it was originally gonna be brown hair


trying to draw stuff outside of fanart so here are my ocs!!


apparently centi was originally gonna look a LOT less buggy in Monster Reunion. coupling that with the final design that ended up in the episode…i wonder if her uncorrupted form looked something like this? anyway the snout-ish face and the way she was always playing with her hair in those sketches made her so cute and i am weak

Just gonna casually leave a shirtless floating Julian here…

Lol jk

It’s clearly the design from that Thorns cover page that I did, but recently decided to update Julian’s color pallet. Originally I sampled colors from Jaime the mailman from Steven Universe but as time went on, I just felt like he was more washed out than I originally imagined him so I made his hair more brown than the reddish color that it was. I even updated his nipple color because I think about all of my character’s nipple colors lol.

sddonald22  asked:

Hello there! I was wondering if you could ship me with someone from the DC universe, MCU, and the walking dead?? I have light brown hair, green eyes, and I'm 5'6". I am somewhat shy but only with strangers. I can be outgoing when I choose to. I am in the marching band at my high school. I love to listen to 5SOS, Li Uzi Vert, Halsey, Andy Black, and many others. I like Star Wars (yes very original if that helps). I like video games as well! Lastly, my favorite colors are red, black, and white.

hey dear! I’m gonna go with mcu for you!


I ship you with : Wade Wilson (Deadpool)

You started laughing when he laid down on the floor in front of you, whining because he had, yet again, lost another round of Mario Cart.

“You’re cheating!”

“No, I’m just better than you.”

He started pounding against the floor with arms and legs, then, when he had calmed down, turned towards you and tried his best to form a heart with his hands.

You laughed and got up.

“Yeah, yeah. Get up, Mister. You have a world to save.”


“Right,” you grabbed your coat. “Let’s get something to eat first, though. I’m starving.”


want one?


Bahorel: Montparnasse? Yeah he comes around sometimes.
…Moodiest nine year old I’ve ever meant, but Eponine and Jehan seem to like him okay.

imagines-in-a-galaxy-farfar-away  asked:

First of all this thing you got going on is so original so props to you! Second, idk if this counts but I'd like to request 'A Hard Bargain' aesthetic thing (I loved that fic, it still has me crying in the club) If That's not an option then a Modern triplet Ben au would be good too! As far as description I have blue eyes, brown hair, pale skin, I'm a bit thick, I love snuggles, and rain storms, I'm also hella emotional, sassy, deadpan, and somehow funny all at the same time. Thanks bb! 💕

Aw thank you! I try to be original every now and then, haha. So for your aesthetic, I decided I’m gonna try to do a board for A Hard Bargain separately since I’m doing them continually for my fics and I’ll just tag you in it. Meaning I decided to give you a Modern Triplet Ben aesthetic! Hopefully you like it :)

anonymous asked:

UNSUAL ASKS 1 through whatever number it went to, I just saw it and legit can't remember. Do them all fam, am interested.

Holy Moly, this is gonna take a while. But I appreciate it, anon. Thanks for asking!

  1. Spotify, SoundCloud, or Pandora? I´ve never used one of these properly but I guess Spotify??
  2. is your room messy or clean? 4 out of 7 days it´s messy. Messy is its natural state
  3. what color are your eyes? Dark brown
  4. do you like your name? why? Yeah, I like its origin and meaning. Also it isn´t either common or weird, a nice in-between.
  5. what is your relationship status? Single and ready to mingle
  6. describe your personality in 3 words or less. What the fuck
  7. what color hair do you have? Dark brown
  8. what kind of car do you drive? color? Sentra, grey. But I don´t really drive often
  9. where do you shop? The shops I frecuent the most are clothing ones and those are H&M and Pull and Bear (??)
  10. how would you describe your style? (In personality, music taste, clothing…?) In every aspect I stick to comfort and what I like the most at the moment. 
  11. favorite social media account. Tumblr and Facebook. In Tumblr I feel the most loved (lmao) but since I created a fake account in Facebook and joined some communities there, I´ve been having a lot of fun. Well, Tumblr for the win
  12. what size bed do you have? Individual?? (I don´t know how it is called in English) Lemme tell you it´s small as fuck
  13. any siblings? Yes, a little one. 
  14. if you can live anywhere in the world where would it be? why? Already answered
  15. favorite snapchat filter? The one with the mask (I don´t know how to say “cubrebocas” in English sORRy) with animal print in it. It´s perfect for me cause it covers half my face with it
  16. favorite makeup brand(s) I don´t use makeup. Only for special occasions
  17. how many times a week do you shower? Daily
  18. favorite tv show? Already answered
  19. shoe size? Uhhh in my country´s measure it´s 24
  20. how tall are you? 1.56 cm (5″1 aprox)
  21. sandals or sneakers? Sneakers
  22. do you go to the gym? LMAO. I haven´t gone to the gym in months
  23. describe your dream date. A night out in the city (my home city to be specific)
  24. how much money do you have in your wallet at the moment? 500 pesos (aproximately 25 dollars)
  25. what color socks are you wearing? Grey with blue dots
  26. how many pillows do you sleep with? 1
  27. do you have a job? what do you do? nope. I do wish I had one
  28. how many friends do you have? That´s a fun question. I have a lot of internet friends but I only have one best friend which I could trust my life with.
  29. whats the worst thing you have ever done? Too many
  30. whats your favorite candle scent? Apple and cinnamon
  31. 3 favorite boy names. Emiliano, Antonio and I don´t have a third one
  32. 3 favorite girl names. Cassandra, Alicia and Julieta
  33. favorite actor? (He´s a voice actor I hope it still counts) Troy Baker
  34. favorite actress? Lupita Nyongo´o
  35. who is your celebrity crush? Troy Baker again
  36. favorite movie? Dead Poets Society
  37. do you read a lot? whats your favorite book? Unfortunately not as I used to (ironic cause what I want to study requires lots of reading) and my favorite book is Sarah´s Key by Tatiana de Rosnay
  38. money or brains? bRAiNS
  39. do you have a nickname? what is it? Fati or Fa
  40. how many times have you been to the hospital? Just when I was born lol. I´ve never been hospitalized
  41. top 10 favorite songs. Already answered and too lazy to put it again
  42. do you take any medications daily? No. This week is an exception cause I´m sick :P
  43. what is your skin type? (oily, dry, etc) OiLY AS helL
  44. what is your biggest fear? Death (ironic cause I want to die 24/7. Hard to explain)
  45. how many kids do you want? 2 or none. Kinda want a family kinda want a peaceful life
  46. whats your go to hair style? Ponytail
  47. what type of house do you live in? (big, small, etc) Apartment
  48. who is your role model? My dad. Just not as close-minded as he is
  49. what was the last compliment you received? Someone suggested to make me a fan club 
  50. what was the last text you sent? Already answered
  51. how old were you when you found out santa wasn’t real? 12. It went all downhill from there
  52. what is your dream car? Mustang
  53. opinion on smoking? Disgusting but I still do it sometimes oops
  54. do you go to college? It´s almost time for me to
  55. what is your dream job? Working at a place where books are edited
  56. would you rather live in rural areas or the suburbs? Rural, but my dream is to live right in the city
  57. do you take shampoo and conditioner bottles from hotels? No
  58. do you have freckles? Nope 
  59. do you smile for pictures? Just a slight smile
  60. how many pictures do you have on your phone? 1, 080
  61. have you ever peed in the woods? Yeah… It was an emergency
  62. do you still watch cartoons? Anime doesn´t enter this category so no. (Not a big fan of anime anyways)
  63. do you prefer chicken nuggets from Wendy’s or McDonalds? McDonald´s. Extra fact: I´ve never been to Wendy´s
  64. Favorite dipping sauce? None
  65. what do you wear to bed? A long, old blouse
  66. have you ever won a spelling bee? No :( Haunts me till this very day
  67. what are your hobbies? Play video games for the most part. I also like reading 
  68. can you draw? Not really
  69. do you play an instrument? I used to play guitar
  70. what was the last concert you saw? It was September of 2016. Twenty one Pilots
  71. tea or coffee? Coffee
  72. Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts? I´ve never been to Dunkin Donuts but Starbuck is expensive as hell so…
  73. do you want to get married? Yup
  74. what is your crush’s first and last initial? A and R
  75. are you going to change your last name when you get married? HELL NO
  76. what color looks best on you? Blue??? 
  77. do you miss anyone right now? At this very moment, no
  78. do you sleep with your door open or closed? Closed. Don´t want any diabolic spirits to get in, right?
  79. do you believe in ghosts? No???
  80. what is your biggest pet peeve? Myself as a person
  81. last person you called` My aunt
  82. favorite ice cream flavor? Mamey
  83. regular oreos or golden oreos? Regular oreos
  84. chocolate or rainbow sprinkles? Rainbow sprinkles
  85. what shirt are you wearing? A neon green one. I used it in training when I was a cheerleader :´)
  86. what is your phone background? Already answered
  87. are you outgoing or shy? SHY
  88. do you like it when people play with your hair? IF YOU PLAY WITH MY HAIR IM ALL YOURS
  89. do you like your neighbors? Mmmm… no
  90. do you wash your face? at night? in the morning? At night
  91. have you ever been high? No
  92. have you ever been drunk? Nope
  93. last thing you ate? A chocolate bar
  94. favorite lyrics right now:  Give me your forever, or at least just for a while
    Give me never ending, or at least give me a mile
    Give me happiness, or at least give me a smile
    Give me forever for a while, give me forever for a while
    Quit actin’ like a baby, or at least less like a child
    Give me serenity, or at least just peace of mind
    Give me closure, or at least a phone call
    Give me forever for a while, give me forever for a while
  95. summer or winter? I´m a summer hoe
  96. day or night? Night even though it´s when i suffer the most
  97. dark, milk, or white chocolate? Dark
  98. favorite month? June
  99. what is your zodiac sign. Gemini
  100. who was the last person you cried in front of? My dad. It was months ago

U2 abc - F is for Fourty Years

It was in the crowded kitchen of a semi-detached house in Artane that a bunch of teenage school boys from Mount Temple Comprehensive, Dublin, gathered to discuss forming a band. There was barely enough room to fit around the drum kit, with five guitarists squeezed between the fridge and the bread bin. A chaotic jam session involved wobbly renditions of Rolling Stones hits Brown Sugar and Satisfaction, with no consensus as to the correct chord sequences.

One wannabe lead guitarist was forced into the role of singer because he had neglected to actually bring a guitar. Another young guitarist established his position as lead instrumentalist because he had mastered the solo from Rory Gallagher’s Blister on the Moon. The bassist couldn’t play but had the best hair and, crucially, owned an actual bass guitar and amplifier. The drummer was definitely in because it was his family’s kitchen. And thus, U2 were born.
- Neil McCormick

thefloralfox  asked:

What are the hair and eye colours of the main cast? Or do they look like an already existing character, celebrity or someone you've seen before?


Both Sadie and Danny are blonde but Danny has blue eyes and Sadie has blue eyes. As for Yuri, I can’t decide if she should have short/long dark brown or black hair…she’s Asian. I’m gonna have to play around with that. But I want her to have like part of it dyed. hm. Ash originally had dark brown curly hair and brown eyes but one of my coworkers are Indian and he has gorgeous dark blue eyes and now I want Ash to have those too haha. 

And well Reggie is a skeleton you know what they look like. But he has a hat. a top hat i think if i remember correctly????

Eliza is short and wrinkly and blind. She’s basically like Momma Odie from Princess and the Frog LOL minus the singing. 

I based Sadie off of Annasophia Robb who’s an actress. Like I use her for references whenever I draw her and for Danny, he looks like a model I found on pinterest but i cant remember his name lmao. 


The culmination of an idea that got really really out of hand.  I wondered what it would be like if StealthCat was a teen vampire fic, where Reika is a vampire and Willow is a cute church girl who gets rescued from a dark alley filled with goons and vagabonds PX  Reika looks pretty good as a vampire, but Willow required a heck lot more redesigning; I figured that since Willow in her original faun form had brown fur, it stands to reason that a human Willow would have brown hair.  Definitely gonna keep playing with this for a while.

too long the children’s voices sing of death

WOOO I finished the trash fam fic that’s been sitting on my laptiop for five billion years I feel so accomplished. Okay, I really really REALLY hope I got Mace’ character okay because I HAVE NO IDEA HOW TO WRITE HIM and the presence of the Rebels gang in trash fam au is very half-formed atm, so bare with me (disclaimer: I know very little of their canon backstory). BUT, here it is! Shameless trash. (which I’m actually vaguely proud of)

He had never expected ten years of solitude to be so … isolated.

Certainly, isolation had its merits, and he wasn’t completely alone in the middle of the Mon Cal ocean; two younglings smuggled out from the Temple before the clone – storm troopers arrived, bundled in overlarge robes to disguise them and taken on as his – 

What? Padawans? Mace hadn’t had a proper padawan learner in ages, it felt, and while quite used to their presence in the Temple, two of them at once with only each other for company was … admittedly daunting, at first.

Ten years of isolation, of lingering nerves (a Jedi knows no emotion – but then, that couldn’t be all there was to it, anymore, and he found himself wondering, doubting, second-guessing. One wrong move, was all that was on his mind – one step the wrong direction, and all could have been lost.)

(Jedi – what exactly does that word mean, anymore? It’s been ten years.)

But that was ten years ago, and he was – is – nothing if not stubborn and fiercely in control. The galaxy had been in shambles. He’d had to cling to the only things he had left.

(Sidious’s shriek of anger, the unearthly wail when Anakin had stepped back, the fire in his eyes burning blue, so bright and clear and blue – “No,” he’d said. “I don’t need you.”

Mace had never been more frightened in his life.)

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The problem with dressing ~business casual~ all summer is that unless I get that job at Sephora (which is like… my last choice–too much standing) my makeup is just gonna look like this all the time.

I did my eyebrows with my pinkie finger on the bus, because I was running super late in the morning.  I also did my original lipstick on the bus, but then had to take it off to go to the dentist.  (Guess who needs an entire root canal!)  I reapplied it once I got home, and added some eye makeup.

[Image description: one close-up photo of a young woman (me) with short, bobbed hair that’s mostly pink except for the long, brown roots.  My eyebrows are medium-heavily filled with dark brown eyeshadow.  My eyelids are covered in beige shadow, with gold shadow in the creases.  I’m wearing black winged eyeliner and mascara.  I have on bright red lipstick.]


Ladies and Gentlemen, aka Bechloe shippers, I present to you…

Maddie Mitchell-Beale (also known as ‘Bechloe Jr’) - Bechloe/Beca & Chloe’s Daughter

I honestly don’t know what you could call this. You could call this a prompt, a profile/summary or whatever, I don’t really know what to call this but I’m basically going to cover Bechloe Jr’s profile and stuff you need to know. This could be helpful for fanfic writers who want to write one-shots of Bechloe’s daughter but don’t know exactly what to do. This is just me using my AU imagination and shit, so sorry if I talk a lot about this, I’m very serious and passionate about it, so I’m gonna put this under a Read More. And sorry if I don’t categorize any of the subjects about this AU daughter, I suck at organizing.

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intergalacticwanderer  asked:

Imagine Bucky seeing the events of Age of Ultron unfolding on the news while he's still alone and not knowing how to feel.

he hasn’t gone to see steve yet. his memories are still all fragmented. he’s still having trouble equating himself with “bucky barnes” and he can picture the disappointment in steve’s eyes when he figures that out, so he stays away.

but now he’s in a shitty motel in upstate new york somewhere and on the news they’re doing live coverage of the attack on new york (some giant robot called ultron has apparently gained sentience and is doing Things) and he can see steve, they keep panning to him. natasha is on one side of him and there’s a girl with long straggly brown hair behind him and he keeps smacking things away with his shield and bucky wants to be on his left so badly it hurts (but why does he feel this overwhelming urge to protect steve rogers?)

more comes out on ultron’s origins but bucky doesn’t care. for some reason, the only thing that matters is steve rogers. is steve okay? he’s not gonna get sick mid fight? is he gonna get too tired and need someone to help him? bucky couldn’t tell you why these questions keep coming out of nowhere or who was asking them. but the day he sees steve rogers limping down the street after the latest bout of fighting is the day he checks out.

the next thing he knows, he’s lying on a rooftop with a grenade launcher that he stole from a HYDRA plant, and he’s watching steve cover a huge area with hawkeye. there’s something behind him and bucky fires without thinking, knocking ultron back about fifty feet into the side of a bank.

hawkeye yells something unintelligible, but steve immediately looks upwards. bucky ducks down. he’s not sure he wants steve to know just yet.

he STILL doesn’t know why he’s even there.

beinmyheart  asked:

Dianeeee, I am here to prompt you but I have too many!!! Ugh. A life of a prompter! Umm let's see.. Oo I have a different one, Olicity's kid visits from the future or a parallel universe?

I don’t know where I was going with this… but I hope you enjoy the randomness…

We All Get a Future.

They didn’t use their new lair like this, not normally, but Barry and the gang were in town, and they’d just caught a particular bad Meta-human. So here they all were crashing in the new lair. Barry had just gotten back with a multitude of take out. Now they were all sprawled out on their giant round table, chatting and eating. It was the whole gang, Oliver, Felicity, Diggle, Thea, Laurel, Barry, Caitlin, and Cisco.

They sat all tired and hungry from a hard few days but a giant clanging in the garage had them all on their feet. They made their way over, all weapons drawn and when they stepped inside they found a capsule type device as large as half of the room.

“What the hell?” Oliver whispered as he stepped closer.

“How’d it even get in here?” Thea asked looking around to see no damage at all.

“I don’t know… It isn’t possible.” Felicity said cautiously. They slowly stepped closer when the device made a mechanical noise and the door dropped open, smoke billowing out.

“Don, Dawn I mean really? Couldn’t you have just left this thing?” A woman stepped out first coughing slightly not looking at the group.

“Hey don’t blame us!” They heard another voice shout.

“No one forced you to come along Sara!” Shouted another.

“I’m meant to be watching you guys! God our parents are gonna kill-” She froze instantly taking in the group in front of her. Her eyes travelling over each one in shock till they rested on Diggle and her mouth fell open. “Guys! This better be some kind of practical joke!” She shouted back into the device.

“What are you talking abo-” A brown haired girl shouted as she stepped out. “Oh my god…” She whispered and still the original group were frozen weapons drawn.

“Who are you?” Oliver asked.

“I… I don’t think I should tell you that.” The eldest girl answered. Diggle stepped forward looking her up and down, something oddly familiar in her big brown eyes.

“And why not?” She instantly looked like a small child.

“I…” Just then another girl appeared. She too looked oddly familiar. Her light brown hair tied up in a plait, her head tilted to one side as her mouth fell open in shock.

“Oh wow… It actually worked.”

“Of course it worked, our parents all helped build this thing-” Instantly the young man froze, he had clear defined muscles his hair a slightly darker shade of brown to the girls, he seemed about Oliver’s height. “Oh wow, I mean, wow…” He glanced around the group, and then his eyes roamed over the space. “We’re in the lair… But-”

“How do you know where you are?” Oliver asked his voice dropping.

“Okay, still just as scary.” The younger girl said, looking at the guy, he nodded clearly in agreement.

“Well this is certainly messed up.” The older girl said.

“Who are you? And what do you want?” Laurel asked.

“We… Well it’s complicated Aunt Laurel.” The older girl spoke and the whole group froze.

“Sara!” The other 2 shouted.

“Don’t you remember Doctor Who?” The younger girl shouted. “All the timey wimey stuff… It’s complicated!”

“Eva I know!” Sara replied.

“Wait Doctor Who?” Felicity asked stepping closer, the girls eyes widened.


“Timey wimey?” Felicity repeated.

“Yes mom.” The guy gave her a pointed look and Felicity gasped a little.

“Way to go Eva.”

“Shut it Tommy.” She said turning to face him.

“Mom? You called me mom.” Felicity was stepping closer the rest of the gang bewildered and Oliver came round in front of her.

“Felicity, we don’t know who these people are.” He placed his hand on the tops of her arms.

“Good old dad as protective as ever.” Tommy said shaking his head.

“At least your dad isn’t pointing a gun at you.” Sara mumbled and Diggle blinked, completely confused.

“Who are you all?” Diggle asked.

“Sara Diggle.” Digs mouth fell open.

“My baby girl.” He whispered and she rolled her eyes.

“Dad I’m 21 when are you going to stop calling me that?”

“You’re 21!” She nodded with a smile.

“Wait how old am I here? I mean I exist here right?”

“A little over a year.” He said stepping closer.

“Oh jez, guys we went back 20 years! None of you are even alive!” She shouted. Oliver and Felicity were still frozen in place neither moving. The rest of the gang exchanged panicked looks as more kids appeared.

“Oh wow! Look Dawn!” A young man came bolting out.

“Don what are- Dad?” She froze when her eyes landed on Barry.

“Dad? You’re…” He looked at them both, their dark hair and expressions so like Iris. “Mine and Iris’s kids.” They nodded enthusiastically then suddenly they were right beside him.

“Oh my god dad you’re so young!”

“Wait you two have speed?”

“Well as Aunt Caitlin always said it altered all your cells.” Dawn said with a shrug and Caitlin just stood there amazed. By now Oliver and Felicity had turned towards their children.

“Eva and Tommy.” She said trying to blink back tears. They nodded. “What ages are you?”

“18.” Tommy replied. “Same as Andy.”

“Who’s Andy?” Oliver asked still in shock. Just then another guy walked out and there was no mistaking him, he was the double of John. He walked over to Eva placing a hand on her shoulder.

“You okay?” He whispered and she blushed instantly, but nodded in reply. Dig overheard the conversation and the 3 exchanged a look at their children’s interactions.

“Andy… We had another baby and called you Andy.” He nodded.

“Dad… Nice to see what you used to look like.” He gestured to his frame.

“What’s that supposed to mean?” Dig said crossing his arms.

“Shut up Andy!” Sara scolded. “He’s just teasing dad.”

“So how old are you Eva?” Oliver asked.

“I’m 16, like Don and Dawn.” She said pointing to where they were literally talking so fast no one other than Barry could understand.

“Why are you all here and who’s the other kid?” He pointed to the brunette just standing there.

“Oh that’s Meg, she’s Aunt Thea’s daughter.” Thea stood there blinking.

“I guess you haven’t met dad yet then?” Meg said softly, she was clearly younger than the rest.

“I dunno.” Thea replied. “This is so surreal.”

“You think?” Oliver asked a little stunned. “Is there more of you?”

“In there? No. More of us kids? Yes.” Tommy replied and he smiled then. “But we can’t reveal all of the future.”

“Quick question.” Cisco jumped in. “Why are you guys here?”

“Ah.” Sara said taking a step back. “We were all at the new base in Central city, you guys were catching up so all the kids were together, Dawn and Don over there decided to go snooping in your lab Uncle Cisco.”

“Wait I built that?” Cisco asked.

“Yep. You, Aunt Fliss and our dad.” Don replied proudly. The 3 exchanged looks.

“So anyway, we all kind of got stuck and those 2 decided to take it for a spin and now we’re here.” Sara gestured around.

“We’re so dead.” Meg whispered.

“Why?” Laurel asked.

“No offence Aunt Laurel, but you’ve all met our parents.” Tommy said gesturing around. “That and the other kids are back there.”

“Other kids?” The group all asked.

“Yes I mean everyone here has children.”

Children?” Laurel emphasised.

“Yep Aunt Laurel, yours are currently in charge whilst I’m gone.” Sara said with a smile. “Very much like their grandfather.” Laurel gave a teary smile feeling completely overwhelmed.

“I just I can’t believe you’re our kids.” Oliver said staring at the group.

“Yep, we’re your future.” Eva said with a smile dimples showing just like her dad. Felicity clutched to Oliver and smiled at her tenderly.

“You still look at each other like that now.” Tommy said with a smile. “But seriously we should all be going. We’ve already spent way too much time here.” The group hugged their parents a little uncertainly before making their way back inside. Andy timidly waited for Eva as the pair smiled at each other warmly.

“Our kids are getting together.” Diggle whispered walking beside the pair.

“What do you mean?” Oliver asked with a frown.

“He’s so blind John, Andy and Eva, they act just like we used to, the gazes, the cautious touches.” Oliver stiffened slightly.

“Our daughter, your son.” Oliver turned to look at Dig.

“Worst things could happen Oliver.” Felicity said with a shrug.

“Just remember not to be too mad at us.” Sara shouted before the doors closed shut. The group gravitated towards each other before, in a single flash, the device disappeared without a trace.

“Well that was a surreal experience.” Thea said with a shake of her head.

“Yes agreed.” Diggle said a wistful look in his eyes.

“That was our future.” Laurel said softly.

“Potential future.” Cisco added. “Things constantly change.”

“Not that.” Oliver said firmly. “We all get to be happy, we all get to fall in love, we all get a family, and we are all part of a bigger family, of this family… We all get a future.” Felicity leant into his side as the group nodded along smiling, all of them wandering about the future that awaited them.

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Closed rp with @scarletfairywings


•A boy walks through a deep and dry canyon as he listens to some music on his magic lacrima player• Aw man… These tunes are great! Gotta thank Mizumi when I see him at the guild later for getting this for me! • He wears a dark red coat, a black shirt and a pair of black leather boots. He has brown eyes. His light brown hair sways in the breeze. His collar bone bears the Sabertooth guild mark, but his shirt blocked the bottom half• hmmm…. • he holds up a flyer and reads to himself• Basically I have to take care of some bandits that steal from caravans on this trade path. Should be a piece of cake. • he smirks showing his canines and snaps his fingers, revealing flames igniting on his forearm. Then it extinguishes as he continued to walk•


Real quick gonna point something out here. I see a lot of people on tumblr saying that Honey Lemon is white, when in fact she is not. Honey Lemon is Japanese. Her real name is Aiko Miyazaki. Her hair was originally black, but now it’s blonde (It was never pointed out if she dyed her hair or it was due to another change). Also her eyes were originally brown but now they’re blue (It was never pointed out if she uses contacts or if they changed due to another reason). 

Yes in the poster, she looks like other designs from before, but again the poster said it wasn’t approved by Disney. So it’s most likely not her final design in the upcoming movie. 

Again, Honey Lemon (Aiko Miyazaki) is Japanese.