it was logical to fire at them

People are so quick to say that Cancers are weak crybabies when that is definitely not the case. Cancers are not weak. Cancers are in fact, brave.

Most people tend to run away from their emotions. Earth moons do this and disguise their escape as practicality and responsibility while air moons disguise their escape as logical and smart. Fire moons let their emotions run wild without consequences or fear.

With Scorpio and Pisces coming close, you’re not going to find a sign like Cancer. We tell them they’re weak for showing their emotions, yet we ignore the fact that releasing your emotions is not only healthy, but a brave act to do. Cancer is the sign who will openly make themselves emotionally vulnerable because they know for a fact that it’s the truly right thing to do. While we all hide our emotions, wondering how we could possibly handle our emotional messes while underestimating this sign, Cancer is emotionally nurturing others around them, for it is the most emotionally intelligent and kind sign out there.

You really can’t say Cancers are weak. They openly put themselves out there. They let their emotions out. Most people can’t do that.

I feel like Cancers need to be appreciated for all the hard work they do. Not only do they work hard to emotionally help others, they even make the selfless act of hiding their own emotions because they know the burden of emotional nurturing.

Most people are passingly aware of the “Red Scare,” the frenzied hunt for suspected Communists that gripped America in the ‘40s and '50s. But a less-reported aspect of this era was the government’s parallel fear of homosexuals. Yep, at the very same time Senator Joseph McCarthy was braying like a donkey about the prevalence of Commies in the State Department, the government was also on the hunt for anyone with a hint of the gay about them. For instance, in 1950, the State Department forced 91 of their homosexual employees to resign, lest their gayness spread through the government like wildfire.

The fear wasn’t strictly that these people were gay, but that gay people were more susceptible to blackmail, and therefore a much bigger security risk. The logic was that a homosexual member of the State Department would voluntarily give up state secrets if someone threatened to out them. So the obvious solution was to fire them all, because that certainly wouldn’t create any disgruntled potential intelligence assets. This whole debacle was dubbed “The Lavender Scare,” and wouldn’t you know it, Senator Joe McCarthy was up to his ears in it as well.

5 WTF Witch Hunts You Never Learned About In History Class

Mind Palace Dreams

Sherlock lay on the uncomfortable sofa in John’s sitting room. John had long since gone to bed, after what they had gone through Sherlock wasn’t surprised. He should be exhausted…. his body definitely needed a rest, but his mind…. oh… that just wouldn’t shut off.

It was all too much, everything. Euros’s vivisection, everything he was, his tightly wound facade of pure logic, undone in an afternoon. Today he learned truths long buried, today he woke up, and life was forever changed.

God, he wanted a hit right now. To escape the rapid fire of his mind. To disappear in oblivion. But he couldn’t disappoint them again, not ever. 

Emotional context Sherlock, it destroys you every time." 

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Kravice/Robin/Corrin comparison since they're all tacticians

The only true way to compare these idiots is to put them all together!

Robin takes most things into consideration. He uses logic and common sense. 

Kravice is impulsive and reckless, but good at finding loopholes.

And Corrin is observant and hungry. He points out that there is no microwave in the clubhouse.


Aries: Wrath- Aries can act in a split second when provoked, fire fueling rash decisions over anything logical. The danger with Aries comes from moments like these, because actually, they aren’t malicious personalities, and rarely manipulate or taunt, but rather act out in a moments notice with how they are feeling.

Taurus: Gluttony- Taurus can seek comfort from the sensual surroundings, often leaving them with an attitude of wanting “More.” Food, drink, spending are all mood lifters for Taurus, and an attitude of wanting excess can get the better of them. Especially when in actuality, the simple life suits them rather well, remembering to treasure the little moments in life.

Gemini: Scatter- Gemini can suffer from forgetfulness, swift changes in views and opinions, confusion over what exactly it is they want in that minute, which can all lead to a feeling of being like a wound up coil ready to spring at any moment. Nerves and anxiety are possible with this sign, as well as a certain clumsiness, even if they somehow manage to still look graceful while this happens.

Cancer: Fear- Cancer can feel vulnerable just simply because of their very nature, a nature of being rather sensitive and receptive to everything around them, from simple temperature changes, environment changes to scathing remarks that seem to stay with them forever. They can feel the strong desire to stay indoors, to stay safe, but also have the bravery to survive.

Leo: Pride- Leo can stick to their guns over the immense amount of pride they have, the ego that they cherish but also fear somewhat. They can come across as self-absorbed at times, but ironically, it is in these times where they struggle the most with themselves. You can tell Leo are truly happy in their lives when they become more generous, loving and protective.

Virgo: Worry- Virgo can work themselves into a box, trapped by all the little conflicting and taunting thoughts in their head until they really do feel sick. But worry often comes from being a conscientious personality, and this is certainly true for Virgo. Carelessness can be exactly that, careless. Care can equate to value.

Libra: Loneliness- Libra can find it difficult to grasp themselves when isolated from the people around them, as they often admire and find pieces of their own psyche in others. They often need company to bounce ideas from, and can get wrapped up in this idea of having another “half.” Being alone for extended periods of time starts to feel a little less creative, and a little more plain lonely.

Scorpio: Vengefulness- Scorpio aren’t known for being pacifists, especially when they themselves or someone they care deeply about has been hurt. They can often ruminate with ideas of revenge, maybe even to the point of obsession, until they feel that justice can be served. The very thing that tips them over the edge can become a central point in their lives, something to think about for much of the time ahead.

Sagittarius: Flight- Sagittarius often cannot stand the idea of being restricted by outside forces, and often need an element of freedom in decision making, the freedom to change their minds and ponder. When caught up in heavy responsibly, they often have the urge to escape, the take flight to somewhere else where they can retain this sense of freedom. Some may even accuse them of being irresponsible and reckless at times.

Capricorn: Formality- Capricorn can vehemently stick to logic over allowing themselves to be overtaken with the expressive waves of the universe, often clinging to a law of sorts, a traditional way of looking at the world. For them, a handshake can feel like enough when others need more support, but this often does not come from a place of not caring, but rather just a struggle about how to go about an uncomfortable situation.

Aquarius: Chaos- Aquarius can be overcome with the urge to destroy controlling systems, especially those that are repressive, even if what is left in its wake is chaos of sorts. The thrill of knocking down established bricks can be wondrous for Aquarius, often without thought of the sacred quality of effort that goes into those systems being established.

Pisces: Fantasy- Pisces can wisp themselves away to somewhere better than here, to somewhere that feels so real that they can even start to believe it. This can be a wonderful quality, apart from when they start to project these traits onto the people around them, seeing only a mirage when unfortunately, not everyone is this world has pure intent.

I don’t think you guys understand how bad at video games I am. Like it’s one of the reasons fire emblem is laughable when I play and why I don’t play games often.

Let me explain, when I was first playing fire emblem Awakening, my first fire emblem, my friend told me to pair up people and marry them off. Once he noticed me gathering kids, he told me that if I pair up good units with like stats and skills or something I could get strong kids.

I paired up Cherche and Libra cause they’re supports were cute and funny and because Cherche had an axe and so did Libra. So my logic was that if they both used axes then their kid would be like a “super axe” and would be really good using an axe.

… yeah. “Logic”

  • Playing dead to avoid tough questions.
  • Somersaulting onto the bridge.
  • Doing a little dance when you’re excited.
  • Running through the halls of your space ship yelling Who’s up for a fight! when you need to put together an Away Team.
  • Building a short range space vessel in the shape of your own head.
  • When your grenades match your paint job.
  • Getting distracted by all these sidequests.
  • “We Achieved Something!”
  • Trying to rebuild trust with your crew by giving out award medals with your face on them.
  • Using psychiatrists as bait.
  • Making critical decisions with your emotions instead of facts or logic.
  • When rules are more like guidelines.
  • Lightning bolts, lots of lightning bolts.
  • Admonishing your crew to be respectful of their surroundings while standing on someone’s gravestone.
  • Setting yourself on fire.
  • “Did that look as good as it felt?”
  • Unwittingly melting invisible psychic vampire aliens with your charisma
  • When an ex-decepticon is your best friend-
  • -who you made third in command of the ship because he agrees with everything you say.
  • Identifying your own corpse.
  • Launching yourself at an insane superbot three times your size.
  • When you finally manage to be the Big Damn Hero.
  • Magic is the science you don’t understand.
The Muppet Christmas Carol: Ebenezer Scrooge [ISTJ]

OFFICIAL TYPING by Charity / the Mod

Introverted Sensing (Si): Scrooge is a man defined by his personal past, who becomes so entrenched in his own rut, he cannot move forward, and doesn’t even take his dead partner’s name off the door! Once the Ghost of Christmas Past takes him back there, Scrooge relives all his old memories and the emotions that go along with them, finally processing these events on an emotional level, in order to see how bitterness has made him solitary and miserable over the years. He finds it hard to adapt to Christmas, because he’s never known a happy or pleasurable one – only after seeing how others celebrate it, with festivities and good cheer, can Scrooge learn the true meaning of Christmas.

Extroverted Thinking (Te): He’s all about revenues. Bob persuades him to shut the doors on Christmas by using a logical argument (it’s a waste of expensive coal for the fire, since no one else will be open and no one will be frequenting the local shops anyway!). He’s a workaholic, who complains to his former boss about the “expense” of hosting a Christmas party every year. When engaged to Belle, Scrooge consistently puts her off, saying he wants to “make enough money to buy a decent home first.” He’s frank in his opinions and sometimes so logically detached as to be offensive (his statement about those who are going to die better do it, and decrease the surplus population!).

Introverted Feeling (Fi): Scrooge has a good heart buried under there somewhere! Alas, no one can much see it until the ghosts get done with him! Then he “overflows with good cheer!” Scrooge takes decades to process his feelings about Belle leaving him, only able to cry when faced with the memory. He goes from being a self-centered miser to the “kindest, most generous man who ever lived!”

Extroverted Intuition (Ne): Imagination? Not so much. Scrooge even dismisses his own ghosts as being hallucinations from bad food. It’s only when the ghosts show him a vision of the future that warns him against his own downfall that he begins to open up to greater possibilities, and argues that no single vision of the future can be true; things can be changed and made right!

Superhero Au!!

I freaking love superheroes. I’m a total comic book nerd and I am at every single mavel movie the second it hits theatres(I still haven’t see x-men apocalypse and i cry) So i figured the next logical step was to put my babies in a superhero universe and give them all kick ass abilities. BUt i got a little carried away. More than a little. I think I literally did every character in the show. THere are very few not on my list. Let’s go


  • Kageyama- he can enhance or null other people’s abilities by touch and he’s scary good but also a total fucking idiot don’t trust him with your life
  • Hinata- he has fire powers and when he fights his hair just lights up and its so bad ass but sometimes he forgets and sets forests on fire in his sleep
  • Daichi- He’s totally superman
  • Suga- shapeshifter who always looks pretty no matter if they’re a boy or a girl and no one knows what they look like except maybe Daichi
  • Asahi-Lightning powers and when he’s angry thunder booms and his hair does the static thing where it just stands up but sometimes he scares himself and he squeaks
  • Noya- Super Speed- Basically a mix between Sonic and QUicksilver on a sugar rush
  • Tanaka- Adaptaion- he can alter his genetics at will to survive drastic temperatures and different climates- breath underwater, impervious to ice or fire, etc
  • Ennoshita- he can stop time for as long as he’s holding his breath.So far his record is 32 seconds
  • Kinoshita- invisibility/intangibility but he’s no useful he just uses his powers to prank the shit out of people
  • Narita- he can clone himself rapidly so there are suddenly about 50 of him and he likes to torment Ennoshita constantly
  • Yamaguchi- he can shapeshift into small animals and its adorable- nothing can be larger than a deer
  • Tsukishima- He’s batman. He may not have powers but he’ll fuck you up- also he will kill your ass
  • Yachi- she can control plants and flowers like Poison Ivy and if she’s tired she’ll wrap herself in a cacoon of leaves its precious
  • Shimizu- Black Canary-esque sonic scream. She doesn’t talk much but once she opens her mouth then boy you better run

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I am such a loser I made myself laugh by deliberately typing that word wrong. Anyway.

February is getting me way the fuck down. Not sad down, just brain not worky down. Logically i know I’m actually functioning better than I was last month but emotionally I’m convinced of catastrophe. The world being one giant garbage fire by all objective measures is not helping. 

(The stories about dogs were helpful, I did enjoy them, even the ones I couldn’t organize myself to respond to.)

I’m stuck on all of my fic projects. All of them. My output is still good, but I’m stuck. Everything’s hung up in different spots. Hell. Time for a snippet-o-rama, I guess. I’m so brain-dead I’ve probably posted parts of these before, though.

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Better days are ahead

There are a few posts circulating on my feed bringing attention to a decrease in interaction on tumblr, and thus hinting at its demise. As a power user who has been on Tumblr for a little over five years and has seen all sides of the platform (from the viewer side to curating content to being a featured tag editor ), I want to share my sentiments: better days are ahead.

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Mistakes the elements make with their opposites:

Fire: believing all Earth signs have some bottled-up crazy side that desperately wants/needs to be let out by Fire showing them a good time

Earth: believing Fire signs will make great husbands/wives/mothers/fathers/etc. Just as soon as they get their lives “straightened out”, via the steadfast help of Earth

Air: believing that if Water signs would just put aside their personal feelings and think logically, with the guidance of Air, they could turn into the intelligent, open-minded, big thinkers they always had inside of them all along, and together make the world a more educated place.

Water: believing that Air signs just use all that lofty, intellectual stuff as a cover for their deeply turbulent, romantic emotional sides, and all they need is someone like Water to give them the kind of empathy they need for their feelings to burst forth in all their depth.

If you think about it, The Dover Boys attaining memetic status on Tumblr isn’t really surprising.

I mean, consider the context of the cartoon: not only is it a meme-a-minute pop culture parody (specifically of the Rover Boys, a then-popular “teen adventurers” series in the mode of the Hardy Boys or Tom Swift), it was literally produced out of spite.

The studio told director Chuck Jones that he should stop doing funny animal cartoons and produce something more mainstream, so he went and made The Dover Boys, which basically takes all the clichés of contemporary animated short films and carries them to their logical-yet-absurd conclusion, thus fulfilling the studio’s directive in the most passive-aggressive manner imaginable.

And the suits hated it. They literally tried to have Jones fired for making it, but couldn’t find anyone to replace him. The resulting drama nearly caused a corporate mutiny.

(For his part, Jones later claimed it was the first truly funny cartoon he ever made, which should tell you something about who Jones is as a person.)

In short, The Dover Boys is a surrealist pop culture deconstruction made specifically to piss people off. Really, the surprising thing isn’t that it’s become a Tumblr darling; it’s that it took Tumblr culture so long to discover it!

12x03 coda

Castiel takes his time in the bathroom of the cheap motel, slowly and methodically unknotting his tie. Ever so carefully hanging the suit jacket as to avoid wrinkling it. Carefully scrubbing his teeth with the minty fresh toothpaste he’d forgotten to return to the Bunker. Right now, he just wants any excuse to not have to face Crowley in the other room.

It leaves a bad taste in his mouth, how well they work together. Not in a Sam and Dean way, those two pair seamlessly, but more…fire and ice. Good cop, bad cop. Two wild opposites that just manage to subvert any law of logic saying they shouldn’t work. But they do, and Castiel hates it. Because if he fits with Crowley, well, that’s just another sign he doesn’t fit with the Winchesters.

He can’t help but feel a minor surge of irritation towards Mary as he spits out a mouthful of toothpaste. Mary belongs with Sam and Dean just by nature of the fact she birthed them. She won’t have to earn her place, she won’t get turned away. Still, as quickly as these thoughts come, Castiel expels them as he rinses his mouth. It’s not fair to Mary that he’s jealous of her, after all.

As he prepares to leave the bathroom, no doubt Crowley will tease him about this too, his phone rings. It’s an unknown number, but Castiel’s been in the game long enough to know you always pick up your phone. Just in case. He swipes the answer button and presses the phone to his ear. “Hello?”

To his surprise, Mary answers. “Castiel?”

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replied to your



captainsnacks replied to your post“accidentally…

I do not understand if the Garment is so sacred how you can take it off to wear sexy clothes ???? Doesn’t that defeat the purpose???

The idea is that you are supposed to be wearing them at all times except when bathing, having sexy times, or doing sports.

The sexy costumes and such I guess get grandfathered in as athletic attire? Idk, there is no logical commitment to it all. 

It used to be accepted Mormon myth that the garments would literally protect your body physically. We had an old tale of my great-grandfather escaping a house fire and had burns all over his body EXCEPT WHERE HIS GARMENTS COVERED HIS BODY!!

I think the Mormon church is trying to drown out all the mystical/magical aspects of Mormon lore that most of us were led to believe was actual doctrine. 

@ghost-mantis suggested a pitch for a collaboration between Greg Farshtey and Rebecca Sugar, which is the best worst idea ever.

Oh to be a fly on the wall watching those two trying to collaborate.

“So, what’s the villain’s motivation then?”

“They want to take over the universe and destroy or enslave all that stands in the way. We talked about this.”

“Yes, but why?”

“Because they’re evil, Rebecca.”

“What was missing from their life that made them feel that way? Did somebody hurt them? Do they seek validation and purpose, and the only one that they know is destruction? What needs to happen in their character arc to change that?”

“Smashing their head in with a planet?”


“Okay, so we’ve got a fire character who’s very loud, brash and impulsive, and an ice type who’s logical and reserved, they’re polar opposites, so obviously they’re going to be-”

“SO gay for each other!”


“Well, ya know… opposites attract and all. It makes sense, they complete each other. It’d make a really cute romantic subplot!”

“No. No romo.”

“Yes romo. So much romo.”

“…this isn’t gonna work…”

“wash your hands like you have OCD!” 

it’s three years after the diagnosis 

and my stomach churns

“OCD much?”

it’s four years

and my insides turn

“God, you’re so OCD”

and i want to scream

it is fixing tiny things

like books on a shelf

or pictures on a wall


but it is also

the voice that scrapes you with knives

whenever you think

it is also scrubbing until blood is coming through your skin

crying but unable to stop

it’s a hamster wheel of activity







and i’m sorry if i sound rude

but my illness

is not your throwaway adjective

it’s what keeps me up hating myself

it’s what ruins any event i go to

the voice 

“you just touched a really old book”

“if you don’t wash your hands your house

might catch on fire”

it’s knowing there’s no logic behind the thoughts

but not being able to stop having them

and it’s going through school





hearing the name of what restricts me

thrown around like a joke

it is a cage

and i haven’t yet found a key

that doesn’t turn around and 

bite me


The story goes like this –
there’s a king, and he needs to be woken.
He carries himself like he could command armies
with a single word. (Inside, his heart is a tumultuous thing.)
The king sleeps, and this king watches, his eyes set
not on glory but on
something more.

Love is a dangerous thing,
like a heartbeat rising in his throat. He feels it anyways,
less logic, more fire. He knows that here is home.
1. a dreamer, 2. a magician, 3. a ghost, 4. a mirror.
(The king holds them in his chest, like maybe there they can’t be
touched. He thinks he doesn’t deserve them. His heart wrenches.)

Time is drawing to a close, and the king soldiers on,
all frantic, all heart. He knows that this is forbidden,
wanting what he cannot have. He pulls himself every day
closer and closer to his death. (Her lips are torrential; her kiss is a scythe.)
He knows this. Tearing himself away would just hurt more.

The boy king has forgotten how many times
he’s been told he was destined for greatness? (Is this all there is?)
Death blooms in his mouth, like bees and Blue in his breath. He has known
all along that this is how it ends,
Him, a willing sacrifice for the king to be woken.
And then there’s this: death. And then there’s this: life.
One traded for another, and the boy king awakens in the arms
of his willing soldiers, his glorious magicians. So, here’s the answer:
No, this isn’t all there is. No, this was never all there was.
(He is a king. This is the year he’s going to make his life
greater than his death.)

RP with Gracefulladybug P.2

-time jump forward-

Amy, Xenos, and Kamet had successfully searched the school house, set a fire, and moved things about to set a clearing, and to hide them from anyone looking in. Amy curled up against Xenos, who sat next to Tyler in order to keep an eye on him. Viper took over as she remembered Cry warning them about dangerous folk around, Tyler’s friend was missing, and the wounds Tyler had.

Kamet slept next to the fire, a bit tired from portaling. Xenos had almost stole the first aid kit, but Amy had stopped him before Cry could notice and get mad at them. Sometimes his logic confused her, his logic being that they should have it since they needed it more than Cry did at the moment. Viper tried to sleep, yet she couldn’t help but think about Coal.

So I was thinking about gem types for the other Titans (honorary or otherwise) we saw in season 4, & I dunno…I always liked Hotspot in particular, even though we didn’t see much of him.

Since it seems certain gem types (according to Peridot, in regards to Quartz gems) seem to have similar abilities/powers, I figured he’d be a good Ruby choice if the same logic applied to them. And like Peridot said about Amethyst not looking like she ‘should’, I tried to make him look more like the Ruby we know before he got it in his head to shift into a form he felt more comfortable in during Rose’s rebellion for Earth. (Didn’t shift before because Homeworld sucks & maybe be wasn’t sure if he could??)

…I wanted to give a reason as to why even though he’s a Ruby, he doesn’t look like the one we know. And I wanted him to still have his fire powers.

Good god i hope this is okay with everyone please dont think i’m making light of trans issues or something i’m trying my best to be inclusive HELP! WHAT AM I DOING???