it was one of my favourite parts from this song

“It’s dangerous to go alone! Take this.”

Hi, everyone! If you’re like me and you love a good game soundtrack or a great playlist of all sorts of game music, this is the masterpost for you. I’m one of those people who studies better with some music in the background, and what better way of making a study session more enjoyable than by listening to the soundtrack of your favourite game?

Why listen to music while you study?

Multiple studies have proven that certain students who listen to music while they study perform better academically. Unfortunately, it’s not for everyone, so you should really figure out if this is the right method for you before commiting yourself to it! The main arguement for studying with music is that research has proved that listening to classical music in particular helps the brain absorb more information and also helps stimulate one’s thinking! 

On the other hand, some people tend to lose all concentration when there’s any music or noise in the background, which leads to procrastination and lower productivity. In short, if you can’t concentrate on the task at hand and get distracted easily, this isn’t the best method for you! 


I started actively looking for playlists with game music about two years ago and instantly fell in love. There are so many good playlists of various lengths and genres that are accessable on platforms like spotify, 8tracks, youtube, etc. All of the playlists include the tracklist in the description below them! 

Note: I won’t be adding any playlists from 8tracks because they only work in the US and Canada. 

i. General

Game music for studying: Some of you might have already heard of these videos before. They’re roughly an hour and a half long and include some of the more calming tracks from a lot of different games. All the names of the tracks are listed in the description below, which is super handy if you want to find out which game it’s from! I thought I’d put in the playlist of all of them so you can just press play and enjoy!

Video game music! 2.0: Probably the longest playlist you’ll find anywhere. a n y w h e r e. 223 hours of amazingness that you’ll never regret! 

ii. Calming/ relaxing

5 hours of atmospheric game music: This is one of my personal favourites. It’s very long so you don’t have to worry about looking for another playlist when this one finishes. 

Relaxing video game music: Another gem! Once again with all the tracks in the description. This one’s great for shorter study sessions since it’s only and hour long.

More relaxing  video game music: If the previous playlist was too short for you, check out this 3 hour one! I used this one a lot last year! 

Calming Nintendo music: A super great playlist for all you Nintendo fans! It includes some really nice tracks from the Legend of Zelda series, if you’re into those soundtracks!

Jesper Kyd playlist: Ever since I first played Assassin’s Creed 2, I’ve loved Jesper Kyd’s work. This is quite a long playlist including some of his best tracks from various games. My favourites are towards the end!

Relaxing Legend of Zelda music: You had to see this one coming. The LoZ series has some of the best soundtracks to study to (, in my opinion,) and some of the prettiest and most calming tracks. I highly recommend this 42 minute playlist for those times when you just don’t feel like working.

2 hours of sleepy video game music: This is also a little series of playlists. There are 4 of these videos in total, which adds up to 8 hours of sweet, sweet music. 

iii. Epic/ badass

Epic video game music: For all of you who need a little badass music in the background! 2.5 hours of epic and awe inspiring music to really get some work done! 

Focus - video game music: Spotify has some really great playlists, so I thought I’d include a few! This playlist is a little more epic and loud, but if that’s the mindset you really need to push through, this would be great for you. It’s an amazing 11 hours long so you’ll never run out.

Orchestral video game music: Another epic playlist, including the occasional lullaby. This is a 7 hour long playlist, so a little shorter than the previous one, but by no means less epic and badass!


Compared to the playlists, soundtracks tend to be a mix of epic and calming music. Most games have their perilous moments and their I’m-so-relieved-I-managed-to-beat-that-boss-with-only-one-heart-left moments. The world of video games is vast, so I’ve selected a few of my favourite soundtracks to share with you instead of listing all of the ones I can find.

Legend of Zelda - Skyward Sword: One of my favourite all time games! The soundtrack is long too, so you don’t have to worry about looking for a new one afterwards. 

Legend of Zelda - Ocarina of Time: This game is widely believed to have the best soundtrack in video game history. All I can say is so sit down, gather your work and to just enjoy.

Final Fantasy VI: This 1994 gem has an avarage playtime of 65-70 hours. The game has such a good storyline and the soundtrack is a little old school with a lot of non-orchestral tracks. I’d still recommend this to everyone who likes an older style of video game.

Suikoden Tierkreis: I have memories of me just going to the overworld map so I could listen to the music. It’s that good. 

Bioshock Infinite: I’ve only ever played the first in the series, but I watched a walkthrough of this particular game and I loved it so much! The music is slightly creepy and loud sometimes but it’s a really great soundtrack overall.

The Last of Us: Another game I’ve never actually played, but the walkthrough was amazing. The soundtrack is very atmospheric and doesn’t have a lot of loud parts, so it’s generally calm. 

Assassin’s creed 2: My all-time favourite game ever. As you know from before, I think Jesper Kyd is amazing, so putting these two elements together makes a truly great game. The soundtrack is actually quite well known because a few of it’s most popular tracks are featured a lot in other playlists. E.g. Dreams in Venice and The Madam

The Elder Scrolls V - Skyrim: I’ve listened to this one a few times and I think it’s really good! It starts off quite strong but it has a lot of calmer songs too.

Fable 2: The Fable series is well-known for being short, so the soundtrack is also on the shorter side. I know the dialogue in the game almost by heart and I can guarantee you that there’s a lot of atmospheric music in this soundtrack. 

Fragile: This one was recommended to me by a friend on tumblr years ago. It has really sweet songs and has a lot of piano centered tracks. 

Now get to work!

I hope I’ve helped you find the perfect game music to accompany you while you study! If you have any recommendations, feel free to send me a message! I’m always up to discovering new playlists/ soundtracks.

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The Radio 1 Breakfast Show with Nick Grimshaw - Everyone the One Direction boys have collaborated with on their solo material so far - BBC Radio 1
As rumours swirl about Louis working with Bebe Rexha, we look at the boys' other collabs

Exciting news for One Direction fans: it looks like there’s more solo material on the way from both Zayn and Louis. While Zayn’s collab with PARTYNEXTDOOR is confirmed and dropping “soon”, the Louis rumours all stem from one excitable Bebe Rexha.

“[I just finished a new song] with somebody really big from a boyband,” Bebe told CBS Radio’s Culinary Kitchen. “It’s a really massive record. We just finished it and it’s about to come out in a month or so and it’s amazing. It’s probably one of my favourite songs I’ve ever been a part of in my whole career.”

Hmm. We know what you’re thinking: there are many, many boyband stars Bebe could have worked with. But, when you consider Louis recently followed her on Twitter, and she followed him on Instagram… Yes. All fingers point to a Louis Tomlinson and Bebe Rexha collaboration (we hope).

While we await further news from Team Tomlinson, check out everyone the 1D lads have worked with on their solo material (so far).

(very positive, nice summary that includes everyone)

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When I learned to know BTS, he was one of the members I recognized first. He has this calm, secure, open and warm aura, that makes you feel safe just by looking at him. Namjoon never fails to let fans know that he cares about us and supports us no matter what.

I am the fan that silently supports you through your personal battles and loneliness in life.” x

“Y’all are people who can give someone love and sincerity. Those kind of people can achive anything. I know some talk like you’re naive, too young, but eventually fools change this world. I believe that, so believe in ourselves more. I love you.” x

Namjoon is one of the best idol rappers and I would say he’s also one of the best in the world. He has an amazing talent for writing sincere lyrics, he plays with the words and manipulates them with ease. He wrote most of the lyrics for Spring Day on two days and the lyrics he’s most proud of is Not Today. But honestly, you don’t want to piss off Rap Monster, if you don’t want to be burned into nothing in his next track. No matter if that is his part in Cypher or a solo track like Joke. My favourite from his solo tracks is Do You. With this song he’s encouraging you to be yourself with all your flaws and not letting you change through others or restricted by labels.

“Even if you’re not perfect you’re limited edition”

“Just wear what you want, how you want to.”

Originally posted by the-rap-man

This group, that has come so far and we all love, exists also because of him and he takes the best care of the members since day one. He encourages the others in whatever they do, he never pressures them and he never lets them down when they come to him for help. He truly is the best leader. 

Besides his rapping Namjoon really has beautiful, low and soft vocals and he shows that next to Jungkook with the cover of Fools by Troye Sivan and the song I Know, he wrote for ARMY to express their love for their fans:

Know you love me girl
So that I love you
Know you love me boy
So that I love you
I’ll be by your side, always
Don’t worry ’bout a thing
My love

Over the years he grew even more when it comes to speaking out. He’s never silent about issues of politics and society in his lyrics. He never misses a chance to speak his mind, but he never does it aggressive, never without kindness or respect. He’s a feminist, he supports LGBT and he speaks out of the hearts of many in such a sensitive way.

“I don’t care if you’re red, blue, green, orange, purple, whatever, thank you”

Namjoon loves books, he enjoys going on walks and being alone. He has his own sense for fashion and likes breaking stereotypes. He works hard to make up his lacks when it comes to learn choreography since he’s not as a natural dancer as other members. He has that thing that everything tends to destroy itself around him as soon as he touches it, must be a coincidence, really. He loves cute things and has a dog called Rapmon. Also he’s Bangtans tumblr boy, it wouldn’t surprise me if he had an aesthetic blog around here. Honestly he is painfully handsome and attractive with the best hair, no matter what color, with his dimples and perfect eyebrows and the way he expresses himself and always finds the right words. 

Basically Namjoon is that type of person I would totally love to sit with, over a good coffee, somewhere with a view over water and have a conversation about everything and nothing.

Namjoon’s a wonderful, kind and gentle soul. He makes this world a bit better and he deserves all the love and appreciation.

“Please ARMYs remember what we say. Love myself, love yourself.”

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Dean collapses on top of Castiel’s chest, sated and warm with afterglow. He presses soft, wet kisses to the angel’s chest with a hum. Cas smiles, and of his part, runs his fingers through Dean’s light brown hair. He doesn’t speak until sometime later: “Have you ever read the Song of Solomon? Sometimes referred to as the Song of Songs?”

Dean shakes his head minutely, loathe to dislodge Cas’s hand. “Maybe Sam has,” he sighs, eyes slipping shut. “Who wrote it?”

“It’s in the Bible,” Castiel says softly, blunt nails scratching gloriously at his hunter’s scalp. “The story of two lovers, written by a man named Absalom. Not King Solomon’s son, this Absalom was a shepherd. Kind. Generous. Devout. He wrote, arguably, the most beautiful book in the Hebrew Bible.”

Dean hums sleepily.

“He wrote it for the King,” Castiel continues. “Which is where the name comes from. Of course, Absalom was not truly important, and so he has been forgotten… but his poem was remembered.” Cas pauses, other fingers tracing patterns on Dean’s bare shoulder. “It’s my favourite part of the books of Wisdom.”


Castiel smiles at his sleepy human, shifting to press their mouths together softly. “Let him kiss me with the kisses of his mouth, for your love is better than wine.”

In slow, lovely blinks, the green of Dean’s eyes become visible.

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All the different ways Nick confessed his love to Harry

  • Hello Harry Styles!
  • *sings Harry’s songs to his face. badly. sometimes for hours*
  • Let’s welcome our next guest, Harry Styles from The Want… One Direction!!!
  • He’s here all the time.
  • You have this song tattooed on your body, am I correct?
  • Shut up…
  • You’re playing mind games with me, Styles.
  • I was sat by the phone for months.
  • Don’t say that…
  • It’s alright, your face, innit?
  • He wouldn’t type “sabbatical”. He can’t spell it.
  • It’s like Anne’s here!
  • When I got this job you were one of only four people I told that I got it.
  • Cat woman, I see you as. Look good in black.
  • I do worry for you cause I think, why would anyone want to go out with you, he’s down to his lat 50 million, rock hard abs, eyes you could drown in…
  • Did you make it out of tea towels?
  • It’s not mean, I promise you, it’d never be mean.
  • I liked that.
  • No. No. Nope!
  • *does a terrible impersonation of Harry to his face*

All the different ways Harry confessed his love to Nick

  • Hello Nick Grimshaw!
  • Incredible. You’re an inspiration.
  • You did a very good job. I was happy to be in your presence.
  • Heeeeyyyyyyy
  • Tell her you’ve fallen in love with me.
  • How many young stupid models has Grimmy hooked up with?
  • I’m always here. I’m here like every day. I’d say i’ve been the most supportive friend.
  • I usually throw things, present things and make your mic move away from your face.
  • We love Radio 1. We love ‘em so much.
  • I’m on radio, aren’t I…?
  • This is a great show. I cannot believe you’re getting paid for this.
  • I think you did very well.
  • I feel very happy with what happened last night.
  • You sound awful.
  • It’s the worst.
  • This is called trust.
  • I feel very lucky to be playing my first song with one of my best friends.
  • Sounds more real when you say it.
  • You’re an idiot.
  • My favourite part of putting an album out is hearing the little bits of you singing them that you send back to me.
  • Pay it together, please.
  • Thank you so much for doing it with me.
  • *does a terrible impersonation of Nick doing a terrible impersonation of Harry*

(Disclaimer: this report will not be a serious and professional one because I just can’t contain the fangirling; also I may and probably will be biased towards Aikyan and Shuka I’m sorry-
Also I’m sorry but I can’t really understand Japanese so I don’t know a lot of the things they said and what the Intermission PV was about, but maybe I will be able to update it later
Last, there will probably be a lot of mistakes since I’m writing this on my phone (since I’m going back home to Italy only after Comiket next week)

Sorry this took me a lot of time! So, on Saturday I’ve been to the first day of Aqours 2nd Live Tour in Nagoya and I wanted to write a report of it for curious people and also for me to remember it better :)

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Haven’t been able to draw these boys in a long while because I was still pretty burnt out from a lot of things. But I found the drive to draw again.

Sakura Message is honestly one of my favourite songs and it’s really nice to be able to hear the cast, not just MEZZO, singing in such sweet and gentle voices. Riku and Iori’s vocals kill me just like always.

Angel in Hiding (Sirius Black x Reader)

Fandom: Harry Potter, Marauders Era

Pairing: Reader x Sirius Black

Request: Hey sweetie, I had this idea of Sirius Black x reader in which she is really shy and georgeous and sings like an angel and Sirius once hears her and then tries to find her and it’s super cute!?

Warnings: alcohol

Word Count: 1.1k

Authors Note: the song actually fits the timeline of the marauders era, if you dont know the song of the band go take a listen!

As you lied in your bed starring at the ceiling, with your red tie hanging loosely around your neck as you listened to the music thumping through the walls from downstairs. You wondered why you were put in Gryffindor in the first place, you weren’t brave or strong, you didn’t fit in at all.

As you sat alone in your room while everyone else partied downstairs that thought wouldn’t leave your mind, you couldn’t get the guts to open your door and walk down a few steps to be with your friends, you weren’t brave at all.

You were quite shy actually but you had really opened up to your roommates over the years, they were all like sisters to you, but it has gotten to the point that they didn’t even bother to ask you to come to the party because they knew you would refuse.

What’s so good about parties anyways? Sure there is lots of alcohol, something you are very familiar with from fire whiskey fueled all night hangouts and playing drunken truth or dare with your roommates, but you preferred to drink in your room, not with a bunch of random people who don’t even know your name.

The party downstairs was blasting terrible music, there was too many people in a small space and the only people there you wanted to be crammed into a small space with were probably all off snogging some guy somewhere.

Oh yeah, the party has guys… not that there are any worthwhile, well maybe Sirius, you wondered what he was like at parties but the stories you have heard create a pretty vivid picture. You can imagine his messy hair falling in his face with pink cheeks from the high amount of alcohol, you can imagine a very stoned Remus on his right …and probably some girl on his left, well more likely on his lap.

As much as you wanted that girl to be you, you knew it never would be. He has never looked at you before, and there are much prettier girls he could choose. Even if he would choose you, there was no way you were ever going down there.

All you wanted to do was read your book but the music was way too loud, you glanced to your wand which was lying on the chest at the foot of your bed and you groaned as you got up to grab it like it was exceptionally inconvenient. You lied back down with a small huff but just as you were about to cast a silencing spell to give yourself the peace and quiet you craved the song changed and it was …actually a good song? You placed your wand down beside you as you let the notes travel through your ears, a small smile spreading across your face.

The song playing was a muggle song you were very familiar with; it was “Over my Head” by a band called Fleetwood Mac.

You couldn’t help that the words started to fall from your lips, quietly at first until you remembered you were alone and no one would be coming back anytime soon and you put more effort behind the sweet lyrics.

You loudly sang your favourite part “I’m over my head, but it sure feels nice” not caring who hear you, you continued “you can take me anytime you like, I’ll be around if you think you might”.

What you were unaware of was that the boy that clouded your thoughts just minutes ago had drunkenly made his way to the girl’s dorms trying to escape the grabby hands of a just as drunk Slytherin girl.

He stumbled down the hallway which looked strangely like the hallway to his dorm but for some reason he couldn’t find his room.

He was about to give up until he heard the sweetest voice coming from behind one of the doors. He stopped walking and leant his heavy head against the door to listen.

“Love me baby and hold me tight”

He wanted to drown in the sweet tone of the mysterious girl behind the door, at that moment he wasn’t even concerned that he and found himself in the girl’s dormitory instead of the boys, he slowly slid his back down the door and listened to the angelic voice sing the rest of the words. He smiled at how you got louder near the end of the song gaining confidence in yourself.

Before he even knew it the song had ended and you stopped singing, he wanted nothing more than to hear you sing again.

Sirius wasn’t too drunk but he had enough alcohol to stop thinking rationally, he knew that he wanted to hear you sing more and he knew where you were so he opened the door to your dorm subsequently scarring the shit out of you.

You sat up and looked mortified

“what are you doing? Sirius this isn’t the boy’s dorms”

He was just as stunned by your beauty as he was by your voice so for a moment he lost his words.

You quickly calculated that he must be drunk and lost so you hopped out of bed and tried to hide your pink blush from his starring eyes. You waved a hand in front of his face.

“Hey, B-Black are y-you lost?”

He smiled at you as you stuttered and basically whispered your words, your shyness evident in this situation.

Sirius spoke up at last “I’m not lost; I’ve found exactly what I was looking for”

Your blush turned red as you raised an eyebrow and questioned him “and uh what is that exactly?”

He took a step closer to you and answered you with a smirk “The girl making Fleetwood mac sound angelic” You went to push him out of your room once you realized he heard you sing, your embarrassment controlling your actions.

As you pushed him into the hallway you watched as he stumbled over his own feet and realized you should help him get to his dorm.

“Look, I’m going to ignore that last statement and help you walk to your dorm, seeing as your drunk and tripping over your own feet”

You slipped your arm around his to balance him and pulled him to walk but before he moved he looked down at you ,

“It’s not the alcohol that has me stumbling, it’s you that I’m falling for” he winked at you as he said it.

You knew Sirius was a famous flirt with endless pick-up lines, but you couldn’t help but smile at that one as you pulled his arm forward, not wanting him to see his effect on you.

My august playlist is finished and I would like to extend my sincerest apologies for writing 3000 words about it. It’s mostly for my own amusement so please feel free to scroll right past this. There’s a lot in here, from Grateful Dead covers to Sunn 0))) and everything in between so please enjoy.

The New Stone Age - Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark: This is the perfect album opener because almost every other song on this album is Orchestral Maneouvers In The Dark’s normal fare of great downbeat synthpop but this song is like a nightmare come to life and it really sets the rest of the album in a different light. The otherreason I love this song is that ‘oh my god what have I done this time’ is a constant thought so it’s nice to sing along to.
Buffalo Stance (12" Version) - Neneh Cherry: This song is an absolute masterpiece, the production is amazing, the synth riff is magic and this extended version is even better than the original because it has a lot more 80s scratching and also a bit in the middle where she says ‘WOT IS 'E LIKE??’
Wakin On A Pretty Day - Kurt Vile: This is a great example of why Kurt Vile is good because this song goes for 9 minutes and you don’t even notice. It just keeps cruising on and on and you don’t mind a bit
Turn Out The Stars - The Danish Radio Jazz Orchestra & Jim McNeely: This is another ABC Jazz find, its a very beautiful piece of music but what I like most is the ending where it stretches out a long long note into a big mysterious chord for no discernable reason.
Downtown - Destroyer: I have yet to look up a picture of what Destroyer looks like but I from his music I imagine him to be a sort of mineral deficient vampire type of man who has just been wandering around New York for a hundred years. I had a big moment with this album this month, it’s really just perfect start to finish. Wow I just looked up a picture of him and I’m not far off.
Song For America - Destroyer: I caught myself singing the part of this song where it goes 'winter spring summer and fall, animals crawl, towards death’s embrace’ while I was walking around town a couple of weeks ago which was good.
Hoping For - Bad//Dreems: Bad//Dreems are maybe the best Australian band around right now. This is the first song I ever heard from them a couple of years ago and I listened to it probably 20 times in a row while I rode my bike around the school I used to live next too one afternoon until a cleaning guy yelled at me.
Mirrors - Justin Timberlake: My girlfriend called me a '20/20 Experience apologist’ once and I’ve never gotten over it. It’s a good album! And Mirrors is the best song on it! It does the classic Timberlake/Timbaland thing of finishing up a perfectly servicable pop song after 4ish minutes and then starting up on some bullshit for another 4 and I love it the whole time.
Speaking In Tongues - Eagles Of Death Metal: The guitar sound in this sounds like someone in honking the horn of their car in the studio. Eagles Of Death Metal are a wildly patchy band but their first album is a classic front to back and this song especially is a standout.
Pain - The War On Drugs: I cannot get over how straight up beautiful this album is. I’ve listened to it more than anything else this month and I think every time I have a new favourite song. It turns out I love this one a lot though because as I was putting together this post I realised it was on here twice.
Simulation - Tkay Maidza: This album was kind of unfocused and I really hope Tkay figures it out for her next album because when she’s on she absolutely kills it and this song is a great example of that.
Countdown - Beyonce: I’m not a huge Beyonce fan (don’t @ me) but Countdown is easily her best song (don’t @ me). It’s just so dense and agile and busy in every aspect it’s absolutely hypercolour.
New Dorp, New York (feat. Ezra Koenig) - SBTRKT: This is still such a flooring song, it doesn’t sound like anything else and it’s so left-field while still being incredibly cool the while time. Also about a year after this song came out I found out that New Dorp is a real place in New York further confirming my theory that America is a cartoon.
Three Mantras Of Bon - Phurpa: Sorry, sorry, I’m trying to remove it. I accidentally had a big moment with a few different drone things this month and I fell asleep listening to Phurpa for about a week which I don’t recommend because it is literally just Russian men groaning at you fifteen minutes at a time and it feels like death has come to take your bones away. This song is good because they stop groaning halfway in and start making interminable vuvuzela noises instead.
Sprawl II (Mountains Beyond Mountains) - Arcade Fire: When @grumsal came to visit us this month he was quite drunk one night and explaining to me that Neon Bible is Arcade Fire’s most underrated album and Sprawl II is their best song, opinions that I’m quickly warming to.
Boys - Britney Spears: This song made me burst out laughing while I was alone because the bass in it sounds so funny. It’s like a straight up standard MIDI bass sound in this professional pop song and it sounds so, so dumb. This song alse features in the Beyonce film, Austin Powers: Goldmember so that’s how you know it’s good.
Notwo - Autechre: I wish Autechre has more straight up ambient songs like this because they’re very very good at it. This and Outh9X which comes after it make a good pair because Quaristice is almost exhausting by the time you get to the end of it so it’s nice to have 15 minutes of wind-down that you can still get into like this.
Hundred Syllable Mantra - Phurpa: Sorry, sorry, they are back and they have more groaning to do. I got deeply into this song this month and even now listening back to it I just want to lay on the floor and fucking die because of it. That’s how you know it’s a good song: it wants to kill you and you want to let it.
Melody 5 - Tera Melos: Tera Melos’ Untitled album is a masterpiece. It’s just pure creative energy, before they figured out you can sing on a song without itjust being yelling in the background. This song especially ecapsulates the spirit of the whole thing because it twists and turns forever without ever feeling forced or boring, it just goes on and on and on with new idea after new idea but still feels like a complete work as well. The sample at the end where she says “lucas[?] you are as beautiful as [?] and [?] [???]” makes me very emotional even though I have no idea what’s going on. Good song.
Guide Me O Thou Great Jehovah - House And Land: I found out about this duo because I’m a huge fan of the guitarist Sarah Louise but I didn’t even know she was a singer as well. This is great appalachian folk music without the watered down bullshit and WITH the sensibilities of modern composition. The calustophobically close vocal harmonies in this are just shocking.
The Day Is Past And Gone - House And Land: I saw someone on their bandcamp page saying they’d never fully appreciated the function of the drone in this sort of folk music before they heard this album and they’re absolutely right. Everything pivots around the guitar drone in this song for the first half, then when the guitar takes over the violin steps in and everything weaves around it.
Intro/Keep It Healthy - Warpaint: This is a great song but the intro especially made me think a lot about recording and the identity of albums and as inconsequential as it sounds I think the drummer fucking up and apologising at the very start benefits this album hugely because it immediately puts a very human face on music that could easily be quite aloof and distant to the point of alienation without it.
Vaseline Machine Gun (Live) - Leo Kottke: I love Leo Kottke so much and this is maybe the first song I ever heard of his and it absolutely blew my mind but this live version is very funny. This is solo acoustic guitar music, american primitivism from the bluegrass tradition, it’s not cool guy music by any stretch but Leo Kottke has somehow packed out an auditorium full of folks who are absolutely hanging on his every note and when the central slide melody of this song starts you can hear one guy in the crowd just absolutely losing his mind over it in a couple of long, distant “woooooooo"s and I like to imagine that that man is me.
Cavity - Hundred Waters: This song is so beautiful and so considered in every aspect. The frailty of her voice makes it feel like it could break at any second and the whole thing could collapse, the oscillating two note refrain that ties it together is so strong when it comes back and the percussion is so detailed in a way you wouldn’t expect from any other band but Hundred waters.
Metastaseis - Iannis Xenakis: Thankyou to @thoughtportrait for introducing me to the nightmare music of true oddball Iannis Xanakis, I was reading about him for a few hours while I listened through his music and Metasaseis is a good example of a piece of music that has a lot of context around it, and the concept of the composition being individually scored for every single player in the orchestra is interesting and innovative and everything like that but it’s not essential knowledge to understand this: you just listen to it and get overwhelmed.
For Organ And Brass - Ellen Arkbro: I am obsessed with this piece of music. It is absolutely transcedental but the first time I listened to it I heard a train horn honk in the distance outside our flat and thought it was part of the music, so it’s also that kind of music. It is twenty minutes of long, loud, organ and brass notes and I cannot get enough of it.
Bogan Pride - Bad//Dreems: “big muscles pumping in my sweatshirt/ big muscles pumping in my dreams”. Almost every Bad//Dreems song is about The Boys and either being one of the boys or how much you fucking hate the boys or how much you fucking hate that you are one of the boys and it’s so good.
Alice - Sunn 0))): The last part of my Drone Month was listening to this song a lot. This is my favourite from Monoliths And Dimensions because without any vocals or the choir of the others it feels very stripped back, the guitar moves in big waves and the brass follows. Also, I used this song to diagnose exactly which part of my car door was rattling when I played particularly bassy music this month, so it’s functional too.
Norwegian Wood (This Bird Has Flown) - Budddy Rich: I can’t believe I only found out this was a Beatles song this month when I was searching for this Buddy Rich version on Spotify. How embarrassing. I’ve listened to this album for years and this song is so melodically rich I wish it went for three times longer.
Obedear - Purity Ring: I watched Search Party this month and aside from being an absolutely amazing show that somehow balances incredible characters, violence and mystery while still being hilarious it reminded me how good of a song Obedear is. I wish it had a proper opening credits sequence because this song never goes for long enough in the show.
Out Of Line - Gesaffelstein: This song starts menacing and just gets more menacing the whole time. “a bitter sunken love in a bleach blonde submarine” is such a great line, and the voices barking on the offbeat near the end is so propulsive it makes me wish this song was longer.
Every Time The Sun Comes Up - Sharon Van Etten: This song gets stuck in my head whenever I wake up and have a news alert about whatever the newest calamity is, but it also makes me smile because having a line like 'I washed your dishes but I shitted in your bathroom’ in such a downbeat and serious song is so funny. “I shitted.”
Atomic Number - case/lang/veirs: This song feels like a folk song from another dimension where everyone worships the atom and the overlapping vocals in the verse are so nice. This whole album is just full of beautiful layered songs like this I really recommend it.
Black Gold Blues - Laura Veirs: the case/lang/veirs album reminded me how much I like Laura Veirs and how much of a moment this sort of Kaki King/Tegan And Sara genre was for a while. The karate noises in the background of this song really make it.
Golden Brown - The Stranglers: Will a song about heroin in alternating 6/8 and 7/8 featuring a harpsichord ever again be such a bop? Unlikely.
Aquarian - Grizzly Bear: I’m still working out how I feel about the new Grizzly Bear album. It’s so dense and it always takes me a while to work through their albums but I like it so far and this song has really stood out to me so far. The drums especially make it, in the second half the dragged snare becomes the centrepiece that the rest centres around.
Leak -Truth, yesnotesnotes- - Boris: If you’re still reading reply to this post and tell me whether you think of Heavy Rocks meaning Heavy as a concept Rocks like it’s good, or Heavy Rocks like big boulders. Because I’ve always thought of it as the former and I don’t know why.
Speak In Rounds - Grizzly Bear: Here’s an easier Grizzly Bear song. I had it stuck in my head intermittently all month and would just sing it to myself constantly, to the point where I looked up the lyrics and it’s literally about drawing a picture upside down to distract yourself from tinnitus.
The Obvious Child - Paul Simon: It’s crazy that Paul Simon put out the Rhythm Of The Saints right after Graceland because it’s like the expanded weirdo version of an already out-there album. Like a sequel from a different universe.
Acetate - Metz: I was listening to Death From Above 1979 and then I realised I should stop fucking around and just listen to Metz instead. I love the loping rhythm of the bass that drives everything in this song and how absolutely noisy every single part of it is, it’s pure frustrated energy.
Talkin’ World War III Blues - Bob Dylan: I’ve been reading a book about the Cuban Missile Crisis called One Minute To Midnight by Michael Dobbs and it reminded me how much of a bullshitter Bob Dylan is cause he said he wrote A Hard Rain’s Gonna Fall about the Cuban Missle Crisis but there’s recorded evidence of him playing it like a year beforehand. Anyway this is a far better song and the best kind of Dylan song where he just rambles on about a bunch of bullshit that happened in a dream for 6 minutes.
If I Had A Heart - Fever Ray: I’ve always sort of preferred Fever Ray over any of The Knife’s albums and as far as album openers go there really isn’t a better tone setter than this song and the huge throbbing synth that just sits there manacingly throughout while the organ builds walls over it.
Dust Bowl Children - Alison Krauss & Union Station: A few weeks ago we saw a double feature of Hail, Cesar and O Brother Where Art Thou at The Astor and I learned that Hail, Cesar is  masterpiece that I didn’t fully appreciate when I first saw it and I remembered how much I love Dan Tyminski’s voice. Incredibly good song from a huge voice about my personal passion: soil erosion and how we are all going to die because we haven’t learned from the sins of agriculture past.
Give The Mule What He Wants - Queens Of The Stone Age: I’ve listened to the new Queens Of The Stone age maybe 5 times through and it’s just not doing it for me, which is pretty disapointing. There is a bright side, however, and it’s that their first album has been re-added to spotify after disappearing for about a year. This is a song I regularly get obsessed with and have to listen to over and over and over but I can’t pin down what it is that I love about it. A huge part of it is definitely the propulsive groove of the verses and the way the drums and bass just roll forwards so heavily.
Thinking Of A Place - The War On Drugs: I’m so glad this song made it onto the album because when it was initially released I thought it was just going to be a Record Store Day exclusive single but it works so perfectly as a centrepiece to this album. It’s expansive and beautiful and it makes me so emotional!
Two Trucks - Lemon Demon: Two pickup trucks making love. American made, built Ford tough.
Atomic Bomb - William Onyeabor: This was another song that kept getting stuck in my head reading the Cuban Missile Crisis book, and also because of the news over the last month but probably mostly just because it’s a great song. There’s something about the vocal phrasing and the drum groove that makes this song feel really structurally strong for the jam that it is and I really can’t get enough of it.
The Scene Between - The Go! Team: The Go! Team are the most underrated band in the world and I’m dedicating my life to getting them the respect they deserve. For some reason their newest album has been removed from Spotify except for this single which I’m thankful for because it’s a great song.
The Werewolf - Paul Simon: Paul Simon is fucking 75 years old and he put out one of the best songs of his career last year! Who’s gonna stop him!
Tilt Shift - Mosca: “I never lost a fight [to camera: I have lost a few fights] but I will fucking shoot you bruv”
Tilt Shift (Julio Bashmore Remix) - Mosca: Tilt Shift is an incredible song and somehow I only found out that Julio Bashmore had done a remix of it last month. It’s a great remix because it sort of sounds like he’s just done a mashup of Tilt Shift and the Wii Shop Channel Theme, which is fine by me.
Spit You Out - Metz: The riff in this feels like Queens Of The Stone Age’s first album if they were incredibly upset. I love how long this song is, they really wring every last drop out of it.
The Deadly Rhythm - Refused: It’s been years and the drums in this song still kick my ass. It’s crazy that an album whose first lyrics are 'I’ve got a bone to pick with capitalism, and a few to break!’ can be so legitimately cool.
Over Everything - Kurt Vile & Courtney Barnett: I am so excited for this album. The two most relaxed songwriters alive finally collaborating to be incredible relaxed together. I wasn’t a hundred percent on this song when I first heard it because Kurt sounds like he almost can’t keep up with the song, but after listening to it a lot I’ve decided that makes it even better. Also a good 60% of this song is just them jamming out and I really hope the album follows the same formula.
The City - The Drones: There’s a great part in this song where the tape runs out during the recording and there’s a long break while they change it which as far as accidents go is an incredibly musically effective one.
Drive - Ainslie Wills: This song should have been a huge hit, I’ve been obsessed with it for two years now and it’s still incredible every time. Somebody sponsor Ainslie Wills and force her to make a new album already.
Me And My Uncle - The Lone Bellow: It’s truly crazy how much time I spent listening to a 5.5 hour Grateful Dead tribute album last year but it’s just that good. Please set aside half a day to listen to Day Of The Dead in full and have a massive Grateful Dead phase for six months after like I did.

listen here

Understanding the End of Hedwig

I have read, in a lot of places on the internet, people saying they don’t get the ending of Hedwig and the Angry Inch. Which is fair, it’s quite odd and confusing but I also think it’s worth understanding, because I think the message is truly beautiful. As with all art, it’s open for interpretation, and Hedwig is very layered so you can either skim the surface or dive in deep.

So the ending. You have a choice – the short version (brief, vague) or the long version (where I delve into the storyline, the songs and the parallel that is Yitzhak).

The short version of it is:

The play is about identity and self-acceptance. Hedwig spends the musical searching for his literal other half, the person who will complete him, make him whole. What he is actually searching for is acceptance, love and identity. (He says early on that “it’s the geography of human contact. The triangulation of a pair of eyes on my face, the latitude and longitude of a hand on my body, these are the only clue I have to my place in the world.”) Hedwig’s struggle with his identity comes of a climax (bud-dum-shh!) when he accepts himself, without the wig, or the heels, just him. The metaphor of him morphing into Tommy is that Tommy is a representation to us the audience as the other half of himself that he was trying to find and in accepting himself he becomes whole. In the musical, Tommy & Hedwig are played by the same actor forming a visual representation to the audience that he was whole the entire time. Taking this further, you could argue the part of himself he wasn’t accepting was the male part of himself.

So, Tommy represents the other half of himself that he wasn’t accepting, so in taking on Tommy’s appearance but still being Hedwig we see him accept himself as a whole.

The long version:

I repeat. As with all art, it’s open for interpretation. And for clarity, I have seen the original off-Broadway bootleg, the feature film, the new Broadway production with Neil Patrick Harris, JCM & Darren Criss. I have not however read the book.

For me, the musical is about identity and self-acceptance. One of the most important songs to the plot is “Origin of Love” it lays out Hedwig’s whole underlying belief system through out the narrative of his life. Throughout his story he is searching for his “other half” the one that was taken from him ‘when the earth was still flat and the clouds made of fire’ and Zeus “split them right down the middle… cut them right up in half”. He sees his other half as someone who would understand him completely expressed in the lyric “the pain down in your soul/Was the same as the one down in mine”, so his search for his other half is his search for acceptance.

You may have noticed I use the pronouns “him/his” as opposed to “she/her”. Obviously, this is a tricky issue and could I have a chat, I’d ask, however my reasoning is as follows: From the play we know Hedwig was born Hansel Schmitt, a biological male and forced to have a sex change in order to escape East Berlin. John Cameron Mitchell has said in an interview that Hedwig never identified as female, he is not in fact a transgender female – though biologically he is. So, in desperation to find his other half he sacrifices a large part of his own identity and embraces a female identity, however his still identifies as male hence I use “he/his”.

One of my favourite songs of the musical is “Wig in a Box” and I really love the performance aspect the Broadway Production added, particularly Darren Criss’ interpretation. The key line in the song is:

“And pull the wig down from the shelf
Suddenly I’m Miss Beehive 1963
Until I wake up
And turn back to myself”
(Wig in a Box)

The important thing to get from this song, is he puts on a lot of wigs in his life but it’s only when he removes the wigs, when he’s putting himself to bed, is he truly himself. Hedwig – a stunningly well picked name – is a character, a persona he hides behind because he struggles to accept who he is. All that in your face attitude, it’s an aggressive way of hiding.

Now, this post is about explaining the end of the play, I’m getting there. But there is another significant character in the musical – Yitzhak. Yitzhak’s story runs both as a parallel and a contrast to Hedwig’s.

The parallel comes as both Hedwig and Yitzhak, in order to escape oppression, they had to give up a part of themselves – a part of their identity. For Yitzhak, it was the female part, the drag queen persona. In the musical, Hedwig is played by a biologically male actor, whilst Yitzhak is played by a biologically female actress. This is very, very important as even though both characters are born biologically male – deep down what they identify as is reflected by their actor. Hedwig looses his penis – the physical representation of his male identity, whilst Yitzhak looses the wigs, the female part of his identity. The Contrast.

Now, the parallel of Yitzhak’s story obviously means the end of his story is a reflection of the end of Hedwig’s. Which is why I think it’s important.
(On a side note: Yitzhak’s whole story is shown much better in the onstage musical, particularly the revival. When I saw the feature film, which is the first version of Hedwig I saw, Yitzhak’s whole story was lost on me. I was completely bemused and confused when he was auditioning for Rent or something? It’s just one of the layers that I think it was difficult to replicate in the film.)

So in “Exquisite Corpse”, Hedwig goes nuts, everything goes a bit ballistic, he’s confused, frustrated and angry. In the original onstage production he physically tears his dress off removing the wig and fake boobs. Then we move in to “Wicked Little Town – Reprise”. (This is my favourite song.) And it is so frustrating that in the feature film because Tommy Gnosis is cast as a different actor to Hedwig it doesn’t quite capture the same meaning as the onstage production. I understand why it was necessary though.

This is where things become very open to interpretation. Has Hedwig become Tommy? Have they reformed to become one? Actually put themselves back together? Is it just a symbol of Tommy finally understanding Hedwig?
Potentially, all of the above.

For me, it’s a metaphor. The reworded song lyrics show Tommy is trying tell Hedwig that he understands what Hedwig’s gone through, he realises how hard his life’s been and how much he’s had taken from him in life. At the same time it’s Hedwig coming to terms with everything he’s gone through.

“And there’s no mystical design
No cosmic lover preassigned.
There’s nothing you can find
That can not be found.
‘Cause with all the changes
You’ve been through
It seems the stranger’s always you
Alone again in some new
Wicked Little Town.”
(Wicked Little Town - Reprise)

Hedwig has finally accepted himself. He’s been searching for somewhere to belong all his life but everywhere he goes he gives up parts of himself to not recieve the acceptance he desires in return. His mother never cared for him, his husband left him after him giving up his penis, Tommy left him after taking away his music.

“Know in you soul
Like your blood knows the way
From you heart to your brain
Know that you’re whole
(Midnight Radio)

He has accepted he isn’t half of a whole but is whole himself. He doesn’t need anything else, be it the wigs, the heels, the make up or even another person.

The metaphor of him morphing in to Tommy is that Tommy is a visual representation of the other half of himself, the half he was trying to find and in the end it was him that actually needs to accept himself. Tommy is the symbol of the missing part of himself, he needed to accept.

So finally, in Midnight Radio he gives Yitzhak the wig that Yitzhak has been craving the entire play (“I’m bearing my soul here and you’re masturbating with acrylic hair!”) Yitzhak is allowed to embrace his true self just as Hedwig learns to embrace himself. Hedwig leaves the stage as Hedwig but looking like Tommy.

The play is about identity and self-acceptance. I think it’s beautiful because it’s something so many people struggle with. Be it your gender, orientation, body image or even if you’re a heterosexual, cis-person simply trying to accept yourself in your own skin. As I said, not everyone’s going to interpret it the same way as me, but hopefully this might help one person get Hedwig.

(Just as a last note: pronouns for Yitzhak are tricky as its never resolved if he/she identifies as female in a drag queen sense, or a transgender way. I went with male pronouns as they’re used in the musical.)

Quartet Night Live Evolution: Live Viewing Report

Okay, here is my report on the Quartet Night Live Viewing. It’s a little scattered and mostly just my opinion on things. I tried to remember as much as I could about it all. It’s long so I’ll put it under the cut. 

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Nine Times

Pairing: Lin x Reader

Prompt: “I swear if you weren’t so attractive I would’ve punched in the face nine times by now.”

Words:  2800

Summary: You and Lin have never gotten along. But then you’re Eponine and he’s Marius, and things start to change.

Warnings: swearing, arguing, kissing. i think that’s all of them - if there’s more please just let me know. 

A/N: hi!! one of my lovely friends requested this and it was v fun to write. hope you enjoy it – Skye x

“Does he always talk this much?” you groaned, throwing your bag down on an empty seat.

It was Thursday, and Thursday’s meant longer rehearsals. You loved theatre. A different cast album blasting through your headphones every week, imagining yourself in all the different roles before finding yet another to obsess over. Recently it had been Les Misérables, which worked perfectly, because the theatre was performing it for the next show.

Mandy laughed next to you as you sat down next to her. Even though your characters didn’t interact at all, her being Fantine and you being Éponine, the two of you had grown close over the few weeks of rehearsals that had already passed. She’d quickly become one of your closest friends.

“In case you hadn’t noticed, Y/N, we’re in theatre club. Everyone talks like their lives depend on it.”

“Yeah, I know. But that doesn’t stop him being irritating when he does it.”

You were glaring at Lin. A few rows in front of you he was sitting with Chris and Karen, talking so loudly that you could hear him perfectly. And he did this all the time. Every single Thursday.

Mandy was looking at Karen, the two of them biting back smiles as they watched you glare at Lin like it was your favourite to do (and it probably was). You and Lin had met a few years ago, and you’d been arguing and glaring ever since. At first, you hadn’t minded Lin, but as he got bigger roles he’d gotten cockier and cockier.

Actually, at first you’d thought he was kind of cute. You weren’t alone in that, nearly every single girl (and probably most of the boys) thought Lin was attractive. He was. You couldn’t deny that no matter how much you wanted to scream at him on a daily basis.

Now, he had a big role again, and you had the role that was madly in love with him. Typical. Because of course Lin had gotten Marius, and of course you had gotten Éponine, and of course you had to be in love with him for an hour every night.

Éponine was one of your favourite roles. You had been thrilled to get her part, and even Lin-Manuel Miranda couldn’t dampen your excitement. Her character was devastating, but she was strong. At the beginning she wasn’t very important, just a friend of Marius’ who couldn’t seem to leave him alone, but then she came and performed one of the most heartbreaking songs in the entire show. There was no way in hell that Lin could take that away from you.

“Y/N! Time to do On My Own.”

You grabbed your bottle of water, taking a final drink before going up to the stage. You didn’t have much choreography after act one finished, since you weren’t doing anymore ensemble roles, but you still showed up to rehearsals in leggings and a tank top and one extra bottle of water. Just incase they decided to do songs that weren’t on the schedule.

Standing on the stage in front of everyone didn’t bother you, of course it didn’t, but some of the people didn’t like doing it when it was just the other cast members and not an actual audience, so there was always the option of going to the hall. When the stagehand asked if you wanted stage or hall you mumbled a quick ‘stage’ before finding your mark.

“Hey, Lin?”

“What do you want?”

“Woahhh. Think you need to calm with that tone.” He glared. “I just want you to stand closer to the front of the stage so I can get more in character. Since I’m, you know, in love with you.” You could’ve sworn his eyes flickered with happiness before switching back to their usual annoyance.

“Yeah. Yeah, okay.”

Lin put his script down on his chair before making his way out of the row. He took his time walking to the bit of floor right in front of the stage, where some freshman kid playing Gavroche would jump down during The Death of Gavroche.

“Take your time, Lin. It’s not like I have a song to sing or anything.” You said, an impatient tone pairing with the words as you began to tap your foot.

“Okay, is this where you want me?” He asked, standing on the mark for Gavroche. You nodded, turning to the stagehand to let him know that you were ready.

As the music began you quickly ran the lyrics through your head to make sure you definitely had them.

And now I’m all alone again nowhere to go

No one to turn to

Without a home, without a friend

Without a face so say hello to

And now the night is near

Now I can make believe he’s here.”

You looked out at the room, watching Mandy silently cheering from her seat. Trying not to smile, you looked down at Lin instead.

Sometimes I walk alone at night

When everybody else is sleeping

I think of him and then I’m happy

With the company I’m keeping

The city goes to bed

And I can live inside my head.”

You walked closer to the front of the stage as the more recognisable part of the song began. Looking at the Lin the whole time you found your mark, a small ‘É’ on the stage in pencil, and listened for your cue.

On my own, pretending he’s beside me

All alone, I walk with him ‘til morning.”

As you sang your lines, trying to embody Éponine and her feelings as best you could, your eyes began to close, as though you were really imagining walking in the streets of Paris with Lin.

With your eyes closed, you couldn’t see him staring at you in awe.

“Not too bad,Y/N. Not too bad.” Lin said as you walked down the stairs at the side of the stage. You rolled your eyes and mumbled a ‘thanks’.

You made your way back to where you’d been sitting with Mandy, she was still sitting, waiting for them to call Lovely Ladies, a song you were also waiting to be called for. Since playing Éponine meant that you weren’t on as her until near the end of act one, you had some ensemble roles during the first act. One of them being one of the women from the dock.

The whole cast was amazing, especially the ensemble and the people who done double roles, because they done so much demanding work and still got back up and done it again without complaining. Well, most of them did - you complained quite a bit sometimes.

You’d known from the second Mandy auditioned for Fantine she was going to get it. She had the ability to make anyone and everyone cry with her performance of I Dreamed A Dream, even herself sometimes.

Mandy was grinning as you sat back down next to her. You turned to her with a confused look but a laugh in your words. “What?”

“You were amazing,Y/N! Like, holy shit. I think you might be the best Éponine this show has ever seen.”

“Right, right, calm down, Mandy.” You smiled, taking her compliment in silence.

“It’s a shame you’re not playing Cosette, though.” you gave her a ‘please keep going that sentence’ look. “Lin looked so goddamn in love with you while you were up there.”

You burst out laughing.

“No fucking way! He hates me, Mands,”

“I’d say he doesn’t by the way he was staring at you.”

You kept laughing, trying to calm yourself but ultimately failing to, only stopped when you caught an embarrassed looking Lin staring at you.

It wasn’t a long look, but you locked eyes with him and couldn’t seem to pull yourself from it. They were warm and inviting, a deep brown colour that looked like it belonged in a painting of Autumn. You bit your lip gently and smiled at him, finally tearing your eyes from his. He looked away as quickly as he could.

Mandy was grinning again.

“Okay, Lovely Ladies next!”

“Let’s get this rehearsal done.” you murmured.

It was the last rehearsal before opening night.

Everyone was on edge, partly because of nerves and partly because of how much caffeine had been consumed in the last six hours. Choreography runs in and out of costumes, every song had to be done, mark placements had to be perfected (and everyone had to know where they were meant to be during every song). It was hectic.

“Right, A Little Fall Of Rain is next. Y/N and Lin, quickly please.”

You shot Lin a quick look before heading up the stage. It had been a week since Mandy had told you that Lin had looked head over heels during your run through of On My Own and since then, things had been quite awkward.

Once you were both up on stage, you turned your script to the right page, even though you knew all the words.

“Are we just singing it through or are we acting it as well?” Lin asked, also flipping pages until he got to the right song.

“Act it, this one hasn’t been done as often as the others. Right, you guys ready?”

“Wonder who’s fault that is,” he sighed under his breath.

“Excuse me?” You shot back quietly, letting him know you’d heard him.

“Guys, you ready?” The stagehand asked again, clearly growing impatient with both of you.


The music started as you positioned yourself in Lin’s arms. They felt strange, but nice around you, and you almost felt too comfortable in them.

Don’t you fret, M'sieur Marius.

I don’t feel any pain

A little fall of rain, can hardly hurt me now

You’re here.

That’s all I need to know

And you will keep me safe

And you will keep me close

And rain will make the flowers grow.”

You couldn’t help but be surprised when Lin looked genuinely upset as you sang to him, dragging a thumb across his face gently.

But you will live, ‘Ponine, dear God above

If I could heal your wounds with words of love.”

Just hold me now and let it be

Shelter me, comfort me.”

The rest of the song went quickly, Lin crying as you ‘died’ in his arms. It was acting, you told yourself, purely acting. Because Lin Miranda hated you. And you hated Lin Miranda. It worked, perfectly.

Except, you didn’t hate him quite so much. Not anymore.

“We need to practise that more,” Lin said, grabbing your wrist as you jogged down the stairs, trying to keep ahead of him.

“Yeah. Wonder who’s fault that is.” You replied, mocking his tone from earlier and ripping your wrist from his grasp.

“You don’t need to be a dick about it,Y/N!”

“Well you certainly were!”

Both of you stared at each other, anger seething. Even if you guys were notorious for arguing and glaring, it never got involved in the show, that’s where you’d both always drawn the line.

Everyone near you and Lin were awkwardly looking at each other as if to say ‘uh, what do we do here’. You shook your head and laughed gently.

“I swear if you weren’t so attractive I would’ve punched in the face nine times by now.”

“If I wasn’t so what?” He answered back, genuine shock on his face.

“Oh, don’t act like you don’t know. You’re easily the most attractive boy in this goddamn school.”

“Oh, I am. Am I?”

“Yeah. You are you fucking dick.”

The silence in the room was painfully loud as you grabbed your bag and binder from your seat before storming out of the room. It wasn’t the first time you’d stormed out on him, but it felt like it. It was the first time it had felt real. After all, you had just told him that he was ‘easily the most attractive boy’. You cringed.

You found your locker after walking through to the hall, rage and regret still painfully obvious on your face. Shoving your bag into it for the next night. You knew you shouldn’t have stormed out, but that didn’t mean you hadn’t done it, and that everyone wasn’t staring at each other awkwardly, with no idea what to do. Trying not to think about Lin was a ridiculous plan. He was all you ever fucking thought about.

You sighed, leaning back against your locker and closing your eyes; trying to focus on anything other than what had just happened. It didn’t last long, the peace. You heard footsteps coming toward you, and without bothering to open your eyes to look, picked an angry tone.

“I don’t want to talk about it, Mandy.”

“Well that’s good, because I’m not Mandy.”



“What the fuck do you want?”

“Can you maybe, like, not snap at me every time you open your mouth?” You glared at him. “Just for a few minutes while I say some shit?”

“You always talk shit.”

“That, Y/N, is exactly the kind of snapping I was talking about.”

You rolled your eyes and slid down to the floor. “Fine. Go ahead.”

He sat down next to you, far closer than he would usually dare to. You tried not to look at him, knowing that if you did you’d lose every part of focus and resistance you had left in seconds.

Lin raked a hand through his already messy hair, the dark brown locks sticking out between his fingers. You caught yourself wondering how soft it was and pulled yourself out of it. See? Seconds.

“Well, you just shouted at me for a bit and then called me the most attractive boy you’ve ever met-”

“I said at this school.”

“Same thing. Anyways, I got to thinking-”

“Oh, yay,” you cut him off a second time, sarcasm practically dripping off the words.

“You promised not to snap.” He said, calm tone beginning to wear thin.

“I did no such thing.”

“Oh, my god, Y/N! Will you shut the fuck up for two minutes while I try to tell you that I like you?”

Lin looked nearly as shocked as you did at what he’d just said, dark eyes staring at you. Neither of you spoke for a few seconds.

“You, uh,” you began, a little lost for words. “You what?”

“Like you.” He whispered, barely loud enough for you to hear it. It wasn’t regret in his voice, though. It was surprise. Surprise that he’d actually just admitted it to both himself and to you, that he’d actually said it out loud.

“You’re such a dork. You know that, right?” You smiled, not really looking at him, but he was looking at you.

You leaned over and pressed your lips to his, gently at first, the warm feeling taking over your body. His lips tasted like sugar, sweet and addicting, and you let him make the kiss deeper as he moved closer to you. You’d never imagined this happening before, you had no idea what to expect, but you were sure that this was better than anything you could’ve expected. Ever.

He gently placed one of his hands on your cheek, his hands soft against your skin. You wrapped your arms around his neck, just to have him closer to you. The kiss wasn’t sexual at all. It was warm and gentle and the best damn thing you’d ever felt.

As you pulled apart from Lin, arms still around his neck, he rubbed his thumb gently over your lips. With your forehead still pressed to his, he could feel your shaking breaths as you smiled at him.

“Well, I never expected that.” You said softly, letting out a small laugh and biting your lip to stop the smile.

“I try to be a man of great mystery,” Lin answered back with the same softness in his words.

You laughed again, louder this time, and Lin nearly melted right there and then. You were so captivating. The way you bit your lip to stop smiles (oh, he had definitely noticed that), the way you laughed gently when you didn’t know how to finish a sentence, the way you were looking at him right then, love and happiness all over your face.

“I still want to punch you, just maybe less than nine times,”

“Aren’t you scared you’ll ruin all my attractiveness? Also, maybe?!”

“Nothing could ruin that pretty little face, Miranda.”

“Wow, we literally just kissed and you’re calling me Miranda?”

You only nodded. “I like you though, therefore it’s a term of endearment.”

“You like me?”

“I do, Lin. I do.”

“I imagine someday you’ll be saying that in a much different circumstance.”

And you laughed, but one day, you did.

Burning Love (NSFW)
  • Title: Burning Love (NSFW)
  • Pairing: Maxwell x MC
  • Summary: This is one of my favourite songs from Lilo & Stitch and I thought about making something a bit new for me, which is a fic in which Maxwell is the love interest @hollyashton @mermaidwarriorqueen

Masterlist | Part 2 | Part 3

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Lord Almighty,
I feel my temperature rising
Higher higher
It’s burning through to my soul
Girl, girl, girl, girl
You gonna set me on fire
My brain is flaming
I don’t know which way to go

He rested his head against the pink wall of the boutique as he waited for the woman in the changing room. Hands in his pocket, his gaze was staring at the door though it was unfocused, his mind lost in his memories.

A cleared throat made him blink and returned him to reality, making him shift his gaze towards the lady that had reappeared. His eyes widened and his mouth felt dry as it fell open, his eyes travelling from her head to her feet several times.

The aquamarine cover-up reached her mid-thigh, the soft almost translucent fabric flowing as it fell down her skin. It was tied rather loosely around her waist, just above where her white bikini bottom started. At his eyes went upwards, he noticed some silver embroidery around her low cleavage.

“That… Looks good on you”. Maxwell finally choked out, his heart quickening the longer he stared at the breath-taking girl waiting for his opinion. Is that really the best I could come up with? He asked himself as he cursed internally.

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ufonaut  asked:

crash course on arctic monkeys? pls

The Band

Alex Turner

  • singer, songwriter, guitarist
  • deceptively tiny - a beAN in fact
  • many different hair eras - pick your favourite and defend it with your life
  • a lyrical genius but unable to string a normal sentence together in everyday conversation (that rock ‘n’ roll, eh?)
  • used to go out with Alexa Chung, they were beautiful and looked like a renaissance painting when they kissed and everyone cried when they broke up
  • dances like a drunk uncle at a family barbeque but no one will stop him? someone please save him from his own hubris

Matt Helders

  • drummer, aka the agile beast, aka matthew j helders iii
  • strong and friendly
  • a beautiful and funny man
  • is engaged to the girl (Breana) in the suck it and see video, a fact thay makes me die of of laughter everytime i think about it. recently announced that soon they shall be parents
  • Kayne once said he was almost as good as Phil Collins, Matt probably cried when he heard

Jamie Cook

  • guitarist
  • he has the strongest accent of them all it’s glorious
  • “”jameh””
  • hates twinnings tea
  • married to the wonderful katie, also soon to be a father
  • the babies first word will probably be “eh”

Nick O’ Malley

  • bassist
  • an unproblematic cinnamon roll?
  • Yellamo Salohcin
  • Has a beautiful baby boy named Hearst, the first tru Dad of the band
  • only joined after the first album was out for four months, replacing andy nicholson, learned the entire repetoire in two days

they’ve all been friends since they were tiny so there’s never any drama or fights or anything, it’s all good vibes and happy times? a good bunch of people

The Albums

Whatever People Say I Am, That’s What I’m Not

  • sort of a concept album except not really, deals with themes of growing up and going out in the north of england
  • “oh well they might wear classic reeboks/or knackered converse/or tracky bottoms tucked in socks”
  • a massive massive success, fastest selling album in british chart history etc etc
  • makes u all nostalgic for the good times u never experienced u kno

Favourite Worst Nightmare

  • sounds harder and louder sort of
  • a lot of ppls fave album? i can see why its very very good
  • went straight to mumber 1, won awards etc etc
  • srsly its so good


  • my favourite album
  • some o’ that ‘umbug music, that full moon music eh?
  • lyrically out of this world, above and beyond anything else ive ever heard
  • produced by josh homme, divided fans over their new sound
  • dance little liar?? secret door?? pretty visitors?? crying lightning?? what a good glorious album??
  • the best hair era imho
  • atmospheric and dreamy like alexs voice is so? but still really exciting, lots of good sing-along songs too. but dark and broody u kno

Suck It And See


  • the album that got me into the arctic monkeys
  • made them the global sucess they are today, but also like. divided fans once more bc suddenly am were popular and that always shakes things up
  • [[quiff and leather intensifies]]
  • i still unironically love it i listen to it like once a week
  • the last song is actually a john cooper clarke poem al reworked
  • alas al has now lost the quiff and is now growing some sort of gel monstrosity on his scalp, also he refuses to shave, maybe his new girlfriend taylor can help

Other Projects

Miles Kane + The Last Shadow Puppets

  • on the FWN tour the monkeys were supported by a band called The Rascals, fronted by one Mr. Miles Kane, a beautiful and talented turtle from liverpool
  • Miles and Alex immediatley fell in love became best friends and started writing songs together
  • in 2008, in between FWN and Humbug, they released an album called The Age Of The Understatement under the name of The Last Shadow Puppets
  • wikipedia describes it as ‘baroque’ and i really cant fault that
  • its big and loud and glourious and beautiful and it sounds like a western or a thriller or some other massive vista spanning soundtrack
  • its honestly the best thing either of them have ever done
  • Al and Mi keep doing things that make us think there’ll be another one, in the last few weeks the rumour mill has been especially busy
  • Also you should definitley listen to Miles’ own albums, Colour of the Trap and Don’t Forget Who You Are, as Miles is beautiful and stylish and one of my favourite people and an astoundingly talented musician and both Noel and Paul Weller guest star on his albums
  • oh yeah and alex bought him and miles matching turtlenecks for christmas
  • a handy and useful masterpost of Alex and Miles interactions
  • Alex and Miles are also. Uh. Look one time NME gave them the “Pete‘n’Carl” award.
  • i mean look at this

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Submarine Soundtrack

  • Richard Ayoade is an old friend of the band and asked Al to do the soundtrack to his film, Submarine, so Alex did and its beautiful
  • it sounds like stars and dreams and midnight and fireworks
  • i cry almost every single time i listen to it

More Fun Arctic Monkeys Facts

  • the NME is obsessed with them they had an entire issue dedicated to AM when it came out
  • oh yeah the band also has like a secret “”alter ego”” called The Death Ramps which is like? a fake biker gang that alex made up so they could release stuff pseudonymously. also miles kane is a member and alex made them all matching death ramps rings and he and miles never take theirs off
  • this is a very useful masterpost and has more accurate info
  • and this cover compilation is also very nice indeed
  • jamie cook used to work as a tiler even when he was still in the band
  • matt is also a dj he’s very very cool like that
  • matt’s tour diaries are essential viewing
  • oh yeah and alex’s short story A Choice of Three which is really good
  • al contibuted to the Mini Mansions song Vertigo and it’s awful but his verse is weirdly mesmerising. but the rest of it is really bad, als part is from 1:29 to 2:15 so u can ignore the rest
  • honestly one of the coolest and my most favourite bands please enjoy your journey

anonymous asked:

can you do one that both are having a bad day and they pull out the drinks from the kitchen so after a few drink ( when they both are pretty tipsy) they do drunk kareoke and drunk talk. Thanks and sorry for bothering

You could sense his mood from the second he walked through the front door. Instead of kissing you on the lips and asking what you two will have for dinner, he kicked off his boots and threw his coat on the hanger.

“Had a bad day?” you asked even thought you already knew the answer.

“Yea” he murmured, trying not to scrunch his eyerbrows but failing. “My inspiration was gone in the second i walked in the studio. And when we were filming the first part of ‘Kiwi’ i tripped and embarrassed myself in front of some celebrities who i didn’t really want to make fun of me.”

“Baby” you hug him, knowing way too well that embrasing him will make him feel a lot better. “It’s none of your fault, don’t beat yourself up for this. And if these celebrities were really worth to know, the wouldn’t make fun of you. Alright?”

He nodded and wrapped his hands around your waist, bringing you closer to his chest. “Wan’ to have some drinks?”

You looked at him, a little bit suprised of his suggestion. He wasn’t really the type to drink without an ocassion.

“Are you sure?”

“Yes, i miss drinking with you and seeing you trying to stay sober with your fuzzy mind and that mouth of yours that starts speaking for things i really want to know about.”

“I hate this about myself” you shook your head, smiling. “It’s always like i drank truth serum instead of alchocol.”

“I love this about you” he laughed and a sparkle in his eyes appeared as if he was remembering all the times he asked you things in your drunk state and made you regret answering them in the morning. “Especially that one time asked you what is your favourite part of my body and you said that it’s my pen-”

“Okay, okay, Harry, let’s just drink.”

He walked to the kitchen cabinet and pulled out a bottle of wine and two glasses. When he saw you, put the glasses back in, knowing all too well you love drinking from the bottle.

“Wan’ some music on?”

You nodded and took the wine from him when he opened it. Too busy with drinking, you didn’t notice when “Rolling stones” started playing on his phone. “She’s a rainbow” was one of your favourite songs of them so none of you was suprised when you started singing along the lyrics.

A half an hour after when the bottle was empty and you and Harry were lying on the floor, this time listening to “Fletwood Mack”, he suggested to sing with only the instrumental on. You laughed at him, trying to find the karaoke version of “The chain” while talking to you about some random animals, living only in his drunk mind.

“I did better” you told him, aware of how bad you sang just a minute ago. “You were trash, Styles.”

“Yeah, i believe so. Just pray for the neighbors to be still asleep after your cover of yourself, giving birth to our future child.”

“Our future child?” you whispered, looking at him with much sober mind now. “Harry…? Our future child?”

“Y-yes” he shrugged, but you could hear the trembling in his voice. “Do you want to have kids with me.”

“I-I… Harry, of course i want to!“ 

This time you were sure you won’t regret this even a hundred mornings after this night.

Love me like you used to

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Inspiration found here & here & here

Another drabble gone full-on fic

Pairings: Bucky x pregnant!reader, Steve x pregnant!reader

Features: Bucky being Bucky aka the best you’ve ever had, Steve as your devoted husband and perfect in every way, artsy Wanda is your bff (you can thank me later), Tony as your actual Dad with capital D, Thor the hipster on crack, Sam is a sleek moneymaker, Nat the ex you can’t seem to shake off who ran off with Clint. Also brief mentions of Pepper, Peggy and Pietro, ever the troublemaker.

Word count: 2.400

Summary: You’re pregnant with Steve’s child and run into your old flame, Bucky.

A/N: I don’t daydream often, but when I do, fics like these are the result. I’m also going to YMAS concert next month, so I decided to incorporate two of my favourite heartbreaking songs into this fic.

Warnings: ANGST, guilt, shame, blame, overall FEELS

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ID #22115

Name: Julia
Age: 18
Country: Netherlands

My name is Julia and in a month I’ll be studying English language and culture at the University of Amsterdam. I’d love to get to know people from around the world, so I guess havings some pen palls is the best way to do that. I’m fluent in Dutch and English and I speak a bit of French, German and Swedish.
I love reading (part of the reason I’m going to study English) and watching TV shows. My favourite TV show is Supernatural, but I also like a variety of other shows. My taste in music is pretty diverse. There’s no other way to explain in than: I like every song, except the ones I don’t like. (Seriously, it ranges from metal to pop to Irish folk songs.)
I’m looking for someone to talk to about pretty much everything from weird memes to political topics.

Preferences: Age 17 or up, doesn’t matter where you’re from. I’d prefer someone from the LGBTQ+ community (I’m bisexual), but it’s also fine if you’re not. I can do snail mail or online.

ASTRO for Marie Claire (2017 February Issue)

Cha Eunwoo

Greatest interests recently: Japanese, the drama <Goblin>, driver’s license
Your favourite lyric amongst ASTRO’s songs: It’s a part from ‘Fireworks’. 'I want to secretly leave a little memory on your cheeks that have flushed red’. They’re pretty lyrics which tug at your heartstrings.
The drama of your life: <Rain Man>. My brother came to mind and I cried throughout as I watched the movie.
A special habit: I bite at my fingernails when I get restless
The member who possesses the charm you’d like to parallel: Moonbin. The charisma he shows off on stage is cool.
If you were to express your personality in one word: Simple yet complicated
Things you’ve got to be sure to bring along (with you) on the regular: Mobile, wallet, notebook, pen, glasses, contact lenses, cologne
Your childhood dream: Prosecutor, judge, doctor, etc.. It changed frequently.
What you would like to do today if tomorrow was the end of the world: After enjoying the last supper with my family, I want to find a spot in the remote countryside that will become my final resting place and then decorate it
Recent cause of worry: Having failed the driver’s test
Your hangout: The bathhouse at Seoulleung station
A dish you’re confident of making: Instant noodles
Phone wallpaper: ASTRO’s logo
A place you want to really have a holiday at: New Caledonia
Something I keep obsessing over unknowingly: View count on videos and digital ranking
A recent moment where you felt the most happy: When I stand on stage, when I see myself on TV, when the people around me cheer me on
Your life’s greatest escape: Having gone to watch a movie alone late at night not too long ago
What you personally think of as your charming point: Honesty and earnestness. I’m also nice (laughs).
An animal you think resembles you: A bear
An aspect (of yourself) you’d like to fix: I think too much and I get cold feet
Ideal type: A girl who’s wise and kind-hearted. Someone bright who makes me feel good when we’re together.
If you were to go on a date on Valentine’s Day: I want to spend some alone time with her as we have fun camping in the peaceful forest
Someone you want to see as of right now: My dad
No.1 on your bucket list: Receiving 20 licenses

Yoon Sanha

Your first plan for the new year: Building my body. It’ll probably take a long time (laughs).
Your favourite lyric amongst ASTRO’s songs: Lyrics from 'Star’. 'You’re in my millions of thoughts and even in my unclear future. You’re shining brightly in this moment too. Thank you for being my bright light.’
A song you’ve been obsessed with lately: Crush’s Beautiful
The person you’d like to meet in this lifetime: John Mayer. He plays the guitar really coolly.
The musician you must keep up to date with: Ed Sheeran
What you think you rank no.1 at amongst the members: Cuteness and beagle-ness, my skills in playing the guitar
The member who possesses the charm you’d like to parallel: JinJin hyung who’s really considerate
How you imagine ASTRO to be 10 years later: I dream that we become a team who performs worldwide
Things you’ve got to be sure to bring along (with you) on the regular: Oriental medicine which I’ve been consuming lately
A power you want to possess: The ability to stop time
A job you think you would’ve landed if you hadn’t debuted: A guitarist or a composer
When you last had a good laugh: I’m in fits of laughter all day when I’m with my members
Recent cause of worry: Maybe because I’m experiencing puberty but I’m getting a lot of pimples on my face
The menu you often order at a cafe: Strawberry smoothie, sweet potato latte
A dish you’re confident of making: Rice with soy sauce
A recent moment where you felt the most happy: When I welcomed the new year as a member of ASTRO
What you’d like to do on your soon approaching birthday: I want to go to a ski resort. I’ve never gone skiing before.
Presents you’d like to receive from your members: The latest computer model
Your charming point: Cuteness and shamelessness
A modifier you’d like to attach to ASTRO’s name: A team that makes you feel good by just looking at them
What you fear of: Ghosts. I think I’d pass out if I bump into one.
If you could have any three wishes granted: 10 billion dollars, an additional 50 wishes, fans’ health
What you’d like to buy at some point of time: My own snazzy guitar, an electric kickboard
Your reaction when you meet a girl who catches your fancy: I’ve never had that experience before but if one day I were to meet her, I don’t think I’d be able to take my eyes off of her


Your favourite track amongst the songs you’ve released: 'Star’ which was included in our 3rd album. I was happy being able to write the lyrics for the rap portion that will be incorporated into the song.
Greatest interests recently: The anthology I’m currently reading. I happened to read it by chance but I’ve become absorbed into it.
Thoughts you think of on stage: I want to connect with the audience and relish in the moment together
A song you’ve been obsessed with lately: Akdong Musician’s album <WINTER>
The drama of your life: <Step Up>. Watching the dancers inside the movie, I thought about how I wanted to live like that as well.
The person you’d like to meet in this lifetime: The 25 year old me who has become a famous world star
A peculiar habit: My skin’s on the dry side so before sleeping, I have to put on a facial mask, then apply cream and spray some mist for me to be able to go to sleep
What has changed after debut: I think I’ve gotten ore cautious
What you think you rank no.1 at amongst the members: Choreographing. I personally made the choreography for several released songs.
What I do when the standby time drags on: I’d monitor our stages or I’d search for and watch performance stages from foreign artists
How you imagine ASTRO to be 10 years later: I hope that at that point of time I’ll be with my members always enjoying ourselves no matter where we may be, just like now
A power you want to possess: Spiderman’s abilities
Your childhood dream: World star
A job you think you would’ve landed if you hadn’t debuted: A dance teacher or a musical actor
Your favourite food: Every dish my mum makes
Food that you hate: The cucumber that goes inside kimball
A place you want to really have a holiday at: If it’s a place with tons of gras then anywhere’s fine
A recent moment where you felt the most happy: Fansigns
Your charming point: Manliness
An animal you think resembles you: Baby dinosaur
An aspect (of yourself) you’d like to fix: My Gyeongsang-do dialect that sometimes pops out of nowhere
Your reaction when you meet a girl who catches your fancy: I’ll be just smiling on the inside
What you fear of: When I become lethargic
Someone you want to see as of right now: Family


Your first plan for the new year: Building my body
Your favourite lyric amongst ASTRO’s songs: 'I’m more excited when it’s the weather you like’ from 'Colored’ off our 3rd album
Thoughts you think of on stage: Let’s enjoy to the best we can
A song you’ve been obsessed with lately: Chainsmokers’ Closer
The musician you must keep up to date with: Justin Bieber
The person you’d like to meet in this lifetime: Usher
A peculiar habit: I hit the side of my neck when I get flustered
What you think you rank no.1 at amongst the members: Running and knowledge on history
If you were to express your personality in one word: Fire. I get keyed up easily.
Your childhood dream: A martial artist who uses swords
Something I keep obsessing over unknowingly: Maintaining my muscles
What you would like to do today if tomorrow was the end of the world: I’ll run straight to the house my family’s at and just as I usually would, I’ll loudly shout, “I’m home.”
The day you last cried: I was talking about how I felt at our mini live which was held not too long ago when I started to cry.
Your hangout: Practice room
Your own way of relieving stress: I exercise for an extended period of time
Your favourite food: Kimchi stew
A dish you’re confident of making: Pancake
A place you want to really have a holiday at: Santorini, Greece
What you fear of: Spiders, criticisms from people
If you could have any three wishes granted: To be good at singing, making all the people I meet like me, becoming courageous enough that I don’t get cold feet no matter what it is that I’m facing
What you’d like to buy at some point of time: An Iron Man suit
Ideal type: Someone who eats well and smiles easily
Your reaction when you meet a girl who catches your fancy: I’ll suddenly get quiet and I wouldn’t be able to make eye contact
If you were to go on a date on Valentine’s Day: We’d watch a movie then swing by a delicious bakery
No.1 on your bucket list: To live happily


Greatest interests recently: Fashion style. I want to earn a lot of money later on and buy fancy clothes to wear
Your favourite track amongst the songs you’ve released: 'Star’, 'Your Love…’
A song you’ve been obsessed with lately: Ariana Grande’s One Last Time
The musician you must keep up to date with: Sia
A movie you watched recently: <Master>. I’ve watched it about two times.
The person you’d like to meet in this lifetime: GD sunbae-nim
A peculiar habit: I pick my nose (laughs)
The member who possesses the charm you’d like to parallel: MJ hyung. It’s charming how he laughs.
What you do when the standby time drags on: I write rap lyrics
Things you’ve got to be sure to bring along (with you) on the regular: I make sure to have on me my cologne. My sense of smell is on the sensitive side.
Your childhood dream: A singer, a drummer
The day you last cried: On our rest day, I was lying down all alone since I was sick when I started to cry
Recent cause of worry: I want to be good at composing
Your own way of relieving stress: I listen to music loudly or I write lyrics
The menu you often order at a cafe: Iced americano
A dish you’re confident of making: Carbonara rice cakes
What you’d like to do on your birthday: I want to go on a trip with my members to the beach
Presents you’d like to receive from your members: A Porsche (laughs)
Your charming point: My eye smile
An aspect (of yourself) you’d like to fix: My short height. I want to grow a little taller.
If you could have any three wishes granted: My height to be at 181cm, all the clothes in the world, not quite sure about the last wish
Your life’s greatest escape: On the 1st of January in the year that I became an adult, I drank alcohol with my friends
Three things you’d take with you to a deserted island: A camping kit, a fire steel, shampoo in big volume
Ideal type: A girl who smiles easily
Your reaction when you meet a girl who catches your fancy: I’ll smile when we first make eye contact, keep my eye on her for a little more then I’ll approach her first and strike a conversation
Someone you want to see as of right now: My older brother
No.1 on your bucket list: I want to hold a concert this year


Your first plan for the new year: Go on a diet
Your favourite track amongst the songs you’ve released: A b-side track off our 3rd album, ’Colored’
A song you’ve been obsessed with lately: B2ST’s 'Ribbon’ and 'Butterfly’
The drama of your life: <Lord of the Rings>. Smeagol’s image was shocking so I can’t forget it.
A person you’d like to meet: Rain sunbae-nim
A peculiar habit: I shake my legs before I go to sleep
If you were to express your personality in one word: Happy virus
How you imagine ASTRO to be 10 years later: I want us to show off songs and performances that screams of our own color
Things you’ve got to be sure to bring along (with you) on the regular: My members (laughs)
Your method of stress relief: I sleep
Your childhood dream: An architect
A power you want to possess: Time travel
What you would like to do today if tomorrow was the end of the world: I’ll release a song that I personally composed and wrote lyrics for
A place you want to really have a holiday at: Hawaii. I want to see the clear sea
What you’d like to do on your birthday: Going camping with my members
The menu you often order at a cafe: Persimmon juice
Your favourite food: Raw fish and sushi
Your hangout: The Hangang Park
Phone wallpaper: A group photo of ASTRO
An animal you think resembles you: A duck
If you could have any three wishes granted: To go back to the past, to travel to the future, to be reborn as a genius musician
Three things you’d take with you to a deserted island: My smartphone, wifi, food provisions
Ideal type: A girl with a pretty smile
If you were to go on a date on Valentine’s Day: Scuba diving and confessing
Someone you want to see as of right now: My family
No.1 on your bucket list: To win no.1 on a music broadcast

Scans by: MyDeer_0330

Translations by @99pmh​
Take out with full credits

🌙 Estonian children’s song featured in a verse in Kerli’s ‘Creepshow’

Creepshow is a song by Estonian singer Kerli Kõiv from the album ‘Love is Dead’. In the song, lyrics like “I’m from a land called secret Estonia” and “Cinnamon houses and licorice flies” combined with an enticing melody makes this song the perfect anthem for “Secret Estonia” (well it drew me in anyways lol). One of my favourite parts in the song is when she sings an estonian children’s song during the bridge, providing a nice addition for the creepy and child-like nature of the song.


Põdral maja metsa sees
Väiksest aknast välja vaatab
Jänes jookseb kõigest väest
Lävel seisma jääb
Kopp-kopp lahti tee
Metsas kuri jahimees
Jänes tuppa tule sa
Anna käppa ka


A reindeer has a little house in the forest
He’s looking out from a small window
The rabbit is running towards the house
And he stops in the doorway
Knock-knock, open up
There’s an evil hunter in the forest
The reindeer says to the rabbit
Come inside and shake my hand

●Listen to the full song here