it was much too hot for that coat

Some Taakitz hcs for @necromantrix!

  • Taako is attracted to all of Kravitz’s forms, drunk or sober and even if he’s cold as hell
  • Kravitz’s eyes remain red no matter how hard he focuses, he cannot turn those glowing red eyes off
    • When they lounge together in Taako’s room in the dark, his eyes act as a nightlight for Taako who will never admit that the glow soothes him
  • Kravitz cooks for Taako, the elf won’t cook for Kravitz (1. He doesn’t need to eat and 2. his past) but he does teach Kravitz how to cook
  • Kravitz has no sense of taste, like vampires in some stories all the food he eats tastes like ash or turns into ash. Because of this, he can’t taste test food and puts way too much cinnamon into apple pies and while his hot chocolate is to die for (ha) the chocolate will coat your mouth completely
  • Kravitz absolutely adores Taako, within the first week of dating him. He’s immortal but he falls hard and fast while Taako takes a bit longer to warm up to him
  • Kravitz picks up on Taako’s low moods and will collect him up into his lap, back to chest, and play with his hair until he feels better
  • Kravitz is nearly always in a state of mess since he’s always so busy and no longer needs to look after personal grooming. Taako ends up doing his hair and getting him decent clothes and does his eyeshadow when he thinks it won’t disappear because he has to change form
    • Kravitz doesn’t tell Taako that he can just shape his form to have makeup or clean hair, and it just takes more concentration, because he likes being taken care of (and also the feel of Taako’s hands)
  • Taako loves Kravitz’s work outfit and despairs every time this fashion disaster of a boy shows up in multiple shades of grey and once he wore socks and sandals
  • Taako will fiddle with Kravitz’s hands, robe, and hair when he’s jumpy and needs something to distract himself
  • Taako’s bed originally only had enough pillows for Taako, he’s now got so many he can bury his boyfriend in them and enjoys doing it when Kravitz is ‘sleeping’ just so he can sleep on him without getting ribs to the face
  • Taako’s room is messy as hell and Kravitz cleans it slightly every time he visits, if it were anyone else Taako would’ve gotten angry but he lets the reaper do it (maybe he tripped a few too many times for Taako to feel okay getting mad at him)
the ultimate blurryface conspiracy theory

many people have thought about the true meaning behind blurryface and how the character ties into tyler joseph’s own struggles. some theorize that “blurryface” is forcing tyler to share his anxieties with the world. but, my friends, i present my own theory on what blurryface is forcing tyler to do: wear too many layers of seasonally inappropriate clothing. 

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Do you have some hybrid smutty? Or Daddy kink ff? I really love your blog, thanks for all!! ❤


  • Daddy Kink

Happy Birthday, Baby It’s Taehyung’s birthday, and Jeongguk has the perfect present for him.

(And literally no one is surprised I recced this fic again)

Too Hot (Hot Damn) Jeongguk and Taehyung are college boyfriends on Valentine’s Day. That’s it. That’s the story.

(Dom!Tae wowsers,,, i need to go pray)

Your Love Always Makes Me Palms Sweaty The thing is, Jeongguk knows it’s weird how much he loves giving blowjobs.

Good For You It’s Jeongguk’s birthday and Taehyung greets Jeongguk at the door in a large trench coat. Whatever surprise Taehyung has for Jeongguk is either going to be brilliant or terrible. Jeongguk bets on brilliant.

School Girl Jungkook hates shopping, but will do anything for Taehyung, who loves it. But when Taehyung sees his boyfriend nodding off, he decides to peak his interest.

Headed To Hell For The Company A series of one-shots depicting Taehyung’s time with his mildly sex-crazed half-demon boyfriend Jungkook.


I Wanna Hold You Close (Tonight and Always) Jeongguk is a slightly possessive boyfriend.

Midnight Break Taehyung was excited and Jeongguk has booked them a flight to Amsterdam.

Damn @nezzie and we though you just liked rimming. Srry there’s no hybrid smut ;;__;; I don’t know many  

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Update: I'm currently chilling at home watching homicide shows bc I don't have to do school work today and the roads are still flooded but I have ice cream and hot chocolate to keep me company. How bout you? All good where you are? -🍁❄️

Dude I’m hella jealous of your rn 😒 but I’m glad you’re okay! I’m fine here! It’s fucking freezing and I left my coat at home so my mom is mailing it to me. I have to freeze for the next few days though 😩But rn I’m working on designing my Bullet Journal and listening to Kpop so I can’t complain too much!

Summer is, without a doubt, the most depressing time of the year. I don’t want sunshine, I don’t want to go swimming, I don’t want to wear less clothing, I don’t want to wake up in the middle of the night drenched in sweat, I don’t want sunburns, I don’t want misquoto bites, I don’t want my makeup to sweat off after being outside for 5 minutes.
I want it to be cloudy and freezing, I want to be covered in 10 blankets with some hot chocolate, I want to make snowmen, I want to wear big, cute coats, hats and fluffy boots, I want there to be two feet of snow outside, and I want to not see the sun for several, several months. Is that really too much to ask or

When Hestia speaks the moon listens.
Her crackling voice hardly raises
above a low murmur, except when she pauses to curse and spit out a word in Grecian (she has a tendency to forget what word comes from where when fire is a language all its own.) 

Ash spills out from her lips, and the moon sinks down into the branches so that she can hear the sound of Hestia stirring the white flakes with her hot breath. 

Hestia’s belly is swollen with stories. Her fingers are smudged black with them. Her bare feet are coated with blisters (for she stamps them out after she finishes creating them.) 

She winds the frayed threads of broken fates left discarded at the beginning of the underworld between her fingers before she burns them. There at the fire she tells stories of bakers, of painters of do-gooders and murderers. Her dark eyes are unreadable. She hardly smiles.   

Sometimes she casts her dark eyes up towards the moon as she watches her from down below and laughs. “You listen as if I am the Nightingale and you are the Emperor.” The fire that kneels at her feet hisses as she kicks a stone. “So, will you leave me for the sun as well?" 

"Never.” The moon cries, resolute. “I’d follow you anywhere.”

There Is No Such Thing As A Gentle Wind

This is for hopeydopey-yo who says: I’m multishipper trash and there’s very little I don’t ship from those books, but I must admit I’ve been feeling a lack of Jasico on my dash lately…

Jasico - Rated T

Jason tossed and turned in his bunk. The night was hot and the sticky sweet smell of the incense the cleaning harpies burned in his cabin was so thick it coated his throat. He’d found the bed in the big house basement and Percy had helped him set it up, but no matter where he dragged it in cabin One, he felt like the eyes of the giant hippy Zeus statue were on him, judging him. 

Despite Nico’s reassurance that he’d chosen to stay at camp, Jason wondered how long it would last. He wondered too how much of himself wanting Nico to stay was in Nico’s best interest or his own, more selfish wishes. Try as he might to squash the thoughts that crept through his brain, like tendrils of ivy, they thrived in his grey matter and were impossible to kill.

Nico. Gay. The memory of Favonius chiding him. Yes, Jason Grace. I fell in love with a dude. Does that shock you? The way the god of the West Wind had said that, sarcastic, like he was reading the truth in Jason’s soul and calling him on it. But Nico had admitted to having feelings for Percy, not for him.

He buried his face under his pillow, cursing himself for even going there. Nico didn’t need Jason making a mess of things and playing with his emotions. The whole thing was a mess.

He stopped. Breathed deeply. The sensation of eyes on him made his body hair stand on end. His heart stopped in his throat, adrenaline kicking in. He closed his hand around the gold coin that was his sword, ready to flip it and sat up, flinging the pillow before him, eyes blind in the darkness. “Who’s there?”

A shape stepped toward him from the giant statue of Zeus, short, dark, silent. Nico.

“Having trouble sleeping, Grace?” Nico asked as Jason raked his hand back through his hair, his heart racing now that the fear of attack had passed.

“Er – yeah. I guess. What are you doing here?”

Nico came closer, stopping short beside where Jason sat on the edge of the bed. “Can I sit?”

“Yeah … sure,” Jason said, mentally chastising himself for being reduced to short responses by Nico’s presence.

Nico sat beside him, his legs stretched out and crossed at the ankle, his hands in his lap. “I had a visitor. In a dream. He said there was some unfinished business I should discuss with you.”

Jason shifted, suddenly all too aware of the fact he was only wearing his boxers. He furrowed his brow and met Nico’s dark eyes. They were huge in his pale face. They’d probably look even larger if he had his glasses on and could see them clearly. He swallowed, his throat going dry. “Yeah? Who uh … who was the visitor?”

“Favonius,” Nico said and Jason’s heart stuttered again, more of Nico’s past phrases ringing in his ears. How much do you trust me?

Oh gods. He was going to have to face it. He knew for sure and certain, Wind gods – all of them – sucked.

So I definitely have a hierarchy of my favorite (ridiculous) zoo criticisms, and I think near the top of that list are some of the ones people come up with for polar bears.  Like people LOVE to bring up the whole “algae growing in their coats” thing.  Okay?  And what about it?  It literally does not affect the animal in any way whatsoever other than making them less aesthetic for YOU, which is funny coming from someone that holds the whole “not for human entertainment!!!” view.  

And then the whole “it’s too hot for them they’ll overheat!”  This is my favorite topic to talk to people about at the zoo because literally no one thinks this through.  A wild polar bear’s staple food item is seals, with the occasional beluga.  Which are both VERY high in fat.  It helps them build their own fat layers to keep them warm.  Living in arctic temperatures also prompts them to grow much thicker coats to also add to that insulation, as most cold weather animals do.

Polar bears in zoos are fed diets much lower in fat, with many fruits and vegetables also added to their diet.  Captive polar bears do not have that fat layer, nor do they have those thick coats because the climate doesn’t call for it.  A favorite story from my zoo is that when the polar bear enclosure was originally built, the water temperature was set around 40 degrees Fahrenheit.  And the bears didn’t go in.  Too cold!  So they gradually warmed the water bit by bit, until they found that the bears went in most often when it was about 55 degrees.  

Any good zoo is going to give their bears chilled pools, shade, and climate controlled nighthouses/dens.  When it gets hot at our zoo, the keepers open the doors to the back dens, kept very cool for them, to give them the option to go in if they wanted.  About half the time they stay outside, napping or lounging in the water.

Idk, I saw some comments on a zoo post from my big cat blog and I needed to make a post about it.  Because it’s hilarious to see people staunchly climb onto their anti-zoo platforms with completely erroneous information.