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TLDR; I’m a queer ladyshape in lifelong poverty looking to have literally any kind of income at all, and ideally to go to technical school this winter. I have weird enough brain wiring that I can’t get past the interview stage of getting a job, so without a major skill I’m kind of sunk in terms of making literally any money at all. I’ve slept on various floors for the past three years.

What your money pays for: Supplies to make more cool stuff, clothes and other supplies for schooling, phone bill, social hobbies that keep me sane in lieu of antidepressants.

Items listed not your thing? WATCH THIS SPACE, because more (and different) stuff will appear here in the future! Donations (to ) via Paypal are also always extremely appreciated, but I understand just how many people out there are asking.

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maybe Clarke didn't love Wells the way she loved Finn and L/exa (specifically L/exa), i get that. Maybe Clarke fell in love with her in a way unlike any other. but regardless, L/exa did not deserve a season and a half mourning while Wells who did everything he could to protect Clarke, was forgotten an episode after he died.

i’m tired of people romantic love as the be all end all. platonic love is just as important, so is familial love. and i’ll always always always be bitter about wells

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i want to be temporarily transported to the 100 universe so i can grab octanakin by her hair and scream at her YOU DONT OWN PERSONAL TRAGEDY!!! EVERYONE HAS LOST SOMEONE AND MOST OF THEM WERE FRIENDS THEYVE KNOWN THEIR ENTIRE LIVES AND THEIR ACTUAL FAMILY MONTY KILLED HIS MOTHER SAVING YOUR ASS IDK WHY YOU THINK LOSING YOUR BOYFRIEND OF FIVE AND A HALF HOURS THAT YOU LEFT EVERYONE FOR (i know she claims being there for her ppl but i have a hard time believing that) IS SOMEHOW MORE TRAUMATIZING?!

she’s just selfish and before anyone tries to defend her with ‘oh she’s just a kid, these are extenuating circumstances’ just remember that ALL of them are kids

listen to the wise words from melinda may

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I know you've given Jily recs before, but if you don't mind me asking, what in your opinion is the best canon Jily fic you've ever read? And I mean as a completed work. Also, could you give any updates on the Bellarke fics you're working on?

rn i’m working on the second chapter of my s1 fwb fic and my anastasia au for bellarke and i have some other things i want to do for them too, but those are the main ones.

i gotta be honest with you, i haven’t read any actual, long, canon jily fic in…. years maybe. i read aus most of the time, and oneshots but favourite canon ones that are complete….. i would say Turning Tables by @scared-of-clouds (it’s 200k+, complete, and has a sequel) (plus it’s written by nikki who’s absolutely fab)

‘It’s time for your digital examination, Poppet.’

Senpai Seven, dedicated to @11daysofhell