it was loads of fun and just so hilarious

okay so because situation with russia has been getting more frustrating over the last few days here’s a list of reasons why i love eurovision:

  • being introduced to some awesome artists you would never have heard of if it weren’t for the contest/national selections!
  • honestly the music is just so good????
  • yes i know it’s cheesy as hell but that’s why i love it
  • songs!!! in!!! other!!! languages!!! (this is especially fantastic for me cos i’m a brit and we barely get shown any non-english songs)
  • the songs that are true club bangers and you just need to dance to
  • while there is an overwhelming genre used in the contest there are songs of so many different genres!!
  • a lot of the artists over the years just seem so nice and so excited to be representing their country, even if they don’t do well they’re still happy to have taken part
  • the emotionally powerful ballads that just… really get the tears flowing (especially if it’s in a language you don’t speak)
  • the way the staging can just elevate a song
  • the feeling when your faves get through to the final!!
  • when the winner is announced and the artist(s) is so happy and/or overwhelmed with emotions!!!!!
  • the hosts/presenters!!
  • the shenanigans that sometimes occurs during the voting
  • hearing an incredible eurovision song for the first time!!!
  • the buzz of watching the live performances of your fave songs and it goes well!!!!
  • the postcards!!
  • songs that are not only good but also loads of fun!
  • the hilarious sketches (especially if it’s done by sweden)
  • breathtaking interval acts!!!
  • just………… i love eurovision
The Trouble With Good Sense
By Organization for Transformative Works

Author: RurouniHime | Word Count: 7.8k | Rating: M

Summary: When you fill a hotel with flying quills, hands-on demonstrations, and too many Aurors, someone is bound to get cranky.

Review: Ah sweet pining… this was such a good, fun fic with loads of things happening with Draco’s snarky - and yes, hilariously patheticly angsty - commentary. 

Draco is attending an auror convention, along with Harry, Luna and Ginny, and as luck would have it he’s forced to share with Harry! There obliviousness and perceived rejection and sneaky cuddling and sneaky Luna and ugh, it’s all just so stinkin adorable *flails*

Content/Warnings: Humour, Flangst

titleoftheperaltiagosextape  asked:

Omg I just found your page and I love it!! I recently watched both films and I'm obsessed with them and so many of these quotes are hilarious. I recognised loads from shows I watch, and it's fun trying to work out where they're from!

AHHHH thanks! I haven’t even updated this blog in months

now-loading  asked:

I'm slowly trying to read more DC than Marvel and I'd really like to get hip to Blue Beetle. I saw your post recently and was wondering what book Ted Kord died in? Or maybe some good Beetle reading, Ted or Jaime?

oh yes! Nice! I got you man!

you got 


Book that kinda got Ted out there, and it’s where he became best friends with Booster Gold, it’s hilarious and I think 5 or 6 volumes of it are currently collected.

-Formerly Known as the Justice League/I can’t believe it’s not the Justice League

A follow up book years down the road after JLI had ended, reuniting the team. Ted and Booster take center stage in both 6 issue mini series and it’s a load of fun, just like the JLI.

Ted died in Countdown to Infinite Crisis

An okay event, too many tie ins so it can get confusing, but this single 80 page issue is a good conclusion for Ted, it’s sad and stuff but it’s a good read. 

-Booster Gold 26-27 “Dead Ted”

Booster and Jaime fight an undead Ted Kord in a Blackest Night tie in book and it’s really fun and not super emotional for Booster at all. Fighting his dead best friend.

For Jaime:

-Justice League: Generation Lost

Once again, the JLI is reunited, this time without Ted, as this book follows the events of Infinite Crisis. The team gets together to convince the world that the man who killed Ted Kord is real, as Maxwell Lord made the world forget he existed. Jaime is brought into the fold as a team member, and his interactions as Blue Beetle with Ted’s old team rocks. 

-New 52 Blue Beetle

New 52 is funky cause it retcons Ted Kord to have never been the Blue Beetle and basically writes him out of existence… which is real annoying. But Jaime’s run is really good in the new 52, even without Ted basically ever existing. 

Rebirth: Blue Beetle

DC realizes it’s mistake of the new 52 and messes with the timeline once again, bringing Ted Kord back into the universe as a retired superhero mentoring Jaime, it’s the current run on the series and it’s slowly building back a lot of lore for the Blue Beetle, and it’s an awesome read, totally reccomend as a starting point for both characters if you don’t want extensive reading to do, it’s only 10 ish issues in. 

Hope that helped! All great books!