it was on during jeopardy

Things b99 OWES me with regards to Domestic Jake & Amy:

  • Them getting ready in the morning- brushing their teeth, getting dressed, choosing what to wear and what shoes to wear
  • How they sleep?? How needy are they when cuddling? Is Jake the little spoon? Does Amy like being the little spoon too? If so- how do they decide who’s little spoon? Do they flip a coin? Rock Paper Scissors? Or they just switch every night? Do their cuddling positions change from when they first go to sleep to when they wake up in the morning?
  • How Jake brushes his teeth in two seconds
  • Who cooks breakfast? Do they do it together or is it a let’s go outside and buy pizza bagels type of situation? Have they tried cooking together? Did it turn out well or was it a disaster?
  • How the hell does anyone brush their teeth in TWO. SECONDS.
  • We’ve seen Amy’s apartment, but what does it look like now that Jake’s moved in? How does that prim and proper set of “Murder, She Wrote” look with touches and streaks of Jake flowing through the place? Is it messier now? Does Amy make Jake clean up after himself or does she love him so much she’s okay with a little bit of mess? Or does Jake love Amy so much he tries to clean up after himself because he knows she likes things clean?
  • Is it even humanely possible to brush one’s teeth in two seconds?
  • Them watching TV together- exactly how scary is Amy when they watch Jeopardy? How often do they watch Die Hard? And Die Hard 2? And Die Hard 3? Do they watch Harry Potter a lot now? What other shows and movies do they watch together? Do they snuggle? Is Jeopardy too intense for them to snuggle during? Is there popcorn?
  • Did Amy time how long Jake actually takes to brush his teeth or was two seconds a rough estimate??
  • Now that they live together, do they purposely get shifts that start and end at similar timings? Do they wait for each other to finish before going home together? Does Holt secretly let them take shifts that are at the same timings bc he’s a romantic? Who drives? Do they take turns? Do they let Charles tag along since he lives so close by?
  • where do they put Jake’s sneakers?? And does he still have his six basketballs?
DWTS S24 Week 5 DISNEY NIGHT Recap/Review

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  • DISNEY NIGHT :))))))))
  • Alfonso opening the show with a long opening song & dance number *deep sigh*…. It was a great production though.
  • They gave results throughout the show so I’m gonna note who they announced SAFE or IN JEOPARDY  throughout the recap as we find out during the show
  • Please excuse or enjoy my snark tonight. I can’t control it.. lolol

1. Rashad Jennings & Emma Slater - Foxtrot [Beauty & The Beast] (7+8+9+8=32) I don’t have much to say this week because I’ve already said it in the past weeks. These two are always spot on with the tone & chemistry each week. Was this their best dance? NO but was it a terrible dance or huge fall from grace NO. Carrie Ann’s 7 is outrageous. Stay off the drugs, kids. Mmmkay?

SAFE after scores

Results - Heather & Alan - SAFE, Erika & Gleb - IN JEOPARDY, Bonner & Sharna - SAFE, Nick & Peta - IN JEOPARDY

2. Nick Viall & Peta Murgatroyd - Jazz [Pinnochio] (9+8+9+8=34)  Who would’ve thought playing a wooden doll would make him come more alive. By far Nick’s best dance. His sync with Peta was great & his footwork & placement was near perfect. I would definitely watch this one again at some point. The choreography was amazing, gave me flashbacks to Charlie & Sharna’s Mary Poppins jazz. 

3. Erika Jayne & Gleb Savchenko - Viennese Waltz  [Finding Dory] (8+8+8+8=32) Finally…. We got to see a different side of Erika, the real Erika. I’ve been saying I think she’s a lot more nuanced & layered than we’ve seeing.  I think that sexy image Erika is so comfortable in, is just a wall to hide her vulnerability. But that vulnerability & fragile side to her womanly-ness is what truly makes her sexy. I hope that she kind of understands that we want to get to know her beyond her looks. 

4. Heather Morris & Maksim Chmerkovskiy (injured) & Alan Bersten (stand-in) Jazz [Frozen] (8+8+9+9=34) Hmm, There was just so much running around in this dance, not enough dancing, something Heaher can do really well.  I noted this last week but I wonder if Maks still being in the middle of the partnership while injured held Heather & Alan’s dance back a little bit. Heather is dancing Maks choreography but with Alan’s partnering which is an adaption on top of learning the choreography & character. I hate to say this, but I wonder what Alan would’ve choreographed. Just cause they’ve been developing lots of chemistry these past weeks. Maks will be back next week & I’m happy about that, I just wish Alan was given the freedom to finish his partnership this week in terms of choreography without Maks’s input. My question from last week still stands, as to whether Maks coming back will disrupt the language she created with Alan & the fact that she hasn’t danced with Maks in an entire month. 

5. Bonner Bolton & Sharna Burgess -  Tango [Wreck-It Ralph] (7+8+8+7=30)  I’m sorry the beginning of Bonner’s looked so low-budget I couldn’t help but laugh at him pounding the wall with no muscles. I don’t really know what to say, it wasn’t that good. I’m not a huge Bonner fan so I’m sure it always seems like I’m hating but I promise I’m not. If you regularly read my recaps you know I still try to be positive even about people I don’t care for (Hello Paula Deen, Geraldo, Rick Perry, or hell even these Bachelor implants. ) I know he has a prior physical condition but it’s not about his movement. His performances are so dead, there’s no levels to his personality, as opposed to someone like Nick who is showing up more & more each weeks.

Basically Bonner is the pet rock of this season. 

Results: Simone & Sasha - SAFE, David & Lindsay - SAFE, Normani & Val - IN JEOPARDY, Nancy & Artem - SAFE

6. Normani Kordei & Val Chmerkovkisy - Paso Doble [Mulan] (10+9+10+10=39) Finally Mulan gets ths DWTS treatment it deserves & I’m ecstatic that Val was the choreographer to bring it to us. The better these couples get the less there is to say. Normani is incredibly versatile, her performance was appropriately adjusted for the muted power & strength of this iconic & empowering character. 

Donny Osmond sang their song & hammed it up for the camera’s afterwards. I’ll just say this, if Donny Osmond NEVER appeared on this show every again I would be OK with that. 

7. David Ross & Lindsay Arnold - Jive [Cars] (7+7+8+7=29)  Not David & Lindsay’s best dance but it’s on brand with his energy & personality. The kicks & flicks weren’t sharp enough & it was quiet sloppy overall. He can do better.

8. Nancy Kerrigan & Artem Chigventsev - Jazz [Enchanted]  (9+9+9+9=36)  Nancy is really coming alive in these performances. She’s serving face, technique, & personality. I love it. Artem is doing a good job with her, she’s just as good for him as he is for her. That’s a great partnership to watch. This performance was a better version of Heather, Alan & Maks Frozen jazz. In terms of the using the floor but still having content. You can really see Nancy’s confidence, when she looks right at the camera when she’s dancing, that’s rare for a celeb, she’s finally believing in herself again. 

9. Simone Biles & Sasha Farber - Contemporary [Moana] (9+9+10+10=38) There was something about this dance that looked weightless. Maybe it’s their size but Simone looked light as feather in those lifts. Her & Sasha’s chemistry just looks so effortless on the floor. Simone is taking the criticism & clearly working on emoting more & it shows. You could see her feeling the song at certain points on her face something she wasn’t doing Week 1. Sasha is still being Sasha & choreography the heck out these routines. I love that they didn’t hold back & went for all the lifts they could & really used her agility their advantage. One of the judges perfectly noted that like Moana, Simone is growing each week but still confident & standing strong is her natural strengths. 

I feel like the playing field has leveled out quite a bit this week, with noteworthy performances from Rashad, Normani, Simone, Nancy & Heather, the Top 3 could be harder to predict than previously thought.


Normani & Val - SAFE

Erika & Gleb - ELIMINATED -  I was happy that Erika had breakthrough & showed more vulnerability but I had a feeling it was too little too late.  I get the feeling that Erika is one of those celebs that won’t speak highly of her experience, she was so flippant in her send off.

Nick & Peta - IN JEOPARDY

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What did you think of DISNEY NIGHT?

wjsn as kids at school

seola: asks to go to the bathroom in the beginning of class and doesn’t come back until class is almost over. never dresses out for gym

xuan yi: switched half her classes in the beginning of the year so she could have the same schedule as mei qi. mixes up the directions for in class assignments and doesn’t realize until she’s halfway done w/ it

exy: one of the friendly volleyball girls who always gives you a hair tie if you need one. knows the fastest way to anywhere in the school

bona: tries to flirt w/ the lunch period’s student aide so she can get 25 cents off her food. carries around those bath & body works lotions/mini sanitizers/body sprays n always let ppl use them if they need to

soobin: teachers never think she’s paying attention and try and call on her randomly but she always has the right answer. goes hard as hell during in class jeopardy games

luda: wears organic lip tint and exfoliates 3x a week. a member of plant club bc she was too nice to say no when someone asked her to join

dawon: one of the only recognizable ppl from choir bc she can actually sing. during lunch she breaks off from her friend group 3 different times bc she keeps going back to the lunch line to buy more food

eunseo: when its spirit week n ppl mention pajama day she’s the one kid that goes “but what if i sleep naked haAHSHA”. chews w/ her mouth open. joined plant club w/ luda so she wouldn’t have to suffer alone

cheng xiao: writes all her assignments with a colored pencil she found on the floor bc she forgets to bring supplies to class. everytime there’s a test she’s like “i’ve been listening in class I’ll ace this aha :D” but 2 questions in you catch her making the most ridiculous faces at the paper

mei qi: ppl stare at her instead of listening in class bc she’s so pretty. braids/brushes her hair during lectures. has all these inside jokes w/ xuan yi and no1 else gets them at all

yeoreum: weird quiet girl who wears velcro shoes bc she can’t tie her shoelaces or smth. sometimes ppl catch her pretending to clean windows with her sweater sleeve. crosses the street to go home by taking 10 seconds to look both ways then walking into moving traffic

dayoung: “what page are we on” “wait what are we doing” “do we have to take notes on this” “i’ll finish it when i get home” “what test” “what homework”

exo in high school
  • xiumin/minseok: the kid who comes to school early to lift weights even though weightlifting is already one of his classes, really flirty with the younger teachers, his cologne is really always really strong
  • luhan: the kid who is literally always wearing a sports sweatshirt or t-shirt or jersey with his last name on the back, does the spinning pencil and the wiggly pencil trick a lot, wears basketball shorts no matter what the weather is like
  • kris/yifan: slipped on a wet floor during the winter and there's a security camera video of it on the internet, thinks he's suave but called the teacher "mom" once, doodles instead of taking notes
  • suho/junmyeon: the kid who stops everyone from leaving when the teacher is fifteen minutes late and reminds the teacher of homework no one did, takes control during group projects, laughs at all the teachers jokes
  • lay/yixing: the kid who is always asleep, face down, with his hood up but says nice things and notices when you're not at school, eats two lunches, let you cheat off his test
  • baekhyun: used a rolling backpack his freshman year, changes the background on all the computers in the library to pictures of nicholas cage, uses memes in his powerpoint presentations
  • chen/jongdae: the kid who always asks the teacher if you're watching a video that day and then asks to go to the bathroom, when you're not, he's always late and has an energy drink
  • chanyeol: the percussion section leader who goes really hard during the school fight song, paints his body for sporting events, always has his music playing really loud during class
  • d.o/kyungsoo: the kind of pretentious tenor who sometimes corrects the choir teacher but you know he's right so you only kind of hate it, takes reading shakespeare in class too seriously, takes over choir class when there's a substitute teacher
  • tao/zitao: the kid who performs martial arts to angry rock music for the variety show and sometimes at pep rallies, skipped school when you dissected frogs, gets scary during classroom jeopardy
  • kai/jongin: the really nice "popular" kid who went to prom all four years of high school and voted best smile in the yearbook, lets you borrow pencils or share his book, asks how your weekend was every monday
  • sehun: the kid who always forgets his pencil or book but always has a snack in class, came back after summer vacation between sophomore and junior year and got shockingly hot, frequently roasts the teachers and bows when he's asked to leave the classroom

Dean x Reader One Shot

Title: Late Night Breakfasts

Based on the song Idfc by Blackbear, as per anonymous request :)

Word Count: 1,661

His smile.

Oh, God, his smile.

You felt your stomach flip and you smiled  back, then dropped your eyes to the diner table in front of you.  Anything to get your eyes off that smile, anything to get your mind away from whatever feelings you unintentionally associated with that smile.  Anything to not be feeling that right then.

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Here there is an interesting connection between the two rivals.  At around the same age, when each was in their late teens, their lives were both in great jeopardy.  Richard was wounded during his first battle, at Barnet, where the combat around him was so intense that a number of his followers were killed fighting under his banner.  Henry was in danger of a probable assassination attempt.  Both men narrowly escaped.  To a medieval audience their brush with death at such a similar age would be a meaningful co-incidence, linking the two in a shared and unfolding destiny.  A modern reader might be more struck by the shaping of their confrontation, in which both enacted the roles learned in such a frightening moment, Richard as a mover and shaker, accustomed to wresting the initiative and acting upon events; Henry as a watcher and waiter, holding fast while his fate is decided by others.  We, and they, look for a pattern to decisive events, but look for it in different places.  Instead of God and destiny, we now consider formative experiences in the development of a personality.  However we view it, the two men were set upon a collision course.  As Thomas Hardy wrote of another fateful encounter: ‘Alien they seemed to be;/ No mortal eye could see/ The intimate welding of their later history’.
—  “Bosworth 1485: Psychology of a Battle” by Michael K. Jones
fic: something suspiciously close to hope

a clexa/stranger things au, bc i’m having a lot of feelings about eleven

When the social worker’s car pulls to a stop outside of a small blue house, Eleven’s heart picks up a little bit. 

She runs her hand over her hair, still short and bristly from the buzz cut her last foster father gave her when he wrongly thought she caught lice from someone at school. The hand-me-down dress she’s wearing is dingy and stiff, and no matter how much she tugs on it the tag scratches the back of her neck.

The social worker opens the car door and Eleven climbs out, hauling the backpack filled with her meager belongings along with her. They’re halfway up the front walkway when the front door opens and a blonde woman steps onto the front porch. She’s pretty and has a bright, nervous smile, but Eleven knows better than to get her hopes up. 

The walkie-talkie that she’s clutched in her hands since she left the group home is getting clammy in her grip, so she fiddles with it, expecting to be ignored while her new foster parent and the social worker go over paperwork and finances – that’s what they usually care about, how much they’ll get to clothe and feed her, how much they’ll ultimately get to keep for themselves. 

She wonders if Mike – her best friend back at the group home – is still holding the walkie-talkie’s twin, waiting for her to call, knowing full well the reception doesn’t reach this far.

But she’s pulled from her thoughts when the blonde woman ignores the social worker completely. Instead she sits back on her haunches until she’s eye-level with Eleven, and stretches out her hand. 

“It’s nice to meet you, Eleven,” she says. “I’m Clarke.”

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Hello everyone!

First of all, I want to say thank you so much for all of your amazing support! Thank you to every single one of you who have posted a reason why they love The Fosters using the hashtag #whereYOUbelong . As you can see above, we have gotten some attention from some significant people which include Bradley, Megan and Gavin. As well as, our friends at After Buzz! We are aiming to expand and spread the word about this campaign, so to help us…you can submit your stories on how The Fosters has had any signficance on YOU. You can also simply tell us why you love the show as well. We are hoping for more people at The Fosters crew to see this campaign. This is a great way to tell the cast members, writers and executives how much YOU love the show.

Remember that you can also follow us on twitter @wybcampaign and tweet why you love the show using the hashtag #whereYOUbelong. If we see your tweet with the hashtag and we will definitely retweet it!

Again thank you so much for all the support so far! One of the main reasons of this campaign is to expand viewership as well. We would hate to see this show in jeopardy of getting canceled during Season 3 as it has had an impact in the lifes of many viewers.Thus, let’s keep the momentum going!