it was not pleasant

  • Skulduggery: “Oh, help me, Skulduggery, I’m going to get eaten by something just a bit smaller than my fingernail!”
  • Valkyrie: Let’s just get back up to Gordon’s house.
  • Skulduggery: Want me to hold your hand in case more half-inch terrors try to eat you?
  • Valkyrie: Shut up, okay? That thing was huge!
  • Skulduggery: Pfft. No it wasn’t. [Indicating giant spiders crawling out of wall] See these ones here? THOSE are huge.

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Heyo, little message about CJ for you all. DON'T EVEN FUCKING BOTHER WITH HER!! I once respected her (yikes) and her art, but listen, if you respect people, stay away from her. She shits on everything for a living, tbh. Sure, she's had hate, yada yada, but that doesn't excuse any of her actions. Also, for all you people affect by gore, DO NOT GO TO HER TUMBLR!! She is answering asks with untagged gore gifs (what a surprise), so protect yourselves. The best thing we can do is bury and forget her

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The post about telepathic parasites wouldn't be so creepy if mind-controlling parasites didn't actually exist. Thank the lord I'm not a tarantula or praying mantis, poor arthropod mofo's get all the zombifying worms and body-exploding fungi.

yeah like parasitism of/between arthropods is some of the most bizarre stuff in nature. we’re lucky Our parasites tend to be so comparatively pleasant and unable to completely control our minds, bc a lot of the stuff that preys on arthropods sounds like something out of a sci fi horror story.

like youve got the hairworm that literally forces their hosts to drown themselves

or the cordyceps fungi that makes its host go to an optimal location for it’s growth and then stay there as the fungus sprouts and they die. 

various species of parasitic wasps specifically are all sorts of weirdness too, like laying their eggs in a caterpillar and then making it guard the wasp larvae until it starves to death or a species that zombifies cockroaches by disabling its escape reflex so its larvae can hatch and then feed on it

basically, being an insect is rough



Man Face Monday - This Face Makes the World Better Edition

Hello Cupcakes! I have a cold. Invest in Puffs. I am making huge purchases of the with Lotion variety. Happily, Mr. Man’s face has provided a pleasant distraction from the coughing and the ick. I have gone back to find some fun older images from a season past, when at least the faintest smile crossed his lovely mug. Let’s do some face, shall we? Let me know if you had a favorite. 

My personal favorite of the set. Pillow mountains and lovely everything. 

But then, wow. Pretty. 

Happy face makes me happy as well. 

I love the dangerous eyes. Scary pretty.

Pillow mountains, FTW.

To close on a very happy note, here’s a super smiley gif I did not make. Bless the giftmaker with many hugs and chocolates, universe. 

So, that is Monday. That is some Man Face worth thinking about all week, I hope. Very excited to see where the show is going. Very excited to read amazing Olicity fanfics to get me through the various and sundry. I hope that you have a very wonderful week ahead. I recommend you save that gif and put it somewhere to lift your spirits on the down days!

Until Wednesday, my friends. Until Wednesday. Tags after the break. 

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“i know,” skulduggery said in a tone that made everyone freeze, “that you’re not about to strike my partner.”

i love this line. it’s always read to me as like, all of a sudden there’s a whole lot more testosterone in that room. it’s very obvious that here, just from this one line, that if nadir starts on valkyrie, skulduggery will step in for her and nadir will have to deal with him. i love that 95% of the time he lets her handle herself, but she’s been through a lot in this book and isn’t at her strongest and he just steps up. and she lets him. valkyrie isn’t the sort of girl who’d sit there and let a guy - even skulduggery - fight her battles if she felt capable of fighting them herself. and he knows, instinctively, when to step back and let her handle it and when she needs him to fight for her.

i just seriously love protective!skul ok. 

Aquarius: Weekly (Starting on March 27)

You’re a train conductor on Monday, and the most important thing is that you stay on the tracks. Keeping to your schedule is important, too. You’re a vital link in a much bigger system and there’s a lot riding on you, so be disciplined. Thankfully, Tuesday and Wednesday offer chances to have fun. Maybe you’ll meet an intelligent traveler who takes a liking to you. Romance could occur. Thursday and Friday, you’re constantly sidetracked – though in a dreamy, pleasant way. (Just make sure you’re not in anyone else’s way.) This weekend, you find yourself in bohemian environs. Cool.

Career & Finance

Your mind is on overdrive on Monday. Someone is challenging you in a way you’re rarely challenged, and although you feel a bit intimidated, you also feel inspired to greatness. Tuesday and Wednesday, you feel pangs of confusion over what kind of greatness you’re after exactly, and the anxiety of not knowing threatens to get to you. However, Thursday’s social interactions alleviate all of that – your friends remind you of who you are. Friday is a big, light day. It’s a hot-air-balloon of a day. But it leaves you zonked. Sleep in on Saturday.

Love & Relationships

Someone who’s seen a part of the world you’ve only dreamed about tells you all about it on Monday or Tuesday. It sends your mind in a million directions, one of which is: Why haven’t you ever talked to this person before? They have tons of interesting things to say. Is there romantic chemistry between you two? Possibly. But this isn’t the week for exploring that in-depth. Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday you’re lacking group-socialization skills. You’re much more in the mood to stay home with a magazine. But Saturday and Sunday? The more people you’re around, the better.


of all the hearts in all the universes in all the realities, he jumps into mine. (shlav)

for: @celestalvoltrontrash, @holy-triangles, @deerdelmar
read on ao3

Slav was walking outside his castle, the brisk evening air mingling with the soft din of the gala inside. Slav had left the party early, finding the entire ordeal far too overwhelming for 86% of his sensibilities. In about three hundred forty-six other realities, he’d be having the time of his life, but then again, those three hundred forty-six realities wouldn’t have such slippery flooring or pointy shoes or loud, eardrum-bursting music.

So he scurried along the cobblestone pathways of his castle garden, avoiding the cracks that would almost certainly break his the back of his mother, the queen.  He was far from ready to take the throne just yet.

As he moved further and further away from the castle, the raucous noises of the party gave way to the pleasant natural tones of the night.  The trees far overhead his small, noodly body rustled in the soft wind that caressed his chin antennae.  The nearby pond lapped gently at the shore, while crickets chirped their midnight song. A lone frog croaked bleakly against the nighttime chatter, and Slav found himself drawn to its weary cry.

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ok, so i drew some lineless art a week or two ago?? and the response to it wasnt that pleasant.

you may have heard of the artist @photovoltaick (if you havent, check out his art, he is a vv cool dude), and recently i have been accused of stealing/copying his art. this made me feel really bad?? because flower is one of my biggest inspirations.

when i first found flos art, i was really young, and just joined an app called paigeeworld. this is an app where you can share your art, and flo was a user of this app. me, not knowing anything better, started copying artists work. including photovoltaick. back then, i had an excuse to be accused of stealing art, because i was.

but i dont anymore.

i guess the point of this post is please please please never accuse someone of stealing art, without proper evidence. the examples at the top are just a couple of messages i have recieved over the last couple of days, and its devastating. messages like these can really lower an artists confidence.

~ laurence

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Abt the hallucination thing: Do u think he was hallucinating about his death and torture and his family? I can picture him sitting on the cave floor wanting to cry as he watches his family die a second time and being so hurt its almost a relief when the gods come back for torture

yessssss someone in my askbox

yeah, i do think he relived all of that. on top of loneliness and fear, both of which can drive a person insane by themselves, i’m pretty sure the faceless ones have worked out over the millennia that psychological torture is just as bad if not worse than physical torture, and skul’s got a nice little treasure trove of pure trauma for them to draw on. 

i don’t so much imagine him rewatching it as like, hallucinating his wife. just there, talking to him. and going very quickly between “oh my darling look what’s become of you” to “you got me killed, you monster”. like he wants her to stop talking because she’s hurting him, but at the same time he’s so lonely he’ll sit there and let her roast him just because it’s human interaction, it’s someone to talk to. Something to stave off the madness, even if it’s madness itself.

And the little corner-of-your-eye hallucinations, too, probably of his child. Or of himself and his siblings as children, running around that city, just out of his line of sight. Laughing. Calling him.

And Valkyrie, coming to take him home. How much fun could his brain have had with that one? She arrives, she tells him she’s here to rescue him, then she leaves him behind. She arrives, tells him she’s here purely to tell him that she’s moved on and forgotten about him, then disappears into the wind. It’s not real. She takes him through a portal and it’s not real, none of it is real. Valkyrie is better off without him. Valkyrie has forgotten about him.

i also think he loses the concept of time pretty quickly like, he’ll do things like relive serpine torturing him, but then hallucinate valkyrie coming to save him, and then be horribly confused because he’s pretty sure he didn’t -know- valkyrie then, so why is she trying to rescue him from serpine’s dungeon? didn’t he die in serpine’s dungeon? or he’ll be aware of where he is but serpine is standing just out of arms reach taunting him, just like he did 350 years ago, and he doesn’t know what’s going on anymore because he was damn sure he -killed- you, nefarian, you’re not real. none of this is real. what is time? skulduggery doesn’t know.

yeah, just. all the ptsd. everything bad that ever happened to him probably got dragged up over there tbh.

Jealous  |Even|

This is probably too long, but I had to. 

The first time Even gets jealous they’re at a party of some of Mahdis friends. They really hadn’t wanted to go, but Jonas had played his best friend card and that’s how Even now found himself three beers downed, leaning against a wall in a very crowded living room listening to Sana animatedly describe something about basketball and tripping, and why it definitely wasn’t her fault. 

 Admittedly his attention was not on the girl in front of him. His eyes were distractedly scanning the room and the hallway behind it to find the blond curls trapped under that red snapback on the head of his boyfriend. But he was nowhere in sight.

Isak had gone outside to smoke with the squad some good twenty minutes ago, leaving him in the pleasant company of the girls. But he was kind of over that now. So when he finally spotted Isak standing in the hallway to his left, his eyes darting across the room, searching, not noticing Even through the heaps of teenagers dancing in the middle of the livingroom, he smiled to himself and was about to go over. 

Only then he noticed Isak was not standing there alone. There was some guy slightly towering over him, buffer, with short dark hair, wearing a black leather jacket. He caught Isaks attention with something he said, some joke probably, and one corner of Isaks mouth tipped up with a huff of a small laugh, his eyes now fully on the guy in front of him.

The boy was still talking, and Isak seemed absolutely oblivious to the fact that he was moving closer to him each moment passing, making Isak in turn instinctively move a bit backwards, his back now almost against the wall. Isaks eyes were squinty and full of laughs, not noticing that the guy was clearly trying to make a move.

So when Isak burst out fully in a laugh, leaving his conversration companion looking very pleased with himself, Even was pushing away from the wall, offering Sana a small “sorry, duty calls” and a smile, and weaving his way through the room in the direction of his naive and absolutely high of his ass boyfriend.

“What do we have here?” he asked brightly when reaching the scene, first looking at Isak and then turning his attention to the ‘I’m so funny’ guy beside him. 

 “Well me and Isak here were having a conversation” the third party stated matter of factly.

 “Oh, is that so?” Even asked with a wide smile and both eyebrows raised high. 

Isak was now looking at Even with those suspicious squinty eyes, but Even only smiled back at him. 

 The other guy seemed to get a bit impatient because the next moment his hand landed on the wall next to Isaks head, his eyes trained on Even, serious and all. 

“Yeah, we were actually in the middle of something here.” he snapped pointedly. 

 Evens eyes widened but the smile remained permanently on his face. 

 “Oh, well then, don’t let me interrupt” still smiling, now turning fully to Isak. “I’ll leave you to this pleasant company then, babe. I’ll just go to the bathroom real quick” he casually leaned down, took Isaks face in his hands, pressed a toe curling kiss to his lips and then turned to leave making sure to throw a smirking eyebrow raise at the dark haired boy and leaving a very confused Isak behind.

 “You…was that…I…” the guy was stammering, looking at Isak now.

 But the blond boy was already pushing past him with a quick “sorry gotta go”, on his way to the bathroom. 


He didn’t even get to close the bathroom door before Evens lips were on his, pushing him against the nearest wall hands possessively tugging his hips closer.

 “What was that?” Isak managed breathlessly as Evens mouth left his to trail down his neck, leaving marks everywhere.

 “What?” Even asked innocently, kissing back up Isaks neck to his face.

 Isak slightly drew back, a bit dazed from the high and the warmth positively radiating from Evens body, so close to his. The motion made Even pause and look straight into Isaks eyes, fire dancing behind those icy blues. 

 “Were you jealous?” Isak asked incredulously, smile creeping up his face.

 “Well I couldnt’ve let him keep on looking at you like that” Even offered simply.

 “Omg, you’re impossibl…” Isak didn’t get to finish because Even was taking his head in his hands, fixing his gaze right on Isaks eyes all deep and serious, leaning closer, noses brushing. 

 “Only I get to look at you like that” he breathed over Isaks lips. “Ja?” another whisper, breathed with an intensity Isak had never before heard in Evens voice, eyes holding, searching, waiting.

 “Ja” Isak breathed back and their lips were crashing back together again. 

 And Isak decided that Even being jealous was not that bad after all if he got kissed like that afterwards.

No Pain No Gain

Authors Note: I know these prompts are short and you guys have requsted they be longer, but I just keep going blank. Sorry!! Enjoy my lovelies. Xx

It’s in the hours that you label as ‘dreadful’ that you feel the covers being extracted off of your warm body, the encouragement of Harry’s voice drawing your eyes open while the first ray of sun peeks through the curtains.

“Go away,” you mumble into your pillow, drowsily yanking the covers over your body.
Not even a second later Harry extracts the covers back off you, dragging them to the floor, “I fucking hate you.” You choose a phrase of words that aren’t too pleasant, but you’re not too fond of early morning wake up calls so you feel as though your choice of words is justified. 

“Oi, that’s not nice.” He shakes his head, your hand shielding your eyes from the small ray of light forcing itself in the room, “c'mon my love, up and Adam. We have a workout to complete.” He advocates, benevolently pressing his hand to your exposed thigh, 

“What time is it?” Your tired voice questions, your eyes rubbing the sleep from your exceeding slumberous eyes. 

“Six-thirty, I’ve already been up for an hour. Come on, you can sleep after our workout. Now, up.” He kindly demands with a little hint of dominance to his voice, doing his best to keep in mind that you absolutely despise mornings and can be remarkably sullen when woken up. 

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20170328 Instagram | Brave Girls Official

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Good night  🌙

Okay, everyone think pleasant thoughts

To fall asleep.. 🙏

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"The only thing stopping me leaving this country is family. If it weren’t for the fact I can’t uproot Mum and Dad, I’d be gone." Why and where would you go?

It’s entirely possible, likely even, the Britain that should have been handed down to my generation undiminished, is lost.

Now that I’m comfortable with the idea of getting out of the country, there’s a lot of places where I could see myself living. Hong Kong, Singapore, Budapest, St Petersburg.

I don’t want to live in 2030s-2040s Britain. I’d prefer to just go somewhere completely foreign than see shadows of what should have been passed down.

It’s bleak, but to paraphrase Peter Hitchens, if I’m right I’ll be prepared for it and if I’m wrong it’ll be a pleasant surprise.