it was like this game was made for me

here’s a lil somethin i wanna talk about just cuz it made me happy

i went to best buy to get a new aux cord and after i grabbed it i went to the back to look at gaming keyboards and as i was looking at them one of the workers who i have talked to many times before (a cute boy with a sweet face) said hi to me and was like “checking out the pc keyboards?” and i was like “yeah i really want one, but i don’t have enough money rn lol. i just came to get an aux cord and got distracted” and he was like “yeah that’s easy to do here, but if ur ready i can check you out” and i said ok and as we were walking to the register he noticed the blue in my hair and said it was cool :’) and when we got to the register he asked me if i wanted to sign up for their rewards thing or whatever and i was like oh i guess so i gave him my name and number and stuff and as he was typing it in i was looking at him and asked him if he knew who ben platt was (cuz he kinda looks like him) and he said no and i told him he reminded me of him and he was on broadway and stuff and he should look up dear evan hansen if he wants to see what he looks like i guess and he was like ok cool and then he was like “you said he was handsome?” and i giggled a little and i was like no i said u remind me of him haha and he was like oh lol (silly boy i see what ur doing) and then he complimented my glasses and said it was different from the last time he’d seen me and i was like thanks :( and then he got done with everything and came around the desk to give me my bag and said “i gotta say carly ur really unique” and i almost gotdamn cried bc i’m mega insecure about my blandness and he made me feel like i was some rad chick from an indie movie like romona flowers or somethn and i was just :((((( <3333 but ya i was about to leave and he said “it was nice to see you again carly” and i said “u too, you’ll probably see me again” and smiled and he smiled at me and i went to my car and smiled more and i like boy :(

Someone made this post, which inspired me to make this playlist! The premise is simple: what if there was a television adaptation of All For the Game? The playlist includes lines from varying chapters, but not defined into episodes, and the music is all linked to the atmosphere surrounding that particular moment! Seasons Two and Three to come soon! I hope you enjoy this one, and that it fits any expectations you may have had!                                                                                      PLAY     /     PLAY  

001 .     OPENING THEME .
002 .     WYMACK ,  ANDREW  &  KEVIN .
PYN   /   THE  RIDER .
004 .     GIVE  YOUR  GAME  TO  ME .

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Function is often compromised with aesthetic, and I find myself doing that quite often when I study (What can I do? I like having pretty notes). However, during the past school year, I’ve truly found out what works for me by prioritizing function over aesthetic. It has been a total game changer for me, and it has made my studying much more efficient and, of course, functional.

Before school started in the autumn, I had gotten into the lovely studyblr community and was very motivated and eager to start making pretty notes and study well. Doing everything by hand was something I had always been doing, so I was used to it. That first school semester, I made super pretty aesthetic notes and mind maps by hand, and all that work took a lot of time. At the same time, this method worked well for me, so I continued to use that method till Christmas break. 

However, after Christmas, I found myself having less time to make my work pretty, and perhaps I prioritized various things differently. That’s when I started using other methods whilst studying which worked just as good as my previous methods. Now, I was digitalizing my work completely.

I still handwrite my notes from time to time and create mind maps for big tests, but now, storing my work digitally and working digitally works the best for me. The lesser times I work by hand, I absolutely love it, and I love creating pretty and aesthetic notes. However, it takes time, and most days, I don’t have that time.

TLDR; Try different methods of studying to find out what works for you. Don’t just make aesthetic notes because you see pretty pictures of it on studyblrs. What’s important is that you work smart and efficiently. Remember, always function over aesthetic.

Give it back

Hoech is calling Tanner like crazy! He already hung up on Louie. Because reasons


Tanner: For the love of… What’s happening? Why are you screaming?

Hoech: *sobs* They made me do it, Tanner!

Tanner: Tyler, calm down. What happened? Did someone touch you on your private parts?

Hoech: uuugh!! No!!

Tanner: So??

Hoech: They wanted me to give something of the charity auction on the convention, and Bae suggested one of Stiles’ shirts that I have on my closet. I said NO! But then Bae promised me a blowjob if a did it, and I got distracted… And Bae is amazing and…

Tanner: Tyler, I love you, but i don’t need or want to know about your sex life… Please.

Hoech: Ok. Your lose. Because he does this thing with his tongue that…

Tanner: I’m done.

Hoech: Wait! Ok, ok! I need you to do something for me. I need you to find the girl who bought the shirt and buy it back!! I NEED IT!!!


Hoech: But they are mine!! BAE GIFT THEM TO ME!! *sobs*

Tanner: But you gave it away because good reasons! For charity! You should be proud!

Hoech: I don’t care. I wanted back. Find it, pleaaaaaaase?

Tanner: I’m so done with you… I’ll do what I can.

Hoech: Thank you! Look, money is not an issue. Oh, I have to go! I’m facetiming with Bae, and we are going to have phone sex, and I’m…

Tanner: OH GOD! STOP.

Tanner press the end call bottom. He stares at the screen, sighs loudly and start calling the convention committee to find that girl… WHAT IS HIS LIFE?

PD: Use for entertainment porpoises only. Don’t steal it. Stealing things is bad!
Any similarities with RL are intended.
For more information, contact Tanner or fake cousin Louie.

PD2: I’m the worst. But you all love it!

Dang, Louie got the hang up instantly?  Rude, Hoechlin!

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Hmmm... how about some hcs from the next competition season in Just Hold On (We're Going Home)-verse?

For Headcanon Happy Hour (which is still ongoing)!

*scrambles and smacks self* HOLY I DIDN’T REALIZE ANYBODY WOULD ASK FOR HCs about my verses! I can do this. Probably a spoiler alert for JHO.

–Viktor and Yuri’s relationship is a lot better, I’d like to imagine, in JHO. Even if it’s better, Friday mornings during training occasionally have this conversation:

“I’m going to ask him to play video games and make pirozhki, and you can watch, you Yuuri-hogging bastard.”

“Unfortunately, Yurio, he’s mine tonight,” Viktor counters. “The reservations are made and I’ll surprise him. Video games and food are closely matched, but with me included…” The battle is fierce! The winner could be anyone! 

“Have fun with Yura tonight,” Yuuri says, kissing his cheek. “Madame Baranovskaya is taking me to see the Bolshoi Ballet.”

(The winner is always Lilia.)

–Yuuri and Yuri get assigned to one qualifier together, and Yuuri and Viktor get none. After they get their assignments, Yuuri finds his fiance on the couch, typing away on his laptop. Yuuri pads over and nips his earlobe, only to whisper afterwards, “you can’t bribe or blackmail the ISU to put us together.”

“YUURI!” Viktor complains. Yuri, on the other hand, is immensely pleased, and there is not a picture at the Trophee de France where Yuuri and Yuri are apart. Especially not on the podium, where Yuuri stands above him.

–The press has been more privy to their relationship in JHO, and they start getting put in advertisements together. Who knew that people liked watching Viktor Nikiforov pour sports drinks over a shirtless Katsuki Yuuri?

–As far as Yakov knows, Yuuri and Viktor have been together for… a year, by the time next season’s training rolls around. Unfortunately, what Yakov doesn’t know is that they’ve overcome a huge misunderstanding to become the extreme dorks in love that we’ve witnessed in canon. Viktor uses a thinly veiled excuse for a theme that may as well be called “I Love Katsuki Yuuri.” If you think that canon Viktor is affectionate, you’d be right. Now imagine JHO Viktor, who thinks he’s got a year of insecurity and confusion on Yuuri’s part to “make up for.” So Yakov is watching this engaged couple, who at least during last season’s training were desperately cuddly and more demure and inexplicably watery-eyed… and seeing them become ridiculous.

“Vitya,” Yakov says, when he catches Viktor singing while he moves in giddy circles over the ice ten feet from Yuuri, not a week after he catches them pair skating during practice. “Come here.” Viktor glides over without complaint, smiles prettily at him. “…is there anything you want to tell me?” A tilt and brief shake of the silver head. “You would tell me if you and Katsuki got married, would you not?”

“Yakov thinks you’re honeymooning,” Mila translates from the bench. Viktor’s eyes light up, sparkling blue.

“Oh,” says Yakov. He realizes the answer to his question is no, but he’s planted an idea he doesn’t like at all. “Vitya, please wait until after competition season to get married. Vitya–”

“E-eh? Uh.. N-nice to meet you, I guess. I’m an SHSL Spy though, s-so don’t bother going near such a dangerous person like me.." 

Remember this SaiOuma lovechild?

This time I made a sprite thing for him using Ouma’s and Saihara’s sprite as a reference www

I also tried copying NDRV3′s introduction cutscene ww I hope it turned out well since I’m not really sure how to do it  ^_^;; //I tried googling to see if there’s the templates for it but no luck ;; //is my japanese even correct ww

I wanted to make a fake screenshot of Kohaya’s sprites in the game but it’s really difficult to copy NDRV3′s amazing graphics ORZ 

EXTRA(Height comparison):

Ouma is so short HAHAHA//slapped

Anon Positivity

Ok. Now that I’ve calmed down a little, and shown everyone at work and on discord the post because I was so absolutely blown away, I have a few things to say about it.

Firstly, I’m not a huge contributor to FFXV or its fandom. I don’t feel like it anyway. I haven’t loaded up the game since.. gosh.. February? March? I can be a little harsh in regards to its development as well and I know that’s probably made more than a few people upset towards me. 

I didn’t expect to ever see something so.. lovely, positive, and radiant in my notifications. I thought it had to be some kind of mistake. I’m not a writer. I can’t draw very well. I don’t really even talk about the game anymore or do theories because I’ve lost my luster for it.

But some brilliant, lovely person out there had the opportunity to make something for me.. I think the only ones in the fandom that have done that for me is Noah, his lovely husband James, my best friends Neku and Olivia, and my solid foundation, Rsasai. I love them all dearly but.. someone else out there saw “oh you can send someone love?” and thought of me.

“Jamie stop making this a big deal it’s a little picture with some text.” 

Ok but no one does that for me..

The last tumblr I received anonymous messages from was one that had all sorts of stuff about me. How I should kill myself. How self centered I am. How I’m a lying, deceitful slut. How I can’t even do my makeup properly. How ugly I am. And rumors about how I told a minor to kill themselves. (I never did, for the record.)

I’m shocked. I’m very grateful, but I’m shocked. The first thing I thought of was that confessions blog, and hesitated to look at the post. 

Whoever you are. Wherever you are. And indeed to all my followers;

I love you all. I hope the best for you. I hope that your days are as vibrant as mine was with that incredible message. You are worth it. You can do it. You are all absolutely incredible, whether we’re friends or not. Every single one of you, from those I cling to regularly ( @aethercurrent, @clloudstrife, @jonphaedrus, @zan-shu, @rsasai ) to those I don’t know very well, or at all. I love you dearly. 

…Thank you.

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H-hey, so, how do you figure out what you want to do with your life? Since I was little I wanted to die and now I don't want to die and now I have no clue what to do with my life.

nah dying is something that we all will experience one day

so before that its better to try all the things you can before that time comes

if you dont like living just think of it as a video game with a high score

doing things you love to do will earn you more points while trying at things you arent good at will give you extra points

its okay to take your time yo ovo life is p long if i say so myself so you can think about what you wanna do with it 

i wanted to animate since i was a child because animation made me feel like myself

i felt like thats who i was supposed to be and i just followed my path uvu so im sure you will find something that you’re interested in 

so dont give up,my dude

okay? ovo cat believes in you d(ewe 

You know how you have those games in chess where your queen gets back to your opponent’s side and wreaks absolute havoc?

Yeahhhhhh I love playing aggressive and trompy. HERE COMES GODZILLA QUEEN. She and Bishop gonna trap your rook, taunt your king, and eat all your pawns!

I don’t know why I ever uninstalled this. It’s so oddly satisfying.

Man, Little Witch Academia was the best. It was so enthusiastic, well colored, and just a damn good spectacle that no episode left me disappointed. Akko and Diana were just like Sora and Riku from KH; that connection will always stick, and Constanze will always be my favorite witch in the bunch.

If there’s one thing that I’m not fond of, is that we never see them graduate; just saying it ended on a very high note, but a time skip to their graduation ceremony would’ve been welcome in my eyes.

This anime can be for anybody whose hearts aren’t made of stone. 10/10 Can’t wait for their game.

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Ya done did it again, Boogey Trigger

amnesia: memories

couldn’t resist the steam sale (90% off!! only $2.90!) so i got it. but all my electronic devices are from apple, and a:m only runs on windows.

but i just tested it in parallels desktop (aka emulating a windows computer on my imac) and it works perfectly!!

now that I think about it… I only have parallels desktop installed because I wanted to play Dramatical Murder… But I ended up not really liking the characters so I dropped it after playing Koujaku’s route lol.

what other steam summer sale games should I buy? 

(btw I bought the Cybird DtL/MidCin jigsaw puzzle game during the steam winter sale and I actually really like it lmao. yes, they made a jigsaw puzzle game. don’t ask me why.)

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this is pretty random but i was playing life is strange and there's a mixtape that chloe made for a girl she liked, amber. the main character, max, has the option to look at it, and if she does she says "i sure wished chloe would make me a mixtape" and this game was made in, like, 2012!! so is it still a romantic trope even in the 2000s?

Aww :P As far as I know about that game it’s got a retro feel but it’s actually about modern day 2012 hipsters, isn’t it? 

But anyway, it’s still a romantic trope now! :P At least when it comes to the media rather than what people IRL are doing, because you would need to be a bunch of hipster music nerds to casually make mixtapes these days unless you pre-packaged a tape-playing walkman when gifting them… 

But everyone pre-00s kids had that at least somewhat as a cultural thing when it was around, and 90s kids, who are the last generation who it was a general cultural thing in their general awareness, are now about the age where they’re adult and contributing to media and probably making things using it as a trope, while the kids who have only know MP3 players and ipods are still just getting there (I think? Even as a teenager I fit more into the CD > MP3 narrow bracket when ipods were still too luxury/didn’t exist yet for everyone I knew to casually have them, but people just a few  years younger than me would have had them accessibly as kids, but I also grew up poor and with a large tape deck and a whole bunch of blank tapes to play with so I don’t really identify with mix CD people either :P) – but anyway, in the mass media, we’re still presumably at the phase of people who know what a mixtape is from first hand experience still being among the fresh creative faces around the office, never mind that everyone else predating them knows what it is (I’m basing this on Buzzfeed, millenial target demographic, and the 90s kids viral posts :P), so I would guess the majority of everyone contributing to the media at least has pretty certain cultural awareness of mixtapes.

Consumers of the media can obviously be of pretty much any age, so idk, all the 00s kids who are kind of frighteningly old to me as a 90s kid but at least were raised up a step ahead in this *rapidly changing* technological arms race are perfectly capable of watching all this content but on the other side of it where because the world changed SO RAPIDLY stuff which was commonplace to someone a few years older is completely obsolete now except as nostalgia, hispter stuff, or things which are used in media set in times pre-dating the change, or older adults stuck in their old ways. And SPN starts in 2005 and Dean is being ALREADY portrayed as the latter, because despite the vibe of the show, ipods were released in 2001. 

I mean, technology moved SO rapidly, I think really only people in their early 20s and younger (I’m mid to late 20s :P) won’t really have a concrete understanding of mixtapes culturally, unless they were living in poorer communities which took longer to adopt these changes? I mean if the ipod was released in 2001 you could be 16, watching SPN (which is a 15 rated show in this country at least), and literally have never lived in a world where mixtapes were a thing, if you were from an affluent society and by the time you were old enough to process the world properly, everyone around you had adopted the new technology or were phasing out CD players. This is not an unreasonable thing to imagine at all :P

Since it’s an enduring image because it’s romantic and useful in the media as a shorthand, and already has a cultural weight behind it basically since mixtapes were a thing and the adults already in the media as adults when the fad started began including it in their media while it was current, I feel like at least using mixtapes as a romantic shorthand might not even have got full steam yet, depending on if/when 90s kids flood the market with nostalgic retro movies and TV shows about the 90s, using their childhoods as the backdrop for the stories they want to tell. And that’s gonna be soon - there’s older 90s kids than me out there. 

I’m not looking up Life Is Strange, but I get the feeling from the bits I’ve seen of it that the people who made it probably are 90s kids who are now old enough to make a video game. :P 

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Just wanted to say, your blog amazing. Seeing baby Angara made me tear up a little. So cute, I can't handle it. I'm a big fan of Mass eEffect Andromeda and wanted to ask, did you play the game and did you enjoy it? (May sound silly but some people only enjoyed the character but didn't actually play the game). Also how do you feel about the fact that we may not get a sequel?

Hi Anon!

Aw man, thank you! I’m happy you like my blog so much (ノ´ヮ´)ノ*: ・゚

I did play ME:A! I finished one playthrough and I’m working on others (currently, I’m trying to romance Vetra >3> )

( I say one playthrough because I’m always torn between playing the game and drawing–usually, drawing wins me over :Y )

I LOVE Andromeda ohmygosh. The crew, the environments, and especially the Angara. I adore all the in-game easter eggs. The combat is fun and I love the fact that you can run stuff over with the Nomad ( “SPEED BUMP! >:D” )

I’m disappointed and kinda afraid I guess?? Mass Effect’s one of my favorite game series. Andromeda’s story is amazing, and I really want to see how it ends (What’s gonna happen to the rest of the Kett? Who are the Jaardan??? Are we ever going to find a cure for Ellen???? I NEED TO KNOW)

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I’m hoping they’re gonna give it another chance and continue it. ヾ(^-^)ノ
I LOVE SPORTS BALL! | Rec Room (HTC Vive Virtual Reality)
I had no idea the other players in Rec Room could hear me talk! That's pretty cool! Star Wars ► ►Twitter : https:...

The whole meeting a fan in Overwatch today made me think of when this happened (almost a year ago like wtf) and @therealjacksepticeye was so thrown off, and adorable obviously, that he got recognized in a game and that people could hear him xD ahh…good times :)

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i've been writing more "grit" into my hero of ferelden lately, and although i do feel bad for making her suffer more than the game's canon already did, it's also kind of liberating on a personal level? as weird as that sounds. she is my absolute favorite oc and just allowing her to fuck up and have to deal with her mistakes (y'know, like a real person) has made me love her even more.

Same. Leandaros and Spiridon both suffer a lot and fuck up through no fault but their own. It is a personal preference, and I’m not saying I write them well, but I enjoy it. It’s cathartic, to write them screw up and face consequences. It’s hardly misery porn, it’s just something I can relate to. And I like the idea of fictional people sometimes being unable to undo their damage, or not even wanting to.

Kinda like expressing through fic that bad things happen and not being redeemed or not being able to fix things is something that happens, and life still goes on.

Reading about it and writing it makes me care and puts me at peace.

So keep on doing what you do!

Disclaimer: -I- like it and my opinions and likes continue to be subjective opinions.