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Drunk/Tired Lance College Headcanons

He’s pretty much that Drunk Girl™ post personified.

  • Found Allura crying because she missed her dad and home so he brought her a sweater and a kitten and threatened to beat up whoever made her cry.
  • Interrupted a conversation some girls were having and apologized profusely about it but he just had to say how bomb her highlight looked
  • Was worried Hunk wasn’t eating well due to exams and finals so at 3 am he cooked him a three course meal and made his favorite homemade snack just like Hunk’s mom used to make them (Hunk is pretty much wtf since Lance only seems to know how to make simple stuff and even burned water once)
  • Shiro found him swaddled and buried in blankets or pillows while he was tired but still trying to stay awake and tried to give him that Disappointed Dad Look™ but he just glared at him saying “I’ve seen better disappointed looks from my dog, try again.”
  • Lance usually overthinks things but oddly enough if he’s drunk or tired enough everything is super simple?
    • Pidge: What the hell is wrong with this code???? I’ve re-calibrated it like six times and it still won’t verify anything?!?!!?
    • Lance looking over at it upside down from where he’s laying on the couch all awkward like and what should be physically impossible: Move that 6 and letter A on line 4 to line 5 and move that dash to the right about 3 spaces.
    • Pidge:
    • Pidge:
    • Pidge: What the fuck 
  • There was one time a professor tried to call Lance out…one time
    • Professor: Lance since you’re so obviously engaged in this discussion and no one else can seem to find the answer can you explain this theory for us?
    • Lance having stayed up till 4am when it’s now 7 o’clock: I could if this was even the chapter you had assigned to us to look at and said we would be discussing today, but I mean you’re either going to say well done and try to make it seem like you were testing us when in reality you had no damn idea and was gonna continue teaching like you knew what the fuck you were talking about or you’re going to try to make me look dumb with your pirate looking ass but by all means do what you do.
    • He promptly passed the fuck out right after.
    • The professor stopped calling on him after that.
  • If Lance is tired enough he literally gives no fucks…at all. He’s trying to go home back to sleep, not deal with anyone’s bullshit today.
    • Lance holding Keith by the collar: Keith no, you can’t fight him today, I’m tired and I want to go home and sleep. why are you trying to fight him anyway.
    • Keith: He was talking shit about my mom
    • Lance rolling his sleeves up: You stay the fuck here I’m kicking his greasy ass myself.
    • They had to get Shiro to pick them both up.
    • Lance and Keith: DRIVE DRIVE DRIVE!!!!!
    • Shiro: What the hell did you two do? And Lance why is your lip busted?
    • Lance: The other guy’s going to need an ambulance okay I’m fine, just drive the fuck away now! I think dude’s girlfriend called the cops.
    • Shiro: What the fucking-
    • Shiro tries to be mad but those two are in the backseat asleep and cuddling so he thinks he can let this slide just once.
    • He doesn’t wake them up when he gets in the driveway so like the shit brother he is he leaves them in the car.
    • He waits until it’s 12 at night before setting off the car alarm.
  • Lance just compliments anyone and everyone when he’s super tired.
    • He’ll say how nice and what a good friend Hunk is.
    • Makes Pidge a flower crown like he does for his nieces and nephews
      • Pidge: Where the fuck did you get the flowers? The campus is literally fake grass and the park is at least 10 miles away. You haven’t even left the dorm what the fuck?
      • Lance: Shhhh hush, now you’re the prettiest girl in town with a flower crown
      • Pidge: What was I before?
      • Lance: Prettiest girl in town duh
    • Does the most badass and elegant braids and styles for Allura’s hair but most of the time he’s not even conscious for it and when she shows up with her hair done up he asks her who she went to and she says him and he just sits there having an epiphany for a solid ten minutes every time looking at his hands like they’ve saved lives.
    • He told Coran he was the best uncle ever and the man has not stopped crying about it. Had the quote printed and framed, it’s hung up on the wall for everyone to see.
    • Shiro was asleep so he just got tape, put strips of it on his prosthetic arm (Don’t write on someone’s arm permanently that’s rude) and used the strips to write out small compliments and doodle nice things like flowers and kittens. Shiro wants to be made about but like…it’s not even permanent and he keeps finding a new doodle every few minutes like a easter egg hunt so it keeps him entertained.
    • Saw Keith was sad one time, went out at 11 at night to an old family friend that lived out near where he was, came back with kittens he newly adopted from family friend and just dumped about 3 kittens on Keith.
      • Keith: Lance what the fuck
      • Lance: Pretty people shouldn’t be sad and you’re like the prettiest so that’s pretty much against the federal law??? And kittens are like happiness personified. Keep them, I can’t take them back.
      • He passed the fuck out right after that too.
      • Keith with kittens in his lap: What the fuck

you know how i complain i don’t get Pinterest’s algorithm? This is what i mean. Here we have a sexy rave stormtrooper? and it said it was inspired by my board Claire.

For those who don’t use pinterest let me explain the inspired by thing. When you pin something. Pinterest floods your dash with similar images. so, if I pin a potato recipe, suddenly like 5,000 potato recipes show up. 

These inspired by pins are supposed to be similar to whatever it is you pin. Claire is a character of mine in a story i am writing and so i will use pinterest to nail down her wardrobe and style

this is Claire’s board:

let’s see, Victorian house, Victorian jewels, Victorian and Victorian inspired gowns……I just don’t understand where a sexy rave stormtrooper would come in all this.

I dunno. I’m thinking their aim is a little off.

I get back on after 5 days of no internet or power and the first thing I see on my dash is Overwatch porn. Thanks


Oh my god im so sorry i was gone so long. Ive been dealing with…. a lot, thanks to Irma. Like having to move around to three different places because of my house almost getting crushed by a tree, live wires, sinkholes, flooding, no power, no internet… ya know, the usual. 

Its been absolute hell and I haven’t had time to go out and find somewhere with Wifi to sit down and blog. Theres still no gas at any gas stations, and…. over half of Florida is still without power. Been helping cut logs and clean up sticks and stuff. But for the next few days im at my Grandma’s work, so I have internet, and reliable power :’)

The one good thing about all this time of having no power is LOTS of art. Literally. I decided to crank out as much art as humanly possible when not helping out to make up for it.

I really, really appreciate all my friends wishing the best for me, I really missed y’all while I was gone.

minhwangs  asked:

🌠 🌠 (casually slides in for 6 as well)

heh, I see you 👀 and of course, I CAN DO THIS

1. different blends of blue, from starry blue as dark and meaningful as the night sky to the light blue cotton candy you associate with playing on the playground afterschool because cotton candy = amusement parks = fun = childhood

2. makeup!! like the high-end kind that make your eyes look really inquisitive when you stare someone down lol

3. calmness or like some innate maturity because you handle responses well and I seriously just thought you were older than me ajigosd

4. you’re like super nice but I see you being r00d @l-guanlin it’s like all over my dash (not that it’s bad!! haha) but I don’t know whether to take pity on the poor kid or laugh

5. horror stuff?? are you even into halloween and horror things…

6. protective. you totally have a big sister vibe going there hon

oh god okay my dash is slowly being lulled to sleep? every time i scroll down, i’ll end up revisiting the same post 5 times i swear

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It’s been one year since I first experienced One Direction

Today marks one year since I first got dragged to a bloody One Direction concert and I wanted to say a few bits, I don’t know what, really, but I had to.

I was looking through my old whatsapps conversations earlier that I’d had with my friend who took me. I was looking for a specific conversation about Harry (more about that later) but I found SO MUCH that I want to show all of you (below the cut, but I have a bit more to say first)

I’ll probably do another gushy post when I hit my Tumblr anniversary but thank you so much to all of you for making this fandom bearable. I first kept up to date on things on Twitter and when I joined Tumblr, I was a self-proclaimed “Larry fence sitter”. I followed a big load of Larrie blogs (some of which I suppose I still follow) and despite saying I wasn’t going to be a Larry blog and saying I was gonna mix it up a bit, get rid of some of the Larries and pull back from the whole Larry thing for a while, it never really happened. Just as, when I started to become interested in the band, I said I would take a break from bingeing on them and I never did go a day without living and breathing these four boys. 

Anyway, it didn’t take me long at all to fall of that fence. I got far more than I bargained for when I looked into this little conspiracy and thought the larries were a bit loopy at times and completely misread the situation and the larries. There were a lot of comments by me I passed by in my whatsapp scrolling that made me cringe. It wasn’t easy to see how sceptical I used to be.

(what follows is an essay. With subheadings and everything, so you can even skip whole sections if you want)

(This whole post is entirely UNNECESSARY but I had to get it all out for me)

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the thing I love about the 5SOS fam is that when I scroll down my dash and I see people communicating through ask boxes, almost every time people are giving compliments and telling each other that they’re beautiful and that just makes me so happy because we’re not like other fandoms, we don’t block people and send them hate for having the same fave, we embrace them. We really are like a family and that restores my faith in humanity ok


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  • The Walking Dead
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  • The Mortal Instruments
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  • Sherlock
  • Doctor Who
  • Harry Potter 
  • Bands
  • Pierce the veil
  • All time low 
  • Sleeping with sirens
  • The Summer Set
  • Crown The Empire
  • Bring Me The Horizon
  • Of Mice And Men 
  • 5 Seconds Of Summer
  • Suicide Silence 
  • Asking Alexandria
  • Breathe Carolina
  • A day to Remember
  • Memphis May Fire
  • Mayday Parade
  • Blessthefall
  • We Are The In Crowd
  • The 1975
  • *coughs* jalex
  • *coughs* larry

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Apparently there are 400+ of you fucks following this little fuck, so I suppose it’s time for one of those there fancy “follow forever/bias lists.” (Apparently I’m so old that I don’t remember when they got named bias lists bc that’s a new thing? idk man, I’ve been on Tumblr for like 5+ years now. what the heck.) Anyways!! 

To save y’all the dash space, I’m putting a cut down. Feel free to like, idk, click through if u wanna see me gushin’ on dorks and saying who I think is bae.

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I haven’t done this in awhile…or like ever, so since I have a mental list of things that I want to accomplish throughout the month of December, as well as the months to follow, I thought I would share some of my goals with you! 

I am a firm believer in small, gradual changes, because I know I tend to get overwhelmed if I make really big goals, and then feel disappointed in myself if I don’t “reach” them. So that is why this list might not seem very extravagant; I’m just focusing on the little things. :)

1. Start reading books other than those assigned in class. I used to love reading for pleasure…I don’t know where I lost that passion, or if I simply just don’t make time for it anymore. That being said, I am going to really try and pick up a book when I’m bored rather than logging onto Tumblr or scrolling through Instagram. 

2. Drink a little more water. I’ve gotten really bad about carrying around my reusable water bottle the past couple weeks! It’s such an easy thing to do, so I know I just need to take that extra couple of seconds every morning to grab it before I go to class.

3. Make more of an effort to workout. Thankfully I have my kickboxing class twice a week, but other than that I haven’t been able to motivate myself to go to the gym very much. Over Christmas break (which is a month long), I plan on running outside on my usual trails as much as I can to remind myself why I do love working out! 

4. Be more active in my sorority. I attend events and such a lot, but I know that I could become more involved and make a greater effort to get to know more of my sisters. My chapter isn’t huge, since there’s only around 115 active members, and I tend to talk to the same 10 or 15 girls. This is definitely going to be something that I will have to continue to work on over the next 4 years, but I am proud of myself for stepping out of my comfort zone on multiple occasions thus far!

5. Eat more fruit and vegetables. There have been a couple times this semester where I probably went a straight week without having more than 1 or 2 servings of fruit/veggies a day, and I’m really ashamed of it. There are healthy options available, I just need to make more of an effort to seek them out. 

6. Start writing in a journal again. I wrote in a journal practically every night from 6th-9th grade, and I love that I am able to look back on those years. I know it would be unrealistic to try and write every little thing down like I used to, so for starters I plan on first buying said journal and just seeing where it goes from there! 

9. Blog more, scroll less. There are times where I will go on Tumblr 5 times a day, but not post a single thing or respond to any messages. And it’s a really bad habit! I have so many amazing followers and I want to be active on here much more. I have so much to share with you all, I guess I just get distracted scrolling through my dash that I forget to post. I plan on clearing out my messages after I post this and really try my hardest to reply to everyone, especially people that ask personal questions off-anon!

10. Just breathe. One of my main goals is to just find a little more “me” time now that I have settled into college. A lot of the previously mentioned goals will help me reach this one. 

If you post a list of your goals for December or the New Year, I would love to see so please tag me! :) 

Sending lots of positive vibes,