it was only a doodle

Finished up the second sketch of that cute moment between the Blue Boi Ethan(@crankgameplays) and Chica in the stream yesterday. 💕

Guess who has found another puzzle game? And yes, this involves blocks. But this time, you climb upwards. Love the story and the characters so far. I want to play more, but my animation and college!

And before you ask, neither of my OC guys cheated. They’re single.


these are all doodles from years ago when i first got into spn. theyre very bad but its nice to see how ive improved lol

catbug-and-katkits  asked:

Doodle doods would be so much better without o/ney

Yeah, it’s a really cool concept and I really wish the main cast was Ross and Arin, but unfortunately that isn’t the case. It looks like it’s going to be Ross and Chris with a rotating third cast member that sometimes includes Arin. 

That being said, I think I might only check out the doodle doods episodes that feature Arin, but even then it’s a big might. 

Me with my only two legit shiny Pokemon: Shimmer the Cacturne I got some time in 2010 in Emerald, and Shiny the Flaaffy that I got in Soul Silver in 2014 (who I almost missed because of how similar it is to normal Flaaffs).

Also wearin a hat with my favorite team from my favorite two games.