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A Goofball (Return Of Superman Series: Lee Joongi)

Type: Fluff

Prompt: Return of Superman series: Kind of like the ones I’ve already done. 5 dads and their story with their kids separately and then the last one would be them doing an ‘episode’ together.

~I used the word ‘you’ to describe the mother in each scenario so its kinda like you’re married to 5….oh well its how I normally write 😂~

Other dad’s for the series: Key, Baro, Gong Yoo, Yuta

Pacifier was on your finger like a ring as burped your young son. The 5 month old was named Yohan. Sounds left his lips as he looked around the room. Eyes soon linked with the VJ’s before he let out a belch and a bit of spit up came out with it. You pulled the towel off your shoulder and checked the clock. 9 PM. The backdoor opened as feet pounded on the hardwood and your 3 and 8 year old rushed in. Your son rubbed his eyes as he laid onto you and your husband soon stepped in. Joongi smiled as he lightly rubbed Yohan’s back “Eunha is slowly understanding how to kick a ball” he spoke about your 3 year old. “And Ayeon starts soccer this week” he continued as he bounced on his feet. “And tonight you will be taking care of two children alone” you say as he nods. He would be watching Yohan and Eunha on his own while Ayeon would be coming to you after school and practice.


Your husband was a weird man. A cute one. But he was odd. And for the past 11 years, he was a great husband and the past 8 he was a great dad. “Hello I am Lee Joongi” he comments as he does a dorky pose and Eunha did a similar one. “Lee Eunha” she told as he smiled"this is Lee Yohan" he spoke for the sleeping infant. “Lee Ayeon” his eldest daughter comments. “I have to go” she then said as she headed over to you “my wife is actually still here because she’s taking our daughter to school” he explained before he waved you off.

“People think I’m a entertaining dad by the way I talk about my kids, my wife is very timid and has never been one to be in the spot light but she’s the best mom you could ask for" he rested his head onto his son’s causing him to sigh but cuddle into him more. “I spend a decent amount of time with my daughters. But my son is so clingy to my wife that its impossible for me really to bond” he explained “so after a 5 minute conversation with my wife she said I should be on so I’m on” he finished giving a large smile.


“How does she normally make eggs for you?” he asked Eunha who was busy coloring. His first day was interesting. He was woken up at 3 AM by your son and hadn’t gone much sleep since. The way you made eggs slipped his head as well He glanced at his chest seeing his son was sleeping calmly strapped to him. “Do you like toast?” he asked her but didn’t get a response, his head hung in defeat. He pulled his phone out of his pocket and dialed your number. “Honey what way do you make eggs for Eunha?” he asked you as he turned it on speaker. “The same way I make yours” you say softly “scrambled?” he asked to clarify as you sigh “alright thank you” he hummed. He made a kissing noise before he ended the call.

The moment the scent of eggs filled the house your son woke up. “You’re too young to eat eggs little one” Joongi told him as he rested his hand onto the back of Yohan’s head and he started bouncing lightly. “Jam. Toast” Eunha says as eggs were placed beside her coloring book. Joongi curtsied “of course m'lady” he spoke as he headed back into the kitchen. He soon came back and sat the plate down in front of Eunha before he sat down beside her. “I got this” he smiled as he rubbed his son’s head.

He had a good control over the situation until his daughter wanted to play princess. Yohan refused to be put down or he would cry so he was trying to put makeup on his daughter one handed. Yohan would keep his fingers away and ended up with pink lipstick on his forehead when he tugged the tube out of Joongi’s hand. “I put it on you” she informed Joongi as he sighed letting her basically draw on his face with the colors she had. ‘Anything to keep her happy’ he thought to himself. His cheeks were smashed as Eunha roughly applied makeup to him. “Don’t take my skin off” he told her jokingly as she smiled. “Do I look pretty?” he asked her as she leaned back and nodded. He looked at the VJ showing the viewers his face , he probably looked like an abstract painting more than anything but the smile on his daughter’s face was prideful so he was happy to let her do it.

“Come on let’s get your brother cleaned up” he said as he looked at the bright pink on his son’s forehead “I don’t get why you had to do that” he comments as Yohan sucked on his pacifier happily. He picked up the make up wipes and began cleaning off Yohan “ah clean baby now” he cooed “you might even gleam now” he teased as his son had very little hair on his head still.


After a few months Yohan now 8 months old was a vocal butterfly. Terrorizing the house in his walker, he had a need to be in everything. When Ayeon was practicing he was “practicing” as well, claiming a ball as his even though he could barely stand with it near him. He had a few good falls when the ball rolled away. He also became a makeup model for Eunha, he would sit there while his sister put wings, crowns, dresses, anything he seemed to take. He became the person that was thought about when someone thought of your family. Joongi liked and disliked that, his daughters would be acknowledged sometimes as Yohan’s sisters and not as their selves like he would prefer but its the way the show goes.

Joongi had a seriously had a hard time keeping them all calm and entertained. Today he was taking his children to the eye doctors. Ayeon needed special glasses for soccer and out of worry you wanted your other children check as well. So while they were waiting Joongi was putting glasses on his youngsters who seemed to enjoy it. “Dad” Ayeon spoke as she came out in a pair of white glasses that had a strap on them. “Oh you look so good” he said as he got up and checked her out more. “These will be a lot better than going in blind or breaking your glasses” he comments. She’s gone through 2 replacements already as it was so anyway she could play and you guys saved money worked well. “We can check there eyes then” the doctor said as he nodded.


“So far we’re good. Ayeon has had vision problems since she was around 3 years old. “Eunha has perfect vision and Yohan has good vision for someone his age. We may need to watch him in the future but for now. They’re good” he explained. “Ayeon is turning 9 soon. Her birthday is right before Christmas” he let’s out a sound patting his face “I can’t believe that. 9. Years. Old” he says. “Man I feel old. Proud but old” he chuckles. “Christmas at the Lee’s is pretty great just as a heads up” he tells excited as he winks for the camera.

New part will be posted next Wednesday

Unintentional | Min Yoonji

Angst | Requested Fic

Word Count: 1,600+

Pairing: min yoonji x reader

Warning !: slightly lewd

@jungree said:  Helloooo~ I just read your yoonji fic and it was hilarious. I didnt expect for the OC to talk back to Yoonji wow. Btw can I request a Yoonji scenario where she got so jealous to the point of almost confessing her feeling to the OC? THANK YOU!!!  

   "Do you really have to go out now? It’s almost nine at night.“

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can you do my makeup for me?

A-ah! B-but we are not allowed to open the products here at Walmart, aside from the limited amount of samples already set out. 

The lipstick is also kind of out of the question until I can find the one’s Ichimatsu  put pig’s blood in…!

E-exactly what kind of look are you going for? I’m not exactly a MAKEUP GURU or anything, but if it pleases my カラ松 CUSTOMERS then….!

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prompt, the doctor or james' daughterd: "Daddy, am I pretty?"

Here you go! And I’m claiming this for @doctorroseprompts because it’s my soulmates ‘verse :)

The house was quiet when James got home, which was a little disconcerting. The living room was tidy, but empty, as was the kitchen. Frowning, James wandered down the hall and to the master bedroom.

He smiled when he stepped into the room. Rose was lying in bed with Sianin, and they were both asleep. Rose was on her side with one arm stuffed under her pillow and the other draped around Sianin. The baby was snoring softly and her cheek was smushed against Rose’s chest.

They both looked so beautiful. He took his phone from his pocket and snapped a few photos of them to preserve the memory, before he turned to the en suite. The door was shut, but James heard movement from inside, and he knew where is four year old was.

He opened the door and stopped short at the scene that greeted him. Rose’s make up was sprawled all over the vanity, with tubes and palettes and brushes and powder everywhere.

“Hi Daddy!” Ainsley whisper-screamed. “Mummy’s sleeping, and so is Sianin.”

“Yeah, I saw,” he said, leaning against the doorframe as he tried to stifle a smile.

Ainsley’s face and shirt were completely covered in makeup. She’d drawn lipstick around her mouth until her chin and entire upper lip were completely red. She’d tried to put on eyeliner but it was just thick, black circles beneath her eyes and into her eyebrows. It looked like she filled in every other inch of skin on her face with eye shadow, and her cheeks, forehead, and nose were various shades of all of Ainsley’s favorite colors.

“I see you go into Mummy’s makeup,” James said, amused.

“Uh huh!” Ainsley said excitedly. She looked at herself in the mirror and she frowned. “I didn’t do it right.”

“What do you mean?” he asked.

“Mummy looks so pretty,” Ainsley said with a sigh. She looked at herself again, then turned to James and asked, “Daddy, am I pretty?”

“Of course you are,” James said. “You are the prettiest four year old in the whole wide universe.”

“Am I as pretty as Mummy?” she asked.

James stepped into the en suite and crouched down beside his daughter. “You and Mummy are two of the prettiest girls I know.”

“Really?” Ainsley asked.

“Really,” he said firmly. “Even without makeup, you two are absolutely beautiful.”

Ainsley smiled toothily at him and said, “Thank you, Daddy.”

“Do you want some help washing the makeup off?” James asked.

“Yeah. I tried water, but it doesn’t work good,” Ainsley said, gesturing to the make-up smudged flannel.

“Mummy has some makeup remover,” James said. He took his phone from his pocket again then said, “But first, smile!”

Ainsley struck a pose and giggled at him.

He then lifted Ainsley up and set her on the vanity before he looked for Rose’s makeup wipes. But before he found them, he heard rustling from the bedroom. He glanced through the open door and saw Rose sitting up in bed.

“Hello sleepyhead,” he called softly. 

“Blimey, you’re home already?” Rose yawned, rubbing her fists into her eyes.

“Yeah, just a few moments ago,” he said.

“Hiya, Mummy! I’m pretty like you!”

James bit his lip around a grin as Ainsley hopped down from the vanity and skipped up to Rose. Rose blinked for a minute, before she smiled and said, “Nah, you’re even prettier than me!”

“Nope, no one’s prettier than you, Mummy,” Ainsley said solemnly. 

“Aw, thank you sweetheart,” Rose said, shuffling out of bed to give Ainsley a hug. “I still think you’re prettier, though. Do you want some help getting the makeup off?”

“Yeah,” she said. “Daddy was gonna do it, but you do makeup better than him.”

“Well, this is just taking it off,” Rose said.

Ainsley cocked her head. “You’re still better.”

“Oh, thanks, darling,” James said dryly.

Ainsley smiled sheepishly. “You make better cake than Mummy.”

James couldn’t help but laugh at Ainsley four-year-old logic and attempt at cheering him up.

“I guess I’ll take what I can get,” he teased, bending down to press a kiss to Ainsley’s hair.

He lifted Ainsley back onto the vanity for Rose, then went back into the bedroom to pick up a still-sleeping Sianin. He cradled his eleven-month-old to his chest, hoping she would stay asleep, and as he left, he heard Rose promise to show Ainsley exactly how she applied her make-up.

“Because I want to do it just like you, Mummy,” Ainsley said.

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(Idk if your still doing one word prompts?) makeup (can they all be guys)

(i usually really stick to the gender neutral but this is too cute to pass )

A always loved wearing makeup but is terrified of his lovers B and C to find out. After all what would both of them think of a guy that spend his free time putting lipstick and eye shadow? He keeps it a secret for a long time until one day B and C finds some makeup while cleaning his room. A is downstairs gaming. B and C both decide to try and put some on for the fun of it but are terribly bad. They come downstairs looking like a mess and A look at them feeling stressed due to them finding out but bursting into laughter at the sight. What happens next is for you to decide

A and B love to do makeup and look fabulous while at it, both love to put on music and joke around while putting their makeup. C loves to watch them and encourage them. Often, A and B will try to compete against eachother, a will try to have a better make up than his lover B and B will do the same. Both ends up childishly going to C to ask who wins.

A SIMPLE CUTE NIGHT WHERE THEY ALL WATCH A MOVIE TOGETHER!! They’re all cuddling and applying makeup and simply complimenting eachother!!!

i hope you liked them!!

Shattered, Part 1.

I adjusted the lengthy, skin tight black gown and grabbed my matching black clutch. It was a big night and I could admit that I was a nervous wreck. The Ballon d’Or event was finally here and I knew Neymar was even more of a nervous wreck than I was. So much so, he had managed to put on mismatching loafers until I pointed out his error. Now I just had to get myself out of the mirror and downstairs to our limo so we could leave.

“Y/N. Y/N!” Neymar called my name impatiently from the bottom of the stairwell.

“I’m coming!” I responded, giving myself one final wink in the mirror before I journeyed downstairs. I felt sexy and confident in the luxurious gown that Neymar had picked out for me. He insisted we both wear black, jokingly labeling it our ‘sexy’ color. And he was right because he looked damn good as I saw him at the staircase waiting for me.

“I can’t wait to take that off of you tonight. You have no idea,” he smirked. Neymar took my hand and helped me down the last step as he pulled me into him for a kiss.

“Who gave you permission to do that?” I joked.

“I need permission? Isn’t the unspoken deal that if I win I get to have my way with you tonight? That’s not how it works? Could have sworn Messi said that’s how it goes.”

When you win, you can have whatever you want.” I tried to avoid any form of a sloppy kiss to prevent my rouge red lipstick from smearing onto both of our faces but Neymar wasn’t much up for a polite kiss right now as his hormones danced.

Hearing the limo outside beep brought us both out of our little teenage dream and to the reality that we needed to leave soon or we’d end up missing the entire event.

“Let’s go, meu amor. You can fix your lipstick in the car,” he smiled.

The ride to the event was quiet for the most part besides the low music that played throughout the vehicle. I could tell Neymar’s mind was racing a mile a minute so I just browsed through Instagram and let him relax as much as possible.

I was pulled out of the screen of my phone when I felt his hand on my arm. “We’re here. You ready?”

I nodded and waited for the driver to open my door, unsurprisingly met by flashes of the many cameras that were set up around us. We spent at least 30 minutes posing for pictures before we were able to enter the event to familiar, and unfamiliar, faces. The first I spotted was Rafaella as she hurriedly headed over to us.

“You look HOT, girl! That cleavage? A+,” she giggled as her hand neared my chest which I had made sure looked amazing in my dress tonight. But Neymar slapped her hand away before she could even playfully touch what was his.

“Watch your hands. Those are mine.” He smiled and placed a kiss on my neck.

“Oh, please. Come to your seats already. Everyone’s here,” Rafaella spoke before turning on her heels and leading the way to where we were all set to sit.  

I could see Neymar’s teammates as well as his family and friends in the nearby area, either sitting and talking amongst each other or mingling amongst the other guests.

“You think it would be bad if I didn’t go up and say hi to Cristiano or Manuel before the event?” Neymar whispered in my ear.

Though they were his competition, Neymar never wanted to purposely look like a jackass especially in moments like this but I shrugged in response. “They’ll come up to you if anything, right? I don’t think it’s a big deal. Besides, we’re about to start. Say hi to your parents and friends.”

We took a moment to go around and speak to everyone, thanking them for coming to the event and exchanging compliments on the sophisticated attire in the room.

As Neymar stood talking to Dani about how nervous he was, I took it as my chance to go to the bathroom and freshen up before the event officially started.

I carried my clutch with me and headed across the ballroom to the women’s bathroom. Once inside, I placed my clutch on the sink in search of my lipstick. I hadn’t even noticed someone else had entered the bathroom until I heard the click of a lock.

Whirling around, I was surprised to see Sergio Ramos smiling towards me. He wasn’t someone I knew personally but I had been around him in quite a few settings. Why he was in here, I wasn’t sure.

“Uh, you do realize you’re in the wrong bathroom right?”

He shrugged his shoulders, his hands in the pockets of his tux pants as he walked closer to me. “I don’t think I am actually. Y/N, right? It seems we haven’t gotten the chance to formally meet.”

Without another word, he took my hand into his and slowly placed a warm kiss to my cold skin.

He exuded confidence as his tall frame stood over mine. The tone of Sergio’s voice dropped as he lowered his height to my ear to speak. “You look absolutely gorgeous in that dress.”

His voice alone sent shivers down my spine. There was always something so attractive to me about him, whether it was his quick temper, or his suave look but I of course got rid of my childish footballer crush on him once I met Neymar. Now being in the same room with him alone was muddling my thoughts. I knew I didn’t need to be in here with him but I couldn’t drag my feet to the door for some reason.

“Thank you,” I mustered the ability to say.

“Is it weird that I always wanted to meet you?” he chuckled. “I remember seeing you a few months ago at uh…” I could tell his mind was blanking on the event as he snapped his fingers in thought.

“The FIFA fundraising event,” I answered for him.

“Ah, yes. Thank you. You had on a short red dress, right?”

I could feel myself melting right at that spot as I realized he was right. How did he remember? When he spoke again, it was as if he was reading my mind.

“It was hard to forget. Red is definitely your color.”

“Thank you, Sergio.”

My attention went to the voice over the microphone, letting everyone know the event was soon to begin.

“Well, I guess that’s my cue to head back to my seat,” I spoke up. “Nice speaking with you, Sergio.” I quickly applied a thin layer of lipstick in the mirror and put the makeup back into my clutch but Sergio never left his spot in the bathroom, looking at me until I finished applying my refreshed makeup and looked back to his roaming eyes.

I was close to speaking again but within seconds, I felt him grip my waist and pull me closer to him, leaving no space between our bodies. His right hand leveled my chin upright just enough to place his awaiting lips onto mine.

And I swear I nearly lost my mind as I could feel my body responding by kissing back. Everything inside of me was screaming to push him off, offended he would even believe I was okay with kissing another man besides Neymar but God, those lips.

And the way he squeezed my hips possessively in that moment. And the way his lips kept pulling me back in greedily. And the warmth of his body huddled over mine as he trapped me against the wall.

…And his ability to make me forget that I had a boyfriend not that far away awaiting one of the biggest moments of his life.

I had forgotten that cold fact until we finally parted to gasp for air and now the guilt was hitting me like a truck. The smile plastered on Sergio’s face didn’t help either.

“I better get going but let’s get together sometime. When Neymar isn’t around.” Hearing his name come out of his mouth caused me to zone out, not even allowing my body to react to the sensual kiss Sergio placed briefly on my neck before he made his exit from the bathroom.

Neymar’s POV

I turned around in my seat for the hundredth time to search the crowd for Y/ N. She had went to the bathroom a while ago and had yet to return. I was close to sending Rafaella to check on her but right on time, she was heading my way. “It took you long enough. I thought I would have to come and save you.”

Y/N gave me a weak smile and murmured ‘sorry’. She didn’t look like herself, like something was wrong with her or she was sick.

“Are you okay? You look…different.” I made sure to pick my words wisely to avoid offending her. She still looked beautiful but the smile that had been on her face all evening was gone.

“Oh yes. I’m fine. I just have a little tummy ache but I found some medicine in my purse. I’m fine, baby.” She offered a reassuring smile and squeezed my hand.

I didn’t have much time to say anything else as the lights of the venue dimmed and the event began.

I spent the first third of the show looking over to Y/N to make sure she was okay but as the time neared for them to announce the Ballon d’Or winner, my nerves about winning crept back up into high gear.

They were seconds away from the announcement and I couldn’t stop tapping my foot until Rafaella slapped my knee to scold me.

It felt like I hadn’t even heard them say my name until I repeated what my ears had just heard to myself. Me? I won? I looked to Y/N for reassurance as those around us clapped and cheered. The smile on her face let me know all I needed to know and I pulled her into a passionate kiss before I hopped up to make my way to the stage.

My heart was pounding a mile a minute as I stood on the stage, delivering an on-the-spot speech. But the words just flowed as I felt like I was on top of the world. Seeing my family, friends, peers and Y/N in the crowd smiling only put me on a higher cloud.

After a number of pictures, I was able to return to my seat at the conclusion of the event and it seemed as if everyone was running up to me and Y/N, who I clung to at my waist, to say congratulations.

I wasn’t surprised to see Cristiano and a few of his teammates approach soon enough. “Congratulations, Neymar,” he said.

He shook my hand politely in defeat as well as Gareth who stood to his left. Sergio stepped up next but didn’t opt for a handshake.

“Lucky night for you huh, Neymar? Congrats on the win. Kind of sucks you had to lose your girlfriend on the same night though.”

My eyebrows furrowed in confusion. I was used to hearing idiotic things come from Ramos but this one comment perked my interest. I turned my head to face Y/N who stood beside me, looking down at the ground.

“What is he talking about?” I asked her but she kept her head bowed.

“Congratulations again, Neymar. Have a good night.” Cristiano pulled his teammates away with him as they returned to their own guests but I didn’t take my eyes off of Y/N, waiting for my question to be answered.

“What is he talking about?” I repeated.

“We shouldn’t talk about this here,” she finally spoke up and my mind began to pace with all the possibilities of what that one statement meant. I didn’t care that there were others around or the possibility that if we got in an argument that it would end up on various blogs. I just wanted an answer to my question to put my mind at ease.

“I don’t care, Y/N. Answer the question.”

Her eyes were pleading for me to drop the subject but I didn’t budge. I saw her shoulders slump in defeat and that dejected look she had earlier in the evening returned. Without another word, I pulled her quickly through the crowd, ignoring anyone who called my name or asked for a picture. When we finally made it outside, I stopped her and awaited my answer. Tears were now spilling down her face as she began to plead for forgiveness. I knew then I didn’t want to hear what she had to say.

“I’m sorry for ruining your night. I am. I never meant for it to happen. It’s just…” She began to stutter through her words.

“What did you do?” I was no longer in the mood for her to talk around what she had done. I had a feeling in my gut of what she was about to say but that didn’t make it hurt any less when she finally admitted to it.

“We kissed. Me and Sergio.” Her eyes full of guilt couldn’t even meet mine as she stared at the pavement below her feet. I could feel the anger building up in me and I threw her hand out of mine.

“Are you fucking serious? One of the biggest nights of my life and you pull a move like this and embarrass me?” My voice raised but I didn’t care who heard me at the moment.

“I didn’t mean for it to happen! It was one kiss! I was going to tell you but I couldn’t tell you here. Not on your night.”

“Oh, so you can kiss him tonight but save telling me until tomorrow?” I retorted in disbelief.

“No! That’s not what I meant!”

Y/N reached out for my arm but I quickly shook from her grasp. “I hope you and Sergio have a wonderful life together,” I spewed. “I hope it was all worth it.”

My emotions were all over the place as I walked away from the venue and to nowhere in particular. I just wanted to get away. From Y/N, from the media that was sure to see my tears and anger, from anyone. So much for my perfect night.

*Incredibly long post but I decided to go with a not-so-happy ending. Also, I love Sergio but I had to make him look like an ass for this post :[ he’s still lovely.

Exo’s Reaction - Makeup Time

Xiumin - *He only decided that he only wants to put mascara, eyeliner and lipstick on you and you looked amazing and he was really proud that he did the eyeliner right*

Lay - *He tried his very best and managed to create the perfect eyebrow shape and the eyeliner was on point. He smiled because he was quite impressed of what he managed to do*

Kai - *Kai wanted to do a full on make over, you only wanted him to do your makeup but he done your hair also and you looked like a princess* I should do this for you everyday

Suho - *He didn’t want to mess it up so you both sat there for an hour for him just to do your eyeliner, eyeshadow and foundation. He made a few mistakes but didn’t get bothered by it. When he finished, he did the gwiyomi dance as a sign that you look cute*

Kyungsoo - *He tried his very best and put his effort into it, he didn’t bother with eyeliner and eyeshadow so he just put mascara, foundation and lipstick on you. You loved it apart from the lipstick was a bit around the mouth but you didn’t want to say anything to hurt him because he was smiling like he achieved an award so you just left him to it*

Tao - *He had everything perfect, even had your eyebrows shaped to perfection* Perfect, just like me

Chen - *Chen did his very best and got it to be decent. Although he got put down when Kai had something bad to say about it so he bit his arm to signal him to shut up*

Kris - *He didn’t really do much with makeup but he approved it*

Chanyeol - *He done everything alright until he came to the eye,liner and messed it all up by smudging up* No! I mean, it’s perfect, don’t look in the mirror just trust me

Baekhyun - *He is proud of his art and doesn’t care that your lipstick is like the Joker’s and just laughs it off*

Sehun - *Seen how much makeup there was to use and just laughed and ended with you doing his makeup because he didn’t want to risk doing it on you* But i’ll mess it up

Luhan - *Doesn’t know what is what but goes for it and decides it’s halloween. Being the little shit he is, he gives you clown lips, big eyebrows and it was just a mess but he can’t stop laughing because he thinks it’s funny*

The Make Up Artist part.1

Word count: 795

Warnings: Some swearing


Being 5 seconds of summer’s make up artist is literally my life. I started working for them when they first toured with One Direction, the boys are my best friends and they mean the world to me. The only annoying thing is that I have a stupid crush on the one and only Luke Hemmings. Since I was a year younger than Luke the boys treated me like a baby for the first year or so, which was pretty annoying.

Right now we are in the US in the beautiful city New York. I was helping out around set since the boys were doing interviews and I didn’t need to do their make up until later on in the evening. I’ve made a couple of new friends amongst the crew which is pretty nice since I don’t find it easy to make new friends. Right before the guys got back from all their interviews I was chilling in the makeup area, while playing with some of the makeup, since that is what I like to do. I was almost done applying some dark purple lipstick when the boys stumbled into the room.

“Hello Chipmunk” Ash smiled as he stood behind me, looking in the mirror.

“Hello Ashton” I said as I put down the lipstick on it’s right place. “How did the interviews go?” I asked as I turned the chair around.

“All good, all good” He smiled at me as he grabbed a water bottle from the fridge.

“Done anything new today Y/N” Michael asked as he threw himself on the sofa

“Same old Michael, helping with the stage, playing around with the makeup” I laughed as I grabbed my bottle of water from my bag on the floor. After a while of chattering I walked over to the speakers to plug in my phone, but before I could do anything Calum grabbed my phone and held it over his head.

“Calum for fuck sake, give me my phone” I Said under my breath as I tried to reach it. The worst thing about being 5’2 is being around guys who are +6 foot and the tend to abuse the fact that they can hold up my things so I can’t reach them.

“No, you’ve been looking sad for a week, tell us what’s up” He said

“The sky is up Calum” I said as I tried to grab my phone again.

“No, now stop it and sit down” He said as he grabbed me by the waist before sitting me down on the sofa between Luke and Michael. So something might have happen but I’m not talking to anyone if Luke is going to be here.

“I’m not saying anything if Luke is here” I said as I tried to stand up, but only being pushed down by Cal again.

“Tell. Us.” Michael said with his adult voice as I like to call it, he sounds more professional when he uses it and quite scary to be honest.

“Guys, let me go” I whined as I stood up, grabbing my phone so I could leave the room

“Why won’t you tell us anything” Calum whined, I looked over my shoulder but I didn’t say anything, I only grabbed my jacket and my bag and walked out the door.

You’re probably pretty confused right now. Well you see, you know that I like Luke right. But he is apparently dating some girl, but I donät know if it’s true or not. And he knows that I like him since I told him like last week, 


“Luke can I talk to you?” I asked as I walked into his hotel room.

“Yea! What can I do for you?” He asked as he sat down on his bed

“Um,, I don’t really know how to say this Luke”

“Just tell me, It can’t be that bad right?” He smiled

“Okay, so” I had to stop so I could take a deep breath “I like you Luke”

“Well, I like you too” He chuckled

“No Luke, I like like you” I said as I slowly backed up against the door so I could run, when I looked at his face he was just staring at me, he didn’t say anything, he didn’t move, nothing, he did absolutely nothing.

“You know that I have a girlfriend right?” Was all he said, or that was all I heard since I was already halfway out the room when he said it.


So now you know why I won’t talk to Luke, I’m not mad at him or anything, I’m just sad. When i reached the door I looked over my shoulder and to my luck, no one was there.

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the sextuplets seeing their s/o without makeup for the first time?

I know like… nothing about makeup and stuff, so I apologize if any of this is wrong or weird sounding ;n;

Osomatsu would be shocked. He had no idea that makeup required more than lipstick! Plus, even without makeup, you were far better looking than he thought he deserved.

Karamatsu wasn’t prepared to see you without makeup. He knew you wore it, but didn’t realize how different you looked. He definitely preferred your more natural state, and wanted you to stop putting in so much effort just for him. In fact, he thought that he should be the one wearing makeup!

Choromatsu probably wouldn’t even notice until you pointed it out to him, and would still have a hard time telling the difference. You would think it as an insult, but would brush it off as soon as he said, “You’re still as beautiful as before!”

Ichimatsu was confused. You said you weren’t wearing makeup, but your face wasn’t ugly, and you still had beautiful complexion. His assumption was that without makeup, you looked ugly, basing his theory off of himself.

Jyushimatsu looked at you with his usual happy face, asking if you weren’t wearing makeup. When you answered with a yes, he cheered. “I knew it! You looked really cute today, but in a different way than usual!”

Todomatsu would notice right away, as he knew what people looked like with and without makeup. Another thing he would do right away was ask you how you still look like some kind of deity, even without makeup.

Okay Sombra, Reaper, and Widow bonding before the mission is my favorite thing because I always imagine them doing their makeup in a tiny bathroom that they all have to share. 

  • Sombra: “Widow, I’m borrowing your eyeliner”
  • Widow: “Why? Don’t you have your own?” 
  • Sombra: “Cant find mine.” 
  • Widow: “Fine, just don’t use too much.” 
  • Reaper: “My winged eyeliner looks fierce. Should I do black under my eyes too?” 
  • Sombra and Widow stare at him for a moment. 
  • Sombra: “Will it really matter? No one is going to see under your mask anyway.” 
  • Reaper: “Yeah but having eyeliner in my waterline always gives me a better chance of hitting my target.” 
  • Widow: “That doesn’t make any sense-”
  • Reaper: “Your lack of mascara doesn’t make any sense. Shut up, Frenchy. I do what I want.” 
  • Sombra: “How do you even know what a waterline is?” 
  • Reaper: “I watch makeup tutorials too, you know.” 
  • *There is a pause as they all focus on their makeup.*
  • Sombra: “Son of a bitch.” 
  • Widow: “What?” 
  • Sombra: “I’ve been doing mascara since I was a newborn and I still get it everywhere.” 
  • Reaper: “Just put on mascara and don’t blink until it’s dry. Or you could get one of those shadow shield thingies.” 
  • Sombra: “God I hate those things though. They’re so flimsy and stupid. Does anyone have any makeup remover that won’t take off my eyeshadow?” 
  • Widow: “Just use coconut oil on a Q-tip. It’s what I always do.” 
  • Reaper: “Speaking of makeup remover, don’t you want to take off that lipstick, Widow? It’s going to get everywhere.” 
  • Widow: “How so?” 
  • Reaper: “Let me rephrase: it’s going to get everywhere when you make out with your girlfriend.” 
  • Widow: “True, but that’s kinda sexy, isn’t it?” 
  • Sombra: “Don’t ask me.” 
  • Reaper: “Whatever. If you want to get lipstick everywhere, that’s not my problem.” 
  • Sombra: “Guys, the mission starts in five minutes.” 
  • Reaper: “Oh, good. That’ll give me plenty of time to blend out my eyeshadow.” 

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ikon seeing you with no make up for the first time :D

Cries because I may or may not have listened to No Makeup by Zion.T like a million times while writing this. If you haven’t heard it plz give it a listen I’m so emo

Hanbin: The two of you had been having a movie marathon and, before you knew it, it was late and you had both fallen asleep. He woke you up so that you could change since it was too late to bother sending you home. He gave you some clothes and you went to change, taking off your makeup before returning to bed. He stared at you for a second before smiling. “I think I like your bare face even better.”

Bobby: You had just woken up, the sound of knocking at your door pulling you from your dreams. Still half asleep, you went to see who it was. “Good morning, Jagi!” Bobby smiled at you. It took you a second but, when you realized that your boyfriend was standing in your door, you instantly covered your face. “Yah! Why didn’t you tell me that you were coming over!” He just laughed and pushed his way into your apartment, giving you a kiss on the cheek. “Don’t worry, you look beautiful. Nice pajamas.”

Jinhwan: The two of you had just gotten back from a night on the town. He had taken you to a YG event and you had gotten all dressed up. He walked you back to your apartment and you told him to make himself comfortable while you went and changed out of your dress and heels. When you came back into the room, he was watching tv, a bit of a bored expression on his face. When he saw you, his face lit up. “Your eyes look so pretty, even without the eyeliner.”

Donghyuk: You had spent the night with him and were about to start getting ready for work. He had still be asleep when you got into the shower. When you got out and had gotten dressed, you started to dig through your bag for you makeup. He sat up in bed, scratching at his hair before giving you a small smile. “I think you should go to work like that. You already look beautiful.”

Yunhyeong: You were getting ready for your date with Yunhyeong. He was getting a bit restless and had come to the bathroom door, watching you as you got ready. You hadn’t put on your makeup yet and he smiled softly as you. You started to reach for you red lipstick when he said, “I like your clear lipbalm better. You can see your natural beauty better that way.”

Junhoe: You had been spending pretty much the entire day studying, not bothering to change out of your sweats or put on makeup. You weren’t planning on seeing anyone for the day so your appearance didn’t really matter. Until your boyfriend showed up unexpectedly. When you saw him through the peephole in your door, you yelled for him to wait while you changed but he told you not to worry about it. When you opened the door, he gave you a kind smile. “I knew it. You look gorgeous no matter what.”

Chanwoo: You had been running late for school and didn’t have time to get ready the way you usually would. You were a bit embarrassed as you went into your first class and took your seat beside your boyfriend. You had your hair hanging over one shoulder to try and keep him from seeing your face. He tapped your shoulder to get you to look at him and gave you a wide smile. “I didn’t know you had a freckle there…I like it. You should show it more often.”

I Want To Write You A Song (smut) n.h

heres the smut version for @luckydirectionstar

My eye’s fluttered open, the sun was peeking through the blinds It was shining straight into my eye’s making me squint. I groaned and rolled to my side. I saw Niall laying to my side with his mouth slightly parted. I smirked to myself and thought about how lucky I was.

I could remember the day that we met. It was the first day of Uni and I had no idea where I was going causing me to bump right into Niall. He directed me to my dorm and I didn’t see him until my roommate Macy convinced my to go to a frat we party down the road and that’s where we met. We had some light conversation. I found out he was hear studying law. Not long after that night we began talking more and it just happened.

I smiled to myself and rolled onto my back. I rested my hands on my stomach and sighed. I cocked my head to the side and checked the time. 9:43. I wouldn’t have any classes until 6:30. I rolled out of bed and slipped into my joggers. I took my phone off the charger and slid it into my pocket.

I left the room and jogged down the stairs. I shuffled into the living room and grabbed my headphones off the coffee table, I shuffled into the kitchen and swung open the freezer. I pulled out hash browns and bacon and placed it on the counter. I plugged in my headphones and began blasting my music.

I grabbed pancake mix out of the pantry and a bowl out of the bottom cabinet. I began dancing around the kitchen as mixed the pancake mix with eggs and milk. I placed the bacon on the stove and put the hash bows in the toaster oven. I was standing at the stove flipping the bacon when I felt Niall wrap his arms around my waist.

“Hey, beautiful.” Niall kissed down my neck and onto my collar bones.

“Hey.” I playfully swatted his hands away. “I’m trying to cook here.”

“Your the best.” He mumbled and continued to kiss down my neck. “Why don’t you leave the food for a few seconds and take a break.” I giggled and shook my head.

“Can you go set the table please.” Niall groaned loudly and removed his hands from my waist. I grabbed plates from the top cabinet and placed the food onto them. I grabbed a 3 bowls, placed oatmeal in 2 of them and fruit in one.

I brought all the plates to the table and noticed that Niall was only in a pair of boxers. He put the utensils on the table and sat down. I smiled and placed the plated on the table.

“Well this looks great,” he began dishing out the food on a plate and handed one to me. I smirked at him.

“Why, thank you.” I grabbed the knife and used it to put butter on my pancakes. I drizzled syrup everywhere and set it back down onto the table. Niall couldn’t stop staring at me the whole time I ate. I furrowed my eyebrows and looked back at him. “What?”

“Your just…so freaking beautiful.” I blushed and looked down. Niall stood up and came towards me. He put his hand on my cheek and brought his face closer to mine until our lips connected. I wrapped my arms around his neck and smiled into the kiss.

I disconnected our lips but kept my forehead against his.

“How’d I get so lucky to be with you.”

“I don’t even know.” I bit my lip and looked down. “We should finish breakfast.” Niall let out a shaky breath.

“Forget breakfast, I should just eat you,” he chuckled and attacked my neck.

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4/4 : Boyfriend Tag Youtube Video


It’s a chill Saturday morning and Saturdays are your filming days. You’d planned ahead to do the Boyfriend Tag with Calum later that day but you needed to make a makeup tutorial first. You set up everything in the living room, as usual and sat on the floor and kissed Calum goodbye because he always left you in the flat not to disturb you.

3 hours and a smokey eye makeup tutorial later, you called Calum to come back so you could do the BF Tag. When you saw him walk through the door, you quickly swiped off your lipstick to welcome him home. You both sat down on your spots and started off the camera, ready to have a good time.

You were having the time of your life answering the questions together when “Question 11: What pisses you off?” You turned at Calum then the camera, putting a stressed out face, until Calum answered: “Probably when she wears makeup. She’s just so beautiful without all that,not that your makeup looks bad, but I just can’t kiss your cheek without having your foundation on my face.” “Do you want me to wash that off then?” You asked, motioning your full face of makeup. He only shrugged his shoulders and you turned to the camera and said “Alright,hang on you guys. Gonna wash it off.” You quickly removed all your makeup and went back to your place,with the camera still on, and Calum had a really huge smile on his face. He kissed you on the cheek sweetly when you sat down and while holding your face, he said, facing the camera “See?Gorgeous.”  You blushed lightly and quickly picked back up your phone to see the next question.


It was your usual day filming, and normally you woke next to an empty spot, mentioning Michael had gone out to the studio, writing new songs. But today, you felt his warm body still pressed close to you and thinking he didn’t wake up, whispered “Mike? Aren’t you late to the studio?” He only sighed deeply and smiled at you, whispering back “Nah. Day off today. What about you?” “It’s Tuesday, dumbass, making my videos.” As you said it, you thought about an amazing idea. “Hey Mikey. Hey, hey Mikey-poo. Wanna do a video with me? Pleeasee?” He chuckled at your excitement and accepted, you were just so adorable, he couldn’t say no.

You were sitting in your shared room, on the bed with Mike and happily started the questions and Michael just smiled and went along with the questions. “Question 16: Who wear the pants in the relationship?” You asked. You looked at each other before Michael answered “Well, I kinda don’t wear pants so…” and he laughed, making you laugh too and answer “I don’t wear pants either!” “…SO” “So, nobody wears the pants in the relationship!” “Yaaay!” Michael yelled, throwing his arms in the air. “Weee” you yelled back and imitating his actions. While you threw your arms in the air, Michael decided to tickle your sides, you weakest spot. You started laughing uncontrollably and turning around in your bed, trying to escape his attacking fingertip


“Due to the massive amount of requests, I’ve decided to do the BF Tag!” You announced happily to your camera. You got up and fetched a poster of Ashton and stuck it to the wall beside you. You then laughed loudly before inviting Ashton(the real one) and sat on the cushion beside you. You saw each other on the flip screen before realizing. “Wait, why are you dressed like me?” “More like why are YOU dressed like me?” You replied back. He only laughed while you made your typical “I’m so done” face.

Right off the bat, the first question was sure to make people laugh. “Question no.1: How did you meet?” you asked before laughing at Ashton. He only pouted and said “Do you really have to?” “Yeah.” and you told them everything. “Alright, next question. Where was our first date?” You knew it was at a restaurant and Ashton had spilled his drink everywhere and thinking about it made you laugh because you had to tell them. “Okay I came out to have a good time and I’m honestly feeling so attacked right now.” Ashton said holding his hands up.

Luke(actually on Twitcam)

You were with the boys at the hotel and they were doing a twitcam while you were editing one of your vlogs. Luke was the only one in the frame because they decided to play hide-n-seek and Luke was the one who counted. He’d actually found Michael and Calum in the bathroom, but them they ran away from Luke. So after this he gave up and decided to do a little speech, thanking the fans, sitting close to you. During his speech, you decided to creep behind him and do creepy faces at the camera before scaring him for good. He yelled like a little girl and you were laughing so hard you started clapping like a seal. After you had calmed down. People were requesting a BF Tag more and more in the comments, seeing you guys were just two.

So you guys walked back to your room, and decided to do so. Question after question, Luke seemed to know you more than your own self, which honestly creeped you out a bit. “Luke… How do you know all that” “Let’s just say i watch your Youtube videos religiously when you’re not around with me.”  he replied before you exchanged a cute kiss off camera. “Also, because I’m the better boyfriend.” he said cheekily.