it was my birthday so i asked

Happy belated Birthday Meabh!!!! I know I wasnt so subtle asking details about Gi, but surprise anyway!!

Your monster ocs are really cool, and YOURE really cool, so keep up the good work! But also, do tell us all more about these monster babes some day, I’m sure we’re all in the edges of our seats waiting for even a tidbit of more information (people with really cool ocs got a repsonsibility to share em, or maybe I just loves other peoples ocs too much….). Anyway have a great birthday week! Full of cake and everyone being super nice to you, cause you deserve alllll the good things!!!!! 😁❤❤❤❤
harry shum jr bday fun anyone?

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some of you might remember that a did a “go send me an ask about how good matt looks” fun thing a couple of weeks ago, so i thought why not do something like that for harry on his birthday? 

so here the deal, from now and through all of friday (and longer if anyone wants to) you can send me an ask, talking about your favourite harry anything. it can be an outfit, an interview, short film, instagram post, anything really, and i’ll talk to you about it and (to my best ability) add either a link or the thing itself to the answer so that everyone else can enjoy it along with us.

you can do it both on and off anon, and you do not have to be following me to “participate.” the more, the merrier, and all that yknow.

anyway, i’ll answer any asks i get (if any) on friday and until you guys stop sending them, and i’ll be tagging everything with “#harry shum jr bday fun” if anyone wants to either track the tag or blacklist it.

p.s. you can also submit things if you want
p.p.s. you can reblog this maybe? and we can have more people share their love for our birthday boy? 

I check Memories on Facebook after midnight–

it is ritual.

Maybe there will be a piece of you there this time.

Not this time. This time,

it’s me–or, whoever I used to be,

it’s me and them. It’s a birthday.

I am in a denim vest. I am smiling. 

It’s an alien face. I don’t know who that person is,

or where they went–I think they might be dead, too.

They’re so stupid, I think. They don’t know what’s coming.

They can’t stop it. They can’t save you.

I look at the others–my heart still beats the word “friends” into my ribcage;

old friends, I tell myself, like a child asking for sweets they can’t eat.

Old friends. Used-to-be friends. Never-thought-we-wouldn’t-be friends.

Ex friends. Never-see-them-again friends. 

I still haven’t made new friends.

Two months from that birthday, you will die.

I look into the stranger’s eyes. I try to remember how I saw things, Before–

what the world looked like, Before–

but the After has stained mine blind. 

I only see in hypotheticals and blank spaces; I live in a thousand dimensions,

you are in all of them,

and my friends,

my old friends,

I-miss-them-tonight-again friends,

are there too–

but not in this one. 





lmao ayyyy it’s my birthday I’m 23


I don’t have an amazon wishlist tbh bc I never use amazon and the only thing in the wishlist is cosplay stuff (unnecessary) and a copy of the art of fo4 (which I don’t………. really need tbh there’s scans of it all over the place at this point) so I guess if you want to be nice to me you can read n comment on my fics or smth? idk I don’t wanna ask ppl for donations n I don’t have like, stuff I necessarily really want (except maybe commissions of my ocs but I ALWAYS want commissions of my ocs ldsjfksdf) so I guess like

birthday present for Maxson - please be nice and comment on his stuff

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Just curious, what's your next audio going to be?

The Heat one - the script is done I just gotta find a time to record it. This is the week of prom, after all, and then next week is my birthday so things have been extremely busy. Sorry for you guys waiting so long!

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"okok so I'm not a trixya stan but I'm gonna request something considering that trixie's album is dropping on may 2nd and katya's birthday is the 1st . Can we get a fic where trix dedicates her album to Katya as a birthday gift? I suck at writing prompts but I hope the point got trough (also sorry for my shitty english )" I'll give a lung and my toenails to make this fic happen

So, about those news...

As you guys probably remember, I’ve been talking about a new and wonderful relationship since last summer… and it’s time to tell y’all that the gentleman in question is infamous Irish nerd @culamhain whom I visited in Ireland during my spring break a couple of weeks ago. After over five years of friendship (and a lot of silent torch-carrying) we decided to give it a go last year, and it has been a source of joy ever since. 

We knew we wanted to be serious very early on, and I was very glad to see that the relationship remained as easy and fulfilling when we were in close geographical proximity. And then two weeks ago today, on his birthday, he decided to give us both an amazing gift and lead us to the next step in this relationship–he asked me to marry him (in my native language!!!!!!!) and I said yes! 😍 So, 13 months from today, Ms. Waves & Stars will become Mrs. Cúl Amháin and shenanigans will ensue as he joins me stateside!

Hello sweet petals. I have a few msgs in my ask box in regards to AOFS and whether it is still coming out tomorrow and why I deleted the preview that said it was, so I am just going to collectively place the disappointment here and say no, unfortunately, it will not be.

This week and leading into next week I am going to be pretty busy with work and plans for my (I honestly just shuddered at the thought) birthday celebration so my updates and general presence might be lacking. For the third part of AOFS, I have written most of the first scene, though I still need to write the second scene and then the (ho boy) smut scene, which both have been thoroughly planned out and thus it is now just up to me to find the time to write them. I am aiming for Sunday to update the third part, and then hopefully sometime towards the end of next week to get the finale out, but we shall see!

Apologies to any of you who were anticipating an update this week. I have been absolutely flooded with inspiration lately, though my focus has gone all over the place so I cannot write much down at a time. But if you wish to see what stories I am currently working on, you can check them out here!

I hope everyone is having a lovely week so far!

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Hey guys, this is Molly. She’s been one of my best friends for about 3 years now, and its her birthday tomorrow here (27th April) and she’s been so sad recently, so i thought I’d do my best to make this the best birthday i could because i just love her so much! I’ve asked @crankgameplays to wish her a happy birthdayt because he’s one of her favorite youtubers but he’s a super busy boy so he may not be able to do that! So in about 2 hours from now, do you think you lovely people could please help me out by tweeting her ( @_fairlyxlocal_ ) happy birthday? She matters and i want to make sure she knows that! And Ethan if you happen to scroll pas this do you think yoy could help ya girl make Mollys birthday a top notch one?! She deserves it after the shit shes been through. Much love to you all, please help me out if you can, thank you so much! 💙

I want myself a lovey-dovey type of a man

•The type to give me a foot massage just because he wants to
•The type to want me to sit back and relax while he takes care of diner
•The type to make me a birthday card out of scratch
•The type to ask me to get ready so he can take me somewhere nice
•The type to hold my hand in public because he wants to show me off
•The type to call me right back after something’s wrong
•The type that finds comfort wrapping his arms around me and laying on my chest
•The type that doesn’t end the day without wanting to know how Im doing
•The type to call me just to hear the sound of my voice
•The type that gets me questioning why the Universe didn’t let us meet sooner
•The type that leaves me wondering if this is reality

when i lived in switzerland i popped down to the irish pub in town for the north london derby and accidentally met the entire english speaking expat community, which was unofficially led by a spurs fan named nick. nick took me under his wing, invited me to his place for his birthday, introduced me to everyone including his wife haidie and daughters, one of whom is just a year younger than me. haidie saw my spurs tattoo and asked me what it meant and so i called nick over and he identified it immediately (it’s just the number 1882) and he was thrilled and haidie was horrified and anyway, she’s just tagged me and nick in a unilad facebook post with a clip of what must be geordie shore bc i can recognize charlotte, but one of the geordies has given the other, a massive arsenal fan, a big spurs tattoo right over his heart, and isn’t it funny how football brings people together


Ewan McGregor on getting older: 

“I don’t feel it – you never do. I still want to kick around on BMX bikes! I have to ask my wife: ‘Do I look like a cock, or is this all right, the way I’m dressed?’ Because you don’t want to be ‘that guy’, but you also don’t want to listen to that voice either. I want to wear skinny jeans when I’m in my 70s. Why not? Who cares?

Happy 46th Birthday, Ewan!

It’s my birthday on the 20th April, and I’m really not looking forwards to it as it’s going to be ridiculously empty & I hoped anyone reading this could help.

I’m Very disabled & I have to spend 95% of the time in bed & most of that lying down flat. I’m in immense & constant pain and my head feels like I have permanent flu all the time (real proper fevery flu).

As you can imagine this is not very conducive to making real life friends, I did have lots when I was fit and well and could put time and effort into keeping up friendships, but they’ve dwindled somewhat now that I can’t. I also have a very teeny family. & I’ve worked out that on my birthday I’ll have 1 present and about 6 cards to open if I’m lucky.

So I wondered if, out of the kindness of your hearts, on the 20th April you could send me a fun message to cheer me up, or tag me in a post, or write something to me to keep me occupied, or post something nice for me to look at & take my mind off the dullness of being in bed 24/7.

I’m not doing this for any kind of sympathy or pity – it’s just that my birthday is quite utterly sad otherwise - for the past 2 years I’ve asked people to do this & I got a wonderful response and even last year had some amazing people send me things from my Amazon wish list, so I had actual presents to open, which was most unexpected and utterly delightful.

My about me page is (here) incase you’d like to read more on why I’m disabled. There are also pictures from my random former life & my mad hair colours!

Edited to add my Amazon wishlist because peeps asked for it (here). & I added vouchers in case peeps prefer that to choosing things, bless you so much.

Oodles of Love, Nixxie


for @abloodneed ❤️