it was literally square

forever 21 new arrivals
  • a shirt you have to plug into an outlet to charge
  • denim jacket with “I HATE DENIM” written on the back in a slightly darker shade of denim
  • pair of jeans with rips going down the entire leg and if you wave a cracker near one of them a tiny hand reaches out and desperately tries to grab it
  • a tee that is literally just a 5x3 inch square of fabric. $29.99
  • a nice, normal looking sweater but once you click on it you see it only comes in size XS and if you try to put it in your cart the CEO bursts into your room and shoots you, killing you instantly


Okay, allow me to explain:Recently, it was brought to my attention that some people on my page had a problem with me drawing black people because I, a black man, was drawing far too many of them (and not as stereotypes or tropes) when I’m known for having diverse character designs in the first place. This struck me as odd because there is literally no problem with me drawing characters of other backgrounds any other time, but the moment I start to draw us in a way that doesn’t make us look like the same stereotypes you’re used to seeing, it’s a problem? Check yourself. I literally got asked, “Do you ever draw white people?” And “You only draw black guys. Why?” In the same morning and I’m like, “Oh so this is a PROBLEM now?” Anyone that has seen my work knows that I draw people from all over. That said, there IS a conscious decision to represent my people in a way that is just and equal to how every other race has been represented since like…forever. Don’t come at me for actually taking the time and effort to show us in positive light. If me drawing people of color as characters and not stereotypes and over used tropes offends you, then get ready to hate my black ass then, because I’m not about to sit by and let us not be represented in a respectful, uplifting and positive light anymore and if you don’t like it well…. Too bad. But since it was an issue with me drawing my own heroes of color, I decided to do other heroes and villains from a game I’m fond of and make them people of color…. I specifically chose FFVII because it’s already a diverse case and to Square Enix’s credit, you could literally tell the same story with these designs. Enjoy.
Teen French expressions

For if you want to make hip young friends.

Disclaimer: French people complain a lot. A lot. Don’t be surprised if 90% of these expressions are complaining.

  • Non mais oh - say this if someone does something mildly annoying and you want to express your shock and distaste.
  • Tu me fais chier - (alt. tu me fais chier, là.) literally ‘you make me shit’. means you’re pissing me off.
  • Carrément - translates to ‘squarely’. Means ‘literally’. If someone tells you something surprising or annoying, you can answer simply “ah carrément.” see: tu me fais carrément chier.
  • J’hallucine / je rêve - are you annoyed by something? say these.
  • C’est pas possible - a classic. anything bad happens - c’est pas possible. There is no cheese left? It’s not possible. I’m hallucinating. This is a burden on me that solely I can bear I cannot believe this is happening.
  • Ça commence à me gaver - I’m starting to get real sick of this. see: Ça commence carrément a me gaver , putain.
  • T’es relou - verlan slang for ‘lourd’ meaning someone’s heavy, personality-wise. They’re tedious.
  • Ça me saoûle / ça me gonfle - similar to gaver, means something’s pissing you off, you’re sick of it.
  • Grave - totally.
  • C’est clair - totally/that’s clear. Like ‘claro’ in spanish. “Justine elle est trop relou” “C’est clair. Elle me fait chier.”
  • J’en ai marre - I’m sick of this.
  • J’en ai ras le bol - I’m sick of this.
  • J’en ai ras le cul - I’m sick of this (vulgar).
  • (J’en ai) Rien à battre - I don’t give a damn.
  • (J’en ai) Rien à foutre - I don’t give a fuck.
  • C’est bon, là. -  That’s enough.
  • Perso, euh, - “Personally,” generally used at the start of a complaining sentence, to express how personal the matter is to you. Perso, euh, c’est bon là. J’en ai ras le cul.
  • Rôh là - general expression of distaste. Le longer the rôh, the more annoyed you are. Rôôôôôôôôôôôôôôôôôôôôôôôôôôôôh, c’est quoi ce bordel.
  • C’est quoi ce bordel ? - translates to “what’s this brothel”, means “what’s this shit?!”
  • C’est de la merde - It’s shit.
  • C’est une blague ? - Is this a joke?
  • Idem - ditto
  • J’ai la dal - I’m hungry
  • Ça caille - It’s freezing
  • Ouf - two meanings 1. phew or 2. verlan for “fou”, meaning crazy (as a noun or adjective). “Kévin, c’est un ouf! Il fait du vélo sans casque!” “Ouais carrément, c’était un truc de ouf!”
  • Kévin - there’s a running joke that all the young delinquents seem to be called Kévin.
  • Crever - slang for “to die”. Va crever, connard!
  • Connard/Connasse - c*nt, but a lot less vulgar in french peoples eyes

And finally,

T’es con. No English translation can express the power behind the words “t’es con”. While it may sort of translate to “you’re a c*nt/idiot”, it expresses something much deeper. You really are a god damn fool.

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can you do a post about jikook's dynamics?

jikook’s relationship is really complex, in a way. all the bickering and teasing, but also sweet moments, are explained really well in their aspects:

jimin’s sun square jungkook’s moon -  “there can be strong attraction, but in time, plenty of disagreements. each person can find the other selfish at times, too demanding, or too over-bearing. although they may feel like they belong together in some way, it can be a problematic union” this aspect explains the literal push and pull between them.

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jimin’s venus square jungkook’s uranus -  “attraction is strong, but there is something inconstant in this partnership. It may be that the feelings run hot and cold, or that circumstances are such that their feelings for one another are interrupted often. freedom and space should be liberal”

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these may seem negative, but they also confirm just how strong the attraction between each other is, maybe even too strong at times 👀

jimin’s moon sqaure jungkook’s pluto -  “strong physical and emotional attraction, passion is sometimes uncontrolled, with possible possessiveness or jealousy”

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but at the end of the day, there’s something that keeps them together, makes the relationship agreeable, and balances out the strong aspects i mentioned above:

jimin’s sun conjunct jungkook’s venus - “it’s not only about love, it’s about like. they go well together, they love each other, and feel good, happy and radiant in each other’s company. there is much attraction, especially on the part of the venus person” in other words, jungkook’s libra venus attracts him to jimin’s libra sun. in jungkook’s eyes jimin is ideal~

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dalinar kholin is probably against streaming movies illegally tbh


(it’s still April 3rd where I live)
I attempted to make a Rover cake for the special day (key word: attempted) 😅
Happy Birthday, Pidge!!! 💚

Kind of fascinated by the people who think that because people call themselves queer we must be from big cities, must be from ultraliberal areas, and if only we knew the real struggles of being LGBT+ in a conservative area, we would understand

Like, friend, I grew up in a very small town in coal/tourist country in Pennsylvania, in an area that we call ‘Pennsyltucky’ for a reason. I lived in a town in North Carolina that’s literally one square mile. I live now not in NYC or San Francisco, but in the suburbs of Philly, in a county that’s vaguely liberal at best, and flickers back and forth between red and blue on local issues. 

I don’t reclaim queer because I never had to fight for my identity, but because I did have to fight for it. 

Also, your arguments are bullshit ad hominem. Fuck off. :D

It’s funny that when the police use chemical weapons and violence on protesters in a country that is currently an enemy of the United States, everybody gets that it is wrong and fucked up. I have literally never seen conservatives defending the Chinese police at Tienanmen Square, or the Venezuelan police. But as soon as the American police use direct violence against American protesters, suddenly it’s the protesters fault, and the police are magically the good guys. That’s how well American propaganda works. 

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Idk if this is unpopular but I prefer taylena to all of Taylors other friendships

I don’t think it’s unpopular, but I totally agree. Don’t get me wrong, I love all of Taylor’s friends, but my heart has and always will belong to taylena. Let’s take a deeper look into this beautiful friendship because why not.

As Selena said to James Corden, she’s the original squad member. In fact, long before the invention of the “squad” and the goals that go with them, two young teens forged a friendship for the history books.

Both of them dated Jonas Brothers, keeping it in the family. A sign of true friendship. Most importantly, this is how they met. Apparently they “clicked and became instant best friends” thank god for Jo Bro dick.

Look at these awkward teenagers circa 2008, it was a dark time for all of us (peace signs, award mirror selfies), but at least they had each other.

Remember when Taylor wore flats and not heels taller than my entire body? Selena does. They look like high school freshman being sent off to their first homecoming dance. It’s fantastic.

And even as those awkward teen years progressed, they managed to stay best friends. Remember 2009/2010? Who doesn’t? Miley was still Hannah Montana, The Jonas Brothers were still wearing their purity rings and the disney kiddos/taylor had new drama every week? Let’s elaborate.

Taylor and Joe broke up, resulting in lots of bad blood

And of course, who could forget the massive feud between Demi/Selena and Miley/Mandy?

So much drama, so little time. But Taylor and Selena remained close throughout this whirlwind of teenage angst, which is not an easy thing to do. 

They look so happy and carefree. True friendship captured, frozen yogurt and all. 

Remember when they went bowling? I truly iconic friendship date. And check out that digital camera!

What I would give to be trapped in this friendship sandwich.

Friends who win people’s choice awards together win life together too. Best friends must have matching trophies, it’s basically law. Another quality moment.

While on her Speak Now Tour, Taylor wrote the lyrics to Selena’s song “Who Says” on her arm. Wow, Just wow. True friendship.

AMAZING. To take things a step further, Taylor invites Selena out while performing in New York to perform “Who Says” together. Such a moment. Definitely one for the books.

The AMA’s. Wow, what a night. Taylor rocking the side ponytail, matching 3d glasses for her and Selena. Lots of awkward dancing.

We can’t forget that this happened

And of course, here we have Taylor playing the awkward 3rd wheel to Selena and the Biebs, an important sacrifice we all must make for the sake of friendship.

The Teen Choice Awards. Look at these fools. Look at them. So happy, so carefree. Holding hands. Supprting each other. I may shed a tear.

Speaking of supporting each other, never forget this gem

Mermaid pose? Nailed it.

Who could forget this day? A vine of them eating ice cream by the beach. Selena’s wearing seen wearing heart shaped sunglasses, similar to the ones Taylor wore in her 22 video.

Of course, who couldn’t forget 22? A song with the secret message: ASHLEY DIANNA CLAIRE SELENA. Wow. A hidden message with Selena’s name for a song about their friendship! Who does that? Taylor does.

Unfortunately Taylor drifted from Ashley, Dianna and Claire. Thankfully, Taylena’s power only increased.

Remember when Taylor was dancing right behind her and she never even noticed?

Here they’re dancing to 1 Direction together, what many consider to be the start of haylor. Of course Selena is apart of this iconic moment.

Hugging it out again

Here we see Taylor speaking for all of us, cringing as she watches Selena’s ex fuckboy try and whirl his way back in. Me too, Taylor.

Some more awkward dancing at awards shows

And when your friend says there’s no way she can beat Miley, there’s only one proper response. One of the few times we get to see Taylor curse and she’s with Selena. Coincidence? Maybe, but probably not.

And here we have Selena being a wonderfully supportive best friend when 1989 came out. Such a heartwarming message. I can’t even get my friends to like my instagram pics.

And as usual, they’re being supportive af at another awards ceremony

And who could forget the most beautiful heartbreaking moment of all time. Taylor’s reaction to Selena’s emotional performance of The Heart Wants What it Wants

But let’s get back to the fun stuff. 

Let’s talk about this lovely compliment

The time they drunkenly danced at the 1975 concert and Taylor posted a video. Truly marvelous.

Or the time they were the cutest couple in met gala history

And then there’s the time they got nail polish with their initials? And referred to it as BFF Birthday Weekend. Cheesy and adorable.

One of Taylor’s riskier fashion ensembles, but Selena was there to support her anyways. That’s friendship.

How about the time Selena imitated Taylor performing and NAILED IT

Of course, we can’t forget the Bad Blood video. Two bad ladies slaying my ass, dressed in S&M gear and surrounded by flames

And the reaction video they made when it won a Grammy, both of them crying tears of joy BECAUSE THEY ARE GENUINELY HAPPY FOR EACH OTHER WHEN SOMETHING GOOD HAPPENS

An iconic moment at the 2015 VMA’s, the night of the bad blood release. How to ignore your douchy ex when he performs at an awards show, presented by taylena

And more supportive friendship hugging of course

This next one is perhaps the most important, why? BECAUSE I WAS THERE. Here I am enjoying a lovely evening at the 1989 tour at the staples center in LA when Taylor brings out the ONE AND ONLY SELENA GOMEZ SO THEY CAN PERFORM SELENA’S NEW SONG TOGETHER, BOTH OF THEM LOOKING HOT AS HELL AND SLAYING MY ENTIRE EXISTENCE.

Remember when Selena once again praised Taylor for how fantastic she is via instagram?

Or when Selena shared her special blanket via snapchat, which she takes on tour for when she’s homesick. It’s covered with pictures of her loved ones, at least 2 squares containing pics with Taylor. A literal friendship quilt. Someone call Leslie Knope, she’d lose her shit.

Let’s not forget Selena’s carpool karaoke, where she not only admitted that she considers herself the OG squad member, but danced it out to Shake it Off

And, of course, the night to end all nights for Taylena: The 2016 Grammy Awards.

When they OWNED the red carpet together

When this wonderful moment happened

And this adorable shimmy. What are they doing? Idk but I love it.

Don’t forget platonic friendship cuddles

And a little private shade 

But most importantly, Selena’s reaction when Taylor won album of the year, crying tears of joy for her best friend and shredding my emotions into a million pieces

And watching as she accepts her award, like a proud sister

And finally

Selena tweets in Taylor’s defense the night of the kimye scandal and gets dragged to hell and back for it. talk about a ride or die damn

And at Taylor’s final awards show of 2016, as well as her final awards show of the 1989 era, we have Selena presenting Taylor her award for album of the year. Look how proud she is. Look at these idiots.

And here we have Taylor being her usual supportive self, cheering Selena’s name from her sofa as she watches her win the award for best pop artist at the AMA’s. Same, Taylor. Same.

In conclusion, Taylena is the most iconic friendship ever to exist, they invented loving and supporting one another and have destroyed my life on a regular basis since 2008 god bless them

haechan the type to stay up late re-watching high school rapper nd cursing and yelling at the screen literally squaring up to ppl who show the slightest negativity towards mark his love like


  • Nico teaching Reyna how to play Mythomagic, and at first she’s like “this is the nerdiest thing I have ever done” and then she gets really good because she’s a strategic thinker and hella competitive
  • Nico recruiting Hazel (art skills) and Annabeth (graphic design skills) to make a Mythomagic deck with all Roman names to give Reyna for Christmas
  • Reyna, on advice from Will, literally sitting on Nico’s legs to make him stop trying to get up after a battle
  • Reyna being completely casual about Nico randomly appearing beside her; everyone else is like ?!?! and she’s just like, “Hey.”
  • one time he shadowalks in while she’s practicing alone with her spear and she nearly gores him in surprise; he apologizes profusely (after removing his reflexively drawn sword from her throat) and she asks if he’d do it again because her reflexes were slow
  • Nico taking Reyna back to Puerto Rico to confront her family ghosts, she shouts and cries and afterwards they get icecream
  • Nico showing up at Camp Jupiter like three weeks after BoO ends like, “REYNA, HELP, HOW DO I FUNCTIONING ROMANTIC RELATIONSHIP?” “Why in actual Tartarus are you asking me?” 
  • Reyna overworking herself running Camp Jupiter and Nico shows up and is like, “no, shush, you’re going to sleep now, Frank can run the war games and it’s literally Jason’s job to oversee the building of the new shrines. You’re going to bed.”
  • Nico having a long day and getting scary-ghosty-furious at someone scheming against the alignment of the two camps, and Reyna puts her hand on his not-entirely-solid arm and lends him some of her calm and is like, “shh, Nico, he’s totally not worth the effort of getting angry.”
  • generally just newbie campers being rightly terrified of both of them separately, and then they’re smiling? at each other?? oh gods, the terror didn’t double, it squared
  • a game of Capture the Flag that’s literally everyone at Camp Half-Blood versus Reyna and Nico; the campers put their flag in the middle of a sunny field and ¾ just take up defensive positions; Nico and Reyna win by a landslide and skeleton army
Dating Bill Denbrough would include...

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-he’s like the sweetest boyfriend ever

-you would comfort him when people would make fun of his stutter and secretly tell people to fuck off behind his back

-he is literally a flirting little shit with you when you two are haging out alone

-he also teases you all the mcfucking time

-”ugh, i cnat reach the top cupboard!”

“t-t-thats because you’re only like f-four f-foot”

-and then you would playfully get mad at him and he would feel super bad about it and shower you with kisses

-you both cyring together over georgie because you loved him like a little brother yourself

-you were definitly his shoulder to cry on

-he couldnt sleep at night, so you would sneak into his room by his wondow and you would both fall alseep tangled into each others arms

-henry bowers would ask you why you could like someone like ‘stuttering bill’ and you literally punched him square in the face

-like, you got suspended for a whole week and bill told you to not do it again because he could fend for himself but you just got so mad at henry

-he would bee really gentleman-y too

-especially the night your parents asked him to come to dinner

-he was a total charmer and you were rolling your eys half the night at all the cheesy things he said but you secretly likd it

-he would walk into yur room and see everything all thrown around and say that he expected nothing less

-he would make paper origami things for you and you would have them all on a self

-he says that he will love you till the end of time and you say it back

-it ends with a really heated kiss and for the rest of the night you two just cuddle, talking about whatever is on your minds