it was my first time doing something like this ok

Ok let’s talk about La La Land

Or Why I’m very glad La La Land didn’t win the Oscars for Best Picture and Best Original Screenplay.

Ok guys. It’s the first time in my life that I’m doing something like this but it’s stuck in my throat for a moment now and I think here is the best place to speak out. If you think it’s another pure hate post on La La Land, you’re wrong. It’s a very personal pov but based on very concrete elements from the movie itself. I won’t talk about the controversy about the cast and the history of jazz or anything like that. It’s more about the picture itself and why (I’m my opinion) all the fuss about it is a bit too much. Please, read it ‘til the end, even if you already have made up your mind. I think it’s even more relatable after the Oscars.

You’re still with me? Ok, let’s put some context first :’)

1. A bad start

I had quite a bad start with La La Land. The title of an article literally spoiled me the end (thank you Internet) and I tend to be very careful about movies that have a lot of nominations. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying it’s not deserved but a lot of nominations means to me that the movie could win it all. If it wins everything, then it means that it’s almost perfect in all categories but excuse me, a movie can hardly be perfect everywhere. Especially when it’s judged by a bunch of people, from the profession yes, but STILL. I’m not saying Oscars or recompenses don’t mean a thing. I’m just very careful.

2. While seeing the movie, something bothered me

When I left the theater, I felt skeptical. And when I feel skeptical, it means there is a problem. The soundtrack is 10/10 and I blasted it in my ears since then… The light and colors were astonishing, the directing looked complicated yet on point, I could see the performance from actors (all the dancing and singing)… So what’s the problem?! The problem is that I got bored. I. Got. Bored. How on earth could I get bored?! I don’t easily reach that state when I see a movie but it happened. I cry, I laugh, I feel many things but boredom. Then what happened here?

It’s easy. They sold us the movie as two different things. The first one is a magnificent tribute to the Hollywood golden age and all its specificities, including musicals. The second one is a “great love story” (don’t fight me on the “great love story thing” because it’s everywhere). Now try something for me. Confront these two concepts and see what happens. You see the blossom of a love story between two lost individuals but you can’t feel anything because the musical and theatrical aspects of the movie create detachment. I mean, seriously. What’s good about classic musicals? The love story is most of the time cringy, it’s all about the performance, the special effects from this period, the songs, the nostalgic and cheerful feeling you get when you watch it. Everything looks strangely fake but you don’t care. It’s great. But in La La Land, when you try to focus on the love story, since it looks like it’s the point here, it looks wrong. To transpose all this aesthetic nowadays through a love story between two persons that could be us is a good idea but it makes it look so wrong. Where is the emotion? Do you know this face, you know, the face you do when you watch a movie with your parents and there’s a sex scene coming up? Multiple times, I made that face. It looked too fake and cringy for me to feel anything but a slight embarassment. Do you know where I actually felt something? At the very end. [SPOILERS] When they look at each other before Emma’s character leaves. In my opinion, this very short part just saved the whole thing. But before I could let emotion take control, we had to leave the theater. I was very disappointed. And if you think I’m overdone: I felt more emotional when I saw March of the emperor 2′s trailer at the beginning than La La Land itself. I felt more emotional when I also saw Moonlight’s trailer. And I also feel more emotional when I listen to the soundtrack just by itself.

Now let’s try something else. Try to erase the first concept. All the lights, all those magical effects, all the colors and even the musical parts. What’s left? A. Very. Boring. Love. Story. Take them as individuals and you have interesting characters developments (I particularly felt a bit close to Mia when she sang for her audition) but as soon as they get together… It’s just plain. Romanticism is barely justified by fate, crossed paths and failure but it’s quite ordinary. And do you know what makes me sad? The fact that the little magic there is in this movie is mainly provided by the work on the image. If you take it off, it’s barely interesting. I really expected more.

So in a few words, La La Land was good. But it’s not revolutionary. It’s a great tribute and that’s all. I’m glad it won all these Oscars but I’m also glad it didn’t win Best Picture and Best Original Screenplay. There’s no need to put this movie on a holy pedestal but there’s no need to put it in the trash too. It had potential and I wished they tried something new. A good mix of nostalgia and innovation.

Sorry if it looks messy, I tried to say a lot in a few words and i’m not even fluent in english, I hope it makes sense.


About half a year ago, I reflected on my life and decided that I spent a lot of time alone, behind my computer. It’s where I feel safest and get the most work done. I felt like it was time for something new - to go out into the world, meet people, and share knowledge in a new way. So I attended Abunaicon here in the Netherlands. It was my first time showing up at an event of that size as “Loish”, to do a live demonstration of my drawing process and to sign books. I was so terrified! I was literally shaking as I walked in. Although I knew it would be ok, deep down inside I was scared that everyone would be disappointed.

But it was amazing! The people I met were kind, supportive, and genuinely interested in how I work. So then I went to FACTS in Gent, to draw on a massive stage with a microphone attached to my head. It was so scary but so rewarding! Soon after, I did a live drawing session at KLIK animation festival. I realized that participating in events like this was not only a career move, but also to meet new people and reconnect with old friends. I just returned from CTNX, my fourth event, and I’m just so sad that it’s over. It was so incredible and I don’t think I’ve ever made so many new friends in such a short amount of time!

I’ve heard people say that the internet isolates people and keeps real friendships from growing. I’ve experienced the opposite. I’ve made so many friends online, and now I’m meeting these friends face-to-face. I have to say, the experience is just.. incredible. Thanks so much to everyone who came and said hi in these recent months, and who shared their story with me! I couldn’t be happier right now, or more grateful. And to those I haven’t met face-to-face yet, I look forward to someday meeting you - your support on the internet means so much to me! You guys are the best!!!

I’m so happy and surprised at the same time.
This animation will be the longest I’ve been made in my whole life.

For the moment, Underverse 0.3 intro has 7 minutes, and Underswap!Sans doesn’t even appear yet. Even if I animate everyday for several hours I couldn’t release it on this month because the soundtracks take time too. So, maybe I could post a sneak peek of UVS 0.3 beggining or something like that (Rushers started invading Youtube again XD) But I’ll do this because I want to explain that this is my first long animation, and the scenes are more hard to do this time. Also I could promote XTale Comic, so people who haven’t read it can understand a little what will happen on this part and  the next ones.

Ok, I have to go to finish those dialogues animations ^^
See you soon!!

Interview Transcript: Matthew Daddario - Talk Nerdy With Us

for @brizzbee

Matt’s interview from the screening of 201 in Denver.


Interviewer: We were wondering, at Talk Nerdy With Us, if you have a real life “parabai?”

Matt: Parabatai!

Interviewer: I knew I was gonna screw it up!

Matt: It’s fine, no. We’ve had uh- we took a lot of time to establish that pronunciation, which apparently is correct.

Interviewer: So like a best friend or a brother just who you sort of would do anything for?

Matt: I do.

Interviewer: That’s awesome. Is it a relative?

Matt: No it’s a friend. Who I would consider a brother. That’s all.

Interviewer: Ok, so with Alec having learned about Magnus and Camille’s shared past. (Will she) come back to be a thorn in their side this season?

Matt: Let’s see. *sighs* In a way. Because Alec is not entirely irrational. In the beginning of the season the are certain elements that make him more irrational because he’s dealing with a variety of concerns, but Alec understands who Camille is. He’s dealt with these kind of vampires before and he knows that kind of person. Camille is a particularly evil individual. But also, one of those characters on the show, frankly, I mean, I love watching Camille, I think she is just- she’s got that attitude and she’s creepy. And she’s a- she’s a real monster.

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my advice for young incoming college students: it is way more important to do what you love and be ok than to be rich and do something you hate. as someone who used to be obsessed with being financially successful, i majored in a field i really did not like, and it took me 2.5 years to realize i should’ve just been studying what i wanted to study this whole time and now i have to start over. my aunt majored in finance, worked on wall street for five years, and then dropped everything to go to culinary school. my friend’s mom went back to school recently to become a yoga instructor. most people end up doing what they want to do anyway and it’s better to start down that path from the beginning than to sort it out during a mid-life crisis. either way, there is always potential to be wealthy in any field if you have the right drive, and that drives comes from passion 👊🏻

Ace here,  I got a story for you:

When i met my boyfriend, I really liked him. On the first date I told him I was ace, and he was ok with it. It really surprised me, I thought any allosexual guy would back out of that. But he just asked me to tell him what I was ok with and what I didn’t want to do, and asked for permission for every move he did. Also, he asked me out for a second date. And a third. Every time we would meet up and do something, see a movie, go to the pub or he would just show me parks and nice places around (I didn’t get around much before that). We talked, held hands, after! asking for permission we kissed, we just had a nice time together. That’s how our relationship started. After one month, I moved to go see my family for the summer and go to uni afterwards, so we knew it would be a long distance relationship, but we still wanted to do that. When he visited me, we slept cuddled up to each other, and he did never invade my private space. I slowly started to be ok with more things, we started making out instead of little kisses, and after 8 months of relationship, we had sex, which was alright for me. I don’t need it, but it feels nice being close to him and it means a lot to him. It was a big step, and I would never with anyone else, but with him it was a good experience. I really love him, and not once did he make me uncomfortable or tried to push me like other guys tried before (he was the first to ever get a second date). He gave me the thing I needed most: patience, safety, trust and unconditional love. If you find someone who will give you those things, it will be beautiful. We will have our first anniversary soon, and I am really happy in my relationship, and looking back it is weird that I never thought this possible.

anonymous asked:

may i ask why you like phil so much??

ok let me just take a deep breath….. alright here we go

the first time i saw phil in 2011 my thoughts were something along the lines of “he has such a unique look, he’s so cool, i love his voice.”
you’d think i’d remember my first phil video, but alas, my memory fails me. all i can remember is a flash of dark hair, icy eyes, and a feeling of wonder.
i started as a casual fan like most of us do, but with each video i got more and more invested in his content and i wanted to keep up with whatever he was doing. i wasn’t even sure why i had such an intense infatuation with him, he just.. made me feel. good.
fast forward a couple of years, phil became my safe space. the warm atmosphere that surrounds him always helped to relax me. his kind nature was sweet and refreshing, his intelligence motivated me, his creativity inspired me, his sense of humor lifted my mood, his laugh made my heart soar, virtually everything about him made me feel lighter.
and now here i am. owner of a phan blog, completely invested in phil and his endeavors. he continues to put me at ease when i need a reason to calm down and i continue to love him with every fiber of my being. i am forever grateful for him.

You know, seeing you sure brings back a few things ...

What things, exactly, Lando? 👀

OK, so I want y'all to look at this gif right here:

Originally posted by jedichirrut

So when Lando hugs Han first, Han looks flustered and you can see his eyes move around frantically. He’s blushing, but also looks like he’s actually considering it, whatever he’s being told. What does Lando do in that time? He’s whispering in Han’s ear. I bet it’s Lando reminding him of the last time they saw each other, where I’m sure something-something must have occurred, if you catch my drift 😎. Or maybe he’s telling Han how good he looks. When Lando moves away, Han gives him an intimate smile which Lando returns and they start swaying in their hug. SWAYING. How is that platonic? At the end of the gif, you can see Han leaning into Lando’s cheek, as if he’s about to nuzzle him. Also throughout the hug, Han’s hand is holding Lando’s cloak tightly. He doesn’t want to let go …

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Hello, beautiful! I had an idea, and I felt as though you are the perfect person to tell. What if Cassian's wings are healed, but he no longer has feeling in the areas that were damaged? What do you think would happen? (We're obviously talking about what Nesta would do - let's be real here). Also, you're amazing, and I live for your writing :)

I don’t if you wanted an innocent reply because this in my mind turned to smut real fast. AND THANK YOU FOR THE NICE WORDS, DARLING!

Ok so Nesta has ice powers in my mind, which is important because this thing will turn into wingsin.

Cassian, the first time he flies after Hybern, is beyond happy; but there’s something, something that isn’t right.

He can’t feel the wind properly, can’t feel it like he used to.

There are some parts of his wings that are just numb, that he can’t feel, and he’s so scared he dives down as fast as he can before actually knowing how extended that numbness is.

The healers say that it will pass, that with time, just a couple of weeks, everything will go back to how it used to be. Cassian nods, trying to bury the shattering fear that plagues him.

What if he stops feeling his wings and he can’t fly anymore? What if all that damned healing was completely useless and he will be just an earthbound bastard forever?

He goes home to his mate, and just seeing her, it calms him, soothes him.

Cassian tells Nesta what the healer said and can’t keep the desperation from his voice, “What if I can’t feel the wind anymore?” he asks her.

He can feel her power rising just a bit, sees the frost on her fingertips and he arches and moans when her ice tipped fingertips touch his wing just under the talon “Can you feel me here?” she asks, her voice sweet.

“Yes, yes, I can feel you.” he says, moans, and her hand travels down. Cassian rolls his head back when she moves to another spot. “And here? Can you feel me here?” he nods blindly, his blood flowing to his cock at an alarming speed.

Nesta moves her hand again, going to a spot where the feeling of her is less strong, but it’s definitely there and it’s the exact part of his wings he thought he couldn’t feel.

“Oh Mother, Nesta, I really fucking love you.” he says, the joy of the knowledge that his wings aren’t, in fact, numb added with the lust and love for his mate making him go near the edge.

“Do you.” she says as she kisses his neck up and down and Cassian can feel each of her fingers as they stroke both his wings but when she bites his neck, he shatters, holding her against him, inhaling her intoxicating scent and the fact that he can smell her arousal makes him moan above her skin.

“If you can feel me,” she says, placing a kiss on his temple and passing her now warm hands through his hair “you’ll feel the wind again.”

He smiles, thanking whatever deity is responsible for the living gift that is Nesta Archeron.

“I will, sweetheart. But I’d love to feel you a little bit more.” he says, kissing her again.

To my Followers/About Requests

Ok. So, recently i have had an interaction with a follower, and viewer on my YouTube that demanded a voice i do to do something out of character for that voice to do. At first, because i like to fulfill every request i get i planed to do it. 

Then last time i streamed i said i would not be doing that voice in stream because in previous streams people had expressed discomfort. Being one to have my streams be a safe space i said i would not be doing the voice for those reasons. This one particular person got very up set, down right depressive and then just mean. I wake up today and find they have said alot of upsetting things on comments, and whined at me about not doing it anymore. Then threats were tossed around and at that point i had had enough. I blocked them. Both on Youtube and here on tumblr. I wont be giving there name cause i dont wish to cause them any grief.

But, i would like to ask, that for any future requests please be reasonable about what you want me to do. I dont like to say no. But im realizing for some, i will have to.

I really hate to air stuff like this out, but i guess being “A Big Name” on youtube and tumblr means i need to say stuff that seems to me like common sense to me to the people who watch me. I dont try to be a bad person and i try to set a good example for my viewers. Im all about lifting people up, not bring them down, as im guessing you know if you follow me.


I know alot of you are probably very young and are still learning what it means to be you, but dont lash out at people because they dislike something you like. Just like you shouldn’t take it personally when people like something you dislike.

Anyways. tl;dr with Requests please think about what you ask for, and please remember i have the right to say no. Please dont be upset if i do.


No kids allowed

Pairing: Barry Allen x reader

Request: hello I was wondering if you could do a flash smutty/fluff where it’s like a proposal, or like you the reader and Barry have a day away from possibly kids or something.

Authors note: I went with the second option. And yay my first smut for the flash ! ! !

“Now you guys behave for uncle Joe ok?” I took off Brody’s jacket as Barry took off Nora’s.

“But why can’t we go with you guys” Brody started to cry.

“Because sweetie mommy and daddy need some time to ourselves, but we’ll be back on Sunday.” It broke my heart seeing my little boy cry.

“It’s ok Brody we can play all weekend with uncle Joe, right uncle Joe?” Little Nora looked up at Joe

“That’s right and guess what Brody” Joe knelt down so he was was to face with Brody. “I’ll let you guys eat ice cream” Brody’s face lit up when Joe mentioned ice cream.

“Ok bye mommy bye daddy” both him and Nora gave us one last hug before running off.

“Thanks again Joe” I gave Joe a big hug.

“Yeah thank you for doing this” Barry gave Joe a bag with stuff the twins might need.

“Honestly it’s no trouble at all, I love those two kids. Now go and enjoy your weekend away from them, you guys deserve it” Joe gave Barry a hug before we exited the house.

“Ready to hit the open road” Barry looked down at me

“YESSS lets go.” I grabbed Barry’s hand and practically ran to the car. This is the first time in MONTHS that we are going to spend time together alone. No kids, no work just me and Barry alone at a lake house 20 minutes away from Central City.

“Calm down y/n the lake house will be still be there when we get there.” Barry laughed as he opened the car door for me before he hopped into the drivers seat.

“I’m sorry I’m just so excited” I eagerly buckled my seatbelt and smiled at my handsome husband as he started the car.

“Haha I can tell, let’s make the most out of this weekend” he laced his right hand with mine as we drove off.

*time skip*

“Barry we are a few feet away from the lake” I was awestruck as I was looking at the backyard of the lake house and notice the giant lake a few feet away.

“It’s so peaceful here” Barry rested his chin on top of my shoulder and his arms wrapped around my body.

“It is, can we go swimming ?”

“Of course let’s go changed” Barry picked me up and carried me into our room for the night. He carefully tossed me onto the bed and climbed on top of me.

“Oh no no no mr. Allen, you said we were going to go swimming. We can do this later.” I gave him a kiss before pushing him away and search our suitcase for my swimsuit. I grabbed the swimsuit and went to the bathroom to change.

“Babe you know I’ve seen you naked right? How do you think we have our two children, why are you changing in the bathroom?” Barry laughed as he heard me lock the bathroom door.

“I know that Barry, I just want to change in peace. Just meet me down stairs if you’re done changing.” Shouted from the other side of the door.

“Alight fine, I’ll meet you downstairs.” I could hear Barry close the bedroom door. Once I finished tying my bikini top I stepped back a bit and took in my appearance. I was wearing a red swimsuit that Barry loves, mainly because it was red. I adjusted my boobs before stepping out of the bathroom, and made my way outside.

“Wow babe you look stunning come in the water is nice” Barry yelled as he swam around. I slipped off my sandals before running on the boardwalk and diving into the lake. Barry was right the water was nice, not freezing cold but also not disgusting hot. As I came up breath I looked around but I couldn’t find Barry.

“Barry whe- ahh shit” I freaked when I felt something grabbing my legs only to realize it was Barry. “Don’t scare me like that” I splashed water in his face when his head popped up from the water.

“Sorry babe I couldn’t help myself” he chucked as he wrapped his arms around my body, as I wrapped my legs around his waist.

“Your lucky I love you” I pouted

“Yes I am lucky that you love me, God I can’t believe how gorgeous you look in the bathing suit. I mean wow” Barry took his time checking out my body.

“Not bad for a woman who gave birth to two kids right?”

“Mmm not bad at all. You know I still can’t believe this is my life. I mean I got a gorgeous wife, two precious children, a kick ass job and I get to keep our city safe. How did I get so lucky?” Barry rested his forehead against mine.

“It’s not luck Barry, you’ve been through so much since you were a kid. You are just being rewarded for dealing with it.” I cupped Barry’s cheeks and gave him a sweet kiss. That sweet little kiss though soon turned into a heated make out season. I felt Barry tugging the strings of my bikini top causing me to pull away. “Wow there, if this is going where I think it’s going we better head inside. I really don’t want to have sex in the water.”

“Fine by me, hold on” I buried my face in Barry neck as he used his powers to get us inside the house. Opening my eyes I look up at Barry and realized we were in the same position we were in earlier. “Now, where were we” Barry lifted me up enough to untie the back of my bikini top and laid me back genially before tossing the bikini to the side.“Beautiful” he whispered as he began to kiss my neck. He ran his hands up and down my legs before hooking his fingers at the top of my bikini bottoms and slid them off.

“Oh Barry” I closed my eyes as I felt his finger playing with my clit before inserting then inside my pussy. “That feel nice” my breath hitched as he started to move them inside me.

“I love you” Barry breathed into my neck as he started to move his fingers faster. I started to rock my hip to match his pace.

“Barry I’m going to-”

“No wait” Barry pulled his fingers out and swiftly removed his swim trunks before climbing on top of me again. Spreading my legs for him I began to feel him teasing my entrance. With one harsh thrust he was fully inside me.

“BARRY” I clung to his back as he let me adjust. After a few deep breaths I gave him the ok to start moving.

“Jesus you’re so tight! !” Barry groaned as he had a firm grip on my waist.

“Oh Barry” I tried to match his pace but he started to go faster, channeling a tiny amount of his powers.

“Ah I fucking missed this” Barry panted as he placed his right hand on my clit and started to rub it.

“Barry I’m not going to last if you do that” I tried to warn him.

“It’s ok babe you can let go, cum for me please”.

“BARRY ! ! !” I let out a high pitch scream before my orgasm took over my body. “Yes yes yes” I chanted as Barry kept moving inside me until I felt him twitch inside me.

“Oh oh oh fuuuuuck” Barry cursed as he spilled himself inside me. Once he finished emptying himself inside me he pulled out and laid down next to me. “Come here” he called for me and I curled up against him.

“That was amazing” I kissed Barry’s chest as we were trying to catch our breaths.

“You were amazing babe, I love you” Barry kissed the top of my head.

“I love you too Barry” I replied as we looked out the window.

“I was thinking” Barry started to say. “We love our life right and we love our kids?”

“Yeah” I hesitantly answered.

“What do you say we expand our family” I looked up at him shocked.

“You want to have another baby?”

“Yeah, I mean we have stated in the past that we wanted three to four kids and the twins are starting kindergarten in the fall. Why not expand our family” I looked up at Barry and see that he was staring down at me.

“We’d have to move into a bigger house. We can barely move around where we live now with two kids, imagine having three kids in that house.”

“So that’s a yes then” I noticed a hit of happiness in his voice.

“Yes, let’s have another baby” I smiled as replied to him. “Let’s just hope the twins will be ok with this”

“They’re ok with it, I already talked to them about it and they’re excited to have a little brother or sister.” I teasingly hit Barry’s chest. “I’m sorry I just wanted them to be ok with it before I even asked you. I just wanted to know that if we do have another baby they wouldn’t get jealous.”

“Alight fine that’s a valid excuse, did you tell anyone else?”

“Nope” he kissed my nose.

“Alright then, I don’t want to tell anyone until I’m actually pregnant, just so we don’t get their hopes up”

“I’m ok with that” Barry kissed my forehead. “I love you y/n”

“I love you too Barry”

SHEPARIA TRASH MIX - Fanmix for a paragon Shep/Aria

Closer - Sonna Rele Ft Ne Yo | FOOLS Remix - Filous | Aria Economy - C418 | Please Don’t Go - Mike Posner | Luv Sic (Part 2) - Jason Yang | Done With Love - ZEDD | Green Light - John Legend Ft. Andre 3000 Toxic - Glee | Get On Your Knees - Nicki Minaj Ft. Ariana Grande | Shape Of My Heart - 2Cellos |

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i was tagged by @ask-witch-namjoon​ & @ask-witch-jiminie​ ( u tagged me on my other one, im gonna do it here bb hehe lov u )

1. Are you named after someone?

yep!! well its not just someone but also something.. the something is my first name, and the second name is someone lmfao

2. When is the last time you cried?

last last night(?), i overthinked and stuff and i got emotional listening to certain songs

3. Do you like your handwriting?

NEVER. its ew ;/ but ehh they tease me its a doctor’s handwriting hahaha i aint complaining coz i wanna be a doctor

4. What is your favourite lunch meat?

tbvh i love all meat, but lunch.. i’ll have to go with chicken.. esp mcdo chicken or jollibee chicken or inasal chicken

5. Do you have kids?

does friends count? >w< i have a gc on twt where i am their mom and the another one in kkt where im considered a mom too lol and i have 2 shih tzu tho i consider them my brother/sister 

kidding aside, nop!

6. If you were another person, would you be friends with you?

sure why not, im p open for new friends! 

7. Do you use sarcasm?

sometimes, im not really good with sarcasm that much

8. Do you still have your tonsils?

im p sure yes???

9. Would you bungee jump?

okay! i have a funny story on this one >w< i tried bungee jumping once! and tbvh that bungee jump isnt even that high! like i swear its just not high and tbh the fall was machine controlled so not rlly that u’re free falling n sht.. but i got rlly scared wtF like i got scared i was on the top porch for so long i let the others behind me go first! i mean im already at the top and its a hassle to go multiple steps down so i just readied my self.. after there are no more customers behind me i did it.. damn i even prayed.. and like i said it was machine controlled so my fall isnt that fast or sth, but the fact that you’ll jump on ur own made me go mad //// but I did it anyways, and when i got down i cried.. I CRIEEEDDDD.. ToT i guess i was relieved.. but YUP i’ll def try it again, maybe the one in singapore/sokor.. someday

10. What’s your favourite cereal?

HONEY STARS & FRUIT LOOPS! i sometimes eat them without milk

11. Do you untie your shoes when you take them off?

yups, just a lil bit

12. Do you think you’re a strong person?

im in the middle of strong & weak

13. What’s your favourite ice cream flavour?


14. What’s the first thing you notice about people?

their face and how they carry themselves

15. Red or pink?

pink… i dont like hot pink or rlly neon pink.. pastel pink def a fave

16. What is your least favourite physical thing about yourself?

my thighs..

17. What colour pants and shoes are you wearing right now?

im just at home right now so im wearing a pjs // orange, and blue for my house slippers

18. What was the last thing you ate?

adobo!! idk if you guys will know it ahah

19. What are you listening to right now?

spring day by bts

20. If you were a crayon what colour would you be?

baby blue / sky blue

21. Favourite smell?

im all for cherry blossoms perfumes, thats my fave! but any floral scent is a good one! i dont rlly like fruity smell / scent

22. Who was the last person you spoke to on the phone?

my dad

23. Favourite sport to watch?


24. Hair colour?

medium brown i guess

25. Eye colour?

dark brown

26. Do you wear contacts?


27. Favourite food to eat?

uh… THIS IS HARD… I LOV ALL FOOD?? but comfort food is french fries + ice cream! i could eat ‘em all day

28. Scary movies or comedy?

i’d prefer scary movies, but i dont watch it alone!!

29. Last movie you watched?

max steel!! 

30. What colour shirt are you wearing?

yellow :>

31. Summer or winter?

winter.. i lov coldness that makes u feel warm.. so winter

32. Hugs or kisses?

def both!! but im always down for hugs a lot!

33. What book are you currently reading?

im in a fanfic phase right now aaahhh i stopped reading the book im reading, but its “unearthly” (about fallen angels and stuff)

34. Who do you miss right now?

my heart is cold, i dont miss anyone at the moment

35. What is on your mouse pad?

i dont have a mouse pad….

36. What is the last tv show you watched?

errr are kdramas considered a tv show? coz if it is, its goblin! ;)

37. What is the best sound?

PIANO… it’s just so calming?? but um i also love the sound of water.. even if its rain or the beach waves.. i lov it

38. Rolling Stones or The Beatles?

idk them?? i mean i know the beatles but i havent actually listened to any of their songs so idkkk

39. What is the furthest you’ve ever travelled?

los angeles! my butt hurt from seating in the airplane

40. Do you have a special talent?

um.. i draw?? hehe

41.Where were you born?

manila, philippines!


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Something You Can’t Replace

Pairing: Charles Xavier x reader

Word count: 1011

Summary:  Hey! Can you do a Charles x reader after XMA where he’s insecure about his (lack of) hair and she tells him that she’s ok with it even though she’s miss grabbing them during sex :3 thanks !!! And it ends with fluff >

Warnings: I swore a bit so if you don’t like swearing oops too late. Charles deserved to be cussed at tbh

A/N: Story time! When I first saw XMA it was also my first time seeing a X-Men movie. I instantly loved Charles and his beautiful hair and I DIDN’T KNOW HE WAS GONNA BE BALD EVER! ONE SECOND IT WAS THERE THEN IT WAS GONE??? but I got over it and the truth is I love Charles no matter what’s on his head. I still freaking loved his long hair god it gave me liiiiiife I wanted to pull touch it. I said touch. 

I take requests so everyone is very welcome to send me some! 

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Ok so my bf cheated on me (we broke up like last night) and I just want some fluffy namjoon to feel better please give me this~¤

ah well first of all I’m really sorry to hear that :/ I hope things look up soon!

“I need you.” 

your phone felt heavy in your hand after sending the text. you weren’t sure where namjoon was at the time, and part of you was scared he was busy. it seemed as if there was always something he was working on. however it only took him a grand total of three minutes to respond.

“meet me at the dorm.”

you didn’t hesitate to start your trip, but you couldn’t help but feel a sense of dread towards your destination. when you sent the text you were clinging to the hope that namjoon would get the hint that you wanted to be alone with him, and with the other boys being at the dorm it would be difficult to achieve that. 

when you arrived to the building you found namjoon waiting outside by his car. night had already arrived, and the darkness made namjoon stand out like a beacon. he greeted you with a kiss before motioning you towards the passenger seat. 

“where are we going?” you questioned once you were both buckled up. 

“you’ll find out soon,” namjoon responded with a dimply smirk. you decided it was best to not press any harder. namjoon drove for quite some time, and after several minutes of staring out at the scattered streetlights your mind began to drift off. you came back into focus when you noticed the car come to a stop somewhere outside the city. 

“oh my god,” you whispered upon realizing where namjoon had taken you. he smiled before getting out of the car, making his way to your side to help you out as well. he reached into the backseat and retrieved a large blanket and a grocery bag. 

“do you like it?” you nodded in response, taking in the nostalgia of the location. you walked over to the small patch of grass in the trees where you and namjoon had spent your first date. once in the center you looked up to the night sky where your eyes were met with the stars. namjoon spread the blanket out at your feet, dumping the contents of the bag off to the side. you smiled at the plethora of cheap snacks he had undoubtedly collected from around the dorm. you wondered in amusement if he had stolen any of them from the boys.

“you’re amazing,” you told him. namjoon chuckled while he got down onto the blanket, positioning himself on his back so that he could look up through the break in the trees. it didn’t take you long to fall into place beside him, wrapping your arms around his middle. he held you almost protectively.

“you don’t even know why I needed to see you,” you commented after a few minutes.

“I know you,” he admitted. “you were having a bad day. I figured it was better to relax instead of focusing on the bad.” 

“you’re right,” you responded, feeling the weight of your struggles dissipate more and more by the second. his scent was more calming than anything else in your world. you nuzzled yourself into him, letting your face bury into his chest. 

“you won’t be able to see the stars that way,” he laughed.

“that’s fine, I don’t need the stars. I have you.”

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oh my god soft™ i haven't played the sims in sooo looong; my day was normal i guess? oH what will they do this time? they're always up to something, trust no one haha; ok i should go to sleep, goodnight, have a good day tomorrow and lil pup kisses for you! - yell @ jeon

same, this is my first time playing it since like early last year?

im excited, last episode was so good and the blue over sized turtleneck jeongguk had on :(((( soft™

alright night night! hope you have a good day tomorrow too!

Stained Blue

// alright this it. my first piece on this blog. i’m pretty excited about it, tbh, because Miely’s prompt was pretty hard and i had to write it multiple times to be kind of happy with it.

// PROMPT: Please write something based off the following lyric from Halsey's Colors. “You were red. And you liked me because I was blue. And you touched me, and suddenly, I was a lilac sky. But you decided that purple just wasn’t for you.”

// warning: this prompt screamed angst but i couldn’t go through with it i’m sorry.

// sneak peek: To you, everyone held a story close to their heart, and that story gave off a color to their souls. You often saw a lot of grey – boredom, yellow – either happiness or discomfort, pink – sweet love, or the way you saw your own: blue – melancholy and sadness. Choi Seungcheol was bright red. He screamed passion and love and lust and hastened movements and warmth and everything else you weren’t.

// pairing: seungcheol x reader

// word count: 793

   You met Choi Seungcheol in a small café of your community college. Everything about him screamed passion; the way he walked confidently, in long strides, the loud boom of his voice while he ordered his drink, the fire behind his eyes when they met yours. He was wearing all black, but somehow all you could see when looking at him was red.

   You enjoyed sitting in this café by yourself and looking at people. To you, everyone held a story close to their heart, and that story gave off a color to their souls. You often saw a lot of grey – boredom, yellow – either happiness or discomfort, pink – sweet love, or the way you saw your own: blue – melancholy and sadness. Choi Seungcheol was bright red. He screamed passion and love and lust and hastened movements and warmth and everything else you weren’t. Just looking at him going around various groups around the café, as if he knew all of them, made you dizzy.

   You were a lot different than him. Left alone in a city you didn’t know to attend college to study philosophy, you were often left alone, and you liked it that way. The current world was moving too fast for you, and you’d rather spend days and nights reading and writing than following the pace of those around you. You didn’t have many friends, or went out often, but you liked it that way.

   When your somehow empty gaze met his fiery one, Seungcheol was immediately drawn in. He approached you right there, in this community college café, and offered to buy you a second coffee. Blinded by the color only you could see, you’d agreed silently and even let him sit at your table. He made most of the conversation that day. You learned he was a photograph, an artist. After you’d met, Seungcheol often told you the faraway look in your eyes had drawn him in, as if you longed for another time. He was fascinated by your melancholy and your loneliness, and drew inspiration from it.

   You were brought in by his red, while he fell for your blue. For a while, the colors cohabited well, and you could both go on with your lives quite normally. It didn’t last long, though, as Seungcheol’s colors were so bright, you couldn’t help but bathe in them, let them sink into you and give you life. His passion gave you new eyes, his love a new story. You felt your smiles were brighter, and you went out and spoke up more often. You started to enjoy the life you were given, and you knew your colors were shifting. That day, you’d let Seungcheol reach into your soul, and his red had tainted your deep blue. The red filled your heart and reached into your every veins, making you feel more alive than you’d ever felt.

   When you walked into his studio a few weeks later, you knew something else had shifted. He was sitting on the stool he usually left for his models, only one spot lighting him from the side, and he seemed to be flipping through some photos. He didn’t say anything, just let you approach. You wrapped your arms around his shoulders, and took a peak at his camera. They were pictures of you, from the night before. You sat smiling in your friend’s basement, a red cup placed in your hand. You were smiling, laughing, sometimes leaning on someone else. You looked happy.

   “You changed since you met me.” It was not a question, simply a fact. “I can’t do this anymore, Y/N.”

   You didn’t understand. You let him go, and he turned to face you. He lifted his hand and cupped it around your jaw. You leaned into it out of habit.

   “When I met you, I fell in love with your eyes. They were so empty, and yet so full with sadness and melancholy and beauty. I’d never met someone with such a gaze. But it’s gone now. I don’t know what happened to you, what I did to you, but it’s not there anymore. You’re not the Y/N I met in that café. She’s gone now.”

   His hand dropped to his knee, like your heart dropped to your stomach. The silence grew, and you just stood there until you couldn’t take it anymore. Without saying a word, you turned around, grabbed the bag you had left by the door and left the studio. You expected your steps to be heavier, your soul to go back to its original blue, but they didn’t. If anything, you were lighter on your feet, and you caught a glimpse of your reflection when passing a shopwindow.

   Guess you’d have to find someone who’d appreciate lilac.

//admin cora//

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ok but I'm sorry if this isn't the asks you are expecting rn bc you wanted luffy moments but I have to tell you this!! you are one of my favs (probably my fav tho hehe) one piece/anime/manga blog here like EVER!!! I love your art and everything :( the first time I saw your blog it was bc something you said about Sabo and I just 'this is so me with Ace' and you are my fav since then~ you are amazing! really!! we (your followers) love you so much~ tysm for doing this blog! 💜

ahhh i don’t know what to say; thank you so much ;;____;; i can’t even fathom being somebody’s fav omg.  i’m so glad you can understand how i feel about sabo with your own feelings for ace too ahaha.  thank YOU all for being so sweet, and you for taking the time to send this message <3 it really does mean so much, and if it weren’t two in the morning and i weren’t half asleep i’d be able to express that better probably //orz

i say it a lot but it’s true that for me running this blog and making fanart/edits is really just what i enjoy doing and what makes me happy, so the fact that there are ppl out there who like it even tho i’m just….doing whatever makes me happy is always so amazing for me.  ty again for liking my stuff and i hope you continue to in the future!!!!  you can count on me to always be here, still trucking along and rambling about one piece in the middle of the night <3

First time

Series: Cardcaptor Sakura

Pairing: Touya/Yukito

Rating: 13+, mentions of sex but not graphic.

Summary:  On their first time, there’s something bothering Yukito.

Notes:  Just a short ficlet, this pairing is an old love of mine and I wanted to write a little something. You can read it under the read more or at my AO3

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