it was only obvious when zoomed a lot though


The difference between something printed with the new Pixma-Pro (LEFT pin) and something with my old laser Samsung (RIGHT pin). The dots texture disappear entirely. That’s almost too good to be true. :,y

Still, it took me a few hours to try different kinds of papers + different printing options, and I have to re-work all my printing sheets (The old ones were made to palliate the HUGE color-washing of the Samsung) but it’s nice to see the result.

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I need to write a paper for school on something, pretty much anything, to do with maths (could be stats) but i have no idea where to start. Is there anything cool / interesting you know of? Examples of past ones are 'modelling tumour growth', 'symmetry of spider webs' - that kinda thing

How about the Ulam spiral? And by extension, prime number theory in general?

If you haven’t heard of the Ulam spiral, check it out: if you write down sequential integers, starting from ANY NUMBER, in the shape of a spiral traveling outwards, and then circle all the primes, this (when you zoom out far enough) is what you get:

As you can see, there’s an obvious pattern of parallel lines. Nobody really understands why there’s this apparent ‘superstructure’ of primes (which you can see via other methods as well; the Ulam spiral is only the most famous). There are lots of proofs and theories that try to get to the bottom of it, though. And writing about primes means writing about cryptography, which is baller.