it was ninety nine cents

Jewel In The Crown (M)

florist!kihyun, 15.1k, he knows what beautiful is but he’s also a bit jealous and has shitty friends

warning: smut (kihyun is a virgin, his first time, oral for both, slightly dom!kihyun i guess??)

“You look really nice by the way…Ignore that. You look beautiful. You’re the most beautiful girl I’ve ever known.”

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Sugar? Yes, Please (M)

Summary: SugarDaddy!Yoongi AU. You’re a college student with an aspiration for journalism, but the traumatic experience of being broke and lonely gives you an opportunity to try out something new: become a Sugar Baby.
Genre: Smut 
Words: 8,216
Warnings: Daddy kink, age difference
A/N: This was originally supposed to be separated into two parts, but I figured just screw it; we’re all thirsty for Yoongi, so I’ll keep it all in one. Please enjoy this monster of a fic because it took me literal days and I am so done with myself.

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Free Condoms With Purchase

Summary: Derek is an ace guy working at a sex shop, and he has a bit of a crush on one of the regulars (who he might have come out to, oops).

Notes: Written for the Aro/Ace Wolves Mini Bang! (On AO3)

I forgot to add that this fic now has some lovely art! Check it out!

Derek looks up from his calculus textbook when he hears the bell jingle, and he has to suppress a smile. This guy’s a regular. He usually comes in every couple of weeks, awkward and overly-enthusiastic. He gets in to animated conversations with other patrons, flails a lot, and almost always manages to knock something off a shelf.

And he’s cute.

Really cute.

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[Chanyeol] It’s a Little Perfect

genre: fluff

word count: 879

edited: yes!

summary: Chanyeol picks his girlfriend up from the airport. Fluff ensues.

Chanyeol shook his hands, then wrung them, then shook them again. His eyes wandered to the clock’s ticking hand and he puffed out his cheeks, exhaling loudly. How long these two weeks had been!

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Anything For You, My Love.

Masterpost: {x

Pairing: Hamliza

Summary: Eliza just found out she was pregnant and she’d only been married to Alexander for five months. She was afraid that he wouldn’t be too thrilled, but he was determined to prove it otherwise.

Warning: hella fluff

Word Count: 3,498

“One spoonful of sugar or two?”

The words were nearly drowned out by the copy machines buzzing behind her. Not only that, but her eyes were weighed down from the exhaustion she was facing.

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Please You (M)

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**credit to original owner of gif  ヽ(^◇^*)/

pairing: jimin x reader
word count: 3.1k
request: Hi! If it’s not too much to ask, is it possible for you to do 2 different bdsm scenarios of jimin and jungkook. Where it gets really dirty lol. Thank you!!!
a/n: i literally cannot write after sex stuff to save my life I’m sorry, pls love me still. Jungkook’s part is tomorrow~~

⚠️  smut warning ⚠️

“Jimin?” you called softly, only to be met with a bitter silence through the halls of the dorm. Namjoon had called you and told you that Jimin wasn’t feeling to good so wasn’t going out with the other boys to get food, so you were the one that was going to have to look after him whilst they were out.

Not that you wouldn’t enjoy looking after Jimin, because his company was always appreciated. The only problem was that you were ninety nine point nine per cent sure he wasn’t actually sick - judging from the fact two hours ago he had FaceTimed you and he was laughing and joking like his usual, not-sick self.

So, either Namjoon was lying to you or Jimin was lying to everyone. The latter seemed more likely because Jimin had told the boys on more than one occasion that he was sick so that he could sneak you into the dorm, but you’d seen each other earlier. There was no point lying about the fact that sometimes Jimin was clingy (the good clingy - he’d always want to see you but he’d still understand that you had a life outside of him), but you really couldn’t think of why he’d need you back tonight.

Actually, you could. Who were you kidding, this was Park Jimin.

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chemistry - pynch fic

Summary: Ronan comes to Adam’s apartment to study for exams with him and it…escalates.

Rated: M, for “much smut”

Word Count: 1730

Someone knocked on the door of Adam Parrish’s apartment at St. Agnes’ Church. The closer Adam moved to the door, the harder his heartbeat, the louder his blood thrummed, the wilder his pulse became.

Because Ronan Lynch was coming over.

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“I love to kill fish,” Sayle went on. “But when I saw this specimen of Physalia Physalis, I knew I had to keep it. You see, it reminds me of myself.”

“It’s ninety-nine per cent water. It has no brain, no guts and no anus.” Alex had dredged up the facts from somewhere and spoken them before he knew what he was doing.

-Stormbreaker, Anthony Horowitz © 2000

Rafael Barba / “Show me what’s behind your back.”

Per the ask HERE, from the prompt list HERE 
Requests still open, but I gratefully ask for your patience! (4ish in queue)

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He was home early.

As in, days early. He wasn’t supposed to be back for at least another week. You hadn’t planned for this, hadn’t expected him to walk in that door.

Apparently, it was obvious. Considering how he froze the moment he watched the color fade from your face. Immediately, your arms flew to rest behind your spine, out of sight.

“Mi querida?” Rafael very slowly shut the door behind him, green eyes narrowed to a squint as he stared at you. That look, your stiff posture: you were hiding something. Last time you had that doe-eyed expression, you had accidentally washed a few of his nice shirts with a pen you hadn’t discovered in his pocket.

Distraction. “You’re HOME!” You cheered, and eagerly sauntered over on the balls of your feet so you could plant a silky smooth kiss on his chin, against the five o clock shadow that must have manifested during his airport travels. “I’ve missed you SO, how did the case go?”

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It’s the thought that counts

For @polarspaz who made me go all heart eye emoji for their spider peter 
also available on ao3


Peter paused. He wanted to blink. He would blink if he could. He would blink all eight of his eyes if he had eyelids just to provide some subtle indication of what he’s feeling.

He doesn’t know what he’s feeling.

Instead, Peter knitted his brows, the vertical furrows deeply pronounced by his confusion. Or bewilderment – it was some sort of feeling he could vaguely piece together, so at least he’s getting somewhere.


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dippica week day siedem


Day 7: Post-series.

If there’s one thing that Pacifica’s learned when it comes to growing older, it’s this: adults have no idea what they’re doing, but they sure as hell know how to pretend they do.

And so it is.

Weirdmeggadon, and her parents lose the Manor. They still live comfortably. They still live their life of lies. Pacifica has only one pony.

Twelve-year-old Pacifica fights her parents at every turn - screams, until temper tantrums are no longer a weapon, until being grounded means nothing, until she’s caught burning her family’s portraits; smiles sweetly like poison, speaks sharply like knives, spurns ceaselessly until she’s cast out at sixteen with a sting in her cheek, a tightness in her chest, and a dangerously low amount in her bank account; locks herself in endless battle with her family name until she is righteousness incarnate, untouchable, unmovable, unbreakable. But justice is always aloof and arrogant and alone, and while she has every townsperson’s support, they can hardly begin to fathom how much of her life is - will be - spent running.

She’s eighteen and sits in Lazy Susan’s diner and stirs her coffee to dissolve the sugar, duffel over her shoulder as she flicks her eyes over the acceptance letter from college. She knows one thing for certain: adults never had any idea what they’re doing, and she is no different. She has a high school diploma and a scholarship for a university down in California, she’s got her plane ticket and Robbie’s driving her to the airport, she’s got a debit card and her ID and her laptop and -

Susan puts her plate of pancakes in front of her and leans on the booth as she asks, “Whatcha gonna major in, darlin’?”

And Pacifica looks up, meets the woman’s eye, and says, “Anything that gets me out of here.”

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Dirty Laundry

A/N: To the anon that requested this, you are so much better than whoever cheated on you. They were a piece of crap, and you are a bad ass. <3

Request:  I was recently cheated on.🙄 and I was hoping you could do a fic where the reader is on supernatural and invited her boyfriend to have him come on stage for an important announcement and when he is up there you start singing dirty laundry by Carrie underwood with robs bands help and at one point the cast come out holding up his “dirty laundry” asically all the shirts you found with the other lipstick on it. He tries to leave the stage but j2m makes sure he can’t and he has to stay the whole time

No pairing. This is my first no pairing! Go easy on me :)

Warnings: none

Word Count: 1.2k

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You were fed up. You knew something was going on with Liam, but you never thought he would sink low enough to cheat on you. You had gathered up all of these disgusting shirts that you found while you were on break, the ones he threw in the back of your closet, and you had taken them with you to this weekend’s convention; you weren’t exactly sure why, but you did. His flight was due to get there right before you panel started tomorrow.

You were sitting in the green room, which was weirdly empty; and you started letting your thoughts get the best of you. This was honestly the first time you really had the time to think about it. All those times you’d be on the phone with Liam and he said he was ‘busy’. Or when he ignored you sometimes for days at a time, you always thought that he just missed you. You did film nearly two thousand miles away from home, who wouldn’t get upset sometimes?

All of these thoughts racing around in your head, you felt tears sting your eyes, and a small sob came out, you looked up to make sure you were alone before you let the tears fall. Being the idiot that you were sometimes, you picked up your phone and started looking through pictures of the two of you. Which only caused the tears to fall, when Jared and Jensen walked in - their panel must have just ended.

“Y/N? Are you crying?” Jensen asked, but you just wiped your tears away and looked up at him, shaking your head no, you knew that your voice would give you away.

“Seriously, Y/N, if something’s wrong you can tell us, what is it?” Jensen sure was persistent.

“It’s nothing, really.” your voice was shaky and fresh tears were just about to spill over.

“Y/N, come on..” Jared said as they both came and sat on either side of you. You were still holding your phone, a picture of you and Liam at the beach last year still on the screen.

“Is it Liam? Did you guys break up?” Jared asked, you glared at him for looking at your phone but he just threw his hands up, then placing one on your shoulder.

“N-not yet,” you choked out, you’d never cried in front of them before. “H-he cheated on me.” Was all you could get out before you started sobbing, you couldn’t hold it in anymore.

Jared pulled you into a hug and Jensen rubbed your back. You heard the door to the green room open.

“Hey guys..” Misha trailed off, “Y/N? Whats wrong?”

“Liam cheated on her.” Jensen said quietly.

All you heard from Misha was a chair pull out on at the table. You all sat in silence for a moment before you finally sat up. You were ready to talk.

“I found these shirts in my closet yesterday, with lipstick all over them and they smelled like some gross ninety-nine cent store perfume.” tears were still streaming down your face but you were able to hold back the sobs.

“I think I have an idea, Y/N. If you think you can handle it,” Jared said.

And the four of you came up with a plan.

The next day when it was time for your panel, you were already up on stage, Liam had just texted you saying he was on his way, and that he’d be in the audience when he got there. You were having a great time on stage, as always. This crowd was great. When your phone buzzed in your pocket you looked to where Liam should be, he was there. You announced that you wanted to sing a song for your ‘incredible’ boyfriend, and everyone went wild. Rob and his band joined you on stage, and you asked Liam to come up on stage, you gave him a kiss on the cheek, a smirk, and sat him down in your chair.

The audience really went crazy when Jared, Jensen, and Misha walked out on stage. They all gave you a hug and said hi to Liam, the music started playing, and you started singing.

That lipstick on your collar, well, it ain’t my shade of pink,

And I can tell by the smell of your perfume, it’s like forty dollars to cheap

As you singing the song you started going through your big purse that you had up on stage with you.

Found it over in the corner,

wadded up on the bedroom floor,

You shoulda hit it in the closet,

You shoulda burned it,

You shoulda lost it

You held up the first shirt for everyone to see, pointing to the lipstick stain. The audience caught on and there was a mixture of cheering for you, and booing for Liam. It took him longer than it should have to catch on, but when he did, he jumped up and tried to storm off stage. He was acting as if this was your fault; but you were determined to get it through his head that this was all him.

Now I’ma have to hang you out to dry, dry, dry

Clothespin all your secrets to the line, line, line

Leave ‘em blowing in the wind, just to say goodbye to you,

All those midnights sneaking in,

I’m late again, oh, I’m so sorry,

All the Ajax in the world ain’t gonna clean your dirty laundry

As Liam was attempting to storm off stage, Misha caught his arm, him and Jared marched him right back to his chair. Jensen sat down next to him. You threw his nasty shirt at him as you grabbed the next one-pointing out the stains and throwing that one at him too. But the final shirt you pulled out, was the hardest. It was your favorite shirt of his. It had more than just lipstick stains on it. Which was just, gross. You struggled through the last few verses of the song, but luckily rob had been singing with you, which made it a little easier.

Now I’ma have to hang you out to dry, dry, dry

Clothespin all your secrets to the line, line, line

Leave ‘em blowing in the wind, just to say goodbye to you,

All those midnights sneaking in,

I’m late again, oh, I’m so sorry,

All the Ajax in the world ain’t gonna clean your dirty laundry

Out to dry,

To the line

When the music stopped playing, you threw the final shirt in Liam’s face, turned to him with every ounce of confidence you had and said, “Liam, I’m going to hand you my microphone, you’re going to admit to what you did. You were then going to apologize to me, and then we’re going to be done.”

He looked at you speechless, looking on either side of him. The boys were not going to let him get up. So he did as you said, he took your mic, sighed, and said, “Y/N, I-I cheated on you; and-and I’m sorry.” He was sincere. Which is all you asked of him.

“Thank you, Liam. Now leave.”

He probably couldn’t have gotten up and left any faster if he tried. You were glad that was over with. Jensen, Jared, Misha, and Rob all brought you into a group hug. When they let go, they left the stage and let you finish your panel. You were excited to start this new chapter in your life. A chapter where you could worry about yourself for awhile.

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“Do not be scared of the word authority. Believing things on authority only means believing them because you have been told them by someone you think trustworthy. Ninety-nine per cent of the things you believe are believed on authority. … We believe them simply because people who did see them have left writings that tell us about them: in fact, on authority. A man who jibbed at authority in other things as some people do in religion would have to be content to know nothing all his life.”
— C.S. Lewis


Nine Ninety-nine Cents African American E-books

Great Speeches by African Americans: Frederick Douglass, Sojourner Truth, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Barack Obama, and Others by James Daley  [BOOK LINK]

The Souls of Black Folk by W. E. B. Du Bois  [BOOK LINK]

Not Without Laughter by Langston Hughes  [BOOK LINK]

Unmistakably Black: Sculpture and Paintings From The World’s First Civilisation by Anu M'Bantu  [BOOK LINK]

Twelve Years a Slave: Plus Five American Slave Narratives, Including Life of Frederick Douglass, Uncle Tom’s Cabin, Life of Josiah Henson, Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl, Up From Slavery by Solomon Northup  [BOOK LINK]

Narrative of Sojourner by Sojourner Truth  [BOOK LINK]

Up from Slavery by Booker T. Washington  [BOOK LINK]

The Mis-Education of the Negro by Carter Godwin Woodson  [BOOK LINK]

When I Was a Slave: Memoirs from the Slave Narrative Collection edited by Norman R. Yetman  [BOOK LINK]

It's 4.99

People think it’s cute when I get infuriated over just four dollars and ninety-nine cents.

They make jokes about they just threw some away. How they trampled on it. How they treated it like nothing. They consider me an easily angered person, because I get mad over such a small amount of money.

They don’t see shining colors. They don’t see 3 am’s getting up in the middle of the night to make sure he’s okay. They don’t see the way she gets excited the first time she sees me first thing in the morning. They don’t see how proud I get to see my babies grown up and happy.

They see 4.99. They see a fish. So they don’t see anything at all.

finclegirlsx  asked:

i have no idea what the foxhole court is but based purely off that post about aaron and kevin and coffee it sounds pure and gay

You’re right about the gay part…but definitely not about the pure part, oh gosh. It’s a book trilogy (actually named All for the Game) by Nora Sakavic that you can get for ninety nine cents each on kindle! Or, they’re available for less than ten bucks each in paperback. Here’s the link to them, and here’s the synopsis of the first book:

“Neil Josten is the newest addition to the Palmetto State University Exy team. He’s short, he’s fast, he’s got a ton of potential—and he’s the runaway son of the murderous crime lord known as The Butcher.

Signing a contract with the PSU Foxes is the last thing a guy like Neil should do. The team is high profile and he doesn’t need sports crews broadcasting pictures of his face around the nation. His lies will hold up only so long under this kind of scrutiny and the truth will get him killed.

But Neil’s not the only one with secrets on the team. One of Neil’s new teammates is a friend from his old life, and Neil can’t walk away from him a second time. Neil has survived the last eight years by running. Maybe he’s finally found someone and something worth fighting for.”

They’re really good, and I highly recommend them! Just a fair warning though: there is a lot of trigger warnings placed on this book, a list of which you can find here!