it was naturally so dark & hard to colour!

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Hey I've just started a studyblr and I was wondering if you had any tips on photographing notes & using different fonts when handwriting 🌸

I love this ask! Bear in mind though that this is just my experience, there might be photography pros who laugh about this haha

Photographing Notes

  • I use my iPhone SE to take my photos (now that I have a brand new Canon EOS I’ll start using that though). You absolutely don’t need an expensive camera to take photos, your phone works just fine! 
  • Black ink on white paper is usually the easiest to photograph. It gets tricky with blue ink (speaking from experience) because the ink becomes less prominent when you edit the picture. Colours should be highlighters or fineliners or something like that because crayons will also be hardly visible. 
  • I find it easier to take pictures against a background that has a contrast against the white paper (wooden desks, grass, rooms, blankets…). Since I have a white desk, that’s sometimes difficult to achieve. They key with white desks is to adjust exposure and contrast in such a way that it doesn’t make the desk look grey against the paper, but also not like a fluid transition between paper and desk so you can still see where your paper ends. (I don’t always manage to do that either so my advice would be to not use white desks lmao) 
  • Natural lighting is usually the best. Not directly in the sun because I find that it makes editing quite hard (vibrant colours especially in the background if you’re in nature), but near the window is the easiest. Draw your curtains back if necessary. 
  • If you don’t have natural lighting, don’t despair. Pictures taken in the evening or night, in a dark room with only  a desk lamp, can look really cozy! 
  • If you also don’t have natural lighting during the day (library, rain..), you can trick everyone with editing the picture. Try not to have a lot of shadows in your picture, and you’ll be fine! 
  • For editing: I usually use a horizontal or square format for pictures of my notes, very rarely a vertical one (only if I think a page really looks awesome as a whole). Crop your picture until you’re happy with it! This gives you the chance to cut off blank paper edges, pens on your desk etc etc 
  • I usually edit in the following way: crop, + exposure, + filter if needed, +contrast, - temperature if needed, play around with gamma correction if necessary, lighten shadows, sharpen details if needed. add filters as you wish. 
  • If you’re not sure which filter to use, save several versions of the photo with different filters, upload them all in one post and compare them side by side, then delete the ones you don’t want. For example, I often underestimate the exposure I need for tumblr. 

Handwriting Fonts 

  • I use different fonts for titles and subtitles and my normal handwriting for the text - block letters for revision, cursive for class notes. 
  • Don’t use too many different fonts. You’ll get confused and eventually use the wrong one and be frustrated. Three or four fonts including your normal handwriting should be enough. (If you’re having fun with it and want to do more, I’m not stopping you though!) 
  • You can combine different fonts with different colours to make them stand out more (good if you’re a visual learner!)
  • For inspiration, please have a look at rhianne’s aka @studypetalsbanner tag and font tag! It’s an incredible collection and extremely satisfying to look at. 
  • You can also consider using different forms of bullet points (flags, arrows etc) to give your notes even more structure. :) 

I hope this helped! 

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I saw you posted about how people can make icon requests, I've been looking for an icon of the forehead touch in 2x10. Preferably the moment when Alec has his eyes shut and Magnus is smiling. Is this something you'd be able to do? Background color a dark red, or blue, whatever feels best.

hello! okay so first of all, sorry!  i tried doing the dark red, but because the natural background of the scene is so light, it was really hard getting all of it out, and when i did for some reason it looked….weird…the dark blue ones turned out okay but i also added some light blue ones and other light ones in case you wanted some variety, because i think they ended up looking a bit better! let me know if you want something different in terms of colour though and i can do that instead :)

anyway, 100x100, 9 icons (of malec), anyone can use them if they want them! 

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when you get this, it would be cool to post 10 facts about yourself and then pass it along to 10 followers :)

Oh god, it was hard. I’m boring perosn so facts are boring too. But thank you sweetie❤️ (btw, I know who you are even with anon lol) 

1. My birthday is 27.10 (I was born in 1998)

2. I’m in vocational school and my profession is hospitality management. 

3. My natural hair colour is dark blonde but I’m dying my hair (idk even why i started to dying them because I liked my natural colour)

4. I love traveling and cultures from all over the world 

5. I like randomly hugging and pecking (but only people that I’m close to)

6. I hate when people are talking about me behind my back. (even if it’s something nice, I don’t like this) 

7. People are saying that I’m mean, rude and savage (mostly because I’m honest and saying out of loud when I don’t like something) but in the other hand I’m funny, kind hearted and nice(it doesn’t even make sense) 

8. I hate when someone is blowing at my face or neck

9. My dream was to be psychiatrist or probation officer 

10. I’m not good in showing my real feelings. I’m hiding everything inside and waiting till someone will see what I really feel lol

 It was tiring. I didn’t knew that writing facts about myself could be that hard

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A - Are you allergic to anything? 
I have a lot of pollen allergies, a minor cat allergy, and an ~unconfirmed~ allergy to at least one kind of seafood 

B - Birthday?
November 21st, but I absolutely hate that day, so Fuck That I’m gonna start celebrating it in October. what’s anyone gonna do to stop me?? baking cake early isn’t illegal 

C - Cats, dogs or both?
I love both

D - Do you prefer sunrise or sunset?
Sunset, usually if I see the sun rising it’s because I couldn’t sleep at all 

E - Early bird or night owl?
I’m more of a night owl I guess

F - Favourite food?
That’s a very hard question uhhhhhhh 

G - Good at?
I have a lot of ideas?

H - Hair colour?
Dark brown naturally but right now I have faded blue-green hair and Kozume Kenma roots fnjsdfksd

The Perils Of University Research Reports

Writing university research reports can be hard, so allow me to offer some advice based on having marked hundreds of the aforementioned reports.

  • Use white paper for your report. Contradictory to common belief, you do not get extra marks for using strangely coloured paper. Yellow paper may catch the marker’s attention, but not in a good way. My personal favourite was a research report that was printed entirely on light purple paper. Naturally, the writing was printed in dark blue ink instead of black, because why not?
  • Do not put fancy borders on your report. I think that pages with interesting borders are nice to look at. They are not, however, appropriate for university research reports… especially if the borders are rainbow coloured.
  • Use sensible page margins. Some students appear to believe that the more pages their report is, the better their grade will be. This is generally not true. Even more unfortunately, rather than write more, some students simply choose to use ridiculous page margins. My favourite was a student who used page margins so wide that the actual area of each page devoted to the writing was roughly the size of a postcard. Their report had so many pages. They did not do well.
  • Word limits exist for a reason. If the word limits is 2000 words, writing 3000 words will not get you more marks. It simply wouldn’t be fair to give you a high mark when other students have adhered to the word limit. On the other hand, there is such a thing as being too brief. If you have a 2000 word limit, and your report is 500 words long, you are doing it wrong. The shortest report I’ve ever seen (relative to word limit) was a 100 word research report when the word limit was 1500 words. As you can imagine, they did not pass.
  • Use the correct kind of graph. Imagine that you’re checking people’s accuracy on a test given four different experimental conditions. What is the appropriate kind of graph to use? The answer is not a pie chart. Making it a 3-D pie chart with shadowing does not make it correct either.
  • Actually learn what a research report is. Research reports have a particular style and format that can vary depending on which subject you’re doing. In any case, make sure you actually know what is involved in a research report. It’s not unusual for me to see research reports that do not bare even a remote resemblance to what they’re supposed to be. One of my personal favourites was a long, rambling thing that was written almost entirely in first person and didn’t bother with paragraphing. It was also written in what I think was some distant linguistic relative of English.
  • Know what class you’re in. For first year students, research reports are often marked by their tutor. It is thus vital to know your tutor’s name and what class you belong to. Simply approaching a random member of staff is unlikely to work. And, yes, I have seen people do this.
  • Hand your research report in on time. Marks are usually deducted for late reports. Before deliberately handing in your report late, ask yourself: will the extra time actually improve your report? If the answer is no, then just submit it and get it over with. That aside, I’ve seen students go to great lengths to submit reports on time. I once saw a student arrive without shoes and with bleeding feet to submit a report five minutes before it would have been considered late. That is what I call dedication.
  • Do not plagiarise, especially from someone in the same class. Plagiarism is wrong. It’s basically academic fraud. But some forms of plagiarism are dumber than others, like plagiarising from the person you sit next to in class each week. Yeah, we’ll catch people who do that. The only thing dumber is coping the recommended readings word for word (yes, people actually do that). That applies double if I’m the one who has written the recommended reading.

Despite some of the odd things that I’ve seen, I’ve also seen some good reports. I’ve also seen people who’ve written horrifically bad reports go on to write very good reports after a bit of practice. 

splattered - c.h. part 3

A/N: Part 3 cool

Prompt: You and Calum had been dating for about 11 months now. He was an artist, and you were just a college student, but together, you made it work. At least you thought you did, until you started to notice Calum’s sudden strange behavior around you, and everything went downhill.

Words: 1,568

Requested?: Nope



You woke up to the sudden blaring of your phone, groaning as were forced to open your eyes. You immediately notice Calum isn’t in the room, making you sigh. You squint at your phone, seeing Ashton was calling you. So, you painfully force yourself to press the answer button and plop your head right back onto the bed.

“Y/N!” He exclaims. A solid 15 seconds pass when you don’t reply, expecting him to continue.

“What the hell do you want, Irwin.” You huff.

“Oh! So, I got spur-of-the-moment tickets to this local band down in the city! You’ve probably never heard of them but you might like them, so why not?” He blurts cheerfully. 

“Why can’t you take Calum?”

“He said he’s busy, but that’s okay because I would rather take you anyways.”

“So why’d you call Calum then?”

“Shut up,” He giggles. “Be ready in 30 minutes, I’m picking you up.”

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