it was ossum

i’ve never been more infuriated by an addition to a post in my entire life. AWE FULL AND WOFF ILL SOUND THE SAME AND AWESOME AND OSSUM ARE LITERALLY IDENTICAL HOW TF DOES THIS SOUND DIFFERENT IN YOUR HEAD!?!??!?!!? i’m so upset.


Took my pelts outside to be washed and groomed today since it’s nice and sunny. They’ve needed baths for a while because I never really washed the fur in the tanning process. There’s a huge improvement in the racc..oon particularly. The male op.ossum still smells a little musky but I think that’s just his natural state, lol.

These are all animals I picked up as roadkill and skinned/tanned myself, so they’re not pro quality but I’m still proud of them.

I think I’m gonna get some felt and turn the rac.coon into a rug. He looks better spread out on the floor because of the way I skinned him.


this guy’s been rotting in a neighbors garden for over a month now, I didn’t have the stuff to pick him up when I first saw him and now when I went back this was the only thing in decent shape, but I don’t have that much time left before I go back to school to process a full op.ossum anyway so maybe thats for the best

Maybe the most beautiful place in the world isn’t an exotic country or a tropical beach. Maybe it’s next to the one person who can make you laugh when all you want to do is cry
—  People travel the whole world to find something like that

paganstorm91  asked:

Why do you write the names of your specimens like R.abbit, Op.ossum, etc

Apologies for the late response!
Great question! Because tumblr’s tagging system is awful. When you type something into the search bar, the tagging system will produce any post with that word in it whether it’s in the tags or the caption. Most people searching for “ca.ts” or “rabb.its” may not want to see a dead animal so I break up the word so that it doesn’t come up in the search results. Hope this answers your question!

WHAT! No, it’s neither insane or bad or stupid!

I really think that sounds good, i actually need to thank you. And sorry not even sorry for more longass ranting ahead. NO i love this so much you don’t know. 

True that they would never be interested in being Gods and never can be (that’s why you may think this is crazy) but when we talk about roles alone, I think in canon their characters fit.

Vegeta is the “creator” to me. His creation game is strong. Of course we don’t talk about him as an evil killer/destroyer of planets. 

He created his opportunities in battle, created all his techniques, created his fights, created his fate, created his self-image, created his life. What he had was a big zero and he went from there, creating everything, from bad to good. He even create his opponents (ALL the big bads) Nothing is given to him. He had this readiness and activeness at wanting to prove himself, finding, learning new things and opening new doors.  He actively rebelled against Frieza without a cause, actively searched for freedom. He worked by himself to be better. He actively searched for Goku, went out of his way to [be better than] Goku, and sought others’ (notably Bulma’s) help when needed himself. In the end, he proved himself to be a responsibility taker, an able and fitting leader, a good father and “older brother”.  I believe if he was given the rights and responsibility to “create” he would do it well enough with help. Creating lives and planets? Definitely plausible. He loved the new life on Earth now.  

What’s more, who wouldn’t like to see  a smart, crazy, fun-loving, hilariously sarcastic nerd full of passion and cute quirks and awkwardness with a cold, cool, “badass” exterior as a God? I imagine he would make a 9000% better, more capable, more interesting God of Creation than those Kais. Look at him loudly criticizing them both old and young.

Goku on the other hand, is the “destroyer” to me. Similarly, we don’t talk about him as a gentle hero, the creator of human happiness and great battles. With Goku it is difficult for me to describe it, but hear me out. 

In contrast to Vegeta, I feel everything non-fighting is given/taught/come to Goku without him readily seeking or creating it : good parents and grandpa, an accidental bump on the head that killed his evil Saiyan ego and would enable him to be a martial artist like no other, good friends, good family, good teachers, good rivals, good training, good everything as well as god-given talents. The thing is, he was never attached to all this enough to care and stay still with them, despite appreciating them and having the ability to make them better. If he had to destroy lives, i bet he’d be just like “k” when he see fit. All he really seek is fighting and power to stand against strong opponents. In fighting, He would destroy his opponent thoroughly by “destroying” his ego aka limit, then move on to the next. I feel he’s just like Beerus minus the hot temper: The childlike chaotic goodness, the appetite, the fighting genius, the mischievousness …The sense of responsibility is also quite lacking in him. He’s so carefree he needs to be yelled at, to be taken care of, to be grounded. He would make a good if not better God of Destruction and Whis - the master, knew it. At least we can trust him not to destroy planets out of entertainment and carelessness. And let’s not forget that even canonically, he’s the best person one would come to when  bad things - that a guy like Vegeta may create - got out of hand. 

Also, the thought of powers that could destroy galaxies coupled with a cool, airheaded lukewarmness, welcoming everyone but not to be attached to anyone inside a warm, happy-go-lucky, smiling gentleman makes Goku the God of Destruction sound more than scary  :o 

Goku and Vegeta’s fighting power is also a factor . The Kaioshins are gods of creation, i guess that’s why their power is JUST enough and nothing to Beerus, who is all about power as well as fighting skills. All the same, Vegeta’s power is JUST enough and limited once he had settled down. Whereas Goku’s is apparently limitless, and DAT OBSESSION with fighting. 

Honestly the more i think about it the more interesting and FITTING this notion gets. Why doesn’t anyone write an AU fanfic about these two gods already. I’m getting giddy imagining the fights, the bickering, the balance they should keep, the Goku sassiness, the stars and dirty fireworks and ballet dance lessons Vegeta can create :D :D :D 


Bhansali’s magic.. 

Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam & Ram Leela


Ok here is my silly stendan song. Sorry it’s quiet (probably gonna need headphones ‘cause my computer blows) and, uh, sorry about everything else…


The bruises your kisses left

how wrong was I to miss them

and the marks under my skin you left

how wrong were you to kiss them

But I see something in your eyes (2x)

And when I see the truth that you won’t show me

and when I hear the words you won’t dare tell me

I know there’s something else inside

The words that I told myself

how hard I tried to believe them

and all the promises I made

why couldn’t you see right through them

but there’s something hiding in your eyes (2x)

And when I see you standing there in the cold night

and when I hear your confession by the streetlight

Knew there was something else inside

But I see something in your eyes, I still see something in your eyes

I see something in his eyes

I see there something in his eyes

And you’re still mine even after what you’ve told me

and I’m still yours even after what you did to me

and I’ll never let you go no matter what they tell me

no i’ll never let you go 

no matter what you tell me

I’ll never ever let you go

The bruises your kisses left

how long will i have to miss them?