it was only $50

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Sometime during the Infinity War [yes, another one because my brain can't stop and this one came out so long oops]: (1/3) Loki and Tony have an affair. Suddenly the Grandmaster arrives and finds out about Tony and is so heartbroken like "Oh you wanted someone younger, but sweetie it's gonna backfire on you so quickly because in a moment he'll look way, way older than me or be dead" and Loki says "I know. He's only 50 but already looks like he's 3000."

my right eye is crying tears of laughter over the glittery space fossil and my left is crying tears of FEELS because THESE TWO.

Thank you, anon. <3

honestly as obstructive, annoying, and ignorant straight people often are all these tumblr people going “STRAIGHT PEOPLE WILD/WEIRD” for shit they obviously don’t understand or got no intention to even try to understand

people that think bachelor/ette parties are OH MAN WE NEED TO HAVE THEM FUCK FOR THE LAST TIME BEFORE THEY HOOK UP TO A BALL AND CHAIN obviously never been to one, planned one, or even been within 50 miles of a committed relationship and only know that from grossout trashy party movies lmao

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I just noticed... 100, 200, 250, 450, 650, and 700 are all Joes. The only other milestones that could have been Joes are 50 and maybe 400, if you count Piriparee as a Joe.

It makes me happy that someone noticed this, because yeah, that was intentional! :D

It’s something I only thought about doing after Hammer Joe, which is why Returning Sniper Joe isn’t at 50, haha XD

In Piriparee’s case, I kind of consider him a Joe, which is why he’s at 375, but I gave 400 to Hell Metall DX because how could I not with that name, haha

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Ok Tyler has new merch and it's cool and all but it's so fucking expensive! Like a beanie costs fucking 32 dollars!!

It honestly is so unfair tbh like Tyler and other creators usually are only involved in the creative process of their merch or products and then once that’s done different people decide how much they should sell it for and usually it’s a rip off :// it’s kinda like Zoella’s whole advent calendar thing! That cost $50 and she explained that she was only involved in the creative process and she talked about how sad she was that it was marketed that way

50 Cute This or That Questions
  1. cacti or succulents
  2. butterflies or honeybees
  3. typewritten or handwritten letters
  4. flower crowns or oversized sun hats 
  5. polaroids or film
  6. road tripping in a VW bus down the coast or camping in the woods on summer nights
  7. cozy beanbags or breezy hammocks 
  8. oversized jumpers or fluffy bathrobes
  9. banana bread or pumpkin spiced loaf
  10. the smell of old books or the smell of petrichor
  11. chapstick or matte lipstick
  12. macarons or eclairs 
  13. a candlelit bath or a naturally lit reading room
  14. a matinee at a musical or a evening at the art gallery
  15. creamy hot cocoa with marshmallows or dippable hot chocolate with churros 
  16. poetry or prose
  17. vinyl or cassettes
  18. antique shops or second hand stores
  19. a heavy, rich chocolate cake with ganache and caramel or a light, summer sponge cake with cream and fruit
  20. purikuras or photo booths
  21. cozy scarfs or warm beanies
  22. rose gold or copper
  23. watching the sky at sunset from the beach or watching the city below from an airplane at night
  24. mason jars or coffee mugs
  25. puffy clouds and blue skies or thunder and lighting on rainy days
  26. a cup of hot tea or a bowl of warm soup
  27. picnic on a grassy hill or tea in a flower garden
  28. silk or lace
  29. sketching in a museum or journaling in a café
  30. converse high tops or beaded summer sandals
  31. sweet crêpes or fluffy pancakes
  32. galaxies or nebulae
  33. cuff-chain earrings or full finger rings
  34. knee socks or leggings
  35. in bed or out in the rain
  36. the muted colors of winter or the vibrant colors of summer
  37. autumn leaves or spring flowers
  38. summer fruits: peaches, berries, cherries, and apricots or tropical fruits: pineapples, mangos, papaya, and grapefruit.
  39. malt shakes or ice cream floats
  40. smooth jazz or lo-fi
  41. waves lapping at the shore or wind rolling over wheat fields
  42. sunflowers or lavender
  43. enamel pins or embroidered patches
  44. fresh cheeses and cured meats or fresh bread and homemade jams
  45. fireworks or sparklers
  46. bath bombs or scented candles 
  47. library borrower cards or vintage postcards
  48. singing and playing the ukulele while walking or singing in the car with the windows down
  49. filling your passport with stamps from each place you travel to or collecting souvenirs from every place you’ve traveled to
  50. _____ or _____
study hacks for college/uni

So you’re struggling to study efficiently away from home? Finding yourself getting distracted easily? Having difficulty creating a study schedule in this new environment? I know finals season is coming soon for university students, so I thought I’d share my personal study hacks that helped me during college! 

  • Find the least popular library: while the fancy main libraries have great appeal, the truth is sometimes you really only need a desk, a comfy chair, an outlet, and some peace and quiet
  • Go higher up for quieter floors: usually the higher you go, the quieter and more serious the floor
  • Always pack the essentials: during finals week, finding a good study spot is a commodity, so make sure you can stay as long as humanly possible and bring supplies: laptop, chargers (phone and laptop), water bottle, snacks, layers (including a huge comfy sweater that can double as a pillow), headphones, notes, pens and highlighters, and blank paper
  • Don’t be afraid of caffeine pills: caffeine pills can sound scary, but that venti coffee at Starbucks also has a shit ton of caffeine. Opt to finding caffeine pills that are each 100 mg (the amount in 1 cup of coffee), and save ~$50-100 on buying coffee all the time
  • Find (only) 1-2 good friends and make a regular study group: even if you guys don’t share classes, it’s nice to have people who are reliable, quiet, and fun to be around when studying. Also, libraries allow small groups to rent private study rooms which are clutch af
  • Use the Pomodoro method with a timer or app: this is wonderful for people who have difficulty focusing. Set an alarm for 25 minutes, and block all forms of electronic distraction from that time. The idea is to have 25 minutes of pure work with a 5 minute break to do whatever you want afterwards, and this helps train you to maximize your ability to focus and minimize brain fatigue
  • Empty classrooms and lecture halls on weekends = substitute library: on the weekends, college campuses are super dead. I’ve found that lecture halls and classrooms are deserted (and usually unlocked) during these times, which make for great quiet places to study
  • Listen to music WITHOUT lyrics while you study: you’ll be less likely to be sucked in to the music and distracted
  • Wear pajama or workout clothes: just trust me on this one
  • Have a few achievable goals for the day and know when to stop: college burnout is real, so remember that college is a marathon, not a race

jason: do u see me as a father figure, nico??
nico: i see you as a BOTHER figure ‘cause yOU’RE ALWAYS BOTHERING ME

this is honestly the dumbest thing i’ve ever doodled


Happy Birthday Robert Plant 💛