it was ok to make this since we won

ok but victor is a huge pain in the ass nerd so i bet years later he is still making jokes about the coaching fee and sends yuuri texts every once in a while like:

>>yuuri, if you pick up groceries, i will count it toward your loan xoxo -v

>>yuuriiiiii will you bring your coach a coffee since you can’t even pay me?? i’m too poor ….jk i just forgot but just bring me caffeine pls i love you

>>ok but since you won gold how much of the winnings do i get as your coach?? because let me tell you i think your payment is a little overdue

and yuuri just texts back >>vitya we’re married. we share a bank account.

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Do you mind if someone makes a shapeshifter AU for a different fandom? I found this blog and it inspired me to draw some shapeshifter stuff for a separate fandom (and a little bit of art for your AU first since I couldn't help myself) but I wanted to make sure you were alright with someone making content for a AU inspired by yours.

Go on, we definitely weren’t the first to make a shapeshifter au and we probably won’t be the last! We are absolutely ok with this, let’s turn everybody and every fandom into animals ahahaha

Originally posted by yourreactiongifs

Also, I don’t know if you already shared your art about the Ow Shapeshifter Au, but if you didn’t we’d love to see the results <3 <3 

Juno Steel and The Lesson Learned, P. 2???

Ok guys can we talk about the last episode of The Penumbra Podcast????
“In a lot of ways it reminded me of my old wedding gown.” @thepenumbrapodcast WOW THANKS FOR MAKING ME RETHINK MY WHOLE LIFE. I’m just gonna cry quietly in a corner since everybody’s talking about it and one more rambling won’t change the fact thAT JUNO HAS A PAST EVEN SADDER THAN I THOUGHT AND IT PROBABLY EXPLAINS A LOT OF THINGS ABOUT HIM.
Also, comparing an dusty attic at an old prison floor to a past marriage. Well then. It’s funny because I was planning to draw him in a wedding gown tomorrow right when I got the time. Wow.
Part 2:
MICK MERCURY IS JUST. God. I love him. I can’t not do it. I mean I knew he was adorable. But. PEOPLE. COME ON. Also. “One Ball Steel”? No? I’m sorry if I have the humor of a 12 year old but. You know.
[Mick] I’m sorry.
[Juno] For what?
[Mick] I don’t know. I just felt like one of us had to apologize and you weren’t gonna do it.
Ok this is just. Mick, you’re so sweet
Part 10 because I don’t like the rules of math:
Part 💃:
Juno didn’t doubt much at shooting himself. I know, I know, depression, self loathing, just simply not caring… But… Idk, this really hurt (among all the other things that also hurt but ok let’s stick to that right now). Juno is such an amazing lady. He’s so. Juno. GOD. I can’t.
Part??? Idk:
Can we just go back to the wedding gown? Ok so this isn’t my theory, I’ve seen a lot of posts on this, but the wedding. I need to know more. But I’m really scared. Well aren’t we always, thanks to the Penumbra Podcast. Goddamnit.
But I mean, his childhood was terrible. His family had to move to that little nice place to basically the slumps, his mother was violent AND killed his brother. He later was going to get married but something happened and I’m pretty sure HE was the one who got left at the altar or was dumped, or else he wouldn’t have as much doubt in relationships as he does. And all that had a big toll on his life and way of living. PLUS, he probably thinks all of it was his fault. That baby needs a hug. Lots of hugs. He can struggle all he wants but he need hugs.
One other thing. Yes, I do FERVENTLY want Nureyev to come back. But I’m scared of what might happen if they do meet again. That slightly awkward moment when they see each other again. That regret. THANKS AGAIN FOR BREAKING MY HEART, I’ll mention btw, since I wasn’t in the fandom when the Final Resting Placed was released and missed all the posts about it.
Also can we talk about how heartbroken Nureyev probably was?… Maybe now, HE has commitment issues too.
Part 6:
yeah no that’s it. Just think about. Also I want to make it my ring tone.
Part 666:
Ok I’m sorry if Juno does like Ramses, but I DO NOT trust him. He’s a politician. Of course I don’t trust him. I don’t like his personality. Sorry, Juno.
Also, on the Lesson Learned, part 1: “I won’t tolerate you hanging up on me, Juno” [sorry if I can’t remember the right words]
Part 373:
I like his new eye. But I. Still. Don’t. Trust. It. I like it. But idk. I don’t trust anything anymore. CREATORS JUST LIKE TO MAKE CHARACTERS SUFFER [eh, I can relate, I tend to make MY characters suffer as well 😐)
Part part part part part:
You know that “people are villains because they want to be recognized either by the world or by themselves” [or something, sorry I can’t remember the right words]? Hell, I don’t know why, but…. I really like it.
Aspirin is a technology. Shut up, Juno. Also, “Why does anybody hurt anybody?” on the light of recent events. You know what I’m talking about. My heart goes out to all the ones that were affected by what happened, and not only them, but to any other people who get hurt. But that’s not the topic in here. Sorry for going a slight but off course.


So many questions. So much pain. And now a month to await for the next Juno Steel episode. Well then. This is gonna be a long one.

I probably forgot something I wanted to say on here, as usual but fine.
Also I need t shirts of this series. I will make a t shirt of this.

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Ok, so i was running watching & watching HLV for the 700th time (hey we all have our vices mine is running while watching Sherlok makes the miles go faster), and in the middle of the gym I almost fell off the treadmill because I realized that Sherlock says to Mrs. Hudson "The watson are about to have a domestic." Then Sherlock & John have an argument. Mary doesn't say a word till after Sherlock won the arguement with John. Thoughts on this scene?





Good catch Nonny. Especially since that, on the tarmac, Sherlock says that “Sherlock is actually a girl’s name // I think it could work”… 

“Sherlock Watson” indeed.

That… is foreshadowing :D

And I read Johnlock fics while I’m at the gym too, so you’re not alone. <3

New Coworker: Hey! INTP! We’re working together! *envelops INTP in enthusiastic hug*

INTP: Ah! no. Ah! *hiss* off!

ENTP: *rushes over and quickly takes INTP into her own hug* Did you sneak up on her?

Newbie: *confused puppy eyes* Ya, what’s- Why do you get to hug her?

ENTP: We’ve known each other since school, also I acknowledge that she could probably kill me three different ways in my sleep if she thought I overstepped but she won’t cause she likes having me around.

INTP: *burrows into ENTP* I have to make the customer’s drink.

ENTP: ok. Breathe. Smile. He didn’t know.

INTP: He’s ok. Thank you.

ENTP: No problem. *goes back to station*

INTP: *awkwardly attempting to convey open body language* I also like working with you, incase you took that wrong.

Newbie: Really?!

INTP: yes. Don’t touch me.

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Ok since we are discussing Alex's sex life again here are my thoughts sex is sex it's a biological urge and see it as such but I also see a different between sex and making love sex is a moment in time making love is a memory so what if he's sleeping around he's in his 20's he doesn't have to settle down right now and if he wants to experience moments in time for now then have at it insert your self in as many holes as you want but they won't be memories just moments


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I had a rough relationship with my ex and it ended with so many questions unanswered. I'm with someone new now who treats me so well and I'm really happy with her. I guess I just wanted to ask if it's bad I still think about my ex and that I want closure still? (it's been almost a year since she broke up with me).

Speaking from personal experience, I want you to know that what you are feeling is 110% OK.

Wanting closure is not a bad thing- on some level, we need it to move on.

Not having closure is like leaving a deep wound unstitched or a broken bone unset- it’ll mend, but it won’t heal properly.

I’m really happy that you’ve found someone who gives you all of the happiness you deserve, and more than anything, I want to make it clear that you shouldn’t be feeling guilty for still thinking about your ex.

As long as it’s not in a romantic way, and I’m betting it isn’t, having unresolved feelings about your ex is natural, especially if it ended messily.

It’s like leaving a splinter in the skin.

I’d suggest finding a way to pull it out.

If you can’t have a conversation with your ex, have one with your current girlfriend. Work through your feelings with someone who can help you understand how you’re feeling and how you can move past it.

I wish you the best of luck- and hope you’ll let me know what you decide to do and how it all turns out.

hugs 💕

Please know you can reach out to me more directly through my new account, @coffee-cookies-and-conversation which I made to help people like you with anything you might want some counsel with ☺️

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Soo won could reply to Yona when she insulted his father by saying to her: ok what about your farther's mess to this country!.Do you think we could see the same reaction on Yona's face ):?

I don t think that Yona just wished to hurt Soo Won, more to break his mask of indifference towards her.

Surely to make assumption about a thing she can neither prove, nor know, since her grand-father is even longer dead than her mother and she can t even remember her mother clearly, was naive. But I interpreted it that way (at least I hope it is) that she just wanted to make him drop his guard.

That is just my opinion…but I really don t wish to see Soo Won and Yona tearing at their wounds…Just if that would result in them finally talking about everything that hangs over their heads since the second chapter of the manga.

If you want an answer: Yes. I think. Yona would be hurt, but Soo Won and Yona are two different people. Maybe we just would see Yona staring or being disrupted. It pains her, what her father did. She would try to hide it.. Though I don t think she would be overly angry. In contrast to Soo Won, she recognized her father s failures. Did Soo Won also think about his father s deeds?

About Soo Won I don t think it was just anger, that showed on his face, rather pain.

'What do you taste?' Fanfic

Dan x Reader Oneshot

You sat next to Dan on his bed trying to come up with an idea for a collab. You already did a cute and funny one with Phil, drawing weird animals and now it was your and Dan´s turn. “What about the ‘What is it taste challenge’? I know it is not very creative and stuff, but I´m literally out of ideas.” Dan says resigned, resting his head in both of his hands. You take a moment to think about his idea. On the one hand it would be fun, but on the other side there were already a lot of people who shipped you and you were afraid this kind of collob could make it worse. “No, I think it´s too sexual and will just feed the shippers.” You answer haltingly.

“What? There is nothing sexual about that collab!” Dan contradicts confused. “Of course there is! Look, close your eyes and let me feed you something like I would in the video.” You try to reason with him. He follows your demand and closes his eyes. You take one of the strawberries that you were eating earlier and sit as close to Dan as possible. He keeps his eyes close, but is already grinning unsure what to expect. You intend on exaggerating this to the absolute maximum. You lean close to his ear and whisper “Open your mouth.” In your most sensual voice. You can see the hairs on the back of Dan´s neck stand on end, he represses another grin and opens his mouth a bit. You put the strawberry in his mouth and wait for him to take a bite. As he closes his mouth you slowly run your finger over his bottom lip to wipe away the juice of the strawberry. At the same time you lean close to his ear and again sensually whisper “What do you taste?”

“Ok, ok you won. You were right.” He admits laughing. His warm brown eyes light up and his bright laugh reveals the full depth of his dimples. You sit back a bit and join his laughter. You´ve known Dan for a quite a while and you feel pretty comfortable around each other to make jokes like this. “Let’s just stop here. I´m going to stay overnight anyway, so maybe we can come up with an idea tomorrow.” You say and Dan agrees still laughing. You go into the lounge together and since it is already quite late decide together with Phil to order some food and watch a movie before going to bed.

You wake up in the middle of the night with a sore throat. You look at your phone. 3:30 am. You sigh and let your head sink face first into the pillow. You feel an urge to cough and reach down to the bottle of water standing next to sofa bed in Dan and Phil´s office. The bottle is empty and you sigh again. Using your phone as a torch you go into the kitchen to get something to drink. Since you´re already up and half-awake you decide to secretly snack on some of the leftover Maltesers. You shoved the eight one in your mouth, when Dan comes into the kitchen, holding an empty glass. You can´t help but think how cute he looks when he´s still sleepy. He looks at you for a moment, before stepping closer and reaching out for the bag of Maltesers. Unsure you hand Dan the bag and wait for him to say anything. Like, was he mad that you ate his sweets? That does not look like him. You ate his sweets before and it was never a problem. Dan is still looking at you and you slowly start to worry, when he suddenly says “Close your eyes.” Surprised you just stare at him for a moment. Was he serious? You already suspected that he would take revenge for your little joke earlier that day, but you still feel the moment is a bit odd. Nevertheless you close your eyes and patiently wait for him to feed you something weird. You can sense him standing close in front of you, but instead of the food you´d expected you can feel him pressing his lips against yours. The moment freezes in time. You can feel your tummy aching and your skin tingles. His lips are indescribably soft and feel slightly warm against yours. And suddenly it´s over. You leave your eyes closed. Your head is filled with thoughts and empty at the same time. You can still feel the pressure of Dan´s lips and the sweet taste they left behind. You can sense that Dan is still standing close to you. He leans closer to your ear and with a voice that still sounds husky from his sore throat he quietly whispers “What do you taste?”

Ok so my project was billed as making fun of terrible people (one year Mussolini won) but the teacher decided since it was such a shitty year that we should nominate good people. I’m doing Marsha P. Johnson now.

Game Grumps sentence starters
  • "He's channelling his nasty bacon energy"
  • "Haven’t had so much fun since I killed parents."
  • "Crazy how dead you are, I mean like wow"
  • "I didn’t have any problem at all after I died twice"
  • "Such a nice man we ripped off there"
  • "I never win shit… Oh I guess I won. Neat!"
  • "I'll never put on pants"
  • "You got sass up from the ass up"
  • "Ya the good jeebies. Not the heebie jeebies, just the jeebies. The heebie jeebies are the bad jeebies , but the jeebies are just the good jeebies"
  • "OK! Stop dancing at me!"
  • "Yes… yes… NOOOOO!"
  • "You make me have to pee, always."
  • "Dude what if hell was up?!"
  • "Why don’t you kill shit?"
  • "No ones every pulled off the legendary burp! I would like to see you try"
  • "If you want true equality in this world, men and women should both be shot."
  • "Even 90s rock won’t make me feel good about this!"
  • "I don’t wanna make it seem like I don’t believe in you, but I don’t and you can’t"

About a week and a half after Chance’s colic surgery, he developed an infection called peritonitis as well as a few other complications. He was so tough and fought it out for a couple of weeks, going back and forth from starting to improve and then regressing again. Finally the vets decided his best chance was to go back in for surgery to try and lavage his abdomen and see what else was going on. Unfortunately, once they were in surgery they discovered that the infection was much worse than they had hoped to see and he had severe adhesions in his intestine that would make recovery impossible. He had to be put to sleep so he would no longer suffer. The vets were amazed that he had still been in such good spirits and not even acting very sick considering how severe his condition was. But that was Chance; always happy, always goofy and always trying to make people laugh. I am so devastated by his loss as he is irreplaceable; not as a competition horse but as my friend. He has always been there for me, through joy and heartache. I am heartbroken that I will no longer have him to turn to, but will forever cherish the unforgettable memories we have together. I have been thinking over our amazing journey together, and this is a summary of our partnership:

My mom first found Chance for sale online when he was a four year old in Seattle. However, I was only eleven at that time and we weren’t ready to buy yet. But something about him caught her attention, and she kept an eye on him over the next year. When he was a five year old he moved down to California to be sold. By then I was twelve and had decided to pursue dressage as my career, so the next step was to find the right horse. My mom and I went on a buying trip with my aunt and trainer Shari Patterson-Blaylock, and at the recommendation of Shirley Rector we picked Chance. He didn’t have a barn name in California and only went by Verdicci, so I gave him the nickname Chance after one of the main characters in the movie Homeward Bound. We formed our bond over the next several months and it was clear right away what a happy-go-lucky horse he was and that he always wanted to be the class clown. We started showing Training and First Level and went on to win State and Regional Championships as well as the Arizona Dressage Association Futurity.

When I was fourteen, we decided to make the jump up to the FEI Junior Level. It took us both a while to figure out the flying changes and they were still iffy at times, but that first year in 2009 was all about experience. I got to experience my first CDI competitions with him and went on to represent Region 5 at my first NAJYRC. We placed 9th there individually and I was ecstatic to be in the top ten. The next year we competed in the Junior division again, this time with much more precision and experience. At the 2010 NAJYRC we won the Individual and Freestyle silver medals. I couldn’t believe it; it was the first “big” thing I had accomplished and I owed it all to Chance. We then went on to win the Junior Reserve National Championship at Gladstone, capping off a magical summer.

In 2011 we moved up the Young Rider division, where we competed our first PSG tests for 67%s. Qualifying went very well and we were all set to compete at the NAJYRC again with Region 5. Then, two months before the competition I shattered my right elbow after being kicked by a horse while lunging. I was told not to ride for six months but only took one month off, determined to still ride on my first Young Riders team. Once at the NAJYRC, I realized what a bad decision I had made. The team test went ok and we won Team Gold with Region 5, which I was very proud of since it was my first team medal. However, a combination of me wanting so badly to do well but knowing at the same time that it was physically impossible to ride that well with my elbow led to disaster. I made just about every possible mistake you could ever make in a test and we ended up dead last with a 55%. I was devastated and thought I was a complete failure. After coming home, finishing up my rehab on my elbow and taking the time to deal with everything mentally, I was ready to get back at it again. We were able to get in one more show before injury struck again, this time for Chance. He had torn his right hind suspensory while playing too hard in turnout. We took rehab slow and it was about a year before he was just ready to go back to full work. Then, one day he bucked me off, ran around and tore his left hind suspensory. Another year off. Although this period of injury was definitely hard to deal with, it strengthened our bond even more as our relationship was all about me caring for him and him being there for me when I needed comfort or just a laugh.

Finally he was ready to get back into the show ring after a long hiatus, and I wasn’t sure what to expect. Before that happened, I made a big change. In November of 2013 I moved away from home to train with David Wightman and Kathleen Raine in Murrieta, CA. After getting into the swing of things at their barn, we competed at our first show in January of 2014. The first day I was so nervous, but we made it around the ring for a 64% in the PSG. After getting that first test under our belt, I felt so much more confident and the next day we completed our very first Intermediate I test for a 69%. In February we started showing in the Young Rider qualifiers again with much success, earning a 69% average and being selected to represent Region 7 at the NAJYRC. That summer is one of the best highlights of my life thus far. After making the decicion to only focus on my performance and not on the results, Chance and I had a magical competition. We led our team to the gold medal with our highest FEI score ever of 72%. We then went on to win Individual and Freestyle gold with a 71% and 72%. It was something I had only ever thought about accomplishing in my wildest dreams, and Chance made it all possible for me by being such an incredible partner with the biggest and most generous heart. About two months later we competed in our first Intermediate II test for a 67%, and a month after that we competed our very first Grand Prix for a 64%. Chance had therefore earned me my USDF Bronze, Silver and Gold medals. This year we debuted in the Under 25 Grand Prix and won our first CDI with a 67%. After another successful qualifying season we went on to compete at the Brentina Cup Championships. While we had a bit of a rough go the first day, we fought back like we always do and earned 4th place on day two and 6th place overall. Our scores also made us the USDF Year End Intermediate II JR/YR Champions. There is so much more I could say about what he’s done for me but I will leave it at that.

Words cannot describe how much I love Chance and how much I will miss him. I am forever grateful for everything he has done for me and he will always have a special place in my heart.

Chapter 12

TMZ: Singer Chris Brown has been arrested in DC last night after a club appearance. Rumored reports are stating he got into a heated argument which turned into a fight with a fan. He is scheduled to sit in front of a DC judge at 2pm today.

TMZ: New reports state that singer Chris Brown struck a fan when, he was forcefully trying to enter his tour bus. The victim is pressing charges, and saying his nose was broken.

TMZ: Spotted singer’s ex-girlfriend Karrueche entering the courtroom with other family member’s, and friends of the Brown family. The hearing has now been pushed back to 4pm.


My mind was racing one thousand knots an hour. I couldn’t speak to him, I couldn’t see him, I couldn’t touch him, and the worst part was I didn’t know what happened. It’s been well over twelve hours, and I’m losing my mind. All I had was these reports to go off of. It seemed like complete bullshit to me, because Chris wouldn’t just hit someone unless he was pushed.

I wanted to fly out, but I couldn’t because I had no one to watch Christian. It was best for me to just stay home, and wait because if I know he wouldn’t want Christian to see him like that. I was really antsy though and I haven’t slept since I got that phone call. Yeah I was upset with him, but I’d give anything to be in his arms right now.

To top it off that bitch was there. I knew the minute he was released she’d be all up in his face. I swear I was going to beat her ass again. The difference was this time I’m going to kill her ass. She knew exactly what she was doing. She knew Chris wouldn’t approve of me being there with his son, so she just had to make her way to DC.

I pulled out my phone and called August, because I was sick of waiting on Mark his lawyer to call me. Thankfully he answered on the second ring. I had so much anxiety. Like seriously he should’ve been out by now.

“Hey Robs, hold on real quick” he said making me sigh as a result of impatience.

“Hi baby” his voice came through the phone making tears fall from my eyes.

“Chris?” I whispered choked.

“Ayee stop crying Robin Hood I’m ok. I just got released, but now I got court in LA” he said sounding frustrated.

“Chris when are you coming home? I was so scared. What happened?” I said trying to stop crying.

He’s out, he’s ok. I kept trying to coach myself.

“I don’t want to tell you that over the phone. I’m gonna get to a hotel, get something to eat, and changed. Then I’m on the jet back to you and little Chris.” he said and I said nothing.

I guess he knew my reason for being so quiet so he continued to speak “look I’m sorry Robin, I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean for any of this to happen, or to hurt you. I love you baby, your my everything.”

I couldn’t help but to smile because I could the sincerity in his voice. It didn’t change anything, but it helped.

“Alright Chris, and I know she’s there. I don’t wanna argue I’m just saying I know, but I love you too. Please hurry home. I won’t rest until I can see you.” I said truthfully.

He sighed “look I’m with her right now. Where my son at?”

“He’s in his play room, I was getting ready to go fix his lunch after I got done talking with Aug.” I said getting up to go check on him.

“Aight, look stop worrying I’m good. I’ll see you in a few” he said still not relieving my stress.

“Ok Chris, I’ll see you” I said making sure to tell him I loved him before hanging up.

At this point I was so over everything. I was annoyed, tired, and stressed out. I hadn’t slept since 3am and now it’s 4pm, and think I could honestly say I’m losing my mind. My husband basically cheated on me, we fought really bad, he got arrested, and to top it all off I gotta try not to murder won ton all while being somebodies mother.

Like a bitch can’t take no more you feel me?


I sighed hanging up the phone running my hands down my face. I felt so bad for doing this to my family. Last night everything happened so fast, and I can agree I let my anger get the best of me. The allegations made against me aren’t true though. I never put my hands on anyone. Pat didn’t even let it get that far with me.

I was just completely over the crucify Chris Brown bullshit at this point. Then on top of all this legal bullshit, I got Karrueche here in DC. Why she’s here believe me y’all I don’t know. I haven’t seen or spoken to her since I last saw her at the studio. At this point I think I’m going to lose my cool.

“You aight man?” Aug asked interrupting me from my thoughts.

“Nah man, I got everything wrong going on right now, and the one person I need the most is upset with me. I just don’t know what to do you know” I said truthfully.

“Man you know the minute you walk through that door that woman is going to hug and kiss you for dear life. But why is lil mama (Karrueche) here?” He asked just as confused as me.

“Man I don’t even know, I just want to get back to LA man. I know this judge is going to hand my ass to me.” I said frustrated.

“Mama J, here you know she mad at your ass.” He said making me chuckle.

“Man I can hear her now” I said sighing.

I stared out the window. Trying to figure out exactly how shit got bad so fast. I went from arguing with my wife to sitting in a jail cell over some bullshit. I had to evaluate a lot of shit in my life and fast.


We arrived at the hotel, and even though I was super tired I was quick to shower, change, and eat. At this point I just wanted to be in the comfort of my own home. Then I had mama up my ass about how I was 26, and all the rest I tuned out once she got to Kae. I just really wasn’t here for the yelling you know.

I packed my shit in record time, so we could head to the airport. I guess I didn’t move quick enough, because the one thing I was trying so hard to avoid slapped me right in the face.

“Chris, your ok!” She cried falling into my chest.

I sighed and looked up to the heavens asking God why was he doing this “I’m alright Rue, question is what are you doing here?”

“I was in NY, so I figured I’d come show my support. On top of that we need to talk” she said looking up at me.

Man ain’t this about a bitch?


Once I found out Chris got arrested I dropped everything I was doing, and went to comfort Rob. I know first hand how she beats herself up, so I knew I had to be there for her. I mean yeah I had my own shit going on, but she needed me.

I swear it was like everyone had their own share of bullshit going on. Mercedeh and Aug seemed to be the only ones keeping us sane with their overly happy asses. This last week has been a whirlwind. I’m still trying to digest the fact that Trey could be a father before I got the chance to make him one.

We’ve been trying for a little while, but it doesn’t seen to be happening. I’m not upset with him because he told me the truth, I am sad though because I wanted to be his first. Apart of me hopes this little girl isn’t his, but I’ve seen pictures of her, and I just know she is. I’m just trying to be there for him. Now that I have him back I don’t ever want to lose him.

At this point all that had to wait though, because Robin seemed like she was at a breaking point. I was walking back to her room with some hot cocoa I made her. It’s her favorite thing to have when she’s down. I knew it’d cheer her up.

“Here you go baby” I said handing her the cup and curling up in the bed with her.

“Wait, is it safe for me to lie down on these sheets with the way you, and sir-fucks-a lot go at it” I said getting a smile from her.

“Your ok last time we had sex was last week, and it was on the dresser” she said blushing.

“Is that a smile I see?” I asked poking her cheeks.

She instantly turned red “oh my god Indy stop!”

I laughed silently patting myself on the back for getting her to relax finally. Hot cocoa always does the trick.

“India when did everything get so crazy? Between Karrueche and him getting arrested I’m drained.” She admitting sighing.

“Girl you’ll be fine. Don’t worry about soy sauce either I got something for her ass. That yellow nigga loves you y’all gonna be alright.”

She put the hot cocoa on the night table and laid on my chest “when he gets home we have quite a lot to discuss. I swear if it wasn’t for Christian and this ring I’d probably be gone, but even so I can find it in myself to leave. I want him, I need him.”

I ran my hands through her curls “I know what you mean. Look baby girl whatever God has planned for you, will fall into place don’t sweat it.”

She closed her eyes and dozed off. I was so happy that I finally got her to calm down and get some sleep. It was going on to 16 hours since she last slept and her eyes were bloodshot. She was up worried sick about Chris. He was one lucky guy because when Rob loved she loved with all of her. I hoped he can fix this because this time I wouldn’t count on her being there to always stay.

Hayes Imagine for Alyssa

I was over my boyfriend Hayes’s house, and we were currently snuggled together on his couch. We were watching a movie, and I started to get rather bored of it.

“Haayes I don’t want to watch this movie anymore, can we do something else?” I whined, looking up at him.

“Sure, want to play video games?” he asked, looking back down at me and smiling.

“Okay but let’s make it fun! If I win, you owe me $10, and if you win I owe you $10” I said, sitting up.

“Okay deal” he said reaching his hand out, and I shook it signaling the bet had begun.

Hayes put “Call of Duty: Ghosts” into his xbox, and returned to his spot next to me on the couch with two controllers. He handed me one of them, and we got ready to play.

The game went on, and Hayes was winning at the moment. Just as he was about to make a kill, I shoved his arm lightly and he almost dropped his controller.

“What the hell Alyssa! That’s cheating” he said, pissed off.

“I’m sorry Hayes I just really want $10” I said, doing the puppy dog eyes. Hayes could never resist my puppy dog face, it was one of his weaknesses.

“No need to apologize, I’ll just get you back” he said, smirking at me.

“What do you-” I started, but before I could finish Hayes paused the game and started tickling my sides.

“H-Hayes s-stop” I said in between laughs, but the more I protested, the more he kept tickling me.

“Ok ok! I’m sorry I won’t do it again, j-just please stop” I said, still laughing. He stopped tickling me, and laughed along with me.

“Ok good, now let’s finish this game so I can win my $10” he said, pressing play once again on the game.

We finally finished the game, and I had won by 3 kills. Not only did I win the $10, but also a victory kiss.

“I love you Alyssa, just be aware that the next time we play, I’m going to kick your ass” he said kissing my forehead, and then smirking at me.

“Challenge accepted” I said, smirking back and we both laughed.

A/N: Ok here you go Alyssa! Since it’s short, I decided to make an outfit to go with it! If you want in outfit with yours, just ask when you send in requests. Unfortunately, our ask box is still closed, but I will open it again once we hit 400 followers and we’re at 390! ok hope you enjoy! :)