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Ok so my Fem!Tweek headcanon 

We all know Tweek is cute. But for me he has some unique cuteness, like your first impression of this guy walking down the street won’t be “He’s cute” but “He’s weird”, however he will get your attention because he just looks interesting. So I wanted to do the same with my Female Tweek, since most of her fanarts are pretty, I wanted to make her look weirdly cute.

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I've been so irresponsible lately!Like literally I can't bring myself to study!We had 2 months off with french because our french teacher is expecting a baby and they could not find anyone but now we have a new teacher and she seems pretty ok but she told us that she won't just close her eye sometimes if we make small a mistake on the test.Which sounds great since we didn't have french in 2 months so just studying for the test rn makes me feel nervous - slightly stressed anon

Fun fact: I had a 3 hour long Frech test today 🤗 so receiving your message is kinda funny.

STUDY! wow i am a good motivator. honestly studying feels a lot better than failing. reward yourself when you actually studied and try to not get distracted.

I bet your new teacher is not that bad! ☺️

Hm, ok.

English is not my first language, so, please, forgive me for any mistakes you find here! I hope no one gets offended by my opinion. I have lots of respect for any shippers in the Naruto fandom, although I might not agree with most of them. However, there’s something I need to write down. There’s this issue I’ve been thinking about. In a shonen, the author won’t focus on romance, ideed. This makes me believe that, therefore, our consciences tend to look for anything in the story we can connect to a romantic relationship, since romance is a crucial part of human life; except for celibates and for aromantic people, of course. Such correlation exists because romance is directly connected to the idea of breeding, which makes me believe that this involuntary connection we make is about something instinctive. Even gay relationships will make our brains think about breeding, because there is sex involved. When it comes to the Naruto series, this is one of the reasons why I personally don’t se romance between Sasuke and Naruto. It’s just a mind trick. I also don’t see any romance between Naruto and Gaara. Let me tell you why. Every villain who’s touched by Naruto’s TnJ would have to be gay, because every single one of them magically becomes obsessed with conquering Naruto’s friendship or becomes overly attached to him. Gaara’s dream during the Infinite Tsukuyomi was to have Naruto by his side during his childhood. His dream’s focus wasn’t on his actual family, on his mother, the one whe never met and whose love he always wanted to receive. It was on Naruto, who also managed to get a sincere acknowledgement from fucking Uchiha Itachi. Naruto changed Nagato. He changed Neji. He changed everyone he’s ever fought in a substantial way. One could say that romantic love is the feeling that could change people the most. I think it is. People will generally change something crucial in their lives because of something that happened in a romantic relationship that was important to them. Eventually, it will happen. I’ve been there, done that, and I don’t even remember how many times it happened to me or how many chains of thought I erased because of the lessons I learned from past romantic relationships. So, based on all of this, should I assume that every villain, even the most stubborn one, Naruto’s changed is gay? I doubt it. 

In my modest opinion, for I know that there are lots of narusasu shippers in the Naruto fandom and I do not want them to get offended, Kishimoto tried to give “friendship” an entirely different meaning. I believe he tried to say that friendship is something that can be transcendental, that can cross the borders of time. That’s why he makes Naruto and Sasuke so damn important to each other. Yes, to me, these characters are the same as antagonistic twins, which means they have the same connection actual twins have. If one of them is broken, the other will be broken too. If one of them is happy, the other will be happy too. That’s why he made Naruto and Sasuke the reincarnations of two brothers. As a matter of fact, this small detail summarizes it all: Naruto and Sasuke are the reincarnations of two brothers who held each other very dear even after so many years of rivalry. Such situation made their brotherly bond the strongest one possible, as crazy as it may seem. In turn, this same bond, including the rivalry, perpetuated itself throughout the centuries. We know that Naruto and Sasuke refer to each other as “friends”. I saw some people say that Sasuke asking Naruto why he was so obsessed with him meant that he was expecting to hear an “I love you”.

I’m sorry, but no. Sasuke tends to ask him that during periods when he’s being consumed by darkness: during their first major fight, when he was under the influence of the cursed seal and being tempted by Orochimaru’s offer; when they meet in Shippuden for the first time in three years, he’s still under Orochimaru’s influence and he still implies that Naruto’s obsession seems pointless to him; right after he kills Danzo; during their last fight and after it. A lot of people, when deeply corrupted, stop being able to comprehend human feeling, they start lacking empathy, for empathy becomes something unfamiliar to them. The corruption works like poison, it makes people become unaffected by light, considering the fact that it is incompatible with the darkness within them. So, when Sasuke keeps asking Naruto why he is so obsessed with him, he genuinely means that he does not understand how this concept of friendship Naruto keeps babbling about can exist. Everytime he’s asked the Uzumaki about it, he didn’t seem to care enough to question the answers he received from the usuratonkachi. However, that happened just because Sasuke wouldn’t start a debate about friendship with Naruto under the chaotic circumstances that used to bring them together. Consequently, he never counters the “because-you-are-my-friend” response he keeps receiving. He just tells Naruto to stay out of his way and leaves. Be that as it may, in the very end, he finally decided to bite back, but it wasn’t because he was expecting to hear an “I love you”. It was because he really felt the urge to understand what kind of idea Naruto had about friendship. When Naruto told him what his idea of what comes to be a friend was, Sasuke widened his good eye in shock. This happened for two reasons: 

  1. The first one was that he was surprised that something so noble and incredible could exist and that he, of all people, was the one to get it from someone – he is totally shocked that someone is capable of wishing him the best even in spite each one of his “horrible deeds”, he can’t believe something so beautiful could happen to him, an outsider, the “traitor”, the cursed Uchiha, he is touched by Naruto’s “purity” of heart; 
  2. The second one was that he found out that their impressions regarding each other had always been pretty much the same.

Then, he lost it and cried. Uchiha Sasuke cried in front of Uzumaki Naruto. Somethig must have been wrong. Maybe he finally caught himself surrending to his passion and his sexual interest towards his friend, right? No. I believe you all know very well what is the only thing capable of making Sasuke cry. Uchiha Itachi, his brother. Sasuke himself stated that he was always under the impression that Naruto’d always walked ahead of him, just like Itachi had always done. He keeps making a connection between Naruto and Itachi. His monologue in those chapters after their last fight is all about connecting Naruto and Intachi, whether directly or indirectly. The reason for that couldn’t be more simple: Naruto is the new Itachi. He is the Itachi Sasuke needs around. He is his new brother. Sasuke idolizes brotherhood and family bonds.

 Basically, Kishimoto is trying to send an incredible message: friendship can be – and sometimes is – the same thing as brotherhood, it can be a bond that transcends time and life itself. I don’t think he was trying to say Naruto and Sasuke wanted to bang each other all along. Japanese people have an entirely different notion of what friendship means. In fact, they have more problem befriending females than males. Also, some asian people are a little less afraid of being called “gay” for showing affection towards male friends, something that really, really doesn’t happen in the West. Just think about it: here, men can’t hold hands, because that’s gay; men can’t kiss each other’s cheeks, because that’s gay; men can’t say “I love you” to other men, because that can only mean they’re gay. Doesn’t all of this scream male gender role stereotypes to you? I think it does to me. In some Eastern cultures, such thing doesn’t happen. This explains why Kishimoto seems to have written gay characters, because the general asian concept of friendship seems “gayish” to most of us. The problem with this is that we are dealing with “internalized homophobia”. We can’t think about two males supporting each other or even dying for each other without concluding they’re homosexuals. With all due respect to narusasu shippers, but refusing to see beyond a supposed romance between Naruto and Sasuke can make you accidentally corroborate to gender role stereotypes. I mean, why can’t the relationship between them be just a transcendental friendship, a brotherhood, something even spiritual, something that crosses the borders of time, as I said before? Why does it have to involve romance? The bond between our protagonists here is something much more powerful than anything sexual or romantic, in my opinion. If Naruto is Sasuke’s new Itachi, of course the connection between them would be strong to a batshit insane level. In addiction, this is one of the main reasons why I can’t agree with people who say Sasuke doesn’t need a family to be complete and that he will never be able to be happy again, no matter what. Come on, people. He’s got a new brother now, one that doesn’t poke his forehead to keep him away – not that I think Sasuke still resents Itachi for it.

 On top of all that, anyways, Naruto’s always shown interest on females, but it was never hinted he was attracted to males or curious about them. He would peek at magazines portraying naked women, he was starstruck when he saw Hinata training naked in the river, he was in awe when Jiraya met a beautiful woman just a little before Itachi paid them a visit, he called Sakura his girlfriend a thousand times and was infatuated with her for the most part of his teenage years, he tried to sneak a peek at the girls at the bathing house… The list goes on and on. On the other hand, he never seemed to be aroused by boys. That’s why I doubt he’s bisexual. I personally believe that Sasuke, in turn, is asexual. He is not into sexual intercourse, but he is still capable of falling in love and having a happy relationship. That’s why Sexy no Jutsu never worked on him. Just in time, the Sexy no Jutsu featuring handsome men that was used against Kaguya didn’t make him react either. Sakura was aroused by it, but he wasn’t. The asexual theory also explains why Karin’s plan of appearing in front of him wearing nothing but a towel didn’t work to make him desire her sexually. 

Now, I’ve come to a point I’d really like to discuss: Sasuke and Sakura. Again, I also respect sasusaku shippers, although I think they are seriously equivocated. Sakura isn’t more than a comrade to Sasuke, someone who was in the same team as he was. During Hidden, Sasuke did show affection towards her, but nothing significant enough to imply romance. There was this occasion when Sasuke was furious about the Sound ninja who assaulted them during the Chunin shiken and asked her, “Sakura, who did this to you?”. There’s a reason why he didn’t include Naruto, and it was because Naruto was out of danger and didn’t seem hurt, for he was still asleep. If Naruto were by Sakura’s side and were just as injured as she was, Sasuke’s question would have been, “Naruto. Sakura. Who did this to you?”. I assure you that would have been the case. Then, there’s this moment when Sakura hugged him from behind the moment she realized he was going to beat the crap out of that other shinobi, and the hug made his cursed seal stop going wild. Although back then I believed this meant Kishimoto was planning to make them end up together, it didn’t take me too long to realize that there was another explanation as to why it happened as well. A gesture of affection comming from a friend in a moment when darkness was trying to overpower Sasuke shocked his entire organism, because it represented a major battle between good and evil. Sakura’s hug was a representation of goodness, positive values and positive elements of life, such as friendship, fondness, comradery. Sakura’s affection was strong enough to overpower the strenght of the seal because good is toxic to evil, and that’s why Sasuke’s body went back to normal. It wasn’t because the love for her within his heart prevailed. It didn’t mean that her affection triggered anything that could be considered reciprocity in his heart. Once more, it was an one-sided demonstration of how strong Sakura’s feeling was. Not of how strong Sasuke’s feelings for her were. Let’s get to another point: it is true that we don’t like to see people we love act insane and violent, but Sasuke wasn’t doing anything wrong that moment. He was just making those shinobi pay for hurting his teammate. Even in spite of Sasuke’s good intentions, Sakura didn’t bare to look at him behaving in a way that could make her ideal of him crash down. So, she stopped him before he could hurt her image of the perfect Sasuke-kun. As if she wasn’t going to let him hurt her by destroying her expectations of him. 

Now, let’s talk about the Sharingan. Such kekkei genkai reflects an Uchiha’s feelings. When it changes because of people, it shows how important they are to the user. Sasuke’s Sharingan never changed because of Sakura, but it did change because of Naruto – not to mention that Sasuke discovered a new “doujutsu ability” to save Karin when he found out he could deactivate Amaterasu. Sasuke verbally assaulted Sakura continuously whenever she tried to invade his space or get closer to him. He called her annoying a thousand times. He got furious when she was stupid enough to talk shit about an orphan to another orphan. She said Naruto was lucky that he didn’t have parents to bother him with rules and earbashings. She said that shit to Sasuke’s fucking face. Dear Sakura, 

But I think I digress. At the hospital, when Sasuke was recovering from the injuries he got in that mission with Idate, she offered him apples, and he punched her hand, he went there. He physically assaulted her for no good reason. Yes, he was under a lot of stress, but that’s not an excuse. When he’s leaving the village, there she was, demanding explanations, demanding responses, asking him why he never spoke to her about his problems. She asks him whether he remembers the time when she said that shit about Naruto not having parents and he getting mad at her, and he simply answers, “I don’t remember that”. Kishimoto didn’t draw anything that could lead the reader to think that he was lying. He didn’t show shadows where Sasuke’s eyes should’ve been, he didn’t show a drop of sweat rolling down his forehead, a throbbing vein, nothing. Sasuke was being honest. He didn’t remember any of that. This is how important she is to him. She then starts threatening, “If you don’t stop, I’m going to scream”. Then, he is forced to run to her and say, “arigato”, before KNOCKING HER UNCONSCIOUS. If she didn’t say she was going to scream, which would obviously draw attention to them sooner or later, he would have walked away from her without even saying goodbye. 

Now, about the “arigato” issue. That’s not always a romantic thing to say. It can mean lots, lots of things. He could have thanked her for simply showing him affection and being there for him, because it’s a beautiful feeling, it’s something nice. He recognized that and thanked her for showing him that. How does this mean he was confessing his love? It’s just like we use to say to friends: “Hey, bro, thank’s for everything”. Besides, it is also a sign of rejection. Like, “I appreciate your feelings, but… no”.

 Then, we have Shippuden. Ah, Shippuden. He tried to kill Sakura when she started running towards him in their first meeting during this phase of the series. Keep in mind that she didn’t say she was going to “kill him”. Therefore, he didn’t know her intentions, so he didn’t have to try to kill her, just stop her. Yet, he decided to resort to the worst. There’s the time when he tells her to kill Karin. She comes closer to him and stays there, all stiff, debating on what to do next. Again, he didn’t know she was planning on stabbing him. He tried to kill her anyways. It wasn’t self-defense. It was attempted murder. Just a little after that, he tries to kill her again. This time, it was self-defense. But we have to consider that he was strong enough to just throw her meters away with a good kick or a good punch. Once again, however, he decided to resort to the worst. Every meeting is a disgrace. They meet, something awful happens, he goes away, and they don’t speak to each other for chapters and chapters. Where’s the development? I don’t intend to say that he only treated Sakura like shit. He did this to everyone around him at a certain point of his life. But, with Sakura, he was always brutally honest about not loving her back. He was almost always rude. He even treated Karin better, although he eventually tried to kill her too. 

Oh, well. Then, there’s the war. There’s Sakura. All her maturity and all her development as a character were thrown away the moment Sasuke walked into the battlefield. He’d said to Karin he was sorry, he changed his behaviour a little for some people around him, for Taka. However, to Sakura, he kept being an asshole to the very end. She was stabbed by Madara, he didn’t give a flying fuck. She asked him what was going on outside his Susano'o barrier, he brutally told her that telling her what was going on wouldn’t make a difference, since there was nothing she could do anyways. In other words, he called her useless. When Kakashi states that he himself had the same need to know what was happening, Sasuke looks straight at him and says, “You’re being just like Sakura now, shut up”. One can understand that he implied Kakashi was being annoying just because he expressed the same wish Sakura had. Whenever he speaks to this chick, he seems truly annoyed. When Kaguya, that piece of trash, appears and transports them to a dimension full of lava, Naruto tells him to save Kakashi and Sakura. He looks at them, he fucking looks at them and sees them falling, but chooses to save Naruto instead. Then, he makes that comment about how the fact that Sakura and Kakashi were spared from the Infinite Tsukuyomi by his Susano'o barrier was nothing but luck, a coincidence. Such comment was completely unnecessary. He could have just told Naruto the world was depending on their lives and that they should focus on Kaguya, that’d be all. But no. He chose to make it clear that he didn’t want to save Sakura or Kakashi with his barrier. He decided to point that out. By this, he implied that Naruto should’ve let them die in hot lava. This is how little Sasuke cares about what Sakura feels for him. And Sakura notices all this shit. She gets sad at every little thing he says that concerns her during the war. She knows he doesn’t give a fuck about her. Then, there’s the moment when he casts a genjutsu on her. A horrible one.

He could’ve used some other illusion. No, no, no. He chose to make her watch him stab her over and over again. This is how strong Sasuke’s love for Sakura is. Then again, I think it was also Sasuke trying to make her love for him disappear once and for all. I think he as indeed trying to make her hate him and stop chasing after him. One more time, though, I digress.

Some time after that, when he’s about to leave the village again, she asks him to be his tagalong. He answers that she’s nothing to do with his sins, which is a huge lie. He commited “sins” against her as well. Just as he did to Naruto. This was him not wanting to take her with him. He doesn’t want her around, following him, screaming “Sasuke-kun” at him, annoying him. He pokes her forehead when she gets sad at his response and says, “Till the next time, thanks”. Rejection. Again. The forehead poke, according to Itachi, its damn creator, is used when someone wants to put a distance between them and the person who’s been poked. He used the poke to push Sasuke away from him. This is what the poke means. Sasuke didn’t give it another meaning, because it is little likely that he would distort the significance of anything created by his idolized brother. 

Do I blame Sasuke for behaving like a dick? Not totally. It wasn’t his fault that Sakura couldn’t take a hint. I do not excuse him, but I do not condemn him either. 

Here, we have another issue: how little Sakura knows about Sasuke. Does she know about how the Uchiha massacre happened? Does she know about Itachi’s truth? Does she know what Itachi is to Sasuke now? Does she know that, back in the first phase of the series, it was Naruto desguised as Sasuke, and not Sasuke himself, who complimented her forehead and almost kissed her? Did she finally find out Sasuke hates sweet food? Because there was this chapter in which she was going to give him some dessert she was also going to give Naruto, if I’m not mistaken. Does she know anything at all about Sasuke besides he’s got a beautiful face, cool eyes and irrelevant shit like that? It doesn’t seem like it. 

In the movie “The Last”, we can still see that it is all about Sakura’s feelings, Sakura’s feelings, Sakura’s feelings. We don’t get to hear anything from Sasuke. Just in time, by the way: when he is staring at the moon, it is little likely that he’s thinking about her. The moon reminds Sasuke of Itachi. Sasuke always sees the moon when he remembers the night of the Uchiha massacre. To him, the moon is connected to Itachi. Nawt to Sakura. Besides, whenever she thinks about him, her expressions sadden. She looks unhappy. This is because this pairing is toxic. Sasuke is toxic to her, and she is toxic to Sasuke. They have nothing in common at all. Sakura had a perfect stable childhood, she had a functional family, she didn’t have to face any tragedies. And, yet, she gets mad at her parents because her mom wants her to be tidier and clean her room more often. She’s also embarrassed of them. She will never, ever be able to understand Sasuke. Sasuke will never, ever be able to understand her, because he never had a stable life. He will never understand her personality. She will never understand his. Anyways. 

Then, Kishimoto gives us Gaiden. So, let’s just look at this: it seems Sasuke had a one night stand with her, and I don’t even know why. Where did the sexual interest come from, again? Who knows. She got pregnant. A huge amount of evidence indicates they might not even be officially married. She leaves the village as soon as she finds out about her pregnancy. She goes and grabs Karin – how convenient –, then both of them start chasing after Sasuke. The word used was “chasing”. To chase implies that one wants to catch someone who’s trying to escape. To chase implies someone is running away from something. Why was Sasuke running away from Konoha? Naruto wasn’t the hokage back then, so Sasuke’s mission hadn’t started yet. Sakura chased after him while pregnant. For nine months. She couldn’t reach him in nine months. A lot of evidence also points that Karin might be the real mother, since we only have “words” about Sakura being Sarada’s mommy, not facts, not a single proof. 

Sasuke stays away from home for twelve years. Not one, not two, not three. Twelve. While he’s on his mission, he sends messages to Naruto via falcon. Why didn’t he send anything to Sarada? He didn’t send her anything, not a card, not a photo, not a letter, nothing. Sakura doesn’t even remember whether he wore glasses or not. When Sarada asked Sasuke if his feelings or heart were connected to Sakura’s, he answers, “Yeah”. She retorts, “how can you be sure of that?”. He then says, “Because you exist, Sarada”. Let’s give it a better look, shall we? “I am connected to your mother because of you. You’re the thing that keeps us connected.” If it weren’t for Sarada, SasuSaku wouldn’t even be a thing. It’s her existence that keeps them “together”. People. I respect you all. But Sasuke does not love Sakura.

Besides, I’ve seen some people claim that Sakura means way more to Sasuke than Naruto does. Uh, excusez-moi?

No, no, no. The bond between Sasuke and Sakura cannot be compared to the bond that exists between Naruto and Sasuke. I repeat, it cannot be compared to the bond that exists between Naruto and Sasuke. Sakura was the “third wheel” the whole time, not Naruto. Sasuke hardly sees Sakura as family. He’s just stuck in a forced relationship for the sake of a child that doesn’t even appreciate him for real. Just to finish here, I do not ship NaruSaku. I do not ship SasuNaru. I do not ship SasuKarin. I do not ship SasuHina. I do not ship anyone with anyone. Those ships exist only for the sake of the new generation. And the new generation shouldn’t even be a thing. 

Game Grumps sentence starters
  • "He's channelling his nasty bacon energy"
  • "Haven’t had so much fun since I killed parents."
  • "Crazy how dead you are, I mean like wow"
  • "I didn’t have any problem at all after I died twice"
  • "Such a nice man we ripped off there"
  • "I never win shit… Oh I guess I won. Neat!"
  • "I'll never put on pants"
  • "You got sass up from the ass up"
  • "Ya the good jeebies. Not the heebie jeebies, just the jeebies. The heebie jeebies are the bad jeebies , but the jeebies are just the good jeebies"
  • "OK! Stop dancing at me!"
  • "Yes… yes… NOOOOO!"
  • "You make me have to pee, always."
  • "Dude what if hell was up?!"
  • "Why don’t you kill shit?"
  • "No ones every pulled off the legendary burp! I would like to see you try"
  • "If you want true equality in this world, men and women should both be shot."
  • "Even 90s rock won’t make me feel good about this!"
  • "I don’t wanna make it seem like I don’t believe in you, but I don’t and you can’t"

Ok team, we need to make sure we are watching a lot of Markipliers content while he’s gone. Since he won’t be making any new content for awhile to generate revenue, we need to make sure we are all watching lots of videos (even making sure to watch the ads). I really don’t want Mark worrying about money during this time. It’s the least we can do to help! :)

Hi guys so Amina and I are really excited for Clexa this season and we wanted to make a network so we could share our excitement with all of you.


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What you Will get:

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We will be tracking clarkelexanet

Happy Reblogging

I feel like we do not talk about Taylor’s accomplishments in country music enough. Here is a 16 year old girl who’s not even from the South comes in and takes Nashville by storm. She CREATED her own demographic and brought young listeners to country. She was really the first female artist to prioritize songwriting since Shania Twain. Not to mention that Fearless won Album of the Year at the Grammys, making 20 year old Taylor the youngest person to win that award. But Fearless was also the MOST AWARDED ALBUM in the HISTORY of country music. She headlined stadiums, her, a young country female singer. Taylor literally came in and changed country music forever and now she wants to do the same to pop.

Kai: UNDYING Release!!!! check it out!( ⁼̴̶̤̀ω⁼̴̶̤́ )
Reita: finally it’s the release day of UNDYING. the displays that the people from the shops prepared with so much love have reached us all the way til here. thank you so much. since we’re not in Japan we won’t be able to experience everyone’s reactions but we’re delivering the GazettE to the world. you guys enjoy, okー?
Reita: the temperature in Toronto is pretty low so we have to be careful. everyone who’s coming from Japan also make sure to take care, ok? cause it’s seriously cold.

Trying Something New

“Uchiha ‘darling’ Sasuke”

SasuSaku Month 2015

Week 4: The After Years
Day 20: Anniversary

A year, and there she is still as present as ever without an ounce of doubt in her eyes. They act like any other day, she talks about her kids in the hospital and he’s as attentive as ever.

“Reiko spoke yesterday, just a few sentences, but we were so relieved. She hadn’t spoken a word since the end of the war.” The way she speaks, voice full of relief it draws him in. She will make a great mother someday.

He can almost see it, the little bundle of joy in her arms looking so much like her and nothing like him. Because surely a child born between them both would only take the best from them and the best is all her.

“I have two minor surgeries scheduled for today, so I won’t see you until later, ok?” She smiles apologetically knowing it’s not how he wanted to spend the day.

Soon enough both Naruto and Kakashi arrive. “Well,” She says as she turns to both of their teammates. “here’s my cue to leave.”

“But we just got here.” Naruto complains and Kakashi rolls his eyes at his students’ antics.

“Sorry but I gotta run, work, you should know something about that.” She sticks her tongue out at the blonde before turning back to him. There’s a bright smile gracing her lips as she leans in for a quick peck on the lips, just because it’s today. “See you tonight, darling, alright?”

The endearment leaves him stunned for a moment. “Aa.” Her smile spreads larger before she walks away and his eyes follow her form until she fades from view.

He turns to the annoying sound of Naruto snorting at his side with an eyebrow raised. “Darling.” He says mockingly before bursting into a fit of laughter. “Uchiha ‘Darling’ Sasuke.” And he laughs even louder.

“What ramen are you in the mood for…” He turns to glare at Kakashi suspiciously. “…darling.”

“Shut up.”

what will happen on may 12?

if you haven’t seen the new promo, watch it down there, it’s so good!

ok you good now? let’s start. (quick intro down there)

So i’m sure by now, you know that for four flipping weeks! we get all new steven universe episodes! starting may 12. 

I am so excited for this, and so i decided to desect what is happening in the promo, since the other clips that were released about a month ago were spoilers and weren’t meant to even be shown at all, i decided to make this technically spoiler free. not to say i won’t try to make theories when the new episodes come out and i will do it about when they just come out.


ok, so what we see in the promo, is first, a new clip or two. peridot is in full screen saying ‘the cluster’ they are definitely going to ge drilling. this means we will get to see the cluster in the new episodes. now a second later, we see steven and peridot (possibly left alone as the other gems fused into alexandrite to fight malachite)  sitting with the drill in the background and the ground shakes. 

what could be happening here? maybe that’s the cluster. if it is the cluster. does that mean it is going to emerge? no. if it was going to emerge right at that second, steven and peridot would not have even gotten the chance to get in the drill.

what i see, is that steven and peridot had to get into the drill and go to the cluster and destroy it without the other gems. the other crystal gems may have had to stay back and fight with lapis and jasper when they unfused, remember that lapissed  and jasper are still against the crystal gems, lapis being the exception and cares for steven. but steven is probably not there. the crystal gems wouldn’t let him be there when garnet probably could have foreseen a big and brutal fight that could have had steven possible killed. 

so the other gems are too busy with jasper and lapis, so even if they all knew the cluster was coming, they would have been forced to still keep fighting till they either gave up or they got poofed and bubbled.

that leaves peridot and steven being forced to get in the drill and go to the cluster on their own. other wise they could all be killed. the tremor (i’m going to say that was the cluster) was probably a warning sign that the cluster is just about ready. any second they could have been killed. so peridot and steven, naturally, would panic and just go and drill. so what happens? steven is a child that knows little about the gem world and how it works, peridot is a technician and was formed to work with growing gems. she is the only one that can help in this situation. 

now back to what we get to see in the promo. there is a shot of the two in the drill, (the actual part they sit in is peridot’s escape pod) and there is a clip of steven saying “something doesn’t feel right” peridot gets a worried face. where have we seen a face like this before? well this being at a pg rating, her face may look more comical, but we have seen her like this before, when she was faced with the crystal gems for the first time. she was probably scared out of her mind, she would be scared that steven is having a feeling too. she has grown to trust steven, we know that. he taught her things and i’m going to throw in a headcanon/theory of mine, steven has a power, probably not of his control, that people and gems always feel unthreatened by him, more on that here.

when she hears this from steven, she probably freaks.

last thing. pearl was singing. she is singing a part of the extended intro. (she seemed so calm there, hanging up clothes like she wasn’t a gem warrior that probably shattered many gems in a war for earth) she repeatedly sings “if you could only know what we really are” could this be related to what will happen in the new episodes that we didn’t get any clips from? possibly. perhaps in the new episodes we will get to see more about what gems are and we will get the information we all crave. or maybe, we will find out what the crystal gems really are and that they did/do is actually messed up but we never saw it in that light.

we might finally get the answer to what peridot meant when she said “you’re going to harvest me?!” what happened with lapis? who put her in the mirror? why was she cracked? did she fight in the war? what was the purpose of her making? 

ok so was thinking about this picture as i drove home from work and since we won’t get to see what actually led up to her feeding him an oyster, my brain decided to make its own scenario.

imagine jake eying the oysters, claiming that he’s never had one. it doesn’t look too good to him, but he’s a curious one so he spends the next minute debating whether to go for it or not. amy, after a while, gets sick of his back and forth and decides to just feed him one, much to his surprise. she’s certain that he’ll love it, or at least she’ll like the sight of him trying to eat an oyster.

he does not love it. in fact, it takes all of his willpower to remind himself that he’s in a fancy restaurant and he’ll embarrass the crap out of himself and amy - and raise suspicion - if he spits it out. so his elastic face is pulled in all directions as he dramatically tries to swallow the thing like a toddler eating their broccoli.

amy is Too Entertained by the sight of him making the weirdest faces and decides to tease him (as dora, of course) by saying, “you know, i’m not going to kiss that mouth of yours anymore”

that comment, of course, does not help jake regain his composure and cue the nervous coughing fits. end scene