it was logical to fire at them

why my chem teacher is the most dad™ teacher and all-around coolest ever

- spent 5 minutes one day complaining about the transition effects and lame fonts on the old chem teacher’s lecture slides

- had us take a survey the first day of school in which he included a question about being stuck on a desert island with justin bieber

- while teaching us nomenclature conventions for alkanes, pointed at “pent-” and said “obviously you show know some of these already; if you’re a satanist you probably know what a pentagram is,” opened a discussion of temple of satan vs. satanic temple, and said he’d be interested in joining the satanic temple one day 

- a lecture slide on calorimetry included a picture of a bomb calorimeter, which he explained in depth, then held up a styrofoam cup and said “here’s a public school calorimeter”

- someone asked a question about when electronegativity becomes polar, so he pulled up a spectrum running from non-polar to ionic and said “it’s a spectrum. like gender. you know how some people think a person is a girl even if they say they’re a guy and vice versa? there are still non-polar bonds with high electronegativity and people think they should be polar but just because they have a certain electronegativity doesn’t mean they’re polar. pls be understanding of ur covalent kids.” 

- uses a yardstick instead of a pointer

- waves said yardstick around frequently, mostly for no reason. 

- once said (ironically) that he saw less and less bullying in classrooms now and that was a bit disappointing even though it was good. added that “if i had to suffer then you all do too” in a bitter tone of voice. when a english teacher walked in and asked him why he was waving the yardstick around he said it was because he was reminiscing on the bullying days.

- couple of us asked if we should get a new periodic table to take the test with since we’d written all over ours. he said no because if we’re smart enough to think ahead and cheat then we deserve the a.

- actually has a degree in philosophy. he’s so fucking nerdy

- he bikes to school everyday and then carries his bike up two flights of stairs to his classroom

- sometimes during tests he pulls a bagel and peanut butter out of his desk and eats them while watching us silently

- this one time we walked into class and he’d shaved off his half-beard into a mustache and when we asked why he said “i’m not a huge fan of it but my wife likes it so i do it for her” 

- used the trump supporter kid’s logic against him without explicitly expressing his political views so no one can actually get him fired

- complains to our class about how much he hates us

- explained catalytic converters to us once, then pointed at me with the yardstick and said “barrett you’re gonna love this because it involves carbon monoxide and like, suffocating yourself”

- i started crying once in class and he literally refused to give me the test because he didn’t think it would be fair to make me test while having an anxiety attack so he sent me into the lab and closed the classroom door and let me ugly cry. i kept begging him to let me take the test tho so he sighed and said “im ur dad right now not ur teacher please don’t take the test just light some incense and listen to some reggae or something and chill”

- i used pig’s blood in my chem internal assessment and when i asked him where i could store it overnight he shrugged and was like “i guess put it in the fridge in the teacher’s lounge and i’ll just tell people not to drink your blood”

- he knows our class so well it’s a little scary. predicts exactly what’s going to happen in certain circumstances with like 100% accuracy

- this one girl in my class didn’t finish her homework but we submit in through pictures on google classroom so she sent in a picture of her dog and he accepted it and gave it 10/10

Going off of other tumblr posts about humans being survivor space orcs and humans being loving frienddog pet buddies to other alien ships, what if the ability to attach to things was a trait of earth critters.

As long as a behaviour helps achieve the same end, evolution doesn’t care what the behaviour is. So you get both bats and birds with entirely different structures, methods, and styles to flight for different niche purposes (long distance vs. nimble acrobatics) but they both succeed at flying. The same can happen for social structures and space travel.

For most other life in the universe, social bonding isn’t a thing. You get people that you get well along with or don’t. Property isn’t necessary if it doesn’t have a function, people don’t get attached to objects. People strive to increase their station/power and therefore overall happiness, whatever that means to them, which is what encourages a group of them to work together for efficiency and shared earnings. (For example, that is. There are lots of things that could encourage life to reach spaceflight. Like spite. Or blind chance.)

On earth a few animals have evolved favoritism behaviour. Getting attached to objects, other animals, and ideas for no reason other than they like them. This helps ensure the survival of a group, so it encourages repetition. Humans are the only spacefaring creature that has favourite ROCKS because of this. Imagine having a favourite pebble out of the entire universe full of mineable minerals!

It’s just common sense that if you want to survive, add a human to your crew. Because of the space orc endurance toughness thing, being able to survive things others can’t, and being determined to keep going. Combine that with the happy space dog thing where, essentially, you put a Kirk in with a hundred Spocks. The dog Kirk is the one who’s always happy to explore and meet people and make friends and likes everyone. So if you have a being who enjoys your presence for no material reward AND extends their instincts for survival to things they’ve bonded on, you’ve basically got a big bodyguard for your entire crew. For free. You don’t have to pay it. You just have to say ‘thank you’ when it gifts you useless trinkets it found or made.

So you get these ships, and you can always tell which room is the human’s room. It’s the one full of hoarded junk. There’s sheets and dry film stuck to the walls that it ensures you is coded with dyes to make a message. The message isn’t really important, just nice. The human likes it. The human collects lumps of polycarbons that it tells you represent icons of aesthetic and memory. You don’t understand, because your memory works just fine without a visual reminder, but you learn that apparently there are different kinds of lumps and they mean different things.

The human has clothes it prefers when all its body coverings function about the same. It has days it prefers. It has abstract concepts it prefers. It has noise it prefers, and carries the noise around with it.

How would that affect a creature that prefers nothing? A species that constantly strives for a better station would have ambitions and goals for being transported to higher ranks on better ships. Logically, it would also prefer the smartest, strongest, nicest humans to protect their investments. A creature like that would check the stats on available and working humans for hire and want the best one they can afford.

But if you asked a crew which human they would want to work with? If you give them enough time, they’ll start saying their own.
“But isn’t the one on ship 4-aNui 0.93s faster at achieving the emergency fire plan escape?”
“Yes, but ours likes us more and would be more efficient at helping us, specifically.”
“That’s what humans do. They’ll like anyone they’re introduced to.”
“Yes, but ours likes us.”
“The better one will like you too if you give it enough time. I thought you knew this?”
“But I like it.”

Signs based on people I know

Aries: can come off as rude and selfish, but they actually care a lot, they’re just terrible at expressing their feelings. Would go to the moon and back for the people they love and never forgive who does them wrong. The best at flirting, romantic as hell

Taurus: impulsive and relentless, they never stop, and that’s their best and worst characteristic. Even though they’re pretty outgoing it’s difficult for them to socialize and to overcome their insecurities. In the end they turn out to be great friends and lovers

Gemini: great with organization and practical things, you’ll never see them showing their weaknesses. Always busy, but they are in any way able to find a minute to help you and be by your side. A true inspiration for everyone, even though they could come off as intimidating sometimes

Cancer: they seem to have their life figured out, and you never know if it’s the truth or not. Being the definition of commitment, nothing seems to stop them and they make everything seems easy. Very critical and precise, you know you can always trust them and their judgement. Hidden sense of humor, but when it shows, it’s gold

Leo: they have an answer to anything and they are able to convice you without you even noticing. More subtle and less arrogant than you would think, charisma is their middle name and everyone would like them if they wouldn’t react so impulsively saying whatever it comes to their mind

Virgo: very sociable thanks to their great sense of humor and their ability to tell amazing anecdotes. Not as meticulous and in control as you would think; they prefer to complain instead of acting but they’re so clever that they get away with it. Their biggest fear is to be left alone

Libra: loud and full energy, they seem to not have any filters. Could break down in front of you more than once on the same day. Strong as hell but reluctant to share their feelings because they hate to be a burden for their friends. They always have a good comeback and it wouldn’t be a party without their presence

Scorpio: unapologetic and cryptic, either you love them or you think they’re weirdos. Terrible at dealing with their feelings, you can always count on their help dealing with yours. Their mood swings will exhaust you and you’ll never know what they actually think of you. Don’t you dare touch who they love

Sagittarius: their inflexible logic and their intelligence will always prevail on every single argument with them. Genuinely nice and interesting people, their approval is never easy to get and a reason of pride when they give it to you. They need a certain amount of familiarity to express themselves at their fullest

Capricorn: they can come out as shy, but you’ll learn that they have a fire inside once you get to know them. They avoid conflict at all costs and usually are the voice of reason during an argument. Couldn’t be a disappointment even if they tried

Acquarius: those person whose presence is always guaranteed even during tough times. Their reactions will never betray their true feelings and they seem to have their life constantly under control, but their perfectionism is only a reflex of their fear of disappointing who they love

Pisces: constantly living in a bubble, you’ll never know if once it pops they’ll fail or triumph. Very emotional and sensible, it’s very easy to know what’s going on inside their heads. They feel too often misunderstood and underestimated, but their potential is huge and sometimes intimidates others.

Get to Know Your Deck Spread

Here’s a lovely spread for all of you out there who are new to tarot, recently received a new deck, struggle with bonding with your deck(s) and/or are having issues getting clear or understanding readings. Sometimes decks have personalities to them, they have their own likes, dislikes, alignments and even preferred ‘work’ to go into. They also often require bonding to get the most accurate smooth readings. I have explained before the differences in my decks and what they like to answer, and I know of others who struggle bonding or understanding who their decks are. This spread should be of help!

1. How is your deck feeling today? Are they in a good mood ready to work? Or are they just having an off bad day? I have found decks, like people, can have moody bad days. These days their readings may be harsher than usual or even not even slightly logical. Its good to see what mood your deck is in before using it for readings, especially readings for others (and especially if they are paying for them). This may also affect the questions they will wish to answer.

2. What element does your deck align with? All decks are different and some may align themselves with specific elements. Is your deck fire, water, earth, air, spirit or a combination of them? This may affect the manner which they read. Air decks may be more interested in giving creative advice and focus on individuality, free-spirited natures, the arts, and even love. Water decks tend to focus on emotions and seeking gentle fixes. Fire decks tend to be the most assertive, they are competitive, encouraging, brave, passionate but also tend to support the idea of feuds. Fire decks, also from my experience, tend to be very blunt about things. Earth aligned decks tend to be a bit calmer, they focus on bonds with people such as family and friendships. They also focus on careers, prosperity and money matters. Spirit decks, tend to like to do more of the ‘divine’. They focus on self-enlightenment, self discovery and communicating with supernatural forces, guides, and deities.

3. What Questions does your deck enjoy answering? Does your deck enjoy answering questions about love? Friends and family? Do they enjoy giving personal advice? Do they like money matters and career focuses. This could determine what questions they may be the most accurate and ones they will give the best advice on.

4. What Questions does your deck least like to answer? These are the questions they may not have the most accurate advice on. Such as my Rider deck greatly dislikes romance questions so I never use him for them because he will always just advice break-ups no matter the situation.

5. What is your deck’s current feelings towards you? Does your deck feel close to you? Is it a strong professional business bond? Or is it more like a friendship? Do they feel distant from you? Like you ignore them? Do they not understand you or feel like you are a stranger? Do you intimidate them?

6. How can you improve your relationship? How does your deck feel like you two can do to help build your relationship? Practice more or perhaps make spreads.

7. A Negative trait. Pretty self explanatory, this is a negative quality about your deck that it feels you have a right to know about. Take note that this is a negative trait in the mind and views of your deck, its something it feels is negative.

8. A Positive trait. Again, pretty self explanatory, this is a trait that your deck feels is a positive trait it has. Again, this is a trait seen as positive in its mind.

Signs based on people I know

Aries: can come off as rude and selfish, but they actually care a lot, they’re just terrible at expressing their feelings. Would go to the moon and back for the people they love and never forgive who does them wrong. The best at flirting, romantic as hell

Taurus: impulsive and relentless, they never stop, and that’s their best and worst characteristic. Even though they’re pretty outgoing it’s difficult for them to socialize and to overcome their insecurities. In the end they turn out to be great friends and lovers

Gemini: great with organization and practical things, you’ll never see them showing their weaknesses. Always busy, but they are in any way able to find a minute to help you and be by your side. A true inspiration for everyone, even though they could come off as intimidating sometimes

Cancer: they seem to have their life figured out, and you never know if it’s the truth or not. Being the definition of commitment, nothing seems to stop them and they make everything seems easy. Very critical and precise, you know you can always trust them and their judgement. Hidden sense of humor, but when it shows, it’s gold

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Slytherin x Ravenclaw Relationship Would Include:

Request: Pls could u do slytherin x ravenclaw? Thank youu xxx

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  • Library Dates
  • “Why are we having a date in the library?!” 
  • “Because you can’t resist my pouty face.”
  • “When did you become so manipulative??”
  • “After meeting you, love.”
  • Their first date being meticulously planned by the Slytherin:
  • charmed fairy lights and enchanting a ceiling of a classroom
  • the Ravenclaw being delighted and becoming captivated by the Slytherin’s natural charm
  • discovering their favourite scented candle together because of the Slytherin’s endearing romantic style
  • Star gazing
  • sneaking out of their dorms and meeting each other by the Great Lake
  • never the Quidditch pitch, they hate the feeling of being isolated
  • thick blankets and steaming flasks of mocha from the kitchens
  • laying in each others arms
  • sharing a diary in which they record every moment spent together
  • the Slytherin watching fondly as the Ravenclaw scratches away, pausing here and there to think of the perfect word
  • the slytherin resting their head on the Ravenclaw’s lap and revelling in everything about them
  • “Did you know, that some light we’re seeing is from dead stars? The light has to travel an incredibly long distance to be visible from Earth so it is logical that that is the case.”
  • “Did you know that your eyes reflect their light like irridescent diamonds?”
  • Both making metaphorical analyses of the fundamentality of the sky
  • The Slytherin making a competion of finding a constellation first
  • “There’s Scorpio! I win.”
  • “I found that ages ago, I’m on to counting them now, slow coach!”

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  • Cuddling by the fire as the familiar downpour floods the grounds
  • the Slytherin cuddling the Ravenclaw in their arms as the Ravenclaw reads a book aloud to them
  • The Slytherin fiddling childishly with the Ravenclaw’s hair as they do so
  • Eventually falling asleep together as the roaring fire begins to dim
  • Other times the Ravenclaw persuading the Slytherin into going crazy in the rain
  • “We’re going to catch colds!”
  • “We’ll get one regardless. The flu’s going around. Come on!”
  • dancing like sugar-wired kids
  • screams and content laughs getting lost in the thunder’s reign
  • Then slow dancing as the Slytherin spins them chivalrously into their arms
  • blissfully passionate kisses while the rain drenches their clothes
  • just before going back inside, holding each other close tightly and just taking time to relish in each other’s love

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  • The Ravenclaw keeping the Slytherin on their toes and vice-versa.
  • what with the witty/sassy comebacks and the urge to come out smarter
  • The Ravenclaw’s Originality and wit being what first captured the Slytherin’s attention
  • The Ravenclaw being awed by their cunning conclusions
  • The Ravenclaw’s creative ideas helping the Slytherin reach their goals and aspirations
  • The Slytherin’s determination and resilience making the Ravenclaw feel more secure with being who they are.

Earth Moons “grow” their feelings and thoughts, be careful what types you are nurturing.

Air Moons emotions and decisions rely heavily on communication and the exterior social environment. They need to find a way to look inside. Art, stories, therapy, and many outlets help them to relate to themselves rather than mirroring others emotional states.

Virgo and Air Sign bodies tend to know the state of their emotions before they do.

Cancer’s emotions and their body/physical health are in-sync.

Water Moons are very in tune with their feelings but can get lost in them. They can easily form biases. Emotional decisions are common. Water Moons have to find some form of logic/practicality/rationality in their life. Maybe in others, themselves, learning, a hobby, career, etc. 

Fire Moons emotions dance and burn, decisions are impulsive. Learning caution is useful. Fire Moons live thru passion, anger, excitement, but must cultivate “softer” feelings.

A Song of Ice and Fire logic

the ice zombies are killing us all
if only we had known

*every brother of the Night’s Watch screams in frustration from the afterlife*


surely no dragons can come from a massive continent we know nothing about which was the original birth place of dragons  - every Westeros lord ever


surely the slaves we beat and torture every day and which outnumber us 10 to 1 wont dare rise against us eventually  - every Volantene slave master ever


surely building our entire civilisation on active volcanoes and actively mining into them wont end bad, cause we’re the lords of fire - every Valyrian ever


i’m sure the ever increasing amount of maniacs and psychopaths sitting on the throne isn’t a result of my ancestors inbreeding for centuries - every Targaryen ever


i m sure Walder Frey who is known to hold a grudge forever wont try to harm me after shitting on his honour - every Robb Stark ever

Most people are passingly aware of the “Red Scare,” the frenzied hunt for suspected Communists that gripped America in the ‘40s and '50s. But a less-reported aspect of this era was the government’s parallel fear of homosexuals. Yep, at the very same time Senator Joseph McCarthy was braying like a donkey about the prevalence of Commies in the State Department, the government was also on the hunt for anyone with a hint of the gay about them. For instance, in 1950, the State Department forced 91 of their homosexual employees to resign, lest their gayness spread through the government like wildfire.

The fear wasn’t strictly that these people were gay, but that gay people were more susceptible to blackmail, and therefore a much bigger security risk. The logic was that a homosexual member of the State Department would voluntarily give up state secrets if someone threatened to out them. So the obvious solution was to fire them all, because that certainly wouldn’t create any disgruntled potential intelligence assets. This whole debacle was dubbed “The Lavender Scare,” and wouldn’t you know it, Senator Joe McCarthy was up to his ears in it as well.

5 WTF Witch Hunts You Never Learned About In History Class

Ruled by Two Elements

When your chart is dominated by two elements equally it can create a very unique balance. Some with a dominant element different from the element of their Sun Sign may find this applicable as well.

Fire and Earth:
Keywords: tenacious, strong, creative, insensitive, prideful, controlling

Fire and Earth are in many ways opposites: Fire is bold, passionate, impulsive and childlike while Earth is reserved, practical, measured and cold. When they come together in one’s chart, they can be a bit of a wild card. This individual can be practical yet impractical, impulsive yet controlled, reliable yet volatile. These individuals are very strong, they go after what they want and they always get it with their powerful mix of Fire’s creativity and passion and Earth’s determination and sensibility. On the other hand, they can also be inconsiderate of the needs of others, cold if not cruel, and highly controlling.

Fire and Air:
Keywords: visionary, optimistic, communicative, social, warm, open

Fire and Air are compatible elements so they join smoothly. Air brings logic, objectivity and tolerance while Fire brings emotion, passion and idealism. When they come together in one’s chart, the native is very social and warm. They are the type who can make friends with anyone, they are so open. They also tend to be restless and unable to focus on one thing at a time. The bold energy from Fire and Air mix to make an individual who can easily be swept up in unrealistic ideas.

Fire and Water:
Keywords: intuitive, emotive, sensitive, warm, creative, disorderly, volatile

Fire and Water come together to form a very unique individual, highly in touch with their emotions and needs. Fire brings instinct and Water intuition allowing an individual ruled by both to understand themselves and subsequently others more so than most. These individuals are either very sensitive and can be easily swayed by those around them yet also bold, blunt, and inconsiderate. They tend to be completely swept away by their own emotions, acting erratically and even hysterically at times. It’s all too easy for them to focus solely on themselves and their emotions, often they are inconsiderate due to this.

Earth and Air:
Keywords: logical, efficient, objective, practical, cold, detached

Earth and Air work together harmoniously in one’s chart. When ruled by these two elements, an individual can find the perfect balance between realism and idealism. They are visionary and creative and possess the tenacity and common sense to follow through and make their ideas a reality. They possess a powerful imagination but are grounded enough to never be swept away. On the other hand, they can be dangerously cynical, cold and inconsiderate of others.

Earth and Water:
Keywords: empathetic, grounded, intuitive, practical, logical, detached

Earth and Water work together easily as compatible elements. In ways they are very different, Earth solid and practical and Water free and emotive. When these two elements rule an individual’s chart, they are both logical and emotional, realistic and idealistic, distant and sympathetic. They find balance between their deep emotions and their strong sense of reality, never letting one get in the way of the other. They have a special talent for rolling with life’s punches and even making obstacles work in their favor. They can easily become distant and detached and are prone to pride.

Air and Water:
Keywords: intuitive, idealistic, communicative, humanitarian, impractical

Air and Water have many conflicting characteristics but they come together in positive ways. Individuals ruled by these two elements are highly compassionate and interested in the needs of others but they can also be extremely distant and even cold. Air’s objectivity and Water’s sensitivity fluctuate, at times very dramatically. They are very logical and analytical but always sympathetic. Their reasoning always has a very human edge. They can be highly impractical, unrealistic and cold.

Elemental Balance: Fire ☆  Earth  ☆  Air  ☆  Water 

Writing Prompts

• This was his first miracle.
• We’ve been defeated.
• We need to make friends there.
• Let’s not get fired.
• We are cousins.
• Can they understand?
• Are you blowing things up?
• He opened his first business.
• I’ve never seen such beauty.
• So let’s talk about the disaster.
• You should be on the run.
• This is really important to me.
• We don’t have the time for more.
• Who ate them?
• Never turn your back on me.
• They were all very hungry.
• Something happened between those years.
• Logically, I agree with you.
• You should rescue him first.
• What is he famous for?
• They went along with it.
• Maybe you could tickle them.
• This needs to work out.
• How fascinating is this?
• We should have had a plan.
• We need to give them hope.
• He is a successful spy.
• I’d love to collect those.
• I want them back.
• Is this official?
• I don’t want to argue.
• We didn’t like the play.
• Have you called?
• Is that a banana?
• What’s that noice?
• It was an exhausting task.
• That’s what we’re paid to do.
• Your resume is impressive.
• You are not being objective.
• Can we actually cast them?
• It’s not something I can talk about.
• At least they tried.
• This idea is too complex.
• Who makes the decisions?
• They do have a knife.
• Let’s meet weekly.
• You decide what you believe.
• Keep it by the computer.
• I had alibi.
• Who even talks to you?
• All according to the plan.
• Pick up the blade.
• Who buys this nonsense?
• Can we do it quietly?
• Who is your contact?
• They are too real.
• Who’s responsible for this?
• They went a little overboard.
• You have all the answers.
• Who carries the weapon?
• I have no pior knowledge.
• You aren’t so chill anymore.
• They don’t want this conversation.
• It’s all about resistence.
• Throw him under a bus.
• You should have listed it.
• This is always going to be needed.
• They are a little obscure.
• I’m telling you everything.
• Is that your password?

House Essays - 1st house

The first house (starting with the ascendant) is the way an individual sees the world, and can also have an impact on their physical appearance as well as how they come across to strangers in person. 

The ascendant (or rising as others may refer this to) is the beginning of the first house, and will have a bit of impact on how they appear to others, as well as how they see the world to be. To a lesser extent, the sun may be used for appearance - but not for how they view the world!

Aries ascendant: This individual will more likely have an athletic figure, and will have some look on them that makes them look scary to people (whether this is the menacing eyes or the lips having this curve to them). They will see the world as this place they are able to change for the best, and will think they can control the world. 

Taurus ascendant: This individual will have this beauty to them, radiated by the planet venus, and will be considerably more attractive than the average person. They will appear to be very romantic people, and will have this welcoming face for even strangers to enjoy. They view the world as a place they need to make money in - if they do not see it this way, they’re either not caring or they see it as a place where romance is everywhere.

Gemini ascendant: This individual has this serious, stern facial structure. They normally have a prominent bone structure to their faces - outlined cheek bones, looks like they contoured when they didn’t basically. They appear to strangers to be intelligent and intimidating, yet approachable. These people see the world to be a place you need to be smart to survive - this means you always work to be the absolute BEST - you cannot take second place.

Cancer ascendant: This individual has round features, and this reflects onto the body as well as the face. Females tend to have rounder breasts (not necessarily larger, but more round), and males may have a bit of an hourglass esque look to them. Both males and females of this placement have big eyes, which can show big emotion. Strangers view them to be kind and innocent, and they view the world as a nurturing place. 

Leo ascendant: This individual has hair which is like that of the sun - big, bright and full of energy. They also have prominent jaw lines, which adds a bit of fire to them. They give this egotistical and confident vibe off to those who don’t know them well enough, and they see the world as their oyster. They don’t see any consequences to doing what they want, and they feel the oyster closes up when the world gets agitated at them, and opens up about after a week.

Virgo ascendant: This individual has a slender body, and may have a lighter skin tone than usual, and has this innocent and hard working appearance to strangers around them. They view the world as this place you need to be logical to even have a chance of living a life which is stress free, and also enjoyable to some extent. 

Libra ascendant: This individual, very similar to Taurus to an extent, has a feminine, sensual side to them. This is, you guessed it, from the planet venus blessing them with this natural beauty they have. They appear to be very flirty and romantic to strangers, and see the world as a romantic and balanced place for everyone - they see anyone being treated like shit to have gotten it as a consequence of what they once did.

Scorpio ascendant: This individual looks like they don’t want to make friends and are intimidating - this can be a sexually appealing trait to some people, as this gives the vibe that they have a deep feeling for someone, or at least something. They can also have this look in their eye which is sexually pleasing to some. They view the world as a negative place, and will not trust people easily - this is why Scorpio can come across as a manipulator.

Sagittarius ascendant: This individual has this appearance that they need an adventure in their lives - this can be by how they dress or how messy their hair is, yet how they have their hair looking neat. They appear to strangers as fun and easy to be good friends with. They view the world as this cave they can explore and expose both the positive and negative sides of the world to others, and also to teach themselves about the more religious areas of the cave, making them more aware of what goes on in the groups.

Capricorn ascendant: This individual has a slender figure, a resting bitch face and has strong bone structures. They appear to others to be hard working and stubborn to strangers. They view the world to be this dark, demonic, draining place. This is why they put on this outside mask to others to show that they don’t want to fuck with anyone who’s  bullshit.

Aquarius ascendant: This individual might have a facial structure that looks more alien like than human, or may have some form of abnormality in their looks. They put on this mask that they are different from everyone else because they see the world to be a place they do not belong to, and see others to be different to them - this is why they tend to go with other Aquarius risings, or maybe strongly Aquarius influenced people.

Pisces ascendant: This person looks like they’ve been crying throughout their whole live due to how watery their eyes always look. They haven’t been doing this, they’ve been keeping everything to themselves - which is what is shown through their eyes. They feel very vulnerable in this world, and they feel that nothing goes right. 

Silver Storm (2/?)

Summary: While on trip out of state, you were taken by Hydra. You were barely 21 at the time. Hydra took you and turned you into another asset, matching the Winter Soldier’s abilities. They injected you with a serum similar to his, wiped you,  and instructed the soldier himself to train you. He was hard on you, but when it was just the two of you he let his walls down. You were each other’s comfort, until the events of D.C when he was sent to kill Captain America. After that day, you never saw him again. You were told he abandoned you, that he was on the other side now. It’s been years since you’ve seen him, but what happens when he comes bursting through the doors of your facility?

Memories are in Italics, bold is readers thoughts *

It’s kind of a slow chapter guys, but itll step up for the next ones!

Pairing: none so far, but Bucky x reader (eventually) , reader x avengers

Warnings: swearing, torture, violence, sadness

 - I wasn’t aware there was already a superhero with this name, so my character is in no way connected to  Marvels Silver Storm! *

                                                        Chapter 2

As you continue staring at the lifeless body of your handler, you can feel tears begin to form in your eyes. I’m almost free. You’re torn away from your thoughts when you hear the grunts from one of the Avengers as he gets taken down by an agent. You do the only logical thing you can think of and begin taking down your own agents. You fire off a few shots, then begin taking them down hand to hand. You knock out or injury most of the ones you go after, only killing if needed. When the last one hits the ground, there’s no sound from anyone. You slowly turn around, connecting your eyes with the four avengers. All their weapons aiming at you, besides Winter.

“Ты помнишь меня (Do you remember me)?” he asks, slowly approaching you. You throw your weapons on the ground, ripping off your mask to show your face. You place your hands on the back of your head and slowly move to kneel on the ground.

“Yes, I remember you, Winter,” you reply in English. He signals his team to lower their weapons, but they hesitate. You look at each one of them, noticing the same protective look in all their eyes. Winter comes closer, and moves his hand to tuck a lose strand of hair out of your face. You flinch when his hand raises, expecting physical harm. You see the look of displeasure cross his face, and he cups your jaw in his metal hand.

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“What have they done to you?” he whispers. He glances over the scars that are littering your face and neck. You lean into his touch, a memory pushes itself through you.

“It seems your partner has decided to leave us, Silver.” Your eyes widen at what the agent told you.

“What’s wrong, sweetheart? You thought you actually meant something to him?” He sneered.

“You are nothing to anyone. He left you here to receive his punishments.” His fist came in contact with your cheek, knocking you backwards. You stayed silent as the beating continued. When your body hit the floor, you were dragged to a chair, where the punishment got worse. Knives were dragged along your body, leaving cuts everywhere. The one that made you break was the one that split your cheek open. You let out a shriek, but received a hit that knocked you unconscious.

   You stumble away from Winter, the memory causing an ache in your body.

“Bucky, we have to go.” You hear one of the others say. Is that his name? Bucky?

You both hold each other’s gaze until he breaks the silence.

“Doll, you’ll be safe if you come with us. Please, I can explain everything to you.” He holds his hand out to you. You hesitate, but place yours in his.

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“Is that your name? Bucky?” You ask quietly as he guides you to their jet. He smiles,.

“Yes, that’s my name.” I wonder what my name is. OH  MY GOD. The flash drive. You stop immediately, tugging Bucky’s hand. He sends you a concerned look.

“Bucky,”  Damn that sounds odd  "My handler always kept a flashdrive on him at all times. I don’t know what’s on it, but we need to grab it. It has to be something important if he never let it go,“ you suggest. He calls over to the Falcon, who he refers to as Sam, and repeats what I said. Sam returns in minutes, the black and red drive in his hand.  My life could be on that thing, or not. Who knows what that fuck head keeps on there. Bucky leads you on to the jet and raises the doors once you are all on. You can feel eyes on you, and not just from Bucky. The man with the shield speaks first.

“Are you going to tell us what’s going on, Buck?” he asks, and you can sense a slight hint of annoyance in his tone.

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“Steve, I wasn’t going to leave her there. She saved your ass, so maybe sound a little more grateful,” he barks back. You lace your fingers into his, remembering how that would calm him before. It seems to still apply to now. Wait, did he call him Steve? He finally found the Steve he would always have dreams about.  You stand, removing your hand from Bucky’s and making your way to Steve. You stand in front of him, looking him in the eyes.

“You’re Steve?” you question. He nods, and a smile appears on your face.

“I’m glad he found you, he used to have dreams of his memories with you while we were locked in our cell. Thank you, for whatever you have done for him,” you say quietly. He looks dumbfounded, as does the rest of the team. He doesn’t reply,  just stares at you. You send him a sweet smile, then reclaim your seat next to Bucky, pulling his hand to yours.

“How did you get out?“ you ask as you rub circles into his hands. He smiles over to you, squeezing your hand. He begins tell you of the events of D.C, the battle between Steve and his other friends, Wakanda, and finally being able to be alongside Steve. When he finishes, Steve alerts you two that you’ll be arriving at the tower in five minutes. What tower? Where are they taking me? A sense of anxiety rushes through you. It must be apparent on your face because Bucky pulls you closer into his side.

“There is no reason to be scared, Silver. We are nothing like Hydra, we do actually save the world. You’ll be safe here. No one will touch you again as long as I am here,” he whispers into you ear. You nod trying to pull yourself together.

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“Promise you won’t leave me again,” Your voice was so quiet, you don’t think he hears you, but he does.

“I promise, Doll.”

You feel the jet land and the door falls open. As the other members of the team begin filing out, they are stopped as another man enters the jet. He was a little shorter than Bucky, with brown hair and eyes.

“Stark, don’t-” But Steve is cut off by the man bellowing.

“Alright, who’s bright idea was it to bring  home another homicidal fucking assassin?” Your eyes go wide at the clear anger in his voice.

So much for feeling safe.   

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Okay so I had this total mind tripping moment today!

So the whole Xena: Warrior Princess show is based on “The Xena Scrolls” right? Which are basically all the scrolls that had been discovered the Gabrielle the Battling Bard had written outlining all of their adventures together…

What if, when Xena told Gabrielle in the beginning of A Friend in Need that she wanted to get away and settle down, Gabrielle decided she would make it happen?

When they were “dead” for that 20 year time jump, the girls became legends, they were just ghosts to the people.

Gabrielle would have put together that all she had to do was write a final adventure and have the heroine die. Gabrielle would have to “survive” to at least get the scroll out. But in the scroll her disappearance would also be explained because she was heading to Egypt. They could later have word sent that she got sick on board and died. Then her and Xena were free to live however they wanted!

It goes a little something like this:

“ ‘A life of journeying has brought you to the farthest lands– to the very edges of the Earth.’
‘And to the place where I’ll always remain– your heart. So, where to, now?’
‘I think we should go south– to the land of the Pharaohs. I hear they need a girl with a chakram.’
‘Where you go– I’m at your side.’
‘I knew you’d say that.’

“Xena, the Warrior Princess chuckled as they looked out into the sunset. She kissed the young bard’s forehead, expressing there, all the love she could to the one who saved her soul. The ship rolled over the waves, a single tear glided down Gabrielle’s face as Xena’s spirit faded into the mist. Gone, but never forgotten by the heart that loved her more than life itself.”

Xena finished reading Gabrielle’s latest scroll from over the blonde’s muscular shoulder.

“Gabrielle, could this be a little more depressing?”

The fire they were cuddled near was burning low, casting an eerie light around their campsite.
“Well Xena, it is your death, so how cheery did you really want it to be?” Gabrielle rolled her eyes at her companion, “I mean, it’s supposed to be believable.”

Argo the second knickered from across the camp, “See! Even Argo thinks it’s too much of a downer.”

“Listen, you’re the one who said you wanted to settle down right? Well how can we ever do that if all the people around here either want you dead or want you to help them with something? Trust me, the darker and more shocking the details are, the less people will question it,” the bard declared confidently.

“All I’m saying is that it seems a little harsh. You know how your following is Gabrielle, they read your scrolls obsessively, and they are all way too emotionally involved, if you ask me. Me dying and then you sadly sailing around with an urn, the chakram and an imagined ghost of me is going to break their little hearts. Not to mention that it’s a little creepy.”

“Are you saying that if you died, you would leave me to roam the world alone?” Gabrielle asked pointedly.

“Well, no.”

“Exactly!” the bard exclaimed as Xena rolled over and sighed. “Besides, this is the ending you want, trust me. The only other alternative I had in mind is way worse.”

“How could it possibly be worse?” Xena questioned as Argo snickered in the background and shook her head at her two humans.

Gabrielle laid down next to her partner, gazing into those blue eyes that were almost rendered violet by the light of the fire. “If you ever really did die,” the blonde paused as she brushed her fingers across the warrior’s cheek, “I would never survive it. Don’t you know that by now?.”

Xena’s breath caught as she was reminded again of the love that burned between them. “I know that.”

“So unless you want your story to end with us both plunging into the afterlife together, I think this is our best bet,” Gabrielle stated logically as she brushed her lips across Xena’s cheek.

“And if it comes down to it, and we need to come back, then we will. But Xena, you have fought so hard for your redemption, and we both deserve a break to be happy,” the bard’s heart sped up as it felt the warrior’s hand placed right over it.

“Where you go, I go,” they said in unison, as they started to drift off underneath the stars.

“You still can’t throw the chakram.”

“Xena! You promised!” Gabrielle whined into the darkness.

“No, you’re not ready. I refuse.” Xena said, amused at her companion’s pout.


“Okay, okay… how can I resist that face?”

Gabrielle smiled ear to ear and did a little happy dance under their shared furs.

“Hey, stop that! You’re letting all the warm air out!”

“Oh yeah? I’m pretty sure we can think of a way to keep us warm…” Gabrielle slid her hands into her love’s dark hair as their lips met.

Their love lit up the night, always together, two halves of one soul.

So this is my first try at this whole fanfic thing, so take it easy on me

Bob Morley Imagine: Secretly


Summary: Reader and Bob are secretly dating. However, their characters just got together on the show and on a conference everyone teases them about it. It makes them, especially reader, feel uncomfortable. So reader confronts the cast members about it and Bob unintentionally reveals that they are dating which makes cast freak out.

Word count:1353

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I couldn’t decide if this con was disaster or the best time of my life. It was the first con when I and Bob were a couple. The problem was that no one knew.

We had decided to keep it a secret. In fact I didn’t know why, but it was Bob’s idea. He thought that it would be better because it would prevent us from getting various kinds of reactions from fans. Because this fandom could be really harsh towards the actors and make our lives a living hell.

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I took a break from The Big Write-Up and found y'all this wonderful nugget of suspicious rhetoric. Bear with me here, as this is a huge sign of an underlying pattern of white supremacist propaganda. In re-reading that sentence, I sound like I’m wearing a tinfoil hat, but please, read this:

One of the Stormfront (shitbags) “Swarmfront” debate tactics goes thusly:

1. Make a statement, either on its own or in reply to something, that “Saying only white people can be racist is racism.” (Check out how Alt Yellowstone just pulls that out of the air, an odd topic for a National Park.)

2. Wait ten seconds for liberals to reply in droves, insisting you’re mistaken and undereducated. (We are like moths to a flame in this regard.)

3. Entertain them for a bit. Throw in some articles or dictionary entries to stoke the fire. (We’ll likely respond in kind and get even more riled up, and follow the thread more closely and emotionally.)

4. Bring the focus to “their” idea - that due to power dynamics and history, only white people can be racist.

5. Ask some of them - “Are you anti-racist?”

6. Self-styled progressives will jump at the chance to declare, “Yes, of course I’m anti-racist!” (We’ll look at each other smugly.)

7. The Neo-Nazi will draw a “logical” conclusion - “Well, if only whites can be racist, and you’re anti-racist, then you must be anti-white!” (One of their “Mantras” is “Anti-Racist Is Code For Anti-White.” I’ll go into their Mantras more in the big post.)

8. Disengage. The Neo-Nazi has said his piece, and because it’s such an inflammatory topic and white liberals have spent so much time avoiding discussing racism directly, even if 100 of the people following the thread just roll their eyes, a handful will think to themselves, “Oh wait, that’s logical.”

9. The white supremacist egg will hatch in another mind, sending him to their forums for guidance. The circle of shitbag life continues.

Okay. With that in mind, check out the Alt Yellowstone Twitter knocking out steps 1-4 in quick succession.

These accounts that popped up in our fervor to go against SCROTUS are suspect, as they should be. Use your intuition when engaging.

About Min Soo and Soo Won s decision...

I. Why did he send Min Soo?

a) Why did he send a friend of Yona and Hak

There were enough people inside the palace who knew about Yona and Hak being alive and about the coup and didn´t favour  Yona!

b) that resented Soo Won?

c)  Even if Keishuk wanted to betray Soo Won (though it seems to be pretty unlikely)

Just Keishuk talked with Min Soo after the coup, and he was the one that made a spy out of Min Soo

Theoretically there is a chance that Soo Won doesn´t know

Though there is still the arrow and that Min Soo is a logical possibility for the archer…

Soo Won should be aware of Min Soo s rescue mission!

d) Soo Won must know Min Soo s intentions and thoughts

Min Soo didn´t keep his wishes a secret…

e) That was no accident that Min Soo was sent…

Sending messages to Ogi is not his usual work…They don´t know each other!

II Soo Won didn´t capture them or kill them!

That would have been the logical choice!

After all

Hak has a connection to the wind tribe, would act and Soo Won knows!

Yona has a connection to the fire tribe, would act and Soo Won knows!


1. Is this a clever master plan nobody knows yet?

2. Does Soo Won wants to destroy his own plan?

3. Or is it like this again?

okay, since i keep seeing people doubting that durmstrang and beauxbatons are co-ed and NOT single-gender schools:

here’s your proof that there was at least one girl in durmstrang delegation

(you can argue that it doesn’t say here that she was from durmstrang, but let me remind you that it’s their first evening at hogwarts and the boy seems to be somewhat familiar with this girl. as if she was his classmate. as in, from durmstrang)

here’s your proof that there were at least two boys in beauxbatons delegation

just think about it, there’s not that many wizarding schools for them not to be co-ed. don’t let that sad attempt called screen adaptation of the goblet of fire fool you. like, i dunno, imagine you’re a french wizard. according to the gof movie logic, the only way for you to get a wizarding education is to go abroad because guess what!! the only school in your country teaches only witches! doesn’t this sound ridiculous and questionable to you, because it certainly does to me.

also don’t you find movie’s portrayal of durmstrang and beauxbatons highly unsettling. with beauxbatons being all like “blue floaty robes and butterflies are a girl thing” and durmstrang being like “north!!!!! extreme masculinity!!!!!!!!! NO GIRLS ALLOWED!!!!11″ just. why did they have to do this.

tl;dr please support co-ed durmstrang and beauxbatons ok thank you for your time

A thought, regarding a small, almost seemingly throw-away detail in the new gameplay:

okay, so while watching, I noticed those little yellow beams being fired at the death eggs.

and I can’t help but wonder, who…is firign them?

it could be tails, or someone else from the gang that has been confirmed, BUT I feel this technology is more well suited for, say, GUN?

Look fam, all I’m saying, Webber said specifically there would be MULTIPLE forces in this game. One being good, one being evil. I predicted correctly that one would be Chaotix. GUN seems like a VERY logical choice, considering they ARE the military of this world!

Basically what I’m saying is illuminati, team dark confirmed? If GUN is there there is NO way they’ll pass up team dark(or at LEAST Shadow and Rouge)

anonymous asked:

Hey sweetie! Can I request a Cas fic where the reader is a girl with freckled skin, but she tries to hide them with make up and stuff, so Cas has never seen them, so when she gets thrown into water at some case he first gets all panicky because her skin is "spotted" and then when the guys explain he gets intrigued and follows them with the tip of his finger :)

Hey sunshine,

Totally! I love the idea.

Name: I don’t understand… Why hide them?

“Are you an idiot?” Dean asks you, once Sam pulls you out of the water. Usually you would make it outside on your own, but rivers in November are unexpectedly cold. Now you have to deal with Dean, full of rage and behaving like he is your dad.

“N-n-no?” you ask him back, your teeth chattering. You actually acted pretty logically - the ghost did set you on fire, and water seemed like a good option. “I was…”

“Cass, can you heal this little moron before she freezes to death?” murmurs Dean, pushing Cass towards you. Castiel kneels next to you and rests his palm on your forehead, healing the cuts you got while climbing out and warming up your frozen legs and hands. “Do. Not. Swim. In. The freaking Winter! I thought you would know that.”

“I wasn’t going to,” you hiss, enjoying the feeling of not being frozen. “Thanks, Cass.”

“You are welcome,” he whispers, not standing up or pulling away, just staring at your face.


“What are those? I don’t sense any diseases, but your whole face is spotted,” he sounds worried, so Dean turns to you, then realizes what’s happening and rolls his eyes.

“Freckles. Those are freckles, man,” Dean explains, then understands that he can’t explain what they are. “Sam, just… C’mon, explain those from your science point.”

“Well, get that… Human skin gets darker when exposed to sunlight because of the melanin, but some people have really pale skin,” Sam nods at you, after setting the salted bones on fire. “And all of the melanin is concentrated in certain spots. Those are the freckles.”

“So… They are not dangerous?” asks Castiel just as quietly, slowly touching the spot where the freckles start appearing, next to your eyelid. Logically, you should pull away, to keep his hand away from your eyes, but you let Cass keep the hand next to your opened eye.

“No, no,” Sam answers, returning to the bones to make sure that there is nothing left that could kill more people.

“Then why are they visible only now?”

“Because make-up is a very useful thing, but swimming in the winter river is not good for it,” you answer, quite surprised that Cass has never seen freckles before.

“Why are you hiding them?” he traces the freckles with the tip of his finger, as if counting them - around the eyes, to the tip of your nose, then to the two or three that are hidden right over the lips.

“Because…” you realize that you can’t really speak when he is counting the freckles.

“Don’t,” he interrupts you, holding your face with both hands, slightly stroking the freckles with his thumbs. “Please, don’t cover them.”

“O-Ok,” you nod, considering pulling away, but also knowing that you won’t. “They are just so annoying.”

“They are beautiful,” Castiel states seriously, and you nod obediently, as he pulls away and stands up, still not taking his eyes of your face.

“If you are not planning on getting a room, we should get back home,” Dean notices, trying not to grin, but still the huge smile shows what he thinks of the whole freckles thing.