it was like this game was made for me


The one where they’re famous!

I made this in honor of my fic (While Shooting - A Tv Show) bc im so excited about it and i want you guys to pictured how they are at this au and im sooo happy and proud of me lol 

I really hope you like this and like the fic and comment with me and everything, im in love with it, i hope you’all be too


chose one pic of all the profiles that i will do the pic post with comments and everything. 

Example: Pic 4 - Jason; Pic 5 - Kim; Pic 6 - Trini; Pic 2 - Billy; Pic 1 - Zack. (you can come on my ask or message or reply on the post)

the most voted i’ll be doing the tamplate ;)

Things you should know about my fic

2nd chapter is on!


i know im all over the place but here are my children hangin in a cozy neighborhood dive bar I made and want to share but the roof is atrocious someone help me. i cant even show a photo im so embarrassed 

im gonna put tons of in game pics on that wall as if the bar puts up pictures of their regulars/foosball champs. i modeled it after kingfish in oakland but i need more cc-free graffiti and decals to make every inch of the walls be covered like it is there sobbbb. 

anyway the bar has a jukebox, arcade, and foosball and they give gnomes to whoever wins their saturday night foosball match. 

As infuriating as Cuphead could be sometimes, it was, at its core, a really incredible game.

My two favorite things about it has to be the overall look and aesthetic cause it just made me feel all warm and fuzzy and made me feel like a kid again watching those types of cartoons.

My other favorite thing was the music! It went so well with the look and feel of the game, and it was so upbeat and catchy!

The entire game in general is memorable and stands out immediately, with the look of the game and the music, you’d recognize it all as Cuphead immediately.

Such a fun experience, thank you for introducing me to this game @therealjacksepticeye it’s become one of my favorite series you’ve ever done. :)

reputation themed asks

…ready for it?: do you have a reoccurring dream/nightmare? what is it?

end game: what’s a rumour you’ve heard about yourself?

i did something bad: have you ever done something that you regretted, but everyone else thought was the right thing?

don’t blame me: who or what gives you the trip of your life?

delicate: you’re sitting at the bar sipping whisky. who are you waiting for?

look what you made me do: talk about a time in your life when it felt like the world was against you

so it goes…: when have you felt intense jealousy? 

gorgeous: write about something/someone that gets you drunk on happiness

getaway car: who would you ask to rob a bank with you? why?

king of my heart: what song always makes you want to dance?

dancing with our hands tied: describe a relationship you’ve had with someone (partner, friend, etc.) when everyone except you two thought it was doomed

dress: what outfit do you feel the best in?

this is why we can’t have nice things: who are the people that make your life feel like a constant celebration? 

call it what you want: stargazing at midnight or a picnic by the beach at sunset?

new year’s day: have you ever lost someone close to you? talk about it

ive literally been told to my face i’m basically the manic pixie girl from those shitty indie movies made by white men and honestly it’s true and it makes me into the fucking. magnet to the most blandest of men and i’m just here 99% ready to tattoo ‘i’m a lesbian’ on my fucking forehead because these guys really react badly when i tell them yeah im into classic rock and i like baking and those gaming things and anime and action flicks and I ONLY LIKE WOMEN!

i still very much hate zero time dilemma and im never gonna stop ragging on it but damn is it tiring when people talk about how it made the whole series suck like cmon 999 and vlr are still fucking great games, hands down, and ztd had some redeeming qualities to me even if it was a net negative, im not gonna act like it was /all/ bad

DanganRonpa Re:Birth Summary - Chapter 1, part 3

First half of the trial. Sorry for being late, English V3 made me forget I was doing this. Anyways, I’m pretty sure I know who the culprit is and how they did it.

Trial video and script

This trial’s murder trick is completely credited to Nao Shigure (Mitsunari Koga’s voice actor)

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@imaginaryelle replied to your post “do you like choice of games omg?”

I can heartily recommend Study in Steampunk if you have any even sort of mild appreciation for victorian steampunk and sherlock holmes. It is gender-locked (you must play as a man), just so you know, if that matters to you.

Oh wow that sounds like it was made for me :’D thank you!! I’ll definitely check it out

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/post/167661735637/architecturecross-attic-download-bed O___o *stares at that pic then grabs my Sims 4 game and throws it in a trash can and throws my desktop away too* I can't!! there is zero possible way that was made in Sims 4! I have a complete disbelive that was made in Sims 4! I now need to go throw away my desktop cause no possible way could I ever in the world get skills like that! ;----;

Ayyyye @architecturecross that’s for you! :D BTW, that’s my exact reaction whenever my sister shows me her masterpieces. 😍

saiouma arts/fics that have kokichi sleeping peacefully while cuddling or being close to shuichi just… hurt my heart in the best way??

cause… humans are at their most vulnerable when they’re asleep. letting yourself fall asleep close to someone is one of the most overt unspoken displays of trust there can be. and after playing the game and knowing how kokichi is as a character… how distant and closed off and constantly suspicious he is of everyone around him, seeing him reach a point with shuichi where he can completely relax and let his guard down without fear just

it kills me ;;v;; I love it so much

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Just noticed that Lightning uses Hope's full ATB attack "Last Resort" against Bhuni. Bhuni even says "is that your last resort!" just before she uses it. OTP goodness!

what’s funny is that I was so busy freaking/crying when I first played LR that I didn’t notice that til it was pointed out to me, which just made me cry some more

and then Lightning used the survival knife that she lent Hope to stab Bhuni and free Hope’s soul…………..

like honestly, I still believe that LR was just one big Hoperai game in disguise. saving the world? nope, all about saving your future husband


Some things that have made me happy lately:

  • NUCcy starting up in <30 seconds whereas Compy took a good five to ten minutes depending on how it felt that day
  • NUCcy opening and closing programs quickly without locking out every other function
  • zoning in a game and not having to stand at the door for 30 - 60 seconds - to let the computer catch up
  • playing games with the sound ON and decent graphics
  • playing games at all

Things I haven’t liked:

  • I still have to turn game graphics to minimum when in multiplayer

And that’s about it.

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