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three times; shawn mendes

a/n: proud of this one lmao, based on a prompt i got a while ago
synopsis: literal smut, smut nsfw holy shit - porn without plot [masterlist]

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Welcome back, dumbass

Our fighter was killed in our last session (yeah the one that tried to throw my gnome bard through a window) so we trekked off to find our cleric to bring him back. Since it was only our NPC wizard, our Druid and I around for this session, we basically tied his corpse up and dragged it behind us but placed bagpipes in his mouth so when he hit a bump we’d at least get some entertainment. We successfully revived him after a good roll from me to save his life and a contribution from everyone in our party to help resurrect him.
DM: Your party member comes back to life with a gasp, confused, disoriented and weak.
Me: Good. I slap him across the face as hard as I can and shout “Welcome back asshole!”
Fighter: *Lays back down* Let me die again please.

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I work at a store that doesn't have a loyalty card, the sales are open to everyone, but it does have a coupon program. I had a customer ask me on uscan about getting the card, and I told him we don't have one+explanation, and he walked away grumbling that the uscan kept asking for his phone number. Like, it won't ask if you don't click the button with the name of a program you never signed up for. Shocks me how many people hit that button only to tell me they don't have an account.

18K - Thank You!

What even? I hit 17k only a few weeks back and now I’m at 18k? I’m gonna go sob. 

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I know I make a post for every milestone I hit and it may seem meaningless but it’s really not, I just want to say thank you because I really am thankful for every single one of you.

Seeing this blog grow over the year has made me really happy, like even after taking a break and coming black everyone was still so supportive when I returned? 

Thank you for that!

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Okay so I’m a bit late and all but better late than never right? xPP

so hello, fellow Choices, my name is Jewel. I’m 18, currently pursuing my bachelor’s degree in Business Administration ^^. I’m actually Indonesian but I am currently living in Thailand so if any of you have plans to travel to Bangkok or are in Bangkok, hit me up k? haha

I first discovered A.C.E during my BTS stanning phase and I was absolutely BLOWN AWAY by their Not Today cover. I came to know that they were going to debut in a few months but never got to know exactly when, so I couldn’t exactly “wait” for their debut or anything. I only found out they debuted around a month after their debut and although I wasn’t a big fan of CACTUS at first, it grew on me and it became my jam for quite a while haha. I was a soft stan for a while after, just coming and going since there was not much videos or shows that could actually get me “hooked” with A.C.E but fortunately, I slid RIGHT BACK to A.C.E and I have no intention on leaving thank you very much >u<

My thoughts on Choice is just that you guys are LITERALLY ONE OF THE BEST FANDOMS IN THIS GENERATION. I’ve been into kpop since 2012, a few months before EXO debuted, and honestly, these past couple of years I’ve been missing the kpop that I knew when I first came in: when everyone was nice and it was just all about being happy with our faves and supporting our biases. And you know what, I found everything that I missed and more in this fandom <3<3. ALL Choices that I’ve encountered are basically angels and I really admire how you guys stay cool and logical in the face of hate, how you guys promptly welcome everyone who wants to join the fandom and even explaining everything that needs to be explained right on the bat, and how you guys always promote A.C.E wherever you go. This fandom is so nice I can cry TT

So if you’re a fellow Choice and you’re reading this, and if you want to share news, gossips, or if you need my vote for anything, or even if you simply needed to sCREAM when the boys do anything at all, then feel free to hit me up or add me in your Choice groupchat/threads/forums/anything! ^^

p.s. I have FIVE biases in A.C.E, thank you

i’ve been single for-fuckin’-ever and most of the time it doesn’t bother me at all but every once in a blue moon i’m like…..really?? okay so i’m 100% not in the place to go out with anybody right now and i’d be a terrible partner anyway and traditional dating either makes me horribly anxious or bored, but i’m not a gorgon. i even have some good qualities! my hair is nice! i can solve rubik’s cubes and bake apple crumbles! i can quote things in middle english! i’m exactly the right height for you to rest your chin on my head if your neck gets tired! are you really telling me the only people who are genuinely interested in me are gross cishet men who hang around in nightclubs hitting on everything with two x chromosomes and a pulse? i mean, come on. it’s the epitome of that one exchange from arrested development that’s like “do you even want to be in a relationship??” “no but I’d like to be ASKED”

Just received an ask about outdoor cats, a subject I’ve touched on before. I’m a big believer that cats should be indoors only. I’ve seen cats hit by cars, I’ve found cats dead in the local park, I once saved a cat from being eaten by a fox, I’ve got a friend whose cat was killed by a dog, I’ve seen cats kill wildlife for sport, I’ve had the issue of them coming onto my property and putting themselves in the way of my dogs, I’ve seen them be mistreated by homeowners who don’t want them on their property pooping and making mess, I know of people who actively hate them for bothering their aviaries and gardens, I’ve had friends who have had their cats disappear, get poisoned, come home injured, I’ve heard of cats being locked in people’s sheds for days accidentally etc

If my dogs free roamed like cats, I’d never be able to sleep again

@achoirofcritters, I know this is in your ballpark right now

Happy Birthday to For Your Entertainment!

For Your Entertainment was released on November 23rd 2009 and it introduced Adam to the world. With hits like Whataya Want From Me and If I Had You, FYE opened a door for Adam and showed the world how talented he is. FYE made many fans fall in love with not only his music, but also his personality. Thank you FYE for introducing Adam not only to us, but to the whole world.

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Ugh. My mom yelled at me again about my shower issues, oh, and she hit me this time because I was being a "stubborn rebellious teenager who only exists to make her life harder". And she was like "IN THE REAL WORLD WHAT ARE YOU GONNA DO? BE GROSS AND SMELLY AND HAVE SOCIETY SHUN YOU BECAUSE YOU DON'T WANT TO BE NORMAL?! HUH?!" and it's like NO, in the """REAL WORLD"""" I'm gonna have ALTERNATIVES that don't make me SUFFER but apparently alternatives = I'm horrible and enjoy others suffering [1/4]

And, oh if I dare try and explain it’s because of how my brain processes stuff it’s A LIE AND AN EXCUSE AND ME “”“REFUSING TO TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR MY ACTIONS”“”“. Ooh, what about the fact that I didn’t get an A in one of my classes bc it wasn’t explained in a way that makes sense to me? Oh, well the internet will probs get cut, and I’ll loose access to my friends and any positive human interaction I get. Which is apparently "parenting”? Because, yeah, I totally believe it’s OK [2/4]

to cut off your kid’s access to positive human interaction. Yup. Isolating your kid from positive people. That’s totally “parenting”. OH AND IF THIS WASN’T ENOUGH, apparently - according to her - all my friends hate me because I’m “smelly and bad and gross”? *sarcasm* Like… wow! Thanks for the extra trust issues, MOM! Appreciate it! */sarcasm* Does it help that my leg is red from scratching myself and has bruises from punching myself? No? Yeah, didn’t think so. [¾]

I can’t do ANYTHING about this, and I’m stuck suffering like this until I can move out. IF I ever even CAN move out. ….Sorry for venting I’m just… Angry. [4/4]

I’m so sorry to hear this. What your mom is doing is definitely not acceptable in any way and sounds pretty damn abusive. 

It is never ok to hit your child. Ever. Nor is it ever acceptable to demean or berate your child. Ugh. I’m sorry. I wish I could help <3


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How do you feel a little less alone? I've been talking to my mom about my struggles and she just dismisses them because she thinks they're not as bad as everyone else's. I've realized from that I can't talk to her anymore about my pain and I don't know who to turn to. I've been to a counsellor before and they don't sort your issues with the past they just tell me to breathe which isn't what I need, I need healing. People only listen to respond nowadays.

hey! first I want to mention your struggles and feelings are valid. it doesn’t matter if someone has it worse than you. because tbh if people think that way, that means only one person in the world has it the worst. does that mean everyone else, billions of others, can’t complain, when let’s say, someone got hit by a bus but shouldn’t even complain because some poor dude got hit by 9 buses? nah, that’s a pretty shitty way to think. we all have struggles and it’s okay to complain, rant, cry, be angry, or feel anyway you do feel. 

i’m really sad you feel alone. i want you to know you’re not alone. you will always have someone (me!!), even if it feels like everyone is busy with their own lives. 

i have to say, i’m not an expert. i’m sure a counsellor, who has a licence, would have more knowledge and experience to help, than me. so i would recommend speaking to a different counsellor, if you’d like to!

but, i do think it can help to put yourself out there. i know it’s much, much easier said than done. text some friends you haven’t spoken to for a while. try to make a plan to hang out with them, watch a movie, go to a museum! 

even talk to people on tumblr. message people you think give off positive vibes. about music, tv shows, anything that you’re into! i know it can be scary messaging someone because i personally always think i’m going to annoy them, but give it a shot! i’m sure they’ll surprise you and be super welcoming and kind! see what you and them have in common, and talk about it! 

basically, try to surround yourself with positive energy, and people who you think are kind. ily hun!! i really hope you feel better. please know i’m always here to chat! x

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Any chance I could convince you to write a brief story about Ruby as a serial killer?

[Ruby walks into Schnee manor, her knees shaking, Crescent Rose drawn and ready]

[Papa Schnee emerges at the top of the Grand foyer staircase]

Papa Schnee- Ms. Rose [begins descending staircase] I suppose this saves me the trouble of sending someone to track you down

[Ruby’s grip tightens around her weapon]

Papa Schnee- Tell me where Weiss is, and no harm shall come to you

Ruby - I’ll never tell you where she is [glares]

Papa Schnee- [finishes walking down stairs and starts walking towards Ruby] I don’t know what she’s told you, but I assure you I’m only looking out for her best interest

Ruby - [eyes get teary] No you’re not….[grits teeth] You HIT her

Papa Schnee- [angry at the disrespect in Ruby’s tone]  And what business is that of YOURS ? [pushes Ruby back a step] I’ll have you know she has alot worse coming to her when I ……

[Ruby leans back, and slashes Papa Schnee between the neck and shoulder. Jacques stares at the blade partially embeded in his body as his blood stains his pristine white suit as it runs down his body]

[Ruby rips Crescent Rose out, and Papa Schnee collapses to the floor dead]

[Ruby stares down at the body, her brow furrowing]

Ruby - Now disappear……

[The body remains, as Ruby takes a step back to avoid getting rich people blood on her cute new boots]

Ruby - Disappear ……

[Ruby plugs her nose as the smell of shit and piss hit her nostrils]

Ruby - [still holding her nose] I don’t get it ! [stomps foot] The grimm always disappear …..

Writing Requests are OPEN

(Quickest I’ve ever worked =0 )

Serial Killer Ruby AU

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Okay so I've noticed you're quite active around mental health and stuff (please correct me if I'm wrong). And I have a friend who has depression, but the problem is that she's really annoying most of the time. But I don't want to ignore her bc first of all that isn't nice and second of all I think it'll only make her depression worse? But she won't listen when you tell her to stop doing things (like hitting you). So I wondered what you think is the best for me to do?

Yup that’s me :)
And as far as my advice, I think there’s a lot of things that I don’t know about the situation but at a basic level, having a mental illness doesn’t excuse you being an asshole. You’re not obligated to withstand abuse just because they have a mental illness, and no one would blame you for that.
The notion behind sticking around for those with a mental illness is that you shouldn’t drop people just because they have one, or just because they may need your help sometimes. But if it’s at the point that you’re being ignored and your wishes are being disrespected to the point of causing you bodily harm then it’s okay if you feel the need to step away. Because while in an ideal world we could help others no matter what without it affecting us, our brains just don’t work like that, so if trying to be this persons friend is causing you harm physically and/or mentally then you need to take a step back and do what’s best for yourself.
And as far as worrying about your friend’s depression, sometimes wake up calls are needed for those that have a mental illness. When I was at one of my lows during Junior year I had this really bad habit of just leaving the house without my phone and go on walks to try and clear my head. My friend would tell me that she was worried about me every time I left and that it wasn’t fair that I kept making her panic like that, I ignored it, because I was under the impression that having depression excused the way I was acting. (News flash, it didn’t, and it never will) So she finally did something about it, and rather than just letting me upset her over and over she let me know that I wasn’t allowed to go to her school prom with her, and when I got upset about it she talked me down and basically asked me how she could trust me. And it was true, if she couldn’t trust me to stay inside my own house or at least tell her when I leave or where I’m going, then how could she trust taking me somewhere with her when she won’t have an eye on me the entire time? Also, it would’ve ruined her night trying to babysit me the entire time and that’s just unfair of me to except her to do.
And in a lot of ways it /helped/ me with my mental illness, because it made me listen, it made me accept guidance, and it made me have a different outlook on how to exist and treat others at the time. I thought that I was broken and that no matter what I was always going to be on this mentally destructive path so it was okay if I acted out from time to time and ignored the world, however, it wasn’t.

I hope this helped in some way? But know that whatever you decide to do you aren’t a horrible person and you aren’t a bad friend for needing to focus on yourself for once over others.

🎄person a seducing person b into taking a few steps back/backing them against the wall🎄

The Christmas party was buzzing with people everywhere, unfortunately you weren’t in the mood. You hadn’t been for a while; the holiday spirit just wasn’t visiting you this year. Of course, seeing Chuck Bass, your childhood friend or rather enemy, only made things worse. 

“Oh, hell no…” You mumble to yourself, seeing Chuck walking in your direction with the confidence of a thousand man. 


"Please, leave me alone.” 

Chuck moves forward while you take the same steps back until you hit the end of the room and he stops just in front of you, smirking like the idiot that he is.

“Don’t I get a kiss?" 

"Are you out of your mind?” 

He points at the mistletoe above your head, “It’s tradition.” 

“Since when do you care about tradition?" 

"I always do, if it means kissing beautiful girls.”

christmas list

hey y’all i saw Coco and i wanted to share my thoughts

please go see this beautiful movie. even if you aren’t mexican (and tbh if you wouldn’t see a movie about a culture other than yours idk what your deal is) there is so so much magic and joy to be found in it.

having left for college out of state a few months ago and losing my grandmother at the same time means i’ve been feeling pretty disconnected from family for a while. this movie helped me remember how important family is at a time in my life when i’ve felt so far away physically and emotionally from my own. not only that, but what hit me the hardest was the concept that my own grandmother is able to live on through my memories of her. i can’t explain how comforting i found this and how hard i cried the entire time but just know that it really helped me with an issue i’ve been struggling with since i lost my grandma.

all of my Tragic Backstory™ to say please please please go see Coco. you won’t regret it.

Pray you catch me

You can taste the dishonesty it’s all over your breath as you pass it off so cavalier but even that’s a test constantly aware of it all

Eddie knows Richie has been cheating on him for awhile now but he didn’t want to bring it up. Each time he kissed Richie it feels different and he seemed distant Richie kisses Eddie and tell him that he loves it but he knows that it’s a lie

Pray to catch you whispering

Pray you’ll catch me listening

I’m praying to catch you whispering

Eddie hopes he catches Richie talking about it so he can confront him about hoping he is wrong about the assumptions sometimes he wishes Richie would catch him ease dropping. He wants Richie to notice his suspicions and his hurt

Nothing else ever seems to hurt like the smile on your face when it’s only in my memory, it doesn’t hit me quite the same maybe it’s a cause for concern, but I’m not at ease keepin my head to the curve

At night alone in bed Eddie just goes over months of happy memories he has with his boyfriend thinking that the last smile or kiss he got from Richie, was it genuine?

What are you doing my love?

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I sent that ask and then you reply and I'm like, I'm dying. You're so cute. I love you, I'm so happy you'd even think about making a speed edit. I'm hyped!


give me like 2-3 weeks tho so i can make sure its a good one cause some of my edits are hit or miss and only the best shall be released for u to watch

Johnny quick

Johnny quick(ps tots believe tom cavahan will be him): *speeds in and sees Barry and iris and laughs his head off*

Barry: what do you are you laughing at Johnny

Johnny quick: oh me nothing much, you know many earths I have been

Barry: a few I guess why

Johnny quick: actually I have been to 30 and I have found only 3 earths where you and iris end up together

Barry: 🤔 wait who do I end up with on the other earths

Iris: *hits Barry over the head* Barry it doesn’t matter, all that matters is me..I mean you and me

Johnny quick: man Barry you don’t look as happy as you do with Caitlin on the other earths

Barry: *has a huge shocked but excited look*