it was not even as good as the first one but oh god

Sometimes I think about how Bryke threw away Zutara with both hands and I just












Oh boy. I finished this thing in a day, but I procrastinated posting it for another three days after realizing a lot of errors in the format of the comic rip but im lazy af so i never even fixed them ahh. As for the other comic I was working on: every new chapter released reveals another logical flaw in the comic. I think I’ll wait till the companion fic starts to really fix up that comic orz :’( 

This is for chapter 12 in the fic Until My Feet Bleed and My Heart Aches by @kazliin

Fallen Castiel part ??

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Seriously, why’s that female in the first pic? Could someone explain? 

However, let’s forget about her. Let’s focus on fallen Cas —

OH GOD LOOK AT CAS’ FACE. HE’S LIKE OH MY DEAN YOU’RE SO PRETTYYYY. Seriously what’s wrong with me. It’s not good time to post. I’m going a stir crazy. Too many energy drinks. Just read these. Fallen Cas. Good. Caffeine. 

Title: the taste of gravel in the mouth

Author: beenghosting

Rating: Explicit

Words: 22,395 – Finished

Admin’s assessment: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Admin J’s notes: THIS ONE RIGHT HERE. Read it. Reeeeeaaad it. I fucking love it. I can give up Heaven for this. I volunteer! I’m here! Take me!

Summary: This is what Cas gave up Heaven for: greasy diner food, shitty motel rooms with even shittier cable, long car rides spent in complete silence except for the same six tapes playing over and over again, and a burnt-out husk of a man who can barely hold a conversation anymore.

( Read here )

Title: and build a house around you

Author: subcas

Rating: Explicit

Words: 2,614 – Finished

Admin’s assessment: ★ ★ ★

Admin J’s notes: Good old fashion case fic. Once in awhile you just need to read these. Unless you’re Admin A who doesn’t read non-AU fics ever. It’s strange. I need this kinda situation happen in the show. Can you see this coming? CAN YOU?

Summary: After a close call on a hunt, Dean and Cas try to work out their frustration.

( Read here )

Title: after a storm

Author: museaway

Rating: Mature

Words: 10,482 – Finished

Admin’s assessment: ★ ★ ★ ★

Admin J’s notes: I love this! I hate the part in which Dean tells Cas to go. I want to go and slap Dean on the face and be like YOU FOOL DON’T LET HIM GO HE CAN’T EVEN BRUSH HIS TEETH. Now I get my happy story in which Dean wasn’t stupid. (No, I wasn’t thinking about the fact that Sam might have died.)

Summary: Despite Zeke’s threats, Dean doesn’t tell Cas to leave the bunker. He revels in their burgeoning relationship, content to end his day with Cas asleep on his shoulder, even if they’ll always sleep in separate rooms. Cas is it for him. But when Cas begins to experience physical urges he can’t control, he asks Dean for a hand—metaphorically, and later, literally.

( Read here )

Title: Bring Up the Deep

Author: beenghosting

Rating: Explicit

Words: 22,680 – Finished

Admin’s assessment: ★ ★ ★ ★

Admin J’s notes: Good old Case fic! This is a newer one, so pretty much one of the fics that I have recently read. It’s good, I like Cas in it and I like how Dean and Cas are. Very canon. My brains are not working.

Summary: They went back and forth on whether or not to make the drive until Sam found an article in the town’s local paper dated a week earlier about a lobster fisherman who swore a monster sank his boat.

( Read here )

Title: ten thousand words

Author: bree_black

Rating: Explicit

Words: 13,238 – Finished

Admin’s assessment: ★ ★ ★ ★

Admin J’s notes: This is so saaaad. Makes me so sad. I wanna cry now and I just read the summary.

Summary: In 2009, a man who claims to speak to God gives the not-quite-an-angel-anymore Castiel his Polaroid camera. “Use it wisely,” he warns. “Cameras are a strange sort of magic. They hold on to the energy of the moments they capture and keep it alive past its time. That’s why we should only take photographs of our happiest moments. There’s no sense prolonging our pain or sadness, but love and joy are worth saving.”

During the next five years, Castiel superstitiously takes nine photographs of his happiest moments. When a second Dean arrives from the past, Castiel knows he’s been sent to witness something catastrophic, something so terrible Zachariah believes it will scare Dean into accepting his destiny. He senses the end is near, but Castiel can’t quite bring himself to take the final photograph. Dean does it for him.

( Read here )


cute little heartbreaker by @laschatzi

Emma Swan is a vagabond. She never stays in a place longer than for six months. The night before the first day at her new job, she decides she needs a little distraction and walks into a bar looking for a one-night-stand and finds her object of choice in a good-looking guitar player. From that moment on, nothing goes as planned.

“Beer or whisky?”
He turns around, surprise on his face, and eyes her up and down, his eyes widening appreciatively for a moment before he frowns and tilts his head in confusion. “Excuse me, love?”
God, from close up he’s even more attractive… and really, love?
She licks her lips. “Beer or whisky,” she repeats slowly and enjoys the mesmerized way his gaze falls on her lips, like a moth drawn to the flame. “If I were to buy you a drink, which one would you prefer?”
“Oh…” It takes him a moment to snap out of it, obviously, but then he looks into her eyes, and she has problems concentrating on his words. Her earlier feeling was right – his eyes are indeed of the sort that make you weak in the knees just looking into them. “Rum, actually,” he then says and adds with a raise of his eyebrow, “But normally, I’m the one to buy the drinks.”
She waves her hand nonchalantly, in an unspoken invitation. “Whatever floats your boat.”
“Hmm,” he hums and tilts his head again, scrutinizing her closely for a moment, and his move gives her the opportunity to admire his neck, long and solid, strong cords smoothly moving beneath skin her fingers itch to touch. She feels delicious heat build up under his gaze. “A woman who uses nautical language,” he comments, “that’s always appealing.”

Merry Christmas Sandra, from your CS Secret Santa ♥

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Hc for chocobros confessing to their crush pls :)

This turned into like all over crush HC but I hope you like it! 

Noctis -
- First if this boy likes you then you’re probably ‘the one’ honestly.
- This boy forgets he is both a prince and handsome af when he starts considering asking you out.
- Thinks things like - oh Gods what if they reject me? What if I’m not good enough?
- Once pushed by the other chocobros *cough* Gladio *cough* to get on with it he will finally go for it.
- Makes sure to bring you to a secluded place ( boy he has to work hard to even get the chocobros off his back ).
- Does that whole ‘rub the back of his neck and look at the ground’ thing when he is speaking.
- Pretty blunt when he confesses though just like “hey I like you okay, like uh more than friend like… do you feel the same way?”
- And Gods he is so cute when he confesses its a rare moment when he isn’t trying to put up a wall to conceal his emotions or try to act tough.

Gladio -
- Okay if he likes you you know it right away or you think he is just being his flirty self.
- Because man he is touching and using cheesy pick up lines to make you laugh.
- Also ‘flirts’ with others to try and see if your jealous/ get your attention.
- Talks about you 24/7 to the bros like “man their gorgeous” and “their so caring… I wouldn’t mind marrying someone like that”.
- Totally confesses when you least expect it ( maybe like just at some restaurant when your in the middle of eating ).
- Got some food on your face cue him just dipping in and kissing that area.
- Cue you going bright red.
- “Ha you look adorable like that, I wanna see that expression more often, tomorrow same time? I’ll let you pick the diner” ;).

Ignis -
- Iggy here takes his time to confess to you.
- Like Gladio it’s kinda obvious he likes you based on how much he takes care of you ( almost you’re like the royalty of the group ). 
- Okay but calls you princess as a joke when you’re being stubborn but it’s just an excuse for the cute pet name.
- Causal ask the chocobros about you/ your interest a lot “do you think they would like this key chain?” Or “okay Noct I’m aware you don’t like this veggie dish for dinner but perhaps _____ would”.
- Not that he is the OCD perfection type but he would set up like a cute scenic picnic on a hill for it. 
- Doesn’t care if the bros are watching from behind a bush his like ‘good you guys can see how it’s done’. 
- Moves your hair behind your ear when your zoning out enjoying the view.
- Gives you a smile with “you’re so beautiful ____ - may I call you mine?”.

Prompto -
- Sweet baby sun shine here is obvious with his crushes ( the boys can tell before he can even tell he is falling for someone ).
- Falls hard and fast.
- Tries to spend as much time as humanly possible with you like using you as a model for his photos or running around town with you to try new food.
- Gushes about you much like the others but Gods he never stops “wow I wish they were here with us right now I bet they would love this store - hey look! This stuffed chocobo is their favorite color! Omg I should totally get it for them. Wait! This stuffy is even bigger oh my-” Noct buys the plushy to quickly get them out.
- Gives you little presents constantly leading up to his confession, also low key PDA tbh this boy is very affectionate ( of course as long as you’re okay with it ). 
- Tries to put off the confession because he is sooooo scared of rejection ‘why would they want me when the other guys are so much smarter-stronger-royal?’
- Finally loses it when Gladio threatens to ask you out if blondie doesn’t hurry up ( it being just a tactic to get him moving ).
- Sets up a photo shoot for you - tells you too look away from the camera dramatically for the pic but when you turn around he is there with a flower and stutters out a “will you go out with me!”

fic rec friday

This week’s theme is polyamory! I only just realised that most of these involve Bokuto and Kuroo, so they’re officially poly kings.

To Build a Home by rarepairenabler: bokukurooi, 14k; “You’re gonna be living with them?” Iwaizumi asks, sounding more concerned than necessary. “With the two neighbors you’ve been crushing on for the better half of the semester?”What.Ridiculous. He does not have a crush on Bokuto and Kuroo. They’re just friends. Good friends. The fact that Bokuto’s bulging biceps and Kuroo’s shapely thighs have fueled more than one late night fantasy is purely incidental. Besides, Bokuto and Kuroo are dating and Oikawa hasn’t figured out the logistics—“Oh my god,” Oikawa groans. He thuds his head against the wall, curses himself for not noticing it sooner. “I have a crush on my upstairs neighbors.”

The Trifecta by surveycorpsjean: bokukuroteru, 28k; It only took an ass grab, two black eyes, and a couple beers for them to realize how cute Terushima actually is.So Kuroo tightens his grip around Bokuto and grins.Because teasing is what he does best.

Rewards Program by surveycorpsjean; bokukuroaka, 8k; Akaashi enjoys his normal life, as a normal grocery checker, at a normal grocery store.Of course, it all goes up in flames when two hot as hell college kids dump their items on the conveyor belt.Donuts. Glue. Donut holes.And that’s only the beginning.

Perihelion by nein: aofutakama; 4k; Every life, Futakuchi Kenji remembers two names from the 21st Century. When he remembers, he tries to find them. And if he can’t find them, he tries again.(Reincarnation!AU into the future with soulmates and a dab of sci-fi)

absolute trainwreck by laubear:bokuakaiwaoi, 2k; Oikawa is surprised when Iwa-chan is the one to suggest they go on a double date. He’s even more surprised when the other couple is Bokuto and Akaashi from the university volleyball team.Alternatively: How Akaashi Keiji Landed Their Boyfriend Squad.

Ink On My Skin by thugboyfriendnagisa: karasuno first years, 3k; Hitoka was born with four names. Two on her left arm, two on her right.

this brush makes me feel good about my life oh my god.
a little doodle because @creepyknees‘ floweypot comics really make me feel things about asriel???? like a lot of things deep in my heart? and the one with papyrus made me so happy, and even though fanon papyrus is sometimes different from canon papyrus, he’d have been best buds with this lil fluffball.

Critical Shipping
  • Marisha: Yeah, [Matt] would lately, after the insurgence of the Percy/Lillith fan art that started hitting, when people started shipping Percy and Lillith -
  • Laura: Oh my god, I love that!
  • Marisha: I know, it's so good. The art's SO good. So we were like okay. So, the first one that Joma did that came out where it's Percy leaving the room -
  • Taleisin: Yeah!
  • Marisha: With Lillith on the bed.
  • Laura: Oh god! Oh god!
  • Marisha: And we were like -
  • Laura: That was so hot!
  • Marisha: Aw yeah, we were like, "Aw, that's really hot!" and Matt's like, "But not canon! Not canon! Not canon!" Cut to Matt being like, "... Although you know... It could be a thing where, like, maybe Percy was staying up late and he was like working in his shop -"
  • Taleisin and Laura: *laughing and gaping at Matt, respectively*
  • Marisha: "and then Lillith comes in and she sees him -"
  • Travis: Oh my god!
  • Matt: I was just - No! That's -
  • Marisha: "And she's like 'Ya know what? We could be doing this.' And then he's like and he's feeling a bad day, so she, like, touches his cheek and they go up to the room." And I'm like, "ARE YOU WRITING FANFIC!? Are you writing Percy and Lillith fanfic, RIGHT NOW!?!"

i was watching this video and it said that keith and lance barely interact thoughout the show. well season 2 maybe definitely, but season 1? oh god.

season 1 starts with them arguing and going back n forth. but this is normal. lance has introduced the rivalry, keith has picked up on it, and it’s clearly not one sided. keith reacts to it and even initiate the discussion at times. this is pretty much very blatant in the very first 3 episodes of season 1, but then it tones down. episode 5 lets them acknowledge they are good team, and episode 6 moves their discussion towards something more personal: the infamous bonding moment. keith tries to prove a point to lance, almost expressing his frustration about it. episode 7 is when we actually get to see them working as team, or partners if you will. the more i think about s1 the more i realize how well it was done?

episode 7 shows they can work well together without arguing. keith is ready to attack, due to his impulsiveness, but lance calms him down, explains a better plan and keith has no problem admitting his was a better idea. later on, they do a pretty good job. *thumbs up*

after ep 7 i cannot recall many other moments with them,but that’s bc the focus shifts more on the big battle rather than anything else, and everyone is tense bc allura was captured.

in conclusion, season 2 kinda did feel like a regress in terms of their relationship no matter if you see it platonic or romantic. they spent most of the time (well the times lance actually had screen time) arguing and such. we only see glimpse of them collaborating (episode 4,5) which is nice, but not quite satisfying compared to what season 1 was i feel like.

also well hearing lance complimenting keith with that face was pretty nice ngl.

so yeah i really hope s3 puts them on the route they were going towards the end of s1 and progress happens again i’m in serious need of heartfelt moments between them

Okay, but the very first chapter had Minako shanking her supposed “first love”, so basically by any objective measure, this is bullshit.


Every person Minako wants to bone is her first love, full of all the fire and passion that only a first love can bring! When questioned about this, Minako will loudly proclaim that it wasn’t until this moment that she TRULY UNDERSTOOD WHAT LOVE WAS, so the counter gets to reset, like one of those “It’s been ___ days since our last colossal fuck-up” signs.

This of course also means she gets all the drama and tragedy when she inevitably loses her “first love”, for the six hundredth time this year.


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what is your problem with yellow pikmin? :o


first off, they have no business going that high when I throw them! they just don’t! the fuck I need that that’s high off the ground?? nothing. not a damned thing. but there they go! off into the fucking sunset when all I wanted was for them to just fucking attack that enemy. they’re too busy fucking trying to touch the god damn stars to even go much damage!

and the bombs

the whole bomb mechanic of Pikmin 1 is very not good, but oh man did those fucking bombs ruin my childhood. alright, so, if you don’t know, yellow pikmin are the only ones that carry bombs. it was the only thing nintendo could think to give these fucks that wasn’t totally useless, but they sure did give it to the wrong color! so these fucks would pick up bombs and you could throw them at things and they’d drop the bomb and run away, rigth? moderately useful for walls, I guess


they would just drop the fucking bombs wherever they were

obviously friendly fire is an issue, pikmin can die in literally every imaginable way (kind of sad when you first play bUT NOT ANYMORE) but here’s the kicker, here’s what declared these stupid weightless fucks the pieces of shit they are.

I had my team of 100 pikmin out, ready to get shit done and fuck bitches, who knows what olimar had planned that day, and 20 of them, give or take, were yellow. i needed bombs to get through some walls, i should have been smart and just kept the other 80 behind but I was running short on daylight and needed that part….

so anyways, I suspend the pikmin for a whole second, by mistake! and when I go to recall them, guess what happens! all fucking twenty of those cheese looking monsters drops their fucking bombs and come running all around me

and I, in my panic and desperation to avoid 20 fucking bombs placed all around me am not able to move out of the way fast enough, and so every single one of those 100 pikmin explode in a fiery cacophony of shrieks that the world has never again been forced to experience

i was devastated, shaken, heartbroken, and every time I tried to use a bomb or throw a goofy eared piece of cheese into the air I would think of their comrades, fallen in arms so much earlier than they should have been

This degrassi season tho

- Maya’s PTSD getting out of hand and into depression, which has been slowly escalating over these past seasons. She reminded me of teen me. The way the adults don’t understand too, even if it made me mad like no one made the connexion between Cam and the bus crash and those past traumas


- the syrians kids ??? this is the first time I see this over TV ??

- RASHA A QUEER SYRIAN KID. This is so good and real and new it just makes me so happy. Also she makes me happy she’s adorable

- I thought Zoe finally would get to be happy but ok she’s getting there too and she’s my gay angel. “You don’t look gay” oh gods how many times. poor love

- We haven’t had an abortion storyline for over ten years now and it was about time. i remember how important Manny’s was for me (I was thirteen), made me go pro choice at a young age bc I knew nothing about abortion before that. The way thay made her feel no shame afterwards and tell it was really admirable. i also like how they showed the procedure, it might be reassuring for kids who might get through abortion. a+

- Islamophobia being adressed. Tho i felt bad Goldi was casually homophobic but it got addressed and she’ll grow now

- PERIODS ARE NORMAL AND AREN’T GROSS this is the only show I know that never shied away from embarassing teen things (just like THE BONER oh gods this has been so long)

- Shay is probably asexual. Also she’s the queen

- Esme’s getting some character development

- Grace

What do you want?

I’ve realized this week that I spend a lot of time praying for things that I want (aka most of my prayers are asking for things if we’re being honest). This doesn’t mean that I look at God as a vending machine, please don’t take that away from the first sentence.

Something I’m not good at is asking for things. God’s been working on that with me too lately. So I’ve started being honest with Him about my needs and even my wants. I spouted off a semi-angry full-backhanded prayer last week that was brimming with disbelief. The kind that says, “oh yeah, if you love me so much where is my _____”. It was one of those prayers.
But this time, God gave it to me. And I was over. the. moon. 

I thought that this was it, this was my time for a relationship. This guy was everything I had wanted in a person and looked amazing on paper. Everything sounded great about him and our dates were even great. 

But as the week went on, the sparkle kind of wore off and the butterflies gradually left my stomach. I had been praying about this and I felt like God wasn’t saying to not pursue this - which surprised me even more because normally God doesn’t give the green flag & I pursue it anyways. But this time, this time God said, “proceed with caution”. So I did. I had my walls up sky high and didn’t ever really let them down. 
So as this wound down from all day texting to one snap chat a day, I was left a bit puzzled. I thought this guy was it. He was everything that I wanted.
He was everything that I wanted. 

I asked God where this went wrong because he is a great guy - he really is. But then me and God had a conversation that went a little like this:

“God, why isn’t this working? He’s pretty much everything I want and he seems so great!”

“Yes, my love. He is everything YOU wanted. But what about what I want for you? Could you imagine the person that I want you to be with? What do you think that would look like?”

So this week as I pray, I’m going to ask not for the things that I want. I’m going to ask for God’s eyes for the situations I’m facing and for the decisions I have to make. What do you want, God?

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The fact that haters attack Chris' looks just proves their immaturity. First of they don't have eyes because Chris is clearly the child of Aphrodite and second of all even if he was conventionally unattractive you don't insult someone's look. That is just fucking rude! And it happens with EVERY guy they hate on SG if they deem him a threat to their ships. But all I've seen is extremely good looking men trying to do their jobs. Oh well some still seem to be stuck in kindergarten.

“Chris is clearly the child of Aphrodite“ hahaha where is the lie?? But wait I didn’t know they were criticizing his looks. I never know anything, I swear to God. That’s how deep I am in my Karamel happy bubble haha Chris is literally one of the finest specimens in humanity I’ve ever laid my eyes on and even if he wasn’t, he has so much more to offer other than his look: he’s well spoken, socially conscious, kind, funny, very talented… And yes, mostly everyone on Supergirl is so beautiful. There haven’t been many occasions during which there wasn’t a beautiful human being on screen during a Supergirl episode. 

When lapis first showed up: oh hey a character who’s been isolated and reacts to her trauma with icyness, I feel p good about this as a kintype

Lapis now after the writers have continuously stripped her of any character and never touched any backstory in favor of just using her for shitty jokes about how depressed she is and hurting others:

One year
One year ago was the first time I fell in love with you 
I was short breathed and filled with nervousness 
It took me a month to finally let the words I love you fall from my mouth 
One year ago I first smoked weed with you and oh my god I was a fucking mess
Now I smoke weed and I hate doing it but somehow I always think it’s a good idea while I’m drunk 
One year ago you were the most significant person in my life 
A year later and you still mean the world to me but I didn’t think a year ago that now, we wouldn’t be together
One year ago I thought that we could last and that even if we broke up, you’d be the last person that would ever touch me that way
Now I’m kissing other people and they’re touching me in ways that you never did
One year ago I imagined that you’d be able to fix me up and I wouldn’t be such a disaster anymore
I didn’t know that you’d mend my heart back up only to tear it to pieces and leave them scattered on the floor 
One year ago I thought happiness was a word that was intertwined with your name 
Now I associate happiness with my recklessness and getting so drunk I forget your name
One year ago I never pictured that I would be alone again 
Now I sleep by myself and finally the memories of you don’t keep me awake
One year later and I don’t think my feelings had changed but your presence has made me who I am today and I’d like to think that I am a god damn better person than who I was a year ago
One year ago I fell inlove with you and it was a the most memorable year 
But it was just one year ago, and since then, everything has changed
—  One year ago I fell in love with you 
human romcoms

ok but can you imagine the first time karkat sees a wedding. like even hears of the concept of this? two people choosing another person to be their one and only life partner until death do us part? i imagine he’s so fucking mad at first like his initial instinctive reaction is just wow these fucking humans have the stupidest ideas that’s the worst thing i’ve ever heard who can possibly keep a promise like that it’s so unrealistic and unfair to expect that level of commitment from another person fucking humans don’t understand anything ever

but he just lays awake at night thinking about it. puzzling it out. wondering how they make it work. wondering if it ever does work. 

imagine him phrasing this to rose or dave like okay but do any human marriages ever ACTUALLY last until someone dies that’s just the unattainable ideal right that’s not how anything actually GOES and they’re like wow first off, morbid, and secondly, yes/who cares (imagine the teasing he gets for this… oh god)

and he’s just dumbfounded by this and it keeps getting in his head and under his skin and he can’t figure out why it BOTHERS him so much it must just be because it’s so ALIEN and WRONG

but like after he’s been dating dave for awhile it starts to sink in, of course the reason it always bothered him was that part of him always found it so fucking appealing, and they’re snuggling together watching some cliche fucking movie and the bride and groom are walking out triumphantly and people are throwing rice and shit and karkat is just 


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Can we get some Suabaru family headcanons to go with Yuma's

Sure! Love, it’s what makes a Subaru, a Subaru… I’m sorry I’ll go home now.

♣At first Subaru did not want kids. He was too afraid of him being like his mother, or worse his father.

♣In the end he ended up doing a good job, parenting came naturally to him.

♣He even took anger classes to learn to control his temper, its a work in progress but it certainly does save the repair bills. 

♣Did I mention he learned to repair walls? You’ll see why, you’ll see.

♣He does not want a lot of kids, one is enough, two is the limit.

♣Okay we’ll see about that. You two end up with a moderate family, not too big nor too small.

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Say My Name

First ficlet ever. I had to write one with the sexy Jai Courtney…I hope you guys like….bites finger nails……

You never thought you would ever be afraid to knock on a door. Here you stood in front of Jai Courtney’s trailer staring at the door becoming more nervous by the second.

“Girl knock on the damn door already!” Will Smith yelled to you as he opened the door to his trailer a few trailers down the lot from Jai’s.  You smiled at Will and finally muster enough courage to knock on the door when it flew open almost knocking you in the face.

“Oh Shit! You alright?”

There he stood in black jogging pants and a black shirt looking down at you with his intense blue eyes. How could he look even sexier since the last time you saw him days ago? You just stood frozen looking up at him. A huge smile spread across his face as he grabbed you by the arm and literally lifted you up into his trailer. God he smelled good.

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You stood in the bathroom of Calum’s small apartment. You were in pajamas, staring at yourself in the mirror. It wasn’t the first time Calum had seen you in pajamas, but it was the first time staying over at his place. And you were nervous to say the least. He was going to see you do something weird probably, you’d drool on one of his pillows or something.

A soft knock on the closed door brought you back from whatever world you were in. “Babe?” Calum called softly. “You okay?” His concern made you smile. What were you worried about anyway? It was just Calum. For all you knew, he slept naked. Oh God, what if he slept naked? The door opened and you jumped, startled by the sudden intrusion. Your nerves were calmed even more as you saw a pair of red plaid pajama pants along his legs, paired with a plain white tee. “You good?” Calum asked again, and you nodded this time.

“I’m good,” you confirmed, reaching for Calum’s outstretched hand. His palm fit so well with yours and it made you wonder what you were so worried about in the first place. You followed as he led you toward his bedroom, which you knew to be situated at the very end of the hallway on the left hand side.

“I don’t know which side you sleep on,” Calum started. He flipped on the light switch on the wall. “So, you’re up to pick.” He grinned at you. He knew you were nervous, so he was trying to make this as easy as possible. He was loving this already, seeing your face without any makeup and your hair freshly washed and he couldn’t deny how much he loved you in your pajamas.

You took your side of the bed, sitting cross-legged on top of the comforter. Calum took the opposite side, pulling back his blue quilt and climbing underneath it, sheets and all. His hand landed on your back, gently grazing your skin before he patted the bed, meaning for you to lie down with him.

“What about the light?” You asked, moving to get up just as Calum clapped his two hands together and the lights went out. “Oh.” You laughed slightly. “The clapper.” Calum grinned and nodded, patting the spot beside him again. You couldn’t prolong it any longer. You stood to pull back the quilt and sheets the rest of way before settling in.

Calum’s outstretched arm was all for you to lie on and you snuggled your way into his grasp, feeling oddly content when he wrapped it around you. He pressed a light kiss to your forehead and then one to the very tip of your nose. “I know you’re nervous, but I’m really excited to have you here,” he whispered, leaning his forehead against yours.

You smiled, unable to deny how right this all had started to feel as soon as he wrapped you in his arms. “Not so nervous anymore,” you admitted, meeting his gaze that you could feel on your face. He raised his eyebrows in curiosity, turning more on his side so you could be more comfortable. “I’m excited to be here too.” Calum pressed a final kiss to your lips, a grin evident against your mouth. You snuggled further into his chest after he’d pulled away, breathing in the scent that was Calum– day-old cologne and vanilla.

“Go to sleep, darling. I’ll be here when you wake up.”