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ive been looking for a five? im sorry i don't really remember it but like blue and lance get really close and lance is only ever around blue? he doesn't really talk to the team either, and blue is the only girl lion? lance can like talk to blue too. the team confronts him and blue gets super protective??? it was on ao3 and i can find it anywhere it's making me so mad i stg!!! please help!!! thank you, i love ur blog 💗

(Pt 2, poorly formatted bc I’m on mobile: gosh i sent my ask yesterday but i also remember lance having a sister who died in a car accident and his dad blamed him? he like disowned him and he had to live with hunk. it was rlly long though?? sorry these are like a lot of spoilers for people who havent read it but i cant find it anywhere i’ve been looking for WEEKS!!)

I could’ve sworn I’d seen something to do with the first part of your ask but I can neither recall that one nor any with the added details :’( I’m sorry,,you gave a whole ton of helpful info too; maybe someone else here knows?

types of marvel fans i have seen on my dash during my time as a marvel fan
  • type 1: really love loki to a disturbing degree. probably joined around the time the first avengers movie came out. are rare nowadays but you occasionally still see one and cringe a lil bit but u do u fam
  • type 2: think the winter soldier is one of the greatest films ever made. would literally take a bullet for bucky barnes
  • type 2a: people who enjoy steve rogers (just kidding, this is everyone)
  • type 3: people who are in love with our lord and savior peggy carter
  • type 3a: people who are in love with our other lord and savior sharon carter
  • type 4: the guardians of the galaxy-ers. i'm pretty sure they're high like at least 40% of the time when they're not making fantastic edits
  • type 5: the Tony Stans™
  • type 6: the deadpool fans. interestingly probably the most respectful of the bunch
  • type 7: the comic book fans. always good for a good movie/comic comparison thanks guys
  • type 7a: the fraction!hawkeye fans. would die for kate bishop and think clint barton is A Mess™ (he is)
  • type 8: the Netflix Fan™. the only people capable of being adults here
  • type 9: never in my five years on this site have a seen an exclusively thor blog. but they must be out there. they must
  • type 10: people who have seen uncle ben die like three times too many. stop making origin stories for spiderman
  • type 11: people who needed the black panther movie yesterday (just kidding, this is also everyone)
  • type 12: people who would let natasha romonov kick them in the face
  • type 13: people who do not enjoy brucenat (just kidding, also everyone)
#RIP Bill Paxton

Oh, man.. I feel like I mostly only write these sort of blog posts lately…

I just learned it yesterday evening, and could only find the time to write this now, but…

Bill Paxton, the actor behind iconic roles in Aliens, Titanic, and Apollo 13, has passed away at 61 years old.

Bill Paxton died after complications from surgery.

He will always be remembered by me as the guy who died at the hands of an Alien, a Predator and a Terminator. He did countless great cult movies such as Twister. And more recently he had a great recurring antagonist role in Agents of SHIELD.

He still had a role in an upcoming co-starring with Emma Watson and Tom Hanks, The Circle.

Bill Paxton leaves behind a wife and two children.
“Bill’s passion for the arts was felt by all who knew him, and his warmth and tireless energy were undeniable,”
-Paxton’s family told TMZ.

I was a big fan of him. He always managed to make any of his roles even the minor ones memorable.

RIP Bill Paxton.

There are no words to express my embarrassment for what happened yesterday evening. I can’t apologise enough for the posts I made last night while I was recovering. I can assure you that I normally use this blog for professional purposes only and these posts do not undermine my professionalism in any way. 

I’d delete them all but John keeps looking at them and laughing, so I shan’t.

That question actually hit my feels. I’m gonna do the best I can to explain.

Look, Kate was an amazing character and I loved her more than I could ever put into words. In the pilot, the present her to us as a high qualified agent who takes no one’s bulls**t.

Her chemistry with Gibbs is another thing I adore but that’s another story. So yes, she did her job really well and was proud of it, and given that it was 2003 and there were lots of men there, that’s one thing you gotta admire. Let’s take a moment now to appreciate her gorgeous smile:

The following episodes show how she started to get used to NCIS and Gibbs’ way of doing things. Remember when he was like

Plus, she got on well with the others (Tony, Mcgee, Abby, Gibbs, Ducky). She formed special relationships with everyone.

Another reason for loving her was that she was very kind hearted and always thought the best of everyone (which sometimes led to some people backstabbing her, like 1x03 and 1x10). Bottom line is, she was a really nice person, even if her job meant dealing with all those deaths and murderers. She never stopped smiling and always encouraged her teammates and took care of them.

She also didn’t lack badassery.

She was serious at important times, even when her teammates weren’t.

Also this:

She was willing to make sacrifices for her teammates, or more accurately, family. Remember when she stayed with Tony even if he had the plague to keep him company?

Or when she jumped in front of a bullet for Gibbs?

She was never afraid to speak up, not even to superiors from other agencies.

And she was good with kids too:

Basically I have a lot of respect for that character and I am really hurt about what they did to her (s2 changes, 2x23) which only makes me wanna protect her even more.

And the reason I’ve been blogging about her these past days was that yesterday (May 24th) was the 12th anniversary of her death and I haven’t gotten over it yet. I don’t think I ever will because she was just too awesome.

Tl;dr: Caitlin Todd was a splendid character with numerous qualities who deserved much better and I will always love her.

@onekisstotakewithme @itbloomedforyourlittlegirl @katetoddisnotdead @all of you Kate lovers feel free to add your own reasons. 

(This is a partial repost of a post I made yesterday, based on text-only spoilers.  Thought I’d blog my thoughts again, now that I’ve got the heart-wrenching imagery to go with it.)

I’ve talked about, in a past post, how the bento represents Sanji’s heart.  Making food and feeding people is quite literally the manifestation and truest expression of Sanji’s kindness and compassion.

What I find interesting is how this scene also represents Sanji’s development and growth from his childhood days with the Vinsmokes to the man he is today.  Sanji as a child naively believes his mother when she tells him the bento is delicious:

Conversely, Sanji as an adult is aware that the bento he’s given Luffy has seen better days, and he calls Luffy a liar for declaring that it’s delicious. 

This is as much a window into Luffy’s temperament as it is Sanji’s: if the bento is a metaphor for Sanji’s heart, then Sanji is aware that he’s presenting something of himself that is less than perfect.  And Luffy, who eats it anyways, shows that he does not care.  Luffy doesn’t care about the “poor state” of Sanji’s bento; it’s good because it’s Sanji’s.

One Piece, chapter 856

Cry Wolf - Part Five (Drabble)

Summary: Dean loves his little sister, just as much as he loves his little brother, even if she isn’t technically his sister. But there’s a reason his Dad took her in, and it’s not purely out of the goodness of his heart. Could the girl who believes herself to be Sam’s twin really be a bomb just waiting to go off?
Words: 818
Warnings: Angst??
AN: MINI DRABBLE ISH TYPE THING. This part is short. Cos I wanted it to be. So I’m counting it as kinda like… Tis an interluding drabble!!!
Constructive Criticism Welcome!!!



He could not believe Dean had the nerve to break into his apartment in the middle of the night, and just expect him to run off into the unknown with him. Especially with his interview so close.

Yes, he’d missed his brother, horrifically so, but this was not how he’d wanted to be reunited after 4 years apart. Not to be dragged off on a wild goose chase after their father who was, no doubt, just taking his sweet time on a hunt.

Not to mention how he just had to bring up that final argument.

“It was Dad who said if I was gunna go I should stay gone, and that’s what I’m doing” he snapped, trailing his brother.

Dean scoffed, barely looking back at his brother. “Yeah, well, Dad’s in real trouble right now, if he’s not dead already. I can feel it” he told him stubbornly.

Sam couldn’t help but roll his eyes at the ridiculous comment. In the hunting life, you were pretty much in a perpetual state of ‘real trouble’. It just came with the territory. Whatever Dean was thinking, he was clearly just overreacting.

He seemed to grow tired of his silence and finally turned to face him. “I can’t do this alone” he said, the vaguest tone of defeat in his voice.

Something about that comment didn’t sit right with Sam.

Why was Dean alone? Why wasn’t Y/N with him? Or had she disappeared with Dad…

“Dean” he started, his heart skipping a beat at the thought of his sister in danger. “What about Y/N? Why can’t she help you?”

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Hi. Sorry; you're the only destiel shipping blog I follow and I wanted to share my wacky headcanon with someone. So if they actually started dating I think it could be a bit comical? dean wouldn't be sappy about it, he'd be trying to play it cool. I mean its not like he gives the guys he likes mixtapes or anything romantic like that. But Cas is totally new to dating; probs googling how. So like; "how are you and Cas?" "Fine. Same as yesterday." *Cue Cas coming in with a huge bouquet of flowers.*

Haha, I would love this :D

Tbh I think they’re way past dating. Season 12 is like…. they’re already married but without the good part you know? I see it more like they will soon just fall into a comfortable, nice relationship where not much changes except they have more smiles on their faces and get up later in the mornings, shuffling in for coffee together or Cas coming in to get 2 cups and taking it back to bed for Dean, Sam just rolling his eyes when Dean grabs Cas’s hand one evening and winks at Sam as he drags him off to their room when Cas mentions that he’s feeling particularly dirty after a hunt, as fully human now he’s so much more aware of his body…

And a few more of these moments but where the screen just fades to black  ;)

Originally posted by astudyinwinchester

But yeah, you know for damn sure that every now and again Dean is a bit gruff or a bit harsh with Cas and tries to make up for it with flowers, except Cas hates cut flowers because they just die and its so sad that humans kill them for their own pleasure, so Dean starts buying him little shrubs and pretty pot plants to dot around the place and for Cas to happily plant in the garden next to all his herbs he grows for Dean’s cooking :)

And then once in a blue moon Cas does something super sweet for Dean, which Dean just isn’t used to, like Cas will come and bring him breakfast in bed when he tells Dean it is the anniversary of the day he raised him from perdition, waking him by placing his hand over the place that the mark used to be. Or asking Sam to give them a little privacy one night and setting up a candle lit supper with an Elvis burger for Dean and chicken affrogato for himself from the local diner, because that’s their favourite and Dean doesn’t have to cook :) Or running Dean a warm bath after his leg gets hurt and Cas can’t heal him anymore, looking forlorn about the fact that he can’t help, until Dean reaches up and pulls him in with him, because he loves this Cas, the real Cas, just the way he is and wouldn’t have it any other way….

All the happy, romantic head canons whilst at the same time all this is still around the backdrop of them being a badass hunter family, with Sam of course, a family who everyone knows not to fuck with.

i really wanted to do an outside transformation animation for en while futzing with tvpaint, now if only i could figure out how to do in-betweens, and if the preview images are an indicator i might have fucked up the background.

Ruth Davidson

The Scottish Conservative Leader launched an attack on Corbyn yesterday regarding his ‘wanting the IRA to win.’

The Troubles in Ireland is something that the majority of people, including myself, will never fully understand. During my life I have read lots and lots about it but I will never truly know what it was like.

What I do know however, is that when political leaders make reference to the Troubles now, it’s almost always from a face-value perspective.

So Corbyn not approving of British military use in Northern Ireland becomes 'he wanted the IRA to win.’

Of course, the only reason Ruth Davidson is to try and secure Orange Order votes. I daresay that some of you saw the fairly aggressive batshit anon I got yesterday screaming about Fenians trying to remove 'Protestant roots.’

That’s your typical orange order guy…I, however, look and will continue to look through a political lens than a religious one.

This blog accepts and welcomes people from all walks of life and I have no quarrel with your sex, gender, sexuality, religion, race or creed. But I will always firmly address people’s political views.

For some time, it looks like the Scottish Tories have been trying to stir up sectarian hatred in Scotland. They’ve been trying to find a religious connection when there isn’t one.

And it’s the orange order that are stupid enough to believe it.

PLEASE DO NOT SEE THE MOVIE ME BEFORE YOU. It is incredibly ableist and honestly insulting to the disability community. You want to know why I’m so upset about this movie? When i was about 8 i was doing a back handspring out in my yard and considering i did acrobatics it wasn’t a big deal. However, this time was different, i made a positioning error and would up landing on my neck. When i tried to get up i couldn’t, my legs and arms wouldn’t move. I started screaming and crying and my friends ran to go get help. I remember everything about what happened: my parents on the phone with 911, being in the ambulance, at the hospital in a neck brace getting all sorts of scans and tests done. I remember laying in my hospital bed being quadriplegic and absolutely terrified. My parents thought i would be in a wheelchair for the rest of my life and so did my doctors. It was a miracle when feeling came back into my arms and legs. For those of you who do not know the plot of the movie/book it’s about a man who comes from a wealthy family and is in a horrible accident leaving him quadriplegic. He wants to end his life but his family promises to give him 6 more months and if he’s not happy by then he can end his life. During these 6 months he meets a new caretaker and falls in love with her. The trailers of this movie make it seem as though once he meets her life is better and he is finally happy. However, at the end of the movie he winds up having an assisted suicide his family is happy they no longer need to care for him and he leaves this girl a bunch of money so she can travel and “live boldly” as the movie puts it and it is portrayed as benefiting everyone. All i can think of is some scared little girl in a hospital bed paralyzed watching this movie because she thinks he finds happiness when really he ends his life. I’ve seen posts in the support group i run from disabled people saying this movie plot makes them want to end their lives. Not only that, i received a message on my blog yesterday from a young girl telling me she read the plot of the movie and it made her want to end her life, i talked her out of it luckily but what this movie is doing to the disabled community is horrific. Not only does this movie romanticize suicide it is making others who are disabled want to end their lives as well. If you see this movie you are feeding into the ideology that people who are disabled should all end their lives and the world is better without us. Don’t go pay to see this movie, it’s bad enough this is already a book.

Exo React to When you Have to Perform A Sexy Dance Live

This wasn’t a request but since I didn’t post anything yesterday and I really want to have more stuff on my blog, so I’m doing little drabbles and posting them. I only have two requests at the moment which I’m working on so please send your requests if you have any, thank you ~

Xiumin : I know what I’m doing when we get home.

Luhan : *sees the other members staring* OH NO NO NO

Kris : that’s my style…

Suho :

Lay : *as he sees everyone in the audience looking shocked* you really do have a talent, jagi *proud*

Baekhyun : *extremely protective*

Chen : gosh, did you really have to wear those clothes though? *unhappy but doesn’t say anything*

Chanyeol : stay calm, Chanyeol, stay calm

D.O : *doesn’t like the looks you’re getting* Y/N is mine.

Tao : are you being serious right now? not that I don’t like it but are you for real? *protective yet supportive ;)*

Kai : *wasn’t happy that everyone saw that but is proud of you anyway*

Sehun : Y/N you better get ready for later because I’m not letting you walk away that easily after this

Send in your requests! | Rules/Guidelines | Masterlist

-xxx, Bambi 💕


Todomatsu: “Most of us have gotten one, actually, but Ichimatsu’s is a…personal favorite. All of the names though are Kawa, Cho, Chii, and Totty! I don’t know why or how, but he only pronounces Jyushimatsu’s name properly…”


*Chii can mean a ‘natural disaster; calamity’

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hi! you mentioned you went back to look through Ishida's old sites, etc. I'm just curious, did you happen to come across anything about 'the tales of longing for sex'? apparently that was his first web comic (or whatever you'd call it) but was lost to the void

Well I didn’t do it yesterday, anon! So yeah, I’ve seen some of it. It was only 13 chapters long iirc and Ishida abandoned it in the middle to start The Penisman. And then he deleted the blog where it was hosted.

Its main character (Yaruo) had a best friend named Pide (ピデ), now that I think about it.

♡ 4/4 Daddy Kink  w/ Visuals (Request) ♡

a/n: as i reached 200 followers today (i literally started my blog yesterday, u guys are fab) i decided to post this early as a thank you!! an anon requested a daddy kink pref, here u go, this was fun to write i almost died but yea it was fun i need medical assistance now bYE

warnings: smut (duh), nsfw images, daddy kink, rough sex, spanking, choking mhm yesss

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Books like The Darkest Minds

The Darkest Minds by Alexandra Bracken is a Science Fiction YA trilogy following a teenage girl. In a dystopian America, children contracted a plague and the ones who didn’t die, were left with different abilities ranging from puzzle solving to mind control. These children were sent to work camps to be “fixed”, but with no cure in sight, different groups try to take down the institution by freeing the trapped children. 

This series is wonderful and because it is so well written, people want more. Here are five books that I would recommend if you like Bracken’s series. 

  1. Mistborn by Brandon Sanderson is the first book in a fantasy trilogy about people with a range of powers who are trying to take down a god and a tyrant to achieve social equality between two classes of people. There is gritty action, romance, and adventure. It is powerfully written and the main character is just as frustratingly untrusting. 
  2. Shatter Me by Tahereh Mafi is another first in a trilogy where the main character is imprisoned in a dystopian mental  institution, trapped in a small, concrete cell, by herself. The main character’s touch kills and she has to find her place in a world that is dying, with tyrants who want to use her power to torture others. The novel pieces itself together as the protagonist becomes aware of her position in society and amongst the rebel group. 
  3. The Girl With All the Gifts by M.R. Carey has no teenaged protagonist. It does have a child with a genius level I.Q., a child psychologist, a solder, and a neuroscientist perspective. In a concrete child-care facility where the adults in charge are afraid of the children locked in cells and strapped to their chairs in class, these characters come to learn that some secrets are kept hidden for a reason. 
  4. Steelheart by Brandon Sanderson is a book about a dystopian America where there are people with superpowers, but they are all super-villains. One geeky teenage boy with a love of firepower is obsessed with destroying the super-villain Steelheart, that controls the steel city of Newcago. He meets a rebel group that uses his surprising fighting skill and in-depth knowledge about supers to defeat the ones with the power to destroy. It is ridiculously good and cute and must be read.
  5. All Our Yesterdays by Cristin Terril is a YA science fiction novel about time-travel.  There is a girl trapped in a cell waiting for her chance to escape, go back in time, and stop the time machine from ever being created. The Scientist has destroyed countries, lives, and time itself and the only way to prevent what has happened is to kill The Scientist before he ever did anything wrong. There is another girl, living a normal life, pining for the love of her best friend, and forced to make an impossible choice. The book is thrillingly realistic and shocking. 

All of these books are brilliant. They may all be in my top 15 books, and they quench the hunger for The Darkest Minds spinoff series. Happy Reading.

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ok so like i'm only on episode 4 and 3 respectively and all ,,, like i just joined this site yesterday but i've been stalking ur blog and i know the basics and all and what if the masked man is one of the guys?? it might not be plausible, i'm not far enough to know what i'm talking about but like just imagine that plot twist

i’d like him to be a total new character. i’ll be pretty disappointed if he turns out to be leiftan for example (which it’s a pretty plausible possibility)

Second Chances (J-Hope, You) Scenario

Finally got to update! Been busy with school cause I had to study for some tests… :/ Anyway, here’s some Jhope fluff <3 


Everyone knew you were nice, and kind, and just—good. You were the type of person who doesn’t get mad or annoyed; your patience rarely wears thin, and you had a high tolerance for people who often tip other people off the edge. You were so nice that your friends jokingly named you as an angel fallen from heaven. You were the epitome of niceness; an archetype of a goddess of kindness…

But there was just something about Jung Hoseok that made you want to breathe fire and obliterate him from the phase of the earth in the most painful way possible.

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