it was not used don't freak out ppl

anonymous asked:

from where did the thing with zayn and nokia phone started? did he he say it in the bbc radio interview?

i’m gettin’ a lot of msgs about this and whether it’s true etc etc etc

here is the interview where they talk about it. it’s pretty much at the end

and i have no insight into zayn’s life, i don’t hang out with him, therefore i can’t confirm what kind of phone he uses…LOL

we’ve seen him with an iphone, we have visual proof of it. plus he has an instagram, so there’s that. i feel like when the boys are in america they have a phone given to them with a US number..that’s why we’ve seen liam with two phones, etc. so it’s possible he could have like..a ~personal~ phone and a work/tour phone. but like i said i have NOOO IDEA

but i have no magical answers so i’m sorry everyone !!!!