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I wanted to show off some of my human/humanoid oc’s being that  i have a ton of ponies and only a small handful of humans.

Allena: a sourceress with dragon heritage she wants to frick a dragon.

Esomes (ee-so-me): A white mage with controle of golden magic. (dragon theme of course)

Johanna: A dragon shifter who is the daughter of the dragon king.

Lorelei pearl: a pokemon trainer who rescues abused or poached shiny pokemon 

Purple: A love child of red and blue. He’s mute but very expressive and uses sign language to communicate, though he’s been trying hard to develop telepathy.

Siithe: a character from my in progress comic “best witches” He’s like the other witches  chosen by a familiar to merge with and he got snake. he’s good at venomous magic and potion brewing.

Okay- remember the time I bought two books on impulse and tagged + also the mail man smiled knowingly  ?

Same mailman brought me my mail today and he wore a Glow Cloud Pin!!!

Obviously I had to ask. He is a fan. He listens to the podcast with his daughter, who wants to improve her english. This beautiful person named Carlos(!!!) has tickets for a live show.

I just can’t with how amazing…

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i was falling asleep and thought of this and immediately had to ask lmao but like do shiro and keith ever decide to renew their vows once the little kiddos are a little older (9-12 age range) and can then be a part of their ceremony?? if they do, who does what? who is the ring bearer, the flower girl/boy? how do the kids react to this? thanks for this wonderful au!!


[The Voltron Family] Shiro and Keith were in bed. They were watching tv so it was quiet aside from the sounds coming from the screen. The show was CSI, it was one of their faves and it only aired at night. 

Keith: *adjusts himself on the headboard* Noooo. That’s impossible. It wouldn’t even get through the skull. *turns to Shiro* Right? 
Shiro: *smiles fondly at Keith* 
Keith: *frowns* I’m right, right? You’re the one with the medical degree here.
Shiro: *smiles even more* Right.
Keith: *nods* *turns back to the tv* Wrong guess there, sweetheart. *is talking about one of the characters*

Shiro was hardly paying attention to the case in the show because he was too damn busy being amused at Keith reacting to the show. The more he looked at Keith, the more he loved him. It was ridiculous. How much more love could he even have for Keith? Warmth spread across his chest and he felt himself smiling so wide looking at his husband at 1am on a Friday night.

Shiro: *breathlessly* Keith, marry me.
Keith: *turns to Shiro* We’re already married. *rolls eyes* *turns back to the screen* *points to the screen again* Oh come on—
Shiro: *tugs Keith’s arm* I know, but. *bites lips while in thought*
Keith: *abruptly stops* *looks at Shiro again* Are you—
Shiro: *smiles even wider* We have three kids now and they’re old enough to attend our wedding.
Keith: Shiro…
Shiro: Keith, will you marry me again?
Keith: *smiles and leans in to give Shiro a kiss* Yes. I’d marry you 50 times if you ask me 50 times.
Shiro: *chuckles* Wow, I didn’t know you like me that much. Why you so obsess with me?
Keith: *rolls eyes* Shut up. *tackles Shiro in bed forgetting about the show*
Shiro: *tries to push Keith away* YOU KNOW I’M TICKLISH!!! *laughs*

The following morning they tell the kids their plan.

Hunk: *gasp* *covers mouth with hands* You’re getting married again?!
Lance: *tilts head* You’re allowed to do that?
Pidge: *giggles* This is so exciting! Where are you getting married?
Keith: *looks at Shiro* *beams at the kids* Japan.

After a few months of planning, they were finally at the airport on their way to Japan. They were boarding the plane and Keith and Shiro were placing their carry on bags in the compartments.

Lance: *turns to the stewardess* My Daddies are getting married again, did you know that?
Stewardess: *smiles* Really? 
Lance: Yep! *points at Shiro and Keith talking and deciding where to put their other bags* That’s them! 
Stewardess: *looks at Shiro and Keith* That’s wonderful.
Pidge: Daddy Shiro, can I have my iPod please?
Shiro: Of course, sweetheart. *turns to Keith* Where’s did we put her bag?
Keith: *points at Lance’s direction* I think over there. *looks at Pidge* Hang on, let me get it for you, cupcake. Anything else you need?
Pidge: *shakes head* That’s all, Daddy Keith.
Keith: *nods* Alright. *makes his way to Lance’s side* Excuse me, darling, let me just— *raises hand to get Pidge’s bag*
Lance: Daddy Keith, I told the lady stewardess about you getting married to Daddy Shiro again.
Pilot: *roams around* Someone’s getting married? Who?
Lance: My Daddies! *points at Keith and Shiro*
Keith: *mortified* Lance, keep quie—
Pilot: *smiles fondly* I’d like everyone’s attention please. 
Keith: Oh my god. Please no—
Pilot: We have passengers on board who are getting married. 
Everyone: *whistles* *claps*
Shiro: *makes his way to Keith* Oh? Who else is getting married?
Keith: *covers his face* *whispers* It’s us.
Pilot: Is this the lucky man? *pats Shiro* *chuckles* *places hand on Shiro and Keith’s shoulders* Congratulations to these two wonderful men! 
Everyone: *congratulates and claps*
Hunk: *giggles* *joins everyone else*
Shiro: *chuckles* Thank you, everyone! I can’t wait to marry my husband—again. *gives Keith a kiss on the cheek*
Keith: I just wanted to give Pidge her iPod why did it come to this?

The wedding was amazing. Pidge and Lance were flower girl and flower boy, while Hunk was the ring bearer. Everyone cried but no one cried harder than Shiro that night. Their “honeymoon” was spent with the kids in their honeymoon room and they marathoned shows until everyone was sleepy.

Shiro: *sleeping Pidge by his side* *turns to Keith* I think this is the best wedding and honeymoon we’ve ever had.
Keith: *has Hunk and Lance by his side sleeping* *whispers* You think so?
Shiro: *chuckles softly* Yeah. 
Keith: *raises eyebrows* Even if we didn’t—
Shiro: I’m not after that, Keith. You know that. That’s why I proposed we have the kids with us cause I know that would make you feel at ease and not feel pressured.
Keith: *smiles* Awww, how considerate of you. Still doesn’t excuse you for accidentally kicking my shin a while ago though!
Shiro: *gasp* THAT WAS LANCE!!!
Keith: Excuses, Takashi! Don’t blame this on your son.  
Shiro: *gapes* *in disbelief*
Keith: *turns silent* But yeah, this is the best so far.
Shiro: *raises an eyebrow* *smirks* So far?
Keith: What? You still need to propose to me 49 more times remember?
Shiro: *laughs* Of course. How could I ever forget about that?

Remember when there was hardly any Harry Shum Jr. posts and gifs or edits and most of the Magnus stuff was just a tag along to malec. And now how all that’s completely changed! Harry’s one of the most loved actor on the show, the Magnus bane edits are probably the most made in this fandom now, there’s so many every single day and there’s so many Harry gifs and edits and let’s not forget the Harry Shum Jr gallery that was finally created, he was the only one who didn’t have this own and two amazing people go together and made a fansite for him! I’m just so happy. Because 12 months ago I joined this fandom with only a handful of Harry blogs and Magnus blogs to follow and now there’s hundreds ❤️❤️❤️

My Thoughts on Skydive

I kind of want to cry because One Shot is what got me into B.A.P, and it will forever stay in my heart as a beautiful masterpiece as a song and a music video, but this… This…. THIS is IT. THIS is their TRUE comeback. Matrix showed that they did, in fact, return to the world of Kpop. Carnival showed the fans that they were okay and having fun and enjoying their lives. Noir, however, is B.A.P reclaiming their dominance in the world of dark concepts. Holy frick did they prove it.

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 I have never been so disturbingly happy to say “OH THANK GOD THE GUNS AND VIOLENCE ARE BACK” but that’s the truth. This is B.A.P, and they not only went back to what they do best, they one-up’d THEMSELVES. They took the concept of One Shot and freaking UPGRADED IT. I DIDN’T EVEN KNOW THAT WAS POSSIBLE. I HONESTLY THOUGHT THEY COULD NEVER GET BETTER THAN ONE SHOT BECAUSE IT WAS SO FREAKING GOOD BUT FRICK I THINK I HAVE A NEW FAVOURITE. 

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Also, can we get some drama roles for Daehyun and Jongup, STAT??????? A+ acting. 10/10. Standing ovation. God bless.


what is he even doing

Twenty Øne Piløts | Heavydirtysoul

Blurryface is the driver and he tried to kill josh because josh is Tyler’s Guardian angel. This was proven in heathens when they had extra tattoos and josh had one that is the symbol of the angel. Without Josh, Tyler would have only Jenna to help him fight blurryface. Tear in my heart showed that Jenna protects him in normal life and Josh protects him in his music. Also, the car that Tyler is in is being destroyed because Tyler is fighting blurryface so hard to protect Josh.

based on the “ who wears the “if found, please return to [name]” shirt and who wears the “i am [name]” shirt” question

kiryuins get first dibs on everything sorry loser matoi

You know who needs more love?
Tall girls. Girls over 5 foot 8, girls 6 foot and taller, those lovely majestic ladies who don’t get half as much spotlight as they should. Excuse??? You???
Because tall girls are gorgeous, and they shouldn’t be self conscious of their natural fantastic height. Tall girls in heels are great? I love it? Rock them heels, we’re all gasping in your wake anyway.
Crush them fuckbois who “don’t think a girl taller than them is attractive” and tear down the idea that only short girls are cute or pretty.
Tbh I’m in awe of you tall girls and you’re the fricking princesses of old, so raise your head, straighten your back, set your shoulders and show off your glorious tall self. You deserve to think you’re something great bc you are

I just had an awesome idea for a tv show

•It revolves around Persephone reborn in the modern day.
•She kicks butt.
•It turns out the pomegranate seeds were her first true act of defiance against of an abusive mother.
•She’s helped by not only by servants of the underworld like Cerberus and Chiron, but other deities like Psyche and Eros.
•Eros is a cop, btw
•Zeus is a pastor. A fricking pastor
•And a big chunk of the first season is finding Hades, whose missing.
•And Persephone turns from a helpless little girl to what she should be - A FORCE OF FUCKING NATURE!

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Top 3 shows - ummmm i dont rly do shows sooOOO sorry?

Top 3 characters - frick ummm ok i obviously am a harry potter-nerd and hermione will forever hold a place in my heart. then there’s overwatch’s junkrat who is my explodey son aaAAAAND finally i’ve been playing borderlands again so i have to mention ellie because she’s the cutest and i love her.

Last song I listened to - Wintergatan’s Sommarfågel. they’re like the amélie soundtrack had a baby with slagsmålsklubben and then raised it on pure sugar and swedish hipsterism. (also check out their Marble Machine it is AMAZING)

This was gonna be my usual initial thoughts post, but then the confessional scene happened. What the actual fuck. Ok, here goes.

Holy fricking goddamn. If that wasn’t a coming out scene I don’t know what is. I mean yeah, it was still in the show’s usual subtext level, but only barely. Dean started by spinning his story about “Gina”, someone who (as far as I remember) is made up, but is pretty much an amalgam of all the women Dean has been with. She was both the ongoing relationship (Cassie, Lisa), as well as the casual ones. He played up his wham bam thank you ma’am, overcompensating nature. She was made up, but was also an exaggerated representation of how Dean has tried to present himself. His version of himself was his mask, and you can set how ill-fitting it is now. And then it comes off, and it is both heartbreaking and glorious. The second half of the confession is the real Dean, contrasting in every possible way with the mask he presented in order to try and draw out the ghost in the first half. And what I love is the way the first half is all about women, how he’s sick of being dishonest, leading them on, but the second half, the second half… that’s not.

“There’s things…people, feelings, that I want to experience differently than I have before. Or maybe even for the first time.”

He mentions people, feelings. Given train of thought he was on, the subject matter of the preceding half, it’s not unreasonable to reach the conclusion that he is still thinking and talking about people & feelings in the romantic sense. And quite tellingly, he’s playing the gender game. He’s not talking about feelings for women, not in the same way he was before. It’s not that he lost attraction towards them. It’s that he wants something different. Something that he’s not ready to explicitly say, but something he feels he can bring up in the safety of a confessional, after he’s specifically been told that the priest cannot share what people tell him. Something that involves a modification of the pronoun game, something that a lot of queer people are familiar with. Now, the argument can be made (and probably has been) that it’s just general statement about changing his life, wanting something other than what he has. And is true, and likely is one layer. But this is Supernatural, which is renowned for pulling layer upon layer of meaning into things. And this is no different.

Did anyone else get the same sort of general feeling as they did on seeing Dean’s room in 9.14? Remember, when we were all speculating like mad about how it showed that Dean wanted someone in his life in a romantic sense? Well this is the spoken text equivalent. Dean is ready to have someone with him. There is no doubt in my mind that he was speaking in a romantic sense, none at all. Equally there is no doubt (for me) that he had someone in mind when he was talking about it. And he specifically amended his statement to include “Maybe even for the first time”. He’s had long term relationships. He’s been in love. With women. With men though? That side of him he has always kept suppressed (on screen, at least). He’s flirted with the idea, but he’s never allowed himself to go any further that. This would be something he’s experiencing differently than before, something he’s experiencing for the first time. It would mark a pretty profound shift in the feelings he has been experiencing. And it ties in beautifully with the way he starts it all, talking about how he doesn’t want to die. He doesn’t. He’s got things he wants, things that are for himself, things he thinks he might have a chance to have.

And then it all wraps up with fantastically symbolic shot at end, of him leaving the confessional. He opens up, spits out the all-but-coming-out speech, then is seen walking out of that tiny little box that is so reminiscent of a closet, that room where your deepest secrets can be released in safety. It was kind of amazing.

There were two moments at the beginning and the end though that bookended it all nicely. First, during the ‘then’ segment, the shot that overlaid Rowena saying “The Winchesters”? That included not just Sam & Dean, but also Cas. They could have used any one of a million shots of just the brothers, but they chose one that included Cas. Then at the end, when Dean talked about how no woman has given blood for him (I forget the exact phrasing). And he’s right, no woman has. But someone else has, and very willingly. Many times, and he even made mention of how he was “always willing to bleed for the Winchesters”. Someone whose motivations just last season were revealed to be not heaven, not humanity, not even the brothers, but Dean. Cas may not have been mentioned in the episode, but he was there in every other conceivable way.

Dean wants love. He wants romantic love. He wants to both give, and receive it. And he knows exactly who he wants to share that with. There is only one person who fits the slot, whose death would hurt him something awful. And Dean, I think, is finally being honest with himself about why.


Maybe I’m still too deep in the feels after watching the season finale of Miraculous ladybug but this show I came across recently just. The resemblance is uncanny. Ouran high schools Tamaki and ML’s Adrien to be precise
1) Both from France
2) both play the piano
3) Golden haired child :*)
4) Head over heels for their lady (Marinette, Haruhi)
5) #filthyrichboylife
6) all the girl characters be swooning over them
7) Only child, lonely child :((
8) Both their mothers are FRICKING MISSING !!1!2!1!
9) Love and miss their mamas (mamas boy)
11) bitter family life, yet so caring of others
OKAY SO Coincidence? I think not. -.-

Also Adrien is like Haruhi, where he is oblivious to the not so subtle hints Marinette is IN LOVE WITH HIM. And MAYBE HE HASNT REALIZED HE LOVES HER YET.