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The Signs as Iconic Samurai Jack Moments
  • Ares: "I'm gonna make a lot of money cashin' in on your hide!" "I hear that often, but always from poor men."
  • Taurus: Aku transforming into a hot girl and Jack accidentally falling in love with him for an entire episode
  • Gemini: The Scotsman insulting Jack for thirty solid goddamn seconds
  • Leo: Jack watching a lizard climb up a tree with sheer wonder and adoration in his eyes
  • Virgo: Jack absolutely working those fucking stilettos
  • Libra: The shinobi shadow warrior fight and all the ensuing "no fucking WAY"s you absolutely said out loud
  • Scorpio: E X T R A T H I C C
  • Sagittarius: Every time Jack gets more naked than the situation really requires
  • Capricorn: "SCAR-a-MOUCHE the MER-ci-less, bay-bee!"
  • Aquarius: Every goddamn thing about Da Samurai's atrocious fashion sense
  • Pisces: "You see, Aku: I am smart, and you are pure evil."

for any of you who haven’t seen it, i definitely recommend the netflix show dear white people. ive seen (mostly white) people saying its just “another white liberal show blah blah” but it really isnt. its produced, written, directed etc by black people. the cast is largely poc (mostly black). it’s such a good show. it’s funny, it’s smart, it’s woke, it’s basically everything you want from a show (though there’s a bit with cheating which could have been left out….). it’s relevant, it spells everything out for (especially, clues in the title) white people. it spells everything out for un-woke people (sleeping people, i guess?? idk). the story line is great, the characters are great, it goes into much better detail than the film, and deals with a whole bucket of issues. it’s really not just “pandering to tumblr-sjw” (as i’ve seen other people saying). if you’re worried you’re not gonna like it, give it a go. if you don’t like it, leave it running in the background while you do something else like idk reading. or doing your homework. or even while your ironing your shirts. watch this show, i think you’ll really like it, and you’ll probably learn something from it. 

p.s. support black media. 
p.p.s. if you’re white and you’re getting mad at this tv show for the way it refers to white people, you’re definitely the type of person it’s targeting. listen.

how to tell if a person is good or bad based on their voltron icon

lance: probably really funny, but also really sweet. blog is mostly shitposts. cares about lance a lot. generally pretty good. 

pidge: its a gamble honestly. is either a genuinely nice person or just plain annoying. or is new to the fandom and hasn’t been exposed to……. Everything….

allura: literally has done nothing wrong in their life ever. probably gay. 

hunk: is really bitter about the treatment hunk gets from the fandom and the writers. doesn’t really care for any of the popular ships as much as they care for hunk ships. a friend. 

coran: just a big fuckin meme tbh

keith: would straight up take a bullet for keith. either treats him like hes never done Anything Wrong Ever or is extremely critical of his character despite him being their fave (even if its in a joking way). probably neck deep in fandom drama and argues on the Daily. 

thace/ulaz/any blade of marmora member: wasn’t impressed by the galra keith reveal because they have been theorizing about it for months. “thace is still alive and heres why-” 

rolo/nyma: enjoys filler eps. chill? 

zarkon/sendak/any of the villains: why? 

haggar: just wants more female characters :/

the mermaids: gay. fukc the baku. also just wants more female characters 

shiro: Run. 

i may have just unintentionally challenged thor to a duel. im gonna freakin die

To the vast majority of drag race fans: 

We don’t know these queens. They aren’t our friends, our enemies, our colleagues, or powerful public figures who have a direct effect on our lives. They are strangers on a reality show. A show where, as an outsider, you don’t know what is real and what is constructed. 

Why are some of you acting like creepy stalkers attacking these strangers? You think Valentina is going to be your friend if you threaten a queen she doesn’t get along with? 

Write your opinions on your own blog/facebook, gossip about the show with your friends, but fucking hell stop getting in the queens personal business, threatening people, telling people to kill themselves. You’re acting like an unhinged 8th grader. 

WHATS UP GAYMERS my girlfriend and I are doing a “Let’s Play”-like channel together!

the youtube gaming community is very heavily male centric so we’re bringin in some girls here wassup 

also mostly i just think my gf is very funny and i wanted to document all the wild shit she says to me while playing games

We’re playing Zelda: BoTW together - sharing a controller and “piloting the Link” together - on our channel in ~11 min ish parts!

2 parts are up on our channel right now check it out!

  • psychic: *reads my mind*
  • my mind: now there's a solemn old tradition for admission or audition to transition from a come from away to be a newfoundlander the only other way at any rate is pass away and pray to fate and wait to reincarnate as a newfoundlander hey hey come on inside nothing ventured nothing-
  • psychic: what the fuck

Hey maybe we should go back to liking video games we want to like and maybe stop harassing people who like them or shaming people for liking certain games. It’s been pretty bad on on this website lately and I see a lot of people feeling bad for liking games or being excited for games that others keep bringing down. Be nice to each other. Let people be excited and happy if it isn’t harming anyone.