it was my gift art for an art trade

 My part of an art trade with the amazing @denythem​! Featuring her amazing, angsty son Borgas. Consider the artwork an accompaniment to the fic below :D and as a gift to you, too! (Happy belated).

Thank you for doing an art trade with me and I hope you like the fic uwu

to bury a man
Word Count: 936
Warnings: spoilers, angst, character death

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Drew him on my free time in school lol two versions cuz I couldn’t decide which one hhhhhh

@naomiisenju you like NM right?? ;3; 💜 💜 💜 I hope you like it~

Thank you so much for the wonderful gifts you made for me, so I wanted to return the favor with your favorite skeleton *huggles and smooches* love you!!


Imrahil & Imrazôr - brothers and twins to Igmil; done for me by the talented janrheeee whose tumblr is unfortunately no longer active.