I have a lot of friends and loved ones, and six or seven people may message me! While I’m trying to be alone.

I get guilted all the time for failing to respond to texts or pick up the phone, and it’s really frustrating! I have a lot going on in my life. I am exhausted often, and I use whatever free time I can to be around my friends in person! So it’s absurd to me that when I finally get home after work and socializing and decide to relax instead of to CONTINUE socializing via text or internet, I’m now somehow an inattentive friend…

I know it’s difficult to not be insecure if your friends don’t respond as much as you do, if they’re not online as often, etc.

But if they’re making plans with you in person, reaching out, and spending time with you, uh, you need to just accept that they don’t like to socialize online or on the phone.

I LOVE my friends, and I DO like hearing from them and texting etc. and obviously friends you can ONLY talk to online/text is another story.

But ffs I won’t apologize for wanting to go a day without checking my phone to see who wants to talk to me when I’m doing something else or hanging out with someone else!

And that doesn’t make me a bad friend.

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Have you ever thought about what would happen if the teachers like Eraserhead, All Might, and Present Mic all seperately walked in on Midoriya asleep on top of an also dozing Todoroki? Do you have any headcanons for their reaction?

Ooh, this one’s really interesting! I’m gonna do one for each of them! Thank you so much for the ask!

Eraserhead | Aizawa Shouta

  • Now, as you probably know, Aizawa is just tired and all he wants to do is sleep.
  • Imagine his shock when he comes to his favourite secret sleeping spot only to find it already occupied
  • And by two of his students no less… He was sure that he was the only one aware of this place’s existence
  • He is utterly unamused by this simple fact, completely uncaring that it’s two of his most promising students near tangled in each other
  • He debates just leaving to one of his other (many) secret spots, but this one is his favourite and he’s just about had enough that day
  • Wakes them up with a reprimand that they shouldn’t be at a place like this, sleeping of all things, they have dorms for a reason, use them
  • Kids these days.
  • When they finally leave, one very flustered and blushing Midoriya and a confused and still half-asleep Todoroki, he will never let anyone know that he was actually smiling knowingly to himself
  • It was just because he could finally sleep, of course…

All Might | Yagi Toshinori

  • There’s coughing
  • There’s blood
  • There’s screaming on Midoriya’s part
  • Todoroki is once again confused and sleepy, rubbing at his eyes with an expression of someone who has no clue whatsoever what is going on
  • All Might is embarrassed, he was just coming to Midoriya’s room with some important news on changes to his training
  • He didn’t think his pupil would have company
  • He excuses himself with a million apologies and coughing into his hands before Midoriya even has the chance to do or say anything
  • When he’s already in the elevator, All Might grins delighted
  • Midoriya had been acting flustered whenever he brought up the topic of his and Todoroki’s strengthening bond, noticing that the two were getting closer with each day that passed
  • As it turned out, his supsicions had been spot on

Present Mic | Yamada Hizashi

  • He was purposefully looking for them
  • After Aizawa told him about his encounter he just had to see for himself
  • High-key ships it
  • He takes a picture
  • Before waking them up with the loudest “RISE AND SHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIINE” ever known to man
  • Because of course he does
  • They almost had a heart attack
  • Todoroki is grumpy and unamused af
  • Midoriya is just trying not to die
  • They never use Aizawa’s favourite secret spot again
  • Aizawa is secretely happy about it



It doesn’t matter how old you are or what mental illnesses you have.

If you suicide bait someone, that’s not okay.

If you harass someone, that’s not okay.

Doing these things because they triggered you or because you currently were not sound of mind doesn’t excuse your behavior. Part of living with mental illness is striving to control your symptoms, and, when you lose control of those symptoms, understanding that you are still responsible.

Just because you said or did something cruel and hateful during a breakdown doesn’t mean you don’t have to apologize. You still have to take responsibility for your own actions. You still tried to make another living being kill themselves. You still tried to drive another living being to suicide.

No, your age is not an excuse. If you’re old enough to suicide bait and harass someone, you’re old enough to own up to it and apologize.

Let’s make 2017 the year where we stop hiding behind coping mechanisms and breakdowns and age, and start trying to better ourselves despite our circumstances.

In Regards to Hate: On Victuuri

I don’t know what suddenly happened again but there’s a shitton of hate for Victuuri/Viktuuri(/etc) in the tags lately. People are welcome to feel however they want for a particular ship, but I just wanted to give my two cents by tackling the common complaints I’ve seen. I’ll start from the beginning so I’ll be addressing basically all the arguments against this ship I’ve seen so far. I’ve tried to maintain some sort of order for these, but honestly I just winged it at some point.  A lot of these arguments are also heavily character-based, so keep in mind that I’ll be deconstructing several scenes as well as character motivations as I go.  (As a note, this assumes you’ve seen the whole show. Also, I’m only using canon evidence from the show itself.)

This is like an informal follow-up to my super old post but also not really.

No I’m not avoiding work why would you say that.

WARNING: This is a massive post/wall of text. Grab popcorn.

Keep reading