it was nice to brush ink again


~*Inktober Day 12*~

Based on one of first decent doodles of Ryuji/Skull I made, with said doodle posted again :v And here I was thinking I got better at drawing him… XD
//Also there’s just a normal crappy lineart there too, you’re free to color it or sth if u wanna :v Just let me know tho bc that would be cool XD//

It’s been a while!! Finally got to jam with some cool people yesterday and paint a thing, I’m still getting settled with the move and the job and the whole life upended bit. 

Watercolor and gouache! My ink exploded in transit (again…) but I discovered on accident that Holbein’s Neutral Tint watercolor is pretty damn opaque if you mix it right. So I’m using that : D . Flows real easy off the brush too, super nice.  

Sammy’s Plan

Rubberhose AU belongs to @yunisverse

A sort of follow up to the previous story.

Sammy hated his current state of existence, so he was determined to do something about it. Henry had somehow managed to achieve toon-dom, so Sammy was going to find out how to do it himself. He couldn’t get a lot of information out of Henry, not after calling him an idiot. Sammy was a right bastard, but he wasn’t an idiot. He knew when to back off. So Henry was out of the question for the moment. The only other person he could think to ask would be Bendy, and he doubted the little devil was going to be all too pleased with him now that he had mostly regained his sanity. He knew he’d freaked Bendy out in his mindless cultist state, but at least his feelings had been positive toward Bendy. Now that he was back to normal, his outlook wasn’t quite so rosy when it came to the demon.

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Bet - Draco x Reader

Hi, I hope you guys like this! This went up sooner than I said it would, but I really liked this request… Let me know what you think!! :)

Y/N - Your name
Y/F/N - Your first name
Y/L/N - Your last name
E/C - Eye color

Request - anon: Hello love! I loveeee your imagines, you are an incredibly talented writer xx could you do a Draco x reader imagine, where Draco has a huge crush on the reader, but she’s hesitant because she knows how evil he is towards others that aren’t his kind? so he has to prove that he can be kind and a good person, and she changed him for the better?Ex that I think would be cool; crabbe and Goyle pick on her, and he stops them/defends her?can the reader be a ravenclaw,thank you xx sorry if it’s too much!

Warnings - a little bullying.. let me know if there are more!

Originally posted by perfectfeelings

Y/N sat in the Transfiguration classroom, waiting for class to begin. She’d had a good morning so far. Her toast had had just the prefect amount of cinnamon and her Pumpkin juice was exactly what she’d needed. She observed the other students in the classroom.   As she turned around in her seat, she glanced to the back of the room. There was a group of girls giggling loudly and walking with a tall blond hair blue eyed boy. Her E/C eyes met his and she quickly turned back around to face the front.

“Hey gorgeous.” the boy whispered in her ear.

A pair of hands rested on her waist. She turned around quickly and rose from her seat. Between when their eyes had locked and now, he’d lost the group of girls. Standing in front of her now was the most annoying boy in the Slytherin house - Draco Malfoy. She raised her hands to rest on his chest.

“Hi Malfoy.” she whispered. He smirked and Y/N rolled her eyes, pushing him away.

“Ah come on, you know you want me, Y/L/N.” he replied.

“You wish.” she scoffed and took her seat. Draco sat in his seat next to the girl.  She opened her mouth to tell him to move, but she wasn’t quick enough because  Professor McGonagall arrived and began their lesson for the day.

After an annoyingly large amount of time spent by Draco trying to mess Y/N up while she was taking notes, they had about five minutes until class let out. They were supposed to be practicing vanishing spells, but the mischievous boy had other plans. His hand danced its way across the desk towards the girl. She was so focused on trying to make the snail in front of her disappear - and perhaps making the boy next to her disappear - she took no notice of the pale hand making it’s way towards her.

Draco’s hand slid off the desk and rested on Y/N’s knee. She squealed and jumped away from him. Scowling, she grabbed her books off the table and slid them into her bag. As she turned to leave, he caught her arm.

“Why do you hate me?” he asked.

“I don’t hate you. Hate is a strong word.”

“Then why won’t you date me?”

“You’re mean to people, Malfoy! Why would I, or anyone else that has half a brain  want to date someone like that? Why would I put myself in that situ-“

“Alright then, let’s make a bet.” he cut her off. She scoffed for the second time that day, looking into his eyes.

“Why would I make a bet with you?”

“If I prove to you that I can be a nice person, you have to let me take you on a date. If I don’t prove it, I’ll leave you alone and we never have to talk again. Deal?”

She considered his offer. Y/F/N Y/L/N falling for a Malfoy - or any Slytherin- was highly unlikely. If he proved to be a good person, maybe she could have feelings for the boy. If he proved that he couldn’t abandon his ways, she’d have the satisfaction of him never talking to her again.

“Alright, you have yourself a deal.” She decided and stuck out her hand to shake on it. Draco stood up, grabbed her hand, and pulled her closer. She squealed again.

“You’ll be mine in no time little Ravenclaw.” he smirked. Dropping her hand, he picked up his bag and sauntered out of the room. Flustered, Y/N followed him out into the hallway.

A few weeks had passed and Draco had kept up his antics. He flirted with Y/N whenever he could. She liked to brush it off, but she couldn’t ignore the fact that Draco was being nicer to people. He’d notice her paying attention and he’d purposefully do something nice. If someone needed extra ink or parchment, Draco was always the one to offer. He had stopped making fun of people and to Y/N’s knowledge seemed to be holding up his end of their bet.

Until one day - after Draco had relentlessly flirted with her throughout the entire Potions test and she had let his arm touch hers and his fingers travel down the small of her back - did she see that Draco wasn’t holding up his end of the bet. They had made their way into the hallway. Y/N was walking slowly behind the big group of students heading who knows where when she saw Draco shoving his way through the crowd. She picked up her speed until she was a safe distance behind the boy. A small first year Gryffindor had accidentally bumped into the tall boy and he grabbed the boy by the collar of his robes.  

“Watch where you’re going, Mudblood! Why can’t you lot just keep to yourselves? I’m so sick of bumping into you with every corner I turn.” Draco shouted at the child. Y/N gasped as a circle started to form around the two. A pair of blue eyes met her E/C ones. Draco’s hand dropped the first year’s robes and his mouth formed an “o” shape.

“Y/N, I- I- I didn’t mean it. I was just upset because of the test week took I-“ he stuttered. She ignored his out of character stuttering.

“Save it, Malfoy. I knew you couldn’t change! Don’t ever talk to me again. The bet is off.” she interrupted and pushed her way through the gawking crowd. Draco watched as she walked away from him and out of his life. How did he always mess up everything good in his life?

Two months had passed and Draco’s attempted flirtations had stopped. At first, he’d tried to keep it up, but she pushed him away every time he tried. Y/N was currently making her way down a hallway and towards the library. There were two people blocking her path and a third leaning against the wall.

She sucked in a breath as she saw the tall blond boy. It was the first time she’d looked at him in weeks. He was paler than usual and his eyes were downcast. His hair stuck up in a few places. His arms were crossed and his lanky figure was leaning on the wall with one foot raised and pressed against the wall. Crabbe and Goyle were in a sumo wrestling position in the middle of the hallway. Her feet came to a stop and she hugged her books to her chest. Turning around, she was determined to find a different way to her favorite spot. Crabbe and Goyle had different plans.

“Hey Y/L/N, where are you going?” Crabbe shouted after her. Draco’s head snapped in her direction. She turned around and glanced at him before setting her sights on the hallway in front of her. She’d just go to the library this way. They already saw her and avoiding them seemed stupid now.

“I’m going to the library to get smarter. You should try it sometime.” she replied making her way past them. Before she could safely cross, a hand came out and knocked the books from her hand.

“Can’t get smart without your books, now can you?” Goyle laughed as he kicked one down the stone hallway. Crabbe snickered and kicked two more in the opposite direction. Y/N sighed, annoyed by their boyish actions.

“Leave her alone, you bloody idiots! She’s smarter than the two of you combined. Now go find food to stuff your faces with and don’t bother coming back!” Draco barked. The two boys jumped at the loud voice. Their eyes widened and they backed off down the hallway.

“If you think that defending me is going to make me forgive you, then you’re wrong. You don’t have to defend me, I’m fine all by myself, thanks.” Y/N replied. She bent over to pick up her books while Draco made his way to retrieve the one Crabbe had kicked earlier.

“It was one time, Y/N. I slipped up. I was having a bad day.” Draco tried explaining. Y/N paused in her walk down the opposite end of the hallway.

“So who’s to say that you wouldn’t snap like that if I dated you?” she asked, picking up the book that Goyle had kicked earlier.

“Because I’m so bloody into you I can’t see straight! That’s not a reason, but these months without talking to you or touching you have killed me. You keep me sane, Y/N! Don’t you understand?” he yelled and she jumped. The hallway was void of anyone but the two teenagers. The two stared at each other without a word for awhile. Finally, Draco crossed the distance between them. He handed over her books and she put them all in her bag - a lesson she wouldn’t have to be taught again.

His hands slowly reached out towards hers. She let him intertwine their fingers. She looked around the hallway before settling her gaze on his face.

“Are you sure you can’t forgive me? I promise I’ll be better… and you can punish me if I start being mean to people again.” he winked and she laughed.

“How about we give it a try? If it doesn’t work, it doesn’t work.” she suggested and his eyes lit up. He grinned.

“Are you being serious?”

“Yes, I’m being serious. Now kiss me, you git.”  Draco grabbed Y/N’s face with his hands and their lips met. Y/N felt sparks she didn’t think she would feel. She hoped she had made the right choice. Draco was glad that he had been so persistent. If he hadn’t taken a chance, where would they be now? Pulling away, Draco spoke.

“By the way, I think I win the bet.”

Repost from @binals_ ・・・ October Art Snacks Challenge | Really awesome box this month with Marabu Graphix fineliners, a purple ZIG Fudebiyori, orange Winsor & Newton ink, a Protégé round brush, a Speedball 512 nib and holder, and an Adam J. Kurtz pencil pin. Finally started playing around with the supplies late last night while waiting on the meteor shower and this happened. Definitely not used to doing linework last (as the fineliners are water soluble), but I had fun with this. It’s nice to play in my sketchbook again. Cheated and used a white gel pen to add some more “stars” to the dress, as I colored over half of them by mistake. [ #artsnacks #artsnackschallenge #Inktober #inktober2017 #ink #halloween #bat #bats #demon #demongirl #marabugraphix #zigfudebiyori #winsorandnewton #sketchbook #beepaper ]

anonymous asked:

soumako + 100: "I'm a lot of things that you wouldn't expect."

Of course I had to turn this into a florist x tattoo artist AU. Because I’m trash. And of course I had to get really, REALLY carried away. Dammit, anon. You asked for a drabble and you get a novel, you lil punk.


The pretty, pretty boy with the piercings and the ivy tattoo came to Sousuke’s flower shop with the first blossoms of spring. 

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frederickthehorse  asked:

Hot damn your art is fab!! Do you have a favorite set of brushes, or do you usually create your own?


I try to create my own sometimes using the default photoshop brushes with a few adjustments I learned from other artists for harder or textured edged linework which is pretty good.

Recently I’ve been using Kyle’s which are really nice inking brushes and Freden has some good ones as well. 

Then again if you’re looking for great free brushes, I really like Cale Atkinson’s brushes, the textures are fantastic. I also really like stumpy pencil and I’ve been using that for a long time which is free as well.

I know I have a ton more brushes I use but I really do have to hunt around. To be honest there is a lot of artists who are very generous with sharing their brushes and I owe them my soul.


my chinese fans sent me a gift package for chinese new year and it just arrived and I just cant stop myself from smiling cus I’m soooo happy ;__; I’ve been chatting with them for a long time now and this is so thoughtful of them because almost all the gifts are personalized to have my name or Carciphona’s Chinese title 魔韵 engraved on them ;__; I feel so bad at the same time because I’ve been so busy that I haven’t drawn much CP stuff or kept up the chinese translations for months, not to mention the direction the current story is going lacks 500% Blackbird, and they’re all bbvel shippers I’M SO NOT WORTHY OF THESE GIFTS……………….. but I swear I will work hard to step up my game on all those aspects to the best of my ability, and FILL THAT GORGEOUS SKETCH BOOK WITH BBXVEL BECAUSE I OWE THEM AT LEAST THAT MUCH

I haven’t posted the gifts I received for more than a year due to closing my blog but everyone who has ever given me stuff at cons or online, I want to thank you again ;___; i love you all carciphona readers Q___Q

edelwood  asked:

Hey your art is really RAD! I get so inspired looking through your blog! Your art varies so much and comes in diff shapes and sizes! But I especially love how you ink, can I ask what you use to line your art?

Ahh! Thank you so much 

Here’s a list of my favorite (most used) supplies for inking:

1. Pilot Pocket Brush Pen (Soft):

  I use this pen almost every day! I LOVE the variety of lines you can get with it, and it’s so easy to go from feathered strokes to more crisp, brush-like lines that this is my go-to pen for most of my inked drawings. The  felt tip has not lost its firmness, nor has it frayed or dried out since I first bought it. When I draw, the ink is dark and consistent! I have not had any problems with ink bubbling at the tip or seeping from anywhere the pen is put together.

Its $5.00 over at - a bit pricey for any pen in my opinion (I can be cheap hehe..) but It’s lasted me since May, so like five months!) It’s just now starting to dry out, and like I said I use it almost every day (granted, I’m not filling in large black spaces with it but yeah)

My only issue is that there are no refill cartridges available for this pen. I’m looing into trying to refil it with ink from the bottle though so we’ll see how that goes - maybe I’ll do an update. 

Overall, I think the Pilot Brush Pen is fantastic - great for the small doodles and even pages.

2. Zebra Brush Pen (Hard)

Great for filling in medium black spaces with ink. 

3. Zig Cartoonist Magaka Flexible ( Medium )

Got this from Artsnacks! I highly recommend an artsnacks commission if you can~

This pen has been pretty good so far. Again, the nib has yet to wear out - it’s still good as new. 

I don’t really like that when I hold it from the side the line is not consistent at all. I normally draw at an angle so this is kind of a turn off for me. You have to hold it exactly upright to get the crisp lines it offers. I use it for quic hashes for shading or for thick outlines. It’s alright - I’m glad Artsnacs sent it to me! It’s got its uses I suppose.

4. Speedball White Calligraphy Ink

I’ve recently started using white ink with a fountain pen and I love it! Now my white lines can be as crisp and even thinner than the black ones - it really makes the illustration pop.

The ink is very bold. It doesn’t fade to a near-transparent gray when it dries like my white pens did. I prefer these over white pens, but a good gel pen alternative would be the Uni-ball Signo!

5. Pilot VPen

  Great for when I want consistent , sharp lines. The VPen feels just like a regular fountain pen. It doesn’t offer the range of line thickness a regular fountain pen does, but its fantastic when I’m inking on the go~

6. Tachikawa Comic Pen Nib Holder

  My favorite pen nib holder. I’ve been using these since highschool. They are very small and portable - durable and they fit in my pencil case! Also my second favorite color - so cute! ^-^

7. Zebra Brush Pen ( Fine )

  Meh, not my favorite pen out of the bunch. It’s got this hard, dry texture when I use it. Pretty good for shading and medium sized outlines, but that’s about all I use it for. Honestly I don’t use this pen much, and again, to get a line that doesn’t fade you have to be holding the pen exactly upright. The tip is stiff and holds its shape though.

8. #6 PROtege 522 Round Brush

  I’m just learning how to ink with a real brush so I can’t say much about this one except that I got it from Artsnacks and I’m not used to nice brushes - The brush holds its shape great and is very springy - I like it. I us it for thick, bold and swoopy lines. But again I’m still practicing. :)

9. Higgins Black Magic Ink

  My favorite ink since highschool. I like how dark it is and how easily it flows of the fountain pen nib.

10. Mitsubishi Vermillion/Prussian Blue Pencil

  My new favorite pencils to make an undersketch with! This was just an experimental buy. Honestly any old crayola does just fine I just like the vibrancy of the red and blue colors~


As you can probably tell I get most of my supplies from

It’s just a great place to make a one-stop-shop purchase of quality inking and comic making supplies and I would highly recommend them. If you know of any other places to get great inking supplies though, I’d love to hear about it! ^_^

Haaappy inking~


I failed Inktober last year, but i’ll try again this year. The nibs i had were wrong though blegh. And all the paper I have on hand was bleedy so that was.. not great. Gonna use some cheap daiso brush pens for the rest of them.

Inking in general is severe insecurity for me, I fee like compared to most of my peers I can’t make it work and it never looks nice. That’s why almost all my art isn’t really inked, either it’s a sketchy line or it’s painted lines (same layer as the colors) It’s hard not to get discouraged because it’s basically a month of being reminded how bad you are at this one thing LOL.

But I should use it as a chance to study and improve instead of mope, even if everyone can see it XD

Sorry things were so quiet today, folks, but I was putting this sucker together for @thisishannako ‘s show Inked, over at Stone Way Cafe in Seattle! Everything but the red and gold is good old Speedball ink (the others are Prismacolor and Sharpie, respectively.) It was nice to break out the nibs and brushes again! Alas, now my hands look a lot like this lady’s.