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Hey, guys! So this is happening way sooner than I was expecting it to, but I felt that with “Panda’s Art” surpassing our expectations, Panlie Week merited another shot to reach its full potential, and it seems a lot of people agree.

 Same as last time, only one rule: keep it SFW. If you’re planning on participating feel free to let me know directly for a special offer (not required). Make sure to follow this blog if you wanna keep track of the event and the content that’ll be posted in June.

Let’s show the bear crew how much we love these two together!

If anyone has any trouble reading the curvy font, the themes are: Denial/Pining, Confession, Flirting, Culture Clash, Date Night, Future Life and Open-Ended.

Promo artwork was made by @fremergencyfronfract

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Do you guys have a patreon? Would love to be able to support you there!

We’ve been thinking about making a patreon, actually, although we’re a bit hesitant about whether it would be a good idea? Considering we most likely will not be able to offer our patrons anything special besides what we already post on YouTube, and, idk, that feels a little too little? 

Let us know what you guys think; is it a good idea for us to get a patreon? Would you support us even without extra added content?

Cat Town, Japan.

Listen up, y’all. I’m about to tell you guys about the #1 cat lady destination in Japan: Yanaka.

Yanaka is a neighborhood in Taitō Ward, Tokyo. It’s a super traditional part of town filled with winding alleys, shrines and meticulously maintained temples. It’s a lovely place, but today we’re here to focus on the thing that makes Yanaka a magnet for nerds like me: good good kitties.

You see, Yanaka is a neighborhood with a butt-ton of stray cats. This makes sense, since it’s basically cat heaven. The streets and alleys of Yanaka are essentially just a series of hidey holes and ideal sunning spots that happen to have humans running around. Thankfully these humans are quite appreciative of their feline overlords, which is why part of Yanaka has essentially just become cat themed. It’s honestly like the neighborhood has just agreed that this is their thing now.

The first cat-themed establishment we visited in Yanaka was Nekoemon, a café with a scant 13 seats that’s covered in cat decor. The special thing about this place is that they offer a set (for roughly $15USD) that includes a cat-shaped cookie, a coffee drink of your choice and a little unfinished maneki neko figurine. Why the figurine? ‘Cause you’re about to customize yourself a neko, my friend.

The owner asked customers to choose between figurines to attract either luck or money. We picked luck and got our maneki neko along with a full assortment of markers. The owner even set out a few already painted figurines to provide inspiration.

Aside from the novel figurine offer, the café also had genuinely delicious lunch sets. They weren’t cat themed (though they had plenty of dessert options that were), but it was healthy and extremely tasty. I honestly recommend Nekoemon on all fronts. 

Here’s my finished maneki neko. Followers of the blog may recognize him.

Nekoemon is great, but it isn’t even at the center of the cat madness. No, for that we’re headed to the shopping area: Yanaka Ginza.

Even if you don’t care about cats (in which case I’ve got to ask… why did you read this far?) this street is lovely. There are shops for handcrafted items, souveniers, sweets, savory foods and a lot more.

If you aren’t all sugared up from Nekoemon, you can always stop by Yanaka Shippoya, a shop that sells cat tail donuts. The donuts are named as cats would be rather than for their flavors, and they’re honestly very nice. We had a sesame camembert one that was lovely and not too sweet.

Donuts not your bag? You can always satisfy your sweet tooth with some maneki neko shaped taiyaki from Maneki-ya. Fluffy outside, rich and creamy inside. We got the matcha custard and red bean flavor and it did not disappoint.

Okay, so you’ve had enough sugar to last you a lifetime. Know what has no calories? Cat accessories. Yanaka Ginza has a bunch of shops that specialize in just… cat stuff. Cat jewelry? Check. Cat kitchenware? Check. Cat bento? Check. Cat bags? Dear heavenly lord, check. There’s even a store that specializes in making custom cat stamps. Seriously.

That’s just one tiny corner of just one shop. We visited 3, but saw more. Most of the shops had signs asking visitors to refrain from taking photos, so we kept the camera packed away. Honestly, I get it. These are shops best explored in person. It’s fun to see how the owner of each shop has a unique aesthetic and stocks totally different items (though there is certainly some overlap). You can tell these stores are curated by cat lovers.

Oh, and of course we can’t forget the feline residents themselves. When we first hit the area we saw zero cats. None. I was honestly really disappointed, but it turns out they were all hiding from the rain that started shortly after. Those kitty instincts served them well and kept them dry, and once the rain passed we suddenly saw little cat faces poking out all over.

This sweet girl roamed the cemetery and was the first kitty we met.

Shortly after we met a pair of housecats that chirped at us quite enthusiastically.

This orange boy said goodbye to us just before we left the area. 

In conclusion: if you love fluffbutts and toe beans and are near Tokyo, get thee to Yanaka. It’s a fantastic weekend day trip that isn’t crowded to the brim with tourists, the whole neighborhood has a relaxed and peaceful vibe, and you can come home decked out in cat stuff and filled with sugar. What more could you even want? 

The Five Times You Encounter Dean Winchester

Word Count: 2,914

Warnings: Drinking. 

A/N: I missed writing Dean, so this happened :) Hope y’all enjoy! Let me know ^^ 

Originally posted by out-in-the-open

Five Years Old
There is a new kid in your kindergarten class. He’s quiet, has freckles all about his tiny face, and wide green eyes. He stands next to the teacher as she introduces him to everyone and you smile widely when you realize that the only open seat in the classroom is the one next to you.

A new friend and you’re thrumming with excitement as he takes his seat next to you.

“Dean!” you exclaim, making him jump.

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Star-Crossed (M)


☆Genre: Angst/Fluff/Smut || CEO!Jimin

☆Pairing: Jimin x Reader

☆Length: 22.7k

☆Summary: Like a constellation hung from the skies above, he who had once illuminated the lackluster night sky of the bustling city appeared to you like  a meteor shower raining upon the pitch black horizon, And just as quick and abrupt as the celestial display had graced its way through the lonely skies above, he left just as suddenly as it had arrived. But you should’ve expected this ill-fated story, a waitress struggling to get by had never been fitting of an heir-to-be CEO. What was written in the stars was written into history, and history is an irrevocable phenomenon that cannot be reversed.

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Pairing: Chris Evans x Reader
Rating: Explicit
Summary: Chris and Reader attend the Academy Awards together as a couple. At the Oscars after party, Chris surprisingly wants to leave sooner because he wants to have some quality time alone with his girlfriend. - Worst summary ever written, sorry!
Words Count: 2.9k
Genre: NSFW/SMUT - 18+
Warnings: Smutty gifs, dirty talking, slight Dom!Chris, lots of hickeys or love bites, oral sex (both receiving - 69), fingering, hair pulling, slight spanking, multiple orgasms and rough unprotected sex. [It wouldn’t be a shock if you wrapped your cock!]
Author’s Note: It can be read as a continuation of Halftime Show*.  Also, the “baby girl” pet name is mentioned, but it’s not linked to a Daddy kink in this fic.

Gifs used below aren’t mine, credit to the rightful owners.

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The Oscars, the greatest, most prestigious and most glamorous ceremony of all, gathered actors, directors, producers, costume designers and every hidden worker in the cinematographic industry for a moment of celebration of their art. Like every year since the ceremony that had awarded Cate Blanchett or Daniel Day Lewis, you stood by Chris’ sides and attended the shows with him for a moment of joy, creating happy memories.

This year’s ceremony - which weren’t such a catastrophe - nothing changed between the dozens of photographers yelling out your boyfriend’s name, to the many laughs thanks to the host and the dinner held by the Academy, it was a blast and there you were enjoying the after party with Chris and some of his friends.

Even if you weren’t working in this environment quite tough, you were always enchanted to meet more people working behind the scenes of a movie that worked so well. The Vanity Fair Oscar parties represented moments of different encounters, sometimes either awkward or very interesting, but what you enjoyed most was having Chris next to you and telling you how much you looked gorgeous, wanting to introduce you to everyone he knew there.

Standing next to the bar with him in your sophisticated gown, your red lipstick outrageously showed off as you carried a flute of champagne close to your mouth and you noticed the way his beautiful blue eyes lingered on your lips and how his eyebrow raised so lustfully each time, your body would brush past him. The late evening consisted of quite sexy exchanged glances, stealing kisses and soft skin contacts that drove him crazy the whole time.

As you shared a conversation with him through the unbearably erotic and debauched jazz music playing in the background, the sexual tension and frustration between you could be seen as thick smoke from miles around. His body language told how much he only wanted to take you, pinning you down and make you forget your name until you would quiver and scream your bliss beneath him.

“Honey, are you even listening to me?” You chuckled; laying a hand on Chris’ arm and his eyes followed every detail of your skin, the way your white teeth brightened even more with your red lipstick as a smile graced your lips. “You know, it’s rude to stare at people… even when you love them.”

“Sorry, what did you say? I was too busy mentally undressing you,” your boyfriend winked slowly, a hand finding his pocket and you gulped, as you secured a lock of your hair behind your ear and he smirked, swallowing some more of his pale ale alcohol liquid.

“You might want to see what happens to be under this gown. Trust me.” Voice deep and sensual, you played along his seductive game and held the flute of champagne inches away from your lips. Chris arched an eyebrow, his palm reaching for the small of your back and his lips fanned to your ear, making you swoon already.

“Maybe I’ll find out sooner than you think,” he murmured a promise so huskily, offering his special smug smile he only used behind closed doors and your decision was made as his lips grazed behind your earlobe discreetly.

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Hello, my bookish bees 😊

I am here, once again, to provide assurance that the bookworm life has chosen you and will never ever let you go, even if you don’t meet certain “criteria” that a lot of people think is “essential”.

Without further ado, you’re still a bookworm if…

  • … you don’t read all the new releases

There are sooooo many books coming out each month (no, seriously, it’s insane) and it’s completely normal to sometimes (or always) be out of the loop when it comes to them. It’s a lot to follow and it’s a lot to take in and sometimes it’s not just possible to keep in touch with everything new that is out. It doesn’t mean that you’re not a bookworm if you haven’t read the latest hyped book or continuation of a well-loved series. Most times, I personally can’t afford to buy all these new books. So instead, I save up for when there are sales or special offers. The only downside is dealing with potential spoilers because people are evil.

  • … you only read books from the library and don’t have a personal collection

Libraries are god’s gift to this world and more people should be using them. But I’ve had people tell me that they’re worried they aren’t “true bookworms” if they don’t have a personal collection. To these people I say “fuck that”. I know we all dream of a library like the one in Beauty and the Beast, but we’re not princes in castles and books unfortunately cost a shit ton of money. Also, a lot of people don’t actually have the space to deposit a book collection, so libraries are a great way to keep reading and not hoard books. Seriously though, libraries 👌💯

  • … you don’t have books in pristine condition

I personally keep my books as spotless as possible, but that’s just because I’m weird. A looooot of people love seeing books that are well worn, because that’s a sign of them being read and loved. And I agree! However you choose to treat your books, that’s your decision. Dog-ear them, highlight them, write in them, whatever tickles your fancy, go forth my child and do the thing! Your books, your rules.

  • … you don’t read an insane amount of books/year

I’ve touched on this before: life likes to mess us up and that usually implies it smiling at us and saying “well shit son, no reading for you today 😘”. But that’s okay. Once a bookworm, always a bookworm, whether you read 1 pages a year or 10.000 😊

  • … you only read a certain genre

Hey, we don’t all have eclectic tastes in books and that’s normal and should be in no way questioned. You only read YA books? GOOD BECAUSE YA IS A GREAT GENRE FIGHT ME 👊 You only read classics? More power to you because that stuff is confusing to me 😲 You love poetry and couldn’t think of reading novels? DO THE THING! Just read what makes you happy. I guarantee that you’ll always find people to discuss your feelings/emotions/thoughts with.

Basically, my loves, you’re bookworms. Period. You’ve been anointed into this life and I’m sorry to say, but there’s no way out ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Mary ❤️

Here's a list of every US senator that does — and doesn't — pay interns

You can’t get a job without experience, but you also can’t get the experience without a job.

A group called Pay Our Interns is trying to help end the practice of unpaid internships — starting on Capitol Hill. On Tuesday, the group rolled out a database of paid internships in the U.S. Senate. 

Mic took this list and then followed up with senators’ offices to confirm the accuracy of the database and include senators that pay interns but were left off the original list.

U.S. senators currently accepting applications for paid internships (24 total)


• Delaware Sen. Tom Carper offers summer interns a stipend but not interns in the spring and fall. The deadline is April 21. 

• Hawaii Sen. Brian Schatz's team pays all interns, a spokesman confirmed with Mic via email. Applications are rolling.

• Hawaii Sen. Mazie Hirono offers travel assistance to some interns that qualify. The deadline is March 31. 

• Indiana Sen. Joe Donnelly has two paid legislative internships, the Wayne Townsend and Frank J. Anderson Legislative Programs, which pay a stipend, a spokesman told Mic in an email. The other internships are unpaid. 

• Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren offers small stipends to applicants not receiving college credit for the internship based on need. The deadline is March 15.

• Nebraska Sen. Heidi Heitkamp pays all interns. Applications are considered on a rolling basis. 

• New Mexico Sen. Martin Heinrich pays all interns $12 per hour. The deadline to apply for the summer is March 31.

• New Mexico Sen. Tom Udall’s website says internships are unpaid, but a spokesperson told Mic in an email that interns are either compensated through an outside foundation or a stipend of roughly $10 per hour.

• Ohio Sen. Sherrod Brown offers “some limited financial assistance based on need,” which students can request when they submit their applications, according to a spokeswoman.

• Oregon Sen. Jeff Merkley offers the Otto and Verdell Rutherford Congressional Internship, a $5,000 stipend for students who couldn’t otherwise afford the opportunity, based on need. The deadline to apply is March 15.

• Pennsylvania Sen. Bob Casey offers two special paid internships in addition to several other opportunities, which are all unpaid. The deadline is March 15.

• Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders pays all interns $12 per hour. The deadline to apply for the summer is March 17.

• Virginia Sen. Tim Kaine offers stipends to students who do not receive school credit, a spokeswoman confirmed in an email. The deadline is April 14. 


• Alaska Sen. Lisa Murkowski has an internship program for college students and high-school seniors; both get modest stipends. Deadline is March 16.

• Arizona Sen. Jeff Flake offers two kinds of internships: personal office and judiciary internships. Judiciary interns are paid, a spokesman confirmed to Mic in an email; however, office interns are not.

• Colorado Sen. Cory Gardner’s website lists no compensation information regarding interns, but he has posted a job listing for a paid internship with his re-election campaign. A spokesperson didn’t respond to multiple requests for clarification.

• Kansas Sen. Pat Roberts pays interns a monthly stipend. Applications are due on March 17. 

• Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul offers either a stipend or college credit to interns. The deadline is March 10.

• Maine Sen. Susan Collins pays interns, according to a 2013 report by the Atlantic, but her campaign site does not list details. A spokesperson for her office didn’t respond to multiple requests for confirmation.

• North Dakota Sen. John Hoeven pays all interns a stipend. Applications close on March 15.

• Oklahoma Sen. Jim Inhofe offers stipends to summer interns but not interns in the spring and fall. The deadline is March 15.

• South Carolina Sen. Tim Scott’s summer interns are unpaid, according to an email from a spokeswoman, but fall and spring interns are paid if their school does not offer credit. 

• Utah Sen. Mike Lee pays all interns a stipend, a press officer confirmed with Mic in an email. You can apply on a rolling basis through his website.

• Wyoming Sen. John Barrasso gives each intern a monthly stipend to help with living expenses. The deadline is March 19.

U.S. senators who have already closed applications for paid internships (18 total) 


• Vermont Sen. Patrick Leahy offers stipends to some interns, but they are not guaranteed, according to his site.


• Alaska Sen. Dan Sullivan pays interns a small stipend, but applications for this summer are closed.

• Arizona Sen. John McCain pays his interns, but applications are now closed. 

• Idaho Sen. Jim Risch pays interns, but the applications for the summer are now closed.

• Arkansas Sen. Tom Cotton pays some qualified interns a stipend if they are not receiving academic credit, a spokeswoman confirmed in an email to Mic, but applications for this summer are currently closed.

• Idaho Sen. Mike Crapo pays all interns, but applications for the summer are now closed. 

• Kansas Sen. Jerry Moran pays all full-time interns, but the applications for the summer are now closed. 

• Maine Sen. Angus King pays all full-time interns in his office, a spokesman for his office confirmed in an email.

• Mississippi Sen. Thad Cochran offers stipends.

• Mississippi Sen. Roger Wicker pays all interns a stipend.

• Missouri Sen. Mitch McConnell pays all interns a stipend.
• Nebraska Sen. Deb Fischer pays fall interns but not summer interns. Applications for summer are now closed. 

• Nebraska Sen. Ben Sasse pays all interns a stipend, according to a representative from his office who confirmed this to Mic by email. Applications for summer closed March 1.

• North Carolina Sen. Richard Burr pays a stipend to spring and fall interns but not interns who work during the summer, according to the Atlantic. His press office did not immediately respond to a request for clarification. Applications for the spring are now closed, but applications for the summer are still open.

• South Dakota Sen. Mark Rounds pays all interns a stipend, but applications for the summer are now closed. Applications for fall are due May 1.

• South Dakota Sen. John Thune pays interns a monthly stipend based on available funds, but applications are now closed. 

• Utah Sen. Orrin Hatch pays the summer interns in his D.C. office a “modest stipend,” but interns in his state office are part-time and unpaid.  

• Wyoming Sen. Mike Enzi pays interns $1,600 to help cover the costs of living in D.C, but applications closed March 9th.

U.S. senators that do not pay their interns (50 total)


• California Sen. Dianne Feinstein’s interns are unpaid, according to her Senate website. A spokesperson didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment. 

• Colorado Sen. Michael Bennet’s Senate website says that internships are on a “voluntary basis” and that “no stipend is provided.” News reports also indicate the interns are unpaid. His office did not respond to request for comment. 

• Connecticut Sen. Chris Murphy’s interns are unpaid, according to his Senate website. A spokeswoman confirmed this was the case in an email to Mic

• Connecticut Sen. Richard Blumenthal’s interns are unpaid, according to his Senate website. A spokeswoman didn’t immediately respond to request for comment.

• Delaware Sen. Chris Coons does not compensate interns, according to his Senate website. A spokesperson for his office didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment.  

• Florida Sen. Bill Nelson’s interns are unpaid, according to his Senate website. A spokesperson confirmed this in an email to Mic

• Illinois Sen. Dick Durbin’s interns are unpaid, according to his Senate website. A spokeswoman confirmed this to Mic in an email.

• Maryland Sen. Ben Cardin’s interns are unpaid, a spokesman confirmed in an email to Mic

• Massachusetts Sen. Ed Markey’s interns are unpaid, according to the Atlantic report, former alumni testimonials, and a job listing. A spokesperson didn’t immediately respond to request for comment.

• Michigan Sen. Gary Peters’s interns are unpaid, according to his Senate website. A spokeswoman didn’t immediately respond to request for comment. 

• Michigan Sen. Debbie Stabenow’s interns are unpaid, according to her Senate website. Her office didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment. 

• Minnesota Sen. Al Franken’s interns are unpaid, according to his Senate website. A spokesman confirmed this to Mic in an email.

• Minnesota Sen. Amy Klobuchar’s interns are unpaid, according to her Senate website. A spokesman didn’t immediately respond to request for comment. 

• Missouri Sen. Claire McCaskill’s interns are unpaid, according to her Senate website. A spokeswoman didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment. 

• Montana Sen. Jon Tester’s interns are unpaid, according to his Senate site. A spokesman didn’t immediately respond to request for comment. 

• New Hampshire Sen. Jeanne Shaheen’s interns are unpaid, according to her Senate website. A representative for her office did not respond to request for comment. 

• New Jersey Sen. Cory Booker’s internship website makes no mention of compensation, but a spokesman confirmed the internships are unpaid. 

• New Jersey Sen. Bob Menendez’s interns are unpaid, according to his Senate website. A spokeswoman didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment.

• New York Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand’s interns are unpaid, according to her Senate website. A spokesman for her office confirmed this with Mic in an email.

• New York Sen. Chuck Schumer’s interns are unpaid, according to his Senate website. A spokesman didn’t respond to multiple requests for comment.

• Oregon Sen. Ron Wyden’s interns are unpaid, according to the Senate website. A spokesman confirmed this with Mic in an email. 

• Rhode Island Sen. Jack Reed’s interns are unpaid according to reports in the Atlantic and the Providence Journalthough his Senate website does not obviously list information about intern compensation. A spokesman for the senator didn’t respond to multiple requests for comment.

• Rhode Island Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse’s interns are unpaid according to a 2013 Atlantic article. A spokesman for the senator confirmed the Atlantic story is still accurate in an email.

• Virginia Sen. Mark Warner’s interns are unpaid, according to the Atlantic and a recent job listing. His office didn’t immediately respond to request for comment. 

• Washington Sen. Maria Cantwell’s interns are unpaid, according to her Senate website. Representatives for her office didn’t respond to a request for comment. 

• Washington Sen. Patty Murray’s internships are unpaid, according to her Senate website. A spokesman didn’t immediately respond to request for comment. 

• West Virginia Sen. Joe Manchin’s interns are unpaid, according to his Senate site. A spokesman didn’t immediately respond to request for comment. 

• Wisconsin Sen. Tammy Baldwin’s internships are unpaid, according to the application listed on her Senate website. A spokesperson didn’t immediately respond to request for comment. 


• Alabama Sen. Richard Shelby’s interns are unpaid, according to his Senate website, which cites budget restrictions. A spokeswoman didn’t immediately respond to request for comment.

• Arkansas Sen. John Boozman’s interns are unpaid, according to his Senate website. A spokesman didn’t immediately respond to request for comment.

• Florida Sen. Marco Rubio’s Senate website lists no compensation for interns, but the Atlantic report and job listings indicate the roles are unpaid. A representative did not respond to request for comment. 

• Georgia Sen. David Perdue’s interns are unpaid, a member of his press office confirmed in a phone call to Mic

• Georgia Sen. Johnny Isakson’s interns are unpaid, according to the online application and the Atlantic report. A spokesperson didn’t respond to multiple requests for comment. 

• Iowa Sen. Joni Ernst’s Senate website and application materials make no mention of compensation, neither does a recent press release calling for applications. The media contact listed on the press release didn’t respond to multiple requests for comment. 

• Iowa Sen. Chuck Grassley’s interns are unpaid, a spokeswoman confirmed to Mic in an email.

• Louisiana Sen. Bill Cassidy’s interns are unpaid, according to his campaign website. A spokesperson didn’t immediately respond to request for comment. 

• Missouri Sen. Roy Blunt’s interns are unpaid, according to his Senate website. A spokesperson didn’t immediately respond to request for comment. 

• Montana Sen. Steve Daines’ internship page does not list any compensation, but a listing for the internship describes it as “volunteer” position. A representative for his office didn’t respond to multiple requests for comment. 

• Nevada Sen. Dean Heller’s interns are unpaid, according to his Senate website. A representative didn’t respond to multiple request for comment.  

• North Carolina Sen. Thom Tillis’ Senate website doesn’t indicate whether interns are paid or not, but job listings online say they are unpaid. A press representative didn’t respond to multiple requests for comment. 

• Ohio Sen. Rob Portman’s interns are unpaid, a spokesman for his office confirmed over the phone.  

• Oklahoma Sen. James Lankford’s are unpaid according to his website. A spokesman confirmed this in an email to Mic

• Pennsylvania Sen. Pat Toomey’s interns are unpaid, according to her Senate website. A spokesperson didn’t immediately respond to request for comment. 

• South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham’s interns are unpaid, according to his Senate website. A spokeswoman didn’t immediately respond to request for comment. 

• Tennessee Sen. Lamar Alexander’s interns are unpaid, according to his Senate website. A spokesperson confirmed this to Mic in an email.

• Tennessee Sen. Bob Corker’s internship website doesn’t list any information about compensation, but job listings and news reports say the internships are unpaid. A representative for his office didn't respond to multiple requests for comment. 

• Texas Sen. John Cornyn’s Senate website lists no compensation for interns, but job listings indicate the work is unpaid. The Atlantic also reported his interns are unpaid, but his office did not respond to multiple requests by Mic for comment. 

• Texas Sen. Ted Cruz’s interns are unpaid, according to his Senate website. A spokesperson didn’t respond to Mic’s request for comment. 

• West Virginia Sen. Shelley Moore Capito’s Senate website lists no information about compensation, but job listings indicate the internships are unpaid. A spokesperson didn’t respond to multiple requests for comment. 

• Wisconsin Sen. Ron Johnson’s Senate website says that interns can receive college credit, but the Atlantic and job listings indicate the role is unpaid. A representative didn’t immediately respond to request for comment. 

A final note: In several cases, a senator’s website listed internships as unpaid, but after following up with their office, Mic learned that they do make funds available to certain interns through scholarships, travel assistance, or outside foundations. Also, many senators’ offices, whether they pay or not, help interns get college credit for their time spent working. If that means you can graduate sooner, or pay for one fewer class in a given semester, you’re technically not working for nothing. But giving interns college credits — without a stipend for living costs — still ignores what’s at the heart of Pay Our Interns’ point. As Vera put it himself, even the best learning experiences can’t pay the bills.

Read our full article which goes into more analysis (3/10/17 2:02 PM)

Exo In The Mafia

Kim Minseok “The Collector”

  • “If it’s not all it’s not enough.”
  • He used to be an accounting student
    • Until Kris persuaded him into joining him
    • He needed someone to balance his books
  • Ever since then he’s gone off the grid
    • Courtesy of Baekhyun

Luhan “The Right Hand”

  • “I’m not leaving without Kris.”
  • Though they are all close Luhan is the closest to Kris
  • They’ve been close since
    • He was the first to be apart of their mafia
  • He has a short temper
    • Though it can be backed up be his self taught martial arts

Kris Wu “The Leader”

  • “If one of us goes we all go.”
  • Genuinely Kris never wanted this life
    • But he was born into it
    • So when his father passed (He blames himself for)
    • He accepted it
  • In which he then formed his own “family”
  • He often puts his life on the line for the others
    • Because his sole purpose is keeping everyone safe
  • But if it were up to him he’d leave the mafia lifestyle

Kim Junmyeon “The Frontman”

  • “I always find a way.”
  • Recruited by Kris
    • He said his well mannered exterior makes a good cover up
  • He’s the face that’s seen by everyone
  • So when there are suspicions about Kris’ group
    • Junmyeon is there to take care of it
  • Because he’d never let anyone get to his members

Zhang Yixing “The Narcotic Specialist”

  • “Whatever you want I got it.”
  • He was recruited by Luhan
    • He met him on his first trip to the hospital
    • Where Lay offered him something “special”
  • He has all connections to the units in his hospital
    • Hence the name
  • Though he maintains his calm exterior
  • He’s not afraid to fight for his his friends
    • Though he doesn’t do much of it due to his hemophilia

Byun Baekhyun “The Hacker”

  • “Give me a name and I’ll give you everything else.”
  • He started out as a hacktivist
    • Who coincidentally had a distaste for Kris’ mafia
    • So when Kris confronted him about it
    • He didn’t back down easily
  • Soon enough though he was persuaded to join the “family”
  • He has no problem finding anyone
  • Though he can be found behind a computer screen
  • He’s fully trained in Hapkido
    • Meaning he can still kick your ass

Kim Jongdae “The Negotiator”

  • “Trust me they always agree.”
  • Unlike most Jongdae has been working around the mafia for years
  • Though he was recruited by Lay when he’d been on a drug trade
    • He’d been reluctant at first
    • But he soon agreed claming it work better in his position
    • But really he’s just tired of being alone
  • He uses a mix of charm and threats to get what he wants
  • Behind his cold exterior while working he’s actually a total joker

Park Chanyeol “The Engineer”

  • ”You break my tools I break you.”
  • He’s a part time drag racer when he’s not fixing things
    • Refuses to fix anything for free
    • Except when Baekhyun threatened him for breaking his computer
  • He has a bit of a temper which made him distance himself from people
  • Until he joined the “family”
    • Now he’s the loudest one in the house
  • Hates it when people touch his things unauthorized

Do Kyungsoo “The Hitman”

  • “I never miss.”
  • He was recruited by Baekhyun after he assisted him on a personal matter
    •  Like Jongdae he was reluctant
    • He’d swore he’d stop
    • But for Baekhyun he’d do anything
  • Though he’s more skilled in guns he knows about 10 ways to kill someone with his hands
  • He doesn’t like what he does though but it’s like a part of him does
    • So he doesn’t stop

Kim Jongin & Huang Ztao “The Fighters”

  • “Together we’re unbeatable.”
  • These two are quite the duo
  • They’ve been best friends for years
    • Jongin was Tao’s only friend when he transferred from China
  • Ever since then they were like partners in crime
    • Which hadn’t gone unnoticed by the own
    • Including Junmyeon who represented them in a small case of misdemeanors 
    • Soon after though he offered them a spot in the “family”
    • Where there action could be put to use

Oh Sehun “The Informant”

  • “You don’t know me but I definitely know you.”
  • He was a poor orphan boy who was adopted by a rich family
    • So he knows just about anybody just from a few connections
  • One moment he could play the role of a stoic, privileged rich boy
  • The next he’s hanging with the slum of Seoul
  • So when Jongdae mentioned Sehun
    • Kris immediately figured he’d be a great addition
    • Why not have the two sided coin who knows the people
  • Truth be told he only joined because he felt at home with everyone
Mr. and Mrs. Kim (M)

Words: 2229

Warning: Smut, cursing, teasing.

Reader X Taehyung 

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Originally posted by changkyuh

Arranged marriage. That was the most awkward, annoying and trashy thing that could’ve happened in your life. Marry with a guy who doesn’t love you? With a guy who doesn’t care about you? Shit. Of course, you couldn’t deny your own cultural traditions, but it didn’t mean you were happy about that.

 Kim Taehyung was your husband for 6 months now. Yeah he was completely gorgeous, hot and stuff but he couldn’t be less worried about you. And that sucked. You just wanted attention. Was that ask too much to have a little of caressing from your husband? It was pretty clear he didn’t love you.

 The sex was completely robotic. No emotions, no feelings, no cuddling after. Actually you had never come.

Nice marriage.

  “We are gonna be late, Y/N!” Taehyung screamed at you. You were finishing your make up. You both were going to a party, and you were fucking excited. You would finally have some fun. You wore a black, lacy dress that did draw your curves. You smiled to yourself when you caught Taehyung’s eyes wide when he saw you.

  Once there, you and Taehyung get away from each other, going to talk to your own friends. It was common. You never spend time together at parties.

  “Oh my god, Y/N, you look amazing!” your friend greeted you. Finally.

  “Thank you! So do yours” you hugged her. You loved her.

A couple drinks after; you started talking about your marriage.

 "It sucks. I’m not happy. I’m not fucking happy" you said, “I want a man. I want a man to show me I’m his; I want a man to fucking claim. But Taehyung?” you laughed, “Taehyung does not give a fuck”. Yeah, the alcohol had already gotten you.

  “Well, you can always find some fun, Y/N…” she whispered.

 "W-what do ya mean?“ you gasped, the drink burning your throat.

 "Well, if what you’ve told me is true, then he doesn’t love you, Y/N. Or at least he doesn’t care enough to show you he does. I’m sorry, but it’s what it’s. However, you can always…you know… Find some fun. Look around. There are a lot of men here. Beautiful, hot men” she said.

 What? She meant… cheating? No! No way. You were not this kind of girl. You would never cheat your husband, no matter how shity he was. However, she was right. There were a lot of men there. Attractive men.

 "I don’t think so. I’m not cheating my husband, Y/F/N" you said.

 "Ok ok. No cheating. But you can flirt. Flirt is just a… a healthy conversation, you know".

 Yeah, she was… kinda right. You could just flirt around, for fun. Not to fuck. You looked around, searching for someone who you could be interested in. A few seconds later your gaze caught someone else’s. You looked away quickly, and occasionally looked back, and he was still staring at you.

  Wow. He was really, really beautiful. His suit was fitting him so perfectly. You could see his muscles. His gray hair pulled back… fuck.

  “Go talk to him” your friend’s voice pulled you from your reverie, noticing you found someone.

“What? No” you said harshly.

 She rolled her eyes at you, “for god sakes dude have some fun”

  “No. Oh god, what am I supposed to do if he comes to talk to me?” You said suddenly worried.

 "I dunno, but you better think quickly, because he is coming. I need to go to the bathroom" she said and turned around to leave.

 "No, fuck, wait" you tried to pull her back but it was too late.

  Fuck fuck fuck. How could she. For god sakes, your husband was there!

 What If-

 "Hey lady" a soft voice called you from behind, and then you felt a body beside yours. No. You looked at the beautiful guy beside you. Fuck he was prettier when he was close.

  “H-hey” you answered hesitantly.

  “I’m Park Jimin. I’m the host of this party. And you are…?” he asked as he gave you his hand, his gaze locked with yours.

 You greeted him back, smiling shyly.

 "I’m Y/N. I, hum… I’m an invited’s invited. I don’t think we know each other" you said. He smiled at you.

 "Of course we don’t. I would remember you if we did"

 Shit. Your cheeks got red as his words left his soft, pink lips.

“Well, can I offer you a special drink?” he asked politely.

You looked around, looking for Taehyung. He was far away from being paying attention in you.

 What bad could a drink do?

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I find it adorable that the second page implies that Ruby has one of his photo albums dedicated to his and Sapphire’s adventures.

On the other hand, I find it funny that unlike everyone else who was able to decline the offer of viewing Ruby’s photo albums, poor Latios seems to have had no choice.

Little Unnoticed Danger Days Things

1. The album was produced by two different record companies, one being Better Living Industries Music (BMI). You can actually see the smiley face logo on the side of the CD case.

2. Frank did the cover art for the album (but I’m not sure if that means he designed the spider or took the photo of the desert).

3. Bob helped to write the songs “Na Na Na,” “Bulletproof Heart,” “The Only Hope For Me Is You,” “Party Poison,” and “Save Yourself, I’ll Hold Them Back.”

4. Steve Righ?’s actual name is Steve Montano.

5. Even if you buy the CD today, there will still be a little paper inside that gives you a special code for 10% off all Danger Days shirts and bracelets (offer expired 11/22/2012). If you flip it over, you will find Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge, Life On The Murder Scene, The Black Parade, and The Black Parade Is Dead! are still available.

6. Burns caused by radiation is known as Flash Rash.

7. If you look on BLI’s file for Girl in Chapter 4 of the comics, there are pictures of Jet-Star, Kobra Kid, and Fun Ghoul. They all have their masks on, with red X marks over their pictures. Next to Ghoul is a picture of Dr. D, also with a red X. Beside that is an enlarged picture of Cherri Cola, with a red question mark over his face. There is no picture of Party Poison.

8. Party didn’t die immediately when Korse shot him. He had enough time to tell Girl to run.

9. Concerts in the Zones happen in a place called The Pit.

10. Other killjoy bands are: AKA Loretta and Richard Ai Yai Yai.

11. The Director is apparently BDSM.

12. Recently deceased bodies can be turned into Dracs if they didn’t suffer too much physical damage.

13. The killjoys were exterminated in 2027.

14. The Analog Wars occurred from 2014-2019, during which time Better Living Industries believed Girl’s mother had been killed. Instead, she was turned into a Drac.

15. No one knows who Girl’s father is.

16. Plus is only allowed because it’s administered to non-human androids and BLI gets a great profit margin off of it.

17. BLI refers to brainwashing a person so completely that they have no personality as “Bleaching.”

18. Girl’s cat had tracking/surveillance tech implanted into it in 2028, which suggests that she had the cat prior to the Fab Four’s deaths. It’s possible BLI caught the cat while it was roaming long enough for them to modify it.

19. A year has gone by since the death of the Fab Four in the comics, which means it is 2028.

20. Contrary to popular belief, the female killjoy seen driving the van in “SING” is not Cherri Cola, but a woman named DJ Hot Chimp.

21. The Drac whose face is revealed in “SING” by Party was played by the lead singer of Mindless Self Indulgence, Jimmy Urine.

22. The Director has an aesthetic for drinking bleach.

darklightandsomethingelse  asked:

I had this random thought while working out today but how would RFA react to a really flexible MC?? Lol sorry if it's weird.

I will probably describe somethings that, if you need to figure out what I’m talking about, I recommend you google, goodness knows I had to.


  • MC used to be gymnast, and while she still kept in shape, she just didn’t compete anymore
  • So one day, Yoosung came home to find MC casually stretching in a skin tight outfit that left very little to the imagination
  • His face was a ball of red hot fire
  • Of course, MC just treated it like a casual, normal, everyday thing that wasn’t any kind of big deal what so ever
  • But Yoosung can’t get the image out of his head and blushes for a few weeks whenever it pops into his head


  • MC got really drunk and decided it was a good idea to aggressively hit on her girlfriend
  • Jaehee, of course, tried to corral her because she was being ridiculous
  • Somehow, MC managed to turn the tides and pin Jaehee to a wall
  • Then she brought one leg  up so that it was resting on Jaehee’s shoulder
  • Needless to say, Jaehee was impressed
  • It took a surprising amount of effort to get this ridiculously drunk and flexible woman back home without any kind of incidents
  • In the morning, MC was surprisingly sore and didn’t remember half the night, but she remembered cornering Jaehee and putting her leg on her girlfriends shoulder
  • So later that day, when they have a moment alone, MC does the same thing and kisses Jaehee, just to see if it will fluster her


  • MC decided to do yoga in the living room
  • She was in the middle of doing scorpion pose when Zen walked through the door
  • Needless to say, his jaw dropped
  • He could only watch in silence as she went on into chakra bond pose then sleeping yogi
  • Zen was low key freaking out and high key trying to control the Beast to keep it from getting out
  • Because he had never seen anyone move like that
  • Don’t get me wrong, he’d met more than a few flexible people working in theater, but… damn
  • Once MC notices him, she smiles and comes out of whatever pose she’s in and goes to give him a kiss
  • And she teases him when she notices that he’s holding himself back, because she knows that he’s trying to contain the Beast


  • MC did ballet, so Jumin suspected she was flexible as was
  • However, he’d never actually watch MC practice
  • One day, remarkably, Jumin finished work early and came home to find that MC was in the dance studio warming up
  • She did once of those dancers splits, where she was standing with one hand on the bar, leaned forward, and made her legs into a straight, vertical line
  • MC continued to stretch and warm up, until she noticed Jumin standing in the door watching her
  • She smiled for him and offered to show him a demonstration of what he could do and Jumin gladly took a seat and simply watched her work her magic
  • Until this moment, Jumin had known that MC was strong, flexible, and elegant, but seeing the three things put together at once as she practiced truly made Jumin’s eyes sparkle in awe of her
  • Of course the woman he loves is perfect, but this just makes her even more perfect
  • After this, Jumin makes it a point to come watch her practice at least once a week


  • They were having a dare off and Saeran ran for cover
  • MC had dared Saeyoung to do a handstand without using a wall, which he had, to her surprise, pulled off, but not for long
  • So he dared MC to feed herself with her feet
  • It took some maneuvering, careful balance, and holding a spoon just right, but MC was able to feed her self soup with only her feet
  • Saeyoung had suspected at her flexibility due to *ahem* other activities, but now he’s really curious
  • After that, he starts daring MC to do a bunch stretches and poses that are really hard to do, just to see how far she can go (i.e. putting her feet behind her head and so on)
  • In the end, he’s actually kind of flustered, because MC catches on and lets him know that, if he’s really so curious, he could’ve just asked
  • She even offers to give a special demonstration, if he’s interested