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Strategy isn't Cheating

Words: 1.2k

Summary: You’re bored and get Castiel to play a video game with you.

Warnings: Trash level cheesy fluff. Consult your dentist after reading.

A/N: Based on a request from a shy anon about the reader teaching Cas how to play video games. I hope it’s to your liking, Nonnie. As always feedback is like crack to me, so don’t hold back; and feel free to shoot me an ask or DM if you’d like to be on my master tag list.


It was a rare, quiet day in the world; no monsters or apocalypses to deal with. It was the perfect day to relax and pretend to be normal. Well, as normal of a day as a hunter with a crush on an angel could be.

“Caaaaaas!” You prayed out loud in a sing-song voice. “The world isn’t ending at the moment, but I’m having a crisis so I need you to come help me.”

A minute later you heard steady footsteps approaching your room. “Y/N, I am literally down the hall. I could hear your prayer and your physical voice. What’s the problem.”

“Oooh!” you giggled. “Was I in stereo or surround sound? Or was there an echo?”

He cocked his head and squinted at you trying to comprehend your questions. Before he could verbalized his confusion you playfully pushed on his shoulder. “I’m just messing with you, Cas.”

“Ah, yes; I see.” He smiled softly at the large grin plastered across your face. “What did you need my assistance for?”

“I’m bored and wanted some company.“You plopped down on the edge of your bed with a huff. "Lets play a game!”


Castiel had played a few games in his long life, but none of them were like the one you proposed. “This is much more violent than I would expect a game to be.”

You always found his confusion toward, what you felt to be, normal human things quite endearing. “Yeah, well it is called Mortal Kombat; violence is kind of in the name.”

He sighed, still trying to process the game. “I also don’t understand the ‘mortal’ concept; this game appears to be full of supernatural beings.”

You laughed heartily at his observations. “Cas, don’t worry about the title. Just pick a character and I’ll take it easy on you for a few rounds so you can figure it out.”

He made his selection and only took a minute to figure out the general mechanics of the game. You, however, failed to mention the concept of combinations and special moves.

“How do you keep doing that?” Castiel asked, starting to get aggravated. “Mine doesn’t do anything like that.”

“Each character has their own set of special moves.” You said with a sly smile. “You just have to figure them out.”


As time moved on, Castiel was becoming less and less amused with constantly losing the game. It was funny at first, but you didn’t want to rub it in for too long. “Alright Cas, we could both use a break for a bit. I don’t want you snapping the controller in half.”

He sighed. “I’m afraid you are much better at this game than I am.”

You smiled softly at his admission. “Hey, had that been real combat you would have had me pinned in a second; even without using your mojo. I think that’s more important than being good at a silly video game anyways.”

The smile had returned to his face as he thought about how you always seemed to go out of your way to make someone feel better. Sure, you had your moments where you’d get in a light hearted, verbal jab or prank; but ultimately you were very kind and he adored that about you.

You stood up and stretched. “I’m gonna go scrounge up the junk food that Dean hides in his room and we can watch a movie or something.”

You returned to your room with an armful of snacks and a piece of red licorice hanging from your mouth. “What’re we watching, Cas?”

He smiled almost wickedly at you. “I think I would like a rematch.”

You cocked your eyebrow at him. “Think you can take down the champ after the ass-whooping I just gave you?”

“I think I can.” He stated bluntly. “In fact, why don’t we, as Dean would say, make things interesting.”

That certainly piqued your interest. “You want to make a wager, Castiel? Obviously money doesn’t mean much to you; what could you possibly want to wager?”

“You have to whatever I ask for a day.” He smiled brightly, seeming overly confident in his suggestion. “Within reason, of course.”

“Ahh, I see.” You stated knowingly as you sat next to him. “Slave for a day. Dean loves that one.”

His expression dropped slightly. “I wouldn’t say slave, you can say no if you find any request too extreme.”

You smiled wickedly at him. “Alright. Deal. I’ve always wondered what it would be like to have my own, personal, angelic errand boy.”

The soft smile remained on his face as he turned back toward the tv; controller in hand. “We’ll see about that.”


“What the fuck? You’ve gotta be cheating!” You yelled in frustration.

When he won the first round you assumed it was luck. When he kept getting flawless fatalities, you got concerned. After winning the third and final round, he turned and smiled at you. “It appears I won the bet.”

“Yeah, yeah.” you grumbled. “It doesn’t really count when you’re a cheater. I don’t know how you did it, but you pulled some angel mojo or something.”

“I merely figured out a winning strategy and applied it accurately. The internet is quite the resource for finding the necessary sequence of moves to acquire a win.” His voice was flat and unaffected by your accusations. “As for our wager, would you like to start now or tomorrow morning?”

“Ugh!” You groaned as you flopped back on to the couch. “Might as well start now. What do you want me to do first, wash your truck for you?”

He chuckled and shifted closer to you. “No, nothing like that. I’d like you to join me for dinner tonight.”

Your eyes shot to his as you sat up. “What?! Cas you don’t even eat.”

“No, but you do.” He said softly and placed his hand gently on yours. “I’m also told that dinner activity for a date.”

“You… want to go on a date with me?” Your voice was a little shaky from nerves and the suddenness of his question.

Castiel misunderstood your nervousness as hesitation and discomfort. Pulling his hand away from yours, he tried to reassure you. “I said you had the option to say no if the request was too uncomfortable. You don’t have to go to dinner with me if your don’t wish to.”

“No!” you said a little too loudly as you noticed his sad expression. “I mean, yes. I was just thrown off by it, Cas. I never thought you’d be interested in me.

He frowned at you. "Why wouldn’t I be? You’re one of the most wonderful people I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting. You’re also quite beautiful.”

You blushed and looked away from his sparkling blue eyes; afraid you might die from over-swooning. “You’re very sweet, Cas. Thank you.”

He smiled warmly and dipped his head down so he could barely see your face. “So, is that a yes?”

The wide smile returned to your face as your eyes met his again. “Yes, Cas, I’d love to go to dinner with you.”

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Competitive Gaming (2335 words)

When Cas is done with Netflix – and when he says done then he’s actually done with it (the fact that he doesn’t need to eat, sleep or go to the bathroom does wonders when binge-watching) – he picks up games.

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URL/blog aesthetic ficlet for @schmerzerling, who—in a shocking turn of events—requested hurt!Dean.

When Dean wakes up in the hospital with the left side of his face clawed to shit and his depth perception permanently shot, he doesn’t waste much time before starting in on the terrible jokes. Within hours of regaining consciousness he’s telling Sam to “Get some sleep; I’ll keep an eye out,” and introducing himself to hospital staff as Harvey Dent—the sorts of things that charm the nurses and get that irritated nerve ticking away in Sam’s jaw, because “It’s not funny Dean. You almost died. I thought—” 

(The only time he ever stops cracking jokes is when he’s around Cas, who’s still pretty torn up about what happened to Dean, and even moreso over the fact he can’t heal him. Dean thinks he would almost rather spend another year rotting in the Pit than ever again have to deal with the guilty, kicked-puppy look Cas gets that first time Dean busts him staring at the scars and says, jauntily, “What? Is there something on my face?”)

On the way home from the hospital, Dean’s got a headache—ruined nerve endings setting waves of pain pulsating through his face, throbbing deep behind his useless eye—but he tells Sam to pull over at a roadside diner anyway. Inside, he flirts with the waitress, who doesn’t stare at the scars or ask about the eyepatch, and who laughs at his stupid joke about bears and hunting accidents genuinely enough that Dean can almost ignore the way Cas flinches hard across the table from him. She brings Dean extra slice of strawberry rhubarb pie, which he loses along with most of his lunch soon after—kneeling in front of the porcelain god as quietly as possible while Sam pays for their food—but he claps Cas on the shoulder when they leave the diner anyway and says, “Still got it, buddy.”

Sam rolls his eyes so hard Dean worries he’ll get stuck that way.

(The scars heal but they’ll never be inconspicuous, the long claw marks bisecting his face from his eyebrow to his lower lip. The surgeons managed to save his eye, but it doesn’t do much anymore except let in a little light when he takes the eyepatch off, milky-blue and empty. Sometimes he gets migraines that take him out of commission for days, or someone out in public will stare at him with that particular brand of pity and disgust that makes him want to crawl into a cave and never come back out.)

There are good things too, though. As soon as Dean adjusts to his new field of vision he’s behind the wheel again, despite protests from Sam and Cas. A couple of months after Dean gets hurt they’re chasing a lead on a werewolf pack to Arizona, and as Dean leans over to change the cassette tape the car lists suddenly toward the shoulder and Sam startles out of his skin, yells, “Jesus Christ, Dean—both eyes on the road!”

The shocked, horrified look that crosses his face when it dawns on him what he’s said is enough to make Dean laugh helplessly until tears are streaming down his face. It goes on long enough that eventually Sam joins in too, and then they’re laughing together, somewhere with the sun beating hot on the blacktop and the endless miles disappearing under them.

Because you can never have too many Harry Potter!AUs

“He’s the dorkiest dork to ever dork, Winchester. Stop acting like a delicate snowflake and just ask him already.”

 “You… ha, you’re a delicate snowflake.”


“Whatever. He’s winning by a landslide, Jo, I can’t just—”

Seriously? Are we seriously doing this right now? Dean, you’re in third place!”

So? We’re talking about the brightest wizard of our age here.”

Jo Harvelle has had enough.

Granted, she’s not what one would consider a patient woman, but she is nine hundred percent she deserves a sainthood at this point. Because really, if the blonde Gryffindor thought Dean’s obsession with prefect, bookworm, and all around shameless geek: Castiel Ange, was bad before… it ain’t got nothin’ on this.

Why? Well because the reclusive Beauxbatons student in question is currently kicking everyone’s ass.

Which, Jo thinks honestly, is part of the reason they’re in this whole mess in the first place. The whole ‘bookworm sexy librarian’ thing she can get behind. Hell, Jo can even kinda get the appeal of a geeky boyfriend vibe. But Dean’s obsession has gone, for all intents and purposes, nuclear.

See, Cas was a student at Hogwarts about two years ago—an exchange student from France. Everyone knew he’d only be staying a year, but in that time, the blue-eyed wizard managed to earn himself the title of reclusive genius faster than even Ash. Funny, really, since both geeks got sorted into Ravenclaw, but whatever. Their smarts aren’t really the point.

The point is that if Dean Winchester thought Castiel looked good in Ravenclaw blue, he was not prepared for the Beauxbatons uniform.

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Graced Soul Part 3

gif is not mine.

Title: Graced Soul Part 3

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 2,285

Warnings: Technically the character dies, fluff

A/N: So I got mixed up with the last part, I corrected the warnings though so no worries! This is part 3! I hope you all love it! Feedback is welcomed and appreciated <3  Part 1  Part 2

Castiel slowly walked up to you, tying you to the chair.  He made sure they were tight enough so you couldn’t break through.  You were nervous and terrified.  You never thought you would have to die like this, but you knew this was the only way.  

Gabriel squeezed your shoulders from behind.  “It’s gonna be okay [Y/N],” he spoke lowly.

“Are you sure you want to do this love,” Balthazar asked, holding a knife in his hand.

You nodded, giving a jagged sigh, “yeah.  This is the only way I technically live, and I’m willing to go through with it.  Just try to make it as quick as possible.”

“We’ll do our best [Y/N],” Castiel frowned, finishing the knot that he had tied around each of your legs.  “Alright, she’s secure.”

Gabriel joined his brothers as he stood in front of you.  He handed Castiel a gun, “that should work first.  We shouldn’t have to use the knife.”

Castiel nodded, taking the gun.  You closed your eyes, you didn’t want to witness their faces.  You knew if you closed your eyes, you could lie to yourself.  You could think that this was just a dream, or that this wasn’t real.  The last thing you heard was a gunshot.  You felt a jolt of pain, but that was it.  Then there was nothing.

“Cas, you don’t just bloody shoot her.  At least say something sentimental,” Balthazar threw his hands in the air.

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Okay, who did it?

Okay, so I´m starting with the first Imagine Request that I´ve got and I still haven´t got a lot so if you have a random idea, just send it in!

It kinda got out of hand tough so now it´s more of a drabble than an Imagine. Ups!

Request:  Hi!! How about an imagine where Sam, Dean, and Cas are on the receiving end of the reader’s anger for whatever reason (like, she’s legit mad, and it’s super scary because it rarely happens)?

by @allinhishands hope I don´t disappoint you.

Pairing: Cas x reader (sort of)

Warnings: None

Length: 467 Words

Originally posted by marilynmay


“Okay, which one of you idiots did it?”, you shouted angrily as you stormed into the library, staring at Sam, Dean and Cas, who were apparently doing research or something.
All of their heads snapped into your direction, their eyes widened.
“What happened?”, Sam asked and stood up, probably to calm you down by placing a hand on your arm or something, but you so weren´t in the mood and just snapped your hand away when he tried to reach for it.
“Back off, it´s not gonna work”, you said and Sam held up his hands: “Alright.”
You had your arms crossed over your chest and now waited for one of them to confess.
“Seriously (Y/N), what is going on? You never get angry, I literally never even heard you raise your voice”, Dean said, while Cas was still just staring at you.
“Yeah, well, there´s always a first time, isn´t there? Last chance, who did it?
You were so done with this game.
“Who did what?”,  Sam asked again and you heard the exasperation in his voice, but you didn´t care at all.
“Who of you idiots, painted my whole room pink?”
It took only two seconds for the Winchesters to break out in hysterical laughter, which only made you more mad:
“That isn´t funny! I hate pink, you know that, so it only could have been one of you guys.”
It took the brothers a minute before they got serious again and Sam shook his head: “I would never do that (Y/N), why would I?”
“Yeah, me neither. I´m not suicidal”, Dean agreed.
You sighed: “Okay, then who did it if not the two of you?
“It was me.”
You had almost completely forgotten about Castiel and now you stared at him in disbelief: “Why would you do that?”
He was fumbling with his tie and looked extremely uncomfortable: “I thought you´d like it.”
You closed your eyes for a second, not able to comprehend what he was saying: “And why is that?”
“Well, you said that you would like for your room to look different and you suggested that we color it. I wanted to surprise you but I had no idea which color you liked so I just did some internet research on what girls like and it said pink.”
For a second you weren´t able to do anything besides stare at him, then you started laughing.
All the anger drained out of you with that laughter and by the time you recovered, you were smiling brightly: “This is the nicest and yet worst thing someone has ever done to me.”
Cas stood up: “I´ll redo it, if you want.”
He looked sad and you impulsively went in to hug him: “That may be a good Idea. But this time I´ll help you.”

How I Want

Prompt fill for my friend joheartvelle who submitted:

today I saw this guest speaker dude and he was talking about his first kiss and he is kissing this girl and she starts laughing and goes “don’t stick ur tongue that far down my throat dude” and then is like “let me show u how I want to be kissed” and leans his and kisses him all tender and iMAGINE DESTIEL HS!AU VERSION OF THAT

you got it kiddo

Dean’s an asshole. Cas forgives him.

Sort of.

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Castiel x Reader- Once Upon a Dream

Summary: Reader deals with drunk Cas and that leads to a bit of embaressment

Word count: 2900(ish)

A/N: If you don’t know the song “Once Upon a Dream” by Lana Del Rey, then you should check it out. It’s mentioned in the imagine and I’d say that it gives more to the story if you know the song.

Warnings: angst, fluff, panic attack( detailed)

Originally posted by supermerwholocked2893

“What was that?” you asked from Bobby and stood started carefully walking towards the other room, where the weird noise had come from.

“What is it, kiddo?” Bobby shouted when he saw, that you stopped on your track and observed something that was laying on the floor.

“I’m pretty sure it’s Castiel,” you half laughed.

“Pretty sure?” Bobby asked. The sight wasn’t something pretty, but to be frankly honest it did seem a bit funny.

Cas was laying half on the couch, half on the floor. At first you had thought that he was hurt, it wouldn’t have been the first time this had happened. Then you noticed that he was half snoring and half mumbling something in a language you didn’t understand. Conclusion- he was really drunk.
The first time you heard that angels can also get drunk, it kind of amazed you. Of course it took a whole store full of alcohol to get an angel drunk, but that was the only difference between humans and angels when it came to getting drunk.

“Not again, just leave him there,” Bobby said and walked out of the room, he was clearly annoyed. At first, after he began to trust Castiel, he had a lot of respect for him. Lately he had finally understood, that Castiel is like a confused puppy that also happens to be incredibly powerful when considered with humans.

You walked to Cas, who was still laying where he had passed out.

“Come on, let’s take you somewhere else,” you were kneeling next to him, “ Oh come on, how much did you drink to almost pass out?” he said nothing. To be frankly honest, you weren’t even sure, that he was on conscious. After about a minute of struggling, you had finally managed to get him fully on the couch.

“You shouldn’t do this to yourself, I’m sure it’s not appropriate for an angel,” you brushed your hand through his hair.

“Mooooreeee,” Cas muttered through cushion that his head was resting on. You chuckled. Ever since he understood, that alcohol has a certain effect on him, he felt like it was his way out.

When you first found out, that he can be concidered a light alcoholic, you had been so mad at him. He didn’t know it and since he was so clueless, he probably didn’t even consider it as a possibility, but you had a huge crush on him- therefore his well-being was important to you. Ever since you saw him, you just knew that he was the one. Not the one from fairytale alike story’s, but the one person you will never get over. For the first few months you had tried to impress him, that had absolutely no effect on him. You weren’t happy about it, but after a few months of knowing him, you decided to embrace your internal place in the friendzone.

You hadn’t noticed, that you had started to play with his hair, he made some silent sounds, that sounded like someone would have turned down the volume on a cat. It was adorable.

~Time skip~

“ You’ll wake them, Sam” Dean said, that was the first thing you heard when you woke up. You didn’t open your eyes right away.

“No, Y/N is in a deep sleep and Cas… well I don’t know man, angels don’t sleep. Although he seems quite asleep to me,” Sam replied and you finally remembered where you were, on the couch in living room. Then you heard a weird sound, just as if someone had taken a picture. You managed to open your eyes and saw the Winchesters and Bobby grinning at the sight of you two. Cas had wrapped his hands around you ( probably his wings too, because you felt a weird pressure all over your body) and he had also snuggled his head on your shoulder. You were literally spooning, him being the bigger spoon.

“Wakey-wakey, love birds!” Dean said in a overly sweet voice. You felt your face turning red almost immediately.

“Shut up,” you said and tried to get away from Castiel’s strong embrace. That was a harder than you would have expected.

“A little help, please,” you asked and looked at the boys. Dean started laughing harder than ever and you felt how Castiel pulled you even closer.

“My human,” he muttered and that left Dean gasping for air. He was laughing so hard, that you were afraid he might pass out. Sam and Bobby were also laughing. The noise must have gotten too loud for the angel and he let go of you, but his sleep alike state stayed the same. You stood up, fixed your clothes and hair and made your way upstairs, passing the three guys on your way. Dean tried to whistle, but he was still laughing so it sounded like a raccoon was stuck between two fences and was calling his ancestors for help.

You didn’t leave the room that you were using as your bedroom for at least 4 hours. You didn’t want to see Cas, after all you were the one who had fallen asleep on him. Bad news for you, the only toilet in the house was downstairs, next to the living room and you really needed to use it. After about 5 minutes of fighting with yourself, you decided to go downstairs. When you were on the stairs, you heard Sam, Dean and Castiel chatting. You weren’t sure what they were talking about, but now you knew that they were all there. You were already on your way back upstairs, when you saw Bobby, he stopped you and put a hand on your shoulder.

“Kiddo, they’re only joking. You don’t have to hide upstairs for the rest of your life. I think you should at least get something to eat,” he said. Bobby had been like a father to you for so many years, that you almost saw him as one.

“You’re probably right,” you said and grunted. You walked into the kitchen and instantly blushed when you saw Cas standing there, his hair looking something alike a “bedhead”.

“The human of someone’s belonging has arrived,” Dean announced. You started making coffee and said nothing back.

“Dean,” Castiel said his voice even a lower than his usually.

“Okay, okay,” Dean threw his hands up in the air. You tried to not pay attention to the three guys that were in the same room with you, so you just made yourself a cup of coffee and a quick bowl of cereals, after that you quickly went back to your room. On your way up, you saw Bobby, he wanted to ask something, but then dropped it. You gave him a sad smile.

In your room you put on the first show that popped up on Netflix. It was Fuller House, soon you got tired of it, since it was not matching your gloomy mood.

You connected your phone with the speakers and turned up the music. The playlist was on shuffle, so you didn’t know what to expect. You were hoping that the Lord of shitty mood and music would have mercy on you, and the first song would be something happy and cheering. Today was not your day, the song that started playing was “Once Upon a Dream” by Lana Del Ray. Definitely not the best choice for your mood. You were lying in your bed, just staring at the ceiling, the coffee was probably already cold, but to be honest- you didn’t even care. You felt how the dark, sad feeling pulled you into itself and covered you with selfloathing and stress. After another 10 minutes you were so done with everything, the sadness and the loneliness had overtaken you completely. It seemed like a good idea to drink the coffee that you made earlier, the cup was cold, but you payed no attention to it. The last drop to your goblet of sorrows was the feeling of cold, bitter coffee on your lips. At first you started shivering, not hard, but if someone would have been watching you, that would have noticed it. You knew exactly what was coming so you put the cup down. Everything around you seemed foggy, just like someone would have blurred it out of your vision, you felt your body turning tense and you fell to your knees. The tears, that you had kept so hard from appearing, were streaming down your face. It was hard to breath and your body wasn’t cooperating with you, not one bit. The panic attack was just getting started. Most of your body felt numb, in the same time, there was too much tension in your body. It was an indescribable, yet (sadly) familiar feeling. Although, it had never before been so strong.

None of the Winchesters knew about your problems, not to mention Castiel. Bobby was the only one who knew about the attacks and had seen one taking over you, a few years back. He thought you had gotten over it, that you had defeated your disease. Even you had thought of it as a proble from the past, but you were wrong. It had just been building itself up, to be stronger and worse than ever. It was hard to breath. The usual “ See 5 things, hear 4 things, small 3 things etc” didn’t help, not even the slightest bit. The oxygen was running out in your body and weird little glittery sparkles started appearing in your sight. World started to dissapear, things seemed to move in slow motion and everything became darker and darker.

~~~Time skip~~~

“You know exactly that it was your fault, she wouldn’t have felt so bad unless…” Sam trailed off.

“She’s awake,” Castiel’s deep voice said quietly from somewhere close by.

You opened your eyes, the first thing you saw was Bobby, he was sitting on your left. He was looking at you, as if you were the most precious thing in the whole room.

“What happened?” you asked, all the memories from the day seemed somehow far and unreachable.

“It’s OK, kiddo,” Bobby said and offered you a bottle of water. You took it from his hands and tried to open the gap of it, but failed.

“You should have told us,” Dean said, sounding a bit pissed.

“Dean,” Castiel almost growled and Dean shut his mouth. You took a sip from the bottle, that you had managed to open by now.

“Alright everyone, she needs to rest now,” Bobby announced and after a sad smile to you and a moment of hesitation, the Winchesters walked out.

“I’m going to keep an eye on her,” Castiel said, when Bobby gave him a look that said “Time to leave, angel”.

“Just shout when you need something,” Bobby added before heading out. He shut the door after himself and you were left alone with the angel.

“You don’t have to be here, I’m fine,” you said to Castiel who was looking out of the window.

“You are not fine,” he said, “I see no physical wound, I already tried to heal you, but it didn’t work on you. I don’t understand it,” he said and sat down on the end of your bed, looking confused.

“It’s nothing, really. Sometimes I just can’t control myself, my body starts shaking and I feel dizzy, but it’s not that bad. Bobby is always overreacting and also the boys took it ridiculously seriously. I can handle this, we’ve all been through literal hell, so it’s no surprise,” you were talking faster than usual, your heart was pounding faster than it should be and your breathing started to become rapid once again. This was one of the many stupid excuses why you never talked about your problem, it made you go through it once again. You started concentrating on your breathing and you didn’t notice that Cas had come closer to you and put his two fingers on your forehead. A warm feeling spread from your head to toes and it made you feel safe. Your breathing got calmer and your heart rate went back to normal.

“I sensed it, all of it,” Cas said sadly and looked down on his shoes, “ the rush of emotions, the fear of being alone, the shame for something you can’t control. I’ve never sensed these human emotions before. Never.”

“Sorry,” you quietly replied.

“Don’t say that, it’s not your fault, it was enlightening. I’m just sorry, that you have to go through it. I think you’d have to talk to Sam, Dean or Bobby about it. I would like to help you, but I’ve sensed that my company makes you uncomfortable,” Cas said seriously.

“What? No. Your great to be around, sometimes more comfortable to be around than the boys or Bobby,” you were confused by Castiel. How could he think that you don’t like him or that he makes you uncomfortable?

“You always have a blood rush on your face, your heartbeat quickens and you sometimes start to stutter. I’ve tried to make you as comfortable as possible, I’ve tried to stay away and I’ve also tried to talk to you as less as possible. I don’t know why your body acts like that around me and I’m sorry for everything that happened last night and in the morning. I can’t think very straight when I’ve been consuming alcohol.  I’m very sorry,” suddenly his expression changed from sad to terrified, “ Did I… was I the cause of this panic attack, as Sam called it earlier?”

“No, Cas, it’s not your fault. It wasn’t because of you. I had been holding it back for a while now, then Dean started joking and it made me feel a bit bad. It just all started rolling like a big snowball,” you didn’t want to make eye contact, you were too afraid to start crying again.

“If you want to be alone, then I can leave. Perhaps you want me to call Bobby or Sam here?” Castiel stood up and it seemed like he was about to zap off.

“Please don’t leave,” you felt tears making their way to your eyes. Cas came back and sat down next to you, he seemed very stiff.

“I think it’s almost customary, that I should put a hand around you,” he said so blankly that you started giggling. He pulled you a bit closer and without even thinking you wrapped your hands around his torso.

“You don’t have to…” he started his sentence, but you cut him off with yours.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t think, I just though that… I don’t know what I was thinking. Sorry, I’m sorry!” you felt embarrassed. After the heart-to-heart conversation you had just had, you thought it would be alright for a simple stupid human hunter to hug Castiel.

“I’m confused,” Castiel said and put his hands on his lap,“ why do you feel the need to say sorry, when I was the one that made you feel uncomfortable?”

“What?” You were just as confused as he was.

“I hugged you and your heart rate went up extremely fast, I thought I had made you feel bad again,” he looked at you with his puppy eyes.

“Oh, I wasn’t feeling bad.” Castiel was looking at you and waiting for an explanation.

“I like you, a lot. That’s probably why,” you said blankly with no filter between your mouth and brain.

“I like you too, Dean likes you and Sam likes you,I don’t understand why would it make you feel different?” he tilted his head.

“You understood me wrong, Castiel, I like you,” it took him a few seconds before he understood what you meant.

“It’s okay, I was never even expecting that the feelings would be mutual, I just think it’s better to let you know. Just to avoid any further inconveniences,” you stood up and walked to your window. Suddenly you felt a pair of strong arms around you. He pulled you closer and placed a quick kiss on your neck.

“I’m sure I understood you right this time and I thought it was obvious that I like you too,” you turned around in his arms so you were looking at him,“ I didn’t want to scare you away.”

You wrapped one of your hands around his back and the other one made it’s way to his neck and hair. After a moment of hesitation you pulled his face closer to yours and kissed him on his lips. He answered right away and if it wouldn’t have been for the fact that Bobby knocked on the door because “ I heard some noises, are you still your usual calm self Y/N?” Who knows where this would have led to.

The future seemed bright once again and your angel promised to never leave you alone with your problems.

•●The End●•

Frisky Part 2

Request: Please write a frisky part 2 I beg of you !!

Pairing: Reader x Dean

Word Count: 3387

Theme Song: Pony by Ed Sheeran

WARNINGS: SMUT, Swearing, Slightly dom!reader, Roughish sex

Part One

Originally posted by everybody-kombinerki

A/N: My first ever, Smutty oneshot! I’m not sure how I feel about this.. But please, PLEASE send me feedback. I’d like to know how I did! Sorry for not writing for a long time, writers block and all. Love you guys and hope you enjoy!

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The Whole Truth: Part Two

Warnings: minor language, talk about sex

Word Count: 1695

Request: “Will you do a part two to the whole truth. Because I really like it and I hope I read some more.”

A/N: I got a request to do a second part to ‘The Whole Truth’, so I hope you enjoy it!

Read ‘The Whole Truth: Part One’ here!

It had been three weeks since you spilled the beans. And in this time, the boys had not let you forget about it. It consisted of annoying comments every now and again, often teasing you on some of the truths you let loose.

Poor Cas, whenever he appeared to help you on a case, one of the boys would joke about how he needed to change his outfit up. It was only slightly amusing the first time they mentioned it. You’d think after six times they would get the hint that it wasn’t funny anymore.

However, Sam only kept this up for about week before getting over it, and carrying on as usual. It was Dean that was the problem. It was even worse with him, as he kept coming up with sexual puns, and continuously smirking, just because you said you had a dream about him. It was one dream (you will admit that you enjoyed it, but you would take it all back if you could).

You were getting more and more frustrated and irritated, that you felt so close to snapping.

You were sitting at the table in the bunker library, doodling in your notebook, with one earpiece in your ear listening to your favourite band, while licking your fingers covered in Nutella. Absolute perfection. It was, until Dean decided to walk in, and comment, “I always knew you could do multiple things at once.” He gave you a wink, before setting himself down with the paper, directly opposite you.

You had had it.

You ripped the earpiece from your ear, chucking it on the table, then you slammed the pen down on your notebook, before storming out of the library, furiously getting the last bits of Nutella off your fingers.

Once you made it into your bedroom, you slammed the door shut, and slumped down on your bed. You had had enough. Actions had to be taken. You sighed loudly as you lay back onto your bed, thinking of possible ways to get even with Dean. You just needed one way that would stop the constant smartass comments.

Then it came to you. And it was golden.

Immediately you sat up, and jumped off your bed. Closing your eyes, you started to pray.

“Uh, hey Cas. I really need your help at the moment. And I’m just wondering if you could come down and lend me a hand. Thanks.”

You opened your eyes to see your trench-coated winged friend. He looked worried, frantically observing you for any signs of injury. “What seems to be the problem Y/N? Are you okay?”

“Yeah Cas, I’m fine, and so are the boys.” He began to look very confused, wondering why on earth you needed his assistance. “I wanted to ask you something.”

Castiel, still confused, asked, “What is it that I can assist with, Y/N?” You responded, “A couple of weeks ago, when I was attacked by that witch’s curse, you said that the truthfulness in my soul was magnified, and you were able to condense it back down to normal again. Are angels actually able to magnify the truth in someone’s soul in the first place?”

Castiel listened intently before answering, “Why do you ask?”

The element of surprise was not necessary in your little scheme, as Castiel and Dean had an unspoken special bond that no-one ever really understood. You thought that Cas may not want to go along with your plan, but he surprisingly was quite open to the idea, as he was rather sick of getting bagged out for the one and only outfit he wore.

You decided that you shouldn’t enter with the angel, as Dean would get somewhat suspicious, so you just peered from the doorway, making sure not to be seen, as Cas entered the library.

He approached Dean with a quick pace, so Dean barely registered his arrival before two fingers were placed on his forehead, and fell unconscious. Luckily, Dean was still in the same chair that you had left him in, so he didn’t fall to the ground, rather just slumped in his seat.

Dean woke up only a few minutes after he blacked out. However, in that time you retrieved Sam who exercising outside, as you thought he would enjoy what Dean waking up would entail. It was going to be some quality entertainment for everyone! (Well, everyone except Dean…)

Dean blinked a few times before straightening himself up in the chair. He looked confused for a couple of moments before speaking quite suddenly, “Wow I have no idea what just happened, like I’m not sure if I had a weird nap, but then Cas came out of nowhere and I am just really confused about what the hell is going on!” The second he finished speaking his hand clasped his lips together, which mimicked the same actions that you did when you were first forced to speak the truth. But since the embarrassment was no longer yours, it was completely hilarious.

You could see the continued confusion in Dean’s eyes, until they were completely locked on you. He had figured it out, which made it even funnier. It was then he blurted out again, “Y/N! I can’t believe you would do this to me, even though I have been teasing you a little bit, but that was only because you confessed to having that dream about me, which I actually think is amazing, because you are frickin’ hot and nice and everything, and I don’t think you deserve to be a virgin, so I think we should definitely have sex sometime.”

He just stared at you in horror at the words that just came out his mouth, while you just stared at him in shock. You had no words to be audibly clear, but your mind was swimming with thousands of thoughts.

You two just stayed there in shock at each other, before Sam awkwardly coughed to break your attention away from each other. Right. You had to get back to business.

Clearing your throat, you walked over to Dean, smirking to yourself. You drew up the chair next to him, and seated yourself down. “So Dean,” you began, “what show do you secretly watch in your bedroom?”

Dean face was strained, trying not to reveal his answer, but he knew it had to come out at some point. “Pretty Little Liars!” Both you and Sam erupted in laughter, while Cas just stood there trying to figure out who these liars were and why they were so pretty and so little. Dean’s head was in his hands. But it wasn’t over yet.

“And Dean, which Disney princess do you think is the hottest?” He immediately started up again with a deep breath, “Look that’s a hard call but either Belle or Aurora, because they are babes, and I even have pictures of them on my laptop!” Definitely not the answer you expected.

You thought of a question you wanted to know for ages. “What pop song do you secretly love?” He always listened to Led Zeppelin, AC/DC, and all classic rock, so you were super interested to find out what pop music he actually enjoyed. Whenever you tried to play some of your music, he would tell you to put in your earpieces and keep it to yourself. You were already smiling, before Dean blurted out, “It has to be Shake It Off by Taylor Swift without a doubt!”

You shook his shoulder in affirmation, as he looked ashamed at himself, “You secretly have good taste Dean. I’m proud.” You motioned for Castiel to come over and fix Dean back up to normal, as you think you had tortured him enough. But just as Cas was about to place his fingers on Dean’s forehead, you told him to wait a moment.

You looked right at Dean, and beamed, “Remember when you asked me that last question, which made me reveal one of my biggest secrets? Well, I’m going to do the exact same to you.” Dean’s eyes widened. “Where do you hide your secret stash of cookies?”

His hand flew up in a desperate attempt to cover his mouth, but not before he let loose. “They’re in a jar behind all my car tools in the garage!”

Cas touched Dean’s forehead, and he fell unconscious once more.

Dean woke up on the couch about an hour later. He lazily stretched out his limbs as he stood up, and walked to the kitchen to find you. You were leaning against the sink area, eating his not-so-secretly-stashed cookies.

He groaned as he approached you, still embarrassed at everything he had admitted.

You noticed his arrival and asked, “How are you feeling Sleeping Beauty?“ He gave you no verbal response. He simply gave you Sam’s famous bitch-face, and rolled his eyes as he opened the fridge and scanned its contents.

You gave a small laugh and reached over to your phone, scrolling through your music before selecting Taylor Swift, and choosing ‘Shake It Off’ to come sounding out of your phone. Dean didn’t even look at you, he just gave you the finger, while still scanning the fridge. “What I thought you loved this song Dean? Almost as much Belle or Aurora perhaps.” You paused your music. “And before I forget, can you bring me up to speed on who they think ‘A’ is in PLL? Cheers.”

Dean just shook his head, while laughing to himself at what a mess he had gotten himself into, before getting out the carton of milk, and closing the fridge door.

Grabbing the jar of cookies, you began to walk out of the kitchen, but you stopped and turned around to face Dean. You dropped your smile and said, “Dean, on a serious note though,” his full attention was on you, “I’d really like to take you up on your offer. You know, helping out with my virgin situation.”

His face lit up immediately. He raised his eyebrows at you, and with a smug grin asked, “Really?”

You turned on your heel, and began to walk out of sight while exclaiming, “Not a chance Winchester. Not a chance.”

It took Claire a long time to get used to seeing her father’s body walk around and know that he wasn’t the one occupying it. It was a longer time, still, before she forgave Cas for the loss of her father. But just as she gradually grew used to her father being gone, she got used to the fact that Cas was going to be around and be in her life, for better or worse. And really, when finally forgave him, she realized that Cas was a pretty alright guy. 

He was a total dork, of course, but at least he was a good person. Or, angel, that is. Claire had a pretty limited experience dealing with angels, but Dean and Sam taught her a thing or two about them, and she knew now that Cas was one of the only decent angels out there. She had no interest in meeting any of the others. 

One thing that really took Claire by surprise was the relationship Cas seemed to have with Dean. Dean was also a huge dork, as far as Claire was concerned, which made them sort of perfect for each other, she supposed. But when she saw them both together, they had a weird ease with each other. When Dean would look at Cas, he got this funny smile on his face, the way that lovesick teenage boys looked when they were watching their girlfriends.

The first time she noticed that comparison was when she started to realize what was going on. She wasn’t even entirely sure that Dean and Cas realized it, though. They danced around each other in this way, being annoyed with one another and then being real friendly. But every time they got annoyed, it seemed like it was out of a place of protection. The way a parent gets mad at a kid for doing something real dangerous. The way you get mad at someone you love for doing something that could take them away from you. 

Then sometimes she saw the way Cas smiled at Dean, and it almost looked like the way her dad used to look at her mom. It wasn’t quite the same, because it was Cas, but it was close enough that she could figure out what it meant. What interested Claire much more than that, though, was the fact that neither Dean nor Castiel seemed to notice either of these things.

After spending about a week with the two of them, she knew for a fact that the two of them were pretty hopelessly in love, but apparently neither of them had bothered to admit this to one another. The only thing that made it all less painful to watch was when they would do one of their ridiculous staring-at-each-other obviously-in-love moments, and Claire would trade glances with Sam. She could tell that he knew what was going on and the first time she looked at him during one of these moments, the look on his face was so exasperated, she nearly burst out laughing. 

So one day when Dean and Cas were gone and it was just her in the bunker with Sam, she walked up to him, leaned against the table where he was doing his work and said, “So, Dean and Cas, huh?”

He looked at her with a tipped head and furrowed his brows. Playing dumb, of course. “What about them?”

“Toooootally in love, right?” She rolled her eyes.

Sam chuckled and nodded, “They’ll figure it out one day.”

“For your sake, I hope so.”

“Yeah, sometimes I think I’m better off without them realizing it.”

“What do you mean?” That had confused Claire. Sam always seemed like he liked Cas and never seemed like the homophobic type, either.

Sam cleared his throat, “Uh… My room is next to Dean’s and just down the hall from Cas’s.”

The words took a moment to sink in and Claire’s eyes widened a little. “Oh. Yeah. Uh… Didn’t think about that. Didn’t want to think about that. Ew. Gross.” She closed her eyes and turned and walked away from Sam. She could still hear him chuckling as she left. 

“Exactly!” Sam called after her.

“I’m picturing bunnies and rainbows! Little kids playing on swing sets! Augh!” Sam was still laughing, but Claire just needed to get that mental image out of her head. She liked the idea of Dean and Cas being together, they seemed perfect for each other. She just didn’t need to think about what they would do after hours!

ashighasalways said: maybe dancer dean and photographer cas? Keep going!

Dean had been dancing he was ten. His dad had been against it, saying that it was too feminine and no son of his would pursue it. Mary convinced him to let Dean at least do it for a season, kids got bored easily, after all. John had begrudgingly agreed, but refused to go any recitals, always finding some excuse in work or illness.

Then one day Mary had been unable to pick Dean up from rehearsal and he had no choice but to go. The class had gone over and the students were in the middle of learning a difficult move when he walked in. When he saw the focus, balance, and muscle strength it took, even at such a young age, he started to change his opinion.

Dean kept dancing, switching to different types until he settled on ballet when he was in middle school. The other kids teased him until he punched one of them in the face and broke his nose.

Dean’s hard work paid off when he got a scholarship to Julliard. He met Cas there during their Junior year.

Castiel Novak was a photography major and the man the school newspaper called on for the best pictures. He was taking some shots to go with an article about the ballet departments latest show the first time Dean saw him.

Cas was awkward and a little weird, but was also funny and nice and always asked if it okay before he took someone’s picture. He and Dean couldn’t keep there eyes off of each other. No one was surprised when only pictures of Dean found their way into the paper.

They started dating, and soon became inseparable. Cas didn’t mind spending hours watching Dean rehearse rather than going on dates. Dean didn’t feel bad if he was too sore and tired to do anything in bed other than watch Cas work and sleep. They were perfect for each other in every way imaginable.

Dean signed with a major dance company right out of college and he and Cas bought an apartment. Cas was a freelance photographer and shot everything from spreads for magazines to kids birthday parties. He had a good business going, even traveling with Dean.

Dean was pulled from his thoughts when he heard the camera click. He couldn’t help the smile that crept onto his face.

“What are you doing?” He asked, glancing at Cas, who was examining the picture he had just taken.

Dean knew that Cas had a stash of candids of him that he liked. Dean had gone through them with him once or a twice, but he didn’t understand what Cas saw. Most of them were taken from a downward angle, where Cas was straddling him, and Dean’s face was half covered. There were a few nudes and some of Dean doing his stretches or dancing.

Cas looked up and snapped another shot of Dean’s easy grin, returning the smile from behind the lens.

“Enjoying view.”


Request: Hi. Could you write something where the reader is the one who comes to Gabriel’s aid please? With some smut :p Thank you (this blog makes me happy)

Word Count: 1,403

Reader Gender: Any.

Warnings: violence, fluff, smut-ish

Author: Shea


You had been hunting alongside the Winchesters for about six months; your first hunt with them was a shifter case. Actually, you were the shifter, or rather the shifter was you. The shifter had been wearing your face. The experience was surreal, like a competition of “Who Wore It Better?”.

But six months passed like days, you had known them long enough to understand the way they fought and always had each other’s back, even if it seemed impossible, just like the way they knew how you fought. The way that you always stand facing the door, or how you use your angel blade for everything.

Then you met Castiel. You had met angels before, which was why your first instinct had been to draw your angel blade on Cas, but the boys quickly explained he was different and stopped you from killing him.

But then you met Gabriel. The archangel. You knew you shouldn’t have, but you kept your blade hidden in your sleeve as he introduced himself.

Although you had only seen him three times, you couldn’t wrap your head around the fact that you had met him. He’s everything. He’s kind, handsome, funny, serious when needed, and is always there when you need him. Always. You would like to believe that maybe he thinks about you just as much as you think about him.

You and the brothers were driving to Kentucky where a vampire nest was terrorizing a small town. The trunk was packed with dead man’s blood and sharpened machetes. Sam suggested that you leave your angel blade at home, but you slipped it in your bag anyway.

You reached the town a couple of hours later and picked a motel. It was a routine now, Dean would stop the car so you could go in and get a room with two beds and a couch. They would park the car, then join you. Dean would sleep on the couch the first night, then the three of you would alternate.

Once settled in, Sam opened up his computer and the research began. Three hours and three beers later, you had all decided to check abandoned buildings near the crime scenes tomorrow.

“We good to go?” Dean asked, as he scanned the room for anything that might have been useful.

“Yep,” you replied, popping the “p”. Dean slammed the door shut.

The first building you went to check out was an old school. It wasn’t as cool as you had hoped, and it wasn’t the nest so you moved on to a secluded power plant hidden behind a small collection of large trees.

Dean parked far enough away from the building so you could go in without anyone or anything hearing, but close enough to run to back in case of emergency.

You held your flashlight against your knife and scanned the room, Dean was to your left and Sam was on his left.

“Do you smell that?” you asked, inhaling through your nose just to be sure.

“I think it’s-”

“Sulfur,” Sam finished for Dean, as a demon jumped out from around the corner.

Sam pulled out the demon blade from his pocket and plunged it into it’s chest; the demon’s body flashed orange before crashing to the ground. You threw you machete behind you and dropped your angel blade into your hand.

You heard a scream from behind you as a man charged and knocked you to the ground. He got in a few punches before he flashed orange and collapsed beside you.

“You okay?” Dean asked, extending a hand to help you up as wiped the blood off if the blade onto the dead demon’s coat.

“Yeah,” you told him, still a bit startled. You wiped the blood from your face.

“We’re gonna need help,” Dean remarked.

“Castiel?” Sam asked, walking closer to you and Dean while watching for any other demons.

“Heavenly business,” Dean said, earning a strange look from you and Sam.

“Okay, um-”

“Gabriel,” you looked towards them for approval.

“Hell no.”


“C’mon,” you whined, “we need his help plu-”

“Nice to see you two mutton-heads again,” the three of you whipped around to the sound of a new voice, “and you too (Y/N)”

“Gabriel,” you breathed. It calmed you to see him again, he was still relaxed, even in all this chaos.

“What kind of mess did you get yourself into today?” Gabe wondered out loud.

“Demon issue,” Dean blurted.

“Of course you did,“ he breathed. “Well they seem to all be waiting for us in the room over there,” you followed his finger to a large metal door with blood smeared on it.

“That’s fan-friggin-tastic, you gonna help or not?” Dean asked wiping sweat from his forehead.

“All you gotta do,” Gabe teased, “is say please.”

“Seriously, we have bigger issues right now.”

“Please, Gabe.” you pleaded.

“Not from you sugar, from the mean one,” you blushed at his nickname.

“Fine,” Dean gave in, “please help us.”

“What are we waiting for?” Gabriel smirked before disappearing into the next room.

The three of you ran towards the door, blades in hand. Sam pushed the door open and the eyes of about at least fifteen demons turned towards you. Gabriel appeared in front of you as they charged.

The three of you stepped in the room, and tightened your grip on the blade. You pushed your blade into the chest of an oncoming demon and let him fall to the floor. Sam, Dean, and Gabe all doing the same.

A demon ran behind you and wrapped her arm around your neck. You quickly gasped for air as another demon ran in front of you. You kicked your leg out knocking one of them to the ground and ducking out of the other ones reach. You stabbed the one who tried to strangle you and quickly turned around and sliced the other one. His blade swung and sliced your face.

“(Y/N)!” Gabe’s voice broke through the air, as you plunged your knife into the stomach of another demon.

“GABE!” you turned around to see a demon behind him holding his arms back, a demon preparing to stab him, and another looking right at you.

You quickly knifed the girl who was taunting you as they were about to kill Gabe, then tackled the man about to stab him, to the ground.

“Protect your angel, little girl,” he mocked before you gripped you blade with both hands and pierced him in the chest. You whipped around to see Sam pulling his knife out of the demon who was holding Gabe’s arms.

You stood up on shaky legs, looked around the room to see the bodies on the floor.

“Gabe,” you grunted, moving over to where he was standing. He met you in the middle and wrapped his arms tightly around you.

“See you later, boys. She’ll be safe with me.” He said, both of you disappearing with a flap of his wings.

You appeared in your room at the bunker, his arms still on you.

“Gabriel, I-”

“You saved me,” you could feel his grace seep into you as he healed your wounds.

“G-Gabe, it’s nothing.”

“It’s everything,” he whispered, gently kissing the top of your ear. He kissed lower until he was sucking at a spot just below your neck.

“G-Gabriel,” you moaned.

“I love it when you say my name,” he mumbled against your neck. He grabbed the bottom of your thighs and lifted you up against the wall. He sucked at your neck until he knew that it would leave a visible mark. You wriggled under him.

“May I?” he cooed, brushing your bottom lip with his finger. You just nodded as he pressed his lips against yours.

Your first kiss with him felt like a thousand things at once. He knew how to kiss you like to one else had, it felt like you two had kissed so many times before. Yet, he was unsure. His hands tugged at the bottom of your shirt. You nodded into the kiss and your shirt passed between your lips for only a second before he kissed you again.

He placed his hands on the small of your back and moved you to the bed. His eyes scanned your body as he hovered over you.

“I have waited so long for this.” He moaned before pressing his lips onto yours again.

based on my gifset [ao3]

See, this whole mess started four years ago when Dean got his first big movie role and still wasn’t out of the closet.

He loved Benny, honestly he did, but this movie was forecasted to be a Big Fucking Deal and neither one of them were ready to come out to the entire world. So Jo, who had been trying to break into the industry for a few years, suggested this: that her and Dean pretend to date.

They go on a few ‘dates’ for the paparazzi that were now following Dean to document, they kiss in front of cameras, they walk the red carpets together, they hold hands - it was simple and easy for two years. It worked really fucking well. They were accommodating with the press and because of that, the paparazzi would scram if they asked them to.

Dean didn’t have to come out to the whole world, Jo didn’t have to come out to her mom and they helped further each others careers. When Dean’s took off as an action/superhero movie star, he was able to use that credibility to get Jo leading roles in more serious indie movies.

The point? Life was good. Life was easy and simple and Dean could date whoever the hell he wanted without having to worry… and then he met Castiel Novak and that all got shot to hell.

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Based off this post where Cas is a policeman stuck in a elevator with other officers and is rescued by firefighter!dean @dudewheresmypie since you reblogged saying someone should write this asap. Well here it is. 

Castiel Novak stepped into the elevator with the other policemen, completely unaware that a life changing moment was about to happen.

He didn’t exactly plan on joining the force but only because his older brother, Gabriel was an officer as well and well, he wasn’t exactly Cas’s cup of tea. But somehow it happened anyways.

“Hey, bro,” the lion mane brunette greeted.

“Hey, Gabriel.” Cas said half-heartedly. 

“What are the odds that you’d work in the same department as your brother, huh, Novak?” one joked.

“Not in my favor, sadly.” replied Cas.

“Oh, don’t sweat it bro, you know you love me.”


Gabe opened his mouth to speak but suddenly the elevator jerked and stopped. The lights flickered.

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au where dean is new in town and super anxious about his first day of work tomorrow so he asks a few people what a good bar in town is and they all recommend this little dive on the edge of the city and it sounds just like dean’s kind of place so he goes and sees this super attractive guy with deep piercing blue eyes who keeps glancing over at him so he gathers up his courage after downing another shot (((and why is this so hard from talking to girls he’ll never understand))) and glides over to the hot stranger who is just as interesting and funny as he his attractive and they end up back at deans place where they have extremely wild and passionate sex and when dean wakes up its just in time to see cas try to sneak out of the door but dean would feel weird if they didn’t at least say goodbye so they exchange an awkward “thanks for a good night” and after the door closes dean is scrambling to get ready because shit he cant be late on his first day as a writers assistant, and when he finally gets there he’s only two minutes late and tries to creep into the meeting room subtly and sits in the back just as hes registering hearing a somehow familiar voice and it’s then that the speaker turns around as Dean thinks, shit. It’s Cas.



@perfdeanw if you can share one of the golden Cockles moments at JIBCon, so can I: JIB 2013 and the boxes full of surprises. :D

Like the sunflower! OMG, I really died the first time I watched this because how Misha first talked about Dean not remembering birthdays, not giving Cas any gifts for christmas or postcards from they have been - Jensen, who only wanted to make it better, just stepped into his huge hole of COMEDY by picking flowers of all things as a present for MIsha ;) It was really pure comedy gold! 

And then came the panda and I lost it :D So, so funny how Jensen tried to keep it calm and concentrated and really tried to answer that question (hey! that really was an exception, they never get answered more than 5 questions in their entire panel :D) while listen to these odd noises the panda makes… and of course Jensen’s face when the panda fell from his micro and he said “I’m so sorry” I FUCKING LOVE THAT MAN and his humor <3

Just remember, only one week and we’ll be at JIB! Time flies away so fast, it’s unbelievable…