it was my moms before i was even born


Monet said he had some info that concerned the whole family, so we all gathered around after the obligatory hugs from the whole family.

“So, Cadence. My mother. Her and my father divorced shortly after i was born. I never understood why they had another child, because my mother was already old when she had me- then I found out I had a brother. Prelude. He had died in a car accident.”

At that, I saw Mama and Mom look sadly at each other. I’d always heard the three of them were really good friends, even if that was before Moms got together.

“She hadn’t told me until i was in middle school. I found some old photo album and asked who the person was. You were in there too,” he said, looking at Mama. “I’m guessing the graduation photo?”

“I remember that,” Mama said. “Continue, please.”

Lock and Key (M)

*I am so tired*

Requests: Anon asked “Can you make like a dirty y/n imagine of Jimin please??” + @bangtanofarmys asked “ FUCK FUCK FUCK OMG FINALLY SOMEONE’S REQUEST IS OPEN. Ok I want to request a rough Jimin smut, with daddy kink and stuff BECAUSE IM SO TIRED OF BEING REQUESTED AND NOT REQUEST T-T “ you’re so cute wtf 

Word Count: 10.8k bc I don’t know when to stop

Another mundane day has come to pass, your best friend’s arm slung over your shoulders as you soak up the blinding sunrays on your skin. The sun pressed harsh kisses on your delicate skin, a definite burn accompanied by heavy sweating was just the peak of your day. You could barely remember the words of your professor, zoned out and ready to slump into your couch for two days.

Anthropology was fun when you still had your first year jitters, excited to be in university and getting a degree in something you loved. Now, a few weeks into your second year, you wished the years would just pass by.

Distracted by your internal monologue, you barely caught the bus on time, the driver ready to zoom through traffic and you waved your hand out wildly to catch his attention. You stumbled into a seat, the bus moving no less than a second after you got on.

Mindlessly watching the street signs while numerous people leaving and entering the bus, you get off at the stop near your house. You kick off your shoes, dropping your bag on the shoe rack and you heard a broken sob.

“Mom? Dad?” You went into the kitchen, followed by a set of sniffling before going into the living room. Your father held your mother in a consoling way, her hands clinging onto his red sweater. She grabbed a tissue and blew into it.

“Mom? Why are you crying? What happened?”

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Shared Pain || Bucky Barnes x Reader [[soulmate au]]

[prompt: soulmate au where you and your soulmate share each other’s pain]

i’ve found a loophole with my laptop and am able to type my stories in my email drafts ;w; it’s a pain to do it, but….it makes it hella easier for me to write without wearing out my thumbs and making typos.

there’s going to be two versions of this story/prompt with two different characters. the first one (this one) will be a bucky barnes x reader while the second one will be a peter parker x reader.

consider this a late birthday fic for bucky barnes as I try to get used to writing for him ;w;

that being said, lets delve into this first story shall we?

warnings: none

permanent tags: @psychicwitchphilosopher

**don’t repost/plagiarize this story. reblogs are fine**


You didn’t think you had a soulmate because you seldom felt any pain that didn’t originate from your own personal mishaps. If you did have a soulmate, then perhaps he was someone who wasn’t clumsy and had a high tolerance for pain.

But you highly doubted the existence of such a perfect being. After all, everyone could feel pain.

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I’m back writing your prompts, yay! My writer’s block is gone for good finaly so here is another one-shot! I really liked writing this one, having Jughead the one losing his perpetual composed self. I hope you will all enjoy it too!

(P.S. I’m not ignoring your older prompts, I was just craving to write this after last episode and Jughead’s pain, which I’ll never get over. Don’t worry, darlings, I’ll write all your prompts during this hiatus to help all of us deal with all those beautiful Bughead feels! <3) 

The glass doors of Riverdale’s General Hospital closed with a light swoosh behind a rushing Betty Cooper, her messy bun bouncing vigorously with every urgent step her white sneakers took. With her white pajama t-shirt still under her maroon grid bomber jacket and a pair of grey yoga pants – the girl minutes away from dozing off to a dreamless slumber just before her phone disrupted the calmness of her room – she anxiously jogged down the quiet corridor, due to the hour, and stopped abruptly in front of the reception, the elder head nurse shooting her an exhausted glare.

“I’m looking for Forsythe Pendleton Jones.” Her voice came out with difficulty, Betty now registering how out of breath she was, probably by the fact that her house was at the other side of town and she had chosen to walk, or most correctly run, all the way to the hospital.

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I’m in my mid-twenties, and honestly get so much hate over being childfree that I’ve started telling people I have an adopted daughter when they ask about my kids. I just conveniently leave out the fact that my adopted daughter is, in fact, a 40-pound sheep, one of roughly two dozen that live in my back yard.

It isn’t even a lie, I raised that lamb on a bottle from the day she was born, as far as she’s concerned I’m her mom. And as long as I’m vague enough, the problems of dealing with sheep sound totally believable as human toddler parenting problems. “Oh yeah, my daughter’s two, she always puts everything in her mouth.” “Ugh, my daughter is always climbing on stuff, I swear she’s part mountain goat!”

I live for seeing how long I can keep it up before someone asks to see a picture of my little darling. “Sure!” I say, “Here she is! Isn’t she adorable?” then relish the horrified confusion when they see this tiny little brown sheep like:

It’s the best thing. It’s my favorite thing I’ve ever done, next to raising sheep in the first place.

Glitch In The Matrix Stories #24

A Car Started To Pass Me And Disappeared 

Today I had my pickup truck bed loaded to the breaking point with things to take to the landfill (clearing out a hoard)- broken, moldy furniture, broken garage door, and other bulky odd-sized stuff.

I’d packed it well and strapped it all in but I was worried that to the casual drivers around me it’d look unstable as hell. The road I took starts off as a long busy two-lane highway and there’s never a chance to pass anyone until the road becomes 4 lanes with a drivable middle lane that eventually becomes a turning lane as you approach businesses.

As luck would have it, I ended up with a douche-bag in a new BMW trapped behind me on the long stretch. I was doing just above the speed limit and he was up my butt, despite my having broken furniture dangling like two feet from his grille. I couldn’t wait until the road would widen and he’d surely zoom past me and scowl for ‘holding him up’.

Sure enough, we reached the spot where the road widened and I saw him jerk into the left lane as soon as I yielded to the right slow lane. He started to pass me, entered my blind spot and then… I didn’t see him. I thought he was overtaking me slowly so he could see what I was hauling, or I was preparing to be flipped off as well.

The thing is, there was no nowhere to turn left yet, no roads or business at that point- and I watched my side mirror- if he’d turned somewhere (again, nowhere to turn yet) slowed down or even gone into the developing turning strip down the middle, I’d have seen his car fall behind me.

Credits to: Vault32

Remember Seeing A Movie Years Before It Was Released

Being born in the early nineties, I loved watching the ’Land Before Time’ movies. I remember being about 6 or 7, I was sick and in bed. My mom had a friend over and he brought me a movie to watch. It was a Land Before Time movie. So nothing weird about that. 

Well, fast forward about 4 years or so and I’m dropped off at the sitters and everyone is watching the new Land Before Time movie. Sweet! A new one, except this seems familiar. I’m pretty sure I’ve seen this before. I know I’ve seen this before. There are always parts of movies you remember very well and for me this was when the long-neck elders fight the two T-Rex. So that part arrives and I start telling everyone what’s going to happen. 

The sitter or her daughter that helped out asked if I’ve watched this already. I said, “yeah a long time ago”. I get told that’s not possible, it just came out the week before or whatever. Yet I specifically remember watching it years earlier. Every now and then I think back on this and it still perplexes me. Maybe my mom’s friend was a time traveler that had a love for kids movies. Maybe it was a glitch- who knows.

Credits to: Chestigo

Seeing Old People Young

For as long as I can remember, I will walk into stores, buildings, parks, fields, and if there is a person there 30 or older I always see them younger.

It usually happens for a few moments, like flashes of young and then I really stare at them and shocked to see wrinkles and liver spots. Like, I was totally checking out that grandma when she looked 20 something and now she’s 80.

Not sure if this is a glitch in the matrix, and before anyone says bad eye sight, I do wear contacts but my prescription is always up to date. And I am always within good seeing distance of the person.

Like, I’m not sure how to properly describe it. I see them exactly how they were when they were younger. Doesn’t happen every single day but it happens enough that I’m used to it. Sometimes I see young people as old but it’s very rare.

Credits to: SpookyB0T

Starting To Question Whether Life Is A Simulation Or Not

I was living in Florida for a while (back in 2014 and 2015) due to work. While I was there, I had been engaging in my own personal philosophical thought process about the nature of our reality. For a couple of days I really was wrapped around this question and it was sort of consuming my thoughts over those days, particularly whether we were living in a simulation or some type of video game. Well nothing new there, right? Scientists and philosphers have been throwing that idea around for a while. 

Well, two experiences occurred that made and make me questions my current reality as it stands and happened in similar time frames. Each seemingly innocent, but when put together seem to connect. All of these events occurred after I started thinking intensely about the possibility of reality being a simulation. 

First: I was working out with a trainer and a group of coworkers when we started doing squats. I started doing squats and the trainer stops and sort of laughs. Then he makes a joke about how I look like a Sims character. That’s innocent enough, right? I’ve seen the game and I got what he was referring to. I laughed. 

But then he says it one more time, but this time he says it in a serious tone “Did you hear that, Tim (which is my name)? I said you look like a Sims character.” The inflections in his voice was odd, it was more like he was hinting at something rather than making a joke and waiting for my reaction. Perhaps it was nothing but it was odd, but everybody else around me didn’t react or even laugh at the reference. It was strange.

Second: So, I enjoy creepypastas and I like listening to them. So, I started listening to this creepypasta and found it pretty good. Now the night before and that night, I had been thinking intensely about reality and all that.

Well, as I scrolled down the comment section I notice this guy’s comment (Pete Detrick) who says “Tim, you’re in a video game.” 

I’m blown away but I’m skeptical, thinking it’s just a coincidence and he was just replying to some other person’s comment. But as I’m scrolling up and down, I notice he isn’t replying to anyone on the comment section. His statement is just out of context and oddly out of nowhere. 

I could imagine the person was perhaps making a comment about the story itself but the main character in the story never mentions his name being Tim or even has a name. (Oddly enough the story is about a person who commits suicide and enters some alternate reality).

Credits to: FloatingTheVoid

No Vacancy

I’m willing to make a part two to this.

Moving was supposed to be a restart. It was supposed to be the beginning of a better life. Of a better mindset. But nothing had changed.

Will sat outside his new house as his father told the movers where to go and where to leave things. He kicked at the ground, trying to pinpoint where he was going wrong on his drawing. It just didn’t look right. Aggravated, he looked away from his sketchbook and swung idly against the tree swing the previous owners had left.

As he looked out at the street, he could feel the solemn, empty feeling in him. Ever since Momma had died at the hospital, it had left Will without any motivation to do anything. He couldn’t draw anymore. He didn’t pay attention in class anymore. His grades had slipped and he’d missed so much school, that he almost wasn’t able to get into his new one.

Dad was never one to talk through emotions. He liked to keep them to himself. Mom had told him that a long time ago. She’d said that when they were friends, she watched him get heartbroken by guys and girls alike, but he never talked about it. He always kept it to himself and played it off with playful smiles and jokes.

Even now, he wouldn’t mull over his pain. Not with Will at least. But Will heard him crying at night.

A car pulled up in the next door house and Will pulled himself from his thoughts. He ducked back into his sketchbook, touching up some of the lines and shading, hoping that the strange look would go away. He heard the slam of car doors and a few voices.

Curiosity got the best of him and he glanced up, surprised to see two pairs of eyes on him. A boy and a girl. Two other people were walking into the house. The two looking at him smiled, and he managed to smile back, nodding at them. There was a man walking into the house, and he glanced back, noting the moving van. The other girl beside him looked over too and waved.

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White Wine Nights

Summary: In which, we expose Lin as a wine mom 

(I really couldn’t think of a better description, I apologize)

Author’s Note: yay, my collab with @hamilbye!!! yes, it did take us that long to decide to write together and yes, it only took us like three days to finish this. We put our amazing brains together and wrote this pretty quickly. 

I love love love working with you, Nat. It was the most fun. I also love love love you. You’re the best. AND you’re very talented. 

Words: 2,138 

Warnings: alcohol/drinking mentions, a curse word or two (I forget), fluff 

An audible sigh escaped you when you stepped off the elevator in your apartment building, taking a right turn to head down the long hallway. Your feet carried you, but protested heavily after the shift you had pulled at your dead-end waitressing job. You were sure you smelled of stale cigarettes and dirty dishes, but at least you had some cash in your pocket. As if that hadn’t been stressful enough, you hadn’t even seen your apartment in about 20 hours due to college classes and familial commitments. It was the week before Spring Break and hectic was the synonym for your life.

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Minghao Soulmate AU

“How’s class? I hate that we can’t visit you over there..”

You smiled and continued to get dressed, your mother on speaker next to you.

“It’s going pretty well. I’m glad I came to this school, even if it’s miles upon miles away from my favorite mom. Speaking of class, though, I have one in a couple minutes so I’m going to have to go. I love you~”

You sighed and grabbed your bag before heading out of the dorms.

You were attending a dance school and training to become a professional ballerina. You were a born dancer, your grandmother having been a ballerina in her time. Everyone said you had talent, and that you were a ballet prodigy. You loved dancing, but that wasn’t limited to ballet. You secretly danced hip hop at the academy, and you were one of the best.

No one knew it was you, other than your best friend, Hoshi, who was the one who introduced you to all the different forms of dancing. He was also the one who told you to join his dance crew. You did, and along with five others, you competed in underground hip hop dance battles. It was cliche, but you couldn’t risk your elegant family name being tarnished.

Your mother called you frequently, asking if your classes were going well, if you had met him yet. If there was one thing she was more obsessed with than dance, it was soulmates. Your grandmother had never met her soulmate, but instead focused on her career. She told you once that she never regretted it. She was successful and happy and married someone who wasn’t her soulmate. This taught you that soulmates weren’t in fact, the most important thing in the world. But still, your mother pushed you to search for him. You didn’t.

You didn’t know what your soulmark was. You never had a visible mark, or a lack of color, or
even a telepathic connection. You decided to take it as a sign that you didn’t need to find your soulmate.

“(Y/N)! Over here!”

You walked over to where Hoshi was waving at you, smiling at your best friend.

“Where you headed?” You pulled out your ballet shoes and smiled. He nodded and handed you a flier for a competition. “It’s tomorrow, I know it’s short notice but I think we should go, not to compete, but because there’s a lot of cool crews going.” You nodded and took the flier, shoving it in your bag.

“I should get to class. Tell the others I’ll meet you there. For now, I have to be a ballerina.”

Hoshi stuck his tongue out and watched you run off to the dance studio. When you arrived, you pulled off your shorts and put on your leotard and shoes. You watched the other dancers walk in, and continued with your class. As the class went by, you noticed some male students were sitting outside of the doors, some watching, some not. You recognized some of them from some competitions, and you hoped they wouldn’t somehow know you. One of them, particularly, kept watching you, or it seemed so. You ignored this and continued to practice. As soon as your class was over, they rushed in, pushing past the other dancers. You sighed and took your shoes off, massaging your swollen and bruised feet. The dancer that was watching you walked over, staring at you.

“Is it worth it? The pain, I mean.” You looked up as you put your socks on. You stood and grabbed your bag.

“You’re a b-boy, no? You get hurt dancing too, is that worth it?” You smiled and walked out of the door.

“Hey! Ballerina!” You turned and saw the b-boy running to you, “You dropped this.” He handed you the flier for the competition tomorrow. You bit your lip and grabbed it, shoving it in your bag again. “Are you going?”

You shook your head, “N-No I just got this from some guy on campus. I’m not-I’m not into this sort of thing.”

He nodded slowly and smiled, “That’s too bad, then. Me and my crew are competing there.” You bit your lip and nodded, “I should get going.”

The next day you grabbed your usual hip hop uniform. A big black and white hooding and matching sweats. You slipped on your sneakers and grabbed a facemask with your crew’s logo on it, a diamond, and ran out of your dorm as fast as possible, rushing to wear Hoshi and the others were waiting.

“Hey!” You turned and saw Hoshi and the crew waving at you. You adjusted the facemask and waved back, walking with them to the tunnel.
When you arrived there were tons of people there, and the competition had started. You looked amount the crowd for the b-boy from earlier, hoping he hadn’t already gone on. You found him in the middle, talking to his friends. You smiled, glad you hadn’t missed his performance.

You stood and watched everyone perform, some were decent, but no one was really outstanding, no one but him. The b-boy went on and he stood out immediately, so much so that you pushed to the front of the crowd. You watched him dance, completely engulfed in him and him only. He noticed this, smiling at you when he caught you watching. You wondered if he realized who you were, you hoped he did.

At the end of the competition, the b-boy’s group won, and Hoshi was pulling you and the crew away before anything got rowdy as it usually did.
You pulled your mask down as you began walking out in order for your friends to hear you speak, considering it was okay since it was already dark. You looked around and saw you were separated from the others. You walked around the crowd looking for them, stopping when someone grabbed your arm.

“Ballerina! You came!” You friend and saw the b-boy. You nodded, “I thought I might come and see what this was all about! Congratulations!”

He smiled and looked at your outfit, “You sure that you don’t know anything about hip hop?” You felt your face turn red and looked away, hearing Hoshi nearby. You pulled your mask in quickly and ran off, leaving the b-boy behind with a surprised look.

“You say you don’t know anything about this, but your facemask says otherwise.”

The next day you didn’t have class, so you and Hoshi decided to put together a routine for a competition you had next month. You rushed and grabbed your mask, running to the dance studio that no one used. On your way there you bumped into someone.

“Hey, if it isn’t the double agent.”

You smiled at the b-boy and apologized, saying you had somewhere to be. “I’m Minghao by the way.” You nodded and ran off, not realizing that someone was following you.

Hoshi called the practice over and you got ready to leave, walking out before the others in order to be able to go without your mask. You walked out of the studio and saw Minghao sitting with his earbuds in, a water bottle in hand. You walked past him, watching him stand up. “Double agent, you never told me you were part of SVT.” You faced Minghao and sighed.

“You never told me you were a stalker.”

He laughed and gave you the bottle, “I needed to know your name, and so I followed you.”

You rolled your eyes and took the water, “all that for a name?” He smiled and shrugged, “And a date maybe.” You rolled your eyes again, staring at him.

“Don’t you have a soulmate or something?”

“Well I’m not sure, I don’t have a mark or anything, so I don’t know. I never pegged you as someone who cared about that sort of thing.”

“I don’t.”

“Then go out with me, double agent. Just one date.”

You rolled your eyes and opened your mouth to protest, but were interrupted by your best friend, who came rushing out.

“Hi, I’m Soonyoung, her best friend. This is (Y/N), and she is free tomorrow night at around seven. Here is her dorm number.” Your mouth fell open and you hit Hoshi’s arm. Minghao smiled and thanked Hoshi before running off, leaving your protest in your mouth.

“Kwon Soonyoung! What do you think you’re doing? Just because you set up people doesn’t mean you can set me up!”

He smiled and began walking away, waving at you. “Yes I can! It’s my job to set up people who have that little red string on their pinkies!”

You raised an eyebrow. “Wait, what do you mean—”

“Think about it! And figure it out before tomorrow!”

You sighed as you got ready for your date with Minghao. You didn’t want to go, but you knew if Hoshi had set you up that it meant something.

Minghao arrived at your dorm at seven on the dot, and you felt yourself want to bail more than ever. You opened the door and saw him smiling at you. He held out his arm and you took it, letting yourself be pulled along. You arrived at the arcade he told you he was taking you, and you smiled, watching his face light up.

You two played skeeball and ddr and claw machine games until it was almost dark, and overtime you realized you had a lot in common. You felt like you had known Minghao for years, and he seemed incredibly comfortable with you as well. It only made what Soonyoung had said even more obvious.

“Minghao, I need to tell you something about Soonyoung.”

He turned to you and nodded and you bit your lip.

“You see, he can see the red string of fate between two people, and so he sets people up a lot.”

Minghao stared at you, and you looked down, “Okay?” You realized you had to tell him straightforwardly, but your words stayed trapped in your throat.

“Geez! I set you guys up because you’re soulmates, dummy!” You looked up and saw your best friend, a ridiculous disguise on his face. You’re face was bright red with anger and embarrassment, but before you foul say anything to Hoshi, Minghao grabbed your hands and pulled you forward to face him.

“Wait, is that true?!” You shrugged and looked away. “I thought I didn’t have a soulmate! I was so scared to fall for you because I thought you had a soulmate, but it’s me!” You turned and looked at him, at the huge smile on his face. Minghao pulled you into a hug, mumbling into your hair. You hesitantly hugged him back, feeling your heart beat faster than before. You had never cared about soulmates, but now that you had yours, you understood the hype. You had never felt so at home before, and you didn’t want to let go of Minghao.

“I believe there should be a ‘Thank you Soonyoung’ somewhere in that romantic embrace?”

You let go of Minghao and turned to your best friend. “Thank you, Soonyoung. Now could you please let me enjoy being with my soulmate?”

Big girl **please read**

Wipe off my tears, put my crown back on and walk tall and proud like the princess I am 💕I may not be what you want but that’s not my problem. I love who I am and sometimes I will break down and totally hate myself but that’s why I need you here, sometimes I get too far down that I need help to climb back up. I’m a princess and I deserve the world. I have such a wonderful future ahead of me. I’m in beauty school. I’m joining the military/police. I have my life ahead of me figured out. I may or may not have a husband. But it doesn’t matter. All I want in life is to be happy, and if my job is the only thing that makes me happy then so be it. I want a guy to chase after me! Love me! Always try to catch my attention when I least expect it because that way I know he really cares. I may not be okay sometimes but it’s perfectly normal. Last night was a really horrible night but I use that and try and make my life 1000x better. You live . You love, and you learn. Wouldn’t be so amazing if everybody spoke what was actually the truth? Last night I wanted to post a photo that would totally backlash what happened, I posted it, then 5 seconds later I regretted it and took it down. I’m so much bigger than that! I’m glad I made the right decision to take it down because it would have made matters even more worst. Right now I really need to focus on myself before I love someone else. And if you wanna chase me until then so be it 💕 I love myself! My life has not gone the way I really hoped it would turn out to be. Well here we go story time!
I was Born As Hannah. (No last names for identity purposes)
6 months later my mom had started to notice some different changes about myself, she took me to the pediatrician and they couldn’t tell what it was so they referred me to a Neurologist. Where then at 6 months old, helpless, unable to speak and feel emotions. Diagnosed with Neurofibromatosis type one. I currently have two tumors. One on my brain stem and one on my optic nerve. The one on my optic nerve is currently growing at a slow rate but I will lose vision in my left eye.

**Neurofibromatosis type 1 is a condition characterized by changes in skin coloring (pigmentation) and the growth of tumors along nerves in the skin, brain, and other parts of the body. The signs and symptoms of this condition vary widely among affected people.

Beginning in early childhood, almost all people with neurofibromatosis type 1 have multiple café-au-lait spots, which are flat patches on the skin that are darker than the surrounding area. These spots increase in size and number as the individual grows older. Freckles in the underarms and groin typically develop later in childhood.

Most adults with neurofibromatosis type 1 develop neurofibromas, which are noncancerous (benign) tumors that are usually located on or just under the skin. These tumors may also occur in nerves near the spinal cord or along nerves elsewhere in the body. Some people with neurofibromatosis type 1 develop cancerous tumors that grow along nerves. These tumors, which usually develop in adolescence or adulthood, are called malignant peripheral nerve sheath tumors. People with neurofibromatosis type 1 also have an increased risk of developing other cancers, including brain tumors and cancer of blood-forming tissue (leukemia).

During childhood, benign growths called Lisch nodules often appear in the colored part of the eye (the iris). Lisch nodules do not interfere with vision. Some affected individuals also develop tumors that grow along the nerve leading from the eye to the brain (the optic nerve). These tumors, which are called optic gliomas, may lead to reduced vision or total vision loss. In some cases, optic gliomas have no effect on vision.

Additional signs and symptoms of neurofibromatosis type 1 include high blood pressure (hypertension), short stature, an unusually large head (macrocephaly), and skeletal abnormalities such as an abnormal curvature of the spine (scoliosis). Although most people with neurofibromatosis type 1 have normal intelligence, learning disabilities and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) occur frequently in affected individuals.**
I never really paid attention to my child hood growing up because who does as a kid you don’t have a care in the world! But when I got to middle school things changed. Bad. The years when people start to become popular, go through puberty. Me on the other hand I started puberty early so I was already grown by the time I entered middle school. The depression started to hit. My parents were going through a divorce at the time. We moved to California for a year then came back. I had left friends at the time and hoping they would welcome me back. But no they changed. I was bullied. They teased and taunted me. I would cry in the bathroom. I didn’t think much of suicide and all that because I was just a little girl. After that my mom decided to move me to another school, where there it only got worst. I was bullied. Picked on. Suspended. Twice. I had to repeat the 7th grade. My life was going down hill. So I moved back to the other middle school for my 8th grade year. 8th grade, I don’t remember much of because I didn’t care much of it. I had the best English and science teachers I can tell you that. I went on an amazing trip to Catalina Island and learned a lot and had tons of fun! I had lots of friends and just tried to ignore negativity. Then comes high school. Brand new school. Afraid. Kids from all over. Older kids . Younger kids. It was a big school and I was afraid. I had a few people I knew on some classes but not a bunch. It felt good to have people I know with me. And well some things went down also. My biology teacher decided to say some perverted things on a exam. People felt uncomfortable. That was the year I started harming myself. It was the only way I could cry for help. People would point it out and I will never forget what a girl said to me. She knew they were self hard cuts, but she decided to ask me if it was my cat. I agreed. Then sophomore year comes along and my mom gets remarried and we move into an amazing house. Not much went on but I had one teacher really impact my life. My English teacher . I loved her so much she was so sweet and kind and understanding. She was there when we needed her. That year I lost a couple of my friends due to suicide. I had a couple of relapses. I actually cut myself so deep I had to get stitches. I had some people come and go in my life. Now comes to now my junior year. Just about a year ago pretty soon, was a horrific day for me. My dad physically assisted me. I was trembling. He climbed on me say on me and pinned me down where I was unable to escape or get him off me. He told me that this is how guys will treat you. So you better play along or you will get hurt blah blah blah told me this is how guys are. So now I’m afraid to date. I haven’t seen my dad ever since. Junior year now I decided to get a head start on my career. I keep juggling back and fourth it would be nice to specialize in all fields so that way I have a pick but I’m currently in beauty school getting my license. I’m wanting to join the police force and or the military but due to my medical condition I most like my cannot join the military. I’m unable to bear children. It’s a 20% chance it may work but who wants to even try with such a slim chance. ? I want to get married but I feel so fucked up and broken. Last night was not one of the best nights. I lost someone that I really appreciated and it all got fucked up in a matter of minutes. But they know who they are. I couldn’t sleep thinking about it. It went down rough. And it killed me. I have the kindest softest heart. I okay just about anything. Even if it really deeply hurt me. And that’s not ok of me to do. I need to speak up for myself, if I’m not happy then I need to say something, I’m going to be working on myself a lot. Well I’ve already started. I’m working out. Trying to drop off weight. I’m overweight. I’m not happy. I need to smile more. I need to have someone who will bring positivity in my life, who will keep promises they make. Well I mean who does anyway? But at least say “ I cannot promise you 100% but I will try okay? “My life is going to change from now on. And i did such s big girl thing not too long ago. The person I had an arguememt with last night. I sincerely apologized and said it got too out of hand and it was my fault and I forgave and I may or may not forget but I wanted things to end the right way. Well that’s the end of my story. Whoever took the time to read all of this thank you I’m in tears writing this it took an hour to think about and find the guts to tell you guys something hugely important about my life.

The Girl in the Log

I always hated visiting my grandpa’s old cabin. That might make me seem spoiled or ungrateful. What kid doesn’t enjoy seeing her grandpa? Especially considering he was the only grandparent I had ever known. Both of my mom’s parents were killed in a car accident before I was born, and my dad’s mom walked out on him when he was very young. He still doesn’t know where she is or if she’s even alive. So that only leaves my paternal grandfather. My parents desperately wanted me to have a good relationship with him. My dad insisted that, although Grandpa was stern and quiet, he really did love me. He just didn’t know how to express it. I figured that was probably true, but it didn’t change the fact that trips to his house were filled with idle hours watching television and reading while he worked during the day, followed by awkwardly silent dinners in the evenings. I rarely saw him, and he seldom spoke in any loving way. He just kept a wary eye on me, like he was waiting for me to break something of his or talk out of line.

Still, my parents insisted on sending me to spend a week with him every summer since I was ten- old enough to look after myself for the day. I had visited his isolated cabin in the woods several times before with my parents, but this would be the first time I stayed overnight by myself.

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Silver Silence Part 9

Pairing: Bucky x shy enhanced reader

Summary: Bucky finally finds himself able to live at the compound with the team, but finds it difficult to repress his feelings for his new very shy and gentle teammate.

Word count: 2,044

Warnings: Swearing as always

NOTES: feedback is really appreciated, sorry it took a while and sorry it’s a lot of information.

“Miss (y/n), Mr. stark requests your presence in the conference room immediately.”

A voice jerked you out of a blissful slumber, one filled with fantasies of how tonight’s date would go with Bucky. You groaned and rolled over, peering at the red screaming numbers of the clock.

7:13 am

“Tell him I’m on my way.” You mumbled back to the AI, luckily though he caught it and left you at peace. Your voice sounded slightly scratchy and robotic, as if static was clouding the used to be clear audio that was your man made voice.

You lazily stumbled out of bed, throwing on the nearest clean- or semi clean- shirt and pants and made your way down to the conference room.

When you arrived, all the avengers stood like a pack of wolves around a table, pointing angrily at different areas on an electronic map. It wasn’t long until tony noticed you, and spoke up, earning the attention of all other heroes. “Morning sleeping beauty.”

“Good morning.” You replied, but your voice had gone almost completely robotic, causing your hand to shoot up to your throat in worry. Everyone’s eyes were wide and concerned; all except Tony’s who simply smirked.

“Ah, I was afraid this would happen.” He pulled a small box, almost resembling an altiode tin out of his pocket and opened it, taking out a small chip. “Not to worry, iv thought of everything, as usual.”

He walked up to you and without warning, turned your head, moved your hair, and plunged the small square behind your ear.

“I created this little port back here for upgrades, that way surgery isn’t always necessary.”

He stepped back and motioned you to try it out.

“Thanks tony.” You tried, and it was clear, yet it seemed all eyes were still wide on you. “What?” you asked.

And that’s when you heard it, it wasn’t your voice, it was Tony’s, clear as day.

“Please don’t tell me this was your intention, when you said you updated her software.” Steve mumbled.

“Tony! What happened, did you give me your voice!” you shrieked.

“Calm down, calm down. No, although I’m sure you’d love that.” He hurriedly tried to explain. “Think of someone else; think of their voice, their tone.”

“What do you mean think of someone else?!” you yelled in frustration, and your sure if anyone closed their eyes they would think tony was having an argument with himself. “Why?!”

“Think of someone else, someone’s voice, just try it.” He pleaded.

You furrowed your brows but then began thinking of the first person that popped into your head. Unfortunately between your worry and anger that person was still Tony, and you had to force your mind to navigate to another individual.

Your mind went straight to Bucky, you wanted to pretend it was because he was staring at you from across the room, eyes turned in concern, but you knew it was because he was always on your mind.

He was like malice on cheap wallpaper, he was always there and his presence, his thought, his being clung to your mind. You concentrated on his voice, its low hum, its warm vibrancy, and you found yourself captivated.

You mumbled and stuttered until actual words formed, and luckily not a robotic, or stark tone.

“I swear to god if you don’t fix this-“you stopped abruptly. Your voice, it was exactly how you imagined it. It was Bucky’s voice, crystal clear, so much so that a few members of the team looked back at Bucky to be sure he hadn’t said anything. His eyes were wide and his face was drawn into an almost awe struck expression

“There you go!” tony cheered.

“Now what! I want to sound like me!”  The tone of your voice was still low, and you had to remind yourself that Bucky wasn’t actually saying anything.

“Just think about your normal voice it’s not that hard.”

You huffed and forced your thoughts on your own voice.

“why did you make it this way in the first place.” You questioned, surprised to find your voice in its normal tone.

“You lost your powers.” He sighed, and then quickly continued as your eyes narrowed. “- which was a good thing for your health and all, but it made you pretty useless on the field.”

“I was never on the field anyway.”

“Yeah, yeah I know, but I had always planned you to be, you’re a smart kid, I want you to be with us out there.” He paused and fished a small remote device out of his pocket, “here, this will hopefully help with all the controls, the thinking part is more of a last result.”

You took the remote from his hands, and peered down at the light up touch screen.

“What could I even do with this on the field?”

“Your new vocal cords allow you to copy anyone’s voice that you hear. This will be perfect paired with a little hand to hand combat training from Natasha.” He glanced at the red head, who glared at him, then back to you with a smirk. “you can talk to an opponent, get his vocal frequency, take him out, then easily talk through his comms.”

He looked damn proud of himself, only causing Steve’s annoyed expression to deepen.

“and what if that ‘opponent’ is speaking a different language.” Steve interjected.

“Oh!” he grabbed the device from your hands, and fiddled around with it after typing in four different security codes. “There, speak.”

You felt like a dog but did anyway.

“Jo të bisedoni me mua si im një qen.” You covered a hand over your mouth.  (“dont talk to me like a dog”)

“Kjo eshre ajo qe gjuha!?” (what language is that?!)

you where sure that no one could understand you, so its not as if questions was effective, that is until tony looked down, seeming to be reading something.

“uhhh- Albanian.” Tony stated.

“Ndryshoje ate perseri!” (change it back!)
he again looked down at the screen. scanned it and began typing.

“better?” he asked
“god i hope so.” you responded.
He handed you the device again, then began to walk out the door. only then did you notice to translate audio controls he was using.

“We’ll use you on our next mission, try to practice with it from now until then.” He was followed by Steve, Natasha, Thor and Wanda.

You stood there, glancing towards Bucky then back down at the screen in your hands.


That night you spent almost 4 hours picking out the right outfit. You finally settled on professional looking white blouse and black slacks. It was hard to except comfort in wearing a dress, especially for how fragile your body used to be, instead you decided you’d slowly work up to that.

After doing your makeup and hair, you went down to the common room and found Bucky waiting patiently on the couch, his body lined in kaki pants, and a navy blue dress shirt. When his eyes locked on you, he stood.

“Y-you, I uh…” he stuttered, “You look amazing.” You blushed as he then rubbed the back of his neck and quickly grabbed his gray blazer from the back of the couch. “Are you ready?”

You nodded meekly.

It was a funny thing, being so nervous around him, you’d kissed him before, talked to him plenty, and he took an unusually fast likening to you. But still you felt butterflies in your tummy and simultaneously  felt those butterflies flap their wings of fire to cause it to churn.

Nervous, yes that’s what you still are. The whole way there, clinging to Bucky’s arm, and the entire time you waited to be seated.

And then, you weren’t.

You were flying on cloud 9, staring into pools of ocean and laughing with the sound of liquid gold that poured from his mouth.

“You really broke 6 bones while trying to play tennis?” he chuckled.

“Yeah well I was an hyper child.” You replied, but then he stopped for a moment, thinking.

“(y/n)?” he asked softly, peering over the candle light as you pressed a glass of wine to your lips.


“What happened before Tony found you.”

You coughed; choking on your drink and feeling some pour down your chin, but quickly wiped it before it could touch your blouse.

“Sorry, I’m just curious, you don’t have to-“

“No, no. it’s alright Bucky.” You cleared your throat. “Id start at just before they took me in but it probably wouldn’t make any sense.”

“Start were ever you’d like”

You smiled.

“When I was little my dad was always a little… worried, about me.” You gulped. “More so then most parents, but out of anything I think in a way.. He was scared of me.”

“Scared of you?” Bucky questioned.

“My mom died, when I was born. But the doctors never knew why. And I think in a way he blamed himself… but even more he blamed me.”

You took a deep breath and let it out through your mouth.

“As I grew up, he started to notice my frail state. I broke bones so often a hospital room became like a second home, and as such my father spiraled down into debt.”

“So he did the only think he could think of.” You looked up at Bucky, his expression hard and concerned. “He put me up for adoption.”

“How… how old where you?”

“Ten.” You smiled. “Ten, and id already broken every bone in my body at least once.”

“I was an active kid, I loved sports, I loved dares, but when I was put into that home, I was on lock down. A couple times even in a padded cell.”

The waiter came to pick up menus, asking about choices and smiling sweetly at you. But Bucky didn’t remove his eyes from your face, he was frozen.

“Did you ever….” He trailed,

“No. I never got adopted. I was there from 10 to 18 and not once was I even allowed to be interviewed.”

You gave a humorless laugh.

“Defective, that’s what they’d call me. So I felt I needed to prove to them, and my father I could live on my own.”

“So I left, an 18 year old with no money, family or friends, and I got a job.”

This time you laughed, you laughed in good heart and watched Bucky smile softly at the sound.

’Terry’s seafood.’ I always smelled like tuna and grease. But I found a little apartment, and I lived, I lived and I didn’t break a single bone for 2 years.”

“What happened?”

You shook your head.

“The third year wasn’t bad. Minor injuries., the 4th and 5th was just bad relationships and insomnia but the 6th … I was in car crash, broke so many bones I was in the hospital for months, and when I got out… I was so far in debt, so lost in the pile of rent, that I couldn’t get back up.”

The food finally arrived, but being so engaged in the conversation, neither of you began to eat.

“The whole year before Tony found me was hell. I lost my job, my home, everything. It was like a nightmare, because I finally saw my dad in myself. Not even I could deal with me. I was so much baggage; I couldn’t even live with myself.

“And… the blast?” Bucky wondered. But he had the most heartbroken look on his face. One that he got when he wanted to say something but couldn’t. And you knew him well enough to know that it was probably something to contour your inner turmoil.

“I broke my leg.” You wiped a hand down your face. “I broke my leg, and I had no house, no job, and a mountain of debt, I couldn’t go to the hospital, but I also couldn’t walk, which means I couldn’t find food. So I was angry, I was livid. Why me. Why did I have to carry around this burden of glass skin, and then… I just kind of lost it.”

You poked around your plate with your fork.

“I didn’t mean to do so much damage Bucky… I really didn’t.” you mumbled.

“Well I’m glad you did.” He chuckled.


“Well… because we met.”

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My parents remind me of Sasuke and Sakura

Have I ever told you guys how my parents remind me of Sasusaku? I’m going to tell you guys anyways, you might not believe me but I swear this is the god honest truth.

When my parents were young they left their home country with literally nothing and with a promise to have a better life ( if you guys want to know the whole story dm me and ill make it into sasusaku fanfiction to make it more entertaining for you guys) but anyways when they left my mom and dad had to separate because the journey to get to their destination was complicated.

Essentially to make this long story short my mom didn’t want to leave my dad alone because she knew he was going to suffer. It’s probably a good point to mention that my mom was pregnant at this time so the situation made it even worse being the fact that they had to go their separate ways.

My parents knew nothing of the new country they were headed to other than the name of the city they decided to start their new life. Once they got to that city they would figure out the rest. Because there was no form of communication you can see why my mom was so reluctant to leave my dad. The city they were headed to was one of the largest cities in the country and she was absolutely terrified that he would never find her. With a heavy heart my dad convince my mom with his parting words which were

“You can be a thousand miles away and our hearts will forever call out to each other, I will find you”

And so with those words they departed and went their separate ways. My mom at this point was just 19 years old and many called her foolish for believing that my dad would just sacrifice everything to be with her, but my mother would have none of it and would respond with “You have not experience the love that he shows only to me” and continued to wait for my dad just hoping and praying that he would find her. 

Eventually her waiting paid off and my dad, my poor poor dad, found her but he did not do it without suffering. My mom often tells me the story of how when they finally saw each other after months of being separated. She told me that when he finally found her, his weight had dropped significantly due to his hunger and that his clothes hung loosely off of his body. He was so tired and so hungry that when my mom went to go hug him that he just collapsed from exhaustion but before he fainted he whispered to my mom

“I told you that i’d find you” 

This whole story just reminds me so much of Sakura who waited for Sasuke while he went on his redemption journey. Even more when Sarada was born and Sasuke had to go away for his long term mission. When Sarada doubted that Sasuke even loved his wife, Sakura listened to her daughter but she knew with all her heart that Sasuke did in fact love her and would one day return. It just reminds me of the complete faith my mom had for my dad, and every time I hear the words “I told you that i’d find you” it just reminds me of Sasuke who shows his love for Sakura by saying 

“I’m home” 

Stefan Salvatore Imagine: “I’m Sorry..”

(I’m sorry for not posting in a while, but I had a bit of writer’s block. This is something that came to me the other day. Know this is more of a daughter father imagine, and not a Stefan imagine. But I there is some Stefan fluff. This is also an alternate universe imagine. Now one to the imagine.)

What You Are Wearing

You get out of the car and stare at the building/house you never thought you would ever see again. The house that holds so many dark and bereaved memories. The same one you promised yourself and a special loved one that you would never return unless you thought it would be necessary to return back to. You never thought you had to keep that promise until now.

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sanvers prompt: it's about a dream i had last night where maggie and alex were married and had a daughter who liked to go to shooting ranges and federal agent level combat training behind her moms' back. when maggie and alex found out, alex went all worried and over-protective and maggie was just like that's my girl

Thanks for the prompt!

“You are grounded young lady!” Alex huffed, crossing her arms and looking at her daughter who stood defiantly before her.

“Mom. I’m twenty two. I don’t even live here anymore.” The young girl said, crossing her arms and mimicking her mother’s stance.

Alex observed her daughter’s face, and she couldn’t help but marvel as she’d done since the day she was born, at how much she looked like her wife, like Maggie. The profound expression of her deep brown eyes, the stubborn set to her jaw, and the way her lip trembled just a little in the fear her convictions were causing her. Maggie had carried the girl, and Alex could see it in her every day.

She uncrossed her arms, and shifted them so her fists were balled up and placed on her hips. She knew she sounded ridiculous, but the fear in her was rising, and she all but stamped her foot as she said, “We never changed your room, it’s still there! So go to your room!”

“Or I could just leave and go back to my apartment!” The girl shouted back, grabbing her purse and making for the front door.

At that moment, Maggie walked in with some grocery bags in her arms. Seeing her wife panicking, and her daughter thundering, she set the bags on the table by the door and caught the girl by the biceps.

“Hey, hey,” She said in an urgent, yet soothing voice, “Emmie, what’s going on?”

“Mom tried to ground me, like I’m still a kid. I’m leaving.” Emmie said, frustration rolling off of her in waves.

Maggie looked over the girl’s shoulder to where Alex was standing, already huffing more, and saying, “Our daughter has been learning how to fire weapons, and taking hand to hand combat classes. She told me she thinks she could kick my ass!”

Maggie’s eyebrows shot up, and she looked back to the girl in her hold. “Emmie, is that true?”

“So? You and Mom both deal with guns and all sorts of high tech weapons every day. And Mom beats everybody up. And don’t even get me started on Aunt Kara!” Emmie said. “I’m an adult, and so what if I turned myself into a badass too?”

For a moment, Maggie said nothing, but then a wide smile broke across her features and she squeezed Emmie’s biceps as she said, “That’s my girl.”

“What?” Alex cried. “Maggie! She could get hurt! This stuff is dangerous!”

Emmie turned around, and threw her arms up in the air. “That’s not fair! You and Momma do this stuff every day!”

“But you’re my little girl.” Alex whispered, arms crossed over herself again, and she stared at the floor, hoping no one would notice the tears starting to build in her eyes.

Emmie’s shoulders slumped, and the fight seemed to leave her. She walked back over to Alex, and said in a low voice, “Mom. I’ll always be your baby. But I’m not a baby. I’ll be okay.”

Alex lunged forward and wrapped Emmie up in a tight hug. Emmie hugged her back and Alex let out a long breath. “You have to promise to be careful, okay?”

“I will, Mom.” Emmie said, patting Alex’s back and resting her chin on her mom’s shoulder.

“Do you really think your Momma and I are badasses?” Alex murmured, looking at Maggie while still hugging Emmie, and smiling.

Emmie laughed, and said, “Of course, Mom. How do you think I got inspired to get into this stuff?”

“Okay.” Alex said, giving Emmie one last squeeze, before letting her go.

Emmie backed up a few feet, then smiled over at Maggie, who had sat down on the couch and was now smiling up at her wife and daughter.

“I actually do have to get back to my place. I’ve got a bunch of work I have to get done before tomorrow.” Emmie said, and she began to walk back over to the door.

Maggie stood, and wrapped an arm around Alex’s waist, who responded by laying an arm across her shoulders and placing a kiss to Maggie’s hair. “Maybe we could go to the range together sometime.” Maggie called after the girl.

Emmie turned around with a cocky smile and said, “Sure, I’ll beat your best score.”

“Ha!” Maggie scoffed.

Emmie winked, then walked out the door. Alex huffed one more time and said, “That girl is arrogant. There’s no way she could kick my ass.”

“Not a chance.” Maggie agreed.

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Sam's mother: Samuel, that boring white guy is here for you again. He probably just got finished watching paint dry. Finish the dialogue

“Do you know he once coughed while eating my chicken, Sam?”

“Yes mom I know.”

“I know that boy can’t get sick. He thought it was too spicy.”

“Mama he was born in 1918! That’s like, before salt! He lived through the Great Depression!”

“Even more reason for you to find a nice man your own age!”

“On a Wednesday in a café, I watched it begin again” sneak peak

This is a little sneak peak for the one shot I’m currently writing for @bionic-buckyb‘s challenge. My prompt is : “I haven’t seen you since we were kids! How did you even recognize me?”

Bucky, or rather James Buchanan Barnes and I, it’s a long story. We were born the same year, in the same hospital, Bucky two days before me. Our mothers were in the same bedroom and became friends that way. Bucky’s mom, Winifred, was supposed to be out two days after my birth, but as she has been sick, she and Bucky stayed and went out same day as my mom and I. At this moment, the hospital where our respective mothers gave birth to each other had some furniture’s problems and Bucky and I had to share a crib during our staying there. As Brian my elderly brother said us once : “You were already holding hand when you were barely born”. We were kinda known as the lovebirds babies in the hospital. And that was naturally that our families continued to see each other and stayed friends.

People from my permanent tag list :  @captain-amelia-bradley, @feelmyroarrrr, @amrita31199, @allandnothing90, @hellomissmabel, @mrs-lamezec, @totheendofthelinepal, @howlingbarnes, @belleetlabeast, @panickedpandaposts, @bovaria, @marvel-ash, @sebbytrash, @crazychick010, @nenyakj, @bionic-buckyb, @callamint, @just-another-fangirl777, @lokid-by-winters-child, @flammy-whater, @learisa, @hello-sweetie-get-the-salt, @mokacoconut, @marvelbase001, @thefiregypsy​, @iamthemaskhewears, @bellejeunefillesansmerci, @theycallmebucky, @buckysberrie, @colton-jonas, @amypond14, @youandb, @fangirlwithasweettooth, @buckyandsebsinbin, @kiwi71281, @tequilavet,  @iamwarrenspeace 

The Song In Your Heart 6x20

Ok. Again, I don’t usually do this, but my heart and mind are too full and I have to sleep sometime tonight so I’ve got to get this out.

This was, without any doubt, one of my favorite episodes of the entire series!!! I would have a very hard time choosing between this and the CS movie.

First off, can I just say that the composers are certifiably BRILLIANT!!! Absolute geniuses!!!!! Every single song was outstanding!!! As I heard each song, it was my favorite!!!! Each one was written for the character and these brilliant, talented actors sang them all soooooo beautifully!!! If I had to rank them, I’d say my top favorites were Hook’s, Emma’s, and Zelena’s. But again, they were all soooooo perfectly written and performed! I just can’t say enough about the music!!!! BEAUTIFUL AMAZING BRILLIANT FANTASTIC OUTSTANDING LOVELY EXQUISITE… well, you get the idea.

And now on to the individual songs…
Powerful Magic: Pure. Disney. So beautiful! And so perfect for this perfect couple!!! Snow immediately knowing something was wrong and putting her hands over her mouth were both soooo adorable!!! Charming’s lines were a hoot! And the love between the two was on perfect display! I only wish there was more harmony in the song.
The Queen Sings (Love Doesn’t Stand a Chance): sooooo perfect for this character!!!! And Lana belting it out was fantastic!!! The little snippets from the dwarves, Granny, and Marco were soooo cute! I LOVED how she showed up in each of their locations and sang to them as well. The blatant sexuality of the queen was on full display during the song, both times. And it created a perfect juxtaposition up against the True Love of Snowing both one right after the other and in their trio.
Revenge is Gonna Be Mine: what can I say? Colin as Captain Hook singing this song was just… just… I can’t get over it!!!! @lillpon did an analysis this week of Colin’s voice and the high notes in the song that was just outstanding!!! I knew it was high, but I didn’t know it was THAT high. If you’re interested in her analysis, search #Colin O'Donoghue or #ouat musical. The vengeful pirate was on full display and Colin performed magnificently!!! And doing all that with a broken foot!!!!! Ouch!!!!
Wicked Always Wins: beautiful! Absolutely beautiful!!! And what a voice Bex has!!!! This one was one of my favorites! The beauty of the song not only displayed her envy and hatred, but also her longing for love and acceptance. It was a beautiful song beautifully performed.
Emma’s Theme: No. words. All right. Never mind. Just a few. GORGEOUS!!! PERFECT!!! The love and songs inside of her saved her and saved her family. And the fact that it was her theme from the VERY BEGINNING OF THE SERIES only made it more special and outstanding!!!! And the WORDS!!!!! No words!!!!! *Ugly sobbing*
A Happy Beginning: what a way to end the episode!!!! Everyone singing and dancing together to celebrate our OTP FINALLY GETTING MARRIED!!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️👰🏼🤵🏻💒. Cue the tears 😭😭😭😭😭!!!!!!!

Next, the non-musical parts of the episode. I’m sorry (not really) but I’m so glad Emma couldn’t wear Snows wedding dress. I never liked that dress. But I didn’t expect the BF to show up so early in the episode. And Killian in a white tux???? Ugh… NO!!!!!! And he knew… he KNEW!!!! He knew exactly what she was doing!!!! Bless him!!!! I LOVE him sooooo much!!!! And then taking off to take care of the crocodile and getting himself captured in the process… not surprising at all!!! And may I just say that I am right back solidly on the side of HATING Rumple!!!!! I really thought that he was playing the BF somehow and he was on the side of the heroes, but after tonight, I cannot think of any way that plays out. We’ll see. Blue putting the songs in Emma before she was even born was excellent!!! It gave her the power to defeat the BF and that whole thing answered the question of why Snow, Charming, and Hook didn’t recognize each other. Henry… my poor Henry!!!! His despair and anger over not being able to help his mom was agonizing!!!!! But finding those pages and showing Emma that she had it inside her all along? Priceless!!!!! As well as the BF’s face when Emma wouldn’t die. And Emma’s tears when she had saved them all, I had tears too! And then the wedding itself. Cue the sobbing… I didn’t think it was rushed. We got our Emma and Snowing moments, Killian and Charming shaking hands, Captain Believer, beautiful, heart wrenching personal vows, their kiss, song, and first dance. What else did we need?

This episode was magnificent in every way on so many levels!!! A true masterpiece!!! And now I’m on the edge of my seat for next week and the Final Battle!!!!
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swingandswirl  asked:

I never thought of BPD!Nursey before I saw your post, but now I'm intrigued! For a prompt... how about his family being supportive, or at least trying? My experience with diaspora South Asians (I headcanon Derek as part Indian, specifically Tamil) has been less than positive and I want better for him. TIA!

yay let’s talk about his family ((Nursey’s various family hc’s are another major point of world building for me)) 

ok I seriously don’t know where that post is right now but here’s where Nursey’s storyline coincides for this universe. His parents are uber sucessful (top of their fields, constantly going to conferences and speaking at events and are widely renowned for what they do). His older sister is like five or six years older than him and was raised for most of her childhood by one nanny. Then that nanny retired and Derek got a lot of inconsistent care. That instability left it’s mark on him. It wasn’t until he got older that he was able to do more things with his parents and they were more interested in who he was as a person. So he has this fear of not being interesting enough for people. The first people he ever had to mediate himself around was his family. 

Which isn’t to say they didn’t love him. But they always took his attention seeking as him being dramatic or eccentric. And he didn’t know really that what he was feeling (or rather, his inability to regulate his emotions) wasn’t normal? Then you move to him in his middle/high school years where at first he received a lot of shit from people and learned to lowkey hate himself for crying in public or for not being able to shut up sometimes. And he moved into this phase in high school where he tried so hard not to feel that he was basically devaluing everyone. 

this is getting long and the rest is sort of a jumbled mess tbh:

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The influence of Owl City on me

I’ve noticed that since I became a Hoot Owl, I am more into music. I mean I did listen to songs, hummed along and was like “this song is OK”. But now when I hear a song I am like “this sound is awesome”, “I like what they do with the guitar”, “those three tones in the background are real good”, “I can’t believe that the old song I’ve already heard billion times is this good, it is better than many current songs, why haven’t I heard this cool clicking sound in there before?” and even “oh, Mom, can you hear the beautiful melody? I mean the chimes? No, you don’t? Oh, ok.” Well, really, others think I’m a bit weird. But I enjoy songs more than before, I imagine the musicians who created them, how much effort they put in the song, searched for the right chord or instrument, how excited they were if they found it… I guess that’s Adam’s influence, who keeps posting and sharing many details, experiences and joys for the world where music is being born. My ears are now wide open searching for the slightest sounds interwoven in a song, my heart then is swelling with joy that the God equipped some people with unusual and extraordinary gifts to fill our hearts with such tremendous feeling using “just” music, a few sounds. Well, what I wanted to say was: music is real good…