it was only 4 dollars


Twix and Daisies || Do Kyungsoo

Requested: Yes

Word Count: 1,045

Do Kyungsoo + Reader + Fluff

—Turns out, a secret admirer is not really good at staying unknown. 

On a normal day at school, students are usually greeted by other students; either a simple ‘Good morning’ or maybe just the normal ‘How are you today?’ that can be thrown to anyone you come across with at the hallway.

And you? You’re greeted by a Twix chocolate bar and a single daisy.

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Let me explain V live Ch + bullshit . What's really going down

Σ(・□・;) v live is too expensive!!! To watch a episode or buy something (depending on who’s channel you are on) costs 100 coins. If i buy the 400 coins for $10.99 that’s only 4 episodes. So then i’ll just buy the 1200 coins for $32.99 !!! That’s only 12 episodes for $33 which means i’ll have to keep renewing it, it doesn’t even last more than a month for $33. So buy the highest amount of coins then. The highest amount of coins is ONLY 2400 and get this FOR $66.99?? !?(・_・;? How did the money jump so high but the coins didn’t even see the impact.

Nothing last long, i don’t understand what kind of job this app thinks i have to sustain such an incredibly high demand of money. I am just a student this is incredibly wrong what this app is doing is taking advantage of us, using are weaknesses by taking away the one place we get to see them and ask from the same prices (which will add up over time if i keep renewing it) we would be paying to see them in person and in concert. I’ll do the math here

“How much money would you have to pay to be able too watch 100 videos (or have 10,000 coins), using the $66.99 plan meaning you would never have to renew it for a long time because 100 videos is alot (and 10,000 coins is basically like a full month or 2 plan)?”

This plan only gives 2400 coins.
1 episode cost 100 coins

2400 coins = 24 videos

24 + 24 + 24 + 24 = 96 videos + 24 = 120 vids

which means we are going to have to buy that $66.99 plan 4 times plus another one.

66.99 + 66.99= $134 buying it only twice is $134 That’s only 48 vids.

66.99 + 66.99 + 66.99 + 66.99 + 66.99= *drumroll*
$335 for 120 videos

*note we only bought this plan 5 times*

buying it only 4 times is $268 (96 videos) as if that’s any better.

understand that’s my whole pay check.

The little plans don’t last long, like 4 videos is 11 dollars. Only 4 videos, imma keep paying 11 something for 4 videos what?

Basically it’s up to the group to decide how often they are going to upload a ch+ video, because i’m holding on to a tiny piece of yarn here off the side of a cliff.

They upload 4 in a week i’m done ‘death sentence’. If they start a series on there bye bye. Over time that’s how much V live gonna be taking from you, your whole pay check, you don’t see it but you write that shit out.

V live Have a heart, there surely is another way to get us to buy things but this, woah have a heart. My whole pay check buddy come on.

I’m in desperate need of money, for no one in this house of 12 has a legitimate job. All money made will go towards food and water. 
My current goal it to try to make at least 300$, so 12 slots will be open. If you are interested, IM me or email me at . [as yall can see, I don’t only do fantrolls]

Also, please signal boost this yall, I only have a measly 4 dollars to my name. No one in this home has any money and we have no idea when we’ll even be able to eat again. 

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Witchcraft On A Budget


Melt Micheal's Ashland® Basic Elements™ Tea Lights, 50 Pack ($2.99) with Dollar Tree Crayons ($1.00) to create your own unique rainbow of colors. However, in my experience, Dollar Tree brand crayons are more pastel / muted versions of the colors. For more exact primaries use Micheal’s Crayola Crayons ($0.59 - $4.99).

Once your candles are set, pop them out of the metal container and place in glass candle holder for safe wax-pouring in spell work.

Candle Holders / Wax Burners

Shop around at your local Dollar Tree to take your pick of their fair selection of wax burners ($1.00) and candle stick holders ($1.00). If you’re wanting to pour your candle wax onto vials or parchment, I recommend going with a stemless glass candle holder as glass has minimal heat-transfer.

Melting Wax and Incense 

The Dollar Tree and Micheal’s both have a number of scents that you can pick up in both melting wax and cone incense forms. Dollar Tree price, $1.00 each; Micheal’s price, $2.99 each. Keep in mind that Dollar Tree wax only comes with 4 cubes, while Micheal’s wax comes with 6 cubes.


Check out Etsy and Ebay for great crystal deals! Most are priced between $0.50 - $3.00 depending on the size, and on Ebay it’s always possible to find great stones that come with Free Shipping! Take heed, though, while Ebay may be cheaper, you’re going to have to wait. My Ebay purchases usually take a month or more to arrive and more often than not do not come with tracking. It may be worth it to pay the $2.00 - $4.00 shipping charges on Etsy to get your package in a week or two with tracking.

Also, many Etsy shops give shipping deals if you buy more than one item from them. Find a stone deal you like then browse that seller’s shop for the other stones you’re looking for!

Vials and Bottles

Large bottles from Micheal’s are $1.49 each, a pack of small vials cost $6.99. Micheal’s also sells cork packs from $1.99-$4.99.

You can also find amazing vial deals on Ebay. I just bought a pack of 20 with corks for less than $8.00, but I’ve seen packs as low as $4.00.

Altar Decorations

The Dollar Tree has an amazing assortment of baskets, flowers, leaves, and fake fruit, all $1.00 each!

The Dollar Tree also has a number of cheap frames that range in size, so you can easily print out pictures of your deity or any animal you choose and frame them without the cost.


taekook af

highschool! au | sweetiepie! taehyung w/ player/basketball player!jungkook

summary; taehyung and jungkook are the type of people who are really known around the school by all of their classmates. ironically, they don’t know about each other…

warning; uh mature language ya

part 1 | part 2


  “Taehyung, whats the answer to number 5?” Jimin whispered to Taehyung, who was sitting right next to him in math class.

  “I don’t know, dude. At first, I got 5 but then I messed up and somehow got 106, so honestly, you’re asking the wrong person, bud.” Taehyung shrugged, pouting his big lips to his best friend of 4 years. They were now seniors in high school and were super ecstatic to be in a class with each other. Unfortunately, they didn’t know how much one would distract the other so they have some trouble in their shared classes, including math. 

  “You’re useless.” Jimin ran his fingers through his hair frustratingly and decided to give up on his worksheet that was going to be due the next day.

  “I give up. I suck at math. When are we ever going to need this pre-calculus shit?” Taehyung whispered to himself.

  “Well, actually if you get a certain jo-” Jimin butted in who Taehyung just glared at to not finish his sentence.“Rhetorical question, Minnie. Rhetorical.“ 

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anonymous asked:

So my dad took my family all out to breakfast the other day and we winded up with a 70 dollar check. But when I was getting up to leave I noticed he only put a 4 dollar tip. I was so angry, I dug in my purse to pull out 20 dollars from my own tips the night before to add to it. Like, your literal daughter is a server, you know our lifeblood is tips, and you're gonna leave that poor guy 4 dollars? I feel like I need to check his tips every time we eat out together, now.

Talk to him about it! Maybe he needs to be reminded what a good tip is and what is not. -Abby

questions for the zodiac signs (answer in the tags)
  • Aries: imagine the whole world was listening to you right now..what would you say?
  • Taurus: name five guilty pleasures you have
  • Gemini: how do you vent your anger and/or sadness?
  • Cancer: if you could permanently get rid of any insecurity/flaw you have, which one would it be?
  • Leo: name five good things people have said about you
  • Virgo: what is the best decision you made in your life so far? what is the worst?
  • Libra: if someone gave you a million dollars and you could only spend it on 4 things, what would you spend it on?
  • Scorpio: what would be a question you'd be afraid to tell the truth on?
  • Sagittarius: imagine you had only 5 minutes to relive one of your best moments..which moment would you relive?
  • Capricorn: what is your biggest 'what if'?
  • Aquarius: what is one thing you wish people would understand about you?
  • Pisces: what would you want to be written on your tombstone?

neopixiesims  asked:

List 5 things most people don't know about you and pass this to 5 different people you want to know more about 💛

1. I fell from a galloping horse when I was a teen, and I haven’t ridden a horse since then.

2. I named Jayce partly after the main hero of Rebecca Zanetti’s ‘Shadowed’ because it’s one of my favorite books.

3. I find David Gandy absolutely disgusting, and I would never in my life have sex with him, even for a billion dollars.

4. The only fictional character I can absolutely relate to is Jess from ‘New Girl’, although I’m overall way less ‘girly’ than her.

5. I was obsessed with American classic literature until I read ‘The Grapes of Wrath’. Haven’t been able to make myself read anything from that department since then. The book killed me.

5/11/17 recs

Note: I will most likely be posting fewer recs per day for a few weeks because of finals. Thank you for understanding.

1. Heartbreakers by Phyona || Rated M, 3.8k (WIP)

Yuuri breaks Victor’s heart…again, and again, and again.

  • Comment: I’m laugh. A short fic, it looks like, which Victor Misunderstands so much and the reader can take Route A of going along with him and feeling sad for him or take Route B and laugh at his Extra Misunderstanding Ass. Looks like Beer-level angst incoming, or at least an angry orchard.

2. When Life Gives You Lavender by electryke || Rated M, 24.9k (WIP)

Yuuri dropped everything to become a farmer in the middle of nowhere. It was new and foreign, but the solitude would give him time to reconsider the direction of his dull life. However his notions of solitude were quickly destroyed by the entrance of the most prominent man in town and his moody son, leaving Yuuri’s life forever changed.

  • Comment: I’ve been following this one from the beginning, and while the AU may be considered unusual, I enjoy it and Yuuri’s introspection so far. The slow burn is slow, and while this can be considered somewhat slice of life, is doesn’t drag that much for me. 

3. Welcome to Detroit Dental and Orthodontics by stanzas || Rated T, 11.9k

Victor stops the car, turns off the engine, and Yuri rolls out the car with the attitude of every slightly inconvenienced teenager. Yuri flips his shades up, stares in disbelief at the sign in front of the well-manicured lawn squished between two old barber shops: DETROIT DENTAL AND ORTHODONTICS.

“You’ve got to be fucking kidding me,” he says.

Or: Victor has a crush on his favorite shy, attractive dentist, and Yuri suffers.

  • Comment: Victor you dumbass
  • Also: cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuute 
  • but really, Victor, you dumbass.
  • Yurio you spitfire you’re going to get killed by a serious concussion someday, please learn to chill.
  • That is all. Read iiiit.

4. anarchy for sale! t-shirts only ten dollars by KatsukiYuurisTrophyHusband (spookyfoot)  || Rated T, 4.1k

Because the universe is cruel and indifferent, Yuuri sees Victor again two days later in the lobby of his ballet studio. He’s just finished his advanced pointe workshop. His hair is plastered to his forehead with sweat, he’s painted with a full body flush, and he’s wearing a shirt Phichit custom ordered that says “Tastier than Katsudon” on the front.

“Hi Yuuri!” Victor’s beaming and blocking his only exit.

A falling-in-love story told through questionable t-shirts.

  • Comment: If you don’t like puns, avoid this. If you don’t like shitty T-shirts, avoid this. But if you don’t mind either, read this for four thousand words of Victor and Yuuri being generally embarrassing and having cute shenanigans and Yurio’s cat being an unwitting matchmaker. 
  • No but seriously this is cute, read it.