it was not a good picture day

January 22nd 2017

Here’s a good Dan song to listen to today: Crasher-Vania by Starbomb

Here’s a good Grumps episode to watch today: Ninjabread Man

Here’s a cool Dan fact for you today: Dan would love to get another dog some day but he feels like his schedule right now is not the best for it, and feels that he wouldn’t be able to give said puppy all the love it deserves.

Here’s a good picture of Dan to look at today:

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Any cute idea's to do in Valentine's Day when you're in a LDR??

this my time to Shine, omg ❤❤

  • is a screen mirroring site that has chat and voice/video call functions and is super good !! you can binge watch something or watch a movie or listen to music or take buzzfeed quizzes or literally Anything, it’s great
  • mail a love letter/crafts to each other !! stamps aren’t too terribly expensive and some crafts can even fit it envelopes !! you can include pictures and all kinds of stuff !!
  • skype, of course
  • if you write and/or sing, you could write a poem or a song or just feelings in general or sing a cover/original song for ur partner ??
  • if you draw, you can draw + mail them something or draw + scan + send it to them ??
  • shower them w affection throughout the day using whatever app etc you use to message them
  • make them a playlist of songs that make you think of them etc !!
  • send them flowers (bc sometimes there are discounts available and you can pay w a card so states/countries don’t always have to factor into the cost !!)
  • has basically Everything and is super cheap, shipping takes a little while but it’s super worth it for the ridiculously low cost. so you can send them something that doesn’t have to be valentines day specific !!
  • if you have Money you can do buildabear stuff online and send it to them !!
  • similarly, you could put together a care package for them including whatever you want !! (ideas: a shirt/sweater/hoodie of yours, a stuffed animal, a book you like, a flashdrive with a playlist on it, pressed flowers, nonperishable candy, crafty stuff, ???)
  • anything from the heart honestly like basically think about (or ask tbh) what they would enjoy and go from there 💕

-mod 🌹

Conor Maynard Imagine - You know it

“We are not just friends, and you fucking know it”

Everyone has that little thing that helps them feel better when they’re down, that makes them forget. Yours was alcohol. You had never been particularly good when it came to managing your feelings, which eventually always led you to a certain kind of beverage. But you were okay with it.

 As you and two of your friends stepped out of the Uber and made your way into the club, you got a funny feeling on your stomach. 

You had seen the pictures of Conor kissing a random girl on the cheek a few days before “You’re jealous” your friend had told you, as she smirked at the look on your face.

“No, I’m not” you thought you sounded convincing, but the look on your friend’s face told you otherwise.

Conor and you had been something along the lines of best friends for the past year. You had never had a male best friend before, and he had never had a female best friend before, so it was still to this day that it felt weird to be together, but not together.

He had appeared in a few of your YouTube videos, and your audience seemed to approve your friendship, although quite a lot of them wanted you to become more than that. Conor and you had never talked about it. Sure, he let a few jokes slip about  what it’d be like to date each other, but you had shrugged it off quickly.

But now, as you made your way to the end of the club to grab yourself a well-deserved drink, you started questioning your feelings once more. 

“Hey, Y/N?” Conor walked casually into your living room on his way out of the bathroom. It wasn’t strange that you took showers in each other’s apartments, or that you spent the night with one another.

You rose your head from your phone to look at him. His torso was uncovered, as his t-shirt was on his hands. His sweatpants were losely hanging from his hips, and his hair was still wet. You let out an unconscious sigh.

“As you know, I’m flying to Paris next month” he said, finally putting his t-shirt back on. You mentally cursed him for doing so.

“I do know” you smirked, not sure of where he was going with it, but you were definetly enjoying it. 

He looked at you, smirking back. There was just something so mysterious about him, that made your stomach tickle “What about it?” you asked “Change of plans? Have you realized already that you won’t be able to live without me for a week?” you joked, hoping he would say yes and stay in London.

Conor, being an international pop artist and all, travelled quite a lot. He had been in London for the past two months straight without going away a single day, and you already were in the habit of seeing him every day.

“Kind of” he said, smiling again “I was wondering if you would want to come with me?” as he dropped the question, your heart skipped a beat and then sank.

“Are you being serious right now?” you asked, and he laughed at the look on your face.

“Yeah” he assured you as you jumped into his arms. He laughed as he picked you up and planted a small kiss on the side of your head “They said I could bring someone with me, and I thought of Jack but you’re more fun to be around. Fuck him” he said, making you burst out laughing.

With your arms still wrapped around his neck, his hands on your back, you looked directly into his eyes “I would love to, Conor”.

So there you were, drinking your heart out while trying to figure out how the hell you were going to get into a plane with him in a week when you couldn’t even look at him without having your heart broken into a million pieces.

Your glass went to your lips again when you noticed that there was no liquid on it anymore “I’m gonna get me another drink” you told one of your friends, tapping her on the shoulder. She was chatting with some random guy “Do you want something?”

“Yeah” she said, getting closer to your ear “For you to stop trying to forget Conor by intoxicating yourself” 

You laughed. You weren’t even drunk and you had had three drinks already. As you walked away without saying a word, you thought it would take more than alcohol to forget him.

Once you got another drink, you were ready to go back to your friends when you saw that they were surrounded by a group of quite drunk and loud guys, and you were just not in the mood. So you stood by the counter instead, taking a sip of whatever thing they had mixed for you.

You felt someone tapping on your shoulder “Excuse me” a male voice said, and you turned around to see a tall blonde guy smiling excitely at you “Are you Y/N, from YouTube?” he asked.

Your heart melted “Yes!” you said, far too excitedly, the alcohol suddenly kicking in “I mean, yeah, that’s me” you repeated, trying to look cooler this time.

The man laughed “Cool, I’m Jared, big fan” he extended his hand for you to shake, and so you did. He had a firm grip.

“Thank you” you said “You really changed my mood. I was feeling so damn shitty, you have no idea” you vented out as you raised your glass and drank the rest of your drink.

“Damn, that’s too bad” he said, taking a sip from his own drink. He gave you a cheeky smile afterwards “You’re too pretty to be sad”

You swore you blushed “Nah” you simply said, not sure how to react. Was that total stranger not only a fan of you, but also flirting with you?

“Yah” he said, mocking your response. You smiled, now feeling better “May I buy you another drink?” he offered, and you simply nodded. 

Whatever he had ordered for both of you, it was strong. But you weren’t one for turning down a good old glass of alcohol. Jared and you made your way to the dancefloor, and danced together. After a small while, his hands left his drink and travelled their way to your waist, pulling you closer until your bodies were rubbing one another’s. The friction was uncomfortable.

Your eyes instinctively moved from Jared’s collar to just behind his neck, and you locked eyes with someone. 

“I need to go say hello to somebody” you shouted into Jared’s ear, so he could hear you through the loud music. He nodded and you released yourself from his grip.

“Jack” you simply said once you reached him “What are you doing here?”

He smiled “Are you the only one who’s allowed to drink to forget, or what?” he asked you, and winked at you before walking away.

Now you found yourself standing alone in the middle of one of the biggest and most crowded clubs in London. You were about to start walking away to try to find your friends when you felt someone grabbing you by the waist with one arm and pulling you closer to his body “Were you flirting with that guy?” a familiar voice asked in your ear, his other hand moving to your waist as well.

Conor’s cologne was unmistakeable “Yeah, what about it?” you said cooly, as your heart raced so quickly you thought it would come out of your chest.

You had been avoiding Conor for the past few days, and this was not how you imagined meeting him again “Do you not love me?” he asked you in your ear again, and you couldn’t really tell if he was drunk or not.

You turned around so you were now facing him “Are you drunk?” you straight up asked him. He shook his head “Just had two shots with Jack” you knew Conor could take much more alcohol than that without getting drunk, so you believed him.

He pressed your foreheads together, and you brought your hands to his chest, as if to stop him “Conor” you said “What on Earth are you doing right now?”

He shook his head, as he hid his face on the crook of your neck “I can’t wait for Paris” he said, and you shivered. 

“You still want to go with me?” you asked, a tint of unintended jealously on your voice “What about that girl you were kissing the other day?”

He chuckled, and you wanted to punch him “I was not kissing her” he said, and laughed afterwards. You normally loved Conor’s laugh after his own comments, but now he was just pissing you off.

“Yeah, I bet she was just your friend, right?” You pushed him away, not sure what you were doing or why you were behaving like that. But you felt in charge. It took him off-guard, as his smile immediately left his lips and he frowned.

“What the hell is wrong with you, Y/N?”

“Forget it, Conor” you shook your head “I’ve got someone waiting for me” you said as you prepared yourself to turn around and leave, feeling even worse than before. But a pair of firm arms around your torso stopped you.

“Stay with me”


“Don’t go back to him” he almost pleaded.

“What is your fucking problem?” you turned around, almost shouting at his face “We are just friends and that’s it, although you probably are aware of that, so just let me go on with my fucking life” you yelled, holding back tears.


“Conor Paul Maynard!”

“Shit, Y/N” he screamed, catching you off-guard. You had never seen Conor angry, let alone rise his voice “We are not just friends, and you fucking know it”

Your heart stopped as words left his mouth. Your body relaxed in his arms, as he released a hand from your waist to rub his eyes “Are we not?” you asked, more calmly this time.

He looked right into your eyes just like he had many times before, and you finally understood what he was hiding behind them. Because you were hiding the same thing “At least not for me” he mid-whispered. You found yourself lifting your hand so it was now resting on his cheek. He was looking down, licking his lips casually. 

You chuckled “You know, you would’ve made things a lot easier if you had told me this before” you told him softly.

His eyes moved slowly from the ground until they were locked with your own. His hand travelled to your neck, grabbing it carefully as if it were to break into a million pieces. He leaned in until your lips were lost in each other’s. Your stomach did that thing again, only this time, it was far more intense. Your lips moved in perfect sync, and you suddenly realized you were kissing your best friend. But his lips felt so soft against your mouth, and his touch on your skin was so delicate it sent chills down your spine.

You pulled away a few seconds to breathe out before pressing your lips together again, more passionately this time. His hand on your waist brought you closer to his body, so close you felt the smell of his cologne filling your lungs.

He pulled apart, and looked directly into your eyes before pecking your lips shortly but sweetly. You laughed out of nervousness, hugging him so you could hide your face on his chest. He kissed the top of your head, smiling as his brother gave him a thumbs up from not so far away.

Oh, what a week in Paris was waiting for you.

Hello followers! 
I’m writing this now because I feel that I need your help.

This will make many people shocked and maybe they’ll judge me, but whatever. Honestly, I’m the creator of 99% of all the yourdaily kpop blogs (and some actors) and I am the only one managing them as of right now.

I’ve been working extremely hard with these blogs and I spend a lot of time with them.

I really enjoy pictures and I started love blogging. I admire the beauty of the korean celebrities so I created more and more blogs because there’s beauty everywhere. 

And the blogs became very popular. It made me very happy that I succeeded in making the blogs so popular but these days I’m not very happy about it. 

Because of course, since it’s popular, other people started using the name to make their own your daily kpop blogs. Of course, their blogs became popular too. 

I worked hard to make it popular and it really doesn’t feel good that other people use my hard work and get popular with no effort whatsoever. 

People like my blogs for a reason right? And I don’t want anyone to possibly ruin that reason. And I can’t possibly force them to not create a blog with the name because it’s not like I can possibly own a name.

So please, if you possibly have any idea of a way for me to be able to show that my blogs are “official” or anything like that… please tell me. I don’t want to be one of their blogs. :/

If I can’t do this, then I don’t know how long I’d be wanting to do this anymore. Since I feel like my hard work has been stolen..

I’ll turn 22 in 7 days. 

I made this blog when I was 16 and I was trying way too hard to become friends with a girl I really liked who only messages me now when she wants votes for whatever online contest she is in now. 

And I had a great time here, you know? I met lots of people I really liked. Some of which I still have on Facebook and pop-up, getting engaged, married, having kids, etc. 

I even found what it was like to love someone too much who wasn’t good for you on this website, and what it meant to say with someone even when you were both hurting. It’s how I learned just how stubborn I can be. 

I’ll turn 22 in 7 days, but I still like 16 when I scroll endlessly for pictures I like. Except now I have responsibilities and weight on my shoulders. And I think that’s what great about Tumblr for me. It’s where my younger self lives, still. The one who stayed up until 4am, not the one that gets tired past 11pm. 

Hello! I might not post anything today (and maybe also tomorrow, but I’m not sure) because I have no motivation to open the game, I have no old pictures I haven’t posted yet and mostly because my left wrist and forearm are hurting LIKE HELL. I seriously feel like I’m going to vomit for the pain, donations of new arms would be very appreciated xD

But I’m still here on tumblr reading all your posts! Also if the pain goes down I’m going to have fun with blender later~

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are you still working on that vlarius comic I really love how you did the backgrounds. did you have references?? what were they

My good ol vlarius ship comic from last year ; u ;

yes i do plan on working on it again.

As for references i had none. I spent a month or so in the forest in alaska and that is what the trees looked like. i just remember them and the cloudy skys.

But for the second pic i have here i still have no ref pictures. i wish i did. it’s based off a abandoned greenhouse that was part of my college. the day i went to go take reference photos the place was torn down. so now its only my drawings and memory of that place now ; _ ; its now a place that doesnt exist anymore sadly

I’ll make sure dat greenhouse never dies by drawing it lmao. but yeah it was a cool place that was abandoned for years and had bathtubs in it with plants. i went there mostly at night though. i just hung out there.

i hope to complete the comic before my memory of the forest fades ; _ ;

But yeah i plan on working on it again and thank you! i hope to bring up better stuff again!

Pokémon Moon, Episode 9: In Which I Do Battle With A Demon Jellyfish From The Endless Void

I should really just get out while I’m ahead. 

I got this sparkly bracelet thing, I got a bunch of weird voodoo crystals with a variety of dubiously magic powers, I got a bunch of… arguably cool Pokémon that I’d never seen before.  Some of those things’d have to fetch a decent price if I just left Alola and never looked back, right?

And if you’re with the police, no, obviously I’m not talking about the Pokémon; they would stay with me back in Kanto and I would do my best to give them all a good life.

(If you’re not with the police, look, I know a guy who knows a guy, okay?  Just be cool)

I mean, the day started fine.  I get to Hano Grand Resort early and just hang out on the beach all morning.  See, this is what I pictured when I decided to come to Alola: me, the sun, the sand, the water, a cold glass of Pinap juice, cute topless guys, and no one thinking that I have to solve all their problems just because I’m a half decent Pokémon trainer.  Not that the attention is always bad, but I came here to relax, you know?

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Yay! Another person who went to the protests!! What city did you go to the Women's March in? I went to the one in Sacramento, CA. It's awesome to see so many people gathering together. 😄

I’m so glad you got to go! I heard it was packed out in CA!

I marched in Des Moines, IA. We had about 26,000 folks show up– the biggest rally in Des Moines I’ve been to!

I’m gonna show off the pictures, tbh.

Seriously, what an incredible day. It was super positive, supportive, and full of fabulous signs. My old boss– Donna Red Wing– spoke and it was beautiful.

SO, thanks to you and everyone else who made it out to fight the good fight today! You have a voice and voices are powerful!



The sequel to my post entitled ‘good news’ in which I announced I’m seeing Pierce the Veil on March 1st. Well, get this. They’ve added vip tickets in which you get to meet the band and get pictures and some other stuff. Unfortunately they’re sold out on that date and every other EXCEPT March 2nd, also in Toronto, also added since I bought my first tickets. Plot twist, right? So I’m seeing them 2 days in a row and on the second day I’m meeting them! I thought this couldn’t get any better. It still hasn’t quite set in.

for(e) shadow

“It was lovely to have known you”.
I say this somehow to no-one these days - I know you’re just so far away; although I still see you sometimes.
Could nearly feel your lips against mine, almost believe all your lies.
Impossible, unknowable, in hospital.
When you look at our pictures, do you even see anything? Sometimes I just cannot feel anything.
A part of me wonders if my heart is shattered - probably. Honestly it was nice to have been yours all those (thousands) of years ago, but I wish it wouldn’t so often stop me.
I ask myself, “is there symbolism in day-to-day life”. I see something that makes me think tragedy is imminent, though maybe my grounding in reality just isn’t that (is it?) that intimate.
I’d just like to know beforehand whether there’s foreshadowing, were your words a symbol or just more than what I bargained for?
I suppose life is far from a metaphor although I’m feeling it, I guess life is longer than I thought - perhaps why I’m leaving it.

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Ok, so my crush is actually someone on tumblr, and she's SOOOOO amazing! Like, she works out a ton and we have these great conversations about our fandoms and our days, and we send each other pictures of pretty sunsets whenever we can, and it just makes my little gay heart so happy whenever she messages me. I don't know if she's lgbt or not, but just being her friend is good enough for me! She's just like, this amazing person and I could go on for hours, tbh.

Aww cute!!