it was nice to brush ink again

It’s been a while!! Finally got to jam with some cool people yesterday and paint a thing, I’m still getting settled with the move and the job and the whole life upended bit. 

Watercolor and gouache! My ink exploded in transit (again…) but I discovered on accident that Holbein’s Neutral Tint watercolor is pretty damn opaque if you mix it right. So I’m using that : D . Flows real easy off the brush too, super nice.  

Saw this movie on Saturday cus my cool as all hell friend got me some free tickets to a screening and Q&A with the director!

As soon as I got home I just knew I had to draw at least Hiro and Baymax and because I’m a sucker for Kamen Rider poses I had to draw the pair in Ichigo and Nigo’s poses. Seriously though go watch the film, it was really emotional and very nicely animated, oh my god. Plus the short ‘Feast’ before it was an evolution of paperman and continued that wonderful 3D but 2D looking art style.

But a lil bit about this pic, I actually inked this traditionally, after the miku pic I thought I should go back to basics it irl before I go back to doing it digitally again, simply because I really need to get down line weights.

Colouring wise I had a blast using some of brushes from here this awesome tumblr user Really helped pushed a lot of elements.

Anyway for artwork I’m not doing too bad this year haha!

I failed Inktober last year, but i’ll try again this year. The nibs i had were wrong though blegh. And all the paper I have on hand was bleedy so that was.. not great. Gonna use some cheap daiso brush pens for the rest of them.

Inking in general is severe insecurity for me, I fee like compared to most of my peers I can’t make it work and it never looks nice. That’s why almost all my art isn’t really inked, either it’s a sketchy line or it’s painted lines (same layer as the colors) It’s hard not to get discouraged because it’s basically a month of being reminded how bad you are at this one thing LOL.

But I should use it as a chance to study and improve instead of mope, even if everyone can see it XD